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    Aussie Visas and Survival Packages
    Information and Registration Pack
Arrival Survival offers fantastic package
solutions for just about anyone travelling
to Australia – any state, any time!
Whether you’re here for work or play, or a little bit of both,   Registering is simple: Just choose an Arrival Survival
the team at Arrival Survival wants to make sure your time        package, fill out a registration form and send it back to us
in Australia is absolutely hassle-free! We know the local        either by fax, email, or post - it’s that simple. One of our
backpacking and working holiday industry back-to-front           friendly consultants will get in touch with you, and you’ll
and can help you with:                                           be that much closer to having your travel plans sorted.

n   lodging your visa application                                Arrival Survival offers help with the following six visas:
n   setting up your bank account and SIM card                    n   Australian Working Holiday Visa
n   booking hostel accommodation                                 n   Australian Second Working Holiday Visa*
n   airport transfers and pick-ups                               n   Australian Business 3 month Visa
and so much more!                                                n   Australian Tourist 3 month Visa
Arrival Survival can help you get started with one of the        n   Australian Skilled Migrant Visa
following 3 packages; Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each one         n   Student Visa
is specifically designed to suit your individual needs.
They contain all the bits and pieces you’ll need to feel         *Conditions apply.
right at home: SIM cards, maps, ‘What’s Hot’ guides,
discount vouchers, and the list goes on!
What is a ‘Working Holiday Visa’?                               What is the eligibility criteria?
The Working Holiday (subclass 417) Visa is part of              n   You will need to be aged between 18 and 30 years
the Working Holiday Maker program, and its main
                                                                    of age
aim is to bring an international influence into Australia.
                                                                n   You must provide proof of ‘Financial Requirements’
It encourages skilled and non-skilled migrants to migrate
                                                                    which means you must have a total of $5000 Australian
to Australia and supplement their travel with short-term
                                                                    dollars saved in order to prove you can financially
work, either, in the profession they are qualified for or
                                                                    support yourself whilst in Australia. Although it is not
casual ad-hoc employment (please see information on
                                                                    required that you have this document in order to apply
‘work courses’ within this document).
                                                                    for your visa, Arrival Survival advises you have this
This visa is for those who are aged between 18 and 30               upon entry into Australia
years of age and is valid for a total of 12 months from         n   A Government application fee must be paid upon
the date of arrival in Australia.                                   applying for your visa (please refer to the Arrival Survival
                                                                    Packages and Services page for more details)
Who can apply for this visa?                                    n   Health Examinations – once your application is lodged
                                                                    the Department of Immigration will decide if a health
If you are a resident of the following countries listed below       examination is required for you, this will depend on
you have access to applying for the Working Holiday                 your country of usual residence, travel plans etc.
Maker Program. Arrival Survival will be able to assist
you with your visa application whilst, giving you access
to additional services that will make your trip to Australia    Can I stay longer than 12 months?
that much easier!!
                                                                You may be eligible for either a second WHV or, you may
Countries participating in the Working Holiday Program:         even be eligible for another substantive visa after your first
                                                                WHV has ended (Please visit our website and click on the
Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,             migration page for further information).
France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan,
Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea,
Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.                              How long will it take and how will I
                                                                know the outcome of my application?
Subclass 462 Working Holiday Visa is applicable to all
United States of America migrants.                              Because you have instructed Arrival Survival to apply for
                                                                this visa on your behalf, your visa application will be lodged
                                                                once your funds have reached our bank account. Your visa
What can I do while on this visa?                               will take approx 1-2 weeks to be processed with the Dept
n   You have 12 months to enter Australia from the date         of Immigration, and one of our Consultants will keep in
    your visa is granted                                        constant contact with you throughout the process.
n   You can stay in Australia for a total of 12 months
    from the date you arrive                                    Terms & Conditions
n   You can work in Australia for a total of 6 months
                                                                Please refer to our website for Arrival Survival T&C’s:
    with any one employer
n   You can even study in Australia for a period
    of 4 months
What’s on offer?
You have a selection of products, packages and services to choose from. Arrival Survival can assist you with the
application of your Working Holiday Visa for a very minimal application fee of AUD$270.00 + GST. (This includes all
Australian Government Lodgement and processing fees). In addition, you can choose a ‘complete package deal’
from the 3 packages we have on offer:

