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									Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                                       GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

     AGENCY             NUMBER OF                AV. TIME FOR /      OPERATIONAL SUPPORT                OPERATIONAL TOOLS AND                  TRAINING SUPPORT 4             OVERSIGHT TOOLS
                      EXPERIENCED IDP             LENGTH OF          FOR PROTECTION STAFF                    GUIDELINES3                                                    (INCL. EVAL & INSPEC
                     PROTECTION STAFF            DEPLOYMENT            (INTERPRETERS, IT,                                                                                        CAPACITY) 5
                       AVAILABLE FOR              (FOR 1 & 2)          LOGISTICS, ADMIN)2
                       DEPLOYMENT 1

    UNHCR         1. Experienced senior        1. 72 hours           Receiving and country         Statute of the Office – GA Res.           No specific IDP training .   UNHCR’s Evaluation and
                  staff with a protection                            offices provide the           428(V) of 14 December 1950 (Art 9)        It is however provided in    Capacity Unit (EPAU)
                  profile (including           2. The                necessary administrative                                                the context of broad         assesses UNHCR policies,
                  community services           identification of     and logistical support.       IOM/FOM/33/93 –UNHCR role with            protection training.         programmes, projects and
                  staff) listed on the         candidates and                                      IDPs                                                                   practices.
                  emergency roster.            the deployment
                                               processing takes                                    IOM/FOM/87/97 UNHCR role with                                          Inspector General’s Office
                                               an average of 30                                    IDPs                                                                   (IGO) provides
                                               days.                                               UNHCRs role - 6 March 2000                                             comprehensive
                  2. Protection Surge                                                                                                                                     assessments of the
                  Capacity roster and          3. 72 hours                                         IOM/FOM/77/2001 – Operational                                          management of UNHCR
                  other standby                                                                    Guidelines for UNHCRs Involvement                                      operations and review of
                  arrangements.                                                                    with IDPs                                                              the impact in given
                                                                                                   IOM/FOM 046-47/2004 Involvement                                        countries and regions.

                  3. Five Senior                                                                   with IDP Situations: A Process for
                  Registration Officers (4                                                         Decision-Making
                  based in Africa).                                                                The UNHCR Tool for Participatory
                                                                                                   Assessment in Operations
                                                                                                   Several pertinent GA resolutions and
                                                                                                   EXCOM Conclusions.
                                                                                                   Registration Handbook 2003 (under
    WFP           N/A - WFP targets            N/A. As WFP is        Country Offices and           Policies: Humanitarian Principles         N/A                          Senior Operational Adviser
                  IDPs on the basis of         not a protection-     Regional Offices have         (                                on Refugees and IDP
                  food needs rather than       mandated              necessary staff support       ps/public/documents/eb/wfp030144.p                                     Programming.
                  displacement status; as      agency, it does       based in main and some        df)
                  such, there are no           not have posts        larger field offices. These                                                                          Regular assessments of
                  specific staff for issues    related               can be augmented if           WFP IDP Review                                                         WFP programmes are
                  of IDP protection.           specifically to       necessary in                  (                                used to adjust food rations,
                                               protection issues     emergencies through           ps/public/documents/other/wfp00257                                     improve targeting and
                                               or targeting          stand-by agreements or        4.pdf)                                                                 reduce risk of dependency
                                               specific              (limited) advance funding                                                                            of IDPs. Regular
                                                                                                   Support for IASC IDP policy                                            monitoring of population

    Indicate the number/function/area of expertise of experienced protection staff immediately deployable for emergencies.
    Indicate what operational support might be available for emergency deployment in addition to protection staff.
    List existing policy/operational guidelines developed by your agency in the area of protection of IDPs and affected populations (incl. inter-agency policies).
    Indicate the nature/type of internal IDP-specific protection training support. Also indicate what external specific training support your agency may offer.
    Indicate internal available inspection, evaluation, investigation, audit capacity of your agency and what it may offer externally in the area of IDP protection.
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                               GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

