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									                                            Vol 11 / Number 3 Mar/Apr 2009

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                              site   ST PATRICK’S DAY MASS
  Jazz and Po
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                              y,     at St Mary’s in Leederville

                                                FR LAWRENCE MURPHY
                                                DES BISHOP
                                                IN TOWN

                                                MESSAGE FROM IRISH
                                                Sisters SAY GOODBYE
                                                TO BUNBURY
                                                CONNOLLY SISTERS
                                                FAREWELL PEG
                                                Fenian Commemoration
ST PATRICK’S MASS &                             Lunch with Ambassador
FREE FAMILY CONCERT                             Delia Murphy Story

  6 N AT I O N S

                                                     Patrick’s Day
  Live @ Rosies

                                                  IN THE PUB...
                                                               at Rosies
                                                  Men & Their Sheds                12noon-3.30pm
RBS six nations
                                                  Chris Murphy Band                4.30pm - 8pm
                                                  Blue Gene                        9pm - 12.30am
  Dubli                                           Pub Open from                    10.30am - 2am

                                                  OUTSIDE IN JAMES ST
            Every Friday Night                    Kevin Conway                3pm - 6.30pm
     COMING                                       Celtic Spirit Irish Dancers 7pm - 7.30pm
     EVENTS:                                      Dublin Rogues               8pm - 11.30pm
U2 Tickets on sale from 19th                      James St Open From 12noon - Midnight
 March, pre bookings being
        taken now.
                                                      Home of the Perth Glasgow Celtic Supporters’ Club
    DES BISHOP                                                        Sunday 15th March
   Friday 27th March 7pm
  One of Irelands top comedians                           SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP FINAL
       Tickets on sale now.                                    CELTIC V RANGERS KO Midnight

        rs of
    Western A

         ks GA
S hamroc
                                   Cnr James & Milligan Sts, Northbridge • Ph 9328 1488
St Patrick’s Day
Craic at Fenians!
      Full Breakfast $20
 Bacon, Eggs, Liver, Kidneys, Black & White
      Pudding, Potato soda Bread etc
   incl Irish Coffee and Pint of Guinness

      Kick off with
        Pearse Ward
       Irish Dancers
        Shanks Pony
       James Wilson
        The Clan
    to finish the night

     Fr Lawrence Murphy
     at one with his people...
     by Danielle O’Leary
        My association with Fr Lawrence                  “I was born in the heart of the city in
    Murphy goes back over 30 years and I have     Little Denmark Street a minute from Moore Fr Lawrence ordination with family
                               for some time      Street and I played around in that area as
                               endeavoured        a kid before moving to the new suburb Mercedes College in the early 70s to teach
                               to get his story   called Cabra West where I was raised from                      scripture and then joined
                               for you, our       6 years of age,” Father                                        the Midland Districts Youth
                               readers. The       Murphy said. Attending                                         Council whilst associating
                               following was      the Presentation Convent                                       with La Salle College.
                               edited by our      in George’s Hill, he moved                                          “I became Parish Priest
                               own Danielle       onto the Christian Brothers                                    of St. Anthony’s,” Father
                               O’Leary from       in Brunswick Street. He                                        Murphy added. “I went on to
                               an     interview   went to England at the                                         the board of La Salle College
Moore St in Dublin in the 40’s I did with Fr      age of 14 after having a                                       and remained there for ten
    Lawrence. Fred Rea                            great time as an Altar Boy                                     years. The college built a hall
        Father Lawrence Murphy believes that      and as a scout. That was                                       and named it the Lawrence
    priests are “one of the people rather than    a crucial trip that changed                                    Murphy Hall in memory of my
    above the people”. The special role of the    his life. “I went with Father                                  activities and contributions.”
    priest is one of a special path that very     Francis Murdoch who Fr Lawrence blessing his                       “One of the things I loved
    special and few people follow and Father      first interviewed me and father mother following his about the priesthood life was
    Murphy’s story is in testament to this        my own parish priest had ordination                            the marriages I performed,
    exceptional journey.                          never spoken to me about vocations,” Father meeting lots of people and helping them to
                                                  Murphy explained. “Afterwards when I was make their first step along the way, and I
                                                  already committed to the Salvatorians he still do a fair amount of marriages today.”
                                                  asked if I would like to become a diocesan          “After being Parish Priest in Greenmount
                                                  priest and go to Maynooth University and I for about nine years, I moved to Sacred
                                                  told him that I was very happy where I was. Heart College Sorrento as chaplain for a
                                                                     I am delighted I made that year but stayed for six and a half years,”
                                                                     decision all those years Father Murphy said.
                                                                     ago.”                            “I thoroughly enjoyed the new
                                                                         He was ordained in experience and it was great working with
                                                                     April 1962 in Wealdstone, the young people. I spent a lot of time
                                                                     just outside London. One and energy working with teachers in their
                                                                     year later, Father Murphy faith forming and journey. I then moved
                                                                     went to Wales’ Swansea
                                                  University to study Sociology, focusing
                                                  in youth work. After a teaching stint and
                                                   one year at the Cheltenham Parish, he
                                                   decided to come to Australia in 1966. “I
                                                   came aboard the ship the ‘Fair Sea’ as
                                                    a chaplain to migrants and had a great
                                                    time,” Father Murphy said. “I made many
                                                    friends on that ship and many of them
                                                    are still friends after all this time. I had a
                                                     great introduction to Australia, arriving in
                                                     Fremantle and had a day in Perth, went
                                                     on to Adelaide, had a day in Adelaide, on           Fr Lawrence’s farewell
                                                      to Melbourne, had a day in Melbourne               before heading to Australia
                                                      and four days in Sydney. Coming to the
                                                      heads in Sydney at 5am is a sight I will on to Woodvale as Parish Priest. Father
                                                       never forget.”                              Nick McSweeney had died after being the
                                                           In Australia, Father Murphy’s life Parish Priest for about four years. I spent
                                                       flourished. Working with the Salvatorian ten years at Woodvale.”
                                                       Community in the Belview and                   During those ten years, Father Murphy
                                                       Greenmount areas, he then moved onto had the job of chaplain of Mater Dei

College and was on the foundation board. Maintaining his strong                     through it in their early years and so there is a lot of tragedy in a
connections with Sacred Heart College and the teachers and is                       sense of relationships and things. People are still good.”
still performing marriages from people from those days.                                 Now in his final parish, Father Murphy’s nomadic-Parish life
      “I had ten good years at St Luke’s in Woodvale and thought                    seems to be slowing down. “I told the Archbishop Hickey that this
it was time for me to move on again so here I am at Nollamara                       is my resting place, before he could ask me about moving on or
and I am here now for eight years,” Father Murphy said. “I have                     anything like that”. I said to him “I have thoroughly enjoyed my
thoroughly enjoyed it and the highlight in the sense of ministry                    seven and a half years and I think this will be my resting place.”
would be the people. The people are a different breed of people                         Father Murphy is the type of man that brightens your life when
in this area to what they were in Woodvale. I have met many Irish                   he walks into it. A powerful influence and presence, his light has
people since I have come here that I hadn’t met at Woodvale. My                     been seen by an incredible amount of lucky people all around
former 18 years in Greenmount / Belview there were very few Irish                   Perth. It is through his attitude, however, that this special priest
people in that area. They were mainly Polish and Italian.”                          has lived the helpful and dedicated path he has. “We have a
     Father Murphy’s influence on the children of Perth is impossible               special role and that is to bring the Sacraments to the people and
to ignore. He has a powerful connection and is dedicated to the                     offering the Mass after that, then, to be of service and as helpful
development of the youth. He has also seen the change in what it                    as possible. The social life of the parish is very important, the
means to be young. “I think one the changes that have taken place                   sense of community and belonging and the priest has a big role
over that period of time is the maturity and the worldly wiseness                   in being part of that.”
has dropped down,” Father Murphy explained. “It is in primary
schools where it wasn’t there before. Kids of year six and seven
could buy and sell you these days whereas formerly they were as
innocent as could be. The maturity used to be year 10 and 11.”                       • St. Patrick is supposed to have driven the snakes out
     Father Murphy has no regrets about his childhood though                         of Ireland. Certainly, there are no snakes in Ireland —
knows he had nothing to what most children have today. “When                         but there are none in New Zealand either and St. Patrick
I talk to my grandnieces and nephews, about how we shared                            never visited there. The story that St. Patrick banished
one chocolate between six kids, they find it hard to understand,”                    the snakes is more likely to have been invented in the
he said. “There was a great sense of sharing in family life. You                     12th century by a Northumbrian monk named Jocelyn.
weren’t aware of it, it was happening but as you look back you                       • A blind man once visited St. Patrick seeking a cure.
know that’s what the key thing was, everybody shared. I think                        As he approached he stumbled several times and fell
our parents are under tremendous pressure today, and I think                         over, and was duly laughed at by one of St. Patrick’s
that children, as a result of that and all that is being offered and                 companions. The blind man was cured. The companion,
being bombarded with haven’t got the maturity of being able to sift                  however, was blinded.

  Perth - Dublin - Perth...

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                                                200 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Tel: 9322 2914                              Call Michael
                                                  Fax: 9322 2915 Email:
      Breda Keane
     Ireland Travel Specialist           Phone Breda on 9322 2914                                                                0400 747 727

                                                      McCullagh (and
                                                      James) pay a
                                                      flying visit...
                                                          Recent visitors to Perth were Teresa
                                                      McCullagh and partner James from Cork.
                                                      Teresa now resides in Cork and works
                                                      with James at the Munster Rugby store.
  Handcrafted Furniture                               Teresa was a keen Comhaltas member in Teresa and James (bottom left) enjoying a
                                                      Perth and a fine musician.                            few pints at Paddy Malones in Joondalup with
 Jarrah • Marri • Sheoak                                  I asked Teresa how she came to meet Teresa’s dad PJ (right) and Rosie and Bob
                                                      James and she told me the relationship O’Shea.
                                                      grew from a love that ignited in Perth’s
                                                      Irish Club. “I met James about four years is like having another store and the sales
                                                      ago when he came out                                                  are massive. The UK sales
                                                      to Perth with a mate,”                                                are massive. They would
                                                      Teresa said. James                                                    follow their own team but
                                                      added, “I had a friend,                                               the second team would
                                                      Andrew who was already                                                probably be Munster.
                                                      out here and worked at                                                Munster are champions
                                                      the Irish Club. I used to                                             of Europe at the moment
                                                      go there for a few pints                                              so there is tremendous
                                                      and that’s where I met                                                respect for them. As long
                                                      Teresa.”                                                              as they keep winning we’ll
                                                          Raised in Australia,                                              have a job!!”
                                                      Teresa’s father is from                                                   Still keen on her music,
                                                      Tyrone and her mother                                                 Teresa and James happily
                                                      from Donegal. Playing                                                 travel for a good session.
                                                      with Comhaltas for many                                               “We play as much as we
                                                      years, Teresa went to                                                 can,” Teresa said. “We
 • Dining                                             Ireland for a year after
                                                                                     Teresa with Munster former coach       tend to travel a fair way for
 • Bedroom                                                                           Declan Kidney and the Heineken Cup     a session, though. We’d
                                                      high school to do “all
                                                      the Fleadh’s and stuff”. Coming back                                  travel to Clare or into Cork
 • Entertainment                                                                                           for a bit of a session.”
                                                      to Australia to complete a Bachelor of
 • Art & Craft                                        Commerce, Teresa had always planned to                   In Perth for a few weeks holiday, the
                                                                                                           couple will play their future by ear. “I am
 • Occasional                                         live in Ireland and is now living in Cork.
                                                          “I had a many friends in Cork so that’s studying to finish my CPA qualifications,”
                                                      why I decided to base there first and see Teresa said. “I still have two years left of
                                                      how I got on,” Teresa said. “It was really that, then maybe a year saving, a year
                                                      hard to get a job with decent money at travelling and maybe end up back here.”
                                        p ey
                                      Copley Rd

                                                      first. I worked with the Blarney Woollen                 Fred Rea
     The Vines
                    Gt Northern Hwy

                                                      Mills for about six months, starting with

                                                      the tour buses and then moving into the

                                          Brigadoon   accounts department. James worked

                                                      at the Munster Rugby Store and heard
                                                      there was an opening in the accounts
15 Copley Road,                                       department.” She got the job and is
Upper Swan, 6069                                      now in charge of the Accounts Payable
Tel (08) 9296 0728                                    department which entails paying the
                                                                                                           Off to the Gloucester quarter final match!
                                                      accounts of the Players, along with the
                                                      domestic and underage teams, the store,
E:                            Thomond Park Stadium Company and the
                                                      academy... pretty full on!!!
                                                          James manages the Cork store and
                                                      handles all the administration on the
                                                      website. “The Munster Rugby jerseys
                                                      have been the biggest selling rugby shirt,
                                                      in club terms, for the last three years,”
                                                      James explains. “The sales are well up
                                                      into the tens of thousands. Our website
                                                                                                        On a plane to Cardiff for Munster match...

Bob, Bill,
Michael and
Staff wish you
all a Mighty St
Patrick’s Day..
                       The Mighty Quinn Tavern
                      WEEKLY FOOD & GIG GUIDE
                                 Monday = Pasta Night $15
                              Tuesday = Parmigiana Night $16
                                  Wednesday = Quiz Night
                             (Free entry giveaways & cash prizes)
                                     Steak Night $12.90
                          Porterhouse Steak / chips & salad garnish.
                      Thursday = Seafood Specials from the black board.

                      The Mighty Quinn


                      12 noon
                                  ST. PATRICK’S DAY

                                           of Music & Dance
                                    Irish Session
                      1.30pm        Irish Dancing       with Ceidi
                      3pm           Irish Dancing       with Trinity
                      4pm           Celtic Blues
                      5.30pm        Irish Dancing       with Ceidi
                      7.30pm        Irish Dancing       with Trinity
                      8pm           McCool

                    IRISH MUSIC SESSION
                       starts from 7pm.
                  Roast dinner with potato &
                      vegetables $16.00

Northbridge   Presents World Class Acts...
                   Bookings 9328 1488

                One of Ireland’s top comedians
                     Rosie O’Grady’s Northbridge

                     Friday 27th March from 7pm
                     Tickets on sale now.
                                           Tickets $20

                              Tribute Show
                                   Tickets on Sale
                                   from March 19
                                    TICKET ONLY E
                                    APRIL 09
                                    Fri 17th
                                    Sat 18th
         T ickets $2                Sun 19th
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 St. Patrick:
 • The first St. Patrick’s Day parade on
 record was held in New York in 1762
 and seems to have been primarily
 designed as a recruiting rally by
 the English army in North America.
 Nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day parades
 are held on almost every continent
 of the world. (except Australia where
 insurance factors prohibit the parade)
 • The earliest recorded evidence of            Happy St Patrick’s Day From All The Staff
 St. Patrick’s Day being celebrated
 outside of Ireland, other than by Irish            at O’Rourke Realty Investments
 soldiers, is provided by Dublin-born
 Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan
 Swift. In his Journal to Stella he
 notes that in 1713 the Westminster
 Parliament was closed for St. Patrick’s
 Day and the Mall in London was so
 full of decorations he thought “all the
 world was Irish”.
 • Legend has it that St. Patrick used a                    62 Scarborough Beach Rd Scarborough
 three-leafed shamrock as a teaching                       
 aid to explain the Holy Trinity to the                          Ph 9341 6611
 pagan King Laoghaire.

Mt. Croagh Patrick
   Mt. Croagh Patrick (also spelled           sacred mountain at festival
Croach Patrick) is a mountain near            time in 441 AD. After fasting
the town of Westport in County Mayo,          at the summit for 40 days,
Ireland. Each year, as many as one            he banished all the snakes and
million pilgrims and visitors make the        demons from Ireland.
trek to the top to pray at the stations          The site quickly became an important
of the cross, participate in Mass, do         place of Christian pilgrimage. A stone
penance (in which case the rocky              oratory dating to between 430 and 890
journey is undertaken barefoot) or just       AD was recently discovered on the
enjoy the spectacular view.                   summit.
                                                                                            summit of Croagh Patrick, each of which
HISTORY                                       PILGRIMAGE
                                                                                            has a sign with instructions for the
   Known in Irish Celtic as Cruach               Mt. Croagh Patrick is the most
                                                                                            proper rituals and prayers. The stations
Phádraig and colloquially as “the Reek,”      important Catholic pilgrimage destination
                                                                                            are as follows:
Mt. Croagh Patrick has been a sacred          in Ireland. Nearly one million visitors,
site since ancient times. Before the          most of them pilgrims, climb to the
                                                                                            First Station (Leacht Benáin):
arrival of Christianity, the Celtic people    top every year. Almost 30,000 pilgrims
                                                                                            Base of the Mountain
regarded the mountain as the dwelling         make the trek on the last Sunday in July,
                                                                                            Walk 7 times around the mound of
place of the deity Crom Dubh.                 known as “Reek Sunday.”
                                                                                            stones while saying: 7 Our Fathers, 7
   The mountain was the focus of the             For most Catholics who visit Mt.
                                                                                            Hail Marys, 1 Creed
harvest festival of Lughnasa, traditionally   Croagh Patrick, especially on Reek
                                                                                            Second Station: The Summit
held around August 1. The sacred              Sunday, the pilgrimage to the top of the
                                                                                            Kneel and say: 7 Our Fathers, 7 Hail
mountain was especially important for         sacred mountain is an act of penance.
                                                                                            Marys, 1 Creed.
women, who would sleep on the summit          Accordingly, some untake the journey
                                                                                            Pray near the chapel for the Pope’s
during Lughnasa to encourage fertility.       barefoot or even on their knees. The
   Neolithic art can still be seen on a       summit has a small chapel where Mass
                                                                                            Walk 15 times around the chapel while
rock outcropping known as “St. Patrick’s      is held each day.
                                                                                            saying: 15 Our Fathers, 15 Hail Marys
Chair” along the path to the top, and a          The full pilgrimage route originates
                                                                                            Walk 7 times around Leaba Phádraig
Celtic hill fort was recently uncovered at    in the village of Murrisk, 8km outside
                                                                                            (Patrick’s Bed) saying: 7 Our Fathers, 7
the base of the mountain.                     Westport. The first main sight on the
                                                                                            Hail Marys, 1 Creed
   According to Christian                     pilgrimage path is a statue of St. Patrick,
                                                                                            Third Station: Roilig Mhuire
tradition, St. Patrick                        erected in 1928 by a Westport pastor.
                                                                                            Walk 7 times around each mound of
went up the                                   Although it is not one of the official
                                                                                            stones saying: 7 Our Fathers, 7 Hail
                                                    stations (see below), it has become
                                                                                            Marys, 1 Creed.
                                                       a place of prayer and makes a
                                                                                            Walk 7 times around the whole enclosure
                                                         good goal for those not able to
                                                          climb all the way to the top.     of Roilig Mhuire praying.
                                                              There are three pilgrimage
                                                                                                          Source for information:
                                                            stations on the way to the          

                                                           Lúireach Breastplate
                                                          Críost liom                           Christ with me
                                                         Críost romham                          Christ before me.
                                                        Críost i mo dhiaidh                     Christ behind me.
                                                      Críost istigh ionam                       Christ in me.
                                                    Críost fúm                                  Christ beneath me.
                                                    Críost os mo chionn                         Christ above me.
                                                    Críost ar mo lámh dheas                     Christ on my right.
                                                    Críost ar mo lámh chlé                      Christ on my left.
                                                    Críost i mo luí dom                         Christ when I lie down.
                                                    Críost i mo sheasamh dom                    Christ when I sit down.
                                                    Críost i gcroí gach duine atá               Christ in the heart of everyone
                                                    ag cuimhneamh orm                           who thinks of me.
                                                    Críost i mbéal gach duine                   Christ in the mouth of everyone
                                                    a labhráionn liom                           who speaks of me.
                                                    Críost i ngach súil a fhéacann orm          Christ in every eye that sees me.
                                                    Críost i ngach cluas a éisteann liom.       Christ in every ear that hears me.
                                                    Naomh Pádraig (ca 377)

Fenian Profile:                                               BIOGRAPHY
                                                             In Ireland Cornelius Kane
                                                             had worked as a clerk in
Cornelius                                                    an attorney’s office. As
                                                             a member of the Irish
Dwyer KANE                                                   Republican Brotherhood
                                                                                                       The Hougoumont
1838-1891                                                    he had sworn in over 400
CONVICT RECORD DETAILS                                       Fenians in the neighbourhood
Name               KANE, Cornelius Dwyer                     of Clonakilty. After speaking proudly and with eloquence on
Convict No         9790                                      behalf of himself and his fellow countrymen, he was found
Ship Name          Hougoumont                                guilty of treason sent to spend time in Petonville and Millbank
Ship Arrival Date  10 January 1868                           prisons. He was never to see his wife and two young children
Birth Date         1838                                      again.
Marital Status     Married                                   During his time at Fremantle jail he was punished with solitary
Occupation         Clerk                                     confinement for possessing subversive literature. He was
Literacy           Literate                                  granted a conditional pardon in 1871, and left for Adelaide and
Religion           RC                                        from there onwards to Queensland. He had a successful career
Crime              Treason                                   in the Queensland Colonial Civil Service, working as a clerk on
Sentence Province Dublin                                     the Palmer Goldfields.
Length of Sentence 10 years                                  When he died in 1891 he left a horse, clothing, a piano and 136
Conditional Pardon 29.11.1862                                books. He was buried in an unmarked grave in a goldrush town
Comments            To South Australia                       that no longer exists, and as such his remains lie buried out in
18.9.1871. Fenian.                                           the wilds of Queensland.
(From: Convicts in Western Australia 1850-1887 Dictionary     (Edited from Voices From the Tomb: a biographical dictionary
of Western Australians Vol IX compiled by Rica Erickson
                                                             of the 62 transported Fenians 1829-1929 by Liam Barry.
and Gillian O’Mara. Perth: University of Western Australia
Press, 1994.)                                                Australind: National Gaelic Publications, 1987/1999.)

