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					                                       MITA (P) 217/05/2007 | July   to September 2007


                                                                The Mint
ATOS Wellness
ATOS                                                           Revamped
NOW OPEN                                                       New look = more
Lucky Draw
Coupon 25 Atos
Wellness Treatments                                      Pavilion:
to be won!                                                   The new kid on
                                                                  the block
Tribute to former Club President and
Welcome to new Club President
2     JUL - SEP
      2 0 0 7
                              Club President’s
                              Message                                                                      CONTENTS
                                                                                                           REGULAR COLUMNS

                                                                                                           2      CLUB PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                                                                                                           3      PAST EVENTS
                                         Dear Members,                                                            Snapshots of the past events from April to June 2007

                                         From its humble beginning as the Non-Commissioned                 4      WHAT’S BREWING
                                         Officers’ Club, THE CHEVRONS has come a long                              Upcoming events for the months from July to September 2007
                                         way to become what it is today – a recreation Club
                                         for the Warrant Officers and Specialists Corps of the
                                         SAF.                                                              5      MEMBERS’ PRIVILEGES
              The times may have changed. The people around us may have also changed.                             TIMEX DISCOUNT COUPON
              But THE CHEVRONS will remain as a Club for our valued members.

              As such, the Club is constantly striving to be a ‘home away from home’ for
              our members.                                                                                 FEATURE COLUMNS
              With the synergy and support garnered from committee members and
              members, the management is confident of making the Club a conducive                           6      @ THE CHEVRONS
              place for our members, friends and families.
                                                                                                                  THE MINT REVAMPED
              The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held in September 2007. Come                              TRIBUTE AND WELCOME
              with your loved ones to indulge in the activities galore, and hopefully win
              some attractive lucky draw prizes.                                                                  PAVILION
              See you at THE CHEVRONS.
                                                                                                           7      CLUB FACILITIES
                                                                                                                  STREET SMARTS

              BG Chan Chun Sing
              Club President
              THE CHEVRONS
              SAF Warrant Officers & Specialists Club

Central Executive Committee               Chief Warrant Officer – Air Force   Chairperson, Security
President                                 SWO WILLIAM NG                     MWO KRSHNAN S/0 VEERASAMY                    EDITORIA L BOARD
BG CHAN CHUN SING                         SAF (Women) Member                 Chairperson, Sports & Recreation             EDITOR            MS NADIA HO
                                          1WO LENA KONG                      MWO MIKE KOH
Vice President, Finance                                                                                                   ADVISOR           MAJ MARK KANG
MR WINSTON YEAN                           Member, Navy
Vice President, Activities                MSG GOH KOK LEONG                  Club Management                              STAFF WRITER      MS PEK CHEW LIAN
                                                                             General Manager                                                MS LYNN WONG
LTC CHOO TECK CHUAN                       Member, Air Force
                                          SSG ANG BOON GUAN                  LTC (NS) NG HENG CHEW                        PHOTOGRAPHERS     MR DALTON LIE
Vice President,
                                                                             Events & Activities Manager                                    MR KOH ENG SING
Feedback & Service Improvement            Member, Army
MAJ MARK KANG                             MSG CHENG CHUNG BOON               MR GUNGA T U                                 MEMBERS           1WO ANDRE RAVINDERAN
                                                                             Finance Manager                                                1WO FRANCIS ANG
Vice President, Facilities & Services
LTC NG ENG HONG                           Sub-Committees                     MS CECILIA CHUA
                                                                                                                          CREATIVE DESIGN   DESIGN WORKZ
Ex Officio                                 Chairperson, Senior Advisory       Facilities & Entertainment Manager
                                          SWO FRANCIS NG                     MR STEPHEN LOW                               PRINTER           REGENT PRINTING (S) PTE LTD
Legal Advisor                             Chairperson, Corporate Image       HR & Administration Manager
LTC (NS) LAURENCE GOH                     SWO JOSEPH KOA                     MS NADIA HO
SAF Sergeant Major                        Chairperson Entertainment          Maintenance & Operations Manager
SWO FRANCIS NG                            MWO NEO HOCK HEE                   MR TAN MENG SONG                              Contact Us
                                          Chairperson, Ladies                                                              THE CHEVRONS
Sergeant Major of the Army                                                   Sales & Marketing Manager
SWO JEFFREY CHUNG                         1WO JENNIFER TAN                   MS IRENE GIAM                                 SAF Warrant Officers & Specialists Club
Chief Warrant Officer – Navy               Chairperson, Maintenance                                                         48 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609961
SWO ALOYSIUS CHEONG                       MWO JOESPH PEREIRA                                                               Main line: 6668 8888
                                                              Past Events       JUL - SEP
                                                                                2 0 0 7     3
                        Baking worksh

