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This table sets out the standard layout used in the presentation of Performance Measurement within the operational force output tables.

Performance Measurement

              Measurement                              Measurement Areas                                    Measures                                      Remarks

 1    Performance Evaluation. Output
      performance is assessed by:

 •    The Ministry of Defence (MoD).          MoD Evaluation Division.
                                              a. Conduct output evaluation to confirm       (1)   Policy validation from:                 (a) Applicable to operational force
                                                 output specification is consistent with    •     current strategic guidance,                 element outputs only.
                                                 defence policy and to examine              •     existing defence policy, and
                                                 whether the output is being delivered
                                                                                            •     Service documentation relevant to
                                                 in the quantity and quality that meets
                                                                                                  the Force Element.
                                                 policy objectives.

 •    The NZDF.                               NZDF Inspector General.                                                                     (a) The OPRES reporting regime
                                              a. Evaluate military capability through                                                         includes Biannual Operational
                                                 the NZDF Operational Preparedness                                                            Preparedness Reports and Special
                                                 Reporting System (OPRES).                                                                    Reports on a change of
                                                                                                                                              preparedness state.
                                              b. Output delivery is evaluated in both
                                                 quantity (force structure) and quality                                                   (b) Where appropriate and practicable,
                                                 (preparedness) terms with the                                                                operational evaluation will be
                                                 emphasis being on the quality                                                                conducted by external agencies; by
                                                 dimension.                                                                                   Allied Forces, for example,
                                              c. Monitor and evaluate the results of                                                      (c) Operational Commanders also draw
                                                 OPRES; provide an independent                                                                on a range of routine inspections and
                                                 audit function of OPRES.                                                                     other activities. The standards to be
                                                                                                                                              achieved are detailed in the
                                              d. Conduct a programme of evaluations                                                           applicable Directive or Instruction but
                                                 of force elements.                                                                           generally, a 90% or better
                                                                                                                                              achievement rate is expected.

                                                                                           73                                                      NZDF 2007 Statement of Intent
                                                                                                               New Zealand Defence Force

Measurement            Measurement Areas                                 Measures                                        Remarks

              e.   The quality dimension is assessed      (1) The objective for each Force                (a) The three Services have separate
                   against the Force Element’s                Element is to achieve a “P1”                    but similar Key Performance
                   preparedness to perform in four Key        assessment (fully prepared at the               Indicators (KPIs). Indicative KPIs
                   Measurement Areas (KMAs):                  required level of capability) in each of        and Performance Measures used to
                                                              the four KMAs used to measure                   quantify performance in achieving
              •    Readiness                                  preparedness.                                   preparedness relative to DLOC are
              •    Combat Viability                                                                           summarised in the KPI table at
              •    Deployability                                                                              Part C; details are contained in the
              •    Sustainability                                                                             NZDF OPRES Directive.
                   [See page 63/64 for definitions of
                   these terms]
                                                          (2) Each Force or Force Element is to be
                                                              assessed against:
                                                          •   Readiness – having completed the            (a) This requires each Force or Force
                                                              required individual and unit training           Element to conduct a programme of
                                                              to bring it to a state where it can             readiness training against Mission
                                                              complete final preparation within the           Essential Tasks for applicable
                                                              designated response times for                   Employment Contexts in accordance
                                                              applicable Employment Contexts.                 with single Service Directives and
                                                                                                              Training Instructions.

                                                          •   Combat Viability – the in-theatre           (a) Applicable Employment Contexts
                                                              ability to achieve its military tasks for       (ECs) are all or some of ECs 1- 5.
                                                              Employment Contexts using current               (See pages 61-63 for a description of
                                                              resources. Combat Viability includes            ECs).
                                                              effective standardisation when              (b) Assessed with reference to
                                                              working with friendly forces.                   Collective Proficiency and Equipment
                                                                                                              Condition in accordance with the
                                                                                                              appropriate Operational Readiness
                                                                                                              Criteria Statement.

                                                          •   Deployability - capable of reaching         (a) ECs as detailed above.
                                                              OLOC (OLOC generation) and                  (b) This requires extra readiness training
                                                              completing final preparation for                and stores in accordance with the
                                                              appropriate Employment Contexts -               appropriate Operational Readiness
                                                              thereby becoming available for                  Criteria Statement. [Additional
                                                              deployment.                                     funding may also be required.]

                                                         74                                                         NZDF 2007 Statement of Intent
                                                                                                                                          New Zealand Defence Force

           Measurement                             Measurement Areas                                       Measures                                 Remarks

                                                                                           •   Sustainability - with personnel and   (a) In accordance with the appropriate
                                                                                               resources available for the               Operational Readiness Criteria
                                                                                               sustainment/rotation of deployed          Statement.
                                                                                               elements for a given period of

•   The Services and Headquarters Joint   a.   Component Commanders (Navy,                 (1) As above.                             (a) As above.
    Force New Zealand (HQ JFNZ).               Army and Air Force) and relevant HQ
                                               JFNZ staff:                                                                           (b) The relevant staff at HQ JFNZ will
                                                                                                                                         focus on the “joint” aspects of
                                          •    Evaluate military capability through                                                      OPRES.
                                               visits, Post Activity Report analysis,
                                               and exercise and readiness reporting
                                          b.   Services’ Inspector Generals:
                                          •    Monitor and evaluate the results of
                                               OPRES and provide a specialist
                                               audit function for OPRES.
                                          •    Conduct a programme of evaluations
                                               of force elements. (For Navy this
                                               function is conducted by the Maritime
                                               Operational Evaluation Team
•   Audit New Zealand.                    a.   The role of the Office of the               (1) In accordance with the auditing
                                               Controller and Auditor General (Audit           standards of the Auditor-General of
                                               New Zealand) is to audit the NZDF’s             New Zealand.
                                               Statement of Service Performance
                                               and to express an independent
                                               opinion as to whether it fairly reflects
                                               the NZDF’s service performance
                                               achievements in relation to
                                               performance targets set out in the
                                               NZDF Statement Of Intent for the

                                                                                          75                                                  NZDF 2007 Statement of Intent