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          Develop a self-evaluation checklist that students complete before the
           conference. Discuss their responses during the conference.
          Develop a checklist with recommendations for further study and give a
           copy to students.
          Discuss areas of strength and areas of weakness and make
           recommendations of ways to improve their English.
          At mid-cycle ask students what types of class activities they like and don’t
          Give students a challenge or goal for the rest of the cycle.
          At mid-cycle, discuss their progress toward the next cycle.
          Ask students how they think they are doing.
          Ask students what they need and want to study.
          Ask students if they are planning to continue their study at REEP.
          When applicable (e.g., student has excellent attendance), discuss
           scholarship opportunities.
          At the beginning levels, keep the information simple and minimal. Use
           smiley face visuals to indicate good, so-so, and needs improvement to
           discuss their progress in listening/speaking and reading/writing.
          Have writing samples on hand and discuss progress and areas that need
          Review a portfolio of student’s work to show progress.

          Manage expectations – explain the conference to students ahead of time
           so that they know what to expect.
          In applicable, conduct conferences on days when you have a volunteer in
           the class.
          Conduct conferences on lab days and provide students with computer
           activities that they can do independently. Be sure to check with the lab
           assistant and let them know your plans.
          Set up a schedule so that students know when their conference will take
          Prepare activities that students can do independently or with a partner.
          Conduct the conferences in a place with some privacy.
          Set up self-access stations in the class so that students can work
           independently on a variety of skills and activities during conferencing.

    Developed by REEP teachers, September 2008 In-service: Meeting All Learners’ Needs, Part 3.

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