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					                                 Corporate Office:                                                   Gulfport Office
                                 192 West 9th Street, Suite 200                                 14368 Creosote Road
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        Ongoing Projects
                                    Check out our new                            “We are what we repeatedly do.
         Employee Page                 website at                       Excellence then, is not an act but a habit”
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      “Life may not be the
     party we hoped for, but
      while we are here, we
      might as well dance.”

Message from the President
Just like the new leaves and flowers in bloom,             Instead, we go beyond that concept by
spring and summer are a period of growth for us            offering our clients and owners a higher
also. We have added to our engineering and cad             level of service. Our goal has always been to be an
departments to meet the needs of our existing              integral part of the team. We work to design
projects and to anticipate future needs of our             structure that is a combination of imaginative and
clients. So, for a little time this summer, we again       efficient use of design and materials to enhance the
have the odor of fresh paint permeating our                plans and ideas of our clients. We review
building as we finish additional space. It has long        preliminary designs, we offer alternate structural
been said that Minnesota has two seasons – Winter          systems that may work more effectively and are
and the Construction Season. We seem to adhere             less expensive, and we closely examine code
to that philosophy.                                        requirements to reduce complications and delays
                                                           during permitting and construction.
Expansion has become an annual event for us, and
considering the gloom and doom forecasts that              Our parking division has been successful in
prevail in our current economy, we feel extremely          developing new relationships, and we have several
fortunate to continue our firm’s growth.                   projects in progress, some in preliminary schematic
                                                           design and others in bidding and construction
I believe that our continuing success is a result of       administration phase. We attended the
multiple factors. With our employees and clients,          International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference &
we have created a company culture of cooperation           Expo in Dallas the first week of June. Since adding
and respect in an atmosphere of positive thinking          parking consulting services to our firm, this
and creative ideas.                                        conference was a perfect opportunity for us to
                                                           collaborate with our current clients and meet
Our engineers and technicians are talented and             prospective new clients.
resourceful people who care about our clients and
the projects we do. We do not simply “put                  I view our success as recognition from our clients
structure to a building.” In itself, that would put        that they appreciate our efforts at maintaining this
our firm in a commodity market and the only way            high level of service.
we could compete would be to provide a
comparable service at a lower cost.
New & On-Going Projects
Ole Miss Baseball Stadium Expansion
Oxford, Mississippi

              Precast Supplier: Precast Concrete Systems
                  Architect: Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons
            Precast Engineer: Reigstad & Associates, Inc.

Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field is taking a dra-
matic step forward with an addition to their stadium.
Some of the amenities that will be added include 800
club seats, as well as an increase in box seats from 400
to approximately 1,700. The overall number of chairback
seats will rise from 2,951 to 6,000, add all current chair-
backs will be replaced.

Reigstad & Associates services included engineering de-
sign and complete shop drawings, including erection
drawings and piece drawings for approximately 225 sta-
dia seats and intermediate steps, along with production
and erection hardware.

Gold Strike Casino Parking Facility Restoration
Tunica, Mississippi
                                  Owner: MGM Mirage
                            Restoration & Construction
                     Management: Reigstad & Associates

Reigstad and Associates worked closely with Randy Clay-
ton, Claudia McGavran and numerous other Gold Strike
employees during the restoration of the parking garage.
The casino and parking garage continued operating dur-
ing the renovation.

Renovations to the parking facility included construction
joint repair, expansion joint repair, adding concrete cover
and a wear-coat surface over existing shallow post-
tension tendons, plus painting and striping of the garage.
The renovations are expected to be completed by the end
of 2008.

AFL-CIO State Fair Pavilion
St. Paul, Minnesota
                      Owner: AFL-CIO State Fair Pavilion
                            Architect: Cuningham Group
         Structural Engineer: Reigstad & Associates, Inc.

With the Minnesota State Fair just weeks away, this
year’s State Fair will feature many changes to the AFL-
CIO House of Labor Pavilion. Included in the changes is
a new “green”, state-of-the-art facility.

Work is proceeding on schedule as the structural steel is
in place as well as the structural block, new sidewalks,
underground plumbing and electrical services.
International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference & Expo

Brad Erickson, Gordon Reigstad, Jim Collins, Jared Reigstad and Jason Reigstad attended the 2008 International
Parking Institute (IPI) “Becoming Green” Conference & Expo on June 1-3 in Dallas, Texas. Reigstad & Associates
has been attending this conference for many years, primarily for parking garage testing and restoration.

Jim Collins presenting Tony Smith from Metromont with a Garmin GPS System, a prize give-away by Reigstad &
Associates. Congratulations Tony! There was also time for some fun as Jared took the opportunity (with a little
coaxing) to ride the mechanical bull.

The Parking Consulting Department provides a full range of services including prime design services, planning,
functional and conceptual design, graphics and wayfinding systems, drainage design, RFP documents, parking
equipment consulting, as well as project coordination and project management.

Reigstad and Associates will hold their 14th Employee Golf Tournament on September 5th at Manitou Ridge Golf
Course in White Bear Lake. Photos and results to follow in the Fall newsletter.

New Employees
Reigstad would like to welcome the following people who have joined the Reigstad team in the past two months.

   Cheng Moua                  Naeem Ghani                       Kyle Wilkins                    Paul Korman
      CAD                          EIT                               CAD                              PE
                                                                                                Welcome Back!
Employee Birthdays:         July                       Employee Anniversaries:         August
                            3rd—Naeem Ghani            April                           6th—Josh Bohmbach—1 yr.
April                                                  7th—Randy Stockland—11 yrs.
5th—Brad Erickson           7th—Jared Reigstad                                         6th—Dustan Forschen—1 yr.
                            8th—Paul Korman            14th—Cindy Doyle—10 yrs.        19th—Charles Chapman—10
7th—Kindra Jankowicz
12th—Jake Heltemes          17th—Chad Boysen
                                                       May                             25th—Donald Dubuisson—5 yrs.
May                         31st—Alan Booth
                                                       3rd—Bob Turnblad—4 yrs.         25th—Jake Heltemes—5 yrs.
11th—Ryan Martinson         August
                                                       11th—Jared Reigstad—6 yrs.      28th—Eunice Hopkins—29 yrs.
19th—Dave Senter            1st—Chuck Ashton
                                                       15th—Vanessa Stockard—2 yr.     September
30th—Donald Dubuisson       4th—Jimmy Jankowicz
                                                                                       3rd—Mike Simons—25 yrs.
June                        14th—Troy Broker
                                                       June                            8th—Troy Broker—5 yrs.
16th—Eunice Hopkins         16th—Josh Bohmbach         1st—Jason Reigstad—13 yrs.
                                                                                       12th—Dustin Merck—3 yrs.
28th—Jim Collins            20th—Vanessa Stockard      6th—Jimmy Jankowicz—3 yrs.
                                                                                       15th—Chad Boysen—5 yrs.
                            28th—Dustin Marek          11th—Ryan Martinson—1 yr.
                                                                                       21st—Ken Hoppe—15 yrs.
                            September                  25th—Brad Spence—1 yr.
                            8th—Dustan Forschen