1-day advee                                               mom award
programm                                                    winners.
                                    1 day
                                                     ure sh
                                                                  g   ames

                                                                                 The hunks


The Player

                              Participants with                              Hot Stuff!
                             their masterpieces!

                           on 1st p
                  ude who w                                                    Winners!
         Luckykd draw
         in luc y
4                                          What’s Brewing

                JUL - SEP

                2 0 0 7                                                                                 Event: 2D1N Kukup Water                   Event: Annual Golf
                                                                                                               House Trip                                Tournament
                                                                                                        Date: 1 Sep(Sat)                          Date: 21 Sep(Fri)
                                                                                                        Time: 0700hrs                             Time: PM Flight
 Event: Bingo Nite                                  Event: Treasure Hunt Cum Cycling                    Venue: Atrium, THE CHEVRONS               Venue: Sembawang Country
 Date: 14 Jul(Sat)                                         at East Coast Park                                  (level 1)                                 Club
 Time: 1930hrs                                      Date: 14 Jul(Sat)                                   Fees: $95 per member                      Fees:
 Venue: ZES, THE CHEVRONS                           Time: 1030hrs                                              $105 per guest
        (level 2)                                   Venue: East Coast Park, outside                            $65 per child (11yrs and           Event: Visit to Breweries
 Fees: $1 per ticket                                       Burger King                                         below, no bed provided)            Date: 21 Sep(Fri)
        $2 per ticket (for last 2                   Fees: $15 per member                                                                          Time: 1800hrs
        rounds)                                            $20 per guest                                Event: Adventure on Wheels                Venue: Atrium, THE
 Jackpot prize of up to $5,000, and mini                   $12 per child (11 yrs and                    Date: 8 Sep(Sat)                                 CHEVRONS (level 1)
 jackpot prize to be won.                                  below)                                       Time: 0800-1400hrs                        Fees: $15 per member
                                                                                                        Venue: THE CHEVRONS                              $18 per guest
 Event: Wine Feast                                  Event: 3D/2N Batam Getaway                          Fees: $28 per team (member)
 Date: 14 Jul(Sat)                                  Date: 20-22 Jul(Fri to Sun)                                $36 per team (guest)               Event: Bingo Nite
 Time: 1930-2230hrs                                 Time: 0830hrs                                              (Team of 2-5 family                Date: 29 Sep(Sat)
 Venue: Savannah Lounge                             Venue: Habour Front Ferry Terminal                         members)                           Time: 1930hrs
 Fees: $15 per member                                                                                                                             Venue: ZES, THE CHEVRONS
        $20 per guest                               Event: Gallop Visit @ Pasir Ris                     Event: Bingo Nite                                (level 2)
                                                    Date: 21 Jul(Sat)                                   Date: 15 Sep(Sat)                         Fees: $1 per ticket
 Event: Hands-on Pressed                            Time: 1400hrs                                       Time: 1930hrs                                    $2 per ticket
        Flower Craft Workshop                       Venue: Gallop Stable, Pasir Ris                     Venue: ZES, THE CHEVRONS                         (for last 2 rounds)
 Date: 14 Jul(Sat)                                  Fees: $15 per member                                       (level 2)                          Jackpot prize of up to $5,000, and mini
 Time: 1330-1800hrs                                        $24 per guest (same price for                Fees: $1 per ticket                       jackpot prize to be won.
 Venue: Sunflower Room, THE                                 both adults and children)                           $2 per ticket
        CHEVRONS (level 1)                                                                                     (for last 2 rounds)
 Fees: $28 per member                               Event: Bingo Nite                                   Jackpot prize of up to $5,000, and mini
        $40 per guest                               Date: 28 Jul(Sat)                                   jackpot prize to be won.
                                                    Time: 1930hrs
                                                    Venue: Level 2, THE CHEVRONS
                                                    Fees: $1 per ticket
                                                           $2 per ticket (for last 2
                                                    Jackpot prize of up to $5,000, and mini jackpot
                                                    prize to be won.

