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					  The Cardozo LL.M. Sidebar      The Newsletter of the Graduate Program of the
                           Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law  Issue 10 (Spring 2005)

Message From The Director
With this issue of the Cardozo LL.M. Sidebar, I ask you to join me in celebrating
the superb professors that make up Cardozo’s faculty. An extraordinarily gifted
group of scholars, our professors are the academic heart of the entire institution.
The daily dialogue and scholarly pursuit of ideas is a hallmark of the intellectual
environment for which Cardozo School of Law has long been known.

Cardozo indeed has great reason to celebrate. Our faculty members have always made us
proud, and their achievements seem to grow with each passing year. In recent months, books
have been published by Professor Lela Love (Dispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial
Model), Professor Jeanne L. Schroeder (The Triumph of Venus: The Erotics of the Market), and
Professor Paul L. Verkuil (Regulation and Deregulation (2d. ed.) and Administrative Law and
Process (4th ed.)). Other faculty members continue their prodigious output of scholarly
publications, including in some of the finest law journals in the United States and abroad. This
of course is true of our more established faculty members, but is also true of the newest
members of our faculty. Kevin Stack was recently chosen to attend the Stanford/Yale Junior
Faculty Forum, where he presented his paper, soon to be published, on The Statutory
President. Professor Barton Beebe and Professor Scott Shapiro were also invited in past years
to this highly selective forum. Professors Beebe, Richard Bierschbach, Dan Crane, Susan
Crawford, Justin Hughes, and Martin Stone -- among others -- have all made impressive
scholarly contributions in recent months.

Finally, Professor Michel Rosenfeld is soon to be awarded the French Legion of Honor, the
highest civil award given by the government of the Republic of France. This award recognizes
Professor Rosenfeld’s outstanding contributions as a legal scholar and his robust interest in and
appreciation of French law and culture.

But these illustrations are just that: examples of the accomplishments that these and other
faculty members achieve on a regular basis.

Equally important to their scholarly contributions, Cardozo professors bring this dynamic,
intellectual, and cutting-edge perspective to the classroom. Our graduate law students often
remark about the vigorous and stimulating classroom experience they enjoy and the individual
contact that they have with their professors. This is just another reason to celebrate Cardozo
School of Law and its LL.M. program.

                                                                     Toni M. Fine
                                                                     Director, Graduate and
                                                                     International Programs
Inside This Issue:                                      The GLS has elected Sharon Herman
     Letter from the Graduate Law Society              (Netherlands) as President, Erica Ellis (U.S) as
     Visits to Federal Court                           Vice-President, Maria Fernandez (MaFe) Gallo
     LL.M. Career Panels                               (Colombia) as Secretary, and Guillermo Nolivos
     Public Law Advocacy Week                          (Venezuela) as Treasurer to serve on its
     The Heyman Center on Corporate                    executive committee this semester. Ngozi
       Governance                                       Amobi continues to serve as the LL.M.
     Lunch with Dieter Grimm                           representative to the Cardozo Student Bar
     LL.M. Alumni-Student Event                        Association.
     Regional Events
     Cardozo’s Judicial Observation Program            If any student or alum has any questions,
     Albanian Ambassador visits Cardozo                concerns, suggestions, or anything they might
     Life as a Solo Practitioner                       like to share with the Graduate Law Society,
     Twenty New Students Join Cardozo                  please contact us at cardozogls@
     Alumni News
And more….                                              A Visit to Federal Court
                                                        Yorck-Percy Tietge (Germany)
Letter from the Graduate Law Society                                     Two weeks ago, Cardozo’s
                                                                         Graduate Law Society organized
                The Graduate Law Society (GLS)                           a trip to New York City’s federal
                has already hosted a number of                           district court. We had the
                successful events this semester,        opportunity to witness a civil law case dealing
                including: the LL.M.                    with the civil rights of prisoners including voir
Student/Alumni Mixer (February 9), trip to a            dire (jury selection). Since all I knew about the
Photo Exhibition featuring Cardozo LL.M. alum           practical procedure of U.S. trials so far was
Chrystel Garipuy (February 11), Chinese New             from reading books or watching movies like
Year Parade organized by Yu Bo (February 13),           “Men of Honor” or “The Jury,” I was pretty
Comedy Night organized by Rob Doerfler                  interested. Except for the plaintiff, everybody
(February 21), reception in honor of Professor          was on time. Due to his absence, the judge
Rosenfeld for being awarded the Légion                  decided to wait until the plaintiff arrived to call
d’Honneur (February 28), and most recently, a           the jurors. In the meantime we had the
Japanese Dinner and Karaoke Night (March 3).            opportunity to chat a little with plaintiff’s and
Many of these events are discussed in                   defendant’s counsel. However, after 60
individual articles in this issue of the Sidebar.       minutes of waiting for the voir dire to start, we
                                                        decided to leave. We were almost out of the
The LL.M. Student/Alumni Mixer proved to be a           building when Sharon (Herman) saw the
great success and an event that we hope to              courtroom deputy from the judge’s chambers in
continue in future years. It allowed current            which she is interning for the semester. She is
students to get to know those who were in their         participating in a judicial observation program,
shoes in years gone by, to gain numerous                one of the internship programs available to
insights into how to survive the LL.M. program,         LL.M. students at Cardozo. The deputy told us
and to hear some valuable career advice. The            that the jury selection in the criminal case
evening also garnered an appreciation of our            against Hip Hop’s enfant terrible and Grammy
community spirit as members of the Cardozo              Award winner Lil’ Kim, who is accused of lying
family.                                                 to a grand jury investigating a 2001 shooting at
                                                        a Manhattan Hip-Hop radio station, had just
Many more events are yet to come this                   started. He arranged to sneak me in (even
semester. For instance, we are planning an              though court was already in session) and I
International Wine Night with the Cardozo Wine          found myself sitting almost in the front row of
Society, an Alumni Panel to discuss career              another chamber with Miss Jones right in front
advice, concerts, speakers, and international           of me. Since I am familiar with her particular
dinners.                                                music genre, it was very funny to listen to the
                                                        judge listing the rap industries’ bad boys and
girls who would be witnesses. The rest of the             (Germany’s federal constitutional court – the
jury selection took almost three and a half               highest and most prestigious court in
hours, including the part where all of the jurors         Germany).
had to leave the chamber, because both the
State Attorney and Lil’ Kim’s counsel had the             We picked Prof. Grimm up at NYU, where he is
opportunity to ask to dismiss and/or exchange a           currently teaching a class in comparative
handful of jurors. Since the trial started, it has        constitutional law, and went to the nearby Café
been on the news almost every day. I am                   Español. During the lunch, we had the
wondering how the jury will decide on the                 opportunity to have a most interesting and
charges against her. Time will tell.                      inspiring conversation with Prof. Grimm about a
                                                          multitude of topics. Among other things, he told
Another Visit to U.S. District Court                      us about his own experiences as an LL.M.
           In October 2004, two groups of LL.M.           student at Harvard Law School in 1963(!), about
           students visited the U.S. District             his 8-year term of office at the German
           Court for the Southern District of New         Bundesverfassungsgericht, and about teaching
           York. Located in downtown                      law in the U.S. Of course we also talked about
Manhattan, the group was invited by Judge                 differences in law school “culture” here and in
Sidney Stein to observe ongoing proceedings in            our home country. Right from the start, Prof.
his courtroom. The case involved a claim of               Grimm proved to be a very laid back and
trademark infringement and a counterclaim by              amicable person, and he was genuinely
the defendant against the plaintiff for                   interested in our own backgrounds and
interference with business relations. The first           experiences, which made the lunch an
group of students visited Judge Stein's                   experience that all participants will remember
courtroom on the morning of Monday, October               when they reminisce about their time at
25, and was privileged to observe some pre-               Cardozo. I think that I can speak for all the
trial evidentiary motions followed by jury                Germans involved when I say that the
selection, or voir dire. The students who                 opportunity to meet with Prof. Grimm was
attended court on the afternoon of October 28             definitely worth skipping a class, some studying
had the opportunity to observe the plaintiff's            for the next day’s Introduction to U.S. Law
cross examination of the lead defendant. On               exam, or some reading assignment that one
both occasions, Judge Stein and some of the               had actually planned on doing during the
attorneys spoke with the students about the               interesting hours we spent at Café Español!
case and their experiences more generally, and
were available to answer questions. Noting the            ITAP
proximity of the courthouse to New York City's            Robert Kleinman (U.S.)
Chinatown, a number of students stopped for a             ITAP is an acronym, but what it stands for is not
meal or dim sum before returning to the Law               important. All you need to know is that it is
School. The LL.M. program thanks Judge Stein              essentially courtroom boot camp for Cardozo
and his staff for their active role in making these       students – and I’m the one and only LL.M. who
visits so enjoyable and engaging.                         recently took it.