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forward planning many could obtain permanent residency in                                             Mob: 0411 031 187
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comes to an end.
    If you are on a working holiday maker visa and would like to
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  Martha McEvoy
  from Embassy
  had a busy
  schedule in Perth
     Martha McEvoy, Consular and Cultural
  Attaché at the Irish Embassy in Canberra
  recently spent a few days in Perth.
     I took the opportunity to have a chat
  with Martha to find out what she got up to
                                                     Martha with the cast, production and guests of New Electric Ballroom production.
  during her brief visit.
     “One reason for coming to Perth was         me that the Irish community had pulled            “I met with the Coroners Office which
                                                 together so well following the accident.       again is a sad part of my job and find
                                                 “I met with Joan Ross from local welfare       what we can do better to assist them
                                                 support group, The Claddagh Association        with the repatriation of deceased loved
                                                 to discuss this accident and support for       ones and make it a little easier for Irish
                                                 the association in the future”.                families back home”.
                                                     On the Monday, Martha met with                It was a hectic few days for Martha
                                                 various groups at the Irish Club including     and I had the pleasure of taking her to
                                                 Club President, Alan O’Meara, Kath and         Fremantle Prison for a tour. Thanks to
                                                 Tom Quinn and Sr Deloras who is doing          Executive Manager, Mr Bevan Beaver and
                                                 a great job supporting visiting families       Brendan Woods of the prison for taking
                                                 when these accidents occur. “Kath              the time to give Martha a personal tour.
Tom Quinn, Sr Delores, Martha, Chris             Quinn is also very helpful to Irish citizens
McKenna and Joan Ross at The Irish Club          when they lose their passports etc and
                                                 she points them in the right direction”.
  to attend the Druids Theatre Company’s             “The main reason for my visit to Perth
  production of The New Electric Ballroom is to meet these people because there is
  at the Playhouse                                          nothing quite like the human
  because one of my                                         face and just meeting them,
  favourites, Rosaleen                                      saying hello and introducing
  Linehan was in it                                         myself so that you have an
  and was written and                                       ongoing relationship when we
  directed by the new                                        need people to assist when
  Irish writer Enda Walsh                                    we have Irish people getting
  who is fantastic”.          Martha and Irish Club          into trouble.
                              President Alan O’Meara
      Martha met with                                            Martha told me she had                                Above; Bevan Beaver,
  the Druid Theatre Company because part a wonderful lunch meeting at the Celtic                                       Martha and Brendan
  of her role as Consular is cultural and the Club with our own Hon Consul, Mr
                                                                                                                       Left: ‘The Sheriff’ David
  performance at the Perth Festival was Michael Nolan.                                                                 and Martha
  supported by the Irish Government. “The            Martha has a job at the Embassy                                   Below: Brendan shows
  company is coming out to Australia again handling Irish citizens involved in car                                     Martha The Gallows at
  next year and we were discussing how the accidents. “I went on to the WA Major                                       Fremantle Prison.
  Irish Government could help to promote Crash Unit and met up with the police to
  the production”. That tour will start in see what we could do to prevent some
  Perth again. “They also mentioned they of these accidents with an awareness
  could do workshops in schools if there programme for Irish citizens when
  was any interest”.                             they come out here particular to W.A.”
      Martha also wanted to meet up with Accidents involving these travellers is
  the young Irish travellers who were a big problem and happening way too
  recently in a serious car accident in Perth. often and Martha spoke to the police on
  “The parents of one of the travellers had how the Embassy can work with them to
  travelled to Australia and I was keen to bring closure for some of these people
  give them moral support”. Martha told from previous accidents.

                                                                             “Let love and friendship reign”
   “Fainne Aisling”
                       (Dream Ring)

                                                                         The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring, given in
                                                                         friendship or worn as a wedding ring.
                                                                         The design and customs associated with it originated
                                                                         in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, located just
                                                                         outside the old walls of the city of Galway.
                                                                         The ring was first produced in the 17th Century
                                                                         during the reign of Queen Mary II, though elements
                                                                         of the design are much older.
                                                                         The Claddagh’s distinctive design features two
                                                                         hands clasping a heart, and usually surmounted by
An engagement ring represents a union between two people,                a crown. The elements of this symbol are often said
the beginning of a new phase in their lives. “La Vie”, the latest        to correspond to the qualities of love (the heart),
handcrafted design in the Albens Master Jewellers range, is              friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).
a solitaire diamond ring that challenges the dominance of the            The expression which was associated with these
classic solitaire.                                                       symbols in the giving of the ring was:
Albens Master Jewellers specialises in handcrafted wedding and           “Let love and friendship reign.”
engagement rings and works with clients on special commission
pieces. “La Vie” evolved from a client’s request to incorporate a                    Specialists in
water droplet in the design, symbolising a new beginning and
source of life. The engagement ring’s title derives from the French
                                                                          personalised handcrafted jewellery
location where the client proposed, hence its translation, “The Life”.
Albens Master Jewellers and partner Aurora design Studio,
developed the concept, taking the client’s personal story and
creating a range of concepts.
The final design highlights a 1ct round brilliant cut diamond
whilst creating intrigue toward the ring’s unique physical form. It
is well balanced with visual rhythm reinforcing its central focus.       ALBENS MASTER JEWELLERS
The setting is in harmony with the flow of the design maximising                      PERTH’S LEADING
the light and visual presence of the diamond. From different                        JEWELLERY WORKSHOP
angles the design provides a different clue to the inspiration. The
combination of an inspired designer, a well explored direction
                                                                         First Floor, 616 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000
and the skilful execution of the Master Jeweller has resulted in
                                                                                          Telephone (08) 9325 6318
this unique creation satisfying a thoughtful client.

Irish Folk
Rock and

                                                 Sunday Session
                DUBLIN                           at Rosies
                ROGUES                           Fremantle
   Open from 11am - 10pm with our casual
    and very affordable ALL DAY GRUB
  menu with Entertainment from 3pm to 7pm

PLUS... special appearances by Perth’s

                                                           ROOF PLUMBING
                                                   New metal roofs, Roof replacement & repair Gutters, Down Pipes

 See you all on                                         Mick Manning
St Patrick’s Day                                          Ph/Fax: 9354 4479
                                                          Mob: 0418 917 050
26 January 1952 – 4 January 2009
     Garry Brown and I had one special thing in
common… a love of Tom Paxton and his songs. I
remember at the Thursday singing club at the Irish
Club Garry joined me singing on ‘The Last Thing on
My Mind’. And the last thing on my mind was hearing
of the passing of this fine gentleman and a lover of folk
songs and music. It was a shock as I had spoken to
Garry only a short time before at the home of our good
friends Joe and Lottie Crozier.
     Garry also shared my love for Pemberton, trout
fishing and the bush. In the Eulogy this was mentioned,
the fishing, canoeing, caravaning, crabbing and
camping. Also mentioned was Garry’s hilarious sense of humour,
and quick wit in his younger years.
     The Fairbridge Folk Festival was a family tradition and the event holds many
memories for the family and friends who joined the Brown’s camping on the oval and
living a weekend filled with music, joy, friendship and love.
                                                                                          St Patrick’s
     As a family man nothing was too difficult a task for Garry and his needs were
always the last consideration.                                                             Day Mass
     His commitment to what he believed in will be something that his children can
draw great strength from as they face life without their great dad.
     Thank you Garry for filling, not only your family lives, but all our lives with
humour, fun and music. So many precious memories will never be forgotten.                  17th March 2009
Are you going away with no word of farewell
With so many memories left behind
No one could do it better, you were one of the special kind
Your leaving was the last thing on our minds.
                                                                   Garry singing at The
                                                                   Irish Club with his
                                                                                               St Mary’s
                                                                   son Leon.
Farewell Garry                                                                             Catholic Church
Fred Rea
                                                                                          40 Franklin Street,
                                                                                          Mass Enquiries: 9381 5313

 St. Patrick:
 • One legend has it that St. Patrick went
 straight to France after escaping youthful
 slavery in Ireland. On a visit to his uncle in
 Tours he had to cross the River Loire and used
 his cape as a raft. When he reached the other
 side he hung the cape out to dry on a hawthorn
 bush - which immediately burst into bloom.
 To this day the hawthorn blooms in the winter
 in the Loire Valley, and St. Patrick is celebrated
 there on March 17 and on Christmas Day.

                                                   Indeed we owe him a debt of errant                  thanked everyone concerned and we
                                                   stages of Developments of the Hospital              were treated to a very lavish afternoon
                                                   over the years. A few locals shared their           tea provided by St. John of God Hospital
                                                   experiences of the Sisters’ ministry – it           and served by volunteers.
                                                   was a delight to hear them.                            On the return Bus ride to Perth
                                                       Two local people sang a few                     there was great chatter recalling the
                                                   well chosen Songs “Pia Jesu’’ and                   impressions of a very enjoyable day.
                                                   “Memories”.                                            Sr Romanus Dee
                                                       Bishop Holohan spoke eloquently on              Editor: My sincere thanks to my good
                                                   the Reason for the Sisters calling and              friend, Sister Romanus for submitting
                                                   the meaning of their Religious Vows.                this piece. The work of the Sisters of St
                                                   He really summed up the meaning of a                John of God was and still is an integral
                                                   Religious Vocation. It was timely for the           part of our hospital system. As Sister
                                                   people to hear it.                                  Romanus said in her poem, technology
                                                       Sr. Rita Mc Dermot gave a brief history         is taking over but the work carried out
                                                   of the different stages and developments            by the sisters must never be forgotten.
                                                   of the Hospital over the years.                     Thank you from all of us for your unselfish
Bunbury’s last remaining Sisters of St John of         Sr. Pauline O’Connor graciously
God, Sisters Kilian Stafford and Leonie Tierney,                                                       contribution to our great State.
were reunited with 24 other Sisters who have
served in Bunbury including Bridie Quinn, right,
at the public event organised in honour of their    The following is a Poem written and recited         Working relations have altered
contribution to the community.                      by Sr. Romanus Dee for the special occasion.        The specialists never get ‘’Mister’’
Photo: Bunbury Mail.                                                                                    And the Nuns get called their first names
                                                    “Thank You”                                         Like Kilian, Leonie and Bridie minus the sister.
Sisters Farewell Bunbury                            and “Farewell Ceremony”                             No flowing Veils are seen now
                                                    From “Bury Hill” out to “Bussel Highway”            Or swishing of white pleated skirts ,
Thanks and Goodbye                                  From “Roses House” is a very long stretch,          The Irish Brogue - has died away
Function                                            Relating to the last eighty one years               And new ideas on us - are thrust.
    17th of January 2009 – was a big day            I’ll try to draw you a sketch.                      With machines of every kind
of reminiscing and farewells. Dr. Ernie             The early founders - in nineteen twenty seven       For Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure,
Manea organised a celebration to farewell           Were not really volunteers - you can bet,           Temperature is tested in your Ear
the St. John of God sisters from Bunbury            Because at a day’s notice they’d be told            And Pulse in another measure.
and to thank the Congregation for 81                “The Train goes at 9am in Bunbury you’ll be met”    The wards are decked with Computers
years of care and dedication to the people
                                                    Dwindling numbers in recent years                   And Emails are quick and clear,
of Bunbury. Men, women and children
– all recipients of sisters’ care – at some         Have caused us to – “Pack Up”                       IPods and Mobile Phones
time – poured into the Bunbury Cathedral            To say Goodbye to you our Bunbury friends ,         Attached to everyone’s ear.
College Hall –approximately 700 in all. Dr.         Dave O’Leary drove us down in a Bus.                The sisters have speedy contact
Manea doesn’t do things by halves. Every                                                                Text messages - let you know,
                                                    Technology has changed our way of life
detail was attended to. Even the transport                                                              God be with the old days
– he hired a Bus to take 27 sisters from            In Hospital and in Convent domain,
                                                    While Founders from “Roses House”                   When Letters took two weeks to go.
Subiaco to Bunbury. Most of them had
worked in Bunbury at some time. The                 Enjoy heavenly terrain                              The Bunbury people - down the years
Mayor of Bunbury received the sisters               The front entrance Trees are long gone              Have kept our Hospital flowing
in the Council Chambers for a Civic                 And the Jacerandas down the drive,                  Their love and generosity always
Reception during which he presented the             As are Doctor’s Surgeries across the way            Gave us the heart to keep going.
Provincial, Sr. Pauline O’Connor with a             Where our Medicos used to reside.                   The Doctors were a wonderful bunch
Plaque displaying the Civic Council Coat
                                                    Our Convent ground is now covered                   Forever true to their Roster,
of Arms which translated from the Latin
means “Nothing achieved without work”.              With big houses and small bungalows                 Who could ever forget –the likes of
Bishop Holohan said Grace and we all                “Ramillies St” residence is closing too,            Lawson/Smith - McKenna - Mania and Foster.
enjoyed a beautifully prepared lunch.               We are ready to lock the doors.                     We sisters are going back again
    Then we were taken to the College                                                                   In and around our home in Subiaco,
                                                    The Hospital wards were once traversed
where the people gave the Sisters a                                                                     Where all our John of Gods started
standing ovation as they filed in to take           By nuns in long Dress and Veil,
                                                    Conspicuous by their absence now                    And their spirits forever re echo.
their seats near the dais. Dr. Manea
shared the comical side of his first taste          But the Spirit is still the same.                   So we are confident as we leave Bunbury
of St. Johns. But it was humbling and               Our Reverend Mothers taught us well                 The present staff have come to the fore,
rewarding to hear him say very sincerely            We observed the accepted Etiquette                  The St. John of God spirit lingers on
that it was due to the dedication of the            The culture in general keeps changing               And now Bishop Holohan will keep the score
sisters that he made his decision then,
                                                    And some of it - we might regret.
as a young Doctor to settle in Bunbury.

                                            Come on Up
                                            to the Hills on
                                            St Patrick’s

                                  WE’LL SHOW YE SOME
Jarrahdale Rd, Jarrahdale         GOOD IRISH FUN!
      Tel: 9525 5015                   nd
                                 Joan an Phil wish you all
                                 Joan and
                                  a Happy St Patrick’s Day

                                   Farmer Wants a Wife
                                   at the Irish Pub in the Hills
                                   Farmer Wants A Wife contestant Ralph
                                   Lyster watched the premiere of the
                                   program at the Jarrahdale Pub.
                                   The horse and cattle farmer who fancies
                                   a spot of polo, is the only Western
                                   Australian farmer taking part in the third
                                   series of the popular dating show.
                                   The farmer from Nambeelup was joined
                                   by friends at the pub known as an ‘Irish
                                   pub in the hills’, The Jarrahdale for one
                                   hell of a craic they tell me. Fred Rea

         WESTERN                                                 Off to the World Irish Dancing Championships...

     Welcome back everybody to another year of exciting
 news Eireann School Dancing. Our first major event
         and events in Irish
 is of course St Patrick’s Day. Make sure you get along
 to your favourite Irish pub and enjoy the talents of our
 wonderful home grown dancers. Our first Feis of the year
 will be held on the 28th & 29th March at the Morley Sport
 and Recreation Centre. Entry is free, so come along and
 support the dancers and enjoy some fantastic competition.
 The under 11 dancers will compete on Saturday and                    Fiona Thomas                    Samantha Casey                Shannon Kennedy
 the Over 11s on Sunday, good luck to all of the dancers
 returning to compete this year and especially to all of the
 new competitors, we hope you will enjoy your first Feis!
     Speaking of Feis’ the biggest Feis in the world, the            2009 Competitions
 World Irish Dancing Championships, will be taking place in          On a local level, AIDA WA will be running our
 Philadelphia, USA from 5th – 12th April. Perth is fortunate         own competitions on the following dates;
 to have a few of our top dancers representing us over there.
 The dancers travelling from the Kavanagh Studio are Fiona
                                                                     28th & 29th March,
 Thomas, Samantha Casey and Shannon Kennedy. This will               16th & 17th May,
 be Samantha’s second time competing at a world level as             27th & 28th June,
 she also competed last year when the world championships            WA State Championships –
 were held in Belfast and while this may be Fiona’s first time       31st Jul, 1st & 2nd August,
 competing at the ‘worlds’ she is no stranger to overseas
 competition, Fiona took part in the Golden Gate Feis in
                                                                     29th & 30th August,
 San Francisco last year and is also the current Western             8th November .
 Australian state champion in her age group. For Shannon             Venues are yet to be confirmed.
 Kennedy this will be her first trip to world championships,
 Shannon is a three time state champion and was placed           Irish Dancing School Contacts
 10th at the Australian Championships in 2008. Teresa            School    Contact                      Locations                   Phone
 McGorry-Mathers TCRG from the Kavanagh Studio will be           Ceide     Samantha McAleer TCRG        Subiaco & Woodvale          9405 6255 / 0414188784
                                                                 Delany    Jane Goddard TCRG            Forrestfield & Parkerville   9295 2447 / 0407085237
 travelling with the girls to lend her support and guidance.     Eireann   Siobhan Cummins TCRG         Como, Jandakot              0422 075 300
 Also representing Perth are two lovely dancers from the                                                & Rockingham
 Ceide School, Dara McAleer and Alison Johnson, who are          Kavanagh Teresa McGorry-Mathers TCRG   Osborne Park                9371 8400 / 0412155318
 both accomplished dancers both on a state and national                   Deirdre McGorry TCRG (Hon)    & Melville                  0400 077 892
                                                                 O’Brien Rose O’Brien ADCRG             Joondalup                   9401 6334 / 0423382706
 level. Taylor Pymm from WA Academy is another attending.                                               & Subiaco
 Good luck to all of the dancers and we look forward to          O’Hare    Jenny O’Hare TCRG            Wembley Downs               0422 239 440
 hearing about your experiences upon your return.                                                       & Osborne Park
     For more information on Irish Dancing in Western            Saoirse Sinead Hoare TCRG              Carramar                    0414 647 849
                                                                 Trinity Eileen Purtell-Ashley TCRG     Morley                      0413 511 595
 Australia, please contact the AIDA WA Secretary Eileen          WA      Glenalee Bromilow ADCRG        Malaga                      9276 3737 / 0410584051
 Purtell-Ashley TCRG at           Academy Sue Hayes TMRF                                             9377 5600
 au or 0413 511 595.

The Connolly Sisters...
Over 280 Years of Service
by Danielle O’Leary
     There are people in this world that       All working in different towns across
are rare, exquisite and truly fabulous.        Australia, their health care experience
Possibly more than they will ever know,        did not limit them to Australia. Travelling
the Connolly sisters, Teresina, Marguerita,    to both Pakistan and the Philippines, the
Helen, Kathleen and Peggy from County          sisters learnt an incredible amount. “I
Mayo, are these people and they came           learnt a lot about myself – and some I                     Celebrating Teresina’s
to Australia in the 1940s and 50s to           didn’t like,” Sister Helen said. “I found                Diamond Jubilee in 2008
follow their vocation with the St John         that I was racist and quite a few other             back from left : Helen and Teresina
of God sisters. To date, the five sisters      negatives things so that was a great           front from left: Kathleen, Peg anf Marguerita
have a miraculous 280 combined years           grace for me to look at those things and
of service to the health system. And           to grow through it. I was challenged in        80’s, admit society and the order
they’ve had a wonderful time changing          lots of areas when I was working with          have changed a lot. “We’ve become
lives along the way.                           people living with aids, even in the area      quite a materialistic society and I think
     Sister Marguerita Connolly fell in love                                                  opportunities for young girls today are
with the sisters as a child and knew it was                                                   a lot more,” Sister Helen said. “There’s
the life she wanted to live. Sister Teresina                                                  more responsibility attached to our way
Connolly had thought about it when she                                                        of life now, individual responsibility. In the
was a child. Penny Groves, a former                                                           early days, we were told exactly what to
Connolly sister, thought it was “like a                                                       do and when to do it.”
piece of heaven walking into the convent,                                                          Now, the habits are gone and the
it was absolutely beautiful”. These                                                           women are not living in large convents but
powerful religious thoughts stemmed                                                           in smaller units. Despite this, the women
from their strong religious upbringing.                                                       have never lost the habit of complete
Sister Maguerita was only 15 years old                                                        compassion, utter devotion and simply
when she joined and remembered the                                                            having a fabulous and wonderful time.
great force religion had over their lives.                                                         Sadly on Australia Day, 26 January
“The Angelis bell would ring from church                                                      2009 Peggy passed away, having been
                                                    The Sisters at Peggy’s Wedding
and we would stop no matter where we                                                          preivioulsy diagnosed with cancer 12
were,” she thought. “Out in the fields         of my sexuality as I was caring for people     months prior. Peggy retired to Mandurah
doing the corn or the hay, Dad would           whos sexual orientation was different to       with husband Alan and had a lovely 9
stop, take off his cap and say the Angelis     mine.                                          years living there. The Funeral service
and that you know was embedded in all               Peggy Groves took 12 months leave         was conducted by family friend Fr
of us. Then we had prayers at night, the       after she suffered a back injury from          Lawrence Murphy at Our Lady of the
rosary was said every night.”                  lifting patients. She went to America          Assumption. Sr Helen said that 250 dear
     The first sister to join, however,        and knew she would never go back               friends turned up to farewell Peg. Sr Helen
was Sister Teresina. The eldest of eight       to the convent. “I probably knew that          would like to express the sisters sincere
children, she said she was never scared.       the life wasn’t the life for me, maybe it      thanks to Sister Kathleen Power, Parish
“I think it was a challenge, everything        was God’s way of telling me, that there        Priest Fr Gerard Tan and the parishioners
was new,” she added. “The only thing           was somebody waiting for me here in            for organising a tea and cakes after
that you realise is that the boat pulls out    Australia. A few years later, Peggy met        the service in Mandurah. Following the
and you’re leaving home for good.”             her husband Allen Groves. But for the          cremation at Fremantle Cemetery, family
     Sister Kathleen remembers it              other sisters, the question of motherhood      and close friends went back to Mandurah
differently. “It was really, really very       was never a great issue. “I used to think it   and shared many stories over nice wine
emotional and sad when Teresina first left     would be nice to have your own home,”          “and nine Pizzas” Sister Helen added.
home to enter the convent,” she said.          Sister Teresina said. “But on the other
     After trying to ignore the thought of     hand, if you weigh it up, I think I’m on         Happiness keeps you Sweet,
becoming a nun – but “like the hound of        the better side of life because I am free to
heaven it never left me” – Sister Helen        minister to a greater number of people”
                                                                                                Trials keep you Strong,
came to Australia with no expectations              Sister Kathleen added: “I think I’ve        Sorrows keep you Human,
initially met. “It was a missionary country    looked after more babies than any mother         Failures keep you Humble,
at that time so we thought we were             did, changed more nappies and fed more           Success keeps you Glowing,
coming to convert the Aboriginals. I only      babies.”                                         But Only God Keeps You Going!
saw my first Aboriginal five years later.”          The sisters, now in their 70’s and

