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									           Raiffeisen Centrobank Investment Certificates   Raiffeisen Centrobank has been the
                                                           first Austrian issuer to be awarded:
                                                           “Certificate Award Austria 2007”

                                                           Overall winner
                                                           “Alternative Investments Award 2007”
                                                           1st place – Structured Products

Ukraine Kazakhstan
❚   Benefit from the boom in Ukraine
    and in Kazakhstan
❚   Open end investment
❚   Highest transparency and flexibility
❚   Permanent secondary market
❚   No management fees
Investment in two countries with a                            The companies in detail
stake in the future                                           Ukrtelekom
Ukraine                                                       (ISIN: UA1004311007, weighting: 10.6%)
                                                              Ukrtelekom is a nationwide telecommunications provider
The political turnaround and the orange revolution in         specializing on landline subscribers. In addition to
2004 were to accelerate the reform process in Ukraine         broadband internet, activities comprise also technical
and direct the country steadily towards the European          maintenance of radio and TV networks. At present
Union. The most recent events once more aroused the           Ukrtelekom serves around 10 million customers in
political conflict between the pro-West and the pro-Russian   Ukraine and is likely to be partly privatised before the
sides and, as seen today, we may expect new elections by      end of 2007. Over the last six months the company’s
end of May 2007. In spite of the present political            share gained more than 22%.
stalemate, the Ukrainian economy is characterized by a
rapid growth (7% in 2006), last not least due to the solid    UkrNafta
global demand for steel, Ukraine’s most important exports     (ISIN: UA1004781001, weighting: 10.6%)
product. The recent award to hold the 2012 European           UkrNafta is a Ukrainian company focussing on production
soccer championship will further stimulate the country’s      of crude oil and natural gas. The company is also
growth. The country stands for strong long-term growth,       specialized in building pipelines, geologic research as well
with currently more investment opportunities than ever
                                                              as mining and haulage of coal. Over the last six months
before. During 2006 the Ukrainian leading index PFTS
                                                              the company’s share gained more than 20%.
gained more than 40%, a further evidence of the country’s
enormous potential.
                                                              Nyzhnodniprovsky Truboprokatny Zavod
                                                              (ISIN: UA0400081008, weighting: 7.6%)
                                                              Nyzhnodniprovsky Truboprokatny Zavod is the largest
Since the mid 90’s Kazakhstan’s economy has been boo-         Ukrainian manufacturer of steel pipes and the only
ming. Among the post-Soviet countries, Kazakhstan is          domestic manufacturer of railway wheels. Over the last
considered a so-called “tiger state”, meanwhile it has        year the sales volume for steel pipes needed in oil and
become one of the world’s most dynamic economies. The         gas production increased by 9%. Over the last six months,
exceptional economic growth (10.6% in 2006) is to a           the company’s share gained more than 77%.
large extent due to the country’s enormous abundance of
natural resources. Today, Kazakhstan is one of the world’s    ZakhidEnergo
biggest crude oil exporters. The economic boom is clearly     (ISIN: UA1300591005, weighting: 6.9%)
evidenced by Kazakhstan’s stock exchange. In 2006             By its output capacity, ZakhidEnergo is the country’s
Kazakhstan’s leading index KASE made it to increase by        second largest energy producer. Energy is mostly
more than 100%.                                               generated on the basis of coal, however natural gas is
                                                              advancing at an extremely rapid pace. Over the last six
The dynamic economic growth in both countries constitutes
                                                              months, the company’s share gained more than 110%.
a promising statement for the future and offers in
Kazakhstan and in Ukraine an enormous potential for the
prices of shares.
                                                              (ISIN: UA0800291009, weighting: 3.8%)
                                                              DniproEnergo is a Ukrainian company active in the fuel
100% participation and no manage-                             and energy industry. DniproEnergo is the largest
ment fees                                                     Ukrainian producer of thermoelectric energy. Over the last
                                                              six months, the company’s share gained more than 210%.
With Raiffeisen Centrobank’s investment certificate
Eastbasket UK, Investors can now position themselves in
                                                              Raiffeisen Bank Aval VAT
these growth countries early enough to participate one-to-
                                                              (ISIN: UA1000051003, weighting: 8.9%)
one and open ended in the development of the share
                                                              Raiffeisen Bank Aval VAT, formerly Aval APPB VAT, is
                                                              Ukraine’s second largest financial institution covering a
On the start date, the Eastbasket UK is composed of           broad spectrum of banking and financial services. Since its
12 shares, the fixing date is 5 June 2007 whereas the         formation in 1992, this bank has set up a network of over
8 Ukrainian shares will be weighted with 60% and the          1,400 branch offices with 3.2 million retail customers and
4 Kazakh shares with 40%.
over 200.000 corporate accounts. Over the last six months     main business segments are small and medium sized
the company’s share gained more than 90%.                     companies as well as large corporate customers.
                                                              Kazkommertsbank operates 22 branch offices in the
Poltavskiy GOK                                                Republic of Kazakhstan, a branch office in London and
(ISIN: UA1600971204, weighting: 2.0%)                         one in Dushanbe; in the last few years this bank registered
Poltavskiy GOK is a large Ukrainian iron ore producer.        an enormous growth of its sales figures.
The company is in close business relationships with large
East and Central European steel companies. Over the last                                                                                             Price
six months the company’s share gained more than 15%.             PFTS                                                                                 750
                                                                 (Leading index Ukraine)                                                              700
AKB Ukrsotsbank                                                                                                                                       600