Lunch with Prof. Dr. Dieter Grimm                         Since I’m too old to drink myself silly on a hotel
Daniel Zohny (Germany)                                    balcony in Cancun, and my wife and infant
On a chilly Monday in February, a very special            daughter would never let me get away with
event took place for the German students of the           such madness anyway, I decided to use my
Cardozo community. Prof. Fine, exploiting her             inter-semester winter break to get some solid
excellent professional contacts (thanks again,            trial experience and pick up three credit hours
Toni), made it possible to arrange a lunch with           along the way. Ta da! ITAP.
the German LL.M. students, herself, and a very
special guest: Prof. Dr. Dieter Grimm, a former           From the get-go, I should have known
justice of the Bundesverfassungsgericht                   something was up. After all, I was attending

introductory ITAP lectures in the midst of fall           experience. The program’s directors,
finals. How could reviewing the rules of                  Professors Ellen Yaroshefsky and Barry
evidence possibly be so important as to divert            Scheck, have created an inspiring, entertaining,
me from cramming for my exams? In hindsight,              and educational program, and I’m damn glad I
it turns out that I not only failed to read the           did it.
writing on the wall, I couldn’t even make out the
letters that formed the words.                            Oh, by the way, ITAP stands for “Intensive Trial
                                                          Advocacy Program.”
The day-to-day structure of ITAP was as
follows: permanent groups were formed of                  Networking in NYC
about six students each, and every day two                Gally Perry (Israel)
different groups would come together to learn
about a particular aspect of trial advocacy from                            In my first two months at
three to five practicing lawyers or judges. For                             Cardozo, I networked with more
example, one day our group and another would                                Israeli judges and professors
study cross-examination. The next day, our                                  than I ever did in all my years of
group would combine with a different one to               law school and one year of an internship in
learn about closing statements from a different           Israel! It is no secret that due to Cardozo’s
set of lawyers or judges. And at the end of               special relationship with Israel, there are many
each day, all the groups would attend a                   visitors from my home country. But imagine my
lecture/demonstration on the next day’s topic.            surprise, when walking down the hall to
This continued daily for a little more than two           Professor Fine’s office, I found myself passing
weeks.                                                    by the names on the doors of not one, not two,
                                                          but three of my professors from Israel! Of
Yet the impact of the ITAP experience itself was          course, seizing the opportunity, I knocked and
so powerful in so many ways it’s hard to even             introduced myself; none, of course, had any
know where to begin to describe it. That said, a          idea who I was, as I was part of a 150-member
stream-of-consciousness approach seems                    class at Tel-Aviv University, but I hope that they
somehow appropriate, so here’s my best                    will remember me now.
                                                          Following this little morsel of fun, I started my
I made great friends and got to know people I             semester, and one of my classmates was none
never would have otherwise known; I stopped               other than Judge Dan Arbel, the Director of the
sleeping for two weeks and began to                       Israeli Courts. Can you imagine?! Me, little
hallucinate: I spoke movingly and eloquently in           Gally Perry, sitting in class shooting the breeze
front of large groups of people; I thoroughly             with Judge Arbel (or “Dan” as I now call him)….
humiliated myself in front of one or more federal         You can only imagine my emails to my law
judges; I became deeply enmeshed in the                   school friends in Israel! During the semester,
private lives of a number of clients and was              two more Israeli judges joined our class, and I
privy to their most intimate secrets (even                even had a friendly chat with Judge Edna
though the clients were all fictitious characters         Kaplan-Hagler in Professor Fine’s office.
who were residents of the made-up jurisdiction
of Nita); I learned that super-human preparation          I think the amazing thing was seeing these
is key to being a great trial lawyer; and I learned       really important people in very natural
the price one pays for being super-humanly                surroundings in which we are all a bit foreign
prepared like a great trial lawyer.                       and somehow bonded in that sense. I thank
                                                          Cardozo for this unique opportunity, and thank
ITAP is normally outside the spectrum of the              the Israeli professors and judges for being so
courses LL.M. students take, but anyone who               open to meeting the LL.M. students at Cardozo.
wants to get a hint of the reality and the
adrenaline of the courtroom is in for a priceless

Alum Featured at Photography Show                       current academic year, theses events included
Erica M. Ellis (U.S.)                                   a panel discussion on the topic of “Irrational
          On February 11, 2005, a hearty                Succession: The Nature of CEO Succession
          group of LL.M. students ventured              and its Implications for Corporate Governance.”
          outside the safe walls of the Law             Members of the panel were Prof. Rakesh
          School, off of our familiar island of         Khurana (Harvard Business School), Louis
Manhattan and into beautiful Brooklyn for a             Bevilacqua (Partner at Cadwalader,
photography exhibition. The featured artist,            Wickersham & Taft), and Prof. Charles Yablon
Chrystel Garipy, received her LL.M. from                (Cardozo Law School).
Cardozo in 2003.
                                                        In addition, The Heyman Center holds various
The photographs were a fascinating                      lunch meetings featuring lectures by
combination of reality and staging. Chrystel            outstanding professors of corporate law and
first photographed backgrounds in various               related areas. Prof. Curtis Pew, for example,
settings throughout New York City. She then             gave us insight into International Commercial
projected the backgrounds in the studio and let         Arbitration and Cardozo’s Arbitration Clinic. I
her human subjects pose in front of the “scene.”        attended his class last semester and highly
The style juxtaposes fairy tale scenery with the        recommend it. Prof. Pew has had many years
distinct personalities of her subjects.                 of experience in a law firm and thus can teach
                                                        from the perspective of a practitioner; his
Chrystel was very open and warm with our                experience and enthusiasm are particularly
group. She welcomed us to wander around the             notable. Another recommendation of the same
gallery, to partake of the refreshments she             caliber: International Securities Regulation with
graciously provided, and to ask questions and           Prof. Malcolm Ross.
make comments about her project. She told us
that she had received a grant to study                  The Heyman Center also sponsors symposia
photography at the School of Visual Arts for the        and lectures by international legal scholars:
years following her LL.M. studies.                      Alberto Monti (Italy), one of the more recent
                                                        Heyman lunch guest speakers, talked about
We thank Chrystel for sharing her time and her          “Harmonization of European Contract Law.”
art, and for encouraging us to pursue both our
legal and our non-law-related dreams.                   This overview of The Heyman Center is only a
                                                        small excerpt of the Center’s diverse activities.
The Heyman Center on Corporate                          For further information, please visit
Steffen Hemmerich (Germany)
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law offers a              One additional note on Cardozo’s LL.M.
wide range of courses in corporate, commercial          program: as former Deputy Assistant Secretary
and securities law, such as Corporations,               of State for Academic Programs, Keith Geiger,
Securities Regulation, Corporate Accounting,            has said: “the presence of international
Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions,            students on our campuses … insures that there
Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies,           will be a cadre of people around the world who
International Securities Regulation, and White          understand the United States in very profound
Collar Crime.                                           ways, which in turn will lead to improved
                                                        bilateral relations, enhanced business
The Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Center on                  relationships, and increased cultural ties.”
Corporate Governance goes one step further: it          Cardozo, through its LL.M. program, makes a
sponsors symposia and lectures by prominent             significant contribution to the process of
legal scholars as well as political and business        building an international community, and the
leaders to further enrich the studies of students       Heyman Center on Corporate Governance
with a special interest in corporate law. In the        gives foreign trained lawyers the opportunity to

