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                                                                                                                      Newsletter No. 2, September 2006

                 Convenor & Editor
                 Dr Mark Ferson                       Notice of first meeting of the New Australian Bookplate Society
                 4 Sofala Ave
                                                    Please mark in your diary the first meeting of the New Australian Bookplate Society which will be
                 Riverview NSW 2066
                 Telephone: 02 9428 2863
                                                    held at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney on Sunday, 22
                 Email:        October 2006 at 2pm. The purpose of the meeting is to finalise the constitution of the Society (see
                                                    draft below), to elect office bearers and to decide on future activities. Some free parking is available
                 Elisabeth Bastian                  behind on site. Please email or phone the editor if you wish to attend.
                 Stop Laughing This is
                 Serious Gallery                    Draft Constitution                                    each year, when office bearers will be elected by
                 3 Hat Hill Rd
                                                    Please find below a draft of the proposed             a simple majority of financial members, and
                 Blackheath NSW 2785
                                                    constitution for The New Australian Bookplate         when other business of the Society will be
                 Telephone: 02 4787 7533
                 Email:                             Society.                                              transacted. A quorum will be considered to be 5
                                                                    financial members. The President will normally
                 Designer                           Title                                                 chair general meetings.
                 Mary Keep                          The name of the association will be the New
                 5/70 Canonbury Grove               Australian Bookplate Society (ABN 76 874 689          Amendments
                 Dulwich Hill NSW 2203              742), hereinafter referred to as the Society          The Constitution may be altered only by a
                 Telephone: 02 9558 8449                                                                  three-quarters vote at a special general meeting,
                                                    Aims                                                  called with at least one month’s notice given to
                                                    The aims of the Society are to raise awareness        members.
                 CONTENTS                           of, and promote, bookplates (ex libris) as both
                 Draft constitution             1   a historic and a contemporary art form, and           Membership
                 Commissioning a                    to bring together individuals with an interest        Annual subscription fees for membership of the
                 bookplate: a true story        2   in designing, owning, studying or collecting          Society are set at $30 for members. Subscription
                 Notes and happenings           3   bookplates.                                           fees will be varied from time to time by the
                 Auckland Ex Libris Society,                                                              Executive in accordance with the needs of the
                 June 2006                   4      Office bearers                                        Society. If a member fails to pay the subscription,
                 For sale                       4   Members will elect a president, vice-president,       he/she will be declared unfinancial once two
                 The bookplates of Archibald        treasurer and secretary, who will form the            months have elapsed from the date of issuing of
                 John (Jack) Peake           5      Executive of the Society. An individual may           subscription notices. The Society will maintain,
                                                    hold more than one office. Vacancies occurring        and provide to all members on an annual basis,
                                                    between general meetings may be filled on a           a directory containing the name, contact details
                                                    temporary basis by members of the Executive or        and bookplate interests of members. Other
                                                    of the Committee.                                     services to members, for example provision of
                                                                                                          a Society Newsletter, will be effected by the
                                                    Committee                                             Executive, subject to availability of funds.
                                                    Members of the Society may self-nominate,
                                                    or be co-opted by the Executive, to form a            Financial arrangements
ISSN 1833-766X

                                                    Committee, with the purpose of supporting the         A cheque account will be opened in the name
                                                    Executive in achieving the aims of the Society.       of the Society and will normally be managed by
                                                                                                          the Treasurer. Two signatures of members of the
                                                    Meetings                                              Executive will be required for cheques drawn
                 Woodcut by Valerie Carter, 1934    The Society will hold at least one general meeting    against the account.
Commissioning a bookplate:                             last year, which may prove to be helpful
a true story                                           for the designer.
By Claude Dany, La Maison du Livre,                       I hope that you will find this
Leura, NSW                                             arrangement acceptable.

