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					                             ASB Joint Session Agenda
                             Tuesday, October 26, 2004
                         7:00pm, Diboll Conference Center

I.     Call to Order

II.    Roll Call

III.   Approval of the Minutes
       Baham: Ask for unanimous approval of minutes from 8/31
       Seconded and Passed

IV.    Guest Presentation: Campus Architect, Monroe Quad
       Baham: Business school agreed to pay for their share to make Monroe quad like
             it was before. Asking other offices to contribute. Keely Thibodeaux,
             Campus Architect, will provide more information on making quad more

       Keely Thibodeaux: Quad now just dirt. Planting season November and February,
              Try to regreen quad, at least back to the way it was before. Business
              school originally agreed to make quad green again. Want to make some
              improvements, redoing some of sidewalks to Law School side and some
              on Sharp side. More bike racks. Continue paving around side to make
              service access for Business school and could also be used during move-in.
              Beneficial to Monroe students. Law school also planning construction
              project to begin next summer. The portion of Monroe quad they would
              use would not be landscaped at this time, but they will return the quad to
              the plan we are hoping to pursue. Drawing by landscape architect work
              with regular on-campus landscapers. Trying to pursue enhanced plan,
              more planting around edges in front of Business and Law schools.
              Accommodate two environments: quiet zone on either side and play area
              in center. Quad always trampled before so decided to put in walkways to
              extend to locations. Walkways also wide enough for move-in, enough
              space to drive on. Small hills, about 3-6 feet tall, to separate play area
              from quiet zones on corners. Create interest with flowering trees. Create
              additional bike parking on sides of Monroe. Area directly in front of
              Monroe for outdoor seating, some students interested in outdoor smoking
              area. Great option for play and quiet study and access to other areas need
              to get to on campus. Create front yard for Monroe students. Partially
              funded by Law school, Business school, and looking for additional.

       Dr. Cynthia Cherrey: When I talked with Melody and Brad, we thought it was
              important to come before students to get feedback, input, and support.
              Want to collectively complete project. Important for university to
              maintain and enhance green space. More livable, workable, fun space on
              campus. Want feedback before proceed.
Wilson: Dr. Cherrey, you mentioned support and running it by us, how do you
      mean support?

Dr. Cherrey: Project is estimated at $150,000. Want feedback, does it make
       sense? Going to number of folks, primarily Business school. Contract
       says Business school must bring back to what it was before construction

Thibodeaux: Do we want just flat green space or nicer and enhanced? Law
      school, student affairs, architects, facility services, and student group-all
      collectively chip in to do enhanced project.

How much extra is enhanced?

Thibodeaux: Enhanced is $150,000. Business and law schools chip in.

Baham: Think real question is, how much from students?

Dr. Cherrey: Not a set amount. You may not want to help, but will be faster if
       we don’t have to find other ways of funding.

Svoboda: Thank you for design. Monroe students want improvement. Having
      lived there, know there’s always problem with sidewalk and drainage.
      How is this incorporated in plan?

Thibodeaux: Drainage is part of plan, but overall drainage is issue for the
      university. Only so much can address. Will help and make easier for
      students to get to and from Monroe, but Monroe lower than street. Will
      always be a battle.

Neal: Heard that Law school will have some use for class space, is that

Thibodeaux: I haven’t heard that.

Dr. Cherrey: All common space, so would be able to use. Predominantly used by
       Monroe students, but all quads are shared space.

Fontenot: Have an idea when quad would be finished once Law school finished

Thibodeaux: First part of project, which is 75% of quad, want to start as soon as
      possible. Planting season, November to February. Want to get done now.
      Law school portion not scheduled to be completed until next January.
       Fixing that part of the quad would take place immediately following
       completion of construction.

Frost: Have you done studies as to how many students would see on day to day

Thibodeaux: I don’t know what percentage will use the space.

Frost: I am a Tulane College student and do not live in Monroe. Would I ever
       see the quad?

Thibodeaux: Not unless you have a game there.

McLoughlin: How large is play area in center?

Thibodeaux: 150 feet by 50 feet, roughly.

Bacque: Have you investigated getting a private donor? $75000 would be
      bargain for quarter acre of Tulane’s campus, have you looked into that

Thibodeaux: I’m not the person to answer that question.

Dr. Cherrey: Fundraising takes a long time. Want to get set up as soon as
       possible for Law school, Business school and Monroe. Those folks keep
       seeing dirt. Intention is to complete quad as soon as possible. Fundraising
       would take at least a year.

Bacque: Not saying you should do fundraising, more advertising fact that want to
      sell quad. Would not take that long.

Thibodeaux: We’ll look at it.

Williams: Money out of tuition? How much to maintain quad? Problem keeping
       up green space around campus.