gain important insights into American corporate          public in order to allow the losing party to
law that they could not get in their regular             appeal the ruling.
                                                         Another prominent difference is the use of the
I would like to thank the Heyman Center for              sentencing guidelines to impose sentences in
naming me a Heyman Scholar. Being the first              criminal cases. In the U.S., the guidelines were
LL.M. Heyman Scholar is not only an honor, it is         instituted in order to create uniformity in criminal
an enrichment to every aspect of my studies. I           sentencing by taking into account certain
sincerely hope that Prof. Charles M. Yablon,             constants and variants which are equally
Director of The Heyman Center, and Michelle              applied in similar cases. These guidelines then
R. Parker, Director of Programming, continue             bind judicial discretion in imposing sentences,
their efforts to invite more lecturers and               which is unheard of in Israel. Courts in Israel
practitioners to Cardozo Law School to help              have full discretion in imposing sentences in
bring study materials to “life.”                         any particular case, within the maximum
                                                         punishment prescribed by the statute. Only
Judicial Observation Program                             seldom does the law dictate a minimum
Yossi Kurzberg (Israel 2005)                             punishment that the court may impose.
            As a professional litigator, I am
            naturally intrigued by different             In addition, there are other less significant
            judicial systems. That is why I was          distinctions between the two systems, but in the
            so taken with the opportunity to             end I came to realize that the differences are
serve as an intern for Judge S.H. Stein in the           largely immaterial. The legal world is broad
federal court for the Southern District of New           enough to embrace more than one procedural
York. The internship was a part of the "Judicial         technique to bring about justice. As long as
Observation Program" established by Professor            justice is served, the means to this end are less
Toni M. Fine, which allows LL.M students to              important.
view firsthand the work of the federal courts.
                                                         Visit to the United Nations
In the course of my work in chambers I was               Sharon Herman (Netherlands)
assigned to write memoranda for the judge and                        On Friday afternoon, October 22,
was present during court sessions. Through                           2004, a group of LL.M. students
this project I was able to compare the American                      traveled from Cardozo to the United
and Israeli judicial systems, both of which are                      Nations (U.N.) Headquarters in New
drawn from the British common law system.                            York at 41st Street and 1st Avenue.
                                                                     Upon arriving at the U.N., we were
The most noticeable difference between the               impressed with the beautiful symbolic statues at
systems is the absence of the jury in Israeli            the entrance and further impressed with the
courts. During my work with Judge Stein I could          gifts received from different nations displayed
directly observe how the jury system works, and          throughout the U.N. headquarters building.
what evidentiary restrictions (in the form of the
exclusion of evidence) are imposed on the                The LL.M. students enjoyed a detailed tour
parties to prevent the contamination of the jury's       through the U.N. with an Israeli tour guide, who
objectivity. I was stunned by the fact that the          provided us with a history of the U.N. as well as
jury is given a quick review of the elementary           an explanation of the different exhibits, gifts,
rules of evidence (which comprise a whole                and chambers. She explained that, although
course on the law of evidence in law school)             the work at the Security Council is the most
and is expected to properly apply them, without          high profile work of the U.N., the majority of the
having to provide the reasoning behind its               work often gets done in other committees and
verdict. By contrast, in Israel, the judge               commissions such as ECOSOC and the
assumes the role of the fact finder, and he or           Disarmament Commission. Such initiatives
she is obliged to make his or her reasoning              include the clearing of landmines, assurance of

educational opportunities, provision of medical          ironed out to form a tight-knit group. No more
care, and so much more.                                  bosses! We have “teachers” again, and their
                                                         respective abilities to deliver us are topics for
As neither the Security Council nor the General          discussion at our “water cooler,” the third floor
Assembly was in session during our visit, we             lounge. No more weekly trips to the dry
were allowed the opportunity to see those                cleaners to retrieve navy blue and black suits!
chambers. The mere fact that we were in the              As Professor Toni Fine told the class entering in
chambers where so many famous international              Spring 2005, albeit in less colloquial terms, this
dignitaries had presented speeches, where so             year is our opportunity to ditch the corporate
many influential decisions had been made, and            attire and enjoy wearing blue jeans again.
where so many contentious verbal battles had
been witnessed, gave us a sense of honor --              But there is a life beyond running around the
being part of the special world that deals with          library in sneakers, and Cardozo wants its
issues of such enormous international                    alumni to be fully prepared to brave the legal
magnitude.                                               work place. A big help in finding a job in this
                                                         tight market is networking, a.k.a. “schmoozing,”
Following our tour we met with Dr. Markus                on this side of the Hudson River. It can be a
Pallek, who spoke to us about the history of the         daunting challenge for a freshly minted LL.M.
U.N. and the six main bodies that make up the            student. Meeting LL.M. alumni this past
U.N. He also enlightened us as to the role of a          February was a nice trial run. Many former
lawyer in the Office of Legal Affairs of the             students came back to Cardozo one cold
United Nations Secretariat, where he is in the           evening to meet current students and share
Office of Legal Counsel. We noted the                    their experience as legal professionals. Room
difficulties of working as an international lawyer       1008 provided an ideal setting, with its wood
in an international office that dealt with               panel and plush carpet reminiscent of corporate
contentious international political issues and           boardrooms. The catered food was delicious,
asked him how this was dealt with. It seems              and I was very happy to have my first taste of
that those with obvious bias simply do not work          Israeli wine. Although my French pride may
on the specific case. Some of us were                    suffer, I have to say that it was delicious.
somewhat skeptical about how this actually
works in practice, especially with regards to a          As always when LL.M. students and alumni
case where everyone clearly has some kind of             meet, many countries are represented, and this
opinion.                                                 February’s event was no exception. All
                                                         continents were represented, except Australia
We would like to thank Dr. Pallek for the time           and, surprisingly, Antarctica (apparently no one
he spent with us and for his very interesting            could make it in time from the South Pole).
lecture, as well as for answering our many               Alumni in attendance were from Brazil,
questions about his job and about potential              Columbia, France, Israel, Poland, Switzerland,
internship opportunities at the U.N. We also             Turkey, U.K. and the U.S. Currents students at
thank Toni Fine for organizing this event and            the event were from China, Columbia, France,
introducing us to Dr. Pallek.                            Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Israel,
                                                         Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Spain,
LL.M. Alumni Networking Event                            Switzerland, U.K., U.S., and Venezuela.
Marie-Andree Weiss (France)
           Law school is, well… school. Most             We even had the pleasure to meet some alumni
           LL.M. students have had professional          from the very first year of the LL.M. program.
           experience, often extensive. Going            As they pointed out, it was not such a long time
           back to school can be a walk down             ago, and it was not yet necessary to share tips
memory lane. It is great fun to be part of a             on how to enjoy retirement! Thank you all for
“class” again, a term that paradoxically                 keeping in touch with Cardozo, and for taking
designates an entity where differences are               the time to meet the rookies. Thanks also to