  Silver                                    Gold                                      Platinum
  Package                                   Package                                   Package
  for AUD $360 + GST                        for AUD $530 + GST                        for AUD $790 + GST

  n   Working Holiday Visa                  n   Working Holiday Visa                  n   Working Holiday Visa
  n   SIM card                              n   SIM Card                              n   SIM Card
  n   Bank Account Set up                   n   Bank Account Set up                   n   Bank Account Set up
  n   Tax File Number support               n   Tax File Number Support               n   Tax File Number Support
  n   Mail holding service                  n   Airport transfer                      n   Airport transfer
  n   Arrival Survival pack                 n   2 nights booked                       n   4 nights booked
      (pack with maps, guides,                  accommodation                             accommodation
      discount vouchers etc)                n   Mail holding service                  n   Mail holding service
  n   Orientation upon arrival              n   Arrival Survival pack                 n   Arrival Survival pack
  n   On-going migration                        (pack with maps, guides,                  (pack with maps, guides,
      assistance for the length                 discount vouchers etc)                    discount vouchers etc)
      of stay                               n   Orientation upon arrival              n   Orientation upon arrival
  n   Distributing your CV                  n   On-going migration                    n   On-going migration
      to our recruitment partners               assistance for the length                 assistance for the length
  n   Access to PayFair –                       of stay                                   of stay
      Largest Management                    n   Distributing your CV                  n   Distributing your CV to our
      Service Agency in Australia               to our recruitment partners               recruitment partners
      – accessing Living Away               n   Access to PayFair                     n   Access to PayFair
      From Home Allowance
                                                – Largest Management                      – Largest Management
                                                Service Agency in Australia               Service Agency in Australia
                                                – accessing Living Away                   – accessing Living Away
                                                From Home Allowance                       From Home Allowance
                                                (LAFHA)                                   (LAFHA)

Any package purchased will be charged in AUD.
But that’s not all, there’s more!
Additional offers available ONLY by Arrival Survival....
Work Courses                                                    Tax Support
Whilst in Australia take advantage of some brilliant            If you are being paid by a 3rd party Management Services
courses in the hospitality and construction field, these will   Agency, such as PayFair Pty Ltd, we will look after your
help you gain the skills and legislative approval to work in    financial matters. We will make sure you receive the
bars, clubs and construction sites across Australia!            financial benefits you may be entitled to (Living Away
                                                                From Home Allowance), we will pay your Superannuation,
If you would like to enquire further about these courses
                                                                and we will pay the correct tax applicable to your weekly
tick the “additional products” box of the application form.
                                                                taxable income.

                                                                You can also refer to the ATO website to determine the
Travel & Accommodation around                                   applicable tax brackets and rates.
                                                       – visit our website for more
Arrival Survival is in partnership with many organisations      information.
across Australia – giving you access to amazing
discounted deals on accommodation and tours.

You may book prior to coming to Australia (contact
a consultant via our contact page today) or, you can
enquire / book once you have arrived.
Recruitment Support – finding a job                          Interviewing Tips
PayFair Payment Solutions has well established               n   Make sure your CV is up to date
relationships with over 120 recruitment agencies, in every       (no gaps between jobs)
state of Australia. These include; Accounting, Finance,      n   Have 2 references ready as this will be required by
IT, Admin, Teaching and Nursing. Therefore, we can give          most recruitment agencies
you access to the best recruiters in the country without     n   Have your passport and visa label ready – they will
costing you a cent. Before you even arrive, we can
                                                                 need a copy
facilitate contact with such agencies and increase your
                                                             n   Know what jobs you are looking for and try and target
chances of finding work upon arrival, or throughout
                                                                 the agencies for those industries – don’t register with
your journey within Australia.
                                                                 too many agencies and always be upfront with each
Please email us your CV if you wish to have it reviewed          one by letting them know that you have registered
by a consultant. Otherwise feel free to review Australia’s       with others also.
leading job boards.                                          n   Always turn up to an interview in a suit and always
                                                                 remember who you are meeting and where you
                                                                 are going!
                                                             Migration Assistance
You can also search local papers for their career guides.
                                                             Another area of expertise within the PayFair Group is
                                                             Migration Solutions. We are specialists in Migration
                                                             and will offer you advice on your current and future visa
                                                             options within Australia.

