MUN-Participating In Larger Councils; Tips

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					MUN-Participating In Larger Councils: Tips! (A lot of
these also apply to Small Councils, but they need to be
enforced especially in a large council)
     Speak Up Whenever you have something to contribute to the
      council (You might not get another chance)
        o BUT the person who always speaks is not always the
           person who does the best job
        o You want to spur more debate with your comments, DO
           NOT repeat comments already made
        o Contribute something unique, something that will catch
           the Judge’s attention
        o DO NOT challenge your PO’s decisions/procedure.
        o Most judges don’t really care about parliamentary
           procedure as much as they care about the content of
           your debate, and your ability to compromise/ negotiate
        o Always talk to the quieter students during unmediated
           debate, it allows you to include everyone and you often
           don’t get to hear what they have to say normally
        o Avoid joining a “clique”, blocking is fine, but don’t
           seclude your self in the council, it is a major turn off
        o Always try to get on the speaker’s list – It may be
           difficult but even if you don’t have much to contribute
           you can always give your time to an ally
        o Only ask relevant questions, judges get irritated when
           people only ask questions to get speaking time in
        o Balanced your time between you and your partner –
           The judges should notice both of you
        o Stand up when you speak ALWAYS
        o Even if you aren’t speaking, you should stand up if
           your partner is to show support
        o Keep the notes quiet, and appropriate….and use them,
           they are a helpful resource and prevent disruptions
        o Speak LOUDLY, CLEARLY, and with CHARISMA

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