Enrique Cubillo, photographer extraordinaire.               Ambassador Nesho studied at the University of
He took many pictures, including one of the                 Tirana, from which he holds degrees in law and
whole group gathered around Professor Toni                  engineering (including a doctorate in electrical
Fine, who organized the event. Thank you, and               engineering). In addition to his current post and
hopefully, we’ll see you again in the fall                  to practicing law in Tirana, Dr. Nesho was a
semester.                                                   political advisor to the president of Albania,
                                                            Acting President of the Albanian Institute for
Albanian Ambassador Visits Cardozo                          International Studies, Director of the Albanian
Cardozo School of Law was honored to                        Foundation for European Affairs, and General
welcome Ambassador Agim Nesho to the law                    Director of the National Center for Scientific and
school on November 4, 2004. Ambassador                      Technological Information and Documentation
Nesho is the Permanent Representative and                   of the Academy of Science. While at the United
Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary                Nations, Ambassador Nesho was Deputy
of the Republic of Albania to the United                    Chairman of the Albanian Delegation to the
Nations, a post he has held since 1997. This                U.N. General Assembly Sessions, and held
exceptional event was jointly sponsored by the              leadership positions on the U.N. Special
Office of Graduate and International Programs,              Session on Illicit Drugs, the International
the Graduate Law Society, the International                 Conference for Disarmament, the Millennium
Law Students Association, and the European                  Summit, the Convention for the Rights of the
Law Students Association.                                   Child, and the High Level Special Session on
Ambassador Nesho, accomplanied by his wife,
Judge Daniela Kristo Nesho, visited Cardozo to              LL.M. Career Panels: Tips for Success
discuss the process of Albania’s accession to                                This academic year, the Office
the European Union and what it means for his                                 of Graduate and International
country. Before an audience of about 30                                      Programs and the Graduate
students, Ambassador Nesho began by giving a                                 Law Society planned two
general discourse on the state of Albania,                  events featuring former Cardozo LL.M. students
noting for example that Albania has had a long              who spoke about their job search experiences.
history of peaceful religious and ethnic co-
existence. In discussing Albania’s progress                 The first of these events took place on October
toward integration into the European Union, he              21, 2004. The panel was moderated by Carol
noted that full integration is favored by the               Kanareck, a legal recruiter in New York City,
Albanian government and the Albanian public                 and featured LL.M. alumni Mary Lynne Frey
as a way to meet the challenges of the twenty-              (U.S.) of the Legal Aid Society of New York;
first century, including economic stability.                Bianca Mileck (Brazil) of Fischer & Mandell;
Integration will also promote transparency of               Rotem Rosen (Israel) of Herzfeld Rubin; Kelly
the country’s democratic processes. Albania in              Slavitt (U.S.) formerly of Thelen, Reid & Priest,
recent years has moved closer to the rest of                now of the American Society for the Prevention
Europe, for example, through its membership in              of Cruelty to Animals); and Nicola Tasco (Italy)
NATO and ECOSOC, and through regional                       of Sanpaolo IMI Bank.
border control cooperation. Albania’s other
efforts toward integration include strengthening            The second panel took place on March 28th,
the rule of law, privatization of utilities and other       and featured Bernard Maister (U.S.) of
industries, and reporting of strong economic                Sedgwick, Detert, Moran and Arnold; Shay
indicators in recent years. Ambassador Nesho                Markus (Israel) of Coblence & Warner; Lorenz
also mentioned the crucial support his country              Wolfers (Switzerland) of the Law Offices of
has received from the government of the United              Adam Perlmutter, P.C.; and Nilesh Zacharias
States.                                                     (India) of DoubleClick Inc.

Special thanks to our alumni for sharing their            Public Law Advocacy Week at Cardozo
experiences!                                              Public Law Advocacy Week: From Local to
                                                          Global Practice, held during the week of
Professionals in Media and Entertainment                  January 24, 2005, brought to Cardozo a range
(PRIME)                                                   of speakers and events designed to highlight
Konstantinos Gaisidis (Georgia)                           and discuss various issues related to public
Early in my first semester at Cardozo, I had              advocacy law.
the great opportunity to visit one of the
country's best law firms – Pitney Hardin. The             Topics discussed represented a broad range of
event was a panel presentation sponsored by               issues from Representing Individuals in Our
PRIME – Professionals in Media and                        Communities, to Community Courts and
Entertainment – an organization founded and               Alternatives to Incarceration; from Redefining
run by Cardozo’s own David Krell (U.S. 2005).             the Family: The National Debate on Same-Sex
This panel, on The Power of Publicity and                 Marriage to Racial Profiling; and from Slavery in
Marketing, gave me the chance to visit the law            the Global Economy to Torture in an
firm’s beautiful offices in the heart of Times            International Context. The week’s activities
Square and the opportunity to meet in person              also featured a fair at which public service
some of the top intellectual property lawyers             organizations demonstrated how students can
and their clientele, including CBS News, Marie            get involved through volunteer activities.
Claire, and Hispanic Media. With this event, I
had my first legal experience to prepare for              Panelists included representatives from a
tomorrow's legal world.                                   number of local, national and international
                                                          public law organizations, including American-
Being a Teaching Assistant                                Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Bronx
Dina Raewel (Switzerland)                                 Defenders, Center for Constitutional Rights,
            I am still surprised myself that I am a       Center for Court Innovation, City Bar Public
            teaching assistant (T.A.) I did not           Service Network of the Association of the Bar of
            apply for this position; precisely, it        the City of New York, Free the Slaves,
            fell on me. Last semester, I applied          International League of Human Rights, Lambda
            for the Human Rights Clinic, which is         Legal, Legal Action Center, Legal Aid Society,
being taught for the first time at the Cardozo            New York Civil Liberties Union, New York
School of Law this semester. Professor Sheri              Lawyers for the Public Interest, New York State
Rosenberg started the Clinic. After submitting            Attorney General Office, Civil Rights Division,
my application, along with my curriculum vitae, I         and Sanctuary for Families.
had an interview with Professor Rosenberg.
Given my experience in the field of human                 Members of the Cardozo faculty who
rights (in Switzerland, I worked for and with a           participated in the week’s events included Dean
human rights organization), she invited me to             David Rudenstine and Professors Daan
be her teaching assistant. My role is to                  Braveman, Sheri Rosenberg, Ed Stein, and
supervise a group of three students in preparing          Ellen Yaroshefsky. The week ended with a
a memo for a major human rights organization              ceremony and reception in honor of members
in the City of New York. The case is real. I              of the faculty, administration, and staff who
have an excellent group of students who are               engage in pro bono and public interest work.
very talented and who make an excellent team,
which makes my assignment easy. We are                    “One of the main goals of the week was to bring
currently working on our second project,                  a number of public sector employers to
involving a case pending before the European              Cardozo and for them to educate us about what
Court of Human Rights; sorry, but because of              they do and share what it means to be a lawyer
confidentiality issues, I cannot tell you more            working in the public interest and to also have
about it.                                                 the employers interact with our students in an
                                                          engaging and intellectually stimulating

