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					            MISSION STATEMENT

The NAA-SA is dedicated to the highest quality customer

 and member service delivered with a sense of warmth,

     friendliness, individual pride and group spirit.

                                    NAA – SA

                              BUSINESS PLAN

                             SEPTEMBER 2002


The NAA-SA is becoming the recognised voice of the smaller accommodation industry
of South Africa.

It markets its members’ accommodation and services by effective networking, making
referrals to our members and supporting the public and private sector efforts to
promote the smaller accommodation establishment industry.

It negotiates on the members’ behalf, it bargains on the members’ behalf and it
communicates on the members’ behalf. We are not competitors, we must combine
forces to obtain small business power.


The NAA-SA was created in the year 2000. Three provinces had at that time been
operating individually to achieve a provincial association by pulling together already
established local accommodation associations. They had worked in isolation but had
a vision to join forces with other provinces to ultimately achieve a national body that
would become the ‘voice’ of the smaller accommodation industry in this country.

Representatives from KZN, Gauteng and North West Province made contact with
Western Cape, Cape Town, Limpopo, Free State and Northern Cape. In some cases
small associations were already in place, in other areas associations needed to be
formed, however, after one year the NAA-SA had achieved representation in all but
two provinces and were meeting on a regular basis to share ideas and discuss ways to
‘grow’ the association to achieve the NAA-SA vision.

This year 2002, sees the NAA-SA reaching many of the short term goals that had been
set. Representation covers 8 provinces, 48 member associations and 1155 members.
The NAA-SA Map has been produced and will be launched at the Getaway Show in
Johannesburg 13, 14 & 15 September. The map indicates the location of each of the
member associations and lists every member with their contact details, it is a
consumer driven publication which will allow the traveller to see at a glance where
they want to stay and the options of accommodation available. It is also a superb
marketing tool for members as well as an easy reference guide for networking and

       The NAA-SA now has a website, members are listed for free with the option to
        add photographs and link their webpages for a small cost per month.
        Facilities emanating from the website include:
       Crimewatch
       Newsletter
       Shop Window for offers and specials
       Webpage hosting
       Internet/Email dial up service
       Banner/mini webpage World Cup Cricket SA

Short/Medium and Long Term Goals

In the short term [within 3 months] the intention of the NAA-SA is:

       To continue recruitment campaigns – the NAA-SA Map is also seen as a
        valuable tool to arouse interest from the smaller accommodation industry to
        encourage those that are not already members to want to join
       To efficiently distribute the Map at as many national and international trade
        shows as possible
       To work with other tourism stakeholders to create a working relationship and
        wherever possible achieve representation of the NAA-SA on committees, etc.
       To further enhance membership by negotiations, bargaining, value added
       To streamline administration – membership packs, information packs and
        standardise methodology to provide easy to use processes {being updated}
       To provide meaningful statistics from which to work, national trends
        compared to NAA-SA [occupancy levels, new members, etc.]
       Create a suppliers list, events calendar{still being compiled]
       Provide training modules for members, a selection of ‘How to’s’[Sunday
        Times modules]
       Prepare a discount brochure[not yet addressed]
       Compile list of media [brewers handbook]
       To source sponsorship on an ongoing basis
       To publish a ‘Legalities Guide for the Smaller Accommodation Industry’ in
        conjunction with BnB Sure[being compiled]
       To plan for the NAA-SA/BnB Sure Awards Programme[still planning]
       Finalise NAA-SA membership key ringsongoing as new members join]

Medium term [within 1 year]:

       To double membership figures within the time frame
       To initiate a ‘roadshow’ using the powerpoint presentation, membership
        packs, benefits brochure, map, legalities document
       To hold the first NAA-SA/BnB Sure Awards Event
       To prepare business plan for Product Days
       Set realistic membership fees using data collected over the past 4 months

