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									                                                                                                                                      April 2010 Issue 3

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Staff in the Corporate and Community Services sectors of the Shire were recently successful in their application to the Department of Sport and
Recreation for $650,000 towards the development of a Dalyellup Sports Pavilion. This amount represents 1/3 of the total project cost. Unfortunately
they were not successful with their application for the redevelopment of the Capel hardcourts and therefore will re work and re-submit the application
later this year. In regards to the Dalyellup Sports Pavilion, a meeting of users will be called for in the very near future to discuss designs to enable
tender documents to be drawn up early in the new financial year. Currently Innovest Constructions are on target for works at the Capel Recreation
Grounds, and we thank sporting groups in advance for their patience and understanding whilst services are disrupted during the development of the new
Capel Sports Pavilion.
In this edition of the Snippets there is an update on Structural Reform, I believe you will be pleased to know that the Shire of Capel is standing firm and
strong on its decision to stay as it is.
Don’t forget the Snippets are available electronically and also from the Website and that all updates included are correct as at the time of sending out to
local distributors.                                                                                                                  Paul Sheedy
                                                                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer

      Peppermint Grove Beach                                     Ludlow Road North                                    What’s Happening
         Boundary Fencing
                                                         As you may be aware, Council is intending to           •   Structural Reform
                                                         remove some of the trees along Ludlow Rd
Due to a number of unofficial tracks between
                                                         North (area being approximately between                •   Gates for Central Lakes Toilets
properties and the beach, along with several
                                                         Peppermint Grove Rd and Mallokup Rd) to
incursions in to Council maintained reserve areas, it
                                                         enable widening of the current single lane
                                                                                                                •   Sports   Scholarship        Funding    for
is intended that a boundary fence be erected.
                                                         for safety considerations.                                 Women
Council staff have walked the area and surveying of
the boundary line has recently been completed.           Council staff have submitted paperwork to              •   $650,000      grant        funding     for
                                                         the Federal Department for Environment and
The      Peppermint    Grove     Beach     Foreshore     are awaiting the Minister’s approval. As part              development       of     the    Dalyellup
Management        Plan    which       will    include    of this process Council staff have negotiated
recommendations of the coastal fencing, will be the                                                                 Sports Pavilion
                                                         planting of additional trees along both sides
subject of a report to Council for adoption hopefully    of the road verge, in addition to around 3             •   Greenwaste pick up happening now
in April 2010.                                           hectares of native tree planting in Council
                                                         maintained reserves. It is anticipated that            •   Town Planning Updates
Queries regarding the above information should be        tree clearances will happen before July and
directed to George Workman – Director of Technical                                                              •   Request for Quote from local Artists
                                                         the road construction to happen before the
Services.                                                end of this year. Specially trained Council            •   Biggest Morning Tea 19th May
                                                         staff will assist to remove and relocate any
                                                         native fauna displaced during the tree                 •   Men’s Health Week 14-20 June

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                                                                                                                           Capel Snippets April 2010 Issue 3