environment,” said Leslie Thrope, the Director           Chinese mean the same -- “Wave.” What a
of the Law School’s Center for Public Service            day!
Law, who had primary responsibility for
organizing Public Law Advocacy Week. Ms.                 More Regional Events
Thrope added that the feedback from the                           On November 12, 2004, about a dozen
speakers was extremely positive. “They were                       of Cardozo’s LL.M. students braved the
so impressed with the questions and                               heavy rain to meet at Paladar, a Latino
discussions after the panels, and the general                     bar in the lower east side of Manhattan,
interest and enthusiasm that students showed             for happy hour, and then continued on to have
about practicing in the public sector,” added Ms.        dinner at Katz's, the venerable New York - style
Thrope. The Center for Public Service Law                deli, located just a few steps from Paladar.
hopes to make this an annual event.                      Known for its enormous portions and its surly
                                                         service, Katz's lived up to its reputation.
The week’s events were sponsored by
Cardozo’s Office of Career Services’ Center for          On March 3, 2005, a number of LL.M. students
Public Service Law, the Public Interest Law              visited Izu, a local Japanese restaurant, where
Students Association, the Gay and Lesbian Law            they feasted on everything from beef negimaki
Students Association, the International                  to tamago sushi and chicken yakitori, and then
Students Association, the National Lawyers               proceeded to the karaoke lounge.
Guild, the Human Rights and Genocide Clinic,
the Jacob Burns Institute for Advanced Legal             On March 10, 2005, Oscar Starker organized
Studies, and the Program in Holocaust and                the first Russian night out at the Russia Vodka
Human Rights Studies.                                    Room, where vodka and a good time were had
                                                         by all!
Experiencing China in New York City
Yu Bo (China)                                            Happy Hour at El Cantinero
                On December 1, 2004, more than
                30 Cardozo LL.M. students went           The students who entered Cardozo in the
                to the Cottage for a Chinese food        January 2005 semester topped off the first
                night out. The Cottage is a very         week of regularly scheduled classes with a
typical American Cantonese restaurant, which             Happy Hour at El Cantinero, a restaurant and
means that you can hardly find this kind of              cantina conveniently located on University
restaurant in China, and which also means that           Place, just a few blocks away from Cardozo.
I cook better than most of the Chinese                   There, along with a number of returning LL.M.
restaurants in America. No kidding…. One                 students, they celebrated the start of their time
good thing about living in New York is, as               at Cardozo, with beer and margaritas flowing
a person from the Mandarin area, I can see and           freely. It was a wonderful opportunity to
feel a lot of Cantonese culture here, for                celebrate the start of a new semester and an
example, the Lunar New Year Parade. On                   occasion for the newest members of the
February 13, 2005, several LL.M. students went           Cardozo LL.M. community to meet the returning
to Chinatown to see typical dragon dances. I             students.
had never seen such a huge Cantonese Lunar
New Year parade in China, and it was a good              Cardozo Welcomes Alum Selene Steelman
chance for non-Chinese people to understand              as Director of LL.M. Admissions
why we need the One Child Policy in China. It                        In December 2004, Selene
took us nearly 40 minutes to walk the 500 or so                      Steelman joined the Cardozo
meters from the subway station to the                                School of Law community as the
restaurant; Daniel and Yorck had almost                              Assistant Director of the Office of
finished their lunch by the time we arrived.                         Admissions and the Director of
During this event, we even found out that                LL.M. Admissions. Selene received her J.D.
Gally's name in Hebrew and my name in                    from Cardozo in 2002. While at Cardozo she

focused on Intellectual Property and                       spend time on creative projects. However, as
participated in many of the program’s offerings,           one attorney told me, don’t decide to work solo
including the Summer Institute and the                     by default, because if you think that it is a way
Telecommunications Workshop. She was also                  to escape some of the downsides of being
Senior Managing Editor of the Cardozo                      employed, you will be disappointed.
Women’s Law Journal. After graduating from
law school, Selene worked as a structured                  MY EXPERIENCE: I started off as a part-time
finance associate at Thacher Proffitt & Wood               solo practitioner immediately after being called
LLP, concentrating on asset-backed                         to the New York bar in January 2001. Prior to
securitization and secured lending. She is                 passing the bar, I worked as a registered nurse
grateful to the Cardozo community for all the              in Queens where I had the opportunity to be in
opportunities it has provided her and looks                charge of colleagues, LPN nurses, nursing
forward to sharing her knowledge and                       assistants, and other ancillary staff members. I
experiences with prospective students.                     was one of the few nurses who could work in
                                                           any nursing unit, be it emergency room, critical
Life as a Solo Practitioner                                care, medical-surgical, or recovery unit. This
Janet Fashakin (Nigeria)                                   ability to be a specialist and a general
           INTRODUCTION: Solo life is not                  practitioner at the same time really came in
           meant for everyone; as someone                  handy when it was time for me to set up my
           rightly pointed out, “for some, big is          solo practice, where I also have to wear several
           better.” If you want to know whether            hats at the same time. Unlike in a big firm
           you can make it as a solo, try selling          where you have a division of labor, solo
something, even if it is your second hand law              practitioners, especially for the first year or so,
book. There is not much difference between                 have to be prepared to take up the role of the
being a sales person and a solo. If you can                company president, the office manager, the
successfully sell that first item without throwing         receptionist, the cleaner, and even the
in the towel, you can successfully practice as a           messenger. It can be lonely and stressful going
solo. Unlike what I hear many people say,                  it alone at first, but once you get used to it, it
going solo does not really require a lot of                can be very rewarding. It is advisable to hire at
experience -- you learn on the job; however, it            least one assistant who can function effectively
is not for the ignoramus. It also does not                 as a receptionist/typist/messenger. Give
require a lot of initial financial outlay, because         him/her a nice title, like “office manager” or
what you are marketing is mainly what you                  “assistant,” to boost the ego, and pay at least
have learned in your three years of law school.            $1.00 more than the going rate. In return, you
However, you do need enough money to rent                  will reap a great dividend of loyalty and
office space and to buy a desk, some chairs, a             dedication. Remember to let your assistants
filing cabinet, and a land phone -- preferably             know that you appreciate what they are doing
with Verizon as your carrier because you get a             for the business. I continue to enjoy the
free listing with your subscription.                       services of loyal and dedicated assistants in my
ADVICE: There are people who have worked
for several years in big corporations but cannot           MARKETING TACTICS: When you start off,
successfully function as a solo because                    most of your initial clients will come from
different attributes are required for each type of         friends, acquaintances, and people in your
work. To successfully fly solo, it is important to         neighborhood. You need to go out of your way
truly comprehend all of the potential                      to make them trust you. Give them a break
disadvantages, as well as the benefits. It is              from your standard legal fees -- everyone likes
often better to start off part- time, especially if        a discount. I learned this principle in my first
your desire to go solo stems from the need for             year of practice as a solo when I advertised in
temporary flexibility to raise children, go to             two different but equally well-circulated
school, spend quality time with your spouse, or            community newspapers. I added a small

