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									                             NRC Board of Directors Meeting
                                    December 8, 2005
                                      Ann Arbor, MI
Members Present: Patton, Skumatz, Young, Ureling, Kathcee, Walker, Refkin, Bosch,
Vitters, Raigel, Corbin, Taylor, Bantillo, Dreckmann, and McCoy

Staff: Krebs

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m.

Minutes Approved (Bantillo/Skumatz)

President’s Remarks (Walker)

Walker discussed the improved organizational culture and the strong relationship
between the Board and the Executive Director. This is reflected in the open and positive
contract negotiations.

The organization has been very successful, but we must remember the work and effort
that has made that possible and that we must be mindful of the need to continue that

Treasurer’s Report (Bosch)

The October 2005 variance report was distributed and discussed.

Barbara Barter, NRC accounts manager is going to retire. She is the first staff member to
retire from the NRC. A plan to fill the vacancy is in place; the plan was developed in
consultation with our accounting firm.

BEPC expenses and revenue are both over budget due to the bringing of a consulting
team; the revenue offsets the increased expenses.

Overall expenses are below budget and revenue is also currently down as well. The
lower revenue is a result of timing on the Gala. Due to limited history of this event it has
been hard to accurately project when revenue form the event will come it. The plan is to
continue to fine tune revenue projects to reflect actual experience. We should consider
quarterly projections. (Currently, we divide the budgeted total for fund raising by 12.
Since funds do not flow in evenly, this results in monthly deficits when our efforts are
actually on track.) Staff will take this into account when finalizing approved budget

Future budget reports (next fiscal year) on the expenses for Recycling Works projects
should be broken down by project. This will help us track the individual projects. The
budget breaks the projects out, but not the reports.
Future budget lines should refer to the Policy Work Group as the Policy Committee.

Motion: The Board thanks Barbara Barter for her years of outstanding service to
the organization and wishes her a happy retirement. (Dreckmann, McCoy)

Gala Report (Refkin)

Revenue goal is $167,000 and we have currently raised $164,000. (2004 budget was
$100,000). This includes nine new sponsors. The expenses will be 3-5% higher than last
year, but within the budget.

The Gala is January 24th, 2006. The event will be in the Pavilion Room of the Reagan
International Trade Center on Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Streets. Reception is at
6:30. Premier sponsors and Starbucks at private event that begins at 6:00 pm.

The invitations have been mailed to a list developed by staff, with input from sponsors
and committee.

Fund Development (Krebs/Kincaid)

Minneapolis congress raised $323,707 in sponsorships well over the $175,000 goal. The
Congress attracted sixteen new sponsors.

This would not have happened without a staff person working on sponsorships. Kincaid
helped by working directly with sponsors, following up, and making sure they received
good value for their donation.

Kincaid is working on several projects including grants and a proposal to work with
directory publishers to increase the recovery of telephone directories. Alexander is also
involved in project development.

The organization needs to develop a plan to provide value to the members of the
Leadership Council. Leadership Council can include communities/government agencies.

We also need to work with Congress Exhibitors. There were concerns about the number
of people who went through the hall. We also need more Board follow-up (thank you to
sponsors and exhibitors) at the Congress.

President’s Report (Walker)

Committee Chairs/Council Liaisons

Walker worked with Katchee on the selection on committee chairs.
The Policy Committee Chair will be Bantillo. The other three members of the
Committee are Dreckmann, Harvey Gershman, and Catherine Wilt.

Finance Committee, Bosch Chair, Uerling, Dreckmann, Skumatz, and Corbin.

Patton is Awards Chair.

Katchee is Board Development Chair.

Site Selection Chair is Corbin.

Communications and Branding Chair is Young.

Strategic Planning Chair is Vitters. Katchee, Uerling, and Taylor are members.

Gala Co-Chairs are Refkin and Heenan.

McCoy is liaison to Rural Council.

Uerling is in charge of Council restructuring and liaison to Nonprofit Council.

ROC and Minority Council liaison is Young.


