Insiders' Guide to Year 7

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Insiders' Guide to Year 7 Powered By Docstoc                                                                                    Summer 2007

                      Insiders’ Guide to Year 7
                                             An essential insight into College life

Mr Rees                                Mr Cahill                                 Miss Litchfield
Principal                              Year 7 Team Leader                        Assistant Team Leader

Message from
the Principal
I would like to extend a warm welcome to
you all as you embark on your new journey
at Ivybridge Community College. The
majority of you will have come from local
primary schools and many of you may have
brothers, sisters and even parents or family
who have attended the College. There will
be some of you however who are new to
the area and I want to assure you and all
the other students that we look forward to
                                                                you have had and how much you are looking forward to
meeting and greeting each and every one of you. I
would be grateful if those of you who already know their
                                                                From experience we know you will be tired after the first
way around the College will help and befriend those
                                                                week and this is to be expected as you get used to
who might be new to their surroundings.
                                                                different routines and meeting so many new people.
I want you to really enjoy your time at the College and
                                                                You are very fortunate to have a whole team of Mentors
the first few days are very important. There is a terrific
                                                                who are looking forward to working alongside you so
amount on offer over and above the normal College
                                                                make sure to thank them for the terrific job they do.
curriculum and we want you to really take advantage of
                                                                Through a combination of your hard work and
what is on offer to you. I know that it is an anxious time
                                                                commitment, together with the help and guidance of the
for some of your parents / guardians, so make sure you
                                                                staff and your Tutors, I hope you will endeavour to
get involved. When you get home after your first day, I
                                                                reach your full potential and I look forward to being able
want you to be able to tell them just what a great day
                                                                to celebrate your achievements with you throughout
                                                                your time at the College.
Mr Cahill says Hello!                                                                                 Geoffrey Rees, Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the College as your new Year Team Leader. The opportunities that you
could experience are staggering and your Tutors and I will try our best to enable you to experience as many of these as
possible. We enjoy celebrating your success and look forward to sharing all your achievements. Remember to ask if
you need help and talk to your Tutors, Mentors, Miss Litchfield and myself. With the help of your Mentors, Tutors and
soon to be new friends it won’t take long before you become confident around the College. This is a time where you will
meet lifelong friends, so enjoy your time in belonging to a successful and happy year group.
                                                                                               Mr Cahill, Year 7 Team Leader
     What is it really like?
    “At first the College is quite scary and when you don’t know your way around it is even more scary! But when you have
    your first day and you meet your Mentors at the beginning of College, they show you to your lessons all day which is
    really helpful. After your first week you know your way
    around – it is great! I really enjoy the College and I
    hope you will too. Don’t worry about coming – it is really
    fun. You get to meet new friends and the year flies by
    really quickly.”
                                            By Amelia Cawse

    “There are hundreds of clubs at the College. Art clubs,
    sports clubs, chess clubs! The teachers are nice and
    welcome you warmly. There are more lunchtime clubs
    than after school clubs. Make sure you get involved!”

                                            By Emma Cariou
                                                                     “I enjoyed moving from primary school to College. At
                                                                     first I thought it would be really scary but once you got
                                                                     to know people it was really cool. It was fun exploring
                                                                     the College – the equipment and facilities are amazing
                                                                     – they even have their own Gym. Now we are in Year
                                                                     7 I can’t wait to go into Year 8 so we can use the
                                                                     machines in the fitness suite. My favourite teacher
                                                                     teaches History and Social Studies. I don’t like History
                                                                     but she makes it fun. The College has a variety of
                                                                     clubs and events that you can join. I did Rowing Club
                                                                     and I nearly got into a competition. I also enjoyed
                                                                     watching the Gym and Dance show – it was cool. I
                                                                     performed in the Spanish Taste of Languages and we
                                                                     did a version of La Bamba – it was exciting! Year 7
                                                                     has been so cool and I hope you enjoy your Year 7
                                                                                                             By Steph Evans
    I had a great time this year especially the sport. Luckily
    I got into the football and rugby teams but my biggest
    successes were in running. I did a lot of cross country
    running with my friends and we got involved in
    competitions. I won a three race Plymouth cup and I
    got into the Devon team (but I got injured before the
    race). In the football team we won the Plymouth Cup
    and drew the Devon Cup. The one thing you’ll be
    worrying about is homework, but you don’t need to
    worry, it’s all good!

