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					                     Lexis - Nexis Searching Tips

to truncate words, use the !
    ex. searching for econ! will retrieve all these words:
                                                    Econometrics, etc. etc.

to search by a specific date, use the pull-down date menu, or insert your own
date range into the boxes like this: from: 07/24/97 to: 12/31/98

to search by a specific publication:
    1. Next to the Source Box, where you have chosen to search either Major
       Newspapers or Magazines & Journals, there is a link called Source List.
       This will tell you if a publication is in the Lexis-Nexis database.

   2. Click on the Source List link and find out if your publication is in the

   3. When you're done looking at the list, click on Return to Search Form.
      Construct your keyword search in the Keyword Search Box.

   4. In the Additional Terms Box, type publication(new york times) - or
      fill in whichever publication title you're looking for. The key is to indicate
      publication ( ).

to search for articles that are long (made up of many words):

type    length>500     in the Additional Terms Box for articles that are at least 500
                       words long. You can change the number to suit your needs.
                       This function allows you to get rid of short and usually
                       unsubstantial news articles.

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