                                        vulnerable           mechanisms.                   (                                movements, location
                                        groups.                                            ps/public/documents/other/wfp00257                                     changes of IDPs,
                                                                                           5.pdf);                                                                conditions affecting access
                                                                                                                                                                  to vulnerable groups,
                                                                                           Guidelines: WFP Framework for
                                                                                                                                                                  security situation in place
                                                                                           Action: Reaching People in Situations                                  of origin and factors
                                                                                           of Displacement                                                        influencing a quick and
                                                                                           (                                viable return.
 UNICEF      No distinction made        1. 72 hours,         At the onset of an            1. Policies (all populations in           No specific IDP training.
             between IDP and other       depending on        emergency, existing            emergencies, including IDPs):            Specific protection
             populations in need of      location and visa   Country Office resources                                                training in emergencies:
             protection.                 requirements        are re-deployed to the        a) UNICEF’s Core Commitments to
                                                             emergency area.               Children (CCC) in Emergencies,            1. UNICEF 5- day training
             Existing Country Office                         Emergency section                                                       for UNICEF and partners
             staff can be re-deployed                                                      b) UNICEF Medium-Term Strategic           - Target: programme
                                        2. 30 days           (EMOPS) also has              Priorities (MTSP)
             and supported with HQ                           logistician available to be                                             design for survivors of
             staff deployment at                             fielded at onset of           2. Key Guidelines:                        rape: “Caring For Us” (on
             onset of emergency to                           emergency.                                                              legal, psychosocial and
             provide initial HQ                                                            Inter-Agency Guiding Principles on        medical support).
             support in policy                                                             Unaccompanied and Separated
             development,                                                                  Children                                  2. UNICEF 2-day
             programme planning                                                                                                      Training on humanitarian
                                                                                           IASC Guidelines on GBV in                 code of conduct for
             and coordination in four                                                      Emergencies
             child protection                                                                                                        prevention and response
             emergency priority                                                            IASC Guidelines on HIV in                 to GBV and Exploitation -
             areas:                                                                        Emergencies                               Target: establishing
                                                                                                                                     referral and complaints
             a)Separated and                                                               Interagency DDR System-Children           mechanisms to prevent
             unaccompanied                                                                 and DDR module (2005)                     and respond to abuses
             children                                                                                                                by humanitarian workers.
                                                                                           The Lost Ones: Emergency Care and
             b) GBV and HIV/Aids in                                                        Family Tracing for Children from Birth    3. UNICEF: 3 day training
             emergencies                                                                   to 5 years (2005);                        on Emergency
                                                                                                                                     Preparedness and
             c) Children associated                                                        UNICEF Emergency Field Handbook
                                                                                                                                     Response - Target:
             with armed forces                                                             and CD ROM (2005)
                                                                                                                                     UNICEF Staff (possible to
             d) Psychosocial                                                               Ethical Approaches to Gathering           extend partners).
             support.                                                                      Information from Children and
                                                                                                                                     4. Interagency: Alliance
                                                                                           Adolescents in International Settings
             EMOPS also has                                                                                                          for the Rights of the
             protection focused staff                                                                                                Child –Critical issues and
             who are fielded at the                                                        Technical Notes: Special                  Foundations. (Save
             onset of an emergency.                                                        Considerations for Progamming in          alliance, UNHCR and
                                                                                           Unstable Situations (2001)                UNICEF).
 OCHA-IDD    PROCAP                     5-15 working         Responsibility of the         IASC Policy Package on Internal           Inter-agency training for    Review missions by IDD’s
                                        days.                receiving agencies.           Displacement (to be revised).             PROCAP staff, including      Protection and Policy
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005

                                                             on protection monitoring   Section.
                                                             and reporting and
                                                             institutional set-up.      PROCAP Steering
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                                GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

