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Competency Based POSITION DESCRIPTION by xld14276


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									                                     Competency Based
                                   POSITION DESCRIPTION

POSITION TITLE          Food and Beverage Team Leader

AGENCY                  West Beach Trust

DIVISION                Food and Beverage

CLASSIFICATION          Level 4 Customer Services Stream

REPORTS TO              Food and Beverage Operations Supervisor


The Food and Beverage Team Leader will be responsible for the ordering, receipt, storage,
issue control, administration and stock take of food and beverage related products for
Adelaide Shores Café, Golf Park Bistro and functions to ensure purchases achieve optimal
quality, variety and cost effectiveness. Customer service, supervision of food and
beverage team and assisting with functions administration and coordination are also key
components of this role.


Critical Tasks                  Ordering, receiving, unloading, storage, control and issue of
                                food and beverage supplies for Adelaide Shores;
                                Assist in setting up inventory control system in RMS in
                                conjunction with Food & Beverage Operations Supervisor
                                Undertake data entry of all purchases, issues to individual cost
                                centers to ensure accurate cost allocation.
                                Reduce wastage and costs of purchases by arranging stock
                                transfers from venue to venue in conjunction with kitchen team;
                                Receiving and checking paperwork from a variety of catering
                                sources, data-entry and checking and coding information so
                                that records reflect accurate stock movements, purchases
                                expenditure and stock take;
                                Conduct monthly stock take of the Café and Golf Club in
                                conjunction with Food and Beverage Operations Supervisor;
                                Maintain hygiene and OH&S standards, particularly in stock
                                receipt and storage areas;
                                Assisting with issuing stock, monitoring usage and replenishing
                                stocks for all food outlets, functions and events to facilitate a
                                smooth operation;
                                    Responsible for stock rotation and stock ;
                                    Reduce Adelaide Shores investment in stock holding through
                                    efficient purchasing practices ensuring stock levels are kept at
                                    optimum levels and available for day to day demands;
                                    Monitor Menu Item Margin Analysis report daily to ensure
                                    integrity of costs and pricing and report any anomalies to the
                                    Food and Beverage Supervisor;
                                    Liaison and negotiation with suppliers to ensure high quality
                                    cost effective purchasing;
                                    Maintain effective relationships with suppliers;
                                    Enter, review and update POS system daily;
                                    Other related duties as required;
                                    Develop and determine par levels for stock items.
Measures                           Reduction in wastage and costs of purchase.
                                   Accurate monthly stock takes and reporting.
                                   Store turnover target 2-3 times.
                                   Demonstrates efficient purchasing practices.
                                   Orderly stores, cool rooms and freezer kept at all times.
Critical Tasks                     Ensure the efficient and professional service and handling of all
                                   food and beverage;
                                   Ensure all staff act in a professional manner in all customer
                                   Receiving incoming calls, identifying the customers and query,
                                   and direct to the appropriate person or assist with enquiry where
                                   Provide information in response to phone calls in relation to
                                   function enquiries;
                                   Ensure printed material is available to the public such as function
                                   package information, services, menus etc are maintained and
                                   available at all food and beverage operations.
                                   Ensure a timely resolution for customer complaints and are
                                   referred to Food and Beverage Operations Supervisor;
                                   Ensure that all staff adhere to the polices and procedures in
                                   customer service;
                                   High level of personal grooming and hygiene to be observed by
                                   all staff;
                                   Serving customers in a polite, friendly and helpful manner;
                                   Monitor and report on guest satisfaction with particular attention
                                   to satisfactory resolving of any complaints.
Measures                           Ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
                                   Increase in repeat customers.
                                   Customer feedback.
                                   High service standards are evident.

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader                   Adelaide Shores      2
Critical Tasks                   Assist the Food and Beverage Operations Supervisor with function
                                 administration including, but not limited to:
                                    Receive, distribute and file incoming correspondence. Dispatch
                                    outgoing correspondence including function packages etc;
                                    Provide administrative assistance in the preparation of function
                                    enquiries, mail outs etc;
                                    Provide administrative support including faxing, photocopying,
                                    typing word documents and preparation of spreadsheets,
                                    databases etc;
                                    Attend F&B meetings as required to take minutes, prepare and
                                    distribute to relevant staff;
                                    Maintain a log of all calls for all function enquiries;
                                    Maintain accurate and efficient filing system for the F&B
                                    Assist in development of Policy and Procedures manual for staff
                                    to refer to and sign off;
                                    Assist and/or undertake daily banking and balancing ensuring
                                    any discrepancies are investigated.
Measures                             Meets required timeframes.
                                     Accuracy of all documentation.
                                     Demonstrated organisational and planning ability.
                                     Banking undertaken in accordance with policy.
                                     Staff competencies in all duties as per Policy and Procedures.
Critical Tasks                       Liaise with all customers in relation to function enquiries;
                                     Preparation and distribution of quotes for functions as per the
                                     requirements of the customer;
                                     Meet with prospective customers in relation to function
                                     requirements and discuss menus and so forth;
                                     Preparation of confirmed function sheets and provide F&B
                                     Manager with weekly function summary sheets;
                                     Compile a database of all function queries weekly;
                                     Preparation of excel spreadsheet to cost out functions ensuring
                                     profit or loss on each function is calculated;
                                     Coordinate functions as required;
                                     Provide “hands on” assistance at functions when required;
                                     Reconcile and prepare function accounts and distribute.
Measures                             All function enquiries answered within 12 hours of initial
                                     Convert 50% of weekly function enquiries into sales.

