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									WHAT’S GOOD

 Thanksgiving Dinner 2003
Guest of Honor Forrest Gander

                By Geoffrey Gatza
 Thanksgiving Dinner 2003
Guest of Honor Forrest Gander
 What’s Good
For the Goose

A Dinner for Forrest Gander

       Thanksgiving 2003
       By Geoffrey Gatza

Tomato Hominy Pozole with Mojave Mulatto Chile Salsa

       Sweet Potato Soup with Nutmeg Chive
               Goat Cheese Quenelles

       Conch and Lychee Fritters with warm
         Turnip Cream & Haystack Leeks

  Intermezzo of Mulled Bourbon Cranberries & Plums

   Roast Goose with a Queen Amme Cherry Sauce,
 Brown Bread Stuffing, Caramelized Red and Yellow
     Harvard Beats with Onions and Pancetta

    Apple Walnut Ozark Pudding with Rum Sauce
Tomato Hominy Pozole


I have splashed orange brown and honey in a festive motif on the face of the new, new
twenty dollar bill then wrapped them up in corn husks and twine and placed one at each
place setting with a personal inscription to each guest penned in Florida blue ink from an
instrument purchased from the Andrew Jackson estate that was used by the President
himself; this type of thing brings an immediate personal touch to the table

Mojave Mulatto Chile

              40 Seconds in the Desert

              From blue black edges you see holy angels
              navigating storm clouds in a tricked-out 42

              Studebaker waving Yankees pennants
              bestowing hot dogs and long neck bottles
              of ice cold Pepsi on a huddle of demonstrators
              in what could be any non-establishment protest
              of bed sheet signs tied to broom sticks held high
              by middle class white-kids dressed in

              Abercrombie & Fitch who, you can tell,
              want; would rather have a coke & smile

              the distress in this work
              is it’s title ‘Brand Loyalty’
Sweet Potato

          Gordon Elliott’s Knock

         Shameless, self promoting,
               lacking humility, here ....

                   Make it Campbell’s Instead

   false positive

   I did call Governor Pataki's office about the taxation issue over the Indian
   treaty violation and I think I received their response. Last week I tested
   positive on a drug test. Got to retest as it was characterized a false
   positive. The deadline for the retest was today and it was made quite
   clear that if I did not take the exam and present proof within this time
   frame I would be terminated. The weather sucked this week and I had
   today off so I made plans to retest. I had some shopping to do so I went
   to the Indian reservation to buy more tax-free smokes. A police blockade
   was in place about a half a mile before the reservation. I was pulled over
   for an expired inspection sticker on Donna's car. Then we discover my
   drivers license is not valid and it's expired on top of that, this is a
   misdemeanor. He didn't arrest me or impound the car which he said he
   could have done; he didn't search me and find the pot I had hastily
   hidden under the backseat. Nevertheless, he did confiscate all my photo
   identification, cited three violations that I must present myself before the
   Lewiston judge on Dec. 9th at 5:30PM. Then let me go. The policeman
   was very nice and if I had been a different person I would be in jail for a
   long while. Not years, mind you, but orange jumpers would be all the
   fashion for the coming season. It was then that I realized I needed my
   identification to take my drug test. I called and confirmed that I could not
   take the test without valid photo ID. I was thankful that I wasn’t arrested
   and that I didn’t have to fail the upcoming test and get fired. I stand, this
   evening, free, from prison, employment and taxation

                                                              hoe bring yo ass

        Moth Balls

        I am pulled toward tungsten filaments
        attractive as moths are attracted

        lit up
        I bat them away taking all the fun for myself

        to pass time away the cat claws my shirtsleeve

        attracted as moths are attractive
        fluttering like paper on string

        She excites when I bat her away
        distractive correlatives attracted
Goat Cheese

  Searched images for Made in USA.     Search took 0.46 seconds.