footnote in one of the ads offering a $50                 featured in the March 13, 2005 issue of
coupon. The outcome was so encouraging that               Newsday, about an immigrant green card
I continued to use the same principle in                  holder who lost his freedom and the good life
subsequent advertisements in that and other               he had built over ten years in New York for his
newspapers. At one time I was advertising real            wife and daughter. A Rastafarian, he was
estate closings for $595.00. I got clients from           arrested in 2003 over $10 worth of marijuana.
all five boroughs, with the added advantage of            His attorney asked him to plead guilty to a
representing some of those clients (who would             misdemeanor charge of marijuana sale in return
otherwise not have known about me), in other              for 20 days in jail. Upon completion of the
matters. I was of course paid my full fee for             sentence on Rikers Island, however, he was
those services. I rarely advertise these days             sent to an immigration detention facility in
because of my workload; I even refer cases to             Northern New Jersey, then to a federal facility
other attorneys now. A lot of our current                 in Oakdale, La., where he now faces mandatory
customers’ referrals come from former satisfied           deportation. Little did many criminal law
customers. Networking can be very useful, but             attorneys know that even a low-level crime
it is not a significant part of my practice. I did        committed by an immigrant like jumping a
find membership in my local Bar Association to            turnstile can be cause for deportation. Early in
be very helpful, however, including its CLE               2004, I represented a couple from the Bronx in
programs.                                                 a criminal proceeding in Queens Criminal
                                                          Court, where my immigrant clients were
REQUIRED SKILLS: Mediation and litigation                 arrested and charged with criminal possession
are important skills to acquire as a solo                 of stolen property, an offense that carries a
practitioner. You cannot be successful in solo            minimum of one year jail sentence. The story
practice if you know one skill but not the other.         was featured in their community newspaper
If you are considering going solo, learn these            where they were depicted as armed robbers,
skills during your time in law school. For                although I knew they were innocent. The
instance, you can charge a fee of $1,500 to               husband was quickly suspended from his job as
evict a tenant and spend an aggregate of about            a NYC transit worker and the wife, whose green
two hours to resolve the matter if you have               card application was pending, had her interview
good mediation skills. On the other hand, it              suspended. The ADA offered a plea of
may take you six months or more to evict a                misdemeanor and 30 days incarceration, which
tenant if all you know is litigation and you must         I quickly turned down. I requested a Grand
go through all the phases of litigation. Why?             Jury hearing which the judge and the ADA said
Because of sometimes unforeseeable or                     they never heard of before until I referred them
deliberate adjournments from both sides and               to the appropriate section of the criminal code.
even from the trial judge whose calendar may              It eventually became too much for the ADA to
be full on a particular day. If you have a                handle, and he agreed to drop the charges.
reputation for not mediating cases, this simple
fact may result in dismissal, in which case you           CONCLUSION: As a solo, even though you do
will need to start all over, meaning another 30-          not have the resources of a big firm, you have
day notice of eviction before you can come                that rare advantage of being able to quickly
back to court. The inability to effectively               adapt to the practice of law. You get all the
mediate has just cost you time, your ego, a               credit for your hard work and you don’t have to
satisfied client, and any potential hope of               hear from some senior partner when you make
getting a referral from that client in the future.        a mistake. You will, however, learn from that
On the other hand, if all you know is mediation           mistake and move on.
and you are scared stiff of litigating, you could
be causing your client more harm than good.               About the author: Janet Fashakin is the
Nowhere is the ability to litigate more important         principal attorney of Fashakin & Associates,
than in criminal law. Take, for instance, a story         P.C., a Queens law firm. She is also the
entitled Burned by the System that was                    president of Ayo-Ola Real Estate Company,

also in Queens, a registered nurse, and a               and geology from Al-Turath University and a
mother.                                                 degree in French languages from Baghdad
                                                        University. She was the principal of her own
Twenty New LL.M. Students Join Cardozo                  law firm in Baghdad and also was employed by
this Spring!                                            the Coalition Provisional Authority, where she
              This semester, we welcomed 20             worked on issues involving prisoners.
              new LL.M. students to the law
              school. These students join the 35        Anu Allen
              students already matriculated in          India
              the graduate program. All of the          General Studies
new LL.M. students received their first degrees         Mr. Allen is a graduate of the Government Law
in law abroad. Two of these students already            College at Mahatma Gandhi University in
hold masters degrees from U.S. law schools,             Kerala. While in India, Mr. Allen served as an
including Vivian Williams, who returns for his          advocate in his own law firm. Prior to that, he
second Cardozo LL.M. degree. The new                    was a junior advocate at M/s Mohammed
graduate students hold law degrees from                 Moopan Associates.
Canada, Colombia, France, Georgia, Germany,
Guyana, India, Iraq, Italy, Kenya, Philippines,         Francesco Leone Bellman
Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, and                     Italy
Venezuela.                                              General Studies
                                                        Mr. Bellman is a graduate of the law school at
In addition, David Moya (Spain) returns to the          Universita Statale di Milano, where his thesis
LL.M. program after a leave of absence. David           focused on international law. He is the co-
is Assistant Professor at the University of             author of English and French teaching material
Barcelona. It is a pleasure to have David back          on translating law, sponsored by the European
with us!                                                Union and the Faculty of Languages at the
                                                        University of Milano. Mr. Bellman was also
We also welcome Annamaria Scuderi (Italy),              assistant legal consultant in the Information and
our first visiting student under the auspices of        Technologies Office of Politecnico di Milano for
the FIPSE-EU student exchange program in                contracts regarding information technology
Alternative Dispute Resolution. Annamaria               licenses. He also worked as a litigator in civil
received her master’s degree from the                   matters including contacts, bankruptcy, and
University of Rome La Sapienza, where she               family law. Mr. Bellman attended courses in
worked in the Interdepartmental Research                legal English in Edinburgh and studied French
Centre for European and International Studies.          at the University of Grenoble. In addition to
Annamaria also holds a degree from the                  English and Italian, Mr. Bellman speaks French.
University of Trieste, and attended courses on          Mr. Bellman plays the piano, sails, and is a full
EU law in Bulgaria and in international studies         contact karate instructor.
at the European Association for International
Studies.                                                Ewa Domagala
Brief biographies of our new LL.M. students             Intellectual Property
follow.                                                 Ms. Domagala received her law degree from
                                                        the University of Silesia, and studied U.S. and
Istabrak S. Ahmed                                       international business and trade at a program
Iraq                                                    sponsored jointly by the Catholic University of
General Studies                                         America and Jagiellonian University. During
Ms. Ahmed is one of the first Fulbright Scholars        her law studies, Ms. Domagala was active in
to come to the United States in almost 14               the European Law Student Association (ELSA),
years, and one of only 6 women to receive this          for which she organized various international
prestigious grant. She holds degrees in law             seminars and conferences and was responsible

