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									Jan. 30, 2009                                                                                     

                                    Administration Values Input From
                                    Our Community Of Caregivers
                                                                                                       Pastoral Care Reflections . . . . .2

                                    Because we have a large diverse employee population,
                                                                                for a
                                    I know that some employees will welcome the opportunity
                                                                                                       Who’s Who . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

                                                    WINNING TEAM
                                    to participate in the employee opinion survey while others
                                    may question the benefits 2009 EmployeeSome may wonder if
                                                                 of doing so. Opinion Survey
                                                                                                       wecare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

                                    it's worth their time, if their opinion really will be heard and   Patient Satisfaction . . . . . . . . .4
                                    if anything will improve as a result of their feedback.
                                                                                                       Choose Health . . . . . . . . . . . .5
          Keith Steffen         No governing body or accrediting agency mandates that
         President/CEO          we survey our employees. We do this voluntarily as a way               DAISY Award . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
 OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
                                to improve employee satisfaction and create a better work
                                                                                                       Tactical Medicine . . . . . . . . . .7
environment, which in turn enhances service to our patients. A lot of organizations have
discontinued the practice of surveying employees                                                       Class Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . .8
due to the expense involved, but we firmly
believe this is a worthwhile expenditure.                                                              Heart Month . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

The administrative and management teams                                                                In Sympathy . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
consider the survey to be a valuable tool that
provides information on areas that employees                                                           New Pastoral Care
think are going well, as well as areas where they feel improvement is needed. Feedback                  Team Member . . . . . . . . . .10
from the survey is taken very seriously so that we can continue to maintain the successes
                                                                                                       Marketplace . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
we have achieved and identify areas needing more attention.
                                                                                                       Calendar of Events . . . . . . . .12
In the past, employees have told us that the communication and recognition they receive
need improvement. As a result, we implemented Keith's Connection, Breakfast with
Champions and Administrative Rounds as ways to improve communication. We also                            “In the spirit of Christ and the
created the position of executive director of Strategic Communications, which Amy Paul                  example of Francis of Assisi, the
filled, and formed the Internal Communications Committee. In addition to improving                      Mission of OSF HealthCare is to
communication throughout the medical center, we look to Amy and the Internal                             serve persons with the greatest
Communications Committee to help us better communicate to staff the various                            care and love in a community that
                                                                                                            celebrates the gift of life.”
processes/improvements implemented as a result of their feedback on the survey.

To improve opportunities for employee recognition in addition to the WOW program,
Heritage Hall of Fame and the newly created Mission Award, we have provided the
management team with Leadership Development training incorporating concepts related
to employee recognition and communication. Additional leadership training on both these
areas is planned for this year. Since the 2007 survey, five Leadership Development sessions
have been held on a variety of topics designed to help the management team become better
leaders for their employees and others they serve. Feedback from the employee survey helps
guide the program content for these leadership sessions by helping to identify those areas
of opportunity.
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                                                                      • Jan. 30, 2009

                                         reveal all the secrets he had been
                                         hiding about him. This story shows                    New Arrival
                                         that the man from the family that
                                         had nothing was not grateful for the        Congratulations to:
                                         half pawpaw he was given by his             Dawn Wisner, clerical staff,
                                         friend. He was not grateful for the         Susan Komen Breast Center,
                                         little his friend shared with him.
                                                                                     and her husband, Steve, on the
                                                                                     birth of a son, Cody Alan, on
                                                                                     Dec. 23. §
                                         Sometimes we may behave like
                                         this ungrateful man. We have
                                         all received things from God and
                                         others, whether big or little, but
                                         we forget to be grateful. Think
                                         of all the blessings and gifts we
                                         received from God and friends last
                                         year. Have you paused to thank
During a famine, a good and              God in any way? Have you been
generous man who had only one            grateful to people who helped you
pawpaw (a type of fruit) gave half       in one way or the other? Let's
of it to a man from a family that        always remember to be grateful.                  ~ OSF VISION STATEMENT ~
had nothing and kept the other                                                       ‘Recognizing God’s great gift of life, we will
half.                                    Jesus, who is now our Emmanuel,               be a Community of Caregivers, pursuing
                                         is the greatest gift to humanity by            perfection in healthcare quality, safety,
When the man from the family                                                                service and financial integrity.’
                                         God. Let's always be grateful to
who had no food went to take             Him and think of what good return                           ~ OSF GOALS ~
a bath, his children ate the half        we can make to Him this year for           1. To be a Community of Caregivers that strongly
                                                                                       promotes the Values and Vision of OSF
pawpaw because they were too             all His goodness to us. I invite all          HealthCare.
hungry to wait for their father.         to take some time and reflect on           2. To achieve highly reliable clinical outcomes
After his bath, the man was furious      these two texts: Luke 17: 11-17               and consistency in care delivery.
                                         and Psalms 116-12ff. §
                                                                                    3. To provide the safest possible healthcare
with the children, but there was                                                       experience.
nothing he could do.                                                                4. To express the greatest care and love and
                                         Author of this Pastoral Care                  provide exceptional service to our patients
                                                                                       and others we serve.
He decided to go back to ask for         Reflections is Father Rogers               5. To achieve high levels of financial integrity,
the other half that remained with        Byambaasa, A.J., of the OSF Saint             assuring that the OSF HealthCare Mission is
his friend. He told his friend that if   Francis Pastoral Care Department.             always sustainable.
he did not give it to him, he would                                                 Deadlines
                                                                                    The deadline for the next issue, dated Feb. 13, was
                                                                                    Jan. 28. Upcoming deadlines include Feb. 11 for the
                                                                                    Feb. 27 issue, Feb. 25 for the March 13 issue and
 OSF Saint Francis, Children's                                                      March 11 for the March 27 issue. Submissions
                                                                                    must be received by noon on the deadline dates.
 Hospital Are Recognized Leaders                                                    Connections is distributed each payday. The deadline
                                                                                    generally is three Wednesdays before the distribution
                                                                                    date. However, that is subject to change. Any
 OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and Children's Hospital                           deadline change will be announced in the newsletter
 of Illinois have both been named recipients of the “Who's                          prior to the affected issue. Every effort will be made to
                                                                                    print materials received by the deadline. Due to space
 Who in Business” award for 2009 in recognition of their                            limitations, however, some submissions may have to be
 leadership in their respective fields.                                             held for a later issue.
                                                                                    Connections is published by OSF Saint Francis
 This marks the 19th consecutive year that OSF Saint Francis has won in the         Medical Center, 530 NE Glen Oak Ave., Peoria, IL
                                                                                    61637. The editor’s phone number is 655-2322.
 category of hospitals. Children's Hospital won in the category of pediatric        OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is part of OSF
 healthcare, which was introduced this year.                                        HealthCare.
                                                                                    Administrator/CEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Keith Steffen
 An independent market research firm conducted 400 telephone surveys with           Executive Director of
                                                                                      Strategic Communications . . . . . . . . . .Amy Paul
 a random sample of households in the Peoria market. Respondents were               Connections Editor/
 asked to identify the leaders in 50 categories.                                      Assistant PR Director . . . . . . .Theresa Schieffer
                                                                                    Photographers . . . . . .Barb Lloyd, Linda Nicholson
                                                                                                                        and Alina Shannon
         Thanks to our Community of Caregivers for helping OSF Saint
 2       Francis and Children's Hospital achieve this recognition. §                OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is an equal
                                                                                    opportunity employer.
                                                                       • Jan. 30, 2009