      Create a training package for members, for themselves and their staff
      Market the NAA-SA using various tools, t-shirts,caps, bookings registers,
       diaries, aprons, etc.
      Prepare and put into practice the Customer Care Policy to be stated on each
       subsequent marketing publication
      Reproduce the map and/or brochure
      Obtain sponsorship for a stand at WTM 2002, stand at Indaba 2003, ITB and
       any other trade shows applicable
      Increase website facilities to include, ability for members to make their own
       changes and additions, for local association chairpersons to make changes
       and additions to their local information, for provincial representatives to
       make changes on the provincial page. Provide downloading facility,
       membership packs, plaque forms,etc. Provide useful statistics, suppliers list,
       shopping service [e.g. Woolworths, PicknPay] Provide a swap shop to enable
       members to swap nationwide for holidays, etc. or possibility of locum work in
       a different location
      Prove commitment to Responsible Tourism Programme
      Join Proudly South Africa
      Initiate negotiations with MNet and DSTV for member discounts
      Continue negotiations with SABC to maintain 25% discount
      Provide a mechanism for NAA-SA to grade [Star or Crystals – must be
       recognised as the national grading symbol] within its own membership

Long Term [within the next 5 years]

      To take the national achievement internationally. Contact similar
       associations in other countries to create a worldwide network
      Produce and operate a central booking system nationally
      Initiate a swap shop internationally to enable members to travel overseas and
       provide opportunity for locum swaps internationally
      Annual Awards Programme
      Negotiate for higher powered benefits e.g. airline discounts, banks, etc.
      On line bookings system that works

Business Description

The NAA-SA offers its members a unique service. No other tourism based association
is owner centred, gives support, advice and information and operates a bottom up
approach. Its structure enables networking and booking referrals across South
Africa within the smaller accommodation establishment industry ensuring quality and
good service to the traveller and recourse if a problem occurs.

It is the fastest growing collection of small businesses in this country all of whom
follow a code of conduct.

The membership base is consulted on all matters via representatives and receives
feedback and information using the same process. Subscription rates are pitched to
allow membership across the board – no establishment is too small!!

The short, medium and long term goals of the NAA-SA in details are as follows:

Short Term Goals

      Recruitment Campaign

Our members are our finest asset. We shall continue to recruit members by
encouraging individuals that apply to join their local group, however, if one does not
exist then join the association closest to them and work towards initiating their own
group in their locality/municipality.

We shall endeavour to create a ‘Road Show’, possible funding by sponsorship. Using
the powerpoint presentation we will travel to an area without representation, or by
request to an established group but not yet members. We need to prepare a
membership pack, professional in appearance and user friendly which will give
simple easy to follow instructions and provide any ‘would be’ association with
everything it needs to operate:

   1. Its own application forms – titled in readiness for the new association use
   2. Minimum requirements list [we can begin standardisation by setting these at
       the outset]
   3. Legalities of operating [publication to be prepared in conjunction with BnB
       Sure to be available within the next 3 months]
   4. Discount/Benefit Brochure [to be prepared in the next 3 months]
   5. How to open an association Bank Account [liaise with banks to help where
       necessary – Absa seem very approachable on association bank accounts]
   6. How to structure local subscriptions to take in provincial payment and NAA
       payment ]
   7. How to behave in meetings to achieve
   8. How to prepare and organise a local marketing brochure
   9. Information needed for the website – contact details, etc.
   10. Form for completion to provide the NAA-SA with the information it requires to
       add the new association to all the mechanisms e.g. map info, distribution to

    other associations for networking prior to inclusion on website, database and
11. Copy of MIS Monthly Report for explanation of importance and completion

   Marketing

       1. Distribution of the NAA-SA Map at WTM 2002 using the working
          relationship established with Caravelle and TEP Funding. The WTM
          takes place in November and Caravelle have a stand for their new
          brochure Guesthouses in SA. They have offered a portion of the stand
          to participants in the brochure and the NAA [most of those in the
          brochure are members of NAA so it will be seen as cross pollination].
          Caravelle have applied for TEP funding on our behalf – the NAA-SA
          has a full page advertisement in the guesthouse brochure which will be
          distributed at all national and international trade shows.

