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									          Junior/Student Membership Renewal
Dear Student, Parent or Guardian,
It’s Membership renewal time again! Membership provides access to the boats, training facilities, and
first class coaching, along with insurance cover whilst at the club.

      The Opportunity

      The Junior Academy provides opportunities for young people (10 – 18 years) to experience the
      sport of rowing and to receive structured coaching. The club is active in local, regional and
      national competitions.

      The Coaches

      All training is supervised by qualified coaches. The coaching team have been recognised for their
      excellence by the governing body of the sport, British Rowing. All coaches have been screened
      for their suitability for working with young people.

      Parents & Volunteers

      We are keen to involve parents in the club and will invite you to attend training sessions,
      competitions, and seasonal meetings where you can meet club members and find out more
      about the club and our future plans. As the club is run entirely by volunteers it is essential that
      both coaches and parent helpers receive the full support and co-operation of juniors and parents.

      Membership Payment and Gift Aid

      To ensure that your membership remains current it is necessary to complete the Membership
      Application Form and all supporting details. These are essential for the safety of your child and to
      comply with our reporting commitments to funding bodies.

      We are able to reclaim gift aid on voluntary donations made by individuals to the club. The
      government will pay 28p to the club, for every £1 you donate. This could increase our income
      significantly. Please ensure you read and complete the enclosed Gift Aid Declaration.

      ARA Membership

      The club requires all Junior Academy members to join British Rowing, our governing body. This
      provides two essential benefits. One is additional insurance cover and the other is the ability to
      compete in registered events.

If you would like to talk to someone about this information or your child’s involvement with the club,
please contact myself or the Junior Captain, John Lewis on 01989 566555.

Please note that renewals are due by 1st April. Full payment or a standing order form must be
received by 30th April to ensure that your membership remains active.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Lindley                                                           Web: www.rossrowingclub.co.uk
Junior Co-ordinator                                           Email: membership@rossrowingclub.co.uk
                                            Renewal Forms
                                       PLEASE USE CAPITAL LETTERS

Member Details                      Please provide contact details for day to day communications.
Name of Member                                                       Date of birth:

Home Telephone                                                       Mobile:

Email address (parent)


1st Parent/Carer               Name:

First parent/carer we should   Telephone:                               Mobile:
contact in an emergency

2nd Parent
                               Telephone:                               Mobile:

Emergency                      Name:
Other person to contact        Telephone:                               Mobile:

Doctor                         Name:
                               Telephone:                               Mobile:
                               Surgery name:

 These details will only be held and used for the following purposes:
      •    Administration of your Ross Rowing Club membership and subscription
      •    Notification of any forthcoming events (in particular we hope to contact people by email
           for club newsletter and details of meetings you may wish to attend)
      •    Name and telephone lists of rowers and coxes for organising rowing crews distributed to
           other member rowers
      •    Emergency contact details if required.

 Please note that by providing your details you are agreeing for this information to be held electronically
 by authorised agents of Ross Rowing Club for the sole purpose of administering the affairs of the club.
 Your details will not be passed to other parties without your consent. You may request your details to
 be removed or updated by contacting the Club Secretary.

                               Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
Medical and Swimming Ability Details

Declaration of Health (Tick “Yes” or “No” as appropriate)

 Do you or your child have any special                      Yes       Does your child suffer from any known medical or                                     Yes
 need that our coaches should know                                    physical condition that might affect them during physical
 about?                                                     No        exercise? (If in doubt you should consult a doctor)                                  No

If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of the above please give details:
............................................................................................................................................ ………………………..
Please answer the following questions. (Parents on behalf of under 18’s)

                          Question                                  Yes        No                    If yes please provide details

  Are you receiving any medical
  treatment at present?

  Are you taking any medications,
  prescribed or over the counter?

  Are you allergic to any
  foods/medications / materials/ Local
  or General anaesthetics?

  Do you suffer from Hay Fever /
  Eczema / Other Allergies?

  Have you had any heart problems /
  Angina / Blood Pressure?

  Do you suffer from Asthma /
  Bronchitis / Chest problems?

  Do you have Diabetes?

  Do you have Faint Attacks / Giddiness
  / Blackouts / Epilepsy?

  Do you carry a warning card or medic

  Anything which has not been

Declaration of swimming ability

The Club will regularly hold swim tests and training in capsize procedures, leading to achievement of
the sport’s Water Safety Certificate.