STRUCTURAL REFORM UPDATE                             Group of Councils (Bunbury, Collie, Dardanup                Town Planning Updates
The Minister for Local Government in December        Donnybrook-Balingup and Harvey).
2009 advised that after considering Council’s                                                                AMENDMENTS TO TOWN PLANNING
and other local governments submissions he           Council in reaching this decision took into             SCHEMES
had determined that the best way to move             consideration that it had followed the Minister’s
forward with structural reform is through the        previous instructions to consult with the               Amendment No 32 – Condello’s Liquor
creation of Regional Transition or Regional          community, which Council completed last year,           Store Service Station proposal – Council
Collaborative Groups and that the optimal            and the community has said no to amalgamation.          endorsed       assessment    subject    to
reform option for the Shire of Capel was to          Also participation in the RTG was not about             modifications.    Now being forwarded to
engage with neighbouring local governments to        identifying additional information on the benefits      Western Australian Planning Commission for
form a Regional Transition Group (RTG).              of structural reform, but rather an indication that     final approval.
                                                     the Council was willing to head down the path of
A RTG would provide the structure for                amalgamation by 2013, which it does not support         Amendment No 38 - Weld and East Road
transitioning several local governments into a       and has been rejected by 72% of the community           Urban     Development     Zone     -   Public
single entity by 2013. Whilst the Minister did not   who responded to the survey in 2009.                    advertising closed on the 15th January.
provide any indication as to which neighbours                                                                Council to consider submissions in March.
the Shire was to engage with, the Shire was                                                                  Amendment No 9 & 39 – Gelorup
grouped with the Shires of Collie, Dardanup and                                                              Residential  Rezoning    located   between
Harvey and City of Bunbury to attend an                                                                      Condellos and Caltex Service Station on
information briefing on RTG.                                                                                 Bussell Highway – Public Advertising period
                                                                                                             closed 19th February 2010. Consideration
In February 2010 the Minister wrote to all local                                                             now being given to submissions.
governments to clarify his position with the RTG
indicating that participation is a voluntary                                                                 Amendment No 40 – Special Rural
process and requesting councils to advise him of       Central Lake Toilets Dalyellup                        Rezoning on Fisherman’s Road Stratham –
their willingness to participate in the RTG by 26                                                            Available for public comment until 30 April.
March 2010. Part of the participation in the RTG     As a result of the continual damage that has been       Details of proposal can be viewed at the
would      require   participating   Councils  to    occurring to the toilet facilities, the Shire will be   Shire office or on the website.
contribute funds to develop a regional business      installing lockable gates. This action will restrict
plan that established the process towards            the public access to the facilities allowing for        Amendment No 45 – Rezoning of land in
transitioning to a single entity by 2013.            usage only during daylight hours. The facilities        the area bounded by West, Properjohn,
                                                     will be closed daily between sunset and sunrise.        Forrest Roads and the Capel River.
Council in considering the Minister’s request                                                                Advertising for  public comment    to
resolved at its meeting on 10 February 2010 to       The Shire regrets that this control measure needs       commence soon.
advise him that it does not wish to be part of a     to be implemented but the continual vandalism
RTG with the intention of transitioning to a         has required this action. It is planned to install      Amendment No 46 – Aged Person’s Village
single entity by 2013. It is resolved to continue    the gates shortly after the Easter Weekend and          Meadowbrooke Estate Boyanup – Public
to support its participation in regional             we apologize for any inconvenience this may             Advertising closed on the 15th January.
collaborative and resource arrangements with         cause.                                                  Consideration   now   being  given   to
local governments in the Bunbury Wellington                                                                  submissions.

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                                                                                                                       Capel Snippets April 2010 Issue 3
Extractive Industry License Renewal - Lot             Request for Quotation for                         Greenwaste & Hardwaste
679 Calinup Road Gelorup – Available for public
comment until the 16th April 2010. Proposals           Artistic Design of Entry                               Collections
can be viewed at the Shire Office.                            Statements
                                                                                                      Greenwaste collections will take place at
                                                  The Shire of Capel is seeking an artist or artist   Boyanup, Capel, Dalyellup and Peppermint
                                                  partnership to provide a quote to design 7 entry    Grove Beach between 12 -16 April 2010 and
                                                  statements to be located within the Shire.          4 – 8 October 2010.

                                                  The localities are Capel (3), Boyanup (3) and       Hardwaste collection will take place at
                                                  Peppermint Grove Beach (1).                         Boyanup, Capel, Dalyellup and Peppermint
Sports Leadership Grants and                                                                          Grove Beach as well as all special rural areas
                                                  Submission of quote Deadline 30th April 2010.       between 2-6 August 2010.
Scholarships for Women
                                                  Please contact Lesley Jackes on 97 27 0222 or       Flyers will be sent out reminding you of the
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and for further background      collection dates and further details are
Australian Government Office for Women (OfW)      information and criteria                            available from the website.
have opened their funding round Sports
Leadership Grants and Scholarships for Women.      Writing A Grant Application &                      Please note that all greenwaste must be
                                                                                                      placed on the verge prior to 7.00am Monday
These grants and scholarships are offered to             Need Some Help                               on the week of collection.
inspire and assist women in the sports industry
to reach their full potential in leadership.      Lets face it grant writing certainly isn’t one of   Kerbside collection for greenwaste can
                                                  the easiest jobs to do and the Shire’s              include:
The ASC invites women from all areas and          Community Development team certainly know               • Trimmed tree and shrub branches to
levels of the Australian sports community to      that.                                                      a maximum length of 1.5 metres
apply, including women involved in sport as                                                               • Lawn clippings, leaves and cuttings
managers,      administrators,  media       and   Between us we have extensive grant writing
                                                                                                             must be placed into cardboard boxes.
communication officers, coaches, officials, and   experience and would certainly be available to
women in sport governance.                        assist you in putting your application together -   Please   keep clear of:
                                                  just don’t leave it to the last minute.                 •    Reticulation
The grants include scholarships for women in                                                              •    Footpaths
                                                  Most funding bodies require a lead up of 3-4
upper sports management of up to $10,000 a                                                                •    Fences
                                                  months, they require partnerships and a large
year for three years, one-off grants of up to                                                             •    Street signs and
                                                  number require that the applicant has local
$5,000 for individuals and up to $10,000 for                                                              •    Street corners
                                                  government approval.
approved organisations.
                                                  So if you are one of those people who break into    Please note Greenwaste put out after
Applications close on Friday 30 April 2010.       a sweat just thinking about putting an              collection date will not be collected.
Terms and conditions apply. For more              application together, or would just like some       Anything not collected must be removed by
information, visit or        assistance then please give us a call.              the owners to the Capel landfill site which is
call 1800 224 412                                                                                     open from 10am-5pm Friday to Tuesday.