Below are Roy Howard’s emails to Claude               Third email
Dany, who represents the artist Telma                  Thank you for the draft designs and letter.
Dufton. They give an idea of the detailed              I think that both designs are excellent, and
communication required for a bookplate                 I particularly like the composition based
commission to be successful. The artist                on my marquetry cabinet (my favorite
offered two choices initially. The cost to the         design in your standard bookplates is
client was $550 plus printing.                         the German Rhine castle!). However,
                                                       the Escher hands really sum up the
First email from the client                            major elements in my life ... a career in
  Dear Claude,                                         advertising and publishing, followed by a         Reference supplied by Roy Howard.
  Please advise if it is possible to commission        consuming hobby working with wood.
  a personalized bookplate and the                        I would therefore like to suggest that            I hope that these suggestions will
  approximate cost. I would like a black &             we progress this design with the following        meet with approval. When the design
  white design, similar to those displayed on          observations; For my marquetry work, I            is finished, I would like to visit you
  your bookplate web site, but focusing on             use an X-acto blade which is held in the          in Leura, to discuss the printing of the
  my former career as a book publisher and             same way as a pen. I can send a sample            bookplates.
  current interest as a cabinet maker.                 of this, if needed. This means that the two
  Kind regards                                         hands can be virtually identical, and I         Fourth email
  Roy                                                  suggest that the pen nib joins the line of        Just received your Email. Too late to send
                                                       the shirt sleeve, while the X-acto blade cuts     you the Xacto knife reference today. I will
Second email                                           the line of the other sleeve. Perhaps this        Email or Fax it to you during the next
  I suggest that I mail to you tomorrow,               could be made more obvious by showing             two days,
  my written suggestions for the bookplate             a shaving of wood leaving the knife blade.
  design. Also, I published my autobiography           I would like to suggest that the words EX       Fifth email
                                                       LIBRIS be clear of the hand, and that all         Attached please find my rough sketch
                                                       the lettering be slightly smaller.                of the Xacto knife. I hope that this
                                                                                                         will be adequate for Telma to finish my
                                                                                                           I look forward to your reply.

                                                                                                       Sixth email
                                                                                                         The bookplate artwork looks great, but
                                                                                                         I would appreciate if you could make a
                                                                                                         couple of minor corrections.
                                                                                                            The Xacto blade is held in exactly
                                                                                                         the same way as the fountain pen, i.e.
                                                                                                         with the thumb underneath and the
                                                                                                         fourth finger on top of the handle, which
                                                                                                         provides the pressure to cut through the
                                                                                                         timber veneer. In this illustration the
                                                                                                         thumb will not be seen, but the fourth
                                                                                                         finger should sit on top of the handle,
                                                                                                         and the tip of the blade should be on
                                                                                                         top cutting downwards, with the wood
Above and right, two draft designs                                                                       shaving curling downwards. I would also
submitted by Telma Dufton.                                                                               prefer to delete the date below my name.