                                                                                                                                            al Pond
                                                                                                                                Eve nt: Loc ug(Sat)
                                                                                                                                         18 A
                                                                                                                                Date:         0-1400h
                                                                                                                                                                      ing Villa

                                                                                                                                 Tim e: 083 an Jurong Fish
                                                                                                                                 Venue: 40 per member

                                                                                                                                  Fees : $             guest
                                                                                                                                           $50 per

                                                                                                                                                  ing Wor
                                                                                                                               e Eve    nt: Bak g(Sat)
                                                                                                                      Challeng      Date:
                                                                                                                                              4 Au          at)
                                                                                                   VRON   S Double                            25 Aug(S00hrs
                                                                                           : CHE (Sun)
                                                                                     Event 2 Aug                                               1330-    18              ery
                                                                                              1                k-in                  Time: hoon Huat Bak
                                                                                              0930   hrs Checoff                      Venu  e: P            mem     ber
                                                                                      Time: 000hrs Roll- E CHEVRONS                              $26 per uest
                              Bingo N
                                       ite                                                     1           ow l, TH                    Fees:            per g
                      Event: 1 Aug(Sat)                                                         Orchid B                                         $36
                              1                                                        Venue: evel 4)                   owlers
                               1930hrs           ONS                                            (l             m of 2 b                            Bingo N
                       Time: ES, THE CHEVR                                                          0 per tea                           Event: 5 Aug(Sat)
                               Z                                                        Fees: $5
                       Venue: evel 2)                                                                            e Nite                  Date:
                                                                                                                                                           0hrs                  ONS
                                      er ticke
                                               t      t2                                              d & Whit
                                                                                             nt: Re ug(Sat)                               Tim  e: 193 l 2, THE CHEVR
                         Fees: $1 p r ticket (for las                                    Eve
                                                                                                   18 A                                              Leve
                                                                                                                                          Venue: 1 per ticket r last 2 rounds)
                                  $2 pe                                                  Date:
All event details
printed on this page
                                                                                                    19 30-2230 Lounge                      Fee  s: $ er ticket (fo i jackpot prize
                                   rounds) 00, and mini jack
are correct as at the                                                                     Time: avannah                                                $2 p                 and min
point of printing and                          up to $5
                                                                                              nue: S per member                                                     $5,000,
                                      prize of                                             Ve                                                     ot prize
                                                                                                                                                           of up to
are subject to changes      Jackpot                                                                  $15                                    Jackp
                                      be won.                                               Fees:               guest
                                                                                                      $20 per                                                                          Games
without prior notice.                                                                                                                                 n.
                             prize to                                                                                                        to be wo
                                                        n                                                                                                                      ohesion
For an update on the
                                       Wine Ap at)                                                               reats                                    Malacc     a Golf C
event details, please
                               Event: 1 Aug(S                                                          Movie T                                 Event: 1 Aug(Fri)
log on to
                                       1           rs                                        Event: 8 Aug(Sat)                                             3
                                           0-2230h                                            Date:
                                                                                                        1              rs                       Date:            0hrs               ONS
                                Time: 193 nnah Lounge                                                   143  0-1900h Plaza Singapur
                                                                                                                                                Tim  e: 063 m, THE CHEVR
                                Venue: 15 per member                                           Time: V Plaza at                                             Atriu
                                         $                                                               G
                                                                                               Venue: 18 per member                              Venue: evel 1)
                                 Fees:           guest                                                                                                       (l               ember
 For enquiries,                          $20 per                                                Fees:
                                                                                                             0 per gu
                                                                                                                       est                                        68 per m
 please call the                                                                                           $2                                     Fe  es: $1 8 per guest
 Events team at
 6668 8881/5/6
                                      Members’ Privileges                                                                     JUL - SEP
                                                                                                                              2 0 0 7     5
De Wine Pte Ltd                                     New Horizons Computer                       Jurong Point Shopping Centre #02-51
50 Bukit Batok Street 23 Midview Building           Learning Centre                             Tel: 6794 3110
#06-29                                              298 Tiong Bahru Road #18-01/06,
Tel: 6316 7715/6                                    Central Plaza                               Suntec City Mall #02-53/55
15% discount on all wine purchase.                  Tel: 6373 0871                              Tel: 6336 9161
*Minimum purchase of 12 bottles. Prices quoted in
Singapore Dollars are exclusive of GST. Cash on     10% discount on training courses            • Free plastic multi-coated lens (within the stock
delivery.                                           *Not applicable for promotional items.        range) worth $80 for every frame purchased.
                                                                                                • 10% discount on contact lens purchased for half
Annabelle Studio                                    Adventure 21                                  year or more.
The Adelphi #02-42                                  Chinatown Point #02-03A                     • 20% discount on sunglasses, plus extra 5%
Tel: 6336 8975                                      Tel: 6535 0232                                discount on your birthday (not applicable for
50% discount on first visit.                         Enjoy 15% off all items.                      Oakley products).
* For ladies body and slimming treatment only.      *Not applicable for promotional items.