The decision on CURC liaison will be delayed another week in order to get more input
from CURC membership. CURC is a group with tremendous potential and we need to
find a way to reestablish a solid working relationship.

Staff needs to make sure that CURC understands the work plan deadlines for the 2006-07
budget and the work plan timeline.

Board needs to make sure that all Councils are aware of the Council restructuring effort
and the redrafting of the Council Guidelines.

Motion: Committee chairs should develop guidelines for committee membership
when membership criteria is not established by NRC Board policy; Chair should
also decide on the level of involvement of NRC members, and how to best gather
input from our members. (Kattchee/Uerling). Motion is tabled.

The intent of the Board is to be inclusive as we can.

Committee Reports

Policy Committee (Bantillo)
The new structure will be reported to the membership in the January 2006 issue of the
Mobius and posted on the NRC website.

This structure was approved by the Board of Directors at the Colorado 2005 Board
meeting. Committee discussion includes possibility of reviewing the draft policies for
member input for a longer period of time then originally reported. Policy team reports
will include dissenting opinions, and should lay out all perspectives on the issue.
The first issues will be product stewardship.

A briefing on the new structure will be included at the RO mid year meeting in February
so we encourage involvement through the RO’s. Committee should also solicit input
from the Councils.

BPEC Update (Vitters/Krebs)

Third party consultants, not the industry, did the research and data collection that was
presented at the NRC Congress (and is posted on the NRC website).

At this point, BPEC will develop a strategic approach to increasing beverage container
recycling based on common priorities. This approach will run from the consumer
product companies to packaging suppliers to bottlers, distributors, retailers, consumers,
haulers, processors, and recycling end use markets.

BPEC identified a need for solid data on the cost and effectiveness of local recycling
programs and on national recovery of materials. NRC and the consultants will meet with
EPA on information gathered through the annual MSW report, currently done by
Franklin and Associates.

President’s Report Continued (Walker)

America Recycles

AR Board of Directors President Meg Morris sent a written request to the NRC Board of
Directors asking that we discuss the possibility of merging the AR work into the NRC as
a program, as opposed to a separate organization. A variety of options have been
discussed by AR board of directors, including which other national groups could manage
and take AR to the next level. President Morris requested that NRC appoint a small (3
person) committee to work with a 3 person AR committee she appointed to explore and
discuss options. Time is of the essence as the AR fiscal year ends December 31st, and a
meeting of the AR state leaders is scheduled for early February 2006.

This represents an opportunity to advance our branding efforts and to unify education and
outreach efforts.

Motion: Walker is authorized to appoint 3 members to serve on the committee and
report out next Friday, December 16, 2006. (Kattchee/Bosch) Approved.

Walker was approached by SWANA on our willingness to explore a merger of the
Congress/Wastecon exhibit halls or the possibility of holding a joint annual conference.
After a discussion by the Executive Committee it was decided to report back to SWANA
that a merger or joint conference did not fit with our priorities at this time.

The motion on Committee participation was removed from the table and the following
substitute was put in its place.

Motion: NRC values membership participation in all its projects and programs.
NRC endeavors to include members in the committee structure to the greatest
practical degree. Unless committee member guidelines have already been
established by Board policy, Chairs are encouraged to manage their committees to
maximize practical, effective member participation (Kattchee/Uerling). Approved.

Technical Council Guidelines (Uerling)

The Council Guideline team reported back a recommendation that the Minority, Rural,
and Non Profit Council’s be merged into two groups: Grassroots and Community Council
and Leadership Development Council.

It was also decided that there would be no carryover of funds from the NRC budget but
that Council revenue generated from outside funds would carryover. Councils would
have four weeks after staff has notified them to present a draft work plan, staff will fill in
financial revenues and expenses, discuss items with Councils and incorporate into overall
Annual NRC work plan.

The proposed changes to the Council Guidelines have been sent to the Councils involved
in the guideline review for feedback. Uerling will provide notification of the proposed
changes to CURC.

It is anticipated that the Board will act on the changes in January.