 Can your child swim 50 metres in                              Yes      I agree that my child will undertake a capsize                                Yes
 light clothing?                                                        safety drill as a requirement of the club.
                                                               No                                                                                     No

                                     Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
Equity Details.
The club is committed to a policy of acting fairly in all aspects of rowing, and to providing a service to
reach all communities. In order to assess our position, we need to monitor the numbers of people in
our sport from different ethnic origins. It is also a condition of our grants from the Sports Council that
we report on the ethnic backgrounds of our membership and also on the involvement of disabled
persons within the sport. Please therefore complete the following. The information you provide will be
used for statistical purposes only and will not be released to third parties in any way that will link the
data with any identifying personal details.
Ethnic Origin
                    White:                        Mixed:                              Asian or Asian British:
                      British                        White   & Black Caribbean           Indian
                      Other white background         White   & Black African             Pakistani
                                                     White   & Asian                     Bangladeshi
                                                     Other   mixed background            Other Asian background

                    Black or Black British:           Chinese                             Any other ethnic group
                       Other black background


The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disabled person as anyone with ‘a physical or mental
impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out
normal day-to-day activities’.
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?   No     Yes. What is the nature of your disability?

                      Visual impairment         Hearing impairment               Learning disability

                      Physical disability       Multiple disability              Other (please specify below)

Photography and Filming Consent (under 18’s only)
Promotional Photographs
In order to publicise the activities and achievements of the club we would like to occasionally use
photographs which may involve your son/daughter being photographed. Photography for this purpose
will be undertaken in line with the Photography and Filming Guidance notes found in the Child
Protection Policy section of the Handbook. As your son or daughter is under the age of 18, the club
needs your written permission for them to appear directly or indirectly in these photographs.
Video Analysis
As part of our commitment to improving the technique, the junior coaches plan to carry out video
sessions on and off the water. On the water, this will involve athletes being filmed whilst training and
carrying out exercises. Off the water filming will focus on technique on the rowing machine (ergo).
Effective technique is essential for performance, preventing bad habits that could lead to injuries and
all round enjoyment. The video sessions will allow the younger athletes to see both their good points
and weaknesses which subsequent coaching will concentrate on. The filming will be carried out by an
Amateur Rowing Association qualified coach, with another adult always present. As your son or
daughter is under the age of 18, the club needs your written permission for them to appear directly or
indirectly in the filming for technique analysis.

   I consent to my child being photographed       Yes        I consent to my child being filmed for         Yes
   for the purposes of publicising the club.                 the purposes of video analysis.
                                                  No                                                        No

                        Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
     Membership Renewal and Payment Form 2010
Member Name:                                                     Start Date:

Membership              Criteria/information                                        Total    Select
Options                                                                                       ( )

Junior/Student          Ages 10 to 18 years. Students over 18 and in full time         £96
Rowing                  education must include a photocopy of ID card.
                        Includes Social membership for one parent/carer.
                        Non – voting.
                        Includes a voluntary suggested donation of £48

                        The membership year runs from April to the end of
Associate               Non-rowing. Voting                                             £25
                        Includes a voluntary suggested donation of £13
Social                  Non-rowing. Non-voting                                         £20
                        Includes a voluntary suggested donation of £10

                                                                                  Extra      Select
Payment Options         Criteria/information
                                                                                  charge      ( )

                        Made payable to ‘Ross Rowing Club’ and to be posted
Cheque                                                                            no
                        to the Membership Secretary.

                        Junior/Student = £96 + £6 = £102.
                        5 payments of £20.40
Standing Order                                                                    £6
                        This option is only available for 12 month memberships.
                        Standing Order Forms available from Membership

Please note:
The membership rates quoted include a voluntary suggested donation. This is not compulsory in order
to obtain membership.
Renewals are due by 1st April and a full payment or standing order form must be received by 30th April
to ensure that your membership and insurance cover remains active.
All rowing members must join the British Rowing. This can be done online at www.britishrowing.org or
by using the forms found in the red Junior Academy folder.

Return Ross Rowing Club Memberships only to:

Selena Fortey                                       Telephone: 01989 769380
RRC Membership Secretary
The Granary                                         Email: membership@rossrowingclub.co.uk
Fernbank Road

                       Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
        Application to pay Year 2010 Rowing Club Subscriptions by Instalments

     Please complete RRC personal membership details:

     Name(s):                                                      Membership

     Payment:                                                            Date:

     Please leave the “Quoting Reference” box empty, as this will be completed by the RRC Membership

                                         STANDING ORDER MANDATE
 (please enter your banks name)

      Postal Address
(please enter your bank’s address)

                                                                                                Ross on Wye
          Please pay:                     Bank:          HSBC Bank plc           Branch:
                                                                                              Sort code: 40-39-06
                                                       Ross Rowing Club          Account
      For the credit of:               Beneficiary:                                               11158996
                                                      Subscription Account       Number:
                                                                             Amount in
        The Sum of:                     Amount:         ₤……………….                           ……………………………
                                                          (per month)                            (per month)
   Quoting Reference:
  (for rowing club reference)
                                                      And thereafter every
       Commencing                     28 May 2010                                 Until:      28 September 2010
    And debit my/our                   Account to                                Number:
   account accordingly                 be debited:
                                                                             Sort Code:

           (If you are creating a standing order for two people, please include both signatures)

     Signature ( s ) ………………………………………… (&) ……………………………………………                            Date: ……………………………..