Aileen’s... Your Home                               Koolook Pte Ltd
Stylist                                                                                                        your
                                                    Ang Mo Kio Hub #B1-10
                                                                                                      pr oduce      e
Liang Court #02-20                                  Tel: 6555 1341
                                                                                             Simply hip card at th
Tel: 6481 9182
                                                                                                      rs              s’
Spend $20 and receive a free blue and               Central @ Clarke Quay #02-66             membe ing merchant
                                                                                                       at             he
                                                                                              particip ets to enjoy t
white vase.                                         Tel: 6534 7278
*One gift per customer, while stocks last
                                                    Junction 8 Shopping Centre #01-16          retail o / privileges.
                                                    Tel: 6354 4520

6                        @ THE CHEVRONS

                                          f arewell
          JUL - SEP
          2 0 0 7



                                                                                          The New Club
                           TRIBUTE:                                                            President
                           To Former
After serving the Club for the past 37 months, BG Winston Toh
has handed over the reign as Club President of THE CHEVRONS
in May 2007.
    Under the leadership of BG Toh, THE CHEVRONS has
reinvented itself in many ways to keep up with the times while
retaining its commitment towards providing our members with          patronage and participation rate of Club-organised events over
a conducive environment for forging closer ties among families,      the last three years.
friends and fellow servicemen.                                          In short, BG Toh was instrumental in bringing THE CHEVRONS
    Previously, the Club’s growth was limited by its focus on        where it is today.
facilities-based events. However, under the guidance and                Having said this, the management and staff of THE CHEVRONS
direction provided by BG Toh, the committees, management             would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt
team and staff alike were convinced that there is indeed great       appreciation to BG Toh for all his wonderful contributions
potential for the Club to grow outwards and shift its focus to       and support, and we wish him the very best in his future
organising activities-based events away from the Club. Through       endeavours.
this shift in focus, not only was the Club able to better meet the
varied needs of our members, it resulted in a sharp rise in the      Three cheers for BG Toh!

                                          Warm Welcome to BG Chan Chun Sing
                                          The Club would like to extend a warm                Prior to his present appointment as
                                          welcome to our new Club President, BG Chan      Commander of 9th Singapore Division Infantry
                                          Chun Sing.                                      / Chief Infantry Officer, BG Chan’s principal
                                              BG Chan joined the Singapore Armed          appointments included Commanding Officer
                                          Forces in July 1988, and graduated from the     with the Singapore Infantry Regiment, Brigade
                                          University of Cambridge with a First Class      Commander with the Singapore Infantry
                                          Honours in Bachelor of Art (Economic            Brigade, Deputy Policy Director in the MINDEF
                                          Studies). He also has Master of Arts            Headquarters, Senior Project Officer in the
                                          (Economics) degree from Christ’s College        Joint Intelligence Directorate, and the Head of
                                          (United Kingdom) in 1995, and a Master          Joint Operations & Planning Directorate.
                                          of Business Administration degree from              We are confident that under the leadership
                                          the Massachusetts Institute of Technology       of BG Chan, the Club will continue to progress
                                          in 2005.                                        from strength to strength.