for the Socrates Erasmus student exchange                 his B.A. in history, magna cum laude, from
program. She also served as an intern at a                Tufts University, where he was on the Dean’s
court in Cracow and at PriceWaterhouse -                  List. During college, he spent a semester at the
Coopers. After completing her law studies, Ms.            Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mr. Iny was
Domagala was Legal Consultant at the Ludwik               an associate at Jewitt Morrison & Associates in
Solski State School of Drama in Krakow, where             Ottawa, an Articling Student in the Ministry of
she had also served as a member of the drama              Labour at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney
directing and acting faculty. She has written             General, a legislative assistant at the American
articles for the Polish Magazine Kecz-up,                 Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington,
published in New York. Most recently, Ms.                 D.C., a Policy Analyst at the Council for Basic
Domagala did volunteer work at a law office in            Education, also in Washington, D.C., and a
Brooklyn. Ms. Domagala chaired two movie                  Constituent Outreach intern for Senator Ted
premiers in New York City, at which she                   Kennedy. Mr. Iny has run marathons in New
interviewed several well-known Polish screen              York, Boston, Chicago, and Ottawa, and plays
performers. In addition to English and Polish,            guitar.
Ms. Domagala speaks Russian and some
German and Spanish.                                       Neelam Khanna
Konstantinos Gaisidis                                     Intellectual Property
Georgia                                                   Ms. Khanna holds Bachelor of Laws and
General Studies                                           Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of
Our first LL.M. student from Georgia, Mr.                 Delhi, and an Associate Degree of Arts and
Gaisidis received his law degree from Tbilisi St.         Science in Computer Science from the Houston
Grigol Peradze University, and holds a masters            Community College. She worked as a
degree in Criminology and Justice from St.                programmer for MaxVu Sports Broadcasting
John’s University.                                        Network, as a web designer/developer at
                                                          Caltechsys, and as a programmer at
Maria F. Gallo                                            Etransactions, Inc., all in Houston. In her native
Colombia                                                  India, Ms. Khanna was a junior attorney with
General Studies                                           Aggarwal Associates in New Delhi.
Ms. Gallo is a graduate of the law faculty at La
Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia.             Guillermo Alfredo Nolivos
She also holds a paralegal certificate from               Venezuela
SUNY Westchester Community College. While                 General Studies
in Colombia, Ms. Gallo was a corporate law                Mr. Nolivos is a graduate of the law faculty of
attorney at Nevesidades Hogarenas, Ltda., a               Universidad Central de Venezuela, and is a
law school teaching assistant in the field of             member of the Bar Association of the Districto
alternative dispute resolution, and had an                Federal in Caracas. He also studied Business
internship at Brigard & Urrutia. Currently, she is        Administration at Baruch College of the City
a litigation paralegal at Cheda & Sheehan in              University of New York. He is presently a
New York City.                                            paralegal at Dorman & O'Dwyer, Ltd., in New
                                                          York City. While in Venezuela, Mr. Nolivos was
Daniel M. Iny                                             a litigation attorney at Camba, Garcia &
Canada                                                    Asociados and at Nolivos & Asociados, both in
General Studies                                           Caracas.
Mr. Iny is a graduate of McGill University
Faculty of Law, where he received his LL.B.
and his B.C.L. He was also Director and
member of the McGill Legal Information Clinic
and an Outreach Program Member of the
McGill Literacy Association. Mr. Iny received

Andreea L. Dumitru Parcalaboiu                            Court Service Representative at the Middlesex
Romania                                                   Superior Court.
General Studies
Ms. Parcalaboiu is Vice President of Operations           Oscar Starker
at MIC & Associates in New York, where she                Russia
handles public relations and marketing. She               Intellectual Property
also was Associate Editor of ZIUA USA, where              Mr. Starker received his first law degree from
she both wrote articles and handled                       Pyatigorsk State University and hold a B.A. in
management issues. While in Bucharest, Ms.                Economics from Brooklyn College. He has
Parcalaboiu practiced law at Contransimex SA.             worked as a technology consultant or analyst
A graduate of T. Maiorescu University School of           for Navigant Consulting, Sony Music
Law, Ms. Parcalaboiu is also a certified                  Entertainment, Lewco Securities, Paine
paralegal in New York.                                    Webber, and the State of New York Unified
                                                          Court System.
Daniela Rojas Puszyn
Venezuela/Spain                                           Joanna Catarina Suarez
Intellectual Property                                     Philippines/U.S.
Ms. Rojas holds a law degree from La                      Intellectual Property
Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas              Ms. Suarez, a member of the New York State
and a masters in law from La Universidad de               bar, holds an LL.M. from Fordham Law School,
Alicante, where her studies focused on                    a law degree from the College of Law at Ateneo
intellectual property and information society.            de Manila University, and a Bachelor of Arts
Ms. Rojas participated in an international moot           from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Ms.
court competition at the Robert Schuman                   Suarez was an Associate at Ernst & Young in
University in Strasbourg. Most recently, Ms.              Makati City, and was a Political Affairs Officer
Rojas was part of the legal team at IPR                   and Legislative Research Specialist at the
Helpdesk’s website, an EU project, in Alicante,           House of Representatives for Quezon Province.
where she published several articles on                   She is fond of yoga, palates, ballroom dancing,
intellectual property related issues on the firm’s        and baking.
website. She also held an internship at the law
firm Bardehle Pagenberg Dost Alternburg                   Carolyne O. Tsuma
Geissler, also in Alicante, where she developed           Kenya
a Community trademark database. She also                  General Studies
practiced law at several law offices in                   Ms. Tsuma received an LL.B. from the
Venezuela, where she also had an internship at            University of Nairobi and a diploma in law from
the Ministry of Justice in Caracas. Ms. Rojas             Kenya Law School. She also holds a bachelor
attended numerous seminars in intellectual                of commerce from the University of Rajasthan.
property law and related issues in Venezuela,             Ms. Tsuma served as a research assistant
Spain, and Japan.                                         under the Kenyan Ministry of Finance and
                                                          Planning, where she worked on the poverty
Oksana Sokolova                                           eradication program. She also was a research
Russia                                                    assistant for World Neighbors, an NGO in
General Studies                                           Kenya, and as an associate in the firm of N.R.
Ms. Sokolova holds a masters degree in law                Nyamai & Co. Advocates in Nairobi and law
from Krasnoyarsk State University. She then               firms in India.
worked as a lawyer at the Krasnoyarsk State
Department of Construction, at the Krasnoyarsk
Railway-Carriage Repair Works, and at the
Kedr Commercial Bank. In the U.S., she
worked as an assistant to a real estate agent,
as a Certified Income Tax Preparer, and as a