Thibodeaux: Not out of tuition. Facility services maintains grounds.

Vanky: How much space of sidewalk would be available for move-in? What
      amount is allocated to vehicle space, for driving and parking? There is
      always a back up.

Thibodeaux: Play area 150 feet by 50 feet. Analyzing options-drive in from
      McAlister, in front of Law school, and out on Freret to get in and out of
      quad. Two other driveways planned—walkways are large enough for thru
      traffic, all that have planned for now.
Vanky: Play space at grade or raised like Mayer quad?

Thibodeaux: Roughly at grade. Needs to be re-graded. Hills not tall, but with
      planting gives feeling we’re looking for.

Vanky: Presentation to campus design committee?

Thibodeaux: And to subcommittee of people with interest. Changing some type
      of planting-for example, larger trees. Questioning some of topography.
      Need more play space?

Vanky: How does service area work for Business school? See dumpsters?

Thibodeaux: New plan, nobody happy with how service area looks. Their
      dumpster area is eye sore and needs to be addressed. Working towards

Buscovich: How much looking for from us?

Baham: How much other offices giving?

Thibodeaux: Not confirmed amounts from other departments. Original plan for
      Business school to go back to what had. Other offices trying to see what
      they can come up with. See what you can provide, not sure what you can
      do. That’s what I’m asking.

Green: To Chair, not knowing specific numbers, might need to table issue.
       Might need to act because of time schedule.

Baham: Presenting to us tonight. Present separately to GAPSA and USG Finance
      committees. One main presentation tonight, when have numbers, back to
      finance committees. Finance committees have meetings in November.

Wester: Plans for safety? Extra bushes mean extra darker spaces, more lighting
       covered in estimate?

Thibodeaux: Yes and no. Lighting from some other sources already being
      planned. Lighting planned now is just perimeter pole lighting.

Dr. Cherrey: Lighting has been taken into consideration. About a month ago,
       students and staff walked the campus and reviewed lighting on campus.

Baham: One more question for now. Can direct any more questions to ASB
      email (
     Boros: You are in planning stages currently, once budget is set, and have funds,
            how long will project take? Work hours?

     Thibodeaux: Construction schedule 7am – 3pm. Do not plan on more than that.

     Dr. Cherrey: In this site, will not start at 7 am. Would start closer to 9 am.

     Boros: How many weeks?

     Thibodeaux: 4 to 6 weeks.

     Baham: Send any more questions to and I will direct to right
           place. Thank you Keely for coming tonight.

V.   Executive Reports

     a. Office of the Associated Student Body- Melody Baham
            Saferides October 30 and 31
           Baham: Saturday 8 pm to 4 am, Sunday 8 pm to 2 am. Where should bus
                   drop off downtown? Supposed to be Medical school, but never
                   happens. Is there location closer to Bourbon and Canal that would
                   be more efficient?

            Fontenot: On Canal, Tidewater building

            Suggestions: Where streetcar ends, Footlocker, Chateau Sonesta

            Baham: The buses say they can’t get to Chateau Sonesta, but they usually
                  do. Please let me know if you think of better location.

            Buscovich: Possible to go to other side of the quarter? Frenchman Street?

            Baham: No, not on time schedule we try to maintain.

            Babin: S. Peters, near Tipitina’s, halfway to Frenchman?

            Near Harrah’s?

            Baham: Will call company in morning. Have to think about traffic, a lot
                  of areas blocked off on Saturday night.

            Boros: Chateau Sonesta is good. There is a Walgreens or street car line,
                   but bus cannot stand there for 5-10 minutes. What about the Ritz
Baham: No. For now will plan on Chateau Sonesta. See me after
      meeting if have better idea. Two buses on Saturday and Sunday
      nights, as close to on the half hour as possible. Will talk to TUPD.
      If you happen to be there, please try to act as decently as possible.

 Directions
White: Met with sparse attendance twice, due largely to communication
       error on my end. I apologize. If you are a council head, officer, or
       would like to be there, please put name, position and email on this
       paper I’m sending around. Will send information before next
       meeting. Meeting November 8 with Dr. Cherrey. On November
       16, Melody, myself, and one more will meet to discuss fundraising,
       try to get money from Gibson for one speaker to come to Tulane.
       Talk to me after if need more information. Will discuss money we
       have, and who we would like to bring in spring. Would like to see
       Clinton- type or a debate. Hopefully will have at least 80 people
       on sign-up list tonight.

Baham: If somebody from your college is already designated and is not
      here, please write down his or her name.

 Student Health Insurance
Baham: Attended meeting to talk about alternative plans and what is
      covered in both graduate and undergraduate insurance plans.