 Celebrate St Patrick’s Day
we are now
open Sundays
11am - late

         IRISH P
                                                                  St Patrick’s Day
                                                                  Tues 17 March
         Come along and have a jig with
                                                                  Open 7am till
               Shamus the                                         midnight
                Leprechaun                                        Hot buffet breakfast
                                                                  including tea/coffee
                 NDA BRADY FO
                                                                  $20 7am till 10.30am
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                breakfast at Du
                           rch 16.
                Monday Maad enjoy a traditional,                    Noon 3.30pm
                For just $20 a                        d Enda
                ho  t, Irish buffet br
                                                     tic prizes
                                                                  •Scundered 4-7.30pm
                                     ay some fantas
                 w ill be giving aw                     avel      Trinity 8 - midnight
                                        ing Guinness Tr
                 on   the day – includ             whiskey
                                    Jameson Irish                 Promos & giveaways
                 vouchers and a
                 travel hamper.                                   Irish dancers
SHAFTO LANE               (between Murray & Hay Sts)
                                                                  An appearance
      397 Murray Street • Perth WA 6000                           by Shamus the
   Phone (08) 9226 0233 Fax (08) 9226 0399                        Leprechaun 4-6pm •
Patrick Kilcoyne                                                                   the orphanage and
                                                                                   they have got the
Finding Peace                                                                      biggest acoustics
                                                                                   echoes you could
in his Music and Poetry                                                            ever hear, and
by Danielle O’Leary                                                                you’re saying ‘that’s
                                           want.’ I can’t believe people are       me!’. I made a silly
                                           saying this to me.”                     mistake with the old
SINGING THE BLUES                                                                  portable recorders,
by Patrick Kilcoyne                            From Sligo City, Patrick met his
                                           first wife when she was on holiday      as a kid growing up,
What have I been doing                     in Ireland. “You know what love         I taped my voice
thinking I was so free?                    does to you,” he said. “It sweeps       and I vowed, “My
Running, Chasing, climbing                 you off your feet. I have been in       Godfather there is no
and hiding behind every tree.              Australia 25 years now. I was in the    way I am ever going
When all I need was simply true.           Irish Army for four years and was       to record anything in
There are better ways                      training for the United Nations Peace   music because that
than singing the blues.                    Keeping Force in Lebanon and as         sounds absolutely
Peace within may not be lost.              a result of excessive gun fire, my      shocking”. I was so
It doesn’t have to come at Cost.           eardrums burst and I had to leave       sorry I did that today
While Simply Sitting on the ground         the forces. When I was discharged       because I am pretty
There’s no need to fumble all around       from the army in 1985, I made the       close to launching a
Take a breath, deep and true.              move to Australia.”                     CD that I have been
There’s an easy way to fight the blues         Patrick grew up in an Orphanage     putting together
No time trial markers you have to reach    in Sligo and discovered at the          over the last couple
While you enjoy your favorite peach.       age of 11 that he had two sisters.      of months and it is
I like to sit outside and enjoy the fun,   Beyond that, he did not know the        totally different to
There is a lot of good                     circumstances to why he was there,      what I remember all
by relaxing in the sun.                    and still does not know to this day.    those years ago.”
Peace of mind strength of heart            “Our parents were asked to never            Living in Mandurah, Patrick has two sons
Very hard to keep these two apart          visit us,” Patrick said. “I know that   aged four and 11. “I love my kids,” Patrick
This never ending quest                    for a fact because I have heard it      said. “They give me great support and there
to find what’s true                        from both parents.”                     is no way I would see my kids go where I
Can leave you spent,                           It wasn’t the happiest of           have been. I would say that I am a very lucky
borrowed and blue                          childhoods but the orphanage had        individual, regardless of what my life started
But why this, that and those               a powerful and positive influence       at. I mean it starts with whatever; it’s what
Can’t stop us treading                     on Patrick’s love of music. “All the    you do about whatever and move on from
on peoples toes                            years growing up in the orphanage,      where you are is the best way to do it.”
Some times the harder you try              I went to Mass three or four times
                                                                                                      ....another poem from Patrick on next page

The more you fail                          a week,” Patrick said. “My head
Even worse you’ve gone off the rail
                                           was constantly turned towards the
When really all that’s required            back of the church where the choir
Is to sit, relax and you are hired         was. I fell in love with singing at
    Patrick Kilcoyne is the type of        the age of four or five. I liked the
singer that you wish will never stop       idea of playing the piano and spent
performing. He has a powerful musical      four years learning. I think it was
presence that people can’t help but        nurturing because with a very large
admire. “I have been getting people as     group of children, you don’t get                        Services
recently as last Friday and Saturday at    much of that. In music I found a
Friar Tucks that say ‘Listen we have a     happy place to be because I needed               McKENNA
wedding coming up and we would love        to find some soul searching and               SERVICES PTY LTD
you to sing’,” he said. “Straight away     happiness for myself otherwise I
                                                                                       301 Railway Parade, Maylands
I will want to involve a violinist and I   wouldn’t survive.”
am holding back tears when people              Now playing in Mandurah’s                      Ph: 9370 3801
say to me, ‘No, no, no, we just want       Friar Tucks and Murphy’s Irish Pub,       Electrical Engineers & Contractors
you to come, sing as you are with your     Patrick has come a long way from                        Lic No. 000646

                                           singing in Sligo’s orphanage. “I’ve                   Computer
guitar, the soul, sound and peace and
                                           always loved singing,” Patrick said.                   Cabling
expression that comes out of your
                                           “I would go into the bathrooms in             Contractors & Consultants
voice when you sing, that’s what we

An interesting life?
One might sight,
young and very polite.
But to where is this child to run,
Using a broom handle as a long Winchester gun.
Not much in the way of modern toys,
From what’s left from the older boys.
But then again the same old story,
You’ll get your turn in line now say your rosary.
What will all the time on one’s knees,
Praying and wishing that some one would say please.
Now get up off those knees and try sitting,
I’m sure God wouldn’t have mind, if we knelt or sat.
And when we did good we got the usual pat.
Mass being long and full of stories,
Till once you knew the whole lot.
Only then the repeats got slot,
In mind heart and spirit.
Now there must be some good about to happen?
As we were all praying hard, and I’m thinking now things are fine,
Only to leave and the world turns a different cheek.
Why can’t it flow from church to street?
Yes right up to the very people we meet.
Is this why there is so much peace in your hearts?
That set us a world apart.
Time for singing I hear them say
The best time of all as they say you pray twice when you sing.
Good I guess I need them all,
For my thoughts are not so good.
                                                                            thespians @jb’s
Lost to this world of doing good in church,
And the opposite when it come to the crunch.
The big break away
For where I longed to say
Auntie and uncles house,
I was as quiet as a mouse.
Maybe they might forget to sent me back.
And I could dwell in this house like a crack.
In the wall where now one would look
Or even hide behind the big silver book.
Many a holidays’ year would go by visiting,
And upon every return I would end up wishing,
I was the bathroom sink or some other fixed appliance
But always ended up with no alliance.
What was I to be?
Where was I to go?
Surely someone forgot to plan,
For where in this world do I make my stand?
I’m not sure.
But then I do my best to be happy and people will like you
Well that’s what they say,
But much fun when you have nothing to offer,
Dull in mind, slow of the start.
Found my world apart.
Why am I different and what was so wrong?
Guess its time for a song.
This is the time I feel free,
Sing, happy and climbing every tree.
Now so safe for me to be
Just sweet simple me.
Patrick Kilcoyne 17/08/07

                         The Irish Republican Brotherhood was a secret, oath-bound organisation
I ..., do solemnley      which plotted political revolution in Ireland between the 1850s and the
swear in the presence    War of Independence, 1919-21. Far from being an exclusively Irish entity,
of Almighty God,         Fenianism represented an international phenomenon with a well-organised
that I will do my        presence throughout Britain, continental Europe, much of North America,
utmost, at every risk,   and the Pacific. As well as orchestrating military operations in several states,
while life last, to      Fenians constructed political machines in urban America, participated in
make Ireland an          political struggles in Ireland, and infiltrated the island’s literary and sporting
independent              cultures. The 150th anniversary of the founding of the IRB was 2008.
democratic Republic;     The Australian Irish-Heritage Association and JB O’Reilly’s present
that I will yield
implicit obedience          150th Anniversary Fenian                                                          Profits from
in all things not                                                                                              event will
contrary to the              Commemoration Dinner                                                                  go to
law of God, to the                           With Special Guest Speaker:
commands of all my                                                                                            fundraising
superior officers, and               The Hon Mr Mairtin O’Fainin
that I shall preserve                       Ireland’s Ambassador to Australia                                    for the
inviolable secrecy                                                                                            completion
regarding all                                   AT JB O’REILLY’S
                                   99 Cambridge Street, West Leederville                                       of the Wild
transactions of this
secret society that                    on Easter Sunday 12th April 2009
may be confided to
                                         12.30pm for 1pm start - 3pm                                          Memorial in
So help me God!                                Tickets $75 each                                               Rockingham
Amen                               Includes Meal, Soft Drinks and Wines
                           Bookings: JB O’Reilly’s on 9382 4555 (Limited Numbers)

Perth’s Premier Irish
  Meat Supplier           Land of Milk and Honey                    by Fred Rea
                              It was the first of January, I was standing   – that was for another day.
                          at the window of Kathleen’s house on                  As I returned to Australia I was in
                          Muckross Road, Killarney watching a little        time for the Bushfires and through all the
YOUR QUALITY BUTCHER      rabbit taking tiny jumps across a snow            horror it makes you realise how resilient
        Shop 14,          covered lawn, the cold was palpable, the          the human spirit is in the face of terrible
 Woodvale Boulevard       skies leaden and all the trees bare against       odds. As I read the daily paper I think
   Shopping Centre        the background of the mountains which             Australia could well borrow the four letter
Whitfords Ave, Woodvale   were glistening white, but ominously so.          word “Bank” from the Irish, with or without
                          Not a season to be trifled with but with its      the adjective, for, it seems to me, running
  9309 9992               own austere beauty.
                              The weather seemed to be curiously in
                                                                            right through Australian minds is the same
                                                                            frisson of unease with “The Gurus”. But
  SUPPLIERS OF            tune with the mood of the country. There is       Australia, too, will survive and we too
    WA’S ONLY             a frisson of fear running throughout Ireland      will have the storytellers of the “harder
  GENUINE IRISH           at the moment aligned with a sense of             times”.
 PORK SAUSAGES            mounting anger. You can feel the unease
                          – nobody quite knows how it all happened          Herb and Cheese Scones
                          – this sudden nosedive in what was so             Here’s a savoury take on the often sweet scone.
                          recently a thriving economy.                      These can be used to top casseroles and stews
                              The popular thought is, greed,                too. Recipe courtesy of Darina Allen of the
                          skullduggery, corruption and worst of             Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork,
                          all, blind stupidity on the part of those in      Ireland.
                          charge of various institutions–those people       INGREDIENTS
                          who, but a short time ago, were classed as        3¼ cups unbleached white flour
                          geniuses and gurus. Always beware “The            1/2 teaspoon salt
We have all your          Gurus”! The new four letter word in Ireland       ½ teaspoon baking soda
  meat needs              is – Bank – except it always comes with an        1½ to 1¾ cups buttermilk
                          unprintable adjective. The question most          2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons freshly chopped
    for your              often asked while I was there was “What           herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme, chives, parsley, etc)
St Patrick’s Day          do we tell our teenage children to do now?”       1 cup grated mature cheddar cheese
                          Stay on at school? Go to University? Do a         egg wash
Full Irish                Masters? Do a PhD?                                PREPARATION
                              There was a time when a downturn in           1) Preheat the oven to 450F. (230C)
Breakfast                 the economy saw the younger generation            2) Mix all the dry ingredients (including herbs)
                                                                            together in a large wide bowl, make a well in the
                          head off for other shores – but now the
                          other shores have very little to offer a highly   centre and pour in most of the buttermilk. Using
                          educated population of young people. This         one hand, stir in a full circle starting in the centre
                          is going to be the crucible from which            of the bowl working towards the outside of the
                          the next generation will have to emerge           bowl until all the flour is incorporated. Add more
                          unbowed and strong and I have no doubt            milk if necessary. The dough should be soft but
                          they can do it but the mindset of affluence       not too wet and sticky.
                          is going to have to change. There will be         3) When it all comes together, turn it out onto a
                          plenty of stories around tables and fires         well-floured board. Wash and dry your hands.
                          from an older generation of “hard times”          Roll around gently with floury hands for a
                          endured and conquered!! There will be a           second, just enough to tidy it up.
                          lot of “In my young days…” and “Ah sure           4) Flip over, form it into a round and flatten
                          we made it too easy for ‘em…”                     to approximately 1-inch thick. Stamp out into
                              The wedding I went for was full of            scones with a cutter, or cut with a knife.
                          laughter, music, song but most of all             5) Brush the top of each one with egg wash and
                          there was a great appreciation of faith and       then dip into grated cheddar cheese, bake on a
                          blessing and the young couple knelt in            floured baking sheet for about 20 minutes in a
                          front of the Crib which was a lovely gesture      hot oven, or use to cover the top of a casserole or
                          – there was no mention of gloom or Banks          stew. Cool on a wire rack. Enjoy!

             IT’S A LONG WAY TO DERRY
                                                   by Peter Conole, Police Historian

    Alexander Sweeney and his wife                                                                   middle age. As noted earlier, father
Margaret (her ‘maiden name’ was Gould)                                                               Alexander had served in the Enrolled Guard,
were townsfolk of Derry (Londonderry) in                                                             with the security of Government House as
Ulster in the early 1800s. At the time of                                                            one key duty. Son James Sweeney received
writing, nothing else is known about the                                                             the same honour on the first day of 1889,
couple, except that their son Alexander                                                              when he was made a 2nd Class Constable
Sweeney was born in about 1818. Some                                                                 in the Police Force and assigned to duty at
time in the late 1830s or early 1840s,                                                               Government House in Perth.
Alexander the Younger become one of the                                                                  In effect, he became the Police Orderly
countless myriads of young Irishmen who                                                              to the Governor of the colony. James was
in the course of the 19th Century donned                                                             promoted to 1st Class Constable in March
red coats and became soldiers of Queen                                                               1891. Soon afterwards he was given a
Victoria.                                                        ‘James Sweeney -                    work mate – James Cunningham (also the
    Alexander served as a private in the                pioneer, explorer and police officer’        son of an Enrolled Pensioner Force man),
Royal Artillery for 21 years and travelled                                                           born in the same year as James Sweeney,
all over the world. He was on garrison              Early in 1874 John and Alexander chose           was recruited as a 2nd Class Constable and
duty on the Atlantic Island of St Helena in         a party to go with them on a very notable        made an additional orderly.
December 1851, when his wife Margaret               expedition. Police officer James Kennedy             In June 1892 Constable Sweeney was
(her pre-marriage name is unknown) gave             was another prime choice, as were trackers       transferred to Fremantle and appointed lock-
birth to their son James. A few years later         Tommy Windich and Tommy Pierre. James            up keeper at the police station, a job he was
and Alexander found himself plunged into            Sweeney was appointed farrier. The party         to hold for an incredible 26 years. Things
the horrors of the Crimean war of 1854-             left Geraldton in April of that year and moved   were not easy at first – he was reprimanded
1856, during which he took part in the long         north-east, the beginning of a remarkable        when a couple of prisoners escaped and
and bitter siege of Sebastopol. He survived         trek through forbidding country, an amazing      for being careless on another occasion in
and received two medals, with a clasp for           journey which took them up the Murchison         1893, but all was forgiven and after learning
service in the great siege.                         River, then overland to near Lake Eyre, then     the ropes he settled into the new job.
    Soon afterwards Alexander became                south to Adelaide, where the explorers               In his later years James Sweeney seems
a military pensioner and arrived in the             arrived on November 3. The members               to have established himself as a ‘character’
colony of Western Australia as a member             endured much hardship and danger, as well        of the Fremantle community. He remained
of the Enrolled Pensioner Force some time           as illness. James Sweeney was not in great       on easy and familiar terms with the Forrest
before 1862. He was employed briefly                physical shape by the end of the epic; at        family, even when they rose to high estate.
as an Assistant Warder in the Convict               one time he suffered from scurvy and had         When Sir John Forrest was given a civic
Establishment from April 1862 until May             trouble walking because of swollen feet.         reception to celebrate a 50-year career,
1863. In later years, after the Pensioner                Regardless, the exploration expedition      Sweeney sent the following telegram from
Force disbanded in 1880, he had the                 won great acclaim in both South Australia        Fremantle: “congratulations from a fellow
honour of being recruited into the Enrolled         and Western Australia and James was              traveller in eighteen seventy four”. Later,
Guard. The Guard was a company of army              to find that admirers in high places had         after Forrest had been made a peer in 1918,
veterans commanded by Commissioner                  long memories. After returning to WA, he         Sweeney sent a follow-up: “congratulations
Matthew Smith of the WA Police Force; it            married Lucy Shea in Fremantle on May            on your elevation to the peerage from fellow
was tasked with looking after the security          20, 1875. Rather predictably, Lucy was           traveller eighteen seventy four”.
of Government House, and the prison and             the daughter of another Irish member of              James Sweeney retired from the Police
military magazine in Fremantle.                     the Enrolled Pensioner Force, Patrick Shea       Force in October 1918. He was two years
    Alexander Sweeney served in the                 of County Clare, formerly a private in the       over the usual age limit. The Commissioner
Enrolled Guard until the unit was also              77th Regiment. The Sweeneys became the           of Police must have obtained special
dissolved in 1887. He died in 1896, having          parents of three sons and three daughters.       permission for that, as it helped Sweeney
lived a rather full life. By then he must have           James seems to have continued work          receive a larger pay-out when he left.
been a rather proud man on account of the           as a farrier and ran a smithery, eventually      This again seems to confirm senior police
exploits of his son James.                          moving north from the Canning to Geraldton       officers and other officials never forgot what
    Master James Sweeney obtained trade             and beyond. But senior public officials of the   the tough colonial horse minder and his
skills as a blacksmith and farrier in his youth,    colony had not forgotten him, his exploits       father had done in the line of service.
and he was a particularly good manager              or his skills. In June 1886 the Police Force         Septimus Sweeney, his youngest son
of horses. In 1871 the famous explorer              employed him as farrier and blacksmith in        (born 1894), was continuing the family
Alexander Forrest (brother of John Forrest)         the West Kimberley District, with pay of 12      tradition in the same year – as a soldier in
recruited him as a member of an expedition          shillings per day. Then from February 1888       the Australian Army on the Western Front.
which explored the Hampton Plains District,         he did duty as the police mail carrier back      Old James Sweeney survived to hear of
resulting in the establishment of the pastoral      in Perth.                                        the young man’s safe return and died in
industry in the area.                                    Soon afterwards a very appropriate          Fremantle in 1922.
    James impressed the Forrest brothers.           appointment was made, just as he reached

                                                         Perth Rose
                                                            P     t d b Th Irish Club f       Inc
                                                            Presented by The I i h Cl b of WA I

                                                     50th Celebration
                                                     Rose of Tralee Festival
 Beannachtaí                                         CALLING ALL ROSES?
                                                         • 2009 is the 50th Celebration of the International Rose of Tralee Festival.
na Féile Pádraig
                                                         • Opening date for applications – Monday 9 February 2009 (please refer to the
    oraibh!                                              Perth Rose of Tralee website from 9 February 2009 to download this year’s
                                                         application form –
                                                         • Closing date for applications – Friday 27 March 2009
St Patrick’s Day
                                                         • Perth Rose of Tralee Selection Ball – Saturday 30 May 2009 at the Hyatt
       from                                              Regency Perth.
    Fred and                                             • Applications coordinator – Mairead Inga,
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                                                                                                      for a Cracker of a



                                                                                                              time on
                                                                                                                    St Patrick’s
                                                                                                                Lots of Fun,
                                                                                                         Singing, Dancing
                                                                                                            and eating
Friday is Irish Karaoke Night at Friar Tucks with owner
                                                     er                                                        ALL DAY!
             Ray... Come along for the Craic!
  Friendly Irish restaurant offering great
       food from around the world.
  Owners: Irish couple Ray & Michelle O’Hanrachan
  ‘If I Were a Blackbird’
  Celebrating the lives of Irish folksinger,
  Delia Murphy and her husband, diplomat
  Thomas Kiernan coming to Perth
      ‘If I Were a Blackbird’, an exhibition celebrating
  the lives of the late Dr T.J. Kiernan, Ireland’s first
  Ambassador to Australia and his folk-singing wife Delia
  Murphy, will be on display in Perth later this year. The
  exhibition was developed by the National Library of                Delia Murphy and Thomas Kiernan with two of their children, my
  Ireland with support from the couple’s granddaughter             father Colm and his sister Orla. Archbishop Daniel Mannix hosted a
  Carol Kiernan and opened first in the foyers of the                       reception to welcome them to Melbourne in 1946.
  National Library of Ireland and the National Museum
  of Australia. It is intended to travel around Australia,        was that she made us feel we could respectably sing
  first coming to Perth and has also been on display in           our own songs”, the singer Liam Clancy has said.
  Delia’s home county, Mayo.                                         I have had the pleasure of viewing the exhibition
      ‘If I Were a Blackbird’ uses photographs, words and         video and I must admit I didn’t realise the wonderful
  music to describe aspects of the lives of the Kiernans          contribution Delia made to Irish music and promoting
                                       who came to Australia      Ireland as a diplomat’s wife.
                                       in 1946 to establish          In our next magazine we will have details of the ‘not
                                       Irish       diplomatic     to be missed’ exhibition. In the meantime if readers
                                       representation. They       know of anyone interested in showing the exhibition,
                                       sought to encourage        please contact me at
                                       a sense of pride in           My thanks to Carol, Delia’s daughter for sending
                                       the Irish-Australian       me this information. Fred Rea
                                       c o m m u n i t y,
                                       emphasizing        the