                                                  for Pilgrim Films, ‘The Story of the Southern           that they may be original prints, there is a
                                                  Cross’ won two awards in America: a ‘Chris’             strong provenance linking them directly to
                                                  at the Columbus Ohio Film Festival 1970,                the artist and the bookplates themselves are
                                                  and a ‘Special Award’ at the American Film              rare. My next task is to find out whether
                                                  Festival 1971. From three entries submitted,            this lot has ended up in a public collection
                                                  Telma was selected twice as a finalist in the           or in private hands.
                                                  Doug Moran Portrait Prize competition.
                                                  She has also specialised in the repair and
                                                  restoration of antique Japanese ivories,                Bookplate items in the Antique
                                                  nestukes and fine art. Telma can be contacted           Bookshop Catalogue 200
                                                  through Claude Dany of the Maison du
                                                  Livre, Leura on tel: 4784 3360 or by email at           Perhaps some free, but deserved, advertising
                                                                   for Peter Tinslay and his Antique Bookshop
                                                                                                          & Curios, which occupies the former
                                                                                                          premises of Tyrrell’s Bookshop, at 328 Pacific
                                                  Notes and happenings                                    Highway, Crows Nest. Peter has often listed
                                                  Elaine Coghlan’s bookplates auctioned                   bookplate books in his catalogues, and
                                                                                                          number 200, which arrived in my post box
Telma Dufton’s final art for Roy                  I may have made this sound a lot more than              in the first few days of August, has a small
Howard’s bookplate.                               it is, but an article in the 28 July issue of our       section entitled ‘Ex-Libris Books’. The items
                                                  local paper, the North Shore Times, drew my             numbered 151‒171 include Barnett items,
     With regard to the printing of 1,000 self    attention to the inclusion of the works and             foreign works and more recent booklets
  adhesive bookplates, I would appreciate if      effects of Cremorne artist Elaine Coghlan               by local enthusiasts including Bidgood,
  you could obtain a quote from your regular      in the upcoming (as it was then) Bonham’s               Heagney and Ferson. Most are from the
  printer, and I can then compare that with       and Goodman art auction. Suspecting                     library of periodontist, the late Sydney
  the price in Sydney. I suggest that I plan to   that she may have designed bookplates, I                Levine, who also had a moderate collection
  visit you in Leura next Monday morning.         checked out the auction house’s website and             of bookplates – these will soon be looking
  If this is not convenient, please let me        found that one of the items for sale at the             for a home, and if you are interested it
  know a day that would suit you.                 ‘Australian, Aboriginal and International               may be worth mentioning this to Peter in
                                                  Art, Session Two’ on 30 July was lot 2049               a quiet moment. Syd’s bookplate began as a
Seventh email                                     ‘Elaine Coghlan (1897–1989), A Collection               design by his cousin’s husband, Will Caplan.
  The artwork now looks fine. I will visit        of Ex Libris Stamps,’ estimate $500-800. A              The design was adapted in metal type by
  you on Monday morning after 11.00a.m.           viewing of the Coghlan items revealed this              fine/private press printer, Mike Hudson,
  I presume that your shop will be open, this     lot to be original (probably printed from               co-owner with partner Jadwiga Jarvis of the
  being a public holiday?                         zinc blocks), signed copies mounted on a                Wayzgoose Press, Katoomba. Happily (for
                                                  framed card and a duplicate set pasted onto
About the artist                                  an album page, of five Coghlan bookplates,
Telma Dufton won an art scholarship at            for: K G Hearne, Winifred Potts, Sydney J
the age of fourteen and spent five years          Keldie, Elaine Coghlan and Rosa Schureck.
studying, primarily sculpture, at a London        Neither the Winifred Potts nor the Sydney
art school leaving with a Diploma of Art.         J Keldie designs are recorded in Peake (see
She undertook a two-year apprenticeship           advertisement on page 4). The lot also
with a London photographer, later working         included a bundle of perhaps a dozen of
in advertising art/illustration. She has          her own bookplates together with the zinc
painted portraits of the Duke and Duchess         block from which they were reproduced.
of Bedford and their children, and Richard        The denouement of this story is that this
Burton. Telma exhibited work in the Royal         lot sold for $500 plus buyer’s premium,
Academy Summer Exhibitions in London              bringing the total cost to the buyer of
before coming to Australia. Here she has          $598. This seems a large amount for a small
worked in the animation film industry,            number of bookplates – on the positive
                                                                                                          Typographic bookplate for Sydney Levine
where a film designed and directed by her,        side, they are signed, suggesting in a sense            by Will Caplan, 1993.