Gallen: Student health plan review committee. Student health insurance
       huge problem, more for graduates because most undergraduates
       use parents’ insurance. 90% of undergraduates not on Tulane plan.
       If you know anything about plan, from last year to this year
       increase in cost and decrease in benefits. Wanted to look at
       benefits that people really need, how much it would cost to provide
       them. What can we give and take? Come up with proposal to go
       to insurance company: what amount want students to pay and
       what benefits they need. Increase prescription drugs $500 to $600,
       lab costs from $800 to $2500. Student health center on Uptown
       campus will remain free. Any questions, comments, suggestions,
       complaints, email

 Homecoming
Baham: Homecoming was a success. Thanks for participating. Good
      game. Congratulations to court, queen was Jessi Leavitt of
      Newcomb College and king was Jeff Schiffman of Tulane College.
      Caroline Nabors not here, but did excellent job as chair. Two other
      chairs here: Daisy and Carrie.
      b. Graduate & Professional Student Association- Thomas Gallen
            Gallen: GAPSA Party this past Friday

             Bacque: Party went well.

      c. Undergraduate Student Government- Brad Patout
           Patout: Retreat last night for senators, thanks to those who came. Thanks
                  to Tidal Wave for success of homecoming. Working with registrar
                  in regards to waiver of health insurance. Students fill out waiver
                  every year. Trying to add checkbox to fall confirmation to make
                  easier. Email any ideas to

VI.   College Reports
         Architecture- no report
         Business-no report
         Engineering- no report
         Graduate Business-no report
         Graduate Engineering-no report
         GSSA- no report
         Law-no report
         Medicine- no report
         Newcomb- ·I LOVE NEWCOMB T-SHIRTS ON SALE NOW! I heart
         Newcomb shirts are back by popular demand! You can order your shirt by
         stopping by the Newcomb Student Programs office in room 104 Newcomb
         Hall. The shirts are $10 and available in sizes YL - XXL. If you have any
         questions, please contact Heather Stovall at
         · Newcomb Senate will be attending TAKE BACK THE NIGHT as a group
         and we encourage all student organizations and governments to join us:
          Wednesday, October 27, at 6 p.m. The march will begin in the Marquette
         Hall horseshoe, on the Loyola University main campus, 6363 St. Charles Ave.
         o Monday, November 1:
         Mortar Board Bake Sale from 10am-2pm in front of the Pavilion! Ice Cream
         Social with Dean Lowenthal 5:00-7:00, Dean's Residence. Come mingle with
         Dean Lowenthal and enjoy ice cream!
         o Tuesday, November 2:
         Election Watch 2004
         7:00-9:00, JL Lounge Watch the results of the election live and enjoy
         pizza and cake! Cast your vote in our mock election to win a raffle prize!
         Raffle at 8!
         o Wednesday, November 3:
         A Toast to Newcomb- Sponsored by Newcomb Mortar Board 5:00-6:30,
         Dean's Residence. Seniors only! Join Dean Lowenthal at this
         reception for upcoming Newcomb grads!
         o Thursday, November 4:
          JL Fellowship Reading 7pm, Myra Clare Chapel Come hear JL
          Fellowship Recipient Claire Keifer speak about her research experiences
          teaching poetry in 3 prisons along the east coast.
          o Friday, November 5:
          Newcomb Activities Expo Time TBA, Newcomb Quad Enjoy pizza and
          other treats while you explore the possibilities of Newcomb!
          · Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy will speak November 8th at
          7pm in Freeman Auditorium. Rory is a filmmaker, humanitarian, and social
          activist. This event is sponsored by Newcomb Women's Forum.

          Public Health & Tropical Medicine- no report
          Social Work- no report
          Tulane- no report
          University College – no report

VII.   Committee Reports
         ASB Crime and Safety Concerns Committee- no report
         ASB Restructuring Committee- no report

VIII. Student Forum

IX.    Old Business

X.     New Business

XI.    Open Forum
        Grad Party
       Williams: Should do party again. Usually events are separated by schools.

        Monroe Quad Presentation
       White: Regardless of opinion of money amount and if good idea to fund, it’s a
              step in right direction to have them bring the plan to student government.
              That piece of land was being discussed as being turned into a parking lot
              before. They would not have brought the parking lot plan in front of you.
              Good step in right direction that they presented the idea to us.

       Rosenlit: During discussion, heard comment, ―What students would walk by?‖
              Think this is the wrong attitude. Should look at any part of campus being
              beautified as improvement for entire campus. Anyone can use the quad.
              The plan would help whole campus.

       Vanky: Same sentiments as Co-Chief of Staff White. It is good they’re talking to
             us. I sit on the committee and am in the school of Architecture. Feel free
             to talk to me as well. Sometimes we have tunnel vision. Need to realize
             what other students experience as well.
Boros: Live in Sharp. Never go over to quad, but see from window. Think plan
       is good idea.

