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									                                                                                    MAY / JUNE 2005 ISSUE

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MNG Shop &
Fashion Show

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IS China/
                              Exhibition Centre
Infocomm China                                        Opens in Late 2005

Hong Kong SAR

Telecom Arabia

    PICO a global event marketing company                                          
                                                                                                                                Worldwide Events

PICO Group Awarded Contract by
Chongqing State-Owned Enterprise
                                 To manage the New Chongqing International Convention &
                                      Exhibition Centre scheduled to open late 2005

        he Pico Group recently inked an
        agreement with a state-owned
        enterprise under Chongqing city
government, Chongqing City Construction
Investment Corporation, to manage the new
Chongqing International Convention and
Exhibition Centre (CQCEC).

In addition to Pico's established international
network of sales offices and production
facilities located in 30 cities, the Group now
manages three main exhibition and
convention facilities located in three major
Asian cities, namely, Chongqing, Ho Chi Minh
City and Colombo.

Under a joint venture agreement, Pico holds
70 per cent controlling stake of Chongqing
Nanping Convention And Exhibition Center
Management Company Limited (Chongqing
Nanping) and will oversee all aspects of
marketing, sales, maintenance and operation
of the CQCEC. Global Spectrum Asia Ltd, a
joint venture of Global Spectrum Inc. and Pico
established since 1997, will provide technical
advice and make available a wide range of
venue management expertise in support of          reported that nearly 100 mayors from over 30
the operations of CQCEC.                          countries will present at the Summit.

With a gross built area of some 238,000 sqm,      Mr Lawrence Chia, Chairman of Pico Far East
the new Chongqing International Convention        Holdings, said, "Chongqing is the largest
                                                                                 municipality in
                                                                                 China and rapidly
                                                                                 becoming the
                                                                                 capital of western
                                                                                 China. The city
                                                                                 offers huge
                                                                                 business potential
                                                                                 and tremendous       Mr Lawrence Chia, Chairman of Pico Far
                                                                                 growth               East Holdings (left) meeting Mr Wu
                                                                                 opportunities for    Jianong, Vice Mayor of Chongqing
                                                                                 local and foreign    Municipality
                                                                                 corporations.        a video-wall and is amply equipped for
                                                                                 Initiatives from     outdoor or tented functions.
                                                                                 both the
                                                                                 government and       To meet the discerning demands of
                                                                                 the commercial       conference organisers, the CQCEC meeting
& Exhibition Centre represents one of the         sectors will lead to an increasing demand in        facilities are versatile and flexible with an
municipality's key infrastructure development     exhibition and convention facilities. With a        800-seat theatre-style meeting room and a
projects, and is scheduled to open in the last    successful track record of more than 37 years       number of multi-purpose meeting rooms
quarter of 2005.                                  in the exhibition industry, the Pico Group is       which can comfortably seat over 300 people.
                                                  committed to play a key role in developing          Modern AV facilities, including simultaneous
CQCEC is situated in a prime location in the      CQCEC as one of the signature commercial            interpretation systems, are also available.
Nanping district, close to several top-class      infrastructure projects in Chongqing."
international hotels, and is strategically                                                            The Banquet Hall can accommodate more
positioned as a city landmark to house            The Exhibition Centre occupies a 3-storey           than 1,000 people on a round-table-seating
international and local events and trade fairs.   building and delivers a total indoor exhibition     plan and offers a wide array of cuisine to
It will be the most important exhibition and      area of approximately 45,000 sqm. To                meet differing requirements and event
convention venue in Chonqing when                 facilitate access by heavy and delicate exhibits    themes. Ample car-parking facilities are at
completed and will host all events organised      such as aircraft, cars and machinery, both the      hand and a 1,000-seat food court offers an
by the city government. CQCEC's inaugural         ground level and first level are served directly    exciting range of international food choices.
event will be the bi-annual Asia Pacific Cities   by roads. An additional outdoor exhibition                                        Chongqing, May
Summit conference in October 2005. It is          area of approximately 10,000 sqm is served by                  Ho Koon Dow, Edmond Ho, Kenny Tong

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Worldwide Events

   Spanish MNG Fashion                                                                            Lacoste
   Opens in Shenzhen                                                                              2005
                     Pico a hit at Spring & Summer Fashion Show
                 orld-renowned lady's fashion
                 store MNG from Spain recently                                                     Vintage sports brand Launches
                 awarded Pico its renovation work                                                            New Face
   for their retail shop in the newly-opened
   MIXC Shopping Mall in Shenzhen.