                                     Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
                                 Gift Aid Declaration

Name of Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) – Ross Rowing Club

Please treat:

  All gifts of money that I have made in the past 6 years and all future gifts of money that I make
  from the date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations.

You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax in each tax year at least equal to the
tax that the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) will claim from HM Revenue & Customs on your
Gift Aid donation(s).

Donor’s details

Title, Initial(s) & Surname      ________________________________________________

Home address                     ________________________________________________


Postcode                         __________________________

Date                             __________________________

Signature                        __________________________

Please notify the Ross Rowing Club if you:
1. Want to cancel this declaration.
2. Change your name or home address.
3. No longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.

Tax claimed by Ross Rowing Club
• Ross Rowing Club will reclaim 28p of tax on every £1 you gave up to 5 April 2009.
• Ross Rowing Club will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 you give on or after 6 April 2009.
• The Government will pay to Ross Rowing Club an additional 3p on every £1 you give between 6 April
  2008 and 5 April 2011. This transitional relief for the CASC does not affect your personal tax

If you pay income tax at the higher rate, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self
Assessment tax return if you want to receive the additional tax relief due to you.

                        Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
                           Checklist and Signatures

Please return this checklist with the signatures required, along with the preceding forms, to the
Membership Secretary.

         ( ) once completed

             I wish to renew my membership of Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy

             I have completed a Gift Aid form

             I have read and agree to abide by the club membership terms and conditions

             I have completed the Medical and Ability form

             I have completed the Equity Details form

             I have completed the Photography and Filming Consent Form

             I am aware of the role of the club’s Welfare Officer

             I understand that the club is run on a voluntary basis and that we
             will be expected to assist when help is required

             I undertake to apply for membership of British Rowing

             I undertake to ensure that I (and my child) become familiar with the guidelines set down
             in the Club Handbook.

Junior’s/Student Signature ………………………………            Parent/Carer’s Signature ... ……………………………
                                                    (under 18’s only)
Date ………………

Print Names ……………………………………………………                              ………………………………………………….…….

Return to:

Selena Fortey                                         Telephone: 01989 769380
RRC Membership Secretary
The Granary                                           Email: membership@rossrowingclub.co.uk
Fernbank Road

                        Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010
 Junior/Student Membership Terms and Conditions

                      Please keep this copy for your reference

We are very pleased to welcome all aged over 10 (Juniors/Students) to Ross Rowing Club.

Rowing activities on the water and its associated training can be performed safely if we manage the
risks. Part of risk management is gathering information on health and swimming proficiency. This
information is confidential but important to ensure your/your child’s welfare as a participant. Our club
follows the national body guidelines that all coaches and assistants are qualified for the activities they
control, including safety awareness.

By submitting your membership form and payment, you are agreeing to the following:

    •   I apply for junior/student membership of Ross Rowing Club.
    •   I agree to my child (under 18) taking part in the activities of the Club and understand
        that I will be kept informed of these activities – e.g. timing and transport details.
    •   I have read and agree to uphold Ross Rowing Club’s Codes of Conduct.
    •   I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Ross Rowing Club, the rules of the ARA
        and the Water Safety Code.
    •   If it is considered by the governing committee that the granting or renewal of
        membership would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of this club, the committee
        are entitled to refuse membership and will provide full reasons for doing so.
    •   On re-applying for membership any debts to the Club must be settled prior to the
    •   Any medication must be carried with you/your child at all times. Note that RRC members
        cannot administer medication but can supervise a child who is taking medication.
    •   I understand that in the event of any injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken
        to contact me, and, having parental responsibility for the above child, I give permission
        for first aid to be administered or, where considered necessary, treatment by a suitably
        qualified medical practitioner. If I cannot be contacted and my child should require
        emergency hospital treatment, I authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide
        emergency treatment or medication.
        Any change in either medical circumstances or home or emergency contact details
        should be notified to the Club without delay.

All Codes of Conduct and regulations mentioned above can be found on the club website. If you require
additional copies please contact the Junior Coordinator.

                        Ross Rowing Club Junior Academy Renewal Forms 2010

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