           I                 Come      from                        a

                                       land                        of

         soft               cheeses   a place              of electricity

                              and      warm


         The aroma of Lychee is relaxing     While      discussing    the
         and evasive, it envelopes you       concept of "yeet hay" and
         then disappears within the          "leung" (the heating and
         senses inhale the floral bouquet,   cooling attributes of foods)
         the fragrance of Lychee is          with a Chinese chef, I asked
         mysterious, oriental, floral and    her why the lychee fruit is
         gently sweet. The softness of       considered "yeet hay" or
         rose and the body of apple          heating. It is a very sweet
                                             fruit and is delightful when
         The flavor is delicate and sweet    chilled. One would think it
         like honey, it perfumes the         would be "leung" or a
         tongue with fruity and sweet        cooling food.

                                             She replied "Ah yes, well
                                             snakes seek out Lychees
                                             trees to urinate on, thus
                                             Lychee is considered "yeet
                                             hay" because snakes are
                                             "very, very yeet hay"
Turnip Cream

        When Lackey decided to leave the farm
        he packed his life tightly into his pickup


        He saw horizons of colors before him
        Dark purples parallel to thin yellows, red

        Periwinkle cutting through fields of lime
        Salmon cutting through orange streams

        At the local Starbucks
        the waitress cut him a large slice of apple pie

        When you are in town,
        you don’t stir your coffee with your thumb
Haystack Leeks

                 There are two sides to every tablecloth
                 There are two sides to every tablecloth

                 There are two sides to every tablecloth
                 There are two sides to every tablecloth

                 There are two sides to every tablecloth
                 There are two sides to every tablecloth

                 There are two sides to every tablecloth
                 There are two sides to every tablecloth

                 There are two sides to every tablecloth

         Johnson & Wales


Thanksgiving in Providence sounds so Currier & Ives

So Normal Rockwell beating his wife in the Bronx or
Admitting you are gay while passing the gravy tureen

Listening to Fred talk the strategy of NASCAR

                      go fast and turn left, got it

This heart attack was nothing you should have been here for the one in ninety-four
now that was a heart attack, Barbara here started browsing new Cadillac brochures
she was that sure I was done for, weren’t you sweetie

                      the snow globe

                      close your eyes
                      the better to see

         fuzzy blue lines wear uncomfortable wool pants
         posed relaxed holding his head upward on a fist

         deliberate ennui scrawls his eyes on some point
         distant memory of guns, ear tugs, family portrait

                Think on your face

                become the you,
                you are after you forget that you are you

An alarm clock rings and a blindfolded man wandering with a candle
A man holding an ear trumpet talks with a blue woman holding a fish

Buildings lean down the street
a calico cat rubs against a door

An ancho chili expression of radicalized beauty is nothing by itself,
when you study circles the center is hollow; the pepper holds seeds

What can we learn about Securities Trading
by looking at a blindfolded man and a fish?
Roast Goose

              GOOSEY, GOOSEY, GANDER

                Goosey, goosey, gander,
                Whither dost thou wander?
                Upstairs and downstairs
                And in my lady's chamber.

                There I met an old man
                Who wouldn't say his prayers,
                I took him by the left leg,
                And threw him down the stairs.

         Sisters of Providence @ Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

         Thanksgiving Services Held
                 November 27, 2003
                 7:00; 9:15; 11:00; 12

         “Friends, I agree with you in Providence;

                 but I believe in the Providence of the most men,
                 the largest purse, and the longest cannon.”

                 Abraham Lincoln
Brown Bread

                             we must follow, not force Providence

        Martini glasses float on air for strings
        bubbles branch off of birch tree icicles

        A turkey making a get-away in a stolen car
        a red ambulance resuscitating a graveyard

        rainbows over industrial sections of a city
        A water tower uplifting itself and roaming

        A president on an aircraft declaring victory
        Michael Jackson awarded best pop prisoner

                 aliens on Mars eat NASA
        scientists then send back for more

        any of these images would make
        excellent television commercials

        a time to cast away stones, turn
Harvard Beats

                wrapped in a knee length red and yellow scarf
                worn green felt fedora tipped faintly off-center
                Doctor Who briskly entered Harvard yard as

                an unearthly child transmitting golden survival.
                The final episode could be, tonight … the end.
                Could this be the end, end of the series, actor?
                The Doctor dismissed this due to his popularity

                Doctor Who was popular, as popular as ever. And
                who could not love this man’s DVD titles; ‘Revenge
                of The Cybermen’, ‘Dimensions in Time’, etcetera

                Comforted, he returned to TARDIS, K-9, his travels

Roy Horn’s Tiger

                                             My cats haven’t treated me the same
                                                 since they heard about the terror
                                              attack on the Vegas performer Roy
                                             Horn. She smiled and said, he had it
                                                 coming, one day out of nowhere.