                                            By Scott Magrath

 What is it really like?
It was great to finally move to secondary school and
what better secondary school to move to than
Ivybridge Community College! When I first joined I
was amazed to see the huge amount of sports
equipment and facilities. I am looking forward to Year
8 when I can use the fitness suite. I was also stunned
to see the huge amount of sports clubs available.

I took up rowing when an Olympic gold medallist
came and told us about a new junior rowing
programme, Project Oarsome. It was great fun. You
start by racing on the rowing machines in the fitness suite, then you can go to school competitions. If you do well you
can go to the regional finals. I had great fun at the finals, even though I didn’t win! It rocks!
                                                                                                             By Miranda Heath
On my first day of College I was really nervous. I
didn’t know many people as I went around the
College. The College is huge but you get Mentors to
show you around and in the end you will know your
way around. You get used to the homework. Most
teachers are nice. Your Head of Year will be Mr
Cahill. There are so many clubs – you will never be
bored. Good luck to all new Year 7s!
                                     By Charlotte Hendry

                                                     “The Taste of Languages was brilliant. We got to dance, sing, act and
                                                     dress up into great costumes. You have loads of fun and make more
                                                     friends. At the College there are lots of sports activities, including
                                                     football, netball, hockey, tennis and basketball. In some of them you
                                                     can compete against other schools and travel to different places. The
                                                     homework isn’t too bad – it starts off quite easy so you don’t need to
                                                     worry about anything.”
                                                                                                                  By Katie Brown

                                                     If you’re coming to Ivybridge Community College and you are really
                                                     good at sports then you are probably going to love it! Games lessons
                                                     are the best and so are some of the clubs – especially hockey! Make
                                                     sure you get involved with at least one sport because then you can play
                                                     home and away matches – both are cool, so just enjoy it!
                                                                                                                  By Jane Pursey

    What is it really like?
    “The Gym and Dance Show in December was
    amazing. There were a variety of shows starting at
    7.30pm and finishing at 11ish. At the end you’re really
    tired but it was a brilliant night. It was a two night show.
    Every night, vast numbers of people came, even the
    teachers. On the first night I was very scared just in
    case I messed up but luckily I didn’t! When you go to
    College you make lots of new friends in your year and
    in older years.”
                                              By Nicola Webb

                                                                      “Since I have been at Ivybridge Community College I
                                                                      have had an amazing time. The College itself is
                                                                      enormous but doesn’t take long to get used to. There
                                                                      has been a variety of lunchtime and after-College
                                                                      activities. I have done tennis, football and music.
                                                                      There have been some really fun things that the
                                                                      College has organised, like the Taste of Languages.
                                                                      It’s when you do a big performance in a different
                                                                      language that you’ve learnt like Spanish, French,
                                                                      Italian, Chinese and German – it’s amazing!
    “I have had a great time at this College this year especially
    in the gym. I had never done Gym before secondary school
                                                                      Also there’s Gifted and Talented. It’s when individual
    and now I go regularly to gym. There are lots of
                                                                      students are chosen to do extra after school lessons of
    opportunities. I have done one competition and a Gym and
                                                                      their choice. It’s fun doing it and everything you’ve
    Dance show. The Gym and Dance show is great fun and is
                                                                      done is shown in a meeting (with cakes and buns!).
    a great thing to get involved in. At Gym club there are lots
                                                                      My favourite lesson is Art because we do lots of fun
    of people to make friends with – they are very welcoming. It
                                                                      drawings and designs. I went on an Art course in
    is great fun – give it a go!
                                                                      Beaford which was a weekend activity with nothing but
                                                  By Ruth Oldershaw
                                                                      Art. It was an amazing experience. My favourite
                                                                      teacher is my Science teacher.”
                                                                                                              By Matthew Luke

                                                                      “I did the space camp in Gifted and Talented which
                                                                      was really fun! We made paper rockets and we
                                                                      decorated them in any way we wanted. Then we went
                                                                      outside and using some piping stuff and the teacher’s
                                                                      car we shot the rockets into the sky. One of them
                                                                      landed on top of the roof! So if you get the chance to
                                                                      do Gifted and Talented – do it! It’s great fun.”

                                                                                                           By Deanna Davenport