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader                  Adelaide Shores     3
5. OH & S
Critical Tasks                     Ensure all health and safety requirements are met;
                                   Follow up all occupational health and safety procedures;
                                   Identify and eliminate (or minimize) hazards in the kitchen;
                                   Report accidents, incidents and potential hazards promptly;
                                   Ensure correct usage of cleaning supplies and materials;
                                   Ensure a high level of personal hygiene and presentation is
                                   maintained at all times.
Measures                           Compliance with OH & S policies and procedures.
                                   Effective and proper use of resources.
Critical Tasks                     Provides leadership to instill purpose, pride and commitment for
                                   staff quality, teamwork and continuous performance
                                   Supervise the performance of food and beverage staff and
                                   participate in performance development requirements when
                                   Identifies training requirements of staff, assist with their on the
                                   job training and professional development;
                                   Maintains a safe and healthy work environment including
                                   meeting appropriate standards for manual handling;
                                   In the absence of the Food and Beverage Supervisor, undertake
                                   the role and responsibility of managing the daily operations and
                                   performance of the food and beverage team.
Measures                           Staff retention.
                                   Team and individual goals are achievable and relevant.
                                   Training requirements are met.
                                   High service standards evident.

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader                   Adelaide Shores      4
The competencies below are an overview of the traits and behaviours required to be
successful in the position.

Competency Area                                    Typical Behaviours
Achievement Orientation                            Sets high performance standards.
                                                   Sets priorities.
                                                   Emphasises high standards to others.
                                                   Shows pride when standards are met.
                                                   Shows dissatisfaction with substandard
                                                   performance achieved.
                                                   Adheres to timetables, rosters and agreed
Customer Service                                   Acknowledges the customer.
                                                   Clarifies customer’s needs.
                                                   Gives priority to customer satisfaction.
                                                   Confirms satisfaction of service with the
                                                   Listens and empathises.
                                                   Takes responsibility for actions.
Ethics & Accountability                            Acts in a manner consistent with
                                                   organisational values.
                                                   Maintains confidentiality.
                                                   Does what he/she says he/she will do.
                                                   Is open and honest with information.
                                                   Declares conflict of interest.
                                                   Follows organisation’s policies.
                                                   Respect decisions of the organisation.
Commitment to Safety and Environment               Committed to the philosophies of workplace
                                                   health & safety and protection of the
                                                   Identifies relevant issues and hazards in
                                                   own work area.
                                                   Keeps up-to-date on organisational OHS
                                                   and environmental policies and procedures
                                                   and follows these.
                                                   Takes action as appropriate to his/her level
                                                   of responsibility.
                                                   Reports on hazards and/or accidents and
                                                   Monitors the situation to ensure that agreed
                                                   corrective action is taken.
Teamwork                                           Builds relationships with others.
                                                   Is open and honest.
                                                   Exchanges information freely.
                                                   Volunteers ideas freely.
                                                   Supports others’ ideas.
                                                   Supports group decisions.
                                                   Puts     broader     objectives   ahead    of
                                                   individual/own needs and objectives.

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader                   Adelaide Shores      5
Continuous Improvement                             Identifies opportunities for process, system
                                                   and work area improvement.
                                                   Systematically monitors own and others’
                                                   Actively seeks and uses ideas, asks
                                                   questions & challenges assumptions.
                                                   Shows attention to detail.
                                                   Celebrates     new      ideas    implemented
                                                   Makes changes readily when implemented
                                                   ideas don’t work out.
                                                   Reviews and follows up on completed tasks.
                                                   Establishes proactive processes rather than


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
• Sound organisational, planning and time
  management skills;                        • Purchasing and ordering procedures in a
• Effective oral and written communication    catering or large kitchen stores
  and interpersonal skills;                   environment
• Good negotiation skills and the capacity
  to build strong relationships;
• Attention to detail, numerical skills and
  the ability to analyse reports and spot
• The ability to work to deadlines and work
  under pressure;
• Good supervisory skills
• Computer literacy and skills in POS
  systems and Microsoft Office
• Ordering, receiving, storage, issue and
  stock take of supplies
• Experience in function administration and

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader                   Adelaide Shores     6

May be required to work under very limited supervision.

The flexible approach to working hours will be required as hours of work will be amended
seasonally and dependent on customer requirements. Attendance will also be required at
times to attend training / seminars on weekends.

Employee Signature:          ___________________________________________________

Date:                         ___________________________________________________

Managers Signature:           ___________________________________________________

Date:                         ___________________________________________________

Position Description – Food and Beverage Team Leader            Adelaide Shores     7

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