some at any rate), by the time I dropped              through his teenage years when he studied        Zealand Insurance Company Calendar for
into the Antique Bookshop on 4 August                 drawing, etching and calligraphy. It was with    eleven consecutive years and produced a
to check out the bookplate books, most                considerable surprise that he discovered, at     series of reproductions of his drawings of
had been sold. The bookshop’s website is              age fifteen, that he was colour blind. As a      some of Northland’s historic buildings. He in case you                result, he began to work with black and          combined his background of engineering
would like to search for other bookplate              white mediums, mainly with pen-and-ink           and illustration when commissioned to
material.                                             drawing. He also found enjoyment in glass        assist with the preparation of Environmental
                                                      as well as in print-making when exploring        Impact Reports for the NZ Refining
                                                      wood-engraving, etching, lithographic and        Company and the Northland Harbour
From the Auckland Ex Libris                           lino-cutting techniques.                         Board during 1981.
Society, June 2006                                       Mike’s experience with illustration began        He has a studio in his home at Whangarei
By Mike Ferris, Whangerei Heads and                   at age eighteen with drawings for the            Heads. Since he retired in 1992 he has
Rie Fletcher, Auckland                                regional newspaper, the West Briton. After a     been involved with helping at primary and
                                                      short visit to Wellington in 1951 where he       intermediate schools, the Cottage Papermill
Readers should note that the Auckland Ex              studied at the Petone Art Technical College,     at Whangarei, the Community Art Centre
Libris Society promotes interest in the book          he finally settled in New Zealand in 1958.       at Whangarei Heads; he is a member of the
arts generally – bookplates, book illustration,       He later produced wood-engravings for the        New Zealand Calligraphers. During the talk
calligraphy, bookbinding, printing, writers           now defunct Northland Magazine – which           Mike exhibited examples of his illustrations
and artists. Meetings, which are held                 he edited for four quarterly editions. Apart     and gave accounts of his experiences while
monthly apart from a long summer recess,              from his commissioned original work he           producing them. Mike has recently been
generally have an invited speaker who talks           has illustrated several books of historical      commissioned to design bookplates for two
on one of the topics within the broad range           contents, provided illustrations for the New     members of the Auckland Ex Libris Society.
of interest to members.
  The June meeting of the Society was
                                                      FOR SALE
addressed by artist Mike Ferris (b. 1929), a
Cornishman and ex-marine engineer. Mike
described how he has drawn for as long
as he can remember and while at school
                                                                                                         B    ooks and periodicals from the
                                                                                                              Bookplate Society (UK). A member
                                                                                                         has reluctantly decided to sell his
during the war was selected to attend the                        BOOKPLATES                              Bookplate Society material. Available are:
Falmouth School of Art part-time. His                             by Andrew G Peake                      an almost complete run of 46 issues of
association with the Art School continued                                                                the Journal from volume 1, number 1
                                                         A 216 page publication with details
                                                                                                         (March 1983) to the end of 2005, for
                                                          of over 5700 Australian personal               $240; an almost complete run of 80 issues
                                                        bookplates. Illustrated with over 138            of the Newsletter from September 1984
                                                        bookplates, with a further 44 original           to December 2005, for $160; and 15
                                                            plates tipped into the Author’s              members books, for $300.
                                                        Special edition. Case bound in dark
                                                          blue buckram, with the Author’s
                                                             Special edition in full leather.
                                                                                                         F    C V Lane, The bookplates of Norman
                                                                                                              Lindsay, Adelaide, Wakefield Press,
                                                                                                         1944. This much sought-after booklet

                                                           The Standard Edition is limited               contains 18 tipped in bookplates,
                                                           to 350 copies and the Author’s                including the famous mermaid design for

                                                                 Special to 14 copies.                   Lane (but no, not that version with the
                                                          (The De Luxe edition is now out of print.)
                                                                                                         unclad girl!) This is copy 316 out of a
                                                                                                         numbered edition of 375. There is minor
                                                               Standard Edition $A137                    silverfish damage to the wrapper and a
                                                               Author’s Special $A330                    tiny amount of internal foxing.
                                                                                                         Great value at $400.
                                                          Postage & Packing free to members
                                                                                                         If you are interested in any of these items,
                                                         Tudor Australia Press, 14 Tudor St,
                                                                                                         or wish to know more about them, please
                                                            Dulwich, SA, 5065 Australia                  phone the editor on 02 9428 2863 or
Scraperboard design for Diane Baynham
by Mike Ferris, 1993