           Indaba 2003 – NAA-SA has applied for a stand, we shall know if we
           have been successful in October. The stand will be in the Associations
           Pavilion and will cost approx. R6500, however, accommodation
           expenses will not be incurred as the stand can be manned by local
           members in Durban.

   Representation

    1. NAA-SA now has a seat on the Board of TBCSA – just a start! We must
       aim to be represented on as many committees as possible. Provincial
       representation is more accessible and each councillor should endeavour to
       attain recognition. Nationally we do seem to be recognised more and
       more and are invited to attend many important workshops/meetings,
       however, the majority tend to take place in Johannesburg or Pretoria
       which puts a lot of pressure on that particular councillor.

    2. FEDHASA has now restructured, each province operates autonomously
       although there is still some confusion regarding who makes certain
       decisions e.g. subscriptions [Tony Beardt – Chairman- states that this will
       still be determined at Head Office] We are awaiting the outcome of the
       proposal initiated by Willem Fick regarding NAA-SA in which it was
       proposed that Home Hosting Guild be renamed NAA-SA and members
       subscriptions be reduced to R250 per year with 5 accommodation
       vouchers to be sold by FEDHASA for R100 per night. This will be seen as
       a benefit to all FEDHASA members, for use by all FEDHASA members
       including NAA-SA. The administration of the benefit will be carried out by
       FEDHASA and could enable NAA-SA to offer its members this facility as a
       value added benefit without finanacial burden to NAA-SA.

    2. SABS Proposal to form a working relationship with NAA-SA – exactly
       what form this will take is unclear, however, talks have begun to find a
       common agreement. There are suggestions that, grading, training, and
       marketing would all be made available to NAA-SA.


       1.    Systems for the streamlining of administration to be created for use by
             local provincial and national councillors/chairpersons. This will
             include mechanisms such as:

      Membership packs:

             Example application forms for new local associations

             Minimum requirements [ this will standardise nationally eventually]

             Legalities brochure [working with BnB Sure to publish this]

             Guidelines on negotiating with local municipalities

             Guidelines on how to open an association bank account [Absa are very
             approachable, we need to negotiate with other banks on this one]

             Application form to join provincial association [Provincial
             Associations should produce their own form for their packs – NAA-SA
             application forms should be completed by provincial councillor when
             NAA subs are sent from local associations and should accompany the
             application which should be sent to the Treasurer

             Guidelines on meetings, structure, how to plan.

             TV Licence discount procedures

             Excel distribution for membership numbering and lists of names and
             contact details and facilities offered by each establishment

             Funding information, TEP, Qualitours

             Star Grading, SABS Crystal Grading information

             BnB Sure information

             Hints on negotiating for member benefits locally

             Hints on joint advertising locally

             Contracts of Employment example for member use

Provincial Councillor Packs

          Example provincial association application form

          Guidelines how to administer the provincial local association
          paperwork for NAA-SA purposes

          Guidelines – What is expected of a Provincial Councillor?

          How to open a provincial association bank account

          Monthly Information Report consolidation process

          Recruitment Hints

          List of media for exposure in local/provincial newspapers

          Provincial Membership Certificates

          National Membership Certificates, Plaques & Key Rings – how to
          obtain these for new members

          Hints on how to negotiate provincially for member benefits e.g. liquor
          licence agent discount

   Publications

          How To Booklets – e.g. Create a Business Plan, Accounts Package,
          VAT Info, Capital Gains Tax

          Discount/Benefits Brochure – this must look professional and easily
          amended e.g. loose leaf binding for removal of pages when a discount
          is no longer in place or insertion when a new discount given.

          Create national suppliers list – categorised by province for easy use by
          members, sponsored by suppliers.