             Have a number of           Very limited          Where protection staff      1) Policies:                              1) Internal Training         Human Rights Monitoring:
             experienced staff with     number of staff       are deployed to countries   OHCHR’s Mandate                           Support:                     mechanism for
             legal and human rights     available for         with OHCHR field            GA Resolution 48/141 of 20                Training Manual on           investigation of human
             protection backgrounds     deployment within     presences, these            December 1993.                            Human Rights                 rights violations and the
             deployable for             5-10 days notice.     resources are available.                                              Monitoring, contains a       assessment of the overall
             emergencies.                                                                 The OHCHR Plan of Action:                 chapter on IDPs (Ch.         human rights situation in a
                                        Identification of                                 Protection and Empowerment, May           4K2). (This is an            given location. Wherever
             Staff rosters are          larger numbers of     OHCHR has very limited      2005.                                     operational methodology      OHCHR is deployed / has
             currently being            deployable staff      IT, admin and logistics                                               manual as well as a          field offices, human rights
             reviewed and updated       currently takes       capacity to provide to                                                training tool.)              monitoring is implemented.
                                                              protection staff in other   Mandate of the RSG on the human
             to increase this number.   30-90 days.                                       rights of IDPs Resolution 2004/55 of
                                                              locations.                                                            Training Module on IDPs      Policy, Planning,
                                                                                          the Commission on Human Rights
                                                                                          establishing                              for Peacekeepers.            Monitoring and Evaluation
             Rapid Response             Rapid Response                                                                                                           Unit (PPMEU) within
             Capacity is currently      Capacity is                                                                                 NRC / OHCHR                  OHCHR is currently under
             being developed in         currently being                                   The Guiding Principles on Internal        IASC Training Modules        development. Will provide
             order to deploy staff      developed in                                      Displacement                              on Internally Displaced      support at headquarters to
             more swiftly.              order to deploy                                   (E/CN.4/1998/53/Add.2)                    Persons                      field presences engaging
                                        staff more swiftly.                                                                         (5 modules are available     in human rights monitoring.
                                                                                          Annotations to the Guiding Principles     on-line
                                                                                          on Internal Displacement, authored   RSG on Internally
                                                                                          by Walter Kälin, the RSG on               training.htm)                Displaced Persons, Walter
                                                                                          Internally Displaced Persons. These                                    Kälin, appointed at the
                                                                                          indicate the legal sources that provide   2) External Training         request of the Commission
                                                                                          the basis for the Guiding Principles.     Support:                     on Human Rights, to
                                                                                                                                    Human Rights in the          address the human rights
                                                                                           Security Council (SC) resolutions on     Administration of Justice:   issues of IDPs. Mandate of
                                                                                          the protection of civilians               A Manual on Human            the RSG on IDPs:
                                                                                          S/1999/1265 and S/2000/1296.              Rights for Judges, 
                                                                                                                                    Prosecutors and              h/issues/idp/index.htm
                                                                                          SC resolution on women, peace and         Lawyers.*
                                                                                          security SC/2000/1325                                                  Special procedures:
                                                                                                                                    Human Rights and Law         mechanisms (special
                                                                                                                                    Enforcement: A Manual        rapporteurs (SR),
                                                                                          SC resolutions on Children and            on Human Rights              independent experts (IE),
                                                                                          Armed Conflict – 2/1999/1265;             Training for the Police.*    and working groups (WG))
                                                                                          S/2000/1296; S/2001/1379;                                              established by the
                                                                                          S/2005/1621                               Training Package on          Commission on Human
                                                                                                                                    Human Rights for Prison      Rights to address either
                                                                                          SC resolutions and SG instructions        Officials.*                  specific country situations
                                                                                          for the prevention of Sexual                                           or thematic issues. (List of
                                                                                          Exploitation and Abuse –                                               country situations:
                                                                                                                                    Training Module: The
                                                                                          ST/SGB/2003/13; S/PRST/2002/6;
                                                                                                                                    rights of refugees and       h/bodies/chr/special/countri
                                                                                          S/2003/1460; S/2005/1621
                                                                                                                                    IDPs (tailored towards       es.htm;
                                                                                                                                    civil society).               List of thematic issues:
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                               GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

                                                                                          2) Operational Guidelines:                               
                                                                                          Training Manual on Human Rights                                    h/bodies/chr/special/theme
                                                                                          Monitoring, contains a chapter on                                  s.htm).
                                                                                          IDPs (Ch. 4K2). (*This is an                                       Examples include:
                                                                                          operational methodology manual as                                  - SR on torture
                                                                                          well as a training tool.)                                          - SR on Women
                                                                                                                                                             - IE on Human Rights &
                                                                                          Handbook for Applying the Guiding                                  Extreme Poverty
                                                                                          Principles on Internal Displacement                                - SR on Sudan
                                                                                          /fp/projects/idp/resources/HEnglish.p                              - SR on the DRC

                                                                                          IASC Working Group- Manual on
                                                                                          Field Practice in Internal