                                                                    St Patrick’s Day
    Setting off for Australia in 1946  Irish contribution to
Thomas, son Colm, Delia, daughter Orla the development of
                                       Australia and, equally,
  the role of Irish-Australians in the quest for Ireland’s
  independence. A selection of Delia Murphy’s songs
  and a documentary film, The Ballad of Delia Murphy,
  accompany the exhibition.                                         Entertainment...
      Tom Kiernan (1897-1967) enjoyed a distinguished
  career as a diplomat and was also Director of
  Broadcasting at Radio Éireann. He was Irish                       12 - 3 Mark Anthony
  ambassador to the Vatican during World War Two and
  in 1946 was sent to Canberra by the then Taoiseach
  Eamon de Valera as Minister Plenipotentiary, in effect
                                                                    4 - 7 Live Music
  Irish Ambassador to Australia. He later became Irish
  Ambassador to the United States, a post held until his            9 - late Men & Their Sheds
  retirement in 1964.
      Dr Kiernan’s wife, folk-singer Delia Murphy (1902-
  1971) was a regular contributor to Radio Éireann
  programs and became a household name with tunes
                                                                    Meals All Day
  recorded by HMV such as the Connemara Cradle Song,
  If I were a Blackbird, The Spinning Wheel, and many
  others. Delia sang Irish songs at a time when they were
  not particularly popular, in a vivacious, beguiling and                Woodbridge Hotel
  unique style. Her influence on subsequent generations                        50 East Street Guildford
  of singers cannot be underestimated. She encouraged
  an independent spirit: “I think her main contribution                          (08) 9377 1199

          St Patrick’s Basilica St Patrick’s Day Parish Committee

                St Patrick’s
      Princess May Park, Adelaide St
    (opp St Patrick’s Basilica) Fremantle
      Sunday 15 March 2009
         Mass in the Basilica at 11am
     Concert in the Park 12.30pm - 4.30pm
                      • THE CLAN •
                     • BLUE CELTS •
              • TOP CLASS IRISH DANCING•
                 • BRENDAN MULLINS •
                                                   Princess May Park
 • Lots of full-on fun for children                St Patrick’s Basilica

      • Food, drinks, stalls
  • Close to trains and parking
Enquiries: Orla (08) 9497 2107
                                                                                     From Pat Rooney
                         Young                      The Ulster Reciter
     This is a bit of a recollection about
one person called Jimmy Young, who                                                                   “You’re not to go to his school”, his father toul him
shone in Northern Ireland during his                                                                 “And don’t let me find you next nor near the place”
brief time in the spotlight.                                                                         “But Pat’s my friend” wee Davy toul him
     He was born in Ballymoney in 1918                                                               And the tears were burning bitter furrows down his face
but the family moved to the Ormeau
Road district of Belfast when he was                                                                 Wee Davy Shaw – he’s seven asked his Mother
only 6 months old as his father had                                                                  “Why can’t I go and play with Pat O’Shea
got a new job looking after the stables
for Inglis’s bakery; Jimmy went to the
                                              WEE DAVY SHAW                                          Pat’s house is just around the corner and
                                              by James Young                                         All my friends are more than half a mile away”
Cooke St Church School and left at the
age of 14 to work for an estate agent.        Wee Davy Shaw – he’s seven asked his mother            His mother gently put her arms around him
His job was to go round all the rented        “Why can’t I go to church with Pat O’Shea              She said “I know that Pat’s a very decent kid
houses and collect the rent owing and         Pat’s church is just around the corner and             I wouldn’t mind you playing with him
it was in these circumstances that            Mine is more than half a mile away”
having a good eye and listening well                                                                 But your daddy wouldn’t like it if ye did”
that he met many of the characters            “Ye can’t go to his church” his mother toul him        “Now I know it’s hard for you to understand it
that he was to make famous in later           Pat’s a Roman Catholic you’re a Prod”                  But son that’s the way it is” she said
years.                                        “Is that the reason” Davy asked in wonder              You wouldn’t like to cause your daddy any trouble”
     At 16 He progressed from a love          “Then Catholics have a different God”
of watching theatre to a passion                                                                     Wee Davy sobbed an and gently shook his head
for acting itself. Joining a number           “Their God’s the same as ours” his mother toul him     But that night Davy’s mother asked hhis father
of amateur dramatic companies he              “But they worship in a slightly different way”         “Why can’t Wee Davy go and play with Pat O’Shea”
started down the road of becoming             “Then I could do it that way too” says Davy            He said “Because we can’t get friendly with them Fenians
a professional actor. His first major         “I could learn it all from Pat O’Shea.”                Whatever would our friends and neighbours say”
role was as ‘Willie John ‘in Joseph
Tomelty’s “Right Again Barnum” at             “Och shut your mouth “his mother said exasperated      But in his heart he knew that was no answer
the Group Theatre, Belfast. This initial      “I want to hear no more of that from you”              And next night in the pub I heard him say
success saw him go off to Stockport           “I think it’s daft” wee Davy toul her                  “A Prod’s a Prod and a Catholic is a Catholic
in England where he worked in                 “And I’m sure that God thinks it’s very foolish too”   So why can’t Wee Davy go and play with Pat O’Shea”
Repertory theatre and he eventually
got a role in the west end production of      “I toul ye shut your mouth “his mother toul him        I shook my head - I couldn’t give an answer
Sean O Casey’s Red Roses for Me. He           “Away to bed and let me hear no more                   “It’s not your fault or mine” I said to him
returned home after the 2nd world war         I’ve half a mind to tell yer Da about you and          “If that’s the way your friends and neighbours want it
and lived in a little flat above a butchers   I’m sure he’d leave your backside sore”                Don’t ask me the question you ask them”
shop on the Newtownards Road, and
Joseph Tomelty offered him the role of        Wee Davy Shaw – he’s seven, asked his Father           Two lumps of who just want to laugh and play together
Derek in the B.B.C. radio play The Mc         “Why can’t I go to school with Pat O’Shea              But their fathers won’t allow it they’re afraid
Cooeys which ran for almost a decade          Pat’s school is just around the corner and             Afraid of the jibes and taunts of some bitter bigots
and made him a household name                 Mine is more than half a mile away”                    What sort of bloody country have we made
throughout N. Ireland: people waited
                                              “Ye can’t go to his school “his father answered        I’ll toast the Queen but if a man’s a Catholic
in anguish every week for that familiar
voice to come on and they wished he           “I’ve toul ye that a thousand times or more”           It’s just because he knows no other way
was their window cleaner.                     “But what’s the reason Da “ wee Davy asked him         So tell me if you’ve got an answer
     He had a very distinctive voice          “In Catholic schools is two and two not four.”         Why can’t Wee Davy go and play with Pat O’Shea
as Derek and played the role of a             “Do they not learn reading and spelling
Gay person to the hilt, he critised all                                                              This was one of the many poems etc that Jimmy
his customers as well as giving out           Geometry and geography like us”                        Young wrote and showed up the stupidity and
advice left right and centre and sure         “Ye just don’t understand” his father toul him         bigotry that existed in Northern Ireland, and
all the women just loved him.                 It’s history that causes all the fuss.”                indeed in places all over the world, we’re still
     This play went on for about 10           “But I’m not learning history yet “ says Davy          killing each other over things that could be fixed
years and in between times Jimmy                                                                     up by sensible people but we let these things
                                              “And even if I was do you know what I could do
was honing his skills and at last when
                                              I could learn all the other things they teach them     happen because we don’t want to be involved.
the play finished he was ready to
Continued on page 31                          And I could learn my history from you”
  1st Friday of Each
 Bookings 9381 5213

Continued from page 30
Jimmy Young
tour N. Ireland with his one man
show. And what a show it was,
he had more characters and he                         Will y ou have a.
lampooned everyone and anyone
and they all loved it. There was
Big Derrick, Orange Lily, The
Striker, Mrs O Condriac and of
course the lady from Cherryvalley
who had no name but her accent
let everyone know she wasn’t
to be dallied with. He played
throughout N. Ireland and was
loved or hated in the strongest

                                        HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY
sense because he dared to hold a
mirror up to the people and show
                                                                       pe you do
them how stupid, bigoted and
downright unchristian their views
were. The Laughter would ring
out at his shows but so would
the tears as he showed us up for
                                                               Let’s ho
what we were.
                                        Wishing you always—
    He took his shows to Canada         Walls for the wind
and the U.S.A. and played to
packed houses but they say he           And a roof for the rain                 Lá Fhéile
had such a gruelling schedule that      And tea beside the fire—                Pádraig
it all took a toll on his health. His
television Show “Saturday Night”        Laughter to cheer you
was really his crowning glory and
was one of the pinnacles of his
                                        And those you love near you—            Sona Duit
career. He was an old fashioned         And all that your heart might desire!
performer who harked back to
the Musical hall past where you
had to make people laugh and if                                     Shop 193b, Flinders Street,
possible laugh at themselves.                                       Yokine WA 6060 - Fax 9344 4151
      He died of a fatal coronary on
July 5, 1974 in the middle of all
                                                                    Ph: 08 9344 5544
the troubles and the Mirror that                          
he had held up to the people of
Northern Ireland for such a long
                                           the kelly team
time was smashed.

                                                   of “Happy Dale” and ends up getting more than he
Show Preview                                       bargained for.
ARSENIC AND                                           The only two apparently sane people in the entire
                                                   cast are played by Ivan Motherway (following in Cary
OLD LACE                                           Grant’s footsteps) who at long last manages to get a girl
                                                   for himself. This charming young actress, Courtney
    The Irish Theatre Players’ opening             Hill, plays his love interest and is another very welcome
production for the 2009 Season is a rip-           newcomer to the ranks of the Irish Theatre Players.
roaring comedy by American author Joseph              Bookings for this laugh-a-minute comedy are rolling
Kesselring, directed by Jim Motherway. It          in already and we anticipate a sell-out audience each
was first staged on Broadway in 1941 and           night.
continues to delight audiences all over the
                                                   Jim Motherway
world with revivals by both professional and
amateur groups.
    In 1942 it was turned into a Hollywood               AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT
movie starring (among others) Cary Grant,
Peter Lorre and Raymond Massey. The                    BOOK EARLY
original stage play was still performing on
Broadway with Boris Karloff in the role of the
crazy psychopath - Jonathan Brewster. This
was a marvellous piece of casting since, in the
play, Jonathan has had his face re-arranged
by a quack plastic surgeon and has ended up
“looking like Boris Karloff ”! Unfortunately
for the actor, Karloff was prevented by his
contract on Broadway to take part in the
classic movie.
    In our production the part of the killer
psychopath, Jonathan Brewster, is played by
Bob Walsh, who has returned to the stage
with the Irish Theatre Players, after many
years absence. (He dosn’t know it yet, but we
will have to make an appointment for him to
see our plastic surgeon in order to re-arrange
his features, so as to look like Boris Karloff!)
    The two charming old ladies (the Old Lace
of the title) are played by a new member Juliet
Simonis and one of our regular members Pam
Stowell. Their characters are everyone’s ideal
Aunties - charming, courteous, charitable
and loving. But these old dears are on a
mission to help lonely old men to a happier
place. To speed this process they simply add
a little arsenic, cyanide and strychnine into
their home-brew!
    Jonathan’s sidekick and plastic surgeon,
Dr. Einstein, is played by Joe Purcell and our
trio of bumbling New York cops are played by
Niall O’Toole, Bill Nash and newcomer to the
stage Steve Hooton. The other crazy Brewster
nephew, Teddy, is played by Michael Manifold
who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. Louis
Byrnes makes a welcome return to the stage of
the Irish Theatre Players, as Dr. Witherspoon

                                                                                          by Danny Armstrong

    It was a typical ‘Sunday Session’ in Rosie O’Grady’s                      distress. Converging
Fremantle with inebriates swaying in boorish synchronization                  upon my taxi are
to the hypnotic chant of the “low lying fields of Athenry”, wine-             swarms of motorized
bibber and Guinness swilling lot alike joining hands, barely able             locusts intent on
to stand, let alone walk, bawling “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. In               causing a colossal
the midst of this hullabaloo a Guinness soaked simpleton is                   traffic accident. I slink
forcibly evicted for “disturbing the peace.” As he is led away                into the backseat,
he makes a defiant rush for the stage, clambers up and seizes                 close my eyes Danny with teacher friends
the microphone in a vice like grip. It seems the man is in a rage             and ignore the frenzy outside my window, but this becomes
over the state of his potato wedges, a serious matter if ever                 impossible when a rider’s face slams into the window and my
there was one, and proceeds to launch into a bilious verbal                   driver slams his brakes, sending the unfortunate motorbike
tirade attacking everyone from the backpacker bartender to                    rider towards what I assume will be imminent death. In an
Queen Victoria about the state of his potatoes.                               instant the taxi driver is outside bellowing at the unfortunate
    In this midst of this high political tension, my own mind is              man and pointing at his windshield which has been destroyed
befuddled with misery! It is two days before St Patrick’s Day,                in the melee. After the taxi driver makes his point to the man
and as I quaff down another pint of nectar, my eyes become                    and a collection of onlookers, he jumps back in the driving seat
misty and the lump in my throat stiffens as The Dublin Rogues                 turns to me and says one word.
shepherd the potato schizoid off the stage, and launch into yet                   “Drunk!”
another song about leaving home. This in itself is not unique,                    Presumably, he is referring to the unlucky soul who smashed
but my wretchedness is complete, as tomorrow I leave for                      into the side of the cab. We then arrive at my guesthouse, which
Vietnam!                                                                      is called Phoenix 74 and in the entrance I’m greeted with the
    Arriving at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh             terrible sight of two Maltese Terriers fornicating vigorously. I go
City, formerly Saigon is a jittery sweat-steaming experience,                 upstairs to my room, lie down, and weep.
and I nearly melt under the feral snarl of the immigration                        This was my first day in Vietnam, and two years have
    “Where you stay in Vietnam?”
    This to my mind is such an ill-timed question and worse yet,
I can’t answer it as I have no idea.
    “At… ah, a hotel”, I falter.
    The contempt this woman has for me is bewildering and                       Beannachtaí
fearing a nervous breakdown, or worse, an evacuation of my
bowels, she seems to relent and let me pass. After collecting
my backpack, it is time to take the plunge and head out into
                                                                                na Féile Pádraig!
the crowd of waiting locals. In an instant a hundred eyes are
staring at this dread stricken barbarian, shaking with a mix of
DT’s and unparalleled terror, which delights the onlookers. This                 Celebrate
                                               is an opportune time
                                               to have a cigarette, if           the great
                                               only to facilitate the
                                               breathing process.
                                               The airport was - I
                                                                                 saint -
                                               consult a thesaurus-
                                               “congested,”                      and the
                                               “teeming,” “packed
                                               in like sardines.”
                                                                                 joy of
                                               Packed       in    like
                                               sardines will hardly              being
Danny with students                            do! A tin of sardines
is a quiet thing and the fish are all lined up facing the same way               Irish!
in rows. These people were none of that and they were closer
together besides!
    I am now in a taxi hurtling towards the backpacker district
known as Pham Ngu Lao and if the airport was a shudder-some                      Alannah MacTiernan, MLA
ordeal it is faint in comparison to the first Saigon taxi experience.                         Member for Armadale
I’m blanched and deathlike, literally lurid with cowardice and

     In 1971, he started a cookery apprenticeship in Ireland. Today, his
infatuation with cookery combined with an illustrious 37 years in the
hospitality industry has seen Patrick O’Brien become one of Australia’s
top role models to up and coming chefs.                                         Leading Australia’s finest young chefs at the 2008
     His most recent achievement is no exception: leading Australia’s                    Culinary Olympics in Germany
finest young chefs at the 2008 Culinary Olympics in Germany where they
claimed ‘gold’ and were ranked 6th on the global stage.
     After 18 months of intense preparation in the kitchens of West Coast
TAFE’s Academy of Hospitality & Tourism in Joondalup, the team (all
under the age of 23) arrived in Germany dressed in white to fly the ‘aussie’
flag and join 1,600 cooks from 50 nations in the largest competition of
its kind in the world.
     Led by Patrick who joined fellow-Irishman Martin Carlin and Swiss-
born Peter Tischhauser, the team impressed judges with their culinary
flair creating 110 main courses in four hours and a cold static display that
replicated Canberra’s Parliament House. Following their ‘win’, Patrick
described these young chefs as “the super stars of the culinary world”.
     Patrick is certainly no stranger to culinary success. After completing     I’LL WEAR A SHAMROCK
his apprenticeship in Ireland, Patrick’s passion for cookery took him to        St. Patrick’s Day is with us,
Frankfurt, Germany where he worked as a Commis Chef. In the 20 years            The day when all that’s seen
that followed, Patrick got a taste for working as a Chef de Cuisine at some     To right and left and everywhere
of the world’s most elite restaurants.                                          Is green, green, green!
     Following his move to Australia in 1989 and after working at several       And Irish tunes they whistle
of Perth’s high-profile establishments, in 2006, Patrick’s vast experience      And Irish songs they sing,
and commitment to educating people on all facets of the hospitality and         To-day each Irish lad walks out
tourism industry, led to his appointment to the West Coast Academy of           As proud as any king.
Hospitality & Tourism, a state-of-the-art facility in Joondalup that provides   I’ll wear a three leaf shamrock
students with a set of real-life high-pressure training environments to         In my coat, the glad day through,
prepare them for employment.                                                    For my father and mother are Irish
     Working in collaboration with a Council of Industry Partners, Patrick      And I am Irish too!
leads the cutting-edge Academy which has produced more than 60
award–winners since its opening two years ago.
     In addition to his tireless efforts in driving the Academy, Patrick is
known to spend weekends and holidays participating in industry events
and competitions preparing students for award wins across a variety of
disciplines. Some have included the WA Oceana Fest; Australian Culinary
Challenger; Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Competition; WA Chef of the Year
and WA Apprentice of the Year.                                                  A Western Australian
     “I absolutely love what I do,” he said. “The passion, professionalism      Family owned business
and determination of the young people I train combined with their success       serving your Family with
is my motivation to keep going.                                                 Dignity and
     “At the West Coast Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, we turn out         Compassion       Phone: 9459 2846
graduates with an insatiable appetite for excellence. Our motto for many                              Mobile: 0408 817 801
years has been ‘if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’ and                             Email:
for many of our students, this is the reality”                                                        79 Kelvin Road,
     Patrick has recently been tasked to manage West Coast TAFE’s                                     Maddington WA 6109
training and apprenticeship programs in Trades to include Automotive,
Construction and Conservation in the lead up to the development of a
                                                                                Call John Hetherington
$12.44m trades training centre in Clarkson.                                     0408 817 801

passed since that fateful time. My purpose in coming was to
begin work as an English teacher, something which persists at
the time of writing. I have managed to find a semi-credible Irish     Jack
bar called Sheridan’s in which Guinness can be purchased in
a can and local singer Hoang Nguyen can give a rendition of           Cullen
“Dirty Old Town” if you catch him on a good night, although
“The Rocky Road to Dublin” understandably, still eludes him.          visits
                                  What is deserving of further
                                  discussion is the locally brewed
                                  slug known affectionately as
                                                                      Brian...                                             Brian Corr

                                  bia hoi which leads to what can
                                                                          Last month I visited well known It’s the Irish In Me on
                                  only be described as the most
                                                                      Fremantle Radio and Curtin Radio presenter Brian Corr,
                                  hideous hangover known to           recuperating in Hollywood Hospital. Brian was learning to
                                  humankind. It is unclear where      walk again after having both knees replaced, that’s right, I said
                                  this beer actually comes from,      ‘both’ (Brian never does things by half). The man from Kildare,
                                  my guess being they have the        Joondalup City Councillor and Mr “Irish In Me” was sitting up
                                  Saigon River water mixed in         in bed enjoying a read of the one and only in W.A., “The Irish
                                  with local hops, but you can        Scene”. When this visit was made Brian was progressing very
                                  buy a litre for 50 cents so it      well and at the time of going to press we are very happy to
retains its popularity despite sending countless locals to an         report Brian is well on the way to reaching full recovery and
early grave or an appointment with a liver specialist.                mobility. Brian requested we make sure to record the care and
    What is beyond question is the fact that insofar as a teaching    attention he received from the nurses and staff of the Charles
destination goes, Vietnam must rank as one of the best in Asia.       Pope Ward in Hollywood Hospital, ably led by Veronica Byrnes.
Granted, more money can be earned in places like Japan and            Jack Cullen.
Korea, but the cheap lifestyle and fun-factor give Vietnam the
edge. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of schools              Editor: It’s ironic, a few weeks later Brian was visiting Jack
crying out for a native English tongue. The hardest thing is          at home who was recouperating after major heart surgery.
extraditing yourself from the bars and getting to work on time.       Both are now well on the mend. I dropped in on Brian at home
Many people fail at this first hurdle and often the next day you      when he left hospital and he was back into work again. The
see them full of remorse, fixating over the newspaper for a fresh     specialist must be amazed at his progress. “The secret is, get
opening. The other massive bonus with living and working in           yourself fit before the operation” Brian told me.
Vietnam is the availability of easily affordable travel. For ten
dollars I can go to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Given the massive
population in Vietnam personal space on a bus and train journy
can be in short supply. But fear not, as a Welsh friend of mine
called Richy has devised an ingenious plan that he assures me
is guaranteed to allow you the individual leg space you require.
His deviant tactic is to swallow a bottle of red wine before the
journey and then to carefully drool a big red- glob- of- red-
wine down the front of his white shirt. He then passes out and
soothes me with the information that not once has anyone ever
opted to sit next to him. Whatever your level of madness those
of you making your way over to Perth from Ireland or the UK,
and vice-versa, could do worse than stopping over in Vietnam
and teaching for a while in order to replenish the coffers or just
to have a rave.
    Editor: Danny Armstrong has penned stories previously and
his story on Saigon may be of interest to readers contemplating
taking Danny’s career path and heading for Asia to teach.
                                                                                Wishing you
                                                                       happiness and blessings on this
                                                                           St Patrick’s Day
                                                                      TONY O’GORMAN MLA
                                                                             Member for Joondalup
                                                                       Tel: 9300 3990 Fax: 9300 3991