          Events Calendar

          Legalities Guide [BnB Sure sponsorship to produce this booklet

          Labour Law information


             Reaffirm negotiations already in place, BnB Sure, Avis Super, TV
             Licence, etc.

             Initiate negotiations with banks to get NAA-SA deal on credit card
             machines and commissions.

             Follow up initial approach from Woolworths recently for on line
             shopping perk

             Negotiate with Teljoy for discounts on rental tv’s for members

             Negotiate with MNet and DSTV on members’ behalf

             Compile a list of possible negotiating avenues

     Special Events

             Awards Programme – continue to work with BnB Sure to create an
             appropriate awards scheme that is positive, member driven and fair.

Medium Term Goals

     Aggressively recruit – media exposure, actively distribute the NAA-SA map at
      every opportunity, encourage, support and assist existing local representatives
      and ensure that quick responses are given to any recruitment enquiry.
     Plan Road Show – decide what equipment is needed powerpoint presentation
      or hard copies of presentation, membership packs, benefits brochure, map,
      legalities document/brochure, training offers, how often it should happen, who
      will organise and arrange where and when.
     Arrange and hold Awards Event – BnB Sure to sponsor. Where, when, how
      will the winner be chosen, what will the Award be for, must be unique,
      different, fair, take in all aspects of issues e.g. Responsible Tourism, pride in
      South Africa, assisting the industry especially new members, any outstanding
      work for the industry.
     Product Days- prepare a business plan for this event, when can we achieve it,
      should it be provincial, national, provide guidelines for local associations to
      have their own trade days with local suppliers, for provincial associations to
      have a trade day with provincial suppliers.
     Membership Fees – budgets properly administered to ascertain true expenses
      as more benefits and services come on board to correctly identify subscription
      fees that will allow for this growth. Voluntary services will not keep the NAA-

    SA afloat forever, time, petrol,admin expenses, meeting attendance whatever
    is given and has been given freely clouds actual costs involved. The MIS
    reports should indicate what subscription fees are applicable, all chairpersons
    must co-operate if we are to assess and explain fees sufficiently.
   Training Package – business operational training, training of staff, health
    and safety, customer service, maintaining a secure environment, stock control,
    laundry services – these are just a few of the possible training requirements.
    No other association offers its members the one thing that is vital to any
    successful business – training. Do we offer courses, do we offer written
    courses, do we train members to train other members, do we outsource, what
    do we charge?
   We must brand the NAA-SA – using a range of t-shirts, caps, bookings
    registers, diaries, aprons, key rings, pens, writing pads, coasters, place mats,
    etc. These can be sold to guests, members, so that everywhere you look you
    see NAA-SA logo
   Customer Care Policy – recourse is already available with the publication of
    the map any dissatisfied guest can write to the NAA and state their case and
    receive assistance to find a solution. We must evolve a written customer care
    policy that is stated on all publications.
   Plan to reproduce map or brochure – evaluate the level of success of the map
    in order to make an educated decision with regard to its reproduction, at R35
    per member the map is a very cost effective publication, in time the cost could
    be incorporated into the subscription fees without too much pain! Brochure
    costs can be evaluated at the same time, sponsorship once again is an option.
   WTM 2002 and Indaba 2003 – application has already been made to TEP for
    assistance financially to take the NAA Map to the WTM on the Caravelle
    stand, the show takes place in November and if all goes according to plan the
    map will be distributed on the Caravelle stand as there will be representation
    from the participants in their latest brochure on guesthouses [31 only] but
    over half of those are already NAA members. Next year we should be in a
    better position to take our own stand. We have applied for a stand at Indaba
    and await the result. The following years will not be a problem as we will
    have proved our worth next year and as a ‘previous exhibitor’ will
    automatically qualify for a stand.
   Website – plans to extend the facilities on the site, possible ideas for the next
    year are; Pet Friendly, Child Friendly, Disabled Friendly, Gay Friendly
    categories, training document download, membership pack download, pin
    numbers and login for members to change details, same process for local
    association chairpersons, provincial councillors and national key personnel,
    suppliers list, shopping on line service, holiday swaps, locum service, staff
    available, classified for selling and purchase of equipment, on line booking
    service, central reservation, Contract of Employment download.
   Responsible Tourism – show statistically that members are committed to
    recycling, saving energy, etc. Suggest ways in which members can take part
    and provide information, stress its value and worth nationally and
   Proudly South African – research this site to see how we can take part
    without excessive cost to enable NAA-SA to use the logo on all documentation,
    website, etc.