Frost: Fully support plan too. But if we partially fund, going to have to answer to
       students. Will need to find percentage of student use if they don’t know.

Baham: When President Patout and I were presented with the plan, had one
      concern. Smokers’ area as soon as you walk out of Monroe. Worried
      about wall keeping in smoke. Could move entire area to side to help
      entrance of Monroe. Law and business schools look over quad. Plan
      would make more attractive site overall.

Drozdowski: Great to see green space on campus. Disagree that need to find out
      percentage of students who will use. People will seek out like they seek
      out Mayer and Newcomb quads. People will go there just to be there.

Green: What is the time schedule? There are a lot of opinions on the plan. Is
       there a specific date to decide?

Baham: GAPSA and USG meetings in November. Committee should have better
      numbers and commitments from other departments before finals.

Boros: Opens another area to where law students, business students, and
       undergraduates could go. They will go there. How many constituents

Vanky: Need to ask yourself-do you support the presentation or the idea of
      Monroe being reinvented? More questions: enough light with trees?
      Number of tables? Think of questions when ask other people. People
      won’t be sitting when others are playing football. Think about it and ask
      more questions.

Baham: Keely’s very open to suggestions. Main green space in middle still open
      space. Open to suggestions for things on side of quad. Email any
      questions or suggestions to

Paige: Have 5 quads on campus. 3 out of order (one the pavilion is on, UC quad,
       and Monroe). Business school required to return quad back to original
       state, but want to improve. Will this happen everytime? Improvement
       every time? Will benefit school as whole, but how much money?

Buscovich: Instead of spending $150,000, why not spend more? Prospectives
      look at dorms, see amazing quad. Will increase number of students who
      want to go here, make everyone happier, including Business and Law
       Patout: If plan is followed, could bring prospective student tours to this quad.
              Point out highlights of university from the quad (business school, law
              school, how Monroe just renovated). In considering plan, not just looking
              at current students but also prospectives.

       Green: Only topic of open forum? Will re-entertain issue in own meetings.

       Boros: One negative thing about proposal-idea of urgency of passing this
              through. The business school was done last year. Monroe quad started
              some this summer, but quad sitting like that basically since I came to
              Tulane year ago. The presentation should have come earlier, should not
              make urgent case now. Prospectives in March, get quad done by
              February. Business school should pay for destroying area, but they want
              to make nicer and are asking for more money. When the Pavillion is
              removed, will be asked to pay for that?

       Baham: If no different comments, then move to next topic.

        Sexual Assault Committee
       Wilson: Serving on sexual assault committee. First, everybody is saying it’s
             great that the quad plan was brought before us. This is due in large part to
             Dr. Cherrey. Her office, the provost and deans have formed committee on
             gender based violence. Systemic problem among colleges across nation.
             Sexual assault against young women is very serious issue. Wanted to ask
             if you have any ideas on how we could improve how we handle sexual
             assault cases. If there are any questions from educational, judicial, or
             advocacy viewpoints? Let us not just follow in the trend of other schools
             but set bar. Any questions or suggestions, email or

        Off Campus Housing Website
       Baham: Close to 350 landlords. Estimate 20 to 30 more in next week. No
              success in finding volunteer to take over site. Will be looking for student
              to pay to take over website. Email if you or someone you
              know is interested. Can be Work Study or not. Talking to TIS to update
              and improve. Let me know about suggestions, before holiday break.
              Website: or link from main Tulane website.
              Any other topics?

XII.   Announcements
       Drozdowski: Take Back the Night-gender violence march, October 27, 2004 at 6
             pm. Marquette hall horseshoe in front of Loyola. Speakers and march.

       Wester: Kappa Alpha Theta is supporting CASA, sorority’s national
              philanthropy. Concert November 18, 3 bands, in McAlister. Individual
              tickets $13, group (of 10 or more) tickets $11. Booth in front of the
             Pavillion next couple of weeks to sell tickets. Can ask any Theta for more

      Fontenot: African diaspora week, November 15-19. Caribbean night, band and
            food from New Orleans’ restaurants. Soul food Friday at Dickey Chases,
            tour of Amistad Center and several other events.

      T-shirts $10 for Take Back the Night.

      Baham: Ride Saferides. Saturday and Sunday. Need Tulane ID. Both grad and
            undergrad. 8 pm – 4 am, as close to on the half hour as possible. Do not
            wear mask going on to bus for safety reasons.

      Edgar: Pick up on campus?

      Baham: Corner of Freret and McAlister, by Navy building.

XIII. Roll Call

XIV. Adjournment