            Lighting up for a puff ?                                  The Mint Revamped
            Mark out 1 Jul 07 - the day the smoking ban at           It was overheard on the grapevine that the payouts from the fruit
            all entertainment outlets kicks in islandwide,           machines were higher than usual after the renovation at The Mint.
            including THE CHEVRONS.                                      Perhaps it is the newly furnished red-and-gold carpet doing
                Looking on the bright side, the smoking ban          the trick? After all, red and gold are considered by many to be
            may be beneficial to the physical (and financial)          auspicious colours.
            health of the smokers because of the reduced                 To test whether this is true, why not head down to The Mint
            number of places to light up. Besides, smoking           and have a go at the fruit machines? Who knows, lady luck may
            does have adverse effects, such as increasing            be shining on you.
            the risk of coronary diseases, slowing down
            brain function, and causing pre-mature aging to
            name a few.
                                                                     Imagine being embraced by Mother Nature while attending a
                                                                     corporate/private function. The newly constructed pavilion at
                                                                     THE CHEVRONS offers just that, and more - a respite from the
                                                                     concrete jungle.
                                                                        This ‘new kid on the block’ is in the final phase of construction
                                                                     and is expected to be ‘operationally ready’ in August 2007.
 Function Rooms
                                                                       Club Facilities

                                                                                 Night Affairs
                                                                                                                             JUL - SEP
                                                                                                                             2 0 0 7     7
 Hibiscus (Badminton Courts)                                                     Aviary KTV                         Services/
   Daily (0900-2200 hrs)                                                          Mon-Thu (1700-0100 hrs)           Facilities
 Tulip                                                                            Fri & eve of PH (1700-0300 hrs)   POSB Automated Teller
 Sunflower                                                                         Sat (1400-0300 hrs)               Machine (ATM)
 Pinnacle @ Zes                                                                   Sun and PH (1400-0100 hrs)        Self-Automated Machine
 Theatrette                                                                      Rainforest/Savannah Lounge         (S.A.M)
                                         Leisure                                  Daily (1000-0100 hrs)             Carwash/ Polish
                                         Chalets with BBQ pits
                                                                                                                    Wireless Internet Access
 F&B                                     Games Room                              Gift Shop                          (Hotspots)
                                          Daily (1000-0100 hrs)
 Foodmall                                                                        D&G
                                         Game Arcade                              Mon: Closed
   Daily (0900-2000 hrs)
                                          Mon-Fri (1200-2200 hrs)
 Brilliant Garden Restaurant                                                      Tue-Thu, Sun (1130-1830 hrs)
                                         The Mint (Jackpot Room)                  Fri & Sat (1130-2030 hrs)
                                          Sun-Thu & PH (1000-0000 hrs)
   Daily (1100-1430 hrs)
                                          Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays
                                          (1000 – 0100 hrs)
   Mon-Fri & eve of PH (1800-2230 hrs)
   Sat & Sun (1730-2230 hrs)
                                         Health & Fitness
                                         ATOS Wellness Centre
 Child’s Play
                                          Mon-Fri (0700-2200 hrs)
 JUS’ Kids
                                          Sat, Sun & PH (0700-2100 hrs)
   Daily (1000-2200 hrs)
                                         Swimming Pool
 SAF Child Development Centre
                                          Daily (0900-2100 hrs)
   Mon-Fri (0700-1900 hrs)
                                         Bowling Centre
   Sat (0700-1400 hrs)
                                          Mon-Thu, Sun & PH (1000-0100 hrs)
 Outdoor Playground
                                          Fri, Sat & eve of PH (1000-0300 hrs)

  Stree t s m a rt                                                                          WORLD FRIENDSHIP DAY

Sick and tired of boring online games?       between the two currencies is 10
Entropia Universe is a game that has         PED=US$1.
more to offer than the typical online           Next, you get to create your                “A real friend is one who walks in when
games currently in the market.               personal avatar and just like the              the rest of the world walks out.”
Entropia Universe has been around            real world, you have to earn money                                             Walter Winchell
for some time already, but due to            by working. For example, open a                Spread love all around on 5th August, World
unknown circumstances, it did not            shop, go into traits like tailoring,           Friendship Day. It was way back in 1935 that the
manage to get popular over here              hairdressing, mining etc so that you           United Congress declared for the first Sunday in the
in Singapore. However in countries           can buy a house and furnish it to              month of August to be known as World Friendship
like the United Kingdom and United           your preference. Fancy a party? You            Day. In Singapore, not many actually know of the
States, demand for the game is very          can even take a space shuttle and              existence of such a day, and you can do your part
strong.                                      head down to Club Never Die in the             and surprise your beloved friends by expressing
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