Strategic Planning (Vitters)

Vitters, Katchee, Young, Taylor, Cliff Case, Richard Brundage and Krebs held a meeting
last week. One goal is to discuss the Strategic Plan at the January meeting.
Executive Director’s Report (Krebs)


In 2006 staff is getting some lists from the southeast to heavily market NRC and the
Congress. The draw of attendees from the surrounding area around the Congress location
has always been critical to the success of the Congress. This marketing/outreach will be
an additional expense, but the overall goal of recruiting new members from SE is critical.


Preliminary statistics show Boston saw a 23% increase in recovery over 6 months and
Prince Georges County, MD had a 7% increase over 15 months.

Metro Milwaukee, WI (BeSmart Coalition) launched in April so the data is preliminary.
The area includes much of eastern Wisconsin. Ads are running on buses, newsletters,
mailers, cable television (Time Warner Cable), radio, and magazines.

Portland, OR is slated to be next City, preliminary date for kick off on Earth Day 2006.

There are plans to do a total of six city projects and turn ReMix into a self-sustaining
project. To date, national partners are International Paper, Time, Inc and National
Recycling Coalition. Local partners have included the processors – Recycle
America/WM and Casella/FCR along with Quad Graphics, the City of Boston, and Prince
George’s MD. County, the BeSmart Coalition.


Corporate changes have moved the program into Nike-Go a section of the company
aimed at getting/keeping kids active. There is a new program manager from UK that will
take over all US Reuse a shoe programs. He wants to continue the program and expand it
to include more school-based programs.

The Air to Earth program is being phased out. NRC can continue to use it without Nike

There will be new creative materials, including a possible name change for Reuse a shoe.

Dell-Katrina Collection

This was a pilot project for disaster clean-ups that grew out of our position paper on
disposal of electronics in the aftermath of the gulf coast storms. SWANA and NSWMA
both felt that it was safe to landfill electronics and it made sense in some cases. The
NRC position is that no computer should go to waste.
Event held 12/3 in Jefferson Parish. 115 cars came to the event and 5 tons of material
was collected.

There were challenges getting the event set up from national agencies, overall the
difficulties were due to logistics and determination on who was in charge. Local and state
agency staff were incredibly organized considering all they had to deal with and their
appreciation of the collaboration and the funding was very positive. The event generated
17 articles and multiple local television news stories.

NRC is working behind the scenes on a joint policy statement on electronics that would
be suggested as a joint statement with SWANA and NSWMA ~ with the concept that no
computers should go to waste.


Staff is conducting a feasibility study on setting up a national recycling certification
program. NRC has hired Nestor Resources to help develop overall strategy and
feasibility. Goal is the present concept to ROC at their mid-year meeting in February in
Dallas, Texas.

Data Base

Looking for a consultant to provide expertise in what can be done to meet the needs of
NRC and the RO’s and help in vendor selection; also need them to help review and assist
with the RFP for the database. An RFQ for a consultant has been issued.

There is an affiliate Data Base advisory team with 5 RO’s (California, Illinois, Indiana,
Texas, Pennsylvania) to provide additional feedback and help insure buy-in from RO’s.

Work Plan

A draft 2006 Work plan development timeline was distributed. The timeline will be
adjusted to allow enough time for Councils to submit work plans and budgets.

Other Business

Vitters has obtained a signed affiliation agreement from Georgia Recycling Coalition
(GRC). Cheers and congratulations around the table.

Motion: That the NRC Board accept GRC’s affiliation. (Patton/Skumatz).

GRC has approximately 180 members. This can be a springboard to add some additional
affiliations before the next Congress. Board members should let Young know if they
have relationship/contacts in nonaffiliated states they should let him know by 12/17 so he
can coordinate efforts to recruit states.
Krebs will attend the Sustainable Packaging Council’s next meeting.

The Board meeting on 1/25 will be extended to 3:00.

Motion: Adjournment (Young/Taylor) Approved

The meeting was adjourned at 3:26 EST.

George Dreckmann, Secretary

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