  Padd Mag ires
@ Paddy Maguires            SUBIACO
St Patrick’s entertainment
at paddy maguires
       1 pm – 3pm
       RHYS WOOD
        4pm – 7pm
                        THE TOKEN
        9pm – 12am
        The Irish Rocker
        Breakfast from
                        om 11am
        Meals served fr

       328 Barker Road, Subiaco
        Phone: 9381 8400
           Fax: 9388 1781

  Sydney - Penrith - Newcastle -Canberra

In January I took the opportunity to take up long standing                     IRISH EMBASSY CANBERRA
invitations to visit The Penrith Gaels Irish Club, The Unofficial
Newcastle Irish Association, The Irish Embassy in Canberra
and The Canberra Irish Club. Fred Rea

 Penrith Gaels Cultural & Sporting Association
                                         Penrith Gaels
                                         The Penrith Gaels Irish
                                         Club President John
                                         Grieves made us very
                                         welcome. Vice President,
                                         Noel Donohoe put on a
                                         wonderul meal. I was            from left: Irish Ambassaador, Mr Mairtin O’Fainin, Bill
                                         accompanied by my               Motherway, Aidan Moore, Barney Devlin, Ken Riordan, Conor
                                         brother Vincent and his         Bradley, Stan Cronin, Pat Mulhall and Fred Rea.
                                         wife Norma along with
                                         Steve Carey and friends.        The Irish Ambassador Mr Mairtin O’Fainin organised a lovely
                                         Following the meal Noel         lunch in my honour on Tuesday 20th January in the Embassey
                                         got out his guitar and          dining room. Local Irish radio personalities were invited and
                                         between the two of us we        many ideas were shared over a magnificant lunch washed
                                         sang the night away, even       down with our own Barbera wine from Donnybrook. I sat next
                                         Vincent got in the act with     to Bill Motherway, a relation of our own Irish Theatre Players
                                         a few songs.                    Motherways. We were also joined by Martha McEvoy of the
                                         The club is a wonderful         Embassy.
                                         venue for functions
                                         whether it is a wedding,        The Ambassador Mr O’Fainin
                                         engagement or just a            is pictured right with a
                                         party. Couldn’t help but        replica of one of his favourite
                                         notice a pint of Guinness       monuments, the flight of the
                                         was $4.50.                      wild geese, sculptured by our
                                                                         own Joan-Walsh and Charlie
     Unofficial Newcastle Irish Association                              Smith. The Ambassador
                                                                         will be visiting us at Easter
                                                                         to attend some Fenian

                                                                                        Canberra Irish Club
                                                                                                                The Ambassador took us
                                                                                                                to the Canberra Irish Club
                                                                                                                where we were welcomed
                                                                                                                by President Patrick Harris.
                                                                                                                The club was full on the
                                                                                                                night we visited and this
                                                                                                                surprised the Ambassador
                                                                                                                until Patrick told us it was
                                                                                                                the night they draw the
Brendan Boyle (Tipperary): Máirtín Mag Uidhir (Belfast); Dave Linehan
                                                                                                                members’ cash prize.
(Cork); Seamus Fagan (Westmeath); Tim Mullins (Cork); Kevin Lowthe
                                                                                                                Patrick told me of the plans
(Meath); John McCarthy (Cork); Sean Madden (Offaly) and in front
Ross Finnegan.
                                                                                                                for the club and the great
                                                                                                                ideas they have for its
Next stop was the Unofficial Newcastle Irish Association ably                                                   future development.
led by Unofficial (retiree) President Tim Mullins. The gathering
                                                                         It was also nice
was also an opportunity to celebrate the retirement of Mr Mullins
                                                                         to catch up with
from the Newcastle Herald and presentation of his free senior
                                                                         Liz Coyle at the
travel card for NSW Public Transport. It was also Tim’s 60th
                                                                         Embassy. A
birthday and an excuse to drink copious amounts of Guinness.
                                                                         wonderful Cead
It was nice to catch up with some fellow Corkonians and of
                                                                         Mile Failte..
course the guitar made an appearance. Believe me there were
                                                                         Thanks Liz!         Liz Coyle, Mr Mairtin O’Fainin and Martha McEvoy
plenty of fine musicians to play for the evening.

We stock
a huge
range of
tyres from
all the        Call Fiona or Adrian
                    26 Canham Way
                                                        P         D
                                                     St Patrick’s Day
                    Greenwood, 6024 WA
                    Ph: (08) 9247 1166
                                                    CLADDAGH CUP
                    Fax: (08) 9247 3931                   GOLF COMPETITION
                      TUESDAY 17TH MARCH
                                                                 Tee off 7.45am
                    SUBIACO                          Maylands Peninsula Golf Course
                    277 Hay Street                         Swanbank Road, Maylands
                    Subiaco, 6008 WA
                    Ph: (08) 9381 2566                        $65 per person
                    Fax: (08) 9381 2576                       Includes Green Fees
                       and BBQ Lunch after the game.
                                                    Register your place/team ASAP - Be Quick!
                    A CÉAD MÍLE                                 Booking by Email:
                       FÁILTE                               or Phone Tara 9249 9914
                           AWAITS YOU!                          Joan 9344 7204
                                                     All Proceeds to the Claddagh Foundation

                                                                                          Price includes Book and CD

                      Book and                                           $50
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                      CD Offer
                                                                                          OR For more information:

                                                                         incl Postage*    Email:
                                                                                          * postage within Western Australia

                   Book: Voices from the Tomb by Liam Barry
                   This carefully researched book lists the complete biographies of the
                   62 Irish Fenians who were transported to Western Australia on the
                   Hougoumont. This ship also brought the last convicts to WA.
                   CD: John Boyle O’Reilly
                   & The Fenian Escape from Fremantle Gaol
                   Featuring the music and song of Brendan Woods and Sean Roche

Call Paddy if you need a Painter?

                                                                            THE ANNUAL 2009

                                                           JOHN BOYLE O’REILLY
                                                               Sunday 22nd March at 3pm
         Tel: 9575 7766                                     John Boyle O’Reilly Memorial Park
        Supply and Delivery of:                                       Buffalo Road,
 Reconstituted Limestone Blocks                                   Leschenault Peninsula,
   Reconstituted Gravel Blocks                                          Australind
                                                             followed by afternoon tea at the
        Limestone Base                                          Bunbury Council Chambers
             AG Lime                                                    at 4.30pm
          Builders Sand
   Lot 1, Military Road, Wilbinga, WA 6014                                Enquiries:
                Fax: 9575 7711                             Liam Barry 9797 1124

Comhaltas                                                  Every Monday at The
                                                         Irish Club from 7.30pm
Eireann                                                    Irish Music
       Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann - WA
                                                          followed by a Seisiun
            in conjunction with                               of Traditional
                                                               Irish Music

                INVITE YOU TO A
For the token charge of $5 per head (children under
12 free) enjoy being transported back to auld Ireland
for a special evening of fun, music, song and dancing.
• Enjoy traditional Irish music played by Comhaltas
musicians both young and old
• Enjoy a wee fling round the floor to the jigs and            na Féile
reels - if you feel up to it
• Enjoy special guest singer musicians                       Pádraig
• Fully licensed bar open
   Where: Down stairs at The Irish Club,
                                                             St Patrick Day Blessings
           Townshend St, Subiaco                                    on you all.
     When: 7.30pm 13th March, 2009
         How much: $5 per head,                                 Michael Nolan
           children under 12 free                        Hon. Consul General in Western
  Contact : Shane 0418 946 381 for details

  Sponsor: Houghton Wines

 Paddy Malones as good as ever!                                                      nothing but couscous and paella
                                                                                     – and swore never to eat either again.
     Paddy Malones is undoubtedly the     Malones many times and decided             My second-length regret was washed
gem of Joondalup. On the Corner of        on this night to stray away from           away as soon as I began to eat. I felt
Reid Promenade and Central Walk,          all things Irish. Shocking, I know. I      like I was back in Spain – except I was
you’d be excused if you walked by         wanted to see what else they offered       in an Irish pub in Perth. Confusing, I
because it is small, but, rest assured,   in their vast menu. For entree, we         know. The quality of the chicken and
it is big on atmosphere, great service    ordered the Turkish Bread and Dips         couscous was unparallel to anything I
and even better food. In testament to     with Dukha, Balsamic and Olive Oil         had here – or in Spain. My companion
their Gaelic slogan, ‘Bia Maith, Fion     and Homemade Tomato Chutney.               ordered Grilled Fillet of Snapper
Maith, Amanta Maithe’ (Good food,         The bread was light and warm and           served on Warmed Panzanella Salad
Good wine, Good times), Paddy             the homemade chutney could rival           with Lemon and Herb dressing. The
Malones ensures your night out will       any quality gourmet chutney around.        snapper, of incredible quality,
be one to remember.                       I also recommend the Chunky Potato             All meals are reasonably priced,
     Paddy Malone’s gives you the         Wedges topped with Bacon and Melted        however there are special meals
choice of an Australian or Irish          Cheese and served with Sour Cream.         nights that tempt not only your
setting to your meal. You can sit in      As much as I wanted to, I didn’t have      stomach but your wallet. Monday is
the newly refurbished alfresco area       it this night but I know from previous     Pie and Pint night, Tuesday is Curry in
to enjoy over the summer months or        experience that it isalmost impossible     a Hurry night, Wednesday is Choice
you can cosy up into the traditional      to stray from. Almost.                     of Snitznel and Sunday is an all day
booth style seating, common in                For my main meal, I ordered            Roast Special with live Irish Music.
local pubs across Ireland. Beyond         the very opposite of an Irish dish:        The trouble is not what to decide what
the memorabilia and artefacts of          Moroccan Chicken set on Roasted            to get there, but what night to go. Or
all things Irish, the taste transports    Capsicum, Sugar Snap Peas and              you can just go to all of them.
you to a version of Ireland and, with     Fetta served on a bed of Lemon and             So now, whenever I get itchy
Guinness, Kilkenny and Bulmers            Fresh Herb Couscous. I realised, after     feet for the Spanish tastes or Irish
complementing the traditional dishes,     ordering, it was the first time I was to   comforts, I will save myself the airfare
every desire is catered for.              have couscous since my trip through        and head straight to Paddy Malones.
     However, I’ve been to Paddy          Spain last year. I spent a month eating    And I suggest you should too.

Planning a Trip to Ireland?
                                                                                           An example of what you will
                                                                                           find on the Discover Ireland
....then you must visit the Discover Ireland Website                                       ARE YOU                                                                 RESEARCHING
                                     Things to see and do
About Ireland         Places to go                    Accommodation        Travel Offers   YOUR FAMILY
                                                                                               On the Discover Ireland website
                                                                                           there is a link to the National Library of
                                                                                           Ireland website where you can begin
                                                                                           your plans for your trip if you are trying
                                                                                           to find out more about your ancestry.
                                                                                               Every year thousands of people
                                                                                           visit the National Library to carry
                                                                                           out family history research. Library
                                                                                           material used by family history
                                                                                           researchers includes the microfilms
                                                                                           of Catholic parish registers, copies
                                                                                           of the important nineteenth century
                                                                                           land valuations (the Tithe Applotment
                                                                                           Books and Griffith’s Valuation), trade
                                                                                           and social directories, estate records
                                                                                           and newspapers.
                                                                                               If you are just starting out on the
                                                                                           ancestral trail of a Family History, an
     If you are Irish and returning to visit     I book my flights I always check out      information leaflet entitled ‘Getting
 or a tourist, the Discover Ireland web          the Discover Ireland web site and find    Started’ can be downloaded from the
 site will be give you all the information       out what is happening around that         site, or when you get to Ireland, visit
                                                 time and make sure my stay involves       the Genealogy Advisory Service which
 you need to plan your trip.                                                               offers free advice on resources which
     Looking for somewhere to stay,              attending one of the many festivals or    are available for tracing your family
 eat or find activities and events, this         events happening in Ireland.              history.
 is where you will find it!                          Ireland is many things to many
     Want to find out more about a               people and a visit to the Discover
 specific area you are about to visit?           Ireland web site will open your eyes
 The web site will tell you all, just click      to the magic that is the emerald Isle.
 on the map of Ireland and find out all              So if it is this year or next year,
 the information you require.                    now is the time to plan your trip. You
     Want to know what is on, Sport,             will be amazed at the hidden secrets
 Music and Cultural Festivals its all            that await you on the Discover Ireland
                                                                                            NLI Reference: CDB55
 there at your fingers. The site carries         web site and I would not be surprised
 9 pages of events covering the whole            if you either change your dates or
                                                                                           Did you know?
 country. There was many a trip I took           include a festival or event that takes    Samuel Beckett wrote the world’s shortest
 back to Ireland only to discover that           your fancy.                               play. Breath is only 30 seconds long. It was
 an extra few days on the end would                  A hundred thousand welcomes           first performed in 1969 and has no actors
                                                 awaits you!!                              and no dialogue.
 have been able to attend a favourite
 festival/event. Not any more, before                Fred Rea
Walking Festivals
                                                                                                                                                    Travel         to
                                                                       A division of Interworld Travel Pty Ltd ABN 21 061 625 027 Lic No. 9TA796

in Ireland
    Getting together with like-minded
walkers during festival time is a                                                                     Breda Keane
refreshing way to discover Ireland,                                                                   Ireland Travel Specialist

not to mention make great friends
    There’s no better way to                                               200 St George’s Terrace,
                                                                           Perth WA 6000
experience Ireland’s magnificent                                           Tel +61 (8) 9322 2914
countryside, nature and fresh food                                         Fax +61 (8) 9322 2915
than with an Irish walking festival.                                       email:
    Experienced walking guides,
knowledgeable in the local history,
folklore and culture, lead walks on
                             all types
                             of terrain and to suit all abilities.
                             Festival walks vary in distance and
                             duration, so whether a beginner or
                             experienced walker they offer a really
                             unique and memorable experience.
                                To find out more about Walking
                             Festivals, simply log onto www.
                    select an area                                                              EASTER MONDAY
you’d like to visit, and then check out the regional tourist office
for up-to-date information and dates.
                                                                                                                               24th March
Why Ireland                                                                                                                             The Irish Club
    From the mountains                                                                                                      61 Townshend Rd Subiaco
and glens to the loughs
and canals, there’s a
whole host of outdoor
options to keep those                                                                         Live Music from 3pm
feet moving.
    Ireland can offer                                                                       For more information call
a great diversity of
walks across a range                                                                              0418 917 050
of exciting themes,
including       coastal,
island, mountain and hill, bog and moorlands, historical,
archeological and even the wonderful world of mythology.                            WIN AN IRISH FOOD HAMPER
    Everywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by the physical
beauty of the island and will never find yourself too far from                             RA
                                                                             TO BE IN THE DRAW
much-needed amenities.                                                       JUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION:
    Walkers can interact with local communities and savour the
relaxed pace of life in rural Ireland. And if you’re not sure where
                                                                             WHERE IS DOWNPATRICK?
                                                                             send your answer and name & address to:
to start, there’s a plentiful selection of linear walks available                @
across the countryside.                                                                                                               Congratulations to last months
                                                                                                                                      winner Billy from Fremantle


 Looking to Hire
 a Car in Ireland?                                                   
                               Glasgow Celtic Supporters’ Club - Perth WA
                             John Doyle
                                Johnny Doyle signed for Celtic on
                                17th March 1976 (for just £90k from
                                Ayr Utd), just before the squad flew out
                                                                                                       Hail! Hail!
                                to East Germany for a European tie against                             Poems - Our Lord
                                                                                                       and Saint Patrick
Club Hotline                    Sachsenring Zwickau. He was a dribbler
                                with a thunderous temperament, but, must                               Gather all and listen
(08) 9315 2211                  be remembered as a true Celt.                                          To a story that is going round,
Committee for 2008/09               He hailed from Viewpark, in Uddingston -                           Of how Our Lord and St .Patrick
Office Bearers                  the very same area of Lanarkshire where Jimmy                          Walked into Glasgow town.
President Andy Gordon           Johnstone first pulled on a pair of football boots.                    They first stopped at the Croy Tavern He wasn’t the greatest player of his generation,
                                                                                                       For a glass or two of ale,
Vice President Mick Dornan      but you’d need to search far and wide to find a                         As they strolled into old Glasgow        more committed one. Nor was he adverse to the odd run-in with          Crossing o’er the Campsie hills.
Secretary Brian Doherty         officialdom, and he wasn’t unfamiliar with the odd red card or early        bath.                                                                  They sang all day and sang all night
Treasurer Paul Lusk                 He had a successful time at Celtic winning league medals in        Travelling on their way,           1977, 1979 and 1981 and Scottish cup winners medals in 1977            Visiting the blessed Garngad
Committee                       and 1980. He is perhaps best remembered for being sent off in          Before heading up to the Gallowgate.
Bill Rice                       May 1979 when Celtic were 0-1 down to Rangers in the league            Our Lord, he stopped at Millburn Street
Davy Barclay                    deciding game. The Celts roared back to win 4-2 (that in itself        To see were James McGrory was born.
Derrick McAteer                 deserves an article on it’s own), and Tommy Burns used to tell a       As both he and St. Patrick
Gary Fitzgibbon                 great story of after the game while the players celebrated wildly,     prayed to the memory
James Burns                     Doylie was sitting inconsolable crying, ‘Ah let yeez doon, ah let      Of Garngad’s Irish son
Paul Deans
                                yeez doon’.                                                            They made their way to High street
Terri Francis
                                    If John Doyle owed his team mates a debt he repaid it in full      And on down to Glasgow cross,
Website Davy Barclay            on February 20th 1980 when he had the game of his life for             Passing where the ‘Smashing of the Van’
Club Website                    Celtic. In the Scottish cup replay at Love Street against St.Mirren    In 1921 had occurred.                an astonishing crowd of 27,000 turned out to create an electric
                                atmosphere. They were not disappointed as first St.Mirren took         They heard hymns of the Glasgow Celtic
                                the lead (before a lot of the crowd had gained entry) then Tom         Emanating from the Tolbooth bar,
James Burns          McAdam was controversially sent off after an incident with Frank       Where Our Lord and St. Patrick
Postal address                  McDougall before Danny McGrain took retribution on McDougall           Entered the lounge, for a couple of jars.
PO Box 614 Inglewood            which saw him carried off from the field.                              They both blessed every Glaswegian
Western Australia 6932              That’s when Doyle took control. He equalised before half time      Who was wearing the green and white,
                                and after Saints had gone in front again it was Doyle who gained       While passing the Barra’s that stood empty
                                the penalty from which Lennox equalised after he was scythed in        On a rainy Wednesday night.
07/03 Scottish Cup v St. Mirren
                                the area. With the game late in extra time and the Celts looking       While travelling up to Parkhead
15/03 CIS Cup Final v Rangers
                                desperately tired Johnny summoned the energy to run from the           Sharing a bottle of Buckfast wine,
22/03 v Dundee United
                                halfway line, round goalkeeper Billy Thomson and smash the ball        They would be sure to tell Artur Boruc,
04/04 v Hamilton Academical
                                home from a tight angle. Celtic, who had played for 100 minutes        That blessing yourself is not a crime
08/04 v Falkirk
                                with 10 men, had prevailed again.
11/04 v Hearts                                                                                         Once inside Paradise,
                                    On 19th of October 1981, he was involved in a tragic accident.
18/04v Aberdeen                                                                                        They took their seats in the Jock Stein Stand,
                                Whilst rewiring the loft of his home in Kilmarnock. As happens,
League splits after 18th when a player dies in his prime, his memory lasts longer than                 And sitting behind them were the martyrs;
April, fixtures to be           others, but in Johnny’s case, we’d have remembered him as fondly       James Connolly, Che & Bobby Sands.
advised.                        even if the tragedy had not have happened.                             Rebel songs they loudly sang,
                                    A sombre Doyle-related chant eminated after the league win         Songs that Parkhead no longer hears,
Celtic Perth Supporter’s                                                                               As Our Lord, he whispered to St. Patrick,
                                of 1981/82, when The Faithful remembered their departed hero,
at Rosie O’Grady’s              with the sombre but celebratory chant of “We won the league for        I wish wee Johnny Doyle was here.
Northbridge - 9328 1488         Doyle”.                                                                Daniel McDonagh 2008
WHERE YOU CAN SEE ALL               He died a Hoop, and he has never left our memories.

