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Orientation Tips by theslasher


									                                Orientation Tips 2006

In addition to arrival, check-in, settling in advice, welcome events, other general
information, please include the following in your Orientation:

Student Handbook:
      -Remind students that Handbook was in 2nd mailing packet and is on the Website
      under “Info for Accepted Students.”
      -All staff should be familiar with the rules in the Student Handbook

Academic Policies:
     -Review policies from Handbook: Add/Drop deadlines, Withdrawal, Advising,
     Grades, Pass/Fail (most deadlines are within the first 3 days of classes)
     -General academic issues: advising, attendance, etc.

Housing Rules:
      -Review rules from Handbook: no alcohol, drugs other illegal activity on site
      (dorm, classrooms, etc). Any student violating these rules can be expelled
      -Any specific housing rules for your site (guest policy, etc)
      -Student Itineraries: must sign out if leaving overnight

      - Make sure all students have Emergency Contact card
      -Include local emergency cellphone number of staff
      -Local laws and enforcement: remind that all local laws apply and may be stricter
      than at home
      -Let students know that staff is available to help at any time with problems,
      academic or personal

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