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					Watchguard Firmware Upgrade Procedure
  1)    Download current firmware from support web site http://support.watchguard.com
  2)    Right Click and Exit WSEP service on Task Bar.
  3)    Stop the Web Blocker server if you use it. (Start, Programs, Watchguard, Web Blocker.)
  4)    Launch install, say Yes to turn off logging and notification.
  5)    Say Yes to Replace Watchguard system, keep all defaults except component selection, only want
        a) WG Firebox System
        b) WG Security Event Processor Service
        c) Help files
        d) Optional: Web Blocker Server, VPN Manager
  6)    Say NO to run quick setup wizard, (this will wipe out previous config)
  7)    Go to Start, Programs, Startup, WSEP Status and Configuration, Double Click WSEP to open System Manager,
        turn off Show Welcome on start up.
  8)    Connect to WG with status passphrase <>
  9)    Open Policy Manager and say YES to convert configuration to new format.
  10)   Save/Flash the WG using config passphrase <>
  11)   When asked if you want to make a backup image this is the time to change either the config passphrase (or
        encryption key-same code) or status Passphrase
  12)   Must enter status and config passwords here, The WG will create a new image file and reboot.
  13)   Confirm existing VPN tunnels are active when complete

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