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Healthy School and Active Living


									                     Healthy School and Active Living Activities
            School District #62 École John Stubbs Memorial School

        At École John Stubbs Memorial K-9 School, we are very proud to support and
promote a variety of healthy school and active living activities. We believe strongly in
the link between healthy eating, active living and students’ overall success and
achievement at school. Therefore, we are committed to offering all of our students as
many healthy and active living choices at our school.

-School rowing, basketball, cycling, track and field, cross country, swim, teams

-Other activities offered include a sewing club, hip hop dancing, dodge ball, and survivor

-Recipient of the Platinum Award from Physical and Health Education Canada for
offering 150 hours of DPA (Daily Physical Activity) per week to our students

-Member of the BC Healthy Schools Network

-Healthy School Team made up of two teachers, two students, an administrator, school
health nurse, and parent volunteer to encourage, promote and support healthy eating
choices for all of our students. Outstanding support from teachers of the healthy eating

-Action Schools BC member; classroom teachers have kits in classrooms to support
active living

-Milk Program and a Fruit and Vegetable Program

-Middle school vending machines exceed the provincial guidelines for the sale of food
and beverages in schools with 60% of the choices being “choose most” and 40 % of the
choices being “choose sometimes”

-Eat Well Get Moving Challenge --students and their families are encouraged to eat
more fruits and vegetables and to record their physical activity

-New school playground, dedicated by Silken Laumann, supports healthy and active
living for all of our students

-Partnership between local Parks and Recreation (grade 7 students received free
passes/admission cards for the duration of the 2008-09 school year and summer of
2009 to access programs at the West Shore Parks and Recreation Centre)

-Noon hour games and clubs for grades 4-9 throughout the school year
-Hot lunch program

-Many positive comments from parents about the opportunities around healthy eating
and active living that we offer their children

-Two gymnasiums to offer a wide range of activities to encourage and promote healthy
and active living and experienced PE teachers teach all grade levels as “relief” for
general classroom teachers when teachers are on preps

-Home economics exploratory teaches students the importance of nutrition and healthy

-PAC is extremely supportive of all of our efforts surrounding healthy and active living
for all of our students. For example, PAC recently donated pedometers to staff to count
and map out the progress of their steps travelled at work. Bins of sporting and
playground equipment for all students to use on a daily basis during recess and lunch
times were donated by PAC.

-School bin of equipment that is also brought outside from the gymnasium from which
students select equipment to play with during their break times

-Hosted a “Healthy Eating Workshop” to help educate parents about healthy eating

-Yearly events such as the Terry Fox Run, a skip-a-thon, a Run For Fun event, Spring
Fling Fun Fair, school wide fun day, and the end of the year Beach Day.

-Field trips to recreation centres to provide community based activities for our students

-Information sent home newsletters and in memos to encourage parents to play an
active role in promoting healthy food choices and physical activity with their children

-“On The Move Workshop” took place and aimed to increase opportunities for inactive
girls and young women to participate in sport and physical activity

-$50 gift certificates towards membership at a local fitness centre were given out to staff
earlier this year

 -“Games Day”--older students will be teaching younger students how to play a variety
of low level games to encourage our younger and older students to become more
physically active.

-Received $1000 from School District #62 to support school related health and wellness

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