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Administration Values Input From
Our Community Of Caregivers
From Feb. 8-21, employees will again have the opportunity to share their              wecare Update Offered
perceptions about various topics important to all, such as pay, benefits,
working relationships, safety and other aspects related to their employment.          Subject matter experts from across
On most of the survey, employees will choose the option that best describes           OSF HealthCare gathered at the
how they feel about an issue addressed in the survey statement and how                Peoria Civic Center Jan. 13-15 for
important it is to them.                                                              the second of three Epic validation
This year, they will also have an opportunity to provide input on two
open-ended survey items. They are: “Please provide one suggestion on
                                                                                      At validation sessions, Epic walks
how to make our facility a better place to work” and “Please provide one
                                                                                      the subject matter experts through
suggestion on how to improve the recognition and/or communication you
                                                                                      a specific workflow, and the experts
receive.” The former is on the system-wide survey while the latter is unique
                                                                                      vote at each decision point within
to the OSF Saint Francis survey. We hope feedback from this second
                                                                                      the workflow on how well Epic
open-ended item will help us better understand the issues employees have
                                                                                      functionality meets the OSF need.
related to their communication and recognition so that we can implement
                                                                                      Workflows that do not meet our
more targeted solutions in response.
                                                                                      needs are reworked and presented
Some employees question whether their feedback will remain confidential,              at a future validation session.
and I can assure you that it will. Administration is interested in your
opinions, not your identity. An independent firm, Morehead Associates,                More than 40 workflows were
conducts the survey and compiles a report for us. They will not produce               reviewed at the January session,
a report for any area that has fewer than five respondents. This is to ensure         and those that require follow-up
the confidentiality of those submitting surveys and is the cornerstone to             will be presented at the third
their business practices.                                                             validation session, scheduled for
                                                                                      the first week of February. The
In 2007, we had 81.6 percent of our employees participate in the employee             implementation schedule for Epic
survey. In 2009, we hope to achieve a participation rate of 90 percent or             calls for OSF Saint Francis to
greater. In keeping with the football theme we have developed for our survey          go live on the new system in
at OSF Saint Francis, we will have posters of football fields to track our            December. §
progress. To encourage everyone to submit a survey, we are offering an
incentive this year. The names of all employees in departments that have a
response rate of 90 percent or greater will be entered in a drawing. Four
employees will each receive eight hours of PTO. In addition, departments
with a 100 percent response rate will be entered in a drawing for a tailgate
party provided by Echo Valley Meats.

I hope I have answered any questions you might have about the survey.                    “We are all called upon to do
I cannot stress enough how much your feedback is valued by Administration                 small things with great love.”
and the management team. I encourage you to take the time to take the
online survey. If you have any additional questions, please talk with your                     - Mother Teresa
department's survey ambassador.

I thank you in advance for sharing your opinions with us so that we can
work together as a Community of Caregivers to make OSF Saint Francis
the best place for employees to work, for patients to receive care and for
physicians to practice. §
                                                                                                     • Jan. 30, 2009

