September 15_ 2002

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					September 15, 2002

American Industries Corp.
1242 Luna Place
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Dear Mr. Bell:

Thank you for the fine job your company did on our remodeling project in Makiki Heights.
I have to say that your cost projections and installation timetables were right on the
mark. Your ability to seamlessly work in with the other trades is a testament to your
professionalism. There is no question in my mind that the addition of the various
electronic technologies you installed has substantially increased the value of the home
far in excess of the cost.

I would recommend that your customers look into the wide variety of products and
systems your company offers as they cover a vast range of modern electronic
capabilities for modest homes to high-end custom homes.

I might add, that I was amazed that the cost on this type equipment and installation is
much lower than I originally thought it might be.

Thanks again for the good service you provided and look forward to utilizing your
services in the future.


Derek Poag
Central Pacific Land, LLC

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