    Visit the CSC website at •                                 Visit Celtic FC at
                                    Call the Hotline at 9315 2211
                                                 Great supporter’s of                                Ladies Irish
                                                 our Irish Scene, Mary                               ladies and
                                                 from Collie sent this                               friends
                                                 picture of her family                               celebrating
Above is Poppy Hickey (used                      The Andersons                                       Little
to be Poppy Burrows) who is                      from Co Down who                                    Christmas....
visiting from Finglas West in                    visited for her sons
Dublin. Staying with her sister                  wedding. “They had
Margaret (Ken McKeon’s
                                                 a great time loved the
Mum). Arrived 19th January
last year and goes home on                       country and the heat and hopefully will be back
2nd April. I love the heat,                      in 2010 for my 60th birthday”.
everyone is complaining but
not for me. It’s winter at home and this beats
the cold any time”. The hat caught my eye..
Up the Dubs it said.. so said I!!                                                                 Don’t miss Des Bishop
                                                                                                  at Rosies Northbridge
                                                                                                  on March 27, very
                                                                                                  very funny man and
                                                                                                  U2 Cover Band on
                                                                                                  April 19th, great band.. Great Night
                                                 Bernard and Geraldine O’Sullivan celebrating the assured!
                                                 arrival of a new member of the clan at the Irish
Congrats to      The two Jims celebrated         Club... A Corkonian or a Galwegian.. not sure!    Best wishes to star of Romeo
Fr Finbarr       a birthday at the                                                                 and Juliet, Sarah Isaacson
Walsh who        Thespian’s Wine Dinner                                                            from proud parents, family
recently         at JB’s... I missed out on                                                        and friends.... as they say:
celebrated a     the cake but it was very                                                          Break a Leg (she gets her good
big birthday!    tasty they tell me!                                                               looks from the mammy not the
                                                                                                   Dynamic Dub!).

                                                 Time hasn’t been kind to this bunch of muso’s!
                                                 Taken way, way back at the Blarney Castle Theatre
                                                 Restaurant... you wouldn’t recognise them?
New addition to the Mahon family...Tara Rose
was born at 9.45am on Jan 25th weighing
7lb 14oz (3.56kg) and was 52cm long. This
photo was taking when she was just 12 days
old and attending her first wedding as Erica’s
cousin was married. Ciara and Aoife are
delighted with their new sister.
                                                 Congrats Noel and Tess on your
Great Gifts Website...                           50th Wedding Anniversary...                           What’s the secret!

                                                 St Patrick’s Day...
                                                 From Early to Late...
                                                 Music and Craic..
                                                 and plenty to ate!!!
                                                 Corner Reid Promenade and Central Walk Joondalup Phone: (08) 9300 9966
                                                  orner Reid Pr
                                                 Co       i          e and                        Ph
                                                                                              am always fully booked for that.”
The Divine Mercy Guesthouse                                                                       This welcoming guesthouse seems
                    Knock, Co Mayo Ireland                                                    to act as a home away from home where
                                                                                              strangers quickly turn into friends. And
                                  by Danielle O’Leary
                                                                                              Elsie and Gerry who have the best of the
    To divide your time                                       later one of my guests sent     both Irish and Australian worlds seem to
between         Ireland     and                               me this beautiful card with a   have never lost their welcoming touch
Australia would be the ideal                                  picture of the ‘Divine Mercy’   because Elsie said, “anyone passing the
dream for most of us. But                                     with the message ‘I hope        door is welcome to come in for a coffee,
for Elsie and Gerry Tully, it                                 you don’t think this card is    free of charge.”
is their reality. Spending five                               too formal, but I couldn’t
months in Perth with their children, they resist it’.”
spend the remaining months of each year            The homely guesthouse conveniently
                                               located on the main road from Knock
                                               International Airport, from where you
                                               can be picked up free of charge, has
                                               eleven bedrooms and nine are for guests.
                                               The rooms are bright and cheerful with
                                               facilities leaving no desire unsatisfied.
                                               Each morning, a full Irish breakfast with
                                               homemade soda bread is served with
                                               evening meals available on request.
                                               “Gerry has a 17 seat bus,” Elsie added.
                                               “He takes people on tours around
                                               Connemara.”                                     The Apparition at Knock
                                                   “People from Belfast save all year to          On a wet Thursday evening, 21st
                                               come away, they do their praying, a bit         August 1879, at about 8 o’clock, a
                                               of touring and at night we usually have         wondrous miraculous heavenly vision
                                               a little sing song,” Elsie said, explaining     appeared at the south gable of the
                                               why Divine Mercy is different to other          Church of St. John the Baptist in Knock,
running their guesthouse, Divine Mercy in guest houses. “It is very reasonable,                Co. Mayo, in the west of Ireland. Fifteen
Co. Mayo. They seem to have the best of 35euro for a bed. We are 46 minutes from               people - men, women and children
both worlds, but it seems it took a long Sligo and under an hour from Galway. Our              - ranging in age from six years to
journey to get there.                          place is a three minute walk to Our Lady        seventy-five, watched the Apparition in
    “We came out here in 1973 because Shrine.”                                                 pouring rain for two hours, reciting the
in the troubles our house was burnt down           “We start every year for Easter and         rosary. Though they themselves were
so we decided to make a new life for then there are big celebrations all over the              soaked, no rain fell in the direction of
ourselves,” Elise said. “We came over to world for ‘Divine Mercy’ Sunday which is              the church gable, where the ground
Australia with very little. We loved Australia the Sunday after Easter,” Elsie added. “I       remained perfectly dry.
and stayed for 24 years until we had our
children and had them all grown up.”
    After the 24 years, Elsie and Gerry            Elsie and Gerry share
moved the entire family to Ireland in 1997         a meal with Friends
but the children decided they didn’t want          in Perth
to live there. Two of the children live in
Perth and the other in London.
    Developing the Divine Mercy
Guesthouse was an unusual experience.
“Most of the homes in Knock, where we
live, would be named after a saint,” Elsie
explained. “In Belfast where I originally
come from there was a massive portrait
of the Divine Mercy looking down the Falls
Road. Everyone said, once the portrait was
there, there would be peace in Northern
Ireland. That was one of the reasons I
called the house the ‘Divine Mercy’. In
prayer I asked God if he wanted the place
called the ‘Divine Mercy’ and three days

                                                    He reckoned he didn’t look at the date             But the trouble with those Thespians
                                               on the ticket: he just got to the airport at the   gatherings is that, being afternoon events,
                                               appointed hour having assumed he was               when one gets poured out of the restaurant
                                               travelling on the Tuesday. The fact that           section of JB’s the night’s hardly begun
                                               everyone else had legged it the day before         and, feeling indestructible, being full up
                                               might have given him a hint but sadly for          with food and wine, the temptation to
                                               him (and happily for me) it didn’t.                top it all off with a sensible half-gallon
                                                    Now Sean wasn’t too chuffed about             of Guinness is irresistible: so that’s what
                                               all that as it happened, and he naturally          happened. Her indoors, the redoubtable
                                               vented his spleen at the time on the poor          Annie, was in her element chatting to all
                                               old long suffering airport staff (something        and sundry and generally socialising:
                                               he’s had a go at me for doing in the past as       and as much as I protested and insisted I
                                               it happens: but of course in my case they          wanted to go home and get an early night,
                                               deserved it). But anyway, venting ones             the more she insisted I stay and continue
                                               spleen on poor old long suffering airport          the revelry.
                                               staff when a replacement flight hasn’t yet              As far as I can remember it there were
                                               been organised could be considered in              several severely wilted Thespians come
                                               some quarters to be a dubious strategy:            the later hours, working out the answers
    In my last column I wrote about the        the POLSA staff certainly didn’t seem              to the global financial meltdown, what’s
fact that I’d be off to Tasmania to attend     to appreciate it anyway, and Sean was              wrong with American foreign policy, etc
the yearly bash in George Town, the Tamar      facing the prospect of not being able to           before disappearing into the night. Great
Valley Folk Festival it’s called apparently:   fly out til ‘maybe next week’ when Anne            stuff!! When’s the next one?? I can’t
it’s what evolved from the erstwhile and       Marie intervened; soothing words were              wait.
well regarded Longford Folk Festival           spoken; ruffled feathers were smoothed;                 Rumour has it that Alan Ferguson was
invented by Mick Flanagan: but I digress.      egos were stroked; considerable amounts            playing with Joff Davies and the Gang of
I said that Sean Roche and I’d both be         of gold changed hands etc.                         Three at the Paddington last week. I’ll have
there, and I recounted a humorous (to me            And the happy ending was that Sean            to keep my ear to the ground to find out
anyway) story of Paddy Connolly at said        and Anne Marie only had to wait an extra 4         what that’s all about……..shades of the
festival one year.                             or 5 hours in the dubious comfort of what          Bonza Creek Bush Band. Speaking of Alan
    Well this year nothing much untoward       passes for a lounge at Launceston airport:         Ferguson, he’s playing at the Greenhills
happened, Sean and I were our brilliant        well that and having had to part with the          Inn on Paddy’s Day. Sean Roche has
selves on our various concerts; we caught      considerable amount of gold that is: a             arranged for a get together of the Settlers
up with a few old mates like O’Neill and Bob   relatively small price to pay. If that gold        for the occasion and they’ll be playing the
Sharpe who’ve both gone to live in Tassie;     hadn’t changed hands they’d have been              night away up there. I understand there are
we sang a million songs in sessions and        there yet I reckon.                                still a few rooms left for the night so if any
drank too much Guinness; in short the               The Thespians had another bash in JB          of you fancy a little trip to the Avon Valley
usual. And come the end of the festival        O’Reilly’s the other day and once again a          for the festivities: and it’s worth the trip to
I thought I’d have nothing particularly        marvellous time was had by all. Lovely             see the Settlers, then give Sean a ring on
notable to write about. But then in the        grub, good wine and lots of entertainment          9641 4095 and arrange things [make sure
nick of time the ever dependable Sean          by assorted ‘Thespians’ as diverse as              he’s got the day right though].
Roche came riding to the rescue. It turns      Fritz Fitton and ex Shadows was the order               I went up to the Irish Club the other
out that Sean managed to miss the plane        of the day: I even did a couple of things          Sunday, me and Annie thought we’d have
back to Perth: and not by a few minutes        myself. Fred Rea was MC as per standing            a meal and a pint with a couple of old
or an hour or so like most of us hapless       orders and a very good job he made of              friends of mine. I’d suggested the Irish
travellers. Nope, Sean turned up a full day    it too.                                            Club cos I wanted to see Raglan Road, the
late; he made a proper job of it.

                                           ...join Sean for
                                                                   s ayy
                                           the Craic on St Patrick’s Day
                                           from 12 noon...
   8 Greenhill Rd Greenhills
        Tel: 9641 4095
      Mob: 0417 940 182
                                           THE SETTLERS
advertised group, whom I’ve not seen before. Raglan Road is
a trio according to the adverts but on this night there were only
two on board for some reason. Not that it mattered; they’re both
good players with a good mix of material: nice easy listening and
                                                                        Colm Sands
I enjoyed it at least. The unfortunate thing on the night was the       Returns for gigs in
crowd, or rather the lack of one. The rugby was on in the main
room and nearly everyone in the club was in there watching the          Western Australia
Irish lads strut their stuff. [I wonder if that’s where the missing
band member was.]                                                      Colum Sands has performed in over thirty countries around
    It’s really difficult to get motivated when there’s hardly anyone
                                                                   the world, confirming the universal appeal for the songs and
to play to, and in the circs I thought the lads did very well. It  stories with which he observes the minute and often humorous
reminded me of a Kamikaze pilots’ reunion dinner I once played     details of life.
at: there wasn’t many at that show either I can tell you. Oh           A member of the internationally renowned Sands Family from
well that’s show biz. I’ll go and see them again when hopefully
                                                                   County Down, Colum established his reputation as a songwriter
there’ll be a lot more in the crowd and one more on the stage.
    Slainte.                                                       with the release of his first solo album, Unapproved Road in
                                                                   1981. Songs like Whatever you say, say nothing, and Almost
                                                                   every circumstance were soon in the repertoire of artists from
A few words...                                                     Billy Connolly to Maddy Prior and June Tabor.
                                                                       On his travels around the world he soon discovered that many
on Paddy                                                           of his songs had arrived before him, carried by other singers in
                                                                   the folk process and on recordings by fellow performers like
Connolly –                                                         Andy Irvine, Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, Roy Bailey, Mick
from Colin Smiley.                                                 Hanley, Gerard van Maasakkers, Rosemary Woods, Iain Mc
                                                                   Intosh and Enda Kenny.
    I feel the world                                                   ...a marvellous tongue in cheek sense of humour, Colum
is a quieter and less Paddy Connolly, Colm Sands and Colin Smiley  Sands is a very talented songwriter with an ear for tuneful
interesting place, without Paddy running around causing mayhem melodies and an ability with words which enables him to come
and putting a magical ingredient into the craic! May we treasure up with some wonderful lyrics... Ivan Martin, Sunday World
fond memories of the man down through the years.                       Colm appears at the Irish Club on March 27th and Kulcha on
    I have no doubt he would have liked to have been at his March 28th. (see ad below)
send-off, which to me means, it was a fitting and appropriate

                                                                        Colm Sands
one! Thanks to all who played a role in it. Thanks to the Irish
Scene for such excellent coverage and Phil Beck for his reflection
on Paddy’s Tasmanian Festival, an outrageous and humorous
    I’m pleased to report over a hundred “Paddy and friends”            09 Downunder
CDs have been sold and $1,275 raised for the Australian Cancer
Research Foundation. A smaller second batch was produced, if           Thursday 26 March
you missed out, contact me at:                 Hills Folk Club-
    I appreciate the help from The Mighty Quinn, The Irish Scene       SOLD OUT
and Colin Merrey and the WA Folk Federation in promoting the
CD - cheers.                                                           Friday 27 March-
    So it’s time to say rest in peace, Paddy, our good friend. I
conclude with the words of a friend from his days in South             IRISH CLUB 8pm
Australia, Eric Bogle:                                                 61 Townshend Rd Subiaco
     Thanks for your e-mail, and the sad, surprising news                Tel: 9381 5213
about Paddy’s passing.....he was a lovely fella, and a very
good musician and singer. I first met Paddy over 30 years                Saturday 28 March-
ago , and I don’t think I ever caught him without a smile on             8pm. Kulcha Club,
his face, and a song ready on his lips, not a bad epitaph I
suppose. Apologies for the delay in replying, but I was on tour          KULCHA
in Canada when I got your e-mail. I was playing in Hamilton,             First Floor 13 South Tce
Ontario that night and sang “One Small Star” and dedicated               (above the Dome Café)
it to Paddy. John and I also toasted his memory after the show           Fremantle 6160
with some Glenlivet, which I know Paddy would have enjoyed               Tel: 9336 4544
also. I only hope his family have coped reasonably well with
their loss, I know losing a good man like Paddy would leave a
pretty large gap in their lives. May he rest in peace...
                                                                        Further info- Across The Borders,
Kind regards, Eric Bogle                                                03 9387 3376,


Review            by Colin Merrey

Once in a Lifetime
by Cathy Kelly
RRP $32.99, 9780007240425
    The compelling new novel from the
worldwide bestselling author.
    Kenny’s Department Store‚ with its
handsome Edwardian façade and unique
cherry-picked goods‚ is the jewel in the                                       Unaccompanied
Irish town of Ardagh’s crown.
    Star Bluestone sells her beautifully crafted tapestries at
Kenny’s. Made with natural dyes‚ they embody her mother-
earth spirit and creative vision. She has a special reason for
caring about Kenny’s beyond her sales.
    Meanwhile for Ingrid Fitzgerald‚ hotshot political
interviewer and wife of David Kenny‚ the store is the ‘other
woman’ in her marriage. With her children leaving home and         Backpackers • Tourists • Windsurfers •Surfboards
her career blossoming‚ she is worried by the toll the store is
taking on her husband.
    Charlie Fallon‚ one of David’s staff‚ is one of the first to    IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BAGGAGE,
hear the rumour that Kenny’s is facing a takeover bid. As the
                                                                    SUITCASE, BACKPACKS, WINDSURFERS
threat of closure looms and with an owner who doesn’t seem
his usual self - what does the future hold for the women who        SENT BACK TO YOUR HOME
are bound together by its fortunes?
    Cathy Kelly is the author of nine other novels‚ all of          COUNTRY/CITY WHILE YOU
which were number 1 bestsellers. In 2005 Cathy became an            TOUR AUSTRALIA  I            YEAR’S
                                                                                 e people to c
Ambassador for UNICEF in Ireland‚ helping to raise awareness                                              EXPERIEN
                                                                        We are th
of the plight of 12 million children orphaned across Africa
through AIDS. Cathy Kelly now lives in Wicklow with her
partner and young sons.
                                                                    We have been in the Perth International Airport for
Cathy Visiting Perth                                                over 20 years and offer a money back guarantee
Tuesday 24th March                                                  service.
Wednesday 25th March                                                Please be aware the airlines will not accept any
10.30am: Author event, morning
                                                                    check-in baggage that weighs more than 32kgs in
tea at Tompkins Park Function
Centre. Tickets: $30,                                               one item nor can you carry more than 7kgs on the
Bookings: 08 93856820                                               aircraft.
1pm: Signing at
Garden City
                         Every    Woman Needs Her
                            Cathy Kelly Time...
       NEED A HOME LOAN?                                                UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE & CARGO

                                                                         Phone: (618) 9477 1080
                                                                         Fax: (618) 9477 1191
                                  Nik Silsby on
                                                                         Tim Hawdon             Phil Drake
                                  0402 284 594                           Mob: 0421 884 999      Mob: 0411 081 311

                                Lic No 4014                    
  Tony’s                                 SOAPBOX
                           Having been a regular visitor back to Ireland particularly
                                                                                                                  David Hyams
                                                                                                                  back from
                           over the last four consecutive years I have made some                                  USA
                           observations on the attractive and unattractive features                               Local Muso, David
                           of living in Ireland. I managed 20 positives but only 10                               Hyams has just
                           negatives. I expect the lists would be contentious but                                 returned from
                           make interesting debate. I have listed them in descending                              Memphis where he
                           countdown order. In this edition of The Irish Scene we list                            performed at the
                           numbers 20 down to 11. Next edition we print the 10 least                              North American Folk
                           attractive features.... Tony Bray                                                      Alliance Convention,
                                                                                                                  the biggest annual
                                                                                                                  event of its type in
10. Culture – Irish people have a strong identity and the island could survive independent from the
rest of the world on it’s wealth of music, literature, poetry, dance and amusements such as storytelling          the North American folk/acoustic
and Gaelic games.                                                                                                 calendar. David was preparing the
9. Seasons – the long summer nights may not be unique to Ireland but is a real positive for the country.          way for his ‘Miles To Go band’, who
You can do so much more in a day and it differentiates summer from winter’s short days in a most extreme          have been invited to tour the US in
contrast. And if you’re ever sick of the sun then Ireland is the place to go. It will be the destiny of choice    2010, as well as performing 3 solo
when Global warming peaks!                8. People – the principal characteristics of native Irish are a         showcases. He also shared the stage
smothering sense of hospitality (you won’t just get a cup of tea but sandwiches and cake ala Fr Ted’s             with up and coming Irishman Noelie
housekeeper), a disarming sense of humour (known as the craic), a sincere caring for your welfare (that           Mcdonnell, whose
sense of social justice, among the highest charity donors in the world. Only in Ireland will you find public      2008 album
collections almost daily on the streets for some deserving cause), easy going attitude (will complain to their    “Beyond Hard
friends over bad service but take no action), relaxed about time (like late nights and late mornings, not         Places” has been
generally punctual as a race especially for social events), and politically savvy (well read on current affairs
                                                                                                                  making its mark in
with education highly valued).
7. Social welfare – very generous welfare allowances with unlimited free transport, electricity and               the Irish charts.
telephone subsidies, free television licence, home improvement and essential repair grants for pensioners,        Who is
allowances for living alone and for fuel, and free medical care for all over 70 (medical card will be means
tested from 2009). Welfare benefits attracted migrants (legal and illegal) in record numbers this decade.         Noelie
Illegal migrants were housed in hotels and holiday camps. Most towns have Citizens Advice Bureaus where           McDonnell?
information on assistance benefits is freely available.                                                           Noelie McDonnell
6. Public transport – there is a great network of bus services on very comfortable coaches at frequent            is an Irish singer-
intervals. The road system is the most impressive development in Ireland in the last decade. Rail is good
                                                                                                                  songwriter from
for intercity and is being considered for extension from commuter towns to Dublin. Ireland is very well
serviced by air and ferries with plenty of comfortable capacity and affordable deals.                             Tuam, Co. Galway.
5. Arts industry – the Irish government made the country an artistic centre by removing income tax on             His debut release was an E.P entitled
artists and providing attractive subsidies. It has always had a flourishing theatre life both professional        Downhome in 2004. His debut self-
and amateur supported by a great body of playwrights and theatre festivals are a highlight of the tourist         titled album released in 2005, was
calendar. In my annual trip to Ireland in 2008 I booked a midweek deal at Wynns Hotel in Abbey Street             considered a hit, and it’s opening
and saw three plays, a Yeats exhibition and a performance at the Writers centre. Irish films have made            song, Stars was picked as Ian
their mark globally as has the Riverdance phenomenon. Opera and orchestral concerts are very well                 Dempsey’s Song of the Week on his
supported and are becoming regular events in provincial towns.                                                    radio show on Today FM.
4. National radio and television – absolutely first rate. Radio is brilliant for variety and informative          In June 2008, Noelie released his
discussion. Programmes might only run an hour or less ensuring many of special interest can be broadcast.         second album, Beyond Hard Places.
Television has much home produced programmes that emphasise the Irish character and interests. Ads                Nearly Four, a song written for
are sensible and don’t shout at you. Talk-back radio is highly developed with multi party phone lines             Noelie’s nephew got to number 4 in
interacting at one time ensuring subjects are thoroughly discussed from every point of view. Irish language
                                                                                                                  the Irish Download Charts in Autumn,
radio and television are also broadcast with government support.
3. Newspapers – it is common for households to not only buy a daily paper but to buy several on                   and number 15 in the Irish Singles
Sundays. They are light on advertisements and high on news and analysis. Irish have a great appetite for          Chart.
daily news and current affairs. The quality of National newspapers is first rate and about the greatest joy       Noelie has played alongside
of Sunday relaxation is the papers.                                                                               numerous prolific artists including
2. Alcohol – it is not surprising Ireland produces global brands when you consider the earthy soil and            John Martyn, Roesy, The Saw
clean waters of the land. Guinness stout, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson whiskey are leading brands              Doctors, The Chalets, Luka Bloom,
because of the quality of the products.                                                                           The Walls & Mundy.
1. Small goods – my favourite of all. Check out the supermarkets for the great choice of sausages, black
and white puddings, bacon, cooked hams, and corned beef. Any one of these meat items would make your              Visit Noelie’s website and
dinner treat for the day. The quality and taste is head and shoulders above anywhere else in the world.  and
Cheap comforts on a wet and wintry day.                                                                           listen to Only Four, it’s a beauty