Kudos For A Job Well-Done!                                                 5300D Newborn
                                                                           Melissa Baer
                                                                                                 Katrina Moore
                                                                                                 Mary Ortega
                                                                                                 Brenda Osborne
                                                                                                                       Intermediate Care
                                                                                                                       Whitney Bell
                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Mark Hensley
                                                                                                                                                 Dr. James Hertenstein
                                                                                                                                                 Dr. William Hicok
Congratulations to           Penny Sorenson        Sasha Moredock                                Lisa Plat                                       Dr. James Hocker
                                                                           Erin Breese                                 Angela Farnan
members of our               Melanie Umphrey       Amy Mueller                                   Brigette Rogers                                 Dr. Kenneth Hodel
                                                                           Angela Moskos                               Steven Gerber
Community of Caregivers                            Jailson Nascimento                            Sylvania Shaw                                   Dr. Zena Homa
                                                                                                                       Douglad Gregory
who were favorably           3700 Medical          Mary Nickerson
                                                                           Admitting             Ada Strohmaier        Brian Ludlum              Dr. Matthew Jackson
mentioned on patient         Forest Park           Kara O'Grady                                  Velma Wash                                      Dr. Gordon James
                                                                           Helen Blank                                 Sharon Rendleman
satisfaction surveys in      Lavetta Aguilera      Tien Pham                                     Sheila Wright                                   Dr. Brent Johnson
                                                                           Christine Christion                         Jennifer Stouffer
August and September.        Tabitha Beardsley     Linda Richmond                                                                                Dr. Glyn Jones
                                                                           Janice Ebersole
Their names appear           Jessica Garceau       Leanard Santos                                Float Pool/Registry
                                                                           Kathleen Fisher                             Physical Therapy          Dr. Jorge Kattah
below, by department/unit.   Sarah Heller          Viviane Santos                                Joshua Auer                                     Dr. Maria Karbowsa-
                                                                           Gail Herring                                Jannar El Darazi
                             Kimberly Hutson       Tyler Shelby                                  Pepper Ball                                         Jankowski
                                                                           Jennifer Huff                               Gabriel Stickling
1200/G200 Pediatrics         Carla Jenkins         Steven Stone                                  Barbara Moffitt                                 Dr. Jody Kelly
                                                                           Brian Kappes
Janette Beck                 Michelle Long         Rowen Vallianatos
                                                                           Robert Lindsey        Janet Schuster        Radiology                 Dr. James Kenny
Amy Endress                  Kathryn Madigan       Susan Waltrip                                                                                 Dr. Beverley Ketel
                                                                           Brenda Linton                               Kristin Tompkins
Rene Galli                   Kelly Rasmussen       Bethany Wyss                                  Food & Nutrition                                Dr. Suhail Khan
                                                                           Kayla Norman
Amy Gelsomino                Suzette Swanson       Sarah Zimmerman
                                                                           Pamela Thrush         Lucy Bender           Recovery Room             Dr. David Kindred
Carolyn Knapp                                                                                    Lolita Capati                                   Dr. Jeffrey Klopfenstein
                                                                           Samantha Toft                               Amanda Chong
Ashley Mahaffey              4 Surgical            5100 PCCU                                     Kori Carter                                     Dr. Elizabeth Kramer
Kendra Moore                 Molly Abraham         Amanda Bare
                                                                           Advanced              Janice Cassidy        Rehabilitation Support    Dr. Stephen Kurtz
Judith Nabhan                Judy Albert           Tammy Brown
                                                                           Practice Nurses       Juleann Goodwin       Virginia McGrew           Dr. Jalayne Lapke
Holly Sanders                Karyn Allen           Jennifer Carriaga                             Mary Harting                                    Dr. Michael Leonardi
                                                                           Mark Morris
Sharon Semelroth             Gina Antonini         Elizabeth Closen                              Traci Hietter         Respiratory Therapy       Dr. Maureen Lillich
Cynthia Stout                Starr Bramlet         Chad Collins
                                                                           Ambulatory            Stephanie Recar       Scott Palanos             Dr. Julian Lin
Jessica Verplaetse           Linda Christensen     Maggie Coyle
                                                                           Diagnostic Services   Adoracion Terraza                               Dr. John Lomax
Helen Vicare                 Tracie Crawford       Ginger Eastman
                                                                           Mardi Kleinschmidt                          SICU                      Dr. Thomas Loumeau
Holly Wirtz                  Alison Cree           John Goddard                                  GI Lab                                          Dr. Edward Luan
                                                                           Kathy Maloney                               Michael Lehner
                             Jacquelyn Doty        Tawyna Graves                                 Dee Bair                                        Dr. Lindsey Ma
                                                                           Deanna Meyers                               Gayle Lucas
1700 Oncology                Melissa Finney        Jeff Gregory                                  Lenette Barth                                   Dr. Kamlesh Macwan
                                                                           Sara Reeves                                 Sarah Mallow
Gary Whitaker                Edwin Flores          Dawn Guess                                    Margaret Bazhenow                               Dr. Muhammad Malik
                                                                           Kay Schmitz                                 Ginger Torrez
Patricia Wells               Leah Force            Mona Haynes                                   Jonathan Carrillo                               Dr. Denise Mammolito
                                                                           Mike Simmons
                             Heather Greiner       Audrey Hinricksen
                                                                           Willa Warnkes         Tracey Grzanich       Surgery Support           Dr. David Matlock
2200 Orthopedics             Jeanine Griswold      Christopher Hofmann
                                                                           Jessica Wolf          Elizabeth Halstead    Services                  Dr. Paul Matthews
Jessica Compton              Agnes Holloway        Jinu Joseph                                   Janet Hecox                                     Dr. Rodney McCalla
                                                                           John Wombacher                              Rhonda Carpenter
Amber Curtis                 Stephanie Howard      Amanda Kistner                                Anne Heredia                                    Dr. Timothy McDonough
Linda Garner                 Michael Jackson       Linda Look
                                                                           Cardiac               Donna Kirker          Physicians                Dr. James McGee
Ann Herbst                   Sister Judith         Tracie Markey
                                                                           Catheterization       Summer Lively         Dr. Kathy Baker           Dr. Heather McLauchlan
Annette King                 Meagan Knight         William Meyers                                Lynette Maier                                   Dr. Roy McRae
                                                                           Patia Havican                               Dr. Marco Barzallo
Cynthia Oppe                 Carol Litwiller       Joanne Murray                                 Marlen Monroe                                   Dr. Donald McRaven
                                                                                                                       Dr. John Becker
Kimberly Perkins             Sister Marion         Rosemary Nelson
                                                                           Case Management       Sean Murray           Dr. Jeffrey Beers         Dr. Barry Miller
Rodney Rhoades               Mary McCance          Kenneth Norris                                Wendy Rager                                     Dr. Richard Miller
                                                                           Cindy Irwin                                 Dr. David Best
                             Tammy McMahan         Sherry Painter                                Linda Sauder                                    Dr. Andrew Morgan
                                                                           Sharon Maurer                               Dr. Jill Birkholz
2400 Urology/                Kristi Ortiz          Deborah Reardon                               Jaime Smith                                     Dr. John Mueller
                                                                                                                       Dr. Tracy Bochantin
Nephrology                   Elise Pfaffmann       Laura Rhoades
                                                                           Center for            Wendy Swayne          Dr. Julius Bonello        Dr. Daniel Mulconrey
Barbara Bowel                Aimee Phothisene      Sally Ridgely
                                                                           Industrial Rehab      Anita Taylor          Dr. Fred Braastad         Dr. Thomas Mulvey
Darren Carlock               Catherine Pickard     Heather Roth                                                                                  Dr. Timothy O'Connor
                                                                           Angela Ausili                               Dr. James Brown
John Cosgrove                Theresa Rassi         Leslie Roth                                   Information Desk                                Dr. Phillip Olsson
                                                                           Sean McGinn                                 Dr. Christine Buehler
Linda Foster                 Hazel Robinson        Deborah Schneider                             Rose Poos                                       Dr. Tamara Olt
                                                                           Fran Peavy                                  Dr. Chad Buhns
Karen Holliger               Heather Schaer        Jamelle Skelton                                                                               Dr. Rebecca Ortiz
                                                                           Nathan Porch                                Dr. Gordon Campbell
Peggy Kuhn                   Anne Schwarz          Sarah Sloan                                   Interventional                                  Dr. Larry Overcash
                                                                           Aaron Schwartze                             Dr. Piero Capecci
Deanna Lambie                Steven Smith          Ryan Smick                                    Radiology                                       Dr. Robert Parrish
                                                                           Michelle Weyant                             Dr. Michael Cashman
Ginger McGrew                Bridget Tackman       Angela Staub                                  David Brown                                     Dr. Gavish Patel
                                                                                                                       Dr. Sue Clark
Dennis Montgomery            Wendy Wagner          Dawn Stevens
                                                                           Child Life            Rita Hermacinski      Dr. Barry Clemson         Dr. John Paulsen
Tracy Reisdorf               Alissa Wiegand        Karen Taylor                                  Joan Mason                                      Dr. Donald Penn
                                                                           Demetra Gaines                              Dr. Gene Couri
Victoria Sauter              Shira Williams        Sue Templeton                                 Kathleen McGinn                                 Dr. Joseph Peters
                                                                                                                       Dr. Michele Couri
Marianne Suelter             Hannah Yanek          Jane Vrana Ganorkar
                                                                           Emergency             Elizabeth Menold      Dr. James Crane           Dr. Channing Petrak
                             Rebecca Zeller        Jennifer Watkins                              Ida Nichelson                                   Dr. Benjamin Pflederer
                                                                           Jessica Benne                               Dr. David Crawford
2700 Medical                                       Rebecca Wigant                                Michelle Pacotti                                Dr. Lisa Phillips
                                                                           Faith Bunton                                Dr. Robert Crawford
Hurestine Baldridge          4100A CVICU                                                         Selma Palmer                                    Dr. Susan Ramiro
                                                                           Jennifer Callo                              Dr. Travis Criddle
Linda Chase                  Jennifer Carroll      5200 Labor & Delivery                         Margie Sellitto                                 Dr. Stylianos Rammos
                                                                           Deanna Clark                                Dr. Trina Croland
Nancy King                   Mandy Martin          Joy Dziopala                                  Lisa Woolen                                     Dr. Thomas Rashid
                                                                           Tiffanie Clemmons                           Dr. Michael Cruz
Kathryn Worsfold             Bradley Peck          Jennifer Grena                                Amanda Wright                                   Dr. Arthur Rawlings
                                                                           Jennifer Cruz                               Dr. Catherine Cuite
                             Rexanna Tatlock       Mary Ann Liner                                                                                Dr. Yolanda Renfroe
                                                                           Karla Dinh                                  Dr. A.J. Cummings
3200 NCCU                                          Stephanie Seneca                              Life Flight                                     Dr. Thomas Rossi
                                                                           Stephanie Falatko                           Dr. Brian Curtis
Patricia Brood               4100B PICU            Carolyn Strom                                 Robert Beal                                     Dr. Stephan Shane
                                                                           Michelle Flores                             Dr. Troy Cutler
                             Angela Graham         Janet Volk                                    Amy Grugan                                      Dr. Sanit Shay
                                                                           Lacy Helton                                 Dr. Alan DeBord
3500 Neurology                                                                                   Elizabeth Hayes                                 Dr. Michael Shekleton
                                                                           Molly Hoffman                               Dr. Leela Dhanekula
Jennifer Bartlett            4200 NICU             5300 Antepartum                               Haley Hulet                                     Dr. Gene Sidler
                                                                           Renee Humphrey                              Dr. Dzung Dinh
Lori Bikar                   Amanda Admire         Laura Heller                                  Sarah Mielke                                    Dr. Kerri Sistrunk
                                                                           Leslie Jetton                               Dr. Eric Elwood
Megan Champley               Cheryl Avery                                                        James Palmer                                    Dr. Terry Smith
                                                                           Michael Kirkland                            Dr. John Farrell
Ashley Cooper                Linda Griffith        5300AB                                        Kevin Phillips                                  Dr. Bob Smouse
                                                                           Michael Lindahl                             Dr. Daniel Fassett
Kathy Davis                  Diana Hoehne          Mother/Baby                                   Colleen Ragon                                   Dr. Joe Stith
                                                                           Timothy Miller                              Dr. Lucille Fendrick
Renee Gish                   Tracy Hurst           Connie Davis                                  Craig Reisdorf                                  Dr. Bhuvaneswan
                                                                           Loretta Noe                                 Dr. Kenneth Fraser
Latonya Gude                 Andrea Wrightner      Stefanie Evans                                Matthew Rice                                        Subramarian
                                                                           Patti Peterson                              Dr. Richard Frederick
Janet Hadsell                                      Rubigale Fitzanko                             Jennifer Runyon                                 Dr. Michael Tarantino
                                                                           Ann Roach                                   Dr. Anne Furseth
Debra Harper                 5000 PCCU             Darlene Harrison                              Peter Scaff                                     Dr. Lori Teverbaugh
                                                                           Cassandra Scheirer                          Dr. John Galbreath
Angela Huang                 Travis Admire         Heidi Hart                                    Stuart Schroeder                                Dr. Adalberto Torres
                                                                           Kathy Snider                                Dr. Joanna Gardner
Laci James                   Amanda Allen          Mary Hodel                                    David Skutt                                     Dr. Michael Treanor
                                                                           Laura Snyder                                Dr. Dale Geiss
Jacqueline Kauffman          Colette Calabro       Jana Krones                                   Susan Stephenson                                Dr. Tommy Trent
                                                                           Terry Sperry                                Dr. Christopher Gerwing
Stephanie Lambie             Jabin Cunningham      Tricia Lee                                    David Thorpe                                    Dr. Andrew Tsung
                                                                           Kim Stewart                                 Dr. Jack Gibson
Cynthia Mead                 Michelle Daly         Amanda Luczkowiak                                                                             Dr. Michael Veeder
                                                                           Mary Strickfadden                           Dr. George Gilbert
Suzanne Negley               Laura Fisher          Cindy Martin                                  MICU                                            Dr. Ravindra Vegunta
                                                                           Chad Zimmerman                              Dr. Matthew Gilbert
Enid Patterson               Shannon Foiles        Megan Miller                                  Sally Webster                                   Dr. David Wang
                                                                                                                       Dr. Michael Gootee
Linda Pearce                 Mindy Hash            Karla Moran
                                                                           Environmental         Cynthia Williams      Dr. James Graumlich       Dr. Patrick Whitten
Kandise Peterson             Katherine Hettinger   Lisa Smith
                                                                           Services                                    Dr. Henry Gross           Dr. John Wipfler
Dora Robertson               Lisa Huff             Chris Todd                                    Nuclear Medicine                                Dr. Dale Wren
                                                                           Rose Adkins                                 Dr. Thomas Gross
Tammy Robertson              Melissa Joos          Vicki Turner                                  Brandon Gregory                                 Dr. David Wren
                                                                           Ida Carpentier                              Dr. Darrel Gumm
Victoria Rubin               Elizabeth Lewis       Wendy Varness                                 Eric Lundell                                    Dr. Michael Xu
                                                                           Carrissa Draggist                           Dr. Samir Gupta
Tekoa Shaw                   Stephanie Martin      Mary Walker                                   Anna Marks                                      Dr. Leon Yeh
                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Matthew Zopel §
                                                                           Karen Kerrn                                 Dr. Rose Haisler
                             Amy McIntyre
                                                                           Nina McGowan                                Dr. Ronald Hake
4                            Kara Mitchell
                             Suzanne Montya
                                                                           Betty McGrew
                                                               • Jan. 30, 2009