(ISIN: UA1002231009, weighting: 9.6%)                                                                                                                 550
Kiev based AKB Ukrsotsbank is a highly profitable                                                                                                     450

Ukrainian bank covering a broad spectrum of banking                                                                                                   400
and financial services. Since its formation in 1990 this                                                                                              300

bank has set up a network of over 500 branch offices             F M A M J     J   A S O N D         J   F M A M J J       A S O N D     J   F M A
                                                                 Q1 05 Q2 05       Q3 05 Q4 05           Q1 06 Q2 06       Q3 06 Q4 06       Q1 07
employing a staff of over 10,500 persons. Over the last six
months the company’s share gained more than 82%.

KazakhGold Group Ltd
(ISIN: US48667H1059, weighting: 4.2%)                            (Leading index Kasachstan)

KazakhGold Group Ltd is Kazakhstan’s largest gold                                                                                                    2.000

mining company. The company owns a number of gold                                                                                                    1.600

mines for the development of extensive gold deposits, in                                                                                             1.200

2005 they acquired another four gold mines in Akhzal,                                                                                                800

Vasilevskyi, Boldykol and Zhanan. Over the last six months                                                                                           400

the company’s share gained over 4%.                             F M A M J J        A S O N D     J       F M A M J     J   A S O N D J F M A
                                                                Q1 05 Q2 05        Q3 05 Q4 05           Q1 06 Q2 06       Q3 06 Q4 06 Q1 07

Razvedka Dobycha KazMunayGaz AO
(ISIN: US48666V2043, weighting: 8.8%)
Razvedka Dobycha KazMunayGaz AO is a Kazakhstan
based company that is engaged in the acquisition,
                                                              Key Facts
extraction, production, processing and export of coal, the
                                                              Issuer                                 Raiffeisen Centrobank
company also operates oil and gas fields. The company is
one of the country’s largest oil and gas producing            ISIN                                   AT0000A05CP8
companies. Razvedka Dobycha KazMunayGaz AO is
                                                              Nazwa skrócona                         RCUKBAOPEN
Kazakhstan’s third largest producer of oil and gas. Over
the last six months the company’s share gained over 50%.      Start date                             June 6, 2007
                                                              Ratio                                  10:1
Kazakhmys PLC
                                                              Stock exchange listing                 Vienna, Stuttgart, Warsaw
(ISIN: GB00B0HZPV38, weighting: 15.0%)
Kazakhmys PLC is a vertically integrated Kazakhstan           Information                            OSTBASKETUK=CENT / www.rcb.at
based company that is engaged in the mining industry.
The main business activity of Kazakhstan’s largest and
world’s tenth largest producer of copper comprises mining
and processing of copper ore and copper wire.

(ISIN: US48666E6086, weighting: 12.0%)
Kazkommertsbank is Kazakhstan’s largest fully integrated      Further information may be obtained from the consultant at your
bank. This financial institute covers a broad spectrum of a   local bank, on the internet at www.rcb.at or through the product
wide and varied choice of banking services. One of its        hotline of Raiffeisen Centrobank, phone +43/1/515 20-484
                                                                     Your Contacts at Raiffeisen Centrobank AG
                                                                     A-1015 Wien, Tegetthoffstrasse 1
                                                                     Heike Arbter               Franz Hep                  Stefan Neubauer
                                                                     Phone: +43 (1) 51520-407   Phone: +43 (1) 51520-475   Phone: +43 (1) 01/51520-486
                                                                     arbter@rcb.at              hep@rcb.at                 neubauer@rcb.at

                                                                     Philipp Arnold             Maximilian Hönigsmann      Jakob Sarnthein
                                                                     Phone: +43 (1) 51520-469   Phone: +43 (1) 51520-497   Phone: +43 (1) 51520-493
                                                                     arnold@rcb.at              hoenigsmann@rcb.at         sarnthein@rcb.at

                                                                     Roman Bauer                Leopold Jedina             Angelika Waldingbrett
                                                                     Phone: +43 (1) 51520-384   Phone: +43 (1) 51520-481   Phone: +43 (1) 51520-482
                                                                     bauer@rcb.at               jedina@rcb.at              waldingbrett@rcb.at

The information contained in this folder is for information
purposes only and does not substitute investment advice to be
obtained in relation to the purchase or sale of securities. All
products are subject to the Base Prospectus of 21 July 2006 for
the Issuance Programme 2006/2007, which has been approved
by and deposited at the Austrian Financial Market Authority, in
connection with the Final Terms and the Securities Terms
deposited at the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, and
published on the website of Raiffeisen Centrobank AG. Raiffeisen
Centrobank AG explicitly excludes any liability in relation to the
correctness and completeness of the information presented

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