                                                                                          IASC – Growing the Sheltering Tree:
                                                                                          Protecting Rights Through
                                                                                          Humanitarian Action
 UN-         Experienced senior         1. 72 hours          Provided by UN-              1. United Nations Habitat Agenda.       Training strategies and
 HABITAT     agency staff in the area   depending on         HABITAT regional                                                     tools for property
             of housing, land and       visa requirements    offices, agreements with     2. The Pinheiro Principles - UN         restitution instruments.
             property issues and        and location.        UNDP country offices         Principles on Housing and Property
             rights.                                         and existing UN-             Restitution for Refugees and            Series of handbooks on
                                        2. From 2-4          HABITAT field project        Displaced Persons.                      land administration and
             (Housing, land and         weeks depending      managers.                                                            land tenure.
             tenure experts and         on type of                                        3. Governing Council of the United
             disaster management        expertise needed.    Note: UN-HABITAT is          Nations Human Settlements               Global experts network
             experts)                                        planning to deploy           Programme: Resolution on Post-          on land tenure.
                                                             permanent representation     Conflict, Natural and Human-Made
                                                             in select IDD priority       Assessment and Reconstruction.
                                                             countries.                   4. OIOS Report Recommendations
             Existing Country Office    1. Existing                                       UNFPA core commitment to ICPD           1. UNFPA training on       UNFPA Division of
 UNFPA                                                       Existing Country offices
             staff can be deployed      Country office                                    program of Action                       Reproductive Health that   Oversight Services
             and supported with         staff can be         have necessary staff                                                 include Gender based       conduct regular evaluation
             regional and HQ staff      deployed within      support, in an emergency     UNFPA core commitment to address        violence in emergencies    and audit services
             deployment at the onset    the 48 hours to 72   we provide seed money        the reproductive health needs and                                  regularly assess the
             of emergency to provide    hours                for our country offices to   protection of the rights of women and   2. UNFPA: 5 days           operation – CO and HQ
             initial HQ support in                           hire additional staff and    girls in emergency setting to such      training on Emergency      units and divisions
             policy development,        2. Limited           can augment additional       services                                Preparedness and
             program planning,          number of staff      staff from neighboring                                               Response targeting –
             coordination in            from the regional    countries from the same      SC resolution on women, peace and       UNFPA staff and            Regular assessment,
             protection priorities of   offices or HQ        region to provide            security SC/2000/1325                   counterpart                monitoring and follow-up
             UNFPA in emergencies       within 72 hours,     additional administrative                                                                       from Humanitarian
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                               GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

             such as gender based        depending on        and logistical capacity   SC resolution 1308/2000 on                                  response unit at HQ to CO
             violence, reproductive      location and visa                             HIV/AIDS and peacekeeping            Training on clinical   in crisis situation
             health, HIV/AIDS,           requirements                                  missions                             management of rape
             women needs in DDR                                                                                             survival
             and Psychosocial                                                          The guiding principles on Internal
             support                     Identification of                             displacement
                                         larger numbers of
             Have a number of            deployable staff                              SC resolutions and SC instructions
             experienced staff with      currently takes                               for the prevention of sexual
             human rights protection,    between 3 weeks                               exploitation and Abuse
             gender and                  to six weeks
             reproductive health,                                                      An interagency field manual on
             backgrounds                                                               Reproductive Health in refugee
             deployable for                                                            situations
             emergencies at the
             regional and global level                                                 IASC Guidelines on GBV in
             Staff rosters are being                                                   Emergencies
             reviewed and updated
             to increase this number                                                   IASC Guidelines on HIV/AIDS in

                                                                                       Interagency DDR manual 2005
Annex 4 – 30/11/2005
                                                               GLOBAL PROTECTION RESPONSE CAPACITY

Standby Arrangements

In addition to the capacity existing among UN agencies, additional protection personnel exist through NGO standby partners, specifically:

                                                                 AustCare                                        19

                                                                 Danish Refugee Council                          36

                                                                 Norwegian Refugee Council                       20

                                                                 Save the Children (Norway)                      30

                                                                 TOTAL                                          110

It should be noted that the numbers given reflect the roster profiles and not necessarily current availability since this changes regularly.
During 2006 standby partners will by revising their rosters in order to bring great clarity in terms of their actual versus potential roster capacity.

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