                                                          Eighty-Seven Students Named
                                                          To Dean's List
                                                          Eighty-seven students have been named to the dean's
                                                          list at Saint Francis College of Nursing for the fall
                                                          semester of the 2008-09 school year.

                                                          To qualify for this recognition, students must be
Wellness Team Highlights                                  enrolled in at least 12 semester hours and earn at least
                                                          a 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
Hi, my name is Michelle Feigenbaum. In October,
I took over the position of occupational health nurse     The dean's list is as follows:
for OSF Saint Francis at the Glen Oak office. I have
been a nurse for 20 years and have been at OSF Saint      Laura Adams, Derek Anderson, Rebecca Atkins,
Francis for the past nine. My background in nursing       Ashley Bachler, Theresa Bailey, Angela Bennett,
has been in orthopedics and occupational health           Lisa Bernard, Patricia Bienemann, Andrew Bokus,
nursing. I am currently working on getting my             Callie Bolatto, Breanna Bouris, Brittany Brecklin.
master's in nursing education.
                                                          Jeanne Brewer, Matthew Buesinger, Kimberly Cagle,
                            I enjoy using my teaching     Carrie Collins, Abigail Coon, Michele Cusack,
                            skills with employees when    Megan Densberger, Colleen Donahue, Melissa Dubois,
                            speaking to them about        Kimberly Fargher, Sarah Florey, Holly Gibson.
                            safety issues, ergonomics,
                            immunizations and needle-     Lexi Guth, Michelle Henderson, Michele Henehan,
                            stick exposures. I am very
                                                          Amanda Herrmann, Dena Hinrichs, Melissa Hintz,
                            excited about the future
                                                          Brianna Hintzman, Kathrine Hocking, Julie Ista,
                            of employee health at
                            OSF Saint Francis and am      Amy Itschner, Laura Jarvis, Sherry Joachim.
                            setting many goals to work
                            toward better serving all     Jessica Johnson, Kendra Johnson, Melissa Jones,
                            of you.                       Ashley Kennel, Helen Kunz, Michelle Little,
                                                          Renae Loffredo, Marissa Marti, Bridget Maubach,
     Michelle Feigenbaum                                  Amanda McClallen, Sara Menold, Terri Miller.
                              Right now, we are working
                              on getting varicella
(chicken pox) titers drawn on all employees. This         Kymberlee Minnaert, Nicole Mishler, Bethany Monson,
is done at the time of your yearly QFT/TB blood draw.     Mark Nance, Adrianna Nava, Corrie O'Donnell,
We are also checking to make sure staff who are in        Lauren Paul, Noelle Peachey, Caite Pedersen,
direct patient care or who are at risk for exposure to    Nels Pedersen, Eric Pfeiffer, Annette Pflederer,
heptatitis B have had their series and/or have a          Angela Phillips.
positive hepatitis B titer documented.
                                                          Margaret Pretorius, Jill Prose, Stefani Quast,
Occupational Health and Wellness Services are             Zachary Ragains, James Redding, Sarah Richardson,
working together to meet the needs of our employees.      Suzanne Rometti, Braylin Satterfield, Shyla Schoon,
Keep in mind if you are getting your yearly QFT/TB
                                                          Lindsay Shull, Kristine Snyder, Robin Snyder,
blood draw you can also get a free wellness screen and
                                                          Casey Stalter.
your varicella/hepatitis B titer done at the same time.

Occupational Health is continually working on             Angela Thoerner, Jennifer Trau, Lori Verkler, Jennifer
instituting new policies and updating existing ones to    Vice, Lindsey Vice, Melissa Volk, Elise Waldorf, Bridget
better serve our employees. Please feel free to call me   Welker, Kirsten Wiehardt, Stephanie Wieland, Abigail
at 655-2429 with any questions or concerns that have      Wigginton, Angela Wilson and Heather Zuhn. §
to do with employee health. §                                                                                     5
                                                                  • Jan. 30, 2009

                     November DAISY Award
                        Cheryl Avery from Neonatal ICU,
                        center, has been named the November
                        recipient of the DAISY Award in
                       recognition of nursing excellence.
                      The award was presented to her by
                    Pat Hegwood, left, NICU patient care
                 manager, and Lori Wiegand, interim chief
nursing officer. DAISY Award recipients receive a certificate,
flowers and a statue symbolizing healing. Avery was nominated
by the grandmother of a patient. In the nomination, the
grandmother writes: “Cheryl was the nurse on duty many nights
during (my grandson’s) six-month stay. . . She was the angel I needed to keep my hopes high that he would
survive and be normal. She was a huge moral support to my daughter and even came in on her own time to help
us transport (my grandson) to the chapel for his baptism . . . She is certainly an individual of high integrity and
moral ethic who goes above and beyond her call of normal duty.” §

 College Of Nursing Approved                                curriculum will feature two major tracks to the DNP,
                                                            one in the area of specialization for the advanced
 To Offer New Degree                                        practice nurse and the other for the educator.