                                                    – visit our website and click on
                                                             ‘Migration Solutions’.

                                                             If you have any questions please ask any of our
                                                             consultants, we’re only too happy to help!
Application Form

Please fax completed forms to +61 2 9696 0583, or email to

You may also download this application online – please access via our website: – arrival packages

Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms)

Given name

Family name

Middle name (if shown on passport)

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Marital Status:              Single     Married          De-Facto        Never Married         Separated       Widowed

Passport number

Passport date of issue (dd/mm/yyyy)           /      /              date of expiry /mm/yyyy)       /       /

Town/City of birth (as show on passport)

Country of birth (as shown on passport)


When do you propose to enter Australia (dd/mm/yyyy)             /         /

What city do you intend to enter into Australia      SYD       MEL        BNE     PER      OTHER

Are you lodging this visa application: Onshore (within Australia)         Offshore (outside Australia)

Do you have any dependent children: Yes               No

Are you known by any other names: Yes                No

If Yes, what are they?                               ____________________________________________________

Do you hold any citizenship other than what’s shown in your passport? Yes                 No

If so, for what country/countries

In the last 5 years, have you lived outside your country of residence for more than 3 months? (Not including Australia)
Yes          No

If yes, give details: Country/countries, date of arrival/departure:
Have you ever applied for an Australian Visa prior to this application? Yes   No

If Yes: Type of Visa

Status of Application: Granted          Refused         Withdrawn

Contact Details

Address in home country

Postal Address (if same as above, write AS ABOVE)


Phone Number (Home)                                                                (please include country/area codes)

Phone Number (Mobile)

Please attach a scanned colour copy of your passport

Qualifications and Work Experience:

What is your usual occupation?

What qualifications do you hold:

Secondary School: Yes              No

Degree (please specify)

University / College Name

Diploma (please specify)

University / College Name

Other (please specify)

University / College Name

Health & Character Requirements:

Do you intend to enter a hospital or health facility during your stay? Yes    No

If Yes, give details:
Do you intend to be in a classroom situation for more than four weeks?         Yes   No

If Yes, give details:

Do you intend to work in a preschool centre as an employee or trainee?         Yes   No

If Yes, give details:

Have you:

Ever had or currently have tuberculosis?                                       Yes   No

Been in close contact with a person who has or has had tuberculosis?           Yes   No

Ever had a chest x-ray which showed an abnormality?                            Yes   No

If Yes, give details:

Do you require assistance with mobility or care in Australia?                  Yes   No

If Yes, give details:

Do you intend to perform medical procedures (eg: as a doctor/nurse/dentist)?   Yes   No

If Yes, give details:

Whilst in Australia, do you expect to require treatment or incur costs for:

Blood disorders:                                             Yes          No

Cancer:                                                      Yes          No

Heart Disease:                                               Yes          No

Hepatitis B or C:                                            Yes          No

HIV infection, including dialysis:                           Yes          No

Liver disease:                                               Yes          No

Mental illness:                                              Yes          No

Pregnancy:                                                   Yes          No

Respiratory disease that has required hospital admission: Yes             No

Any form of surgery:                                         Yes          No

Any other health concerns:                                   Yes          No
Have you ever:

Been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from
official records)? Yes        No

If Yes, give details:

Been charged with any offence that is currently awaiting legal action? Yes            No

If Yes, give details:

