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									The Worry Of Worrying
Author: martin gover
Worrying lowers your body's defenses.

Worrying takes up masses of psychic and actual physical energy.

Worrying can cause illness as your brain tries to distract and defends against an unreal threat

Worrying can lead to depression. (Depression can truly kill you)

The low drone of unceasing worry can break you.

Well all we know that

We know it doesn't help, but... we worry.

Some Actual Facts about worry

1) Its not real. Its not the 'thing' itself. Its not the impending divorce, the bankruptcy, the debt load. When you worry, you have the crisis, the
thing, PLUS worry. Worry increases the load.

2) The thing you are worrying about - wont happen. And if it does, not the way you expect

Bad things happen and good things happen, and almost always they are totally unexpected. We plan and we try to insure. WE protect
ourselves and our families the best we can. We exercise and we try for optimum health. But we never expected...whatever it is. Good or
bad.The things we can plan for, we dont have to worry about. The things that are unexpected, we cant worry about. We never knew they
would happen

3)Worrying distracts you from doing positive things to avoid or fix the problem. If there truly is a problem looming, concentrate on
solutions, not horrible 'potential' outcomes.

4)If its a truly frightening scenario. Then you can and need to get through it. Worrying is like wearing leg chains. Get rid if them.. Focus on
the things that can be done. The things that need to be done to get through the event. (Even if you cant seee how they can be done at this
moment - there is a way, if you dont waste your energy worrying)

5)Focus on a narrow time line. You think something bad is coming? But not Now. Not this instant, so what can you do now? Anything.
Everything. You are at this moment truly free to do anything.

6)Focus on a large time-line. Your facing an awful task, or awful event, a bankruptcy is looming, you think your about to be fired, divorced,
etc. But in 1 year. 1 year you will be in a completely different place and space. All bad things end. All good things end too of course,
otherwise we would never appreciate true happiness.

7)Worry is your creation. Its not real
worrying is like having a low grade virus eating away at your cell structure. Its barely there, but its there, and its eating your life alive. But
worrying is not a virus, it is not itself an outside event, worrying is your creation.

We all worry, I worry, I worry when I'm not worried. I worry if I don't worry I am missing something (awful).

But I know and you know worrying actually is a vanity, an excess.Its a habit.

But like all habits, once you recognise it as a habit, not an actual fact.Its easier to quit.

Bad things happen and good things happen. And almost always they are completely unexpected. So why worry. Focus on your dreams
and goals and family and all the things you dso have. A lot of people are dead. A lot of people are at this moment dying.

If your not one of them, why waste the time you have with a needless wasteful habit.

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