 Saint Francis College of Nursing has received              The clinician-specific DNP prepares students for
 accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission          organizational change, healthcare finance, ethics,
 to offer another degree level, the doctor of nursing       law and policy. The DNP students who select the
 practice.                                                  educator track will be prepared in curriculum
                                                            development, instructional design and methodologies,
 The predominantly online post-master's doctorate           and nursing education program evaluation. Upon
 will be launched this fall and is designed for nurses      successful completion of the program, graduates are
 who are practicing at the highest level to receive         eligible for the DNP certification examination.
 doctoral-level preparation in keeping with the
 changing trends in healthcare and education.               The DNP is the latest addition to an expanding
                                                            curriculum at the College of Nursing. What began as
 The DNP program will provide academic preparation          a highly successful diploma nursing program now offers
 for master's-prepared nurses to acquire advanced           a baccalaureate nursing program; master's in nursing
 knowledge in biostatistics, cultural competency,           with options as a clinical nurse specialist, educator,
 epidemiology and advancements in healthcare and            clinical nurse leader and neonatal nurse practitioner;
 education. The College of Nursing-designed                 and now the doctor of nursing practice degree. §

                          Vance Tripod recently visited OSF Saint
                          Francis to show his appreciation for the care
                          he received on 2700. On behalf of the unit,
                          patient care manager Claudia Olson accepted a
                          plant and a card from the patient. Rather than
                          try to find a card that expressed his sentiments,
                          he wrote one for the staff. “I know these
                          people are under a lot of pressure,” he said,
                          “and I really wanted to let them know that
                          I appreciated the care I received. I was really
                          impressed with the nurses. I like this hospital.”
                          The former patient also complimented members of our Community of Caregivers for the
 6                        care they provided to his roommate, who “was having a rough time. The nurses went to
                          all ends to help him.” §
                                                                      • Jan. 30, 2009

Dr. John Wipfler                       standard for initial tactical medical
Helps Advance
                                       These new core competency and
Tactical Medicine                      curriculum guideless will likely
                                       be used by other states to further
An emergency medicine physician        develop programs throughout the
at OSF Saint Francis has been          country, according to Dr. Wipfler.
instrumental in developing the
tactical medicine core curriculum      Tactical medicine is a new field
and training guidelines for            that provides for medical care to
California - the first of their kind   be administered to law enforcement
in the country - as a member of        SWAT and is a rapidly growing
a task force formed three years ago    subspecialty in emergency medicine.
by the Department of Homeland          Dr. Wipfler has been a leader in
Security, California Emergency         tactical medicine in Illinois, having
Medical Services Authority             worked with OSF Saint Francis
(EMSA) and Police Officer              and others to form the first Tactical
Standards and Training (POST).         Emergency Medicine Support
                                       (TEMS) team in Peoria, in 1997.

                                       Supported by the OSF Saint Francis
                                       Department of Emergency Medicine
                                       and its chairman, Dr. George
                                       Hevesy, this team has been involved
                                       in providing close-up medical
                                       support at more than 90 SWAT
                                       callouts in the Peoria area. The
                                       Special Tactical Assistance Trauma
                                       Team (STATT) supports area                      Dr. John Wipfler, center standing, and two
                                       tactical law enforcement units,                 STATT members keep their skills sharp by
                                                                                    practicing realistic officer-down training scenarios.
                                       in addition to being deployed
            Dr. John Wipfler           with multiple U.S. Secret Service           which is co-authored by Dr. John
                                       presidential security escort missions.      Campbell, founder of Basic Trauma
Dr. John Wipfler is the only
professional from outside California                                               Life Support.
                                       Dr. Wipfler has instructed tactical
to serve on this 18-member task        medicine throughout Illinois and
force, which includes other                                                        Other ED attending physicians
                                       elsewhere in the United States              from OSF Saint Francis who are
physicians, paramedics, police         and authored numerous articles
officers, firefighters, Special                                                    involved in STATT are Dr. Richard
                                       and book chapters. He teaches               Frederick and Dr. Matt Jackson.
Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)             several weeklong courses annually
officers and police chiefs. The                                                    Colleen Ragon from Life Fight
                                       through the International School            also is active on STATT and is
tactical medicine guidelines are       of Tactical Medicine, which is the
designed to provide baseline                                                       the first tactical nurse in Illinois.
                                       only program of its kind approved           The OSF Saint Francis Emergency
development and implementation         by the Department of Homeland
standards for tactical medicine                                                    Medicine residency program has
                                       Security.                                   one of the first elective rotations
programs as required by POST.
California EMSA is responsible                                                     in the United States in tactical
                                       Dr. Wipfler co-chairs the Illinois          medicine. Started in 1999, this
for setting statewide medical          Tactical Officers Association
standards. As such, the guidelines                                                 rotation has attracted residents
                                       TEMS Committee and is a member              from programs within Illinois and
                                                                                   outside the state. §
are intended to serve as a template    of the Illinois Department of
for the development of operational     Public Health Tactical Medicine
programs that are developed by any     Subcommittee. He is the lead
public safety agency in California
and to serve as the minimum
                                       author of a textbook in tactical
                                       medicine to be published this year,
                                                                                           • Jan. 30, 2009

February Class Schedule Announced                                               Partnership with 6 Sigma
                                                                                Yellow Belt Training
The Wozniak School of Leadership announces the February Career                  8-10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 11
Skills classes at the Learning Academy.                                         8-10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25
For a complete list of courses, log on to the Learning Academy page             College of Nursing Room 228
and click on the Leadership Academy/Career Skills link at                       Target audience: All employees                 Included will be definitions of 6 Sigma, how 6 Sigma links to our Vision
To register for a class, OSF Saint Francis employees can log on to              and Mission and aligns our actions with our strategies. Methodologies used
HealthStream. Non-employees should contact Ginny Graber at 655-2725.            by 6 Sigma will be discussed. Class size is limited to 15 participants.
                                                                                Participants must wear their name badge for entrance to the College of
Manager Series                                                                  Nursing.
Interviewing Skills-Selecting the Correct Talent                                Safe Patient Handling: Hands-on Practice Lab for Use of Patient Lift
9-10:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, LC-A                                            Equipment and Other Safe Patient Handling Techniques
Target audience: All employees                                                  4-7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 5
CE: 1.5 hours                                                                   1-4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 9
Participants will learn the value of peer interview, how to evaluate a job      7:30-10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 10
and how to use interview tools correctly.                                       1-4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 23
                                                                                1-4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24
Writing Capital Budget
                                                                                College of Nursing Allied Building
1-2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24, LC-D
                                                                                Target audience: All direct patient care providers who work on units with
Target audience: Managers
                                                                                lift equipment and other patient care providers who provide services to
CE: 1.5 hours
                                                                                patients on units with lift equipment
This class will provide an overview of the capital budget process with          CE: 3 toward Clinical Ladders
directions on how to navigate through Strata Cap.
                                                                                This course is designed to provide patient care staff with hands-on training
Integrated Scorecard                                                            in the proper use of body mechanics and safe patient handling, including
Date/Location To Be Announced                                                   the use of lift equipment that is available on their units. Patient care staff
Target audience: Directors, managers, educators and data entry clerks           will learn how to use the Golvo total lift, Sabina sit-to-stand, ceiling lifts
who need to access the Scorecard                                                and gait belts for various patient care activities, such as turning, boosting
This class will provide direction on how to navigate through the Scorecard;     and transferring patients from bed to chair, stretcher, etc., in order to
how to access, open and exit the Scorecard; and how to understand the           prevent staff injuries and to promote increased mobility and activity for
basics of the Dashboard metric lists, color coding, graphics and organization   patients.
of the measures. Participants also will learn how to access and print           Imagine It's All About You Series
reports and understand how to enter data into the Scorecard.
                                                                                Keeping our Lives in Balance
Business/Soft Skills                                                            Noon-1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, 700 Auditorium
Diversity                                                                       Target audience: All employees
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, LC-D                                       CE: 1 hour
Target audience: All employees                                                  When you are out of balance, the important scales of your life can be
CE: 1.5 hours                                                                   upset, and often your physical or emotional health begins to give you
Valuing individual differences is the focus of this class. Participants will    feedback. In this thought-provoking workshop, participants will explore
learn diversity techniques that can be used to recognize that diversity is a    the shape of their balance wheel and what can be done to “roll through
unique quality and how to demonstrate that it is valued.                        life” more effectively.