                                            And that’s how it happened, too
                                            first there was a protest or two, then
       So the Tiger said, "Very well, I     the war happened, then the war went
       won't eat you this time, but you     away but it was still touch and go for a
       must give me your beautiful little   time. They report the casualties along
       Red Coat."                           with the football score.

       So the Tiger got poor Little Black   CNN indicates Horn and the Tiger will
       Sambo's beautiful little Red Coat,
                                             both pull through this and perform as
       and went away saying, "Now I'm
       the grandest Tiger in the Jungle."                  Siegfried and Roy again

       From: Little Black Sambo
                                                            predators circle gently

         a hazelnut is a miserable
         nut to quarrel with, now

         a walnut is the essence,
         the character of existence

         a mural in shades of brown

         a man’s heart devises his dance
         and earth charms away his days
Ozark Pudding
For Johnny Cash

                  We’ll meet again
                  sounds strange waiting

                  gone to grace as all
                  things go for water

                  goes for shining yellow raincoats
                  shining as the sun keeps blowing

                  that lonesome whistle
                  balancing uncertainly

                  don’t know where don’t know when
                  wavering blue linen some sunny day
Real Name: Geoffrey Gatza
Occupation: Crime-fighter, Poet
Base of Operations: Buffalo, NY USA
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

                 BlazeVOX2k3: an online journal
                 of voice
                 Author Site:

                                                         “Portrait of the Poet as an Action Figure”
                                                                        by artist Donna White.

A prodigy who obtained his Literature degree while still in his teens, Geoffrey Gatza was a gifted poet,
who’s inability to work within the system led him outside of established literary circles. As the "Midnight
Poet," Gatza used his great wealth, talent and formidable network of contacts to provide Avant Garde
poetry for a wide range of readers for whom orthodox poetry had failed.

While investigating the influx of new and dangerous bio-mimetic languages, Gatza was infected with
mutagenic viruses which interacted randomly with other chemicals in his bloodstream. As a result, Gatza
lost his vision, except while using special goggles of his own creation.

Beatnik was one of the strongest Poets on Earth until his untimely fall before Gatza. During a final
confrontation with the original Beatnik, Gatza’s power level was increased tenfold when his father,
seemingly performing an act of good will before his death, bestowed Gatza with his superior mental
powers. With his father's ability to project lifelike three-dimensional images and psionic energy beams the
Nobel Prize seemed well within his reach.

Recently, Gatza was committed to Subway™ Asylum following several violent mental breakdowns. While
there he made fast friends with T.S. Elliot who was committed for acting like a cat and Ezra Pound. Shortly
afterward, a confrontation with Elliot, Pound and Closed Verse left Gatza nearly dead. He retreated into his
mind, seemingly lost forever in a coma. It has been speculated the energy Gatza received from his father
was the catalyst for his insanity but this is not entirely true. Something else has been infecting his
mind...something powerful.

Gatza has dedicated himself to protecting the downtrodden of his city from a continuing series of deadly
schemes by the insidious Iowa writers.

Geoffrey Gatza is editor and publisher of the online poetry journal BlazeVOX2k3. He is a recent
graduate of Daemen College with a degree in accounting and literature. Favorite color is orange,
likes chocolate ice cream and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and worked as a
chef for 10 years. The former U.S. Marine now lives in Kenmore, NY with his fiancée Donna
White and his 2 cats Blaze and Clarice. Recent art work appears in Fiera Lingue (Italy), Side
Reality, Conundrum, 88, Slope, and Exquisite Corpse. His work seeks to unify the ideals and
disappointments of Avant Pop. He is the author of Avatar, an epic poem of Superman through the
20th century; Secret Origins (Charles LaSalle Publishing, 2003) John 9:25 (CD-ROM) His digital
art has been displayed internationally and was selected as one of the top 50 artists in the
electronic literature organization’s State of the Art 2002 exhibit.

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