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									                         UNIVERSITY OF IOWA
                                                                                                      VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

                                                   HAWK EY E                              ROWI NG                                   NEW S
                                                   NOVEMBER 2009

                                                                HAWKEYES FINISH THE FALL IN STYLE

                                                   Dear Parents, Fans and Alumni,
LETTER FROM                        1
THE COACHING                                       After what proved to be a historic Fall campaign, the
                                                   Hawkeyes move indoors for the season, ready to put
                                                   in the long miles that will help us reach the NCAA
HEAD OF THE                        2
IOWA RESULTS                                       Championships in Sacramento. Our efforts will be
                                                   greatly aided by the P. Sue Beckwith, MD Boathouse,
NOTRE DAME                         3               with its climate controlled ergometer room and state-
                                                   of-the-art rowing tank. Being one of the few pro-
                                                   grams in the country with a facility of this caliber    Varsity and Novice work together during a winter workout
                                                   will no doubt play a large part in how we fare in
SPOTLIGHT ON                       4
THE PARENTS’                                       the spring season ahead.
                                                   The last two races of the season continued to build on the early success of the Hawkeyes,
                                                   with a clean sweep of all of the events at the long overdue Head of the Iowa in front of a roar-
                                                   ing home crowd, and some great finishes against tough competition at the Notre Dame Re-
                                                   gatta. These two races marked the first time our Novices raced as Hawkeyes, and they made
                                                             the most of their debut, winning the Novice 8 event at both regattas, the first time
                                                             an Iowa novice crew has ever gone undefeated in any season.

                                                              However, the Fall is now in the books and the Hawkeyes are heading indoors for
                                                              winter conditioning, during which time we must make great strides in both our fit-
                                                              ness and our technique if we are to continue our successes on the water. To break
                                                              up the monotony of indoor practices, we are training toward a team triathlon sched-
                                                              uled in February, with running, swimming, and erging events totaling up to prove
                                                              who is the fastest and fittest Hawkeye on the team. The coaching staff may make
                                                              an appearance, so the Hawks are really going to have to put in the miles in the
                                                              pool, on land, and on the rowing machine if they want a chance at winning.

                                                              Aside from providing some friendly competition during winter workouts, the staff is
                                                              poised to do our part in helping the team reach their personal and season goals.
                                                              With a total of 7 coaches between our fulltime and volunteer staff, a team rigger
                                                              and a great administrative support team, we can give each athlete both the individ-
                                                              ual attention they need and the ability to focus on their goals of an appearance at
                                                              the 2010 NCAA Championship.

                                                                                                               On Iowa!

                                                                                                               Drew Cowens
A view of the Novice 8 from the Park Road Bridge during the
                      Head of the Iowa
      HAWKEYE ROWING NEWS                                                                                    Page 2


                             The Varsity 8 in action at the Head of the Iowa

Varsity 8                                            Varsity 4+

Iowa A                      12:10.9                  Iowa A                                                              13:16.8
Minnesota A                 12:19.4                  Minnesota A                                                         13:35.4
Iowa B                      12:29.4                  Iowa C                                                              13:43.0
Minnesota C                 12:35.9                  Minnesota B                                                         13:47.2
Minnesota D                 12:47.0                  Iowa B                                                              13:49.9
Kansas State A              12:55.2                  Iowa D                                                              13:56.6
Minnesota B                 12:57.7                  Minnesota C                                                         14:00.1
Iowa C                      12:58.9                  Minnesota D                                                         14:11.0
Kansas State B              13:23.2                  Creighton A                                                         14:56.3
Drake                       13:28.4                  Creighton B                                                         15:21.0
Creighton                   13:33.6                  Drake A                                                             14:30.2
Kansas State C              13:54.8                  Drake B                                                             15:25.4
Augustana                   14:37.4

Novice 8

Iowa A                      13:13.2
Kansas State A              14:02.7
Minnesota C                 14:11.6
Minnesota A                 14:23.2
Drake A                     14:51.5
Minnesota B                 14:55.0
Iowa B                      14:57.8
Creighton A                 15:14.0
Augustana A                 16:42.6

                                                          The varsity and novice team with Herky after a sweep of events at the Head of the Iowa
 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2                                                                                  Page 3

         October 30th & November 1st, 2009

Saturday V4 Results                                            Novice 8 Results
1 Notre Dame C                  14:27.8                        1 Iowa                               13:41.1
2 Iowa A                        14:40.8                        2 Indiana                            13:46.9
3 Notre Dame D                  14:43.0                        3 Michigan State                     13:52.2
4 Iowa C                        15:03.8                        4 Notre Dame                         14:31.4
5 Indiana B                     15:11.0
6 Iowa D                        15:15.5
7 Indiana C                     15:16.1
8 Indiana A                     15:16.6
9 Iowa B                        15:20.9
10 Notre Dame B                 15:23.9
11 Notre Dame A                 15:24.7
13 Indiana D                    16:52.5

                                                                    The Hawkeye Novice 8 approaching the finish line
Sunday V4 Results- Group A
1 Iowa A                        14:26.8                        Varsity 8 Results
2 Michigan State A              14:39.9                        1 Michigan State                     12:35.8
3 Michigan State B              14:51.5                        2 Iowa                               12:40.3
4 Notre Dame A                  14:59.2                        3 Notre Dame                         13:05.9
5 Indiana A                     15:11.8                        4 Indiana                            13:09.9

Sunday V4 Results- Group B                                     2nd Varsity 8 Results
1 Notre Dame B                  14:39.2                        1 Michigan State                     12:58.7
2 Michigan State C              14:56.9                        2 Iowa                               13:03.0
3 Iowa B                        15:10.1                        3 Notre Dame                         13:20.8
4 Notre Dame C                  15:12.0                        4 Indiana                            13:43.4
5 Indiana B                     15:56.0

                               Iowa’s V4 en route to a victory in their event on Sunday
          Iowa Rowing
                                                                          SPOTLIGHT ON THE PARENTS’ TENT!
One of the ways Iowa Rowing stands out from our competition is the great support from our parents’ as-
sociation. Every race sees a great spread and a lot of support from our fans, and a few looks of jealousy
   from other teams. Thanks for everything you do, and we can’t wait to cheer with you in the Spring!

                   Athletes, Parents and Coaches enjoying a great meal after a great day of racing at Notre Dame

                                                           Contact Information and Points of Interest for Parents/Alumni
                                                 Parents’ Association organizers and contact information:
                                                      Brad and Carla Miller
                                                      Phone: 815-738-2525
                                                 For more information on the Beckwith Boathouse, including ways to contribute go to:

        Our mobile parents’ tent!

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Email carrie-
                                                                       A little friendly competition between Molly Pollpeter (L) from the
                                                                               varsity squad and Susie Stralina of the novice team.

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