Effective Communication
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 12, LC-D                                        MS Office Classes
Target audience: All employees                                                    Pre-registration is required and may be made by calling the
CE: 1 hour                                                                        OSF Call Center at 1-888-627-5673 and choosing menu option
This class will provide a review of effective communication skills.               “5.” You will need to provide your name, department name,
Participants will learn active listening techniques to find the real meaning      department number, phone number, date of birth and mailing
of the words being spoken and the unspoken meaning behind them. The               address.
importance of being assertive when having a difficult conversation will also
be emphasized.                                                                    MS Word 2003 Novice           12:30-4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 3         LC-B
21st Century Leadership Series - ICC Partnership                                  MS Word 2003 Level I          8:30 a.m.-noon Tuesday, Feb. 10      LC-B
Writing Reports
1-4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 12, LC-D                                                  MS Word 2003 Level II         12:30-4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24        LC-B
Target audience: Managers, charge nurses, lead roles and all interested
                                                                                  MS Excel 2003 Level I         8:30 a.m.-noon Friday, Feb. 6        LC-B
CE: 3 hours
                                                                                  MS Excel 2003 Level II        8:30 a.m.-noon Thursday, Feb. 19     LC-B
This class will address the basic rules of writing effective reports.
                                                                                  MS Power Point 2003 Level I   8:30 a.m.-noon Tuesday, Feb. 3       LC-B

                                                                                  MS Power Point 2003 Level II 8:30 a.m.-noon Wednesday, Feb. 25     LC-B

                                                                                  MS Publisher 2003             12:30-4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17        LC-B

                                                                                  Computers Made Easy           12:30-4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19       LC-A §
                                                                              • Jan. 30, 2009

  Activities Planned For                                                support of the effort to raise awareness of heart
                                                                        disease as the No. 1 killer of American women. The
  Heart Month                                                           observance also will include red dress pins for staff,
                                                                        along with fliers and table tents containing tips for
                                                                        heart health and symptoms of a heart attack. All
  If you walk between the Gerlach and Glen Oak
                                                                        activities are aimed at raising awareness of the risk of
  buildings in February, you're sure to notice the
                                                                        death from heart disease. Watch for heart-healthy
  beautiful red dress creations that line the walkway.
                                                                        tips and menu items highlighted in the cafeteria
  They are entries in the “Parade of Dresses” contest,
                                                                        during February.
  which is one of the activities sponsored by the Heart
  Month Activities Committee.
                                                                        You won't want to miss the live cooking
                                                                        demonstration at 11:30 a.m. Monday, Feb. 16, in the
  Earlier this month, all departments had an
                                                                        Branch lecture room. The “Cooking Cardiologists”
  opportunity to pick up dress forms to decorate for this
                                                                        will make their culinary debut, and the medical
  contest. Dress creations will be displayed throughout
                                                                        center staff are invited to watch and learn how to
  February, and the “best dressed” will be selected by an
                                                                        make heart-healthy dishes. Celebrity chefs Dr. Kent
  administrative team of judges. Good luck, everyone!
                                                                        Wise and Jeff Shelton, CEO of the Heart Hospital,
                                                                        along with emcee Golda Ewalt, director of the
  All members of our Community of Caregivers are
                                                                        Dietetic Internship Program, will provide a live
  urged to wear red on Friday, Feb. 6, which is
                                                                        cooking event with tips for making meals heart-
                                                                        healthy. §
  “National Go Red Day.” Wearing red signifies

                                                                             Marketing Welcomes
                                                                             New Manager
                                                                             The OSF Saint Francis Marketing Department
                                                                             recently added a third marketing manager to its

                                                                             Vickie Parry comes to OSF Saint Francis from
                                                                             the American Red Cross Central Illinois Chapter,
                                                                             where she served as communications director.
Recipients of the 2008 Community Advocacy Awards with Paul Kramer, fourth    She has experience in media relations, public
  from left: Ginny Everett; Marty Helfers; Rachelle McClean, Jim Maloof
     and Kathy Morgan (accepting for her husband, Dr. Andrew Morgan)
                                                                             affairs, marketing, Web site development,
                                                                             graphic design, special events and fundraising.

Nominations Being Accepted                                                   In her new position at OSF Saint Francis, Parry
                                                                             will be responsible for helping Women's Services
For Advocacy Awards                                                          and Outpatient Services with their marketing
Nominations are being accepted for Children's Hospital
of Illinois Community Advocacy Awards. The awards honor                      Parry graduated from Northern Illinois University
individuals or organizations striving to improve the lives                   with a bachelor's degree in journalism.
of children in central Illinois.
                                                                             The OSF Saint Francis Marketing Department
There are four award categories: professional, volunteer,                    has a total of three managers. In addition to
youth and group. To learn more about the awards or request                   Parry, Lisa Robbins and Pam Thompson serve
a nomination form, visit or call               in this capacity. Judy Winkler is director of
671-4821. The nomination deadline is Tuesday, March 17.                      Marketing and Amy Paul is executive director
                                                                             of Strategic Communications. §
Award recipients will be profiled during the Children's
Miracle Network Telethon in June.
                                                                          • Jan. 30, 2009