R eviews                                                 Why do Women Cry?
                                                         A little boy asked his mother, “Why are you crying?”
                                                         “Because I’m a woman,” she told him.
                                                         “I don’t understand,” he said. His mum just hugged him and said,
                                                         “And you never will.”
                                                         Later the boy asked his father, “Why does Mother seem to cry for no
                                                         “All women cry for no reason,” was all his dad could say.
                                                         The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women
                                                         Finally, he asked God. He said, “God, why do women cry so easily?”
                                                         God said: “When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her
                                                         shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle
                                                         enough to give comfort.
                                                         “I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection
                                                         that many times comes from her children.
                                                         “I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone
                                                         else gives up, and takes care of the family through sickness and
                                                         fatigue without complaining.
Camille O’Sullivan                                       “I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any way and all
                                                         circumstances, even when her child has hurt her very badly.
Reviewed by Paul Carpenter
     Audiences with an appetite for Irish fare found     “I gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and
themselves spoilt for choice at this year’s Perth        fashioned her from his ribs to protect his heart.
International Arts Festival. Not since Sean Doran’s      “I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife,
directorship had such a diverse variety of Irish         but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside
content played this shore. Of note, was the staging      him unfalteringly.
of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Fragments’; Enda Walsh’s            “And finally, I gave her a tear to shed. This is hers exclusively to use
exemplary ‘The New Electric Ballroom’; the Fabulous      whenever it is needed.”
Beast’s interpretation of ‘Giselle’(outlandishly set     “You see, my son,” said God, “the beauty of a woman is not in the
in a factious Irish village) and the Dublin author       clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs
Sebastian Barry’s presentation to the Writer’s
                                                         her hair.”
Festival. Although the financial tsunami that has hit
Ireland may have swept the Celtic Tiger out to sea,      “The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the
the accolade thrust upon these artists is proof as to    doorway to her heart - the place where love resides.”
the depth and continuing resilience of Irish cultural    (Author Unknown)
production today.
     Another act that exemplifies this vigour, and
sold out within hours of its release, was the two
Esplanade performances by the Cork Cabaret artist,
Camille O’Sullivan. Having previously played the
Sydney Opera House, this was her first visit to Perth.
Through renditions of classics from Jacques Brel
and Kurt Weill, along with spirited interpretations
from contemporary performers such as Nick Cave
and Tom Waits, this Architectural graduate come
actor captivated her audience with a mixture of
sultry European chic and a riotous humour straight
out of Ballincollig. Camille’s loan voice, which
alternated between English, French and German as
effortlessly as she peeled off her costumes, was
backed by an accompaniment of skilled Australian
musicians. Through a repertoire that has won her
acclaim throughout the world, Camille took the
audience through the undiluted melancholy that is the
poignant, dark art of Cabaret. But this performance
did not dwell upon the unfulfilled expectations of
life, for if you closed your eyes a moment, just as
Camille’s soulful voice caressed your ear, it seemed
like the waters of the River Lee had miraculously
flowed into the Danube via the Seine.

 Colin Merrey                                                                                Australian-Irish

                                               Music Reviews                                 Heritage Association

                                               Although I have received several CD’s to
                                               review this month, I have chosen two of
                                               them for your consideration.                  Thanksgiving Service on
                                               The first is “Pearls”, the final CD to be     Australia Day.
                                               produced by the                               and the St Brigid’s Day
                                               late and much
THE DRAMATIC ESCAPE                                                                          Celebration 1st Feb
                                               lamented Ronnie
OF FENIAN JOHN BOYLE                           Drew.         On this
                                               outing, he is
O’REILLY                                       teamed with the
by LIAM BARRY                                  group           Grand
Revised Edition                                Canal.          Some
This book was                                  of the items are songs while others are
reviewed in an                                 various poems that are accompanied by
earlier edition of                             music from the band.
the Irish Scene                                My favourite tracks are At The Tail End of
on      its    first                           a Hurricane, Bagpipe Music and Dunes.
release. Since                                 It is a fitting memorial
then, it has been                              to one of the finest
re-issued by way                               musical performers
of this second                                 that Ireland has
edition.                                       produced for a long
For the benefit of                             many years.
those of you who did not read the book         It may only be
when it was first issued, it tells the story   available on import but it is well worth
of John Boyle O’Reilly who was convicted       taking the time to find it.
of high treason for his revolutionary          Secondly, I commend to you a self titled
activities and transported to Fremantle        album by the Priests. This is a collection
Gaol for a period of twenty years.             of religious songs and arias expertly
Following his transfer to Bunbury, he          performed and presented. You will know
famously escaped and was carried to            most of these songs already but they are
Boston USA on board of the Catalpa, and        here presented in the inimitable style of
American whaling ship.                         the Priests and I found it very emotive but
Liam carried out extensive research            at the same time very listenable.
in preparations for this book and it is a      Standout tracks for me are Panis
gripping and interesting read.                 Angelicus, Pie Jesu, and the Irish
If you haven’t already read this book, I       Blessing.
urge you to get hold of a copy - you won’t     Again, try hard to find this CD – I know
regret it and I know you will enjoy it.        you will find it to be worth the effort.

  Support our Advertisers
                                               were vulnerable. Today the major in hostels and lodging houses, and
                                               concern is that police are finding many a wallet-size card of safety hints,
                                               backpackers            themselves        are emergency telephone numbers and other
                                               becoming the perpetrators of anti social helpful information.
                                               and criminal behaviour”.                        Utilising Google search engine, enter
                    Sponsored by                   “We are not the fun Police, but we do in key works “backpack safe WA police’
                                               want to raise with backpackers before for direct links to wallet card and poster.
                    BVM Mechanical             they travel to Perth, that the police will
                                               take a “no tolerance” approach to anti-         Editor: My thanks to Michael Wood.
                                               social and offensive behaviour. Visitors Co-ordinator Safer of the Town of
                                               to WA should learn their legal and social Vincent in Perth for sending the this

                                               responsibilities to ensure that they do material. Michael like myself is keen
                                               not find themselves on the wrong side to solve the problem of the small
                                               of the law. The message is clear - abide percentage of Backpackers who are
                                               by the principles of Back pack Safe and not doing the right thing as visitors to
                                               you will have a positive experience and a our wonderful state. The last number
                                               pleasant memory of Perth”.                   of years have not been good ones
                                                   WA Police are targeting street drinking, for our Irish Backpackers in Western
                                               anti social behaviour, urinating in public Australia and unfortunately some have
                                               places, obnoxious, loud behaviour, and lost their lives with tragic results for

BACKPACKER                                     disorderly conduct offences within the their families back home.
                                               entertainment precincts close to the
                                               vicinity of backpacker
                                                                                               Fred Rea

CONCERNS                                       premises. WA Police
                                               in conjunction with
                                               the Town of Vincent

RAISED                                         and City of Perth have
                                               developed backpack
                                               Safe package to raise

IN PERTH WA                                    travellers’ awareness
                                               of their own safety
                                               and       advise        of
    Perth Police have raised concerns          responsibilities and
about the apparent increasing frequency        local laws whilst in
in Perth of Backpackers getting                Perth.
into trouble whilst on their stay and              A     joint     Town
backpacking through Perth/ WA. Noted           of Vincent, City Of
are a series of recent violent incidents       Perth and Western
that have occurred in Perth backpacker         Australia          Police
premises and nationally whereby a              Crime         Prevention
number of backpackers, in separate             Project,       BackPack
incidents, have found themselves on the        Safe is an award
other side of the law and also as victims      winning safety and
of crime.                                      security information
    Inspector Roger Beer, Officer in Charge,   package         designed
Perth Police stated “three years ago           for         backpacker
police were primarily concerned about          tourists travelling in
the safety of backpackers in Northbridge       Western        Australia.
and nearby areas because they                  The pack includes a
tended to drink to the point that they         poster for displaying          Brochures produced for the benefit of Backpackers

                                                                 cal                        Call the Dublin
                                                                   o ALL                      Mechanic
                                                         Repairs t                          Michael Barton

    BVM    CARS - TRUCKS -
                                                         makes.                             on 9409 4505 or
                                                                                             0413 889 501
                                                                                             7/77 Buckingham Drive,
               4WD’S                                     Credit Card Facilities Available

Profile of a Convict Woman...
                                                                      are unreadable or have sunk into the ground;
                                                                      none identified Ellen’s name. To date no
                                                                      documentation has been discovered regarding
 Ellen McDarby (alias Talbot)                                         Ellen’s death.
                                                                           Artist Christina Henri has chosen to
     Ellen McDarby was tried in the Queens County Court in            focus on the lives of convict women through
 Ireland on April 11, 1842. Charged with stealing potatoes she        projects such as Roses from the Heart™
 was sentenced to Transportation for seven years.                     the first Memorial to ALL convict women
     Born in Queens County (known now as County Laois) Ellen’s        transported to Australia. Through the impact
 date of birth is unknown by her descendent Colleen Talbot who        of her work she aims to obliterate the veil of
 shared this story with me.                                           amnesia that has surrounded the lives of so
     Certainly on the occasion of Ellen’s trial it would seem that    many female convicts for far too long.
 sentences were handed out disproportionably between the                   Stories such as Ellen McDarby (alias
 sexes. Reading through the newspaper court lists for April           Talbot) are commonplace. Only a sketchy history of Ellen’s
 11, 1842 it is clear that men who committed crimes of a far          life exists. Descendent Colleen knows very little about this
 more serious nature avoided transportation whilst a number of        grandmother. She can only guess at Ellen’s heartache in being
 women appearing before the court on lesser charges were sent         forced to forsake her family. Colleen doesn’t even know how
 to Australia.                                                        many children remained in Ireland. Did any survive? She knows
     Ellen was transported to Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land,         little of her great, great grandmother‘s journey as she toiled,
 aboard the ship the Waverley. She was breastfeeding her              survived and overcame adversity. Did she live long enough to
 youngest child Henry William Talbot at the time and was given        see her son succeed? It is known that her son worked hard to
 permission to take him with her. Family ‘hearsay’ has it that she    ensure his family were well provided for. Documentation shows
 was forced to abandon the rest of her children.                      he was a Justice of the Peace and was well respected.
     She was a farm servant and her records show she was 4 ft.             Family member Betty Kennedy wrote a book about the
 11 ½ inches tall. Her faith was that of Roman Catholic.              Stanton family history and produced a copy for each of her
     She boarded the Waverley in Dublin and sailed from Ireland       children. Colleen’s mother Gwen Talbot received one. Within
 on September 4, 1842 arriving in December 15 the same year.          the chapters there was almost nothing written about ancestor
     On arrival Ellen’s son Henry William, then aged approximately    Ellen McDarby. Her life remains an enigma.
 3 years old was institutionalised into the Queens Orphanage in            Christina Henri
 New Town. He remained there until October 30, 1849 after his
 mother gained her freedom.
     Ellen herself was placed in the Cascades Female Factory             Archibald Prize
 and later she was assigned to work for colonists on farms in
 the Huonville area south of Hobart Town. On one occasion she            & Christina Henri
 ran away and when caught she was punished with a week’s
 solitary confinement at the Cascades Female Factory.
                                                                         & Zhi Ting!
     Some time later Ellen married a farmer from within the Huon             Chinese Artist Zhi Ting
 district.                                                               Ozqiang is waiting with
     Her son, Henry William, eventually married Mary Ann                 bated breath to see if his
 Stanton in nearby Franklin on December 27, 1867. They                   painting of Christina Henri
 became staunch members of their community. He and his wife              will be accepted to tour
 raised a large family and managed a property in Ranelagh. He            with the Archibald Prize
 built a church and he held a position as a member of the first          during 2009.
 Huon Council.                                                               He submitted the work,
     He died October 19, 1924 and is buried at the old                   ‘Vessels of Hope’ two week’s ago specifically to draw
 Congregational Cemetery in Huonville.                                   attention to the work on convict women highlighted
     Colleen, descendant of Ellen McDarby, has made a bonnet             through Christina’s art.
 tribute for her great, great, grandmother. Roses from the                   The accompanying image shows Zhi Ting and
 Heart™ has given her the opportunity to connect with her                subject Christina Henri with the painting ‘Vessels
 ancestor through the meditative process of sewing a bonnet and          of Hope’ in the background. The painting is large to
 embellishing it in memory of a woman who she barely knows               represent the enormity of the subject matter of convict
 anything about. Her finished bonnet is a tangible reminder that         women. Christina is portrayed as convict women
 Ellen really existed even though knowledge of her life is scant.        floating on the ocean like the ships of transport that
     Colleen has travelled to County Laois in Ireland and also to        brought their cargo of women to Australian shores.
 Tasmania where she visited the old Huonville Cemetery. She              In the top left hand corner clouds in the sky form the
 has searched high and low for any trace of Ellen’s existence            shape of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales whilst
 with little success. She has sighted the ship surgeon’s report          in the bottom right hand corner the shadows in the sea
 showing Ellen to be of good character; but of her day to day            cast the shape of the new country, Australia.
 life – nothing. Many gravestones in the Huonville cemetery