         Do you have a question about shire processes and activities? We would be pleased to answer your questions
                               so why not call us on 9727 0222     Mon – Fri 8.00am – 4.30pm
                                                                                                                      Capel Snippets April 2010 Issue 3

        Events Management                            period of time prior to and during the event,
                                                     and must be removed within a specified period      J   Boyanup Neighbourhood Watch –
                                                     of time after the event.                               The next meeting will be held on
Council has designed an information pack to                                                                 Tuesday 27th April, from 3pm – 4pm.
assist you in planning your event, activity, stall
or function that will take place on Council land     Where the signs are to be located on roads
or on land that will impact on the public. It is     under the control of the Main Roads
                                                     Department, such as Bussell Highway and South      J   Capel Neighbourhood Watch – The
important that right from the start of your                                                                 next meeting will be held on Tuesday
planning process you, or your committee, are         West Highway, it will be necessary to gain
                                                     approval from that organisation as well as the         13th April, from 5.30pm – 6.20pm.
aware of the need to manage and mitigate any
risks that may arise from your event.                Shire.

How to Manage Your Risk                                                                                         On-Line Reporting
On-site safety at the event is extremely                    Neighbourhood Watch
important. People who are attending the event                     Meetings                              Community members can report crime on-
should be able to enjoy it in safe and secure                                                           line through the site
surrounds. Your committee needs to identify          Neighbourhood Watch Meetings are an ideal          Individuals are encouraged to report crime
potential hazards during the planning of, and on     opportunity for community members to share         on this site, even if the criminal behaviour
site at, your event.                                 their concerns and grievances with the local       seems rather petty, e.g. stolen solar lights
                                                     Police. The partnership between the community      or smashed garden gnomes. Community
Some common problems experienced at events           and the Police is a real plus for both parties.    members can use the Internet at all Shire
are:                                                 The Police gain assistance with criminal           Libraries to report crime free of charge.
• Holes in grounds or footpaths                      investigations and community members gain
• Marquee pegs in thoroughfares or piercing          information about crime prevention and                             Hooning
   underground irrigation                            community safety.
• Electrical leads on the ground                                                                        Community members are encouraged to
• Lack of toilets and                                The Shire of Capel encourages all members and      write down the days and times that hooning
• Overcrowding in carparks or mixing vehicle         residents to get involved and come along to        occurs, and forward this information on to
   and pedestrian traffic.                           meetings.                                          Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Need help then call Carla or Colin on 9727 0222      J   Dalyellup/Gelorup          Neighbourhood
for assistance                                           Watch – Dalyellup/Gelorup Neighbourhood
                                                         Watch have joined forces with the Dalyellup           Men’s Health Week
 Community Event and Special                             Beach        Community          Association.
                                                         Approximately 70 community members
      Event Signage                                      attended the first joint meeting and heard
                                                                                                        A reminder that Men’s Health Week is
                                                                                                        coming up 14-20 June. Keep an eye out for
                                                         Senior Constable Tony Strang talk about        activities during this week especially at the
Did you know that you need a sign licence for            home security. The next meeting will be
events? Events such as markets, festivals, horse                                                        libraries!
                                                         held on Tuesday 20th April, from 6.30pm
riding etc all need signage approval. These signs        – 7.30pm.
are required to be licensed for a restricted

          Do you have a question about shire processes and activities? We would be pleased to answer your questions
                                so why not call us on 9727 0222     Mon – Fri 8.00am – 4.30pm

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