                                                                           Pastoral Care Team
                                                                           Welcomes New Member
                                                                                                      The OSF Saint
The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis and the administration and                              Francis Pastoral
staff of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center extend their sympathy to:                                   Care Team recently
                                                                                                      welcomed a new
Christy Abner, college support rep, College of Nursing, on the death                                  member.
of her stepfather.
Tammy Adamson, housekeeper, Housekeeping, on the death of her                                        Deacon Andrew
father.                                                                                              Heckman began his
                                                                                                     duties here Dec. 8,
Rose Arnett, manager, HIS/QA/DRG, on the death of her                                                working second shift
mother-in-law.                                                                                       throughout the
Dan Donovan, USR, Morton PromptCare, on the death of his                                             medical center.
mother.                                                                      Deacon Andrew Heckman   A desire to work
                                                                                                     in pastoral ministry
Linda Durst, director, Patient Access/Logistics/OSF Call Center,
on the death of her mother.                                                prompted him to leave his previous position
                                                                           as director of worship and liturgy at St. John’s
Hailey Easley, patient care tech, Pediatrics Acute, on the death           Catholic Newman Center at the University
of her grandfather.                                                        of Illinois.
Susan Eaton, psychotherapist, Partial Hospitalization, on the death
of her brother.                                                            “It's a privilege to be involved in people's lives
                                                                           at a time of need,” he said of ministering to
Holly Greer, RN, Registry/Float Pool, on the death of her father.          patients.
Steve Hagen, housekeeper, Housekeeping, on the death of his father.
                                                                           A United Methodist pastor for 10 years,
Cheryl Hankins, clerk, Surgery Preadmission Center, on the death
                                                                           Deacon Heckman entered the Permanent
of her brother.
                                                                           Deaconate Program after he and his wife,
Greg McGinnis, RN, Emergency, on the death of his grandmother.             Jennifer, converted to Catholicism in 2003.
Camilla Rabjohns, coordinator of women's care, Women's Center,
on the death of her mother.                                                “One of the best things about coming to work
                                                                           here is the Catholic culture,” he said. “This
Kathryn Robbins, coder abstractor, HIS, on the death of her brother.       is a Catholic healthcare institution that has
Valarie Slater, image librarian, Radiology Image Management,               maintained its focus on its Mission. I feel
on the death of her father.                                                privileged to be working for the Sisters because
                                                                           the legacy they have built here is incredible.”
Jerry Storm, director, Pharmacy, on the death of his father.
Carrie Sutherland, RN, Registry/Float Pool, on the death of her            As a pontifical deacon in the Diocese of
stepfather.                                                                Peoria, Deacon Heckman will be assigned to
Jonathan Sutter, manager of inpatient rehab, Physical Therapy,             serve at a parish within the diocese, in addition
on the death of his grandfather.                                           to performing his full-time duties at OSF Saint
Veola Thornton, volunteer, Volunteer Services, on the death of her
husband.                                                                   Deacon Heckman and his wife are the parents
Holly Wirtz, RN, Pediatrics Acute, on the death of her grandfather.        of two children: Lottie, 7, and Frances, 4. §
         NOTE: Notification of the death of a member of an
         employee's immediate family should be made to Sharon Dyer,
10       Organizational Development, 655-7676. §
                                                                                                                • Jan. 30, 2009