The Bookplates of Archibald John                    Jack entered the South Australian Edu-           publication, The Children’s Hour. Jack helped
(Jack) Peake                                     cation Department through the Adelaide              his students design a plate for the Karoonda
By Andrew G Peake, Dulwich, Adelaide             Teachers’ College, which also involved              Area School. Many school libraries acquired
                                                 study at Adelaide University and the South          their own bookplates, a subject in itself.
Archibald John, who has always been known        Australian School of Arts. On completing               Jack’s principal art form has been
as Jack, was born at Penola in the South-East    his studies he taught manual training at            landscape art; however, he has also become
of South Australia on 15 January 1917. He        various country and metropolitan schools.           an accomplished sketcher in pen and ink.
was the second son of Archibald Thomas           He retired as Senior Lecturer in Technical          He has had many trips into the Australian
Lyle Peake, a school-teacher, and his wife,      and Industrial Art at the Torrens College           countryside and as a memento he has
Margaret, née Townsend. His father was           of Advanced Education (now part of the              produced a diary which has been richly
one of the first wood-work teachers to be        University of South Australia).                     illustrated with his sketches. These have
appointed in the South Australian Education         The 1940s and 1950s were a period of             then been photocopied for distribution to
Department and became the head teacher           advancement in education in Australia. New          those he has travelled with, as well as for
of the Gilbert Street Woodwork School, a         area schools were being built in the country        members of his family. A number of these
purpose built school in the City of Adelaide.    to replace small one-teacher schools, there         sketches have been adapted into calendars.
Margaret, his mother, had studied painting       were changes in curricula with the addition         Local historians have used his talents to
prior to her marriage, but with five children,   of courses such as art and manual training,         provide sketches for their published local
her artistic temperament had to be put           the promotion of secondary education and            histories. As a consequence his published
aside while she was fully committed to her       technical schools. The school leaving age           artistic work is quite extensive.
domestic and family responsibilities. She        was slowly increased to 15 years in 1963. Art          Jack is still painting and drawing in his
did, however, pick up the paint-brush in her     was one aspect of this change, with teachers        retirement. He has acquired some fame
senior years, creating watercolour Christmas     seeking alternative expression of the art           with his hand painted First Day Philatelic
and birthday cards for family and friends.       theme, and designing bookplates was one             Covers. He has illustrated a number of
Both parents were to influence Jack’s career     such expression. The Department’s school            South Australian local histories, including
and interest in art. Shortly after his birth,    library adviser, Ms Whittle, encouraged             several in the Rigby Sketchbook series of the
Jack’s parents moved to Adelaide, the capital    schools to design bookplates for the school         1970s. Four of his illustrations were used by
of South Australia, where he still resides.      library through the Education Department’s          Samoa as postage stamps in 1979.

    Pen and ink design for Allan Seymour Peake by Archibald                        Pen and ink design for Archibald T L Peake by
    John Peake, undated.                                                           Archibald John Peake, undated.

Pen and ink design for Leonard George Peake by                                    Archibald John Peake’s design for his own bookplate, 1995.
Archibald John Peake, 1947.

The bookplates                                      4. Allan Seymour Peake, undated. This               large pine plantation. The plate portrays
All the plates are based on pen-and-ink                design for the artist’s brother portrays         the bridge over the local creek.
drawings. The early plates had zinc plates             a lion rampant, holding a shield with a
                                                                                                     9. South Australian Genealogy and
                                                       cipher of his initials, ASP (illustrated).
created to print the bookplates. With                                                                   Heraldry Society, 1984. This image was
advances in printing technology, it is no           5. Archibald T L Peake, undated. His                not originally created for a bookplate,
longer necessary to create a plate and the             father, a woodwork teacher, hence the            but as a rendition of the Society grant of
                                                       wood-grain background, with a shield             arms for the front cover of the Society’s
printer can photo-reduce the image to the
                                                       bearing his initials, ATLP (illustrated).        Journal. It was subsequently adapted as a
size desired and then print with an offset                                                              bookplate for the Society Library.
press, the required number of bookplates.           6. Leonard George Peake, 1947. For his
                                                       brother, who had recently returned to        10. Archibald John Peake, 1995. The final
                                                       Australia following service with the             plate is an armorial design for the artist’s
Checklist                                              Royal Australian Air Force. Through              own library. He had recently been
1. Archibald John Peake, 1940. The first               the window can be seen a Ventura twin-           granted armorial bearings from the
   bookplate Jack created was for himself              engined medium bomber, and the owner             College of Arms and this is a rendition
   and arguably, it is artistically the best.          is sitting in the window embrasure,              of the arms granted (illustrated).
   The image is of Ajax the Greek hero                 reading a book (illustrated).
   and is a pun on his name, A Jack.
                                                    7. Henry Wilckens, 1947. The owner was          Any bookplate designer wishing to be
2. Allan D E Clark, 1945. A fellow                     the principal of Wilckens and Burnside,
                                                                                                    the subject of a Designer profile or to
   teacher; the plate portrays a monk in a             master builders of Adelaide. The
   scriptorium, ie a clerk.                            modern and classical buildings, reflects     have work reproduced in the Newsletter
                                                       his building interest and the yacht his      should contact the Editor on
3. Walter J Dellow, undated. A relative
                                                       recreational pursuit.                        02 9428 2863 or by email.
   living in Sydney had an interest in
   history and his family were descended            8. Wirrabara School, 1950. The school           The Society’s website may be found if
   from wheelwrights, hence the sailing                is situated about 200 kilometres to the      you go to
   ship and wagon wheel.                               north of Adelaide and is the base for a      and click on the Society link.


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