Lorena Vicens-Cameron                                    United Nations, an Intern at the New York Civil
Spain/France                                             Liberties Union, an Intern at Westwood One, a
Intellectual Property                                    Research Assistant for Cardozo Professor
Ms. Vicens-Cameron received her Bachelor or              Edward Zelinsky, and Editor-in-Chief at VCT
Laws from the University of Valencia, a Master           Evening News in Guyana. Mr. Williams is also
of Human Rights and International                        an experienced news reporter and an
Humanitarian Law from the University of Paris,           accomplished documentary filmmaker.
Pantheon-Assas, and a Master of Intellectual
Property Law from the University of Alicante.            Maksim ("Max") Zaslavsky
She was a Franco-Spanish lawyer in the                   Russia
corporate department of Gastineau, Andres &              General Studies
Associés in Paris, and a legal assistant at              Mr. Zaslavsky is a graduate of the International
Rafael Ordeig Law Firm in Valencia. Ms.                  Institute of Management, Business, and Law,
Vicens-Cameron was also involved in                      and also received an Executive MS from the
UNESCO’s preparation of the Universal                    Zicklin School of Business of Baruch College.
Declaration on the Human Genome and Human                He is licensed as a General Securities
Rights. Ms. Vicens-Cameron speaks English,               Representative (Series 7) and as a Registered
French, and Spanish.                                     Equity Trader (Series 55). In addition, Mr.
                                                         Zaslavsky is part owner and employee of Echo
Marie-Andree Weiss                                       Resources.
Intellectual Property Law                                Daniel Zohny
Ms. Weiss holds a maitrise, a D.E.A., and a              Germany
D.E.S.S. from the University of Strasbourg,              Intellectual Property
where she is a candidate for a doctorate degree          Mr. Zohny completed his First State
on Identity Theft in the United States and               Examination at the University of Bayreuth,
France. Ms. Weiss also holds a masters                   where he specialized in European, international
degree in the History of Art from Strasbourg             and unfair competition law, and received a
University and studied intellectual property law         certificate in legal English; and his Second
at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional           State Examination in Duesseldorf. Mr. Zohny
Studies. She is also working towards a                   held internships at South Brooklyn Legal
paralegal certificate from the University of             Services, a law firm in Duesseldorf, the Office
Florida. In addition to English and French, Ms.          of European Affairs in Dueseldorf, the District
Weiss has a working knowledge of Italian and             Attorney's office in Moenchengladbach, a judge
German, and speaks some Japanese.                        at the Civil Court in Viersen, the German-Arab
                                                         Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cairo,
Vivian Mortimer Williams                                 Egypt and the German Copyright Society
Guyana/U.S.                                              (GEMA) in Munich. In addition to English and
Comparative Legal Thought                                German, Mr. Zohny speaks Arabic and some
Mr. Williams, a member of the New York State             French. Mr. Zohny enjoys travel, snowboard,
bar, returns for a second Cardozo masters                and golf.
degree, having received his LL.M. in Intellectual
Property Law in 2003. He is also a graduate of           Alumni News
the University of West Indies/University of                         Jose Maria Arrufat Gracia (Spain
Guyana, where he holds an LL.B., and a Bsc. in                      2003) announces the opening, on
Public Communications and Journalism with                           January 1, 2005, of Arrufat Gracia,
Honors. Mr. Williams was an Intern at the                           PLLC, with a focus on foreign
Planned Parenthood Federation of America,                           companies and individuals doing
Inc. in New York, a Research and Policy                             business in the U.S. The firm
Associate in Information and Media at Care               covers corporate, media and trademark law,
International Multilateral Liaison Office at the         and immigration. The firm also advises

American companies doing business in Spain               Efi Harari (Israel 2004) is an associate in the
and works closely with its correspondent firm in         New York City office of Clifford Chance, where
Spain, Lupicinio Eversheds. Other Cardozo                he is part of the intellectual property
LL.M. alumni are involved in the firm's work.            department.
Bianca Mileck (Brazil 2002) is Of Counsel and            Ruth Hay (U.K. 2000) is now Senior Counsel for
works with the firm in litigation and corporate          Scottsdale Insurance Company.
transactions involving Latin America; Marta
Talarek (Poland 2003) is Of Counsel with the             Julie Herzog (France 2001) is associated with
trademark and media group, coordinating                  Willkie Farr & Gallagher and works out of the
European clients; Julio Vera (Ecuador 2003)              law firm’s Paris office.
serves as a legal clerk for immigration and
business transactions involving Spain and Latin          Junko Ishibashi (Japan 2001) has been working
America. The firm's offices are located in the           in the music production industry as a manager
landmark Empire State Building.                          of arrangers and composers. She has also
                                                         been working on copyright royalties and
Leyda Castillo Primo (Mexico 2004) and her               contracts with several music publishing
husband Octavio joyfully announce the arrival            companies.
of their first child, a son. Octavio Jr. was born
on February 13, 2005, weighing 7 pounds and              Anne Kimotho (Kenya 2003) is working at Price
13 ounces.                                               Waterhouse Coopers Limited in Nairobi.

Yi Chen (China 2002) is working in the                   Eva Kovacs (Hungary 2002) is an associate in
Shanghai office of Sidley Austin Brown &                 the Budapest office of Weil Gotshal and
Wood, LLP.                                               Manges

Stacey Chesser (U.S. 2001) is enrolled in the            Susan Latham (U.S. 2004) is associated with
graduate program in journalism at Emerson                Feldman Gal, an intellectual property litigation
College in Boston.                                       firm located in downtown Miami.

Sohyun Chung (Korea 2002) is the proud                   Guizeng (“Wayne”) Liu (China 2002) is a
mother of Jakena, born on August 26, 2004.               partner in the intellectual property group at King
Sohyun invites her friends to visit Jakena’s             & Wood in Beijing.
website at
                                                         Mariam Aziz Mahmoudi (U.S. 2003) is an
Lora DeMark (U.S. 2005) is an Assistant District         Attorney Advisor at the United States Patent &
Attorney in Harrison County, West Virginia.              Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

Zohar Efroni (Israel 2002) and Sarah Flaccus             Bernard Maister (U.S. 2004) is associated with
(Germany 2002) are proud to announce the                 Sedgwick, Detert, Moran and Arnold in New
birth of their second son, Miron, on February            York. He still teaches Introduction to Public
19, 2005. Miron joins his big brother, Lian.             Law at the NYU School of Professional Studies.

Chrystel Garipuy (France 2003), a                        Elvira Marzano (Italy 2005) is working in the
photographer, had a solo exhibition of her               Office of the Inspector General at the
works L’Elisir D’Amore (Theatrical and                   Metropolitan transit Authority (M.T.A.) in New
Melancholic Portraits of Friends) at Warp                York City.
Designs in Brooklyn.
                                                         Melanie Meyer (Germany 2001) is working at
Aviya Goldiin-Chill (Israel 2003) returned to            Becker Büttner Held in Berlin while completing
Israel, and is now living outside of Tel Aviv.           her doctoral thesis.

Vasundhra Prasad (India 2002) was an invited
speaker at a conference organized under the
auspices of Microsoft. She spoke on the topic                The Cardozo LL.M. Sidebar
of Legislative Approaches to Spam. Vasundhra
is head of the intellectual property law                The Newsletter of the Graduate Program of
department at Amarchand & Mangaldas &                    The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Suresh A. Shroff & Co. in New Delhi.
                                                                      Published by:
Kelly M. Slavitt (U.S. 2003) is Associate                         The Office of Graduate
Counsel of the American Society for the
                                                                and International Programs
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
                                                            Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Jane Strachan (U.S. 2003) article, “Recent                          Yeshiva University
Developments in Cybersecurity Obligations,”                          Brookdale Center
appeared in the February 2005 issue of The                            55 Fifth Avenue
Connecticut Lawyer.                                               New York, NY 10003
                                                                    212.790.0361 (tel)
Pavitra Trivedi (India 2003) and her husband,                       212.790.0232 (fax)
Chintan, are the proud parents of Riya, born                 
January 5, 2005.
                                                                  Please visit our website
Jingliang Wang (China 2004) is working in the
intellectual property group of Baker & McKenzie
in Hong Kong.
                                                                         Toni M. Fine
Lorenz Wolfers (Switzerland 2004) is working at         Director of Graduate & International Programs
the Law Offices of Adam Perlmutter, P.C. The
firm does mainly immigration and criminal
defense work, as well as some public interest
litigation. Lorenz’s work focuses on litigation.

Nilesh Zacharias (India 20004) is Associate
Privacy Compliance Officer at DoubleClick Inc.
in New York.

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