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									AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                           AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                                                                                        AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS
          CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                        Aviano Sports Schedule
- New Year’s Resolution 5K/10K Fun Run (PC)
- 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament (PC)                                                 SPORT                                      SEASON
- Biggest Winner Event kickoff
- Aerobathon
                                                                                    Basketball                                 Nov-Mar
- Winter 5K Fun Run (PC)                                                            Bowling                                    Jun-Aug
- Racquetball Tournament (PC)                                                       Flag Football                              Jul-Sep
MARCH                                                                               Golf                                       Apr-Jul
- Leapin’ Leprechaun 5K/10K Fun Run (PC)
- March Madness 3 on 3 Dragon Fitness Center                                        Soccer                                     Apr-Jun
- Duathlon (PC)                                                                     Softball                                   May-Jul
- Intramural Volleyball Season Begins
- USAFE Basketball Championships                                                    Volleyball                                 Mar-Apr
- Intramural Golf Season Begins
- Intramural Soccer Season Begins
- Spring Fling 5K/10K Fun Run
- Biggest Winner Finale
                                                                                            Dragon Fitness Center
- Volleyball Tournament (PC)                                                                        5K &10K Run/Walk Routes
MAY                                                                                                                                   5K
- Intramural Softball Season Begins                                                                                            (Halfway for 10K)

- Intramural Volleyball Season Ends
- 4th Aviano Olympics
                                                                      Fire Pit

- Armed Forces Family Day/Fun Walk & Run*
- USAFE Volleyball Regionals                      2.5 K
- USAFE Mountain Bike and Road Cycling - Aviano
                                                  point       Triple Nickel
                                                  for 5K)     Parking lot

- Intramural Golf Season Ends                                                                                                                                                       Area F
                                                  Back Gate
                                                                                                                                                  La Dolce Vita

- USAFE Golf Regionals                                                                Start & Finish                                                                             (Flightline)
- Intramural Bowling Season Begins

- Intramural Soccer Season Ends                                                                          Dragon
                                                                                                         Fitness     Track

- ASSC 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament & Kickoff
                                                                                                         Center                Club

                                                                                                                                                                         Vet

- Bench Press Competition                                                                                                                  TLF              CDC

- Duathalon
- Summer Splash 5K Fun Run                                                                                    Freedom Park                        Outdoor Rec
                                                                                       Alpine                   Ball Fields
                                                                                     Golf Course                                       Arts & Crafts

- Intramural Softball Season Ends                                                                  Perimeter Fence
- Firecracker 5K/10K Fun Run/Walk*
- Chiefs vs. Eagles Softball Game
- ASSC Softball Tournament                                                       Fitness Classes Offered 2008
- Intramural Bowling Ends                                                             Total Body Conditioning
- Intramural Flag Football Season Begins
- ASSC Non-Athlete Competition-Community Center                                           Indoor Cycling*
- End of Summer 5K Fun Run/Walk*                                                             Body Blast
- USAFE Softball Regionals
                                                                                            Pilates (Mat)
- Fall 5K Fun Run                                                                          Step Aerobics*
- Aviano Marathon
- ASSC Flag Football Tournament                                                            Step and Ball*
OCTOBER                                                                                  Yoga for Everyone
- Intramural Flag Football Season Ends                                                  Cardio Kickboxing*
- Moonlight Golf Tournament
- Trick or Trot 5K Fun Run                                                                  Power Yoga
NOVEMBER                                                                             Mom and Tots (Falcon FC)
- Intramural Basketball/Over 30 Season Begins
- Turkey Trot 5K Fun Run (PC)
- 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 08 Begins (PC)                      Personal trainers are available for assistance.
DECEMBER                                                         *Designed to meet Fitness Improvement Plan (FIP)
- Aerobathon (PC)
- Reindeer 5K Fun Run (PC)                                                     training requirements

AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                          AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                                                                                         AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS
AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                       AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                                  AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS

            Dragon Fitness Center                                       FITNESS AND SPORTS                                              Falcon Fitness & Sports Center
                   Area F (Flightline)                                    CENTER POLICY                                                                         Area 2

               Hours of Operation                                                                                                                   Hours of Operation
  Monday-Friday            0500-2200 hours                                                                                              Mon-Fri                      0630-1900
  Weekends                 0700-2200 hours                                                                                              Sat                          1200-1600
  Goal Days/Holidays       0700-1900 hours                                                                                              Goal Days/Holidays/Sun       CLOSED

  Facility                                                                                                                              Facility
  • 31,000 square foot facility                                                                                                         • 1 Indoor basketball/volleyball Court
  • Large gymnasium                                                                                                                     • Free weight/strength training machine room
  • Multi-purpose aerobics room                                  AUTHORIZED USE AND ELIGIBILITY OF FITNESS CENTER                       • Cardiovascular room
  • Cardiovascular room                                          (In accordance with AFI 34-266, 24 Sep 2007)                           • Child play area
  • Free-weight room, circuit/stretching room                    Eligible patrons include active duty military, retirees, reservist,
  • Large locker rooms with saunas                               DOD civilians, U.S. NAF employees & family members carrying            Equipment
  • FitLinxx                                                     a valid I.D card.                                                      • Treadmills - Life Fitness
  • Life Fitness cardiovascular machines. The center also                                                                               • Upright and recumbent bicycles - Life Fitness
  has free weights and Life Fitness selectorized equipment.      CUSTOMER ATTIRE                                                        • Cross trainers - Life Fitness
  • 6 field softball complex                                     • Appropriate clothing must be worn to maintain a proper image         • Stair Climbers
                                                                 in a military & family fitness facility.                               • Free weights - Hammer Strength
  • 2 lighted fields
                                                                 • Athletic attire & an athletic-type shoe must be worn in all
  • 1 combination lighted soccer/football field                                                                                         • Selectorized equipment - Pro Maxima
                                                                 activity & equipment areas.
  • 1 lighted track (440 meter)                                  • Court shoes with non-marking soles must be worn on all court
  • 2 racquetball courts                                         & group exercise room floors
  • 3 lighted tennis courts                                                                                                             • Locker room facilities with 100% daily use lockers
                                                                 AGE RESTRICTIONS
  Equipment                                                      • Authorized patrons, 16 years of age and older, have                  Massage Therapy Services
  • Treadmills - Life Fitness                                    unrestricted use of the FSC.                                            • Massage
  • Upright and recumbent Bicycles - Life Fitness                • Patrons 13-15 years of age have use of all cardio & weight           • Massage therapy
  • Cross trainers - Life Fitness                                equipment, group exercise rooms provided interactive                   • Swedish massage
  • Stair climbers - Life Fitness                                supervision from an adult is available at all times                    • Pre-natal
  • Arc trainers - Cybex                                         • Patrons 6-12 years of age are prohibited from entering the           • Hot stone therapy
                                                                 cardio and weight rooms. All other areas require interactive           • Salt & sugar scrub
  • Free weights
                                                                 supervision from a parent, legal guardian or youth program
  • Selectorized equipment - Life Fitness                                                                                               • Foot reflexology
  • Rowing machines                                                                                                                     For an appointment call Shawn at 348-364-0684
                                                                 * For more guidelines, please see the policy boards located in
  Services                                                       both the Dragon & Falcon Fitness & Sports Centers.
  • Towel service
  • Locker room facilities with 100% daily use lockers              Go to www.aviano.fitlinxx.com to use FitLinxx daily!
  • Men’s and women’s saunas                                         Must log in minimum of 12 workouts per month.
  • DV locker rooms

AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                       AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS                                                  AVIANO FITNESS & SPORTS

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