          You are Invited to the
       BLESSING OF THE BONNETS                                               RELIEF
                  Sunday March 8 at 2pm
             St. Patrick’s Basilica, Fremantle
       A very special service will be conducted by
  PP Father Sherman in which bonnets made by Western                        The Melbourne Irish Community
   Australian participants will be received and blessed.                       The bushfires in Victoria have caused utter devastation.
  Each individual bonnet will carry the name of a convict                 Over 200 people have lost their lives, in excess of 1000 homes
               woman symbolising her life.                                have been destroyed, hundreds of thousands of farming and
                                                                          bush acreage burnt out with countless animals and livestock
                                                                          killed and maimed.
                                                                               Irish community groups and organizations in Victoria have
                                                                          been overwhelmed with the number of queries coming from
                                                                          Ireland and the great Irish Diaspora of “What can we do to
                                                                               As a result the Celtic Club, the Australian Irish Welfare
                                                                          Bureau and G.A.A. Gaelic Park have combined forces to
                                                                          do some fundraising to assist the countless victims of this
                                                                          ongoing tragedy.
       Thank You Irish Club Ladies!                                            The appeal will be launched at the Celtic Club on February
                                                                          28th. Those who would like to forward letters of support or
 Above are members of the Irish Club with Eleanor Carney, wore            contribute to the relief fund may do so by credit card (by
 some of the bonnets they made for the blessing in St Patrick’s           contacting Kim at the Celtic Club by email or phone) or by
 Cathedral on March 8th. The bonnets are being made for all               posting a bank draft made payable to ‘The Melbourne Irish
 the Irish women transported on ‘The Hope’ convict ship. The              Bushfire Relief Fund.’
 ship also carried Mary Walsh and Pete St John has written a                    “This country has an unrivalled reputation of generosity
 song dedicated to Mary, ‘The Bells of Ireland’.                          and acceptance of which the Irish, over the last two hundred
                                                                          years, have been the biggest recipients. This national disaster,
Vessels of Hope Exhibition at                                             with the country in mourning over the tragic loss of life and
                                                                          property, is our chance to give a little something back”. Kim
     Fremantle Prison                                                     Lynch, emigrated to Australia from Dublin 7 years ago.
                                                                          For further information/interviews please contact:
    Christina Henri will be holding an exhibition at the Fremantle        Marion O’Hagan, Australian Irish Welfare Bureau,
Prison Gallery. ‘Vessels of Hope’ will officially be opened on            Email:, Ph: +61-3-9482 3865
Wednesday evening 11th March at 6.00pm and will run from the              Kim Lynch, Manager, Celtic Club,
following day, 12th March until early June.                               316-320 Queen Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
    The curatorial staff at the Fremantle Prison Gallery have             Email:, Ph: +61-3-9670 6472
worked hard to see this exhibition is a success.                          Tomas Fahey, President, G.A.A. Gaelic Park
    Christina is involving pupils at St. Patrick’s Primary School,        Email:
Fremantle and also members of the community in and around                 David Connolly, Promotions
Fremantle and Perth in the ‘Vessels of Hope’ Exhibition.
    School children will hear stories about convict women and                Christina believes art brings history alive in a meaningful way
learn about the 269 convict men transported to Western Australia         to the public. The artist encourages community participation
aboard the, Hougoumont, the last ship to transport convicts to           and endeavours to include students within her art related events
Australia. The student’s will interpret these stories through images     wherever possible.
drawn onto paper that will then be photographed.                             Music is also seen as a valuable tool accompanying Christina’s
    Following this the paper will be folded into boats. The decorated    work. A number of songs have been written about her convict
boats will be installed in the Fremantle Prison Gallery alongside        related art. ‘Vessels of Hope’ exhibition will be no exception and
bonnets made by women throughout Western Australia. A large              music will be part of the opening on Wednesday 11 March at the
number of the women participating belong to the local Irish              Fremantle Prison Gallery.
community.                                                                   Fred Rea will entertain with his Irish music repertoire and
    A section of the newly released DVD – ‘Voices in the Dark’           Bernard Carney has been engaged to perform as part of the
documenting Christina’s art journey since 2004 will be shown as          program. Those readers who know these musicians will realise
part of the exhibition.                                                  they are in for a treat.
    ‘Vessels of Hope’ speaks of the journey of the convicts made             Copies of Christina’s DVD ‘Voices in the dark’ will be available
possible by ships and boats and the part these crafts played in          to buy after the ‘Blessing of the Bonnets’ Service or through
the lives of convicts, including successful escapes. The bonnets         Christina’s website.
represent the contribution made by those transported. One in        proceeds from sales will assist
four Australians have convict ancestry and contemporary society          Roses from the Heart™ to be taken to Ireland, England, Scotland
reflects the resilience and pluckiness our forebears displayed           and Wales in 2010. Taking the ‘girls back home’ is pivotal to the
during the early pioneering years.                                       events being organised during 2010.
                                                                                   Fr Sean Breen (known as
                                                                               Breener) was well known for his
                                                                               delight in, and prowess on, the
                                                                               Turf; for being a canny tipster
                                                                               and a lucky racehorse owner,
                                                                               and he was a familiar face at the
                                                                               Cheltenham Festival for more
                                                                               than 40 years.
     A Bob Each Way                                                                His definition of the spiritual
                                                                               dimension was comprehensive,
                                                                               allowing him to recommend to
                   by Clive Rowland                                            punters in 2005 that Cardinal
                                                                               Ratzinger was a hot bet to be the           Fr Sean Breen
     I was recently reading the obituary of Father Sean Breen, an              next Pope. “A few of the lads got on at 13-2,” he revealed after
Irish priest who died in January of this year at the age of 72.                the white smoke had filtered out of the Vatican chimney, “but I
     Fr Breen was well known in Ireland for his delight in, and                did not back him myself out of reverence.”
prowess on, the Turf. Aside from his priestly duties, he wrote a                   From the pulpit of the Church of the Immaculate Conception
very successful weekly tipster column in the Kildare Post and with             at Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare, Fr Breen would sometimes
two friends, formed the Heavenly Syndicate which owned and                     dispense sage advice during Mass to the schoolchildren in his
raced a horse called One Won One, winning a number of Listed                   congregation: “If you have a bet, stick to your first choice, and
races and netting over half a million pounds in prize money.                   only gamble what you can afford to lose.”
     This obituary put me in mind of a meeting I once had with my                  His funeral was packed, the congregation including many
Bank Manager.                                                                  famous names in racing, among them Kieron Fallon and the
     In the mid-1970s I started my first business in North London               great trainers Dermot Weld and Jim Bolger. The Mass lasted
and opened a bank account with the Allied Irish Bank in the                    two hours; there were 37 priests concelebrating; and among
Holloway Road. In those easier financial times, banking with the                the “performers” were the comedian Brendan Grace and the
Allied Irish was a bit like being a member of a good club – all very           singer Red Hurley.
friendly and relaxed. To the intense distress and bemusement of                Source:
the Tax authorities, the Allied Irish didn’t allocate account numbers
to its customers, but simply issued them with blank cheque books
whose cheque numbers were entered against their name in a                                                                                   Affordable luxu
ledger. I always felt that this afforded the best security, as it meant                                                                     complemented
that each cheque was properly scrutinised and the signature                                                                                 a subtle fragra
recognised.                                                                                                                                                 nce
     The manager at the Holloway Road branch at the time was
also called Sean, a huge man from Cork, who could often be found
in the nearby Nag’s Head of a Friday night, leading the singing
and sometimes standing on a table, the better to conduct his
impromptu choir.
     I was passing the time of day with Sean in his office one
morning when the ‘phone rang.
     His end of the conversation went ....
“Morning Father.....Right..….…Grand.........Fine….3 O’Clock
is that?......Not a problem at all……………..Bye now”, and the
‘phone went down.
     Turning to me, he said “Now, there’s your man from Holy Joe’s”.
[St Joseph’s Retreat just up the road on Highgate Hill was founded
by the Passionists and is universally known locally as Holy Joe’s]
                                                                               Seaweed Skin Care from Ireland
                                                                                  Ri Na Mara – Gaelic for king of the sea - developed a boutique
“And sure that’s no way for a grown man to live. Every penny he                            range of seaweed-based skincare in 2004 and today
wants, he has to ask the Priest-in-Charge and take the change                                 exports to Europe, the US, Canada and Australia.
back to him. Shocking! But, isn’t he a fierce man for the horses!”                          Seaweed contains Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K, mineral-rich calcium, iron and iodine.
     It transpired that the good Father would ‘phone Sean on a                   The creams are enriched with ginkgo biloba, Guarana and other natural products increasing blood
regular basis with a hot tip and Sean would then pop across the                                       circulation, tissue renewal, tissue elasticity & soothing.
road to the bookmakers and place the wager for him. Apparently                     The most outstanding features in the products are the high amounts of beneficial ingredients,
he was extremely successful and his winnings mostly went back                           high enough to be effective. With continued use you will feel and notice a difference.
to Ireland.                                                                                            Ri Na Mara availabe from:
     Sadly, the Allied Irish Bank joined the Clearing Bank system                                     The Irish Shop QVB Sydney,
                                                                                                7 Day chemist, 157 Rockeby Rd, Subiaco,
in the 1980s and Sean’s relaxed style of management didn’t suit                               Guardian Chemist, Karrinyup Shopping Centre.
the new, sharp image. He was replaced by a man with gimlet eyes
and a very smart suit – a perfectly nice bloke, I’m sure but I don’t     •
suppose he often acted as a bookie’s runner for his customers,
and I never once saw him in the Nag’s Head.                                             Free call 1800 244 966
                                                                                                                other several times over the years in the UK, though
THE POWER                                                  Gary Taylor
                                                                                                                never played together. When I came to Perth in the
                                                                                                                late 80s, he dropped into a studio where I was
BEHIND THE                                                                                                      working and asked me if I would play bass on an
                                                                                                                album he was about to make. It was called Hank
THRONE                                                                                                          plays Cliff. Well, that turned out alright, and the
                                                                                                                musical relationship grew from there.
    Over the last few issues, I have discussed the                                                              S. What are the albums you have done with Hank?
Perth chapter of the Shadows Music Club and                                                                     GT: Hank plays Cliff, Holly, Marvin at the movies,
the Gypsy Jazz nights that were given by Hank                                                                   Lloyd Webber, Guitar Player, Guitar Man.
Marvin and Friends. One of those friends is Gary                                                                S. In recent times, you have joined with Hank
Taylor, a consummate guitarist who has worked in                                                                playing Gypsy Jazz….how do you find it?
the British and Australian music scene for many                                                                 GT: It’s a blast! We have great fun. It’s also very
years. He is also a regular attendee at the Wine                                                                mentally stimulating – there’s a lot to remember
Appreciation sessions that are held regularly at JB                                                             arrangement wise.
O’Reilly’s Tavern.                                                                                              S. Many Shadows fans are either pro Gypsy Jazz or
    I have wanted to interview him for the Magazine     appeared regularly on television when I was very        not really interested. Do you think if the naysayers
for a while but have been unable to tie him down        young, and I think, given the chance, I would have      sat down and listened to a few Hank Marvin and
because of his considerable musical workload. As a      happily swapped my sister for a Golden Hofner. I’d      friends sessions they may find it more acceptable?
compromise, Gary agreed to let us use an interview      have to give it serious thought even now…. Then,        GT: Some people find it hard to adjust to the
that he did a while ago with Spiro Hatzimichael,        of course, there was that Marvin bloke. He made         unfamiliar. I first heard Django many years ago,
the president of the Shadows Music Club and I have      something of an impression on me. After that, the       but all I heard was the thin scratchy record, and
reproduced it here for your enjoyment. As you can       Beatles of course, the bass player on all those Tamla   I didn’t like it very much. It wasn’t until, through
see, Gary is a very interesting musician who has        Mowtown records, and, well, an endless list really,     Hank, I took the time to actually listen to what was
worked with countless well-known musicians and          which is just too boring to type with one finger.       being played that it began to dawn on me how
bands over the years.                                   S. What names from the 60’s have you been               wonderful it was. I heard the playing. I heard the
    And so without further ado, here’s Gary - you       associated with?                                        technique. I heard the sheer musicality of it all.
should try and catch up with him in performance         GT: In the 60s not that many. Mainly The Herd,          Having said that, obviously, it’s still not going to be
some time. Colin Merrey                                 and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich whose          to every ones taste but it’s what we’re into at the
                                                        records I helped to demo, and occasionally sang on      moment, we’re loving it, and the audience reaction
An Interview with Gary Taylor...                        the finished products.                                  that we’ve had so far has been fantastic.
Spiro (S). What part of the UK are you from?            S. Name the bands you have
Gary (GT): I grew up in a small village called Esher    played with including session
in Surrey just south of London.                         work?
S. During your early days, you did some work in         GT: Gerry Rafferty, Demis
radio…how did this come about?                          Rousos, Fox, Jerry Lee Lewis
GT: It came from doing a radio interview whilst I was   (tambourine!) Bonnie Tyler,
in a band called the Herd in 1968. The producer of      Billy Connolly, Hank Wangford
the programme ( it was called Radio one club) said      and squillions of forgotten
to me afterwards that he thought I had a good voice     recording sessions.
for radio – or he might have said face, it’s hard to    S. Are you still involved with
remember – and he gave me a job on drive time           UB Hank Backing tracks and
reviewing all the new singles. The show was called      have you thought of doing
What’s New. I presented it from 1969 until 1973.        more?
S. How did you get into music?                          GT: I still get royalties – they
GT: I auditioned to join a band called The Preachers    really have sold very well over
in 1964. They soon changed their name to The Herd.      the years. As for doing more,
In 1966, a young chap named Peter Frampton              no not really. It’s out of my
joined us and over the next two or three years we       system a bit. I’ve made over
had a few hit records.                                  a hundred different Shadows
S. Who was your first influence in music?               tracks so perhaps, unless
GT: It would have had to have been that woman           anybody wants to pay me a
who sang nursery rhymes on a BBC wireless               GREAT DEAL OF MONEY, (sorry
programme called Listen with Mother in about            to shout) I’ve closed the door
1952. Oddly enough, I wound up presenting the           on that one.
same programme throughout the ‘70s.                     S. When and how did you
S. Who was your biggest influence?                      become associated with Hank
GT: There have been several. Bert Weedon would          Marvin?
have been the first. He was the only guitarist who      GT: We’d bumped into each
                  Sponsored by O’Leary’s Material Handling
Rovers Hungry
for Success
    Retirements, departures, new          through the talent on offer, there
arrivals and a brand new coaching         will be chances for new players to
team all point to a new dawn for          impress.                                                             Michael
Shamrock Rovers.                              If you fancy having a crack                                      Manning
    The perennial Amateur Premier         at playing for Rovers, just bring                                   President
League title challengers had a quiet      yourself and your boots down to                                     Shamrock
year by their own standards in 2008       Harold Rossiter on any Tuesday or                                    Rovers
but the new blood means the club          Thursday night at 6.30pm.
will be hungry for success in 2009.           While the pitch may be where
    New coach Glynn Shaw brings           trophies are won or lost but the
with him a wealth of experience from      heart of Shamrock Rovers is still
Saturday semi-professional football       with the club and its members.
and he will need all of it if he is to        Mick     Manning      has    been    •   Dock Levellers
live up to the fans expectations.         appointed club president for 2009
                                                                                   •   Tailgate Lifts
    His first task will be to identify    and, along with the rest of the
those players capable of producing        committee, he is desperate to see        •   Goods Hoists
the goods from a massive pre-             as many people down at the club          •   Bale Presses
season turnout.                           as possible.
                                                                                   •   Pallet Trucks
    The departure for pastures new,           There is plenty of events planned
overseas adventures and the club’s        for the year and there is still plenty   •   Scissor Lifts
bar has left few familiar faces from      of opportunities for people to get       •   Disabled
the club’s last championship in           involved. If you think you have
2007, but that has only presented         something to offer the club, feel
opportunities for a host of new           free to contact the committee at             Lifts
    Pre-season training has seen              As well as assistance, a local
record numbers drag themselves            club is always on the lookout for
down to Harold Rossiter Reserve           more financial support. If you, or
– on Kent St in Vic Park – in the         somebody you know, is keen to
hope of finding a spot in the Hoops’      be involved there are plenty of
squad.                                    sponsorship packages available.
    The moment of truth is nearly         Once again, get in touch with the club
upon many of the players. Shaw’s          through       shamrockroversperth@
decision on first team, reserves and
third team squads will be clearer in          If you can’t do any of the above,
the next few weeks as the lads begin      there will always be a place for you
a series of friendlies in the torturous   at the ground, where you can give
heat of Perth in late summer.             the lads your full vocal support and
    Not that they will be suffering.      a few dollars for a couple of pints.
After an intense six weeks of                 Don’t forget, the season proper
preparation, Shaw thinks the squad        kicks off in late March.                 6 Montgomery Way,
will be ready to hit the ground
running with the first pre-season
                                              Dominic Piper
                                                                                   Malaga Western Australia
match scheduled for March 1                                                        Postal:   PO Box 2437, Malaga WA 6944
against Kingsway Olympic.
                                          Get behind                               Phone:    9248 6674
    That was to be the first match on
                                                       09.                         Fax:      92486694

                                          Rovers in 20
the long road to the championship                                                  Email:
and with Shaw still finding his way

                      Gaelic Athletic Association of Western Australia
                          MEN’S STATE TEAM
                                      GAELIC FOOTBALL
                                                                                   golf                                  G
                           Page Sponsored by Northside Quality Meats
                                                                                                                         of WA
A successfull first meeting at The Mighty Quinn on Tuesday February 24 last
  successful fiirst meetin
      es f rs                                                                      Results
saw the below persons elected as The WA Men’s State Team Gaelic Football           Sunday 18 January 09
Committee for 2009.                                                                Summer Cup Winner – Chris McKenna 41 points.
Some key aims for the incoming Committee include;                                  2nd place – Eamon Fitzpatrick 39 points
1) Planning and delivery of fundraising,                                           3rd place – Willie Henry 39 points
2) Generating awareness, interest and support amongst community for The            2nd Place (for ladies) Joan Ross 38 points
   Men’s State Team, and                                                           Novelties:
3) Continue a strong culture and base for sustained enjoyment and success with     NTP – 5th Jack Ebbs, 7th Billy Kavanagh
   our men’s State team in 2009 and beyond                                         12th Billy Green, 16th hole Willie Henry
WA Men’s State Team Gaelic Football Committee                                      Ladies NTP – Gill Walsh
Chair - Damian McCague 0418 909 205                   Long Drives:
Secretary - Jeremy Thompson 0405 353 463                 Over 18 – Jim O’Hara Open – Peter Rynski
Treasurer – Ray Vacher 9398 1235                             Ladies – Kelley Webb
Publicity - Vaughan Castine 0417 949 774                   Results Sunday 15th February 09
Major Raffle - John Ross 0411 464 542                                              Irish Club Cup Winner – Billy Kavanagh 44 points
“Gaelic on Anzac Day” - Robert O’Callaghan 0407 421 224                            2nd – Bob O’Shea 40 points
Committee - Richie Cullinane 0423 194 715                                          3rd – Ryan Clifton 39 points
Our sincere thanks to Paul McLoughlin of Northside Quality Meats for supporting    NTP 5th Luigi Valenti, 9th Billy Kavanagh
this WA men’s Gaelic Football Page in 2009 and for anyone wishing to offer your    13th Dave Noonan, 16th Peter Periera
assistance or sponsorship contact anyone of the above.                             Long Drives:
                                                                                   Open – Peter McKenna Ladies – Celia Torquato
Kind regards, Damian McCague                                                       Long putts 18th hole – Willie Henry
                          1ST EVENT                                                Fixtures
                                                                                   15 Mar Hartfield 07.30am St Patrick’s Day Trophy

       “Gaelic on Anzac Day”                                                       19 April Nedlands 07.30am Captain’s Cup
                                                                                   17 May Wanneroo 07.30am Secretary’s Trophy
                                                                                   21 June Wembley? TBA          Ambassador’s Trophy
             Ireland v Australia                                                   19 July Collier Park? TBA     Winter Cup
        An inaugural event where WA’s finest acknowledge                           16 Aug Gosnells       11.00am Swinger’s Cup
               “THE ANZACS AND THEIR SPIRIT”                                       20 Sept TBA? York TBA         Country Trophy
    representing our great nations in a game of Gaelic Football.                   11 Oct Hamersley TBA          Club Championships
                                                                                   18 Oct Hamersley TBA          Club Championships
  Saturday April 25th 2009 -Throw - In 11am                                        15 Nov Melville Gl 07.30am President’s Trophy
        BGC Ground @ Tom Bateman Reserve, Canningvale                              20 Dec Wembley Fleadh Trophy/ Hidden Partners
                  (Cnr Nicolson & Bannister roads)
 It’s planned this Annual fixture will acknowledge wonderful Irish                 Willie Henry – Secretary
                    - Australians from past years.                       
 Details to be released in coming weeks. - Free Entry - all welcome                Phone 0413 185 070

  A family tradition since 1954...

                                                                                     (08) 9249
                                                                              Phone: (08) 9249 8039
                                                                   Fax: 9248 1753 • E:
                                                                        • 58 Westchester Rd, Malaga, WA 6090 •

Hurling                                                               Glen Rovers Intermediate champions 1995

The results of our AGM which was held recently
are as follows
Chairman:                 John Whelahan
Treasurer:                Kieran Lyons
Secretary:                Adrian Cullinane
P.R.O.:                   Bob o Shea
Registrars:               Brian Morrissey
                          Declan Cordial
Equipment:                Chalkie Docherty
Encouraging signs for the year ahead were                       Player Profile: Declan Rafter
displayed about four weeks ago when for our first
                                                             Declan Rafter first caught a hurley when playing for
training session of the year we had a record turnout
                                                         his local club St Lachtains in the parish of Freshford, Co
of hurlers all ready to try and earn the right to wear
                                                         Kilkenny at the tender age of ten. After achieving notoriety
a Western Australian jersey later on this year in        while helping his team to series of county final wins he
Melbourne. The amount of hurlers in WA at the            was selected to captain Ireland against Scotland in a
moment has paved the way for a creation of a 7-          Shinty series in Scotland in the mid- eighties . A few years
aside league due to start on the 4th of April at the     later while living in London he was part of the Glen Rovers
RA Cooke Reserve in Bedford. With a guaranteed           side that won the Intermediate championship in 1995
entry of six teams, competitive hurling is off with      scoring 1-4 from play to spark off scenes of jubilation
a bang in the west. The interest in the league is so     among the expatriates.
great at the moment the bookies have even opened              Western Australia’s fortune was about to be extended further when Declan
up a serious of offers on the outcome.                   decided to settle in Perth after spending a few years in NSW. One of the driving
To win the 7- aside                                      forces behind the campaign to get hurling up and running again in WA he can
1. Fenlon Formworks                   2/1                justifiably look back with pride as he enters retirement at the contribution he
                                                         has made to hurling in this state also while wearing the state jersey for the last
2. Tipperary                          3/1
                                                         three years.
3. Galway                             9/2                    Now that his playing career has finished he takes untold pleasure from the
4. Cork                               8/1                fact that it allows him to spend more time with his wife Jackie and his two sons
5. Ulster                             14/1               Connor and Oliver while all the time retaining a healthy interest in the upkeep
6. Offaly                             100/1              of the club. People who have played against Declan on the field of battle have
First manager to be sacked                               often spoken about the difficulty they had in marking him, these people in my
1. Kevin Howley                       4/1                opinion were either very poor hurlers or in fact bare faced liars because yours
2. Dave Lonergan                      5/1                truly often had a tussle with him on the playing field and I would honestly say
3. Barney McKenna                     8/1                after about thirty or forty matches in direct opposition to him he finally scored
Anybody wishing to enter a team or wants to join a       his first point off me!
team contact Adrian: 040 4718988.                        A Bodhran player was sick of the Session musos questioning his skills and decided on a new instrument.
The “100 CLUB “ draw will take place in The              He walked into Zenith Music, planning to buy the first instruments he saw. “Give me the red saxophone
Mighty Quinn on Sunday 22nd March @ 8pm.                 and that accordion!”, he said. The assistant said, “You’re a Bodhran player aren’t you?” “That’s right.
Mighty craic guaranteed !!!!                             Why?” “Well, the fire exinguisher I can sell you - but the radiator stays.


                                                                            Sponsored by

GAAWA                                                                                                 Compiled by David Isaacson
       Playing Grounds: BGC Grounds, Tom Bateman Reserve, Cnr Bannister & Nicholson Rds, Canning Vale (Page 330 on your UBD Map book).

The votes are cast, we have a new
executive committee for the coming season.
                                                                         on our website – www.gaawa.
                                                                                                           Photos from AGM....
Congratulations to Fred McCormack (right)                                We’ll also have a copy in the
our new President. Taking the top job is due                             next Irish Scene and weekly
recognition for a real trouper and the one who                           fixtures will appear in every
was the main driving-force behind the new                                Saturday’s West Australian in
grounds and facilities in Canning Vale. We                               the BGC Sports Diary (inside
await the Presidential ‘gravitas’ that he will bring                     backpage).
to the role. The new committee along with club                           Have a great St Patrick’s
volunteers is included with this article and we welcome one and          celebration and do take the
all to the challenges of the coming season.                              opportunity to visit us at our
Coming Events                                                            new grounds in Canning Vale.
Referees Course – Saturday 21 March. Gerard Roe, National                Last season, being our first,
Secretary, will officiate. All clubs are invited to nominate             was a resounding success.
participants. Details from co-ordinators John Lehane (0419 949           The      numbers     attending,
357) and Jaye Williamson (0415 450 367). Venue will be Club              including      many      family
premises in Canning Vale.                                                members, were well up on the
Fr Kelly Cup – Preseason competition gets underway for men               previous and bodes well for
and women on Sunday 5 April. Full fixture listing will follow to all     the future. Beidh Cead Mile
clubs after March scheduled meeting.                                     Failte romhat.
BGC League Season – Due to commence late April/early May. Full           David Isaacson
fixtures listing will be circulated to all clubs and will be available

POSITION            NAME            MOBILE #     Hm/Wk #        EMAIL
Executive Committee:
President           Fred McCormack 0411 039 750 h) 9310 4382
Vice President      Sean O’Casey    0407 440 979 w) 9470 0699
                                                                                                           Female Gaelic Football Players
Treasurer           Jane Bassett    0421 754 844                      Western Shamrocks GFC
Secretary           Maya Mallett    0414 286 177                             Training: every Wednesday
Assistant Secretary Kim Jennings    0401 744 361                        evening from 6.30pm to 8pm
Development Officer John Lehane     0419 949 357      
Registrar           Trish Lehane    0410 349 193      
                                                                                                           Pre-Season: Feb & March is at JA
PRO                 David Isaacson 0409 688 134 h) 9310 4356                        Lee Reserve Midgely St, Lathlain
Club Contacts
                                                  GAA Committee Members
                                                                                                           Regular Training Grounds: April
Southern Districts Lucy Gallop      0418 916 761                                                           to Sep at Carlisle Reserve, Orrong
                                                  Steve Smolders (MG), Robbie O’Callaghan (MG)
Morley Gaels        Steve Smolders 0414 688 076
Western Shamrocks John Lehane       0419 949 357
                                                  Louise O’Callaghan (MG), Kelly Grace (MG)                Road, Carlisle
                                                  Jaye Williamson (CB), Vaughan Castine (G)                Contact: Registrar,
Saint Finbarrs      Shabhan Burke 0430 441 159
                                                  Jane Padgett (G), Jeremy Thompson (WS)
Greenwood GFC       Vaughan Castine 0417 949 774
                                                  Shabhan Burke (StF), Jenny Codd (StF)
                                                                                                           Louise McEntee 0431 262 262
Coastal Breakers    Jaye Williamson 0415 450 367
                                                  John Ross (StF)
Tim Hickey          0414 849 213 John Whelahan 0415 861 944                                        

                                        Thinking about buying or selling Real Estate?
                                        Give Sean O’Casey a call because he has the answers to
                                        your questions.
                                                                                        Direct: 08 9470 06
                                                                                        Office: 08 9470 06
                                                                                        Fax: 08 9470 14
                                         REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND AUCTIONEERS              Mobile:0407
                                                                                                  0407    440 979
                                                                                                                        m .a u
                                         850 Albany Highway, Victoria Park East WA 6101  Emai  l: so ca se y@ rw vp .co

 Sponsored by the Breakwater Tavern

                        DROP IN FOR
                     LUNCH OR DINNER
                     ON ST PATRICK’S DAY
                         58 Southside Drive, Hillarys Boat Harbour
                                     Hillarys WA 6025
                           Ph: 08 9448 5000 Fax: 08 9448 6000

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306 Victoria Road,                 “If it needs
Malaga WA 6090                        cleaning
Tel: 9248 8842                    we have the
Fax: 9249 9942                      product to
Mobile: 0413 088 880               do the job”
Email:           JOHN MCNAMARA

        Call John McNamara on 9248 8842
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                                                            Compiled by
                                                            David Isaacson

                       THE HISTORIC
                              EXCHANGE HOTEL

Street Address: 135 Hannan St, Kalgoorlie        Phone 08 9021 2833 - Fax 08 9021 7459
BATHROOM/MIRRORS:                            JEWELLERS:                                     Paddy Malone’s Joondalup: Tel: 9300 9966
Ken McLaughlin Tel: 041 544 6122             Albens Master Jewellers -Graham Tighe          Rosie O’Grady’s Fremantle Tel: 9335 1645
BEAUTICIANS:                                 Tel: 9325 6318                                 Rosie O’Grady’s Northbridge Tel: 9328 1488
Parlour Beautique, Joondalup                 Domani Jewellers - Finny McCabe                The Mighty Quinn, Tuart Hill Tel: 9349 9600
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IRISH DANCING:                                            (107.9FM) 6 to 9am. Presented by The Irish Club
Irish Dancing Assoc. Western Australia       Monday: Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann in the Irish Club.
Secretary: Siobhan Cummins
9498 5041 or Mob 0422 075 300
                                                          Set dancing and music classes from 8.00pm.
IRONING SERVICE:                                          Session from 9.30pm. Enq: 9455 1505.
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                                       D•A•Y                                                     Essential
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