Been acquitted of any criminal offence or other offence on the grounds of mental illness, insanity or unsoundness
of mind? Yes          No

If Yes, give details:

Been removed or deported from any country (including Australia)? Yes             No

If Yes, give details:

Been refused a visa for Australia or another country? Yes           No

If Yes, give details:

Left any country to avoid being deported or removed? Yes             No

If Yes, give details:

Been excluded from or asked to leave any country (excluding Australia)? Yes                No

If Yes, give details:

Committed, or been involved in the commission of war crimes or crimes against humanity or human rights?
Yes       No

If Yes, give details:

Been involved in any activities that would represent a risk to Australian national security? Yes      No

If Yes, give details:

Had any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or any public authority in Australia? Yes           No

If Yes, give details:
Been involved in any activity or been convicted of any offence, relating to the illegal movement of people to any country
(including Australia)? Yes         No

If Yes, give details:

Served in a military force or state-sponsored or private militia or undergone any military or paramilitary training
or been trained in weapons or explosives use (however described), other than in the course of compulsory national
military service? Yes           No

If Yes, give details:


I certify that:                                                                                                                         (name)

I have read and understand the information provided to me at the beginning of the application, I am aware of the
conditions that will apply to my visa and that am required to abide by them. Yes        No

I understand that the visa I am applying for does not permit me to be employed in Australia with one employer for more
than 6 months. Yes            No

I understand that the visa I am applying for does not permit me to undertake studies or training for more than
4 months. Yes            No

I have sufficient funds for the initial period of my stay in Australia and for the fare to my intended overseas destination
on leaving Australia. (see eligibility criteria) Yes         No

Any employment is incidental to my holiday in Australia and the purpose of working is to supplement my holiday funds
Yes       No

I am applying for a working holiday visa for the first time and have not previously entered Australia on a Working
Holiday Visa (on a passport of any country) Yes              No

I will respect Australian values as listed at the beginning of this application during my stay in Australia and will obey the
laws of Australia. Yes           No

I have truthfully declared all relevant details required for me in this application.                                            Yes                No

If granted a visa, I will advise the Australian Government of any change in my circumstances. Yes                                                                         No

I, ......................................................... certify that I have read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the service
provided by Arrival Survival. Yes                              No

I authorise Arrival Survival to lodge this application on my behalf, based on the information I have provided
Arrival Survival. This includes any correspondence with the Department of Immigration, in direct relations to this
Visa Application. Yes             No

Signature:....................................................................................              Date:.......................................................

* Personal details – as per the Privacy Act, Arrival Survival confirms that the information provided with this application form, will be used for the purpose of the application.
Service and Package Selection                         Please choose from the following options:

Working Holiday Visa ONLY                      Yes        No

Silver Package                                 Yes
The total cost of this package is $360 AUD + GST and this will charged to your nominated Credit Card.

Gold Package                                   Yes
The total cost of this package is $530 AUD + GST and this will be charged to your nominated Credit Card.

Platinum Package                               Yes
The total cost of this package is $790 AUD + GST and this will be charged to your nominated Credit Card.


I have ‘sent my CV’                                                   Yes         No

I am interested in other Travel and Accommodation packages            Yes         No

I am interested in Work Courses                                       Yes         No

If you selected ‘yes’, an Arrival Survival Consultant will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss.

How did you hear about Arrival Survival

Payment Details:             Credit Card or Telegraphic Transfer

Credit Card Details

Credit Card Type

Credit Card Number

Expiry Date

Name of Card Holder


Signature of Cardholder                                                                Date

Please note that your credit card will be charged upon receipt of this application

Alternatively - Telegraphic Transfer Details

Account Name: PayFair Pty Ltd, St George Bank, Mascot Branch
BSB: 112-879 Account Number: 068 411 359

Please quote your name as a reference to your payment. Please fill out this form and submit it via, email, fax or post.
Fax completed forms to +61 2 9696 0583, email to, or post to
PayFair Arrival Survival, Suite 1, 410 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia.

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