                                               M A R K E T P L A C E
FOR SALE                                                       WANTED                                                          Sewing - repairs (hemming, zippers, buttons); sewing from
2002 Oldsmobile Alero - white, two-door, automatic,            Female Roommate - to share three-bedroom ranch                  various patterns for scrubs, purses, coats, blouses, curtains,
new brakes and battery, power windows and locks, cruise        house in Eureka with two female Eureka College students,        etc. Call Paulette at 868-0120.
control, CD player, 93,000 miles, good condition, $3,900       totally remodeled, large living room, fireplace, laundry        Custom-made Handbags - designed by guests at home
or best offer. Call Sue at 645-0134 or 839-2022.               room, large deck, appliances, no smoking, no pets,              parties; guests choose their preferred style of bag, fabric
Whirlpool Gas Dryer - super capacity, eight cycles, four       $325/month plus third of utilities and $200 deposit.            and other details; other accessories. Call Jocelyn at
temperatures, used one year, excellent condition, paid         Call Carla at 657-8903.                                         657-9625 or e-mail
$595, selling for $400. Call 694-6997.                         Christian Musicians - vocalists and songwriters for local       Pet Service - will clean and haul away pet waste from
40 Stephen King Novels - hardcover, some never read,           weekend writing and/or performing and projects. Contact         your yard; will feed, water and walk your pets when you're
$10 each or best offer. Call 642-1138.                         Steven at 648-7759 or                     gone; will kennel your pets in a country setting. Call
Two-story House - 1525 W. Callender Ave., Peoria;              Individuals - who would like to spend time in prayer            303-2820 or 696-4859.
updated Victorian house five minutes from OSF Saint            at St. John's Adoration Chapel, located at the back of          A Spiritual Web Site - is available for prayer requests and
Francis; three bedrooms with possible fourth in walk-up        St. Ann's Church in Peoria; all hours of the day and            sharing spiritual messages. Visit
attic; eat-in kitchen; updated bathrooms, one with Jacuzzi     night. Contact Patrick at 229-8894 or                           Mints - for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers,
tub; hardwood floors throughout; two-car garage; nostalgic                                           graduations and other special occasions; cream cheese
front porch; fenced back yard with patio; approximately                                                                        and/or chocolate/white chocolate; can be tinted to your
2,000 square feet; $129,900. Call 648-3444.                    SERVICES                                                        colors. Call 263-0445 or 266-6906.
Miscellaneous - 1997 Skidoo 580 Formula Z snowmobile,          Book Home Parties - for easy-to-prepare gourmet food            Wedding Accessories - chair covers, sashes, lighted
6,000 miles, has reverse, $1,200 or best offer; hot tub with   products and/or serving, entertaining and decorating            backdrops, floral arranging, colored linens, rentals on
lid, fits five to six people, $800. Call Jane at 264-6615.     items. Call Judy at 682-8432.                                   vases and centerpieces. Call Beth at 222-0129 or Dianne
Yorkie Puppies - AKC-registered, three females ($600           Housecleaning - general and deep cleaning. Call                 at 263-0445 or e-mail
each), one male ($500), ready to go Feb. 6. Call               822-8323 or 264-4594.                                           Handyman - painting, hauling, tree trimming, mowing,
361-2094.                                                      Licensed Child Care - in Peoria home, near OSF                  gutter cleaning, reasonable rates. Call Tom at 231-7631.
Appliances - Whirlpool washer, Roper dryer, perfect            Saint Francis, newborn and older, 18 years' experience,         Sewing Machine - tune-up and repairs, all makes, will
working order, pick up in Bloomington, $200 for both.          CPR-certified, references. Call Leeann at 685-4527.             pick up and deliver, technician with 25 years' experience,
Call 287-7150.                                                 Jewelry and Food Products - book a party or place               reasonable rates. Call Ralph at 633-9540 or 645-4270.
Vacuum Cleaner - Kirby Heritage II, all attachments and        orders. Call Lisa at 251-1522.                                  Errand Service - shop for groceries and presents; pick up
bags, works fine, $20. Call Jenni at 697-6346.                 Caricature T-shirt Art - created and printed for personal       tickets; drop off items at school; pet-sitting; pet
One-bedroom Condo - on Allen Road in Peoria, pool,             use and gifts. Call Dennis at 347-8740.                         appointments; dog walking; house-sitting; drop off and
tennis court, laundry facility, balcony, security entrance,    Child Care - in Peoria home, near OSF Saint Francis,            pick up dry cleaning. Call 868-4944, e-mail
$52,000. Call 264-4537.                                        fenced back yard, lots of TLC, all shifts. Call Kim at or visit
Two-bedroom Condo - on Molleck Drive in Peoria,                685-6860.                                                       Tree Service - stump grinding, lot clearing, tree removal,
attached garage, screened back porch, newly updated,           Residential Housecleaning - painting, minor repairs.            pruning, cabling; quality work; free estimates. Call Aaron
laundry hook-up, $62,000. Call 264-4537.                       Call 620-2490.                                                  at 270-4404.
Mushroom Compost - for lawns, gardens and flower beds;         Child Care - in Bartonville home, openings for all-day          Videography - for weddings and other special events,
apply now for a great spring and summer; free delivery;        and after-school care. Call Jennifer or Elizabeth at            professional video editing, video to DVD transfers, photo
5 cubic yards (approximately 2,500 pounds), $75. Call          633-2319.                                                       to DVD presentations, photo restoration and repair. Call
657-7151.                                                      Candles and Accessories - place orders or host a home           389-3042 or e-mail
Two-bedroom House - 1146 Sunset Drive, East Peoria;            or book party to receive free products. Call Robin at           Digitally Preserve - your music, movie and photo
Metamora High School district; 10 minutes from OSF             565-1373.                                                       memories; records, cassettes, reel-to-reel, eight-track, etc.
Saint Francis; along the river, off Route 26; new roof and     Piano and Flute Lessons - in Peoria home near Grace             to CD; VHS, hi-8, beta, 8 mm and 16 mm film, etc. to
siding; newly remodeled; great insulation, large fenced        Presbyterian Church, 12 years' experience, children and         DVD; photos, slides and negatives to CD-ROM or DVD
yard; 21⁄2-stall heated garage with attached handyman          adults of all levels and music styles, reasonable rates. Call   slide show. Call 264-3717 or e-mail
sheds; large patio; carport; $144,900. Call 687-5000.          Rachel at 678-5222.                                   
Miscellaneous - teachers desk, $50; vintage Bose 901           Home-based Day Care - in Peoria, Monday through
speakers with equalizer and monster cable, $300. Call          Friday, days, loving, friendly, dependable. Call Karynn         HOW TO ADVERTISE
688-1679 or e-mail                   at 922-1044.                                                    Type or legibly print ads. Include your name, home
Firewood - $80/ truck load ($150 for two), delivered           Vehicle Removal - will pay cash for your unwanted               and/or cell phone number and work extension (for office
locally. Call 824-6687.                                        vehicle and haul it away. Call Randy at 232-4301.               use). With few exceptions, only non-work numbers will
Lot - in Tremont, three-quarter acre, cul-de-sac, last lot     Weight Loss Assistance - Call 888-225-6043.                     be printed in the ad copy.
in new neighborhood, $40,000. Call Dawn at 360-2789.           Financial Planning - and investment management;
                                                               retirement, college, estate, investment planning;               Ads may be placed in the following ways: Send them via
FOR RENT                                                       complimentary portfolio review and financial plan;              in-house mail to Marketplace, Public Relations; drop
Efficiency Apartment - one mile from OSF Saint Francis,        no investment required. Call Brendan at 685-9595                them off at the Public Relations office, located on the
$350/month includes utilities. Call Dan or Maribeth at         or 453-0069.                                                    first floor of the Glen Oak Building, across from the gift
673-8007 or 453-1523.                                          DJ/Entertainer - musical entertainment for all occasions,       shop; fax them to 655-3272; or contact Theresa Schieffer
Three-bedroom House - in East Peoria; full basement;           six years of experience. Call Joe at 258-0258 or Beth           at 655-2322 or by e-mail:
one-stall detached garage; central air; newly remodeled        at 339-7361 or e-mail     Ads to be repeated
bathroom and kitchen with new ceramic, carpets and             Bed and Breakfast - birthdays, anniversaries and other          must be resubmitted.
doors; $875/month plus deposit. Call 696-2863.                 special events; beautiful water views; celebrate close to
One-bedroom Apartment - corner of Sheridan Road                home. Call Judi or Skip at 966-4406.                            OSF Saint Francis offers Marketplace as a complimentary
and Nebraska Avenue, Peoria; second story; recently            Welding and Fabrication - repairs or new builds, on-site        service to employees, volunteers and retirees. Printing the
refurbished; no pets; no smoking; references required;         welding not available. Call Drew at 208-1037.                   ads does not constitute an endorsement of their content.
$525/month plus deposit. Call 258-6307.                        Vehicle Detailing - washing, waxing, buffing, interior          Persons considering contracting for services
                                                               shampoo, upholstery, dash, doors and tires; all work done
                                                               by hand; free estimates. Call 648-9430.
                                                                                                                               advertised here are encouraged to check
                                                                                                                               references beforehand. §                             11
  Basic Parish Nurse Preparation Course                        Facing New Challenges                                     It only takes a few dollars and a few minutes to enjoy a
  Friday through Sunday, March 13-15 and March 27-29           4:30 p.m. Third Monday                                    relaxing chair massage. Cost is $1 per minute. WOWs
  OSF Saint Francis                                            Medical Office Building Conference Room                   may be taken to Human Resources and exchanged for
                                                               Center for Health Institute on Aging                      massage certificates.
  This course is for registered nurses who are interested in
  serving as parish nurses. The training will cover the        This free education program is presented by the           Car Seat Safety Checks
  following topics: history and philosophy of parish           Alzheimer's Association and OSF Saint Francis Institute
  nursing; spirituality and the practice of parish nursing;    on Aging. The following topics will be included:          1-4 p.m. Second Tuesday
  spiritual assessment of clients; ethics in parish nursing                                                              State Farm Claims Center, Sterling and
  practice; grief and loss issues; functioning within the      •   Healthy aging vs. aging with dementia.                   Forrest Hill, Peoria
  ministerial team; and the parish nurse as health             •   Alzheimer's disease.
                                                               •   Communication and Alzheimer's disease.                1-4 p.m. Third Thursday of Each Month
  educator, personal health counselor, advocate, referral                                                                Pekin Fire Station #1, Court Drive
  agent and integrator of faith and health.                    •   Safety concerns, including driving and wandering.
                                                               •   Community resources.                                  Make sure your children are riding in a properly installed
  Attendance at both weekends is required for successful       •   Agency services.                                      car seat. Experts in child passenger safety conduct the
  completion and to earn 60 contact hours from the Illinois                                                              safety checks.
  Nurses Association. The fee is $200, but nurses who          Interested persons may register by calling 681-1100
  inquire early may have an opportunity to receive some        or 1-800-272-3900.                                        College of Nursing Alumni Association
  grant monies toward the fee. Registration deadline is        Chair Massages                                            5 p.m. Third Thursday
  Friday, March 6.                                             8 a.m.-noon First Tuesday                                 Room 227, College of Nursing
  Interested persons may register or obtain more               Private Dining Room                                       All alumni are invited to attend to help plan activities.
  information by contacting Kay Coate, course leader and
  manager of the OSF Saint Francis Parish Nurse Program,
  at 655-6416 or                Age-related Macular Degeneration/Low Vision Awareness Month
  Guardian Angel Prayer Time                                       American Heart Month
  1-1:30 p.m. Fourth Friday
  OSF Saint Francis Chapel
                                                                   Children's Dental Health Month
                                                                   Kids ENT Health Month
  All members of our Community of Caregivers are
  invited to attend Guardian Angel Prayer Time to pray             Wise Healthcare Consumer Month
  for the mental health of our patients, former patients,
  employees and community. Included are a quiet prayer
  time; a scripture reading; and prayers asking for God's          Feb. 1-7:   Burn Awareness Week
  help, healing and protection.                                                Patient Recognition Week
  For more information, contact Father Michael Driscoll            Feb. 7-14:  Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week
  in the Pastoral Care Department, 655-2084.                       Feb. 8-14: Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
  Blood Drives                                                                 Cardiovascular Professionals Week
  Main Campus 700 Auditorium                                       Feb. 22-28: Eating Disorders Awareness Week
  8 a.m-2:30 p.m. first Tuesday of even months:
     Feb. 3, April 7, June 2, Aug. 4, Oct. 6 and Dec. 1.
  Appointments may be made by calling 655-2321.
  Center for Health
  Noon-4 p.m. the following Fridays: March 6, May 1,
    June 26, Aug. 21, Oct. 16 and Dec. 11.
  Appointments may be made by calling 683-4318.

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                                                530 N.E. Glen Oak Ave.                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 552
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