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									                                           MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 In-Banner Video
                                                                                                            Last Updated - March 26, 2010

Creative Acceptance Policy
All creative must meet the requirements of the MSA Creative Acceptance Policy

Ad Specifications
Ad Type /     Initial   Download File    Max Initial     Max Weight Progressive       Click-Thru   Audio                   Animation/         Alt Text
Ad Size       Size      Size (GIF/JPG)   Download File   Download (Video/ Streaming   URL Limit    Specifications/         Looping Limit      Limit
                                         Size            Only)                                     Limit
Rectangle     300W X    20k              35k             2.2mb                        450 char     Allowed on user click   Allowed; Duration: 65 char
300x250       250H                                                                                 only                    15 sec
   Max     Weight Video File Size .flv max 20mb.

The User Experience

           User Visits MSN Homepage. Editorial content loads first, then 300x250 ad unit is populated on the page and
            commences 15 seconds of animation time within 300x250 space.
           User can click hot areas on the 300x250 to initiate streaming video within the 300x250 space.
           User can choose to replay current video or other different videos in the 300x250 space.

           Primary creative with polite secondary down-load functionality MUST contain advertiser graphics on initial page
            load and maintain the appearance of being fully functional via click through

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From time to time there will be text links featured outside and beneath the landing position for the over the page ad
experience. These text links are used to provide information about the ad type featured as well as gather feedback from
our users on their advertising experience on MSN. These labels will be featured sporadically and all data collected will be
for internal purposes only.

Ad Specifications is the front door to our diverse network. As such, we want to display innovative creative within our home page
display ad placement that can appeal to the broader audience. Below are specific guidelines which need to be applied to
all creative featured on the home page. These guidelines were developed to help support the MSN brand and
overall look and feel of the home page.

MSN reserves the right to prohibit any advertisement from being featured on the home page.

Ads should contain

       A clear message and offer/promotion
       Clutter-free design
       Relevant imagery to the offer or promotion
       Consistent branding (Use of similar/same logos & messaging)
       Landing pages should provide relevant content to the ad featured

Not allowed

       Ads with fake HTML
       Ads that are misleading in anyway (specifically within creative messaging/offers/promotions etc…)
       Inappropriate graphics: included but not limited to graphic images which generate an adverse emotional response
        from users (i.e., overly graphic medical conditions/images, images of distressed animals or humans), or
        overexposure to nudity (i.e., swimsuits, sports bras)
       Rapidly flashing images/multiple flashing images (no more than 2 flashing images at the same time)

For more information, please view MSN's Creative Acceptance Policy.


Required elements:

Elements to be provided for all solutions:

       One (1) .fla for 300x250
       One (1) rendered .swf for 300x250
       One .flv for each video to be used (maximum of 3) if agency wants to handle video compression
       One source video file (.mov or .wmv) to be used if PMG is to handle the video compression
       An .html file or demo link that shows intended ad experience
       Back-up .gif or .jpeg
       Any custom fonts that were used in the execution
            o Please use the program “Stuffit” to compress the fonts if the creative shop is using Mac fonts.
            o For PC fonts please use .zip files

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        Mapped clickthrough URLs
        Third Party Tracking (if required)


        300x250 Ad Unit. The 300x250 must abide by the following requirements:
            o Limited to 15 seconds of animation upon load
            o Not exceed 35k of file weight

             o   Primary creative with polite secondary down-load functionality MUST contain advertiser graphics on initial
                 page load and maintain the appearance of being fully functional via click through

             o   Flash elements: Flash creative must be published in Flash 9 and above; AS2
             o   Advertisement audio must be paused on panel click through for landing pages containing non-UI audio
             o   Cannot exceed 24 frames per second
             o   Cannot have constantly animating elements
             o   User must click to initiate streaming video
             o   Must have video/audio controls and a close button

Other Specifications

        Audio must be user-initiated and never automatic
        Audio controls must be present.
        If audio is used, creative must include an On/Off switch for users.
        Audio insertion into Flash file may begin no earlier than the second frame.


        Video is streamed from Akamai
        Video Controls must be present: Play/Pause, Volume Control or Mute/Unmute buttons are required. Stop button
         is required for In-Banner Video homepage. Time Scrubber & Replay button are suggested but not required.

CPU Usage:

        Idle CPU usage typically falls within 8-12%. When testing a Flash file for this ad, CPU usage after the initial
         loading of the file must be between 20% and 30%. An initial spike of up to 60% is acceptable in the first five
         seconds. (Idle CPU usage devised upon computer with a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium Processor and 512 MB of RAM
         running standard programs.)

Browser Support:

        Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to 8.0 are supported.
        Firefox is a supported browser on a case-by-case basis (dependent upon test results and execution design).
        Limited support may be provided for Safari based on test results.
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      In cases in which a browser is not supported (i.e. Firefox or Mac browsers), users will receive the backup image.

Back-up .gif Impression Serve Rate:

      Expected Back-up .gif Impression serve rate varies from 5-12%.

Ad Launch Time:

      Ad starts no earlier than midnight (12AM), Eastern Standard Time. Specific times can be discussed.


Rich Media File Validation (Standard Process)
Core Rich Media Product built to spec                      10 Business Days
Premier Media Group Creative Services
Build (Animate) and implement approved concept             15 Business Days
Concept, build and implement                               30 Business Days
Custom Features/ Editorial Specification Exceptions        Additional SLA will apply on a case-by-case basis

Note: Additional or custom features may have an additional cost associated with them. Please contact
your Microsoft sales representative for more information.
Any element not meeting spec or submission requirements will be returned for revision, which may delay
the expected live date. If you have any questions regarding creative submissions, please e-mail your
Microsoft sales or PMG representative.

      MSN Rich Media Guide
      MSN Rich Media Solutions
      Individual site pages for product acceptance

Certified Rich Media Vendors
MSN Homepage Ads are not 3rd party served. They are served solely via MSN’s Rich Media Servers.

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Data Reported

       An overall third-party impression tag can be implemented, and would track both the flash and backup (down-
        level) experiences.
       Third-party click tags can be implemented for the flash and backup experiences.
       Currently we do not support implementation of a separate third-party tracking tag for backup (down-level)
        impressions. MSN is able to capture this data and provide the number of backup impressions.
       Overall Impressions
       Back-up .gif Impressions
       Clicks from 300x250
       Clicks from Back-up .gif
       # of Video Plays
       Average Video Play time
       Video Control clicks (Play, Stop, Pause, Mute)

Custom Brand Interaction Metrics (based on execution layout) are available on a case-by-case basis.

Data Collection
Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through web forms embedded in

       Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provided additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for
        advertising on Microsoft sites.
       Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above) must
        follow these guidelines:
             o Clearly identify organization
             o Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button)
             o Identify purpose for collecting information

Ad Submission Guidelines
All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines

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