      Negotiations – maintain relationships with SABC, BnB Sure, Avis. Initiate
       new negotiations DSTV Mnet, Teljoy. Endeavour to find out what the
       members see as valuable benefits, send out regular requests for ideas, use the
       Newsletter to advise of new negotiations and ask them to tell us what they
       want, remain member driven at all costs in this particular effort.
      Grading –identify grading system that will be the national recognised system,
       from there endeavour to grade within the organisation to save member costs,
       obtain the allowance to grade ourselves – we already carry out this process
       but without national recognition – if hotel chains can do it why can’t we.

Long Term Goals

      To go International – twin with other countries, contact associations of a
       similar belief [if they exist] suggest a liaison, advantages for brochure/map
       distribution in establishments, holiday/locum swaps. Point of entry could be
       UK where smaller accommodation establishments have been operating for
       many years. Variety of locations are similar, beach, historical sites,
       landscape beauty, big city.
      Central booking system – this can be worked through central telephone
       number and website. We should aim to be the largest central booking agency
       in this country, the infrastructure will be naturally ideal for this purpose.
      Annual Awards Programme – continue to grow this event to take in all new
       developments as South Africa moves forward so must the NAA-SA
      Negotiations – ongoing for higher and higher benefits, as our membership
       increases annually so our bargaining position will increase, so our sights
       must soar!
      On Line Bookings – the NAA-SA on line booking system will become the
       most user friendly, well used system in the country, it will be the first port of
       call for all travellers nationally and internationally.

Our Strengths

The NAA-SA is needed, the traveller needs the NAA-SA, the members need the NAA-

Our marketing strategies are spot on. We have an excellent product.

Our members are our strength, we must always remember them.

Our Weaknesses

Funding will always be our biggest problem.

Our Opportunities

If we remain member driven and ‘bottom up based’ our opportunities have no bounds,
they will come our way because we will remain positive, motivated, aware of

Our Threats

Economy and crime – the two go hand in hand. We can dilute our threats by being
proud of South Africa and never failing to speak about this wonderful country in a
positive way, if we don’t appreciate it how can we expect others to appreciate it. We
can be aware of crime, we don’t need to sell it.

Marketing Research

Where do customers come from?
What age groups go where?
What do they read?

With this information we can suggest advertising opportunities for members
according to their customer base.

Suggest a simple questionnaire that members can use to track this information, point
out that complaining guests are the best guests, how else will we know what to

What is the growth rate of business in SA? In our industry what is the growth rate?

What market do we focus on?

Suggest to members that when they place an advertisement they put a code on it, the
enquirer will identify where they found us by using this code. We could code our
website enquiries in this way.

e.g. HoneyPot B&B Tel: 031 561 3795 [Please quote reference: WNAA]

Focus advertisements on service offered, not name of establishment

e.g. Yellow Pages –

Beautiful seaviews and wonderful breakfasts can be yours at:

NAA-SA Manual

Everything anyone needs to know at management level written in detail in a manual,
updated regularly when changes are made to maintain consistency of operation even
though people move on.

Financial Plan and Strategy

What subscriptions will we charge?
Record keeping system, invoicing, payments, recepts?
Projected income statement for next 12 months?
Monthly and annual break even?
Projected Cash flow Statement?
Projected Balance Sheet?


What computer systems and other technology will we use?
What are our software requirements?
What are our plans for the internet?