                                                    renovation work and the fashion show
                                                    produced by Pico."
                                                                              Guangzhou, April
                                                                                    Henry Lee

                                                                                                        rench brand Lacoste - established by the
   Pico was also
                                                                                                        1925 and 1927 world number one
   commissioned to
                                                                                                        French player of that name, and the
   organize and manage the
                                                                                                  oldest luxury brand in the sports accessories
   MNG Spring & Summer
                                                                                                  firmament - produces clothing and accessories
   collection fashion show
                                                                                                  which sell in more than 70 countries and in
   in Shenzhen. Mr Tony
                                                                                                  over 800 boutiques.
   Koon, Executive
   Director for MNG                                                                               In 2005, Lacoste launched a new design for
   Fashion China, said,                                                                           their boutique furniture and used the Tax Free
   "We are very                                                                                   World Exhibition in Singapore as an
   impressed with the                                                                             opportunity to showcase the new design to
                                                                                                  retail travel distributors
                                                                                                  in Asia.

                         OSIM 25
                        'New look' received with enthusiasm

         n celebration of OSIM's 25th
         Anniversary, Pico was appointed to
         create a total new image and experience
   for OSIM main launch at Takashimaya                                                            Pico's challenge was to produce a furniture
   Singapore. Departing from OSIM's usual 'Spa'                                                   booth of universal appeal with on-site
   inspired image, this new design integrated                                                     installation to a tight schedule. The brief was
   live events, branded environments and other                                                    to create the atmosphere of a real boutique,
   experiences that involved high levels of                                                       which it did with canopy and changing
   interactivity, sensory impact and relevance to                                                 coloured lights.
                                                                                                                                    Singapore, May
                                                                        the target audience.                             Marc Tronson, Olivier Saillot
                                                                        The treatment
                                                                        generated rave
                                                                        reviews and was
                                                                        chosen to represent
                                                                        OSIM's regional
                                                                        image for their
                                                                        upcoming road
                                                                        shows in 2005.
                                                                               Singapore, April
                                                                                Lim Kian Meng

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                                                                                                                           Worldwide Events

    Record Attendance at
     Auto Shanghai 2005
                Major brands showcase new models in twice
                        the space of last exhibition

         uto Shanghai 2005 has celebrated its      "I heard Mercedes and
         second decade as the first and only       Maybach were a great success at
         UFI certified international A-Class       the Shanghai Auto Show. Thanks
show in China, and has become a renowned           for your assistance," wrote Barbara
world auto exhibition in its own right in          Drissner, Manager Support/Supervision
regard to scale and influence.                     of Shows, Exhibitions & Events of
                                                   DaimlerChrysler AG.
This year, the prestigious event was hosted by
the Shanghai New International Expo Centre         "Thank you for the great effort and
over 120,000 square meters, a 50% increase         especially for your commitment and          The complex 3D configuration of the Nissan
over the last exhibition. Some 26 countries        dedication on site and during standby.      stand gave it the illusion of floating in the air
and regions were represented by a record           You coped very well with our tight          with minimum supports, and probably ranks
1,036 exhibitors.

Ford Motor Corporation
assigned Imagination to
design and Pico to
handle logistics and
construction for stands
exhibiting the latest
models from Jaguar,
Land Rover, Ford,
Lincoln and Volvo
amongst others.

Raumtechnik was assigned by Daimler               schedule
Chrysler to handle the Mercedes Benz and          and the
Maybach stands. In view of Pico’s expertise in    high
delivering quality and precision work,            expectations
Raumtechnik had appointed Pico for the first      we had for
time to produce the stand of 2,190 sqm with       the whole
double deck office building for VIP and           booth," said Peter Dannhauer, Member of
Directors’ Rooms. The double deck office          the Board, Raumtechnik.
building was connected by two bridges (open
deck) with display of 3 cars, demonstrating       "Indeed, even for us it was one of the
the models with classic and style of the brand.   toughest projects we have ever taken on
The outcome was a remarkable look and feel        but we had good partners and it worked
brought to visitors. A total of 80 tonnes of      out well. I have to thank you and your
steel were used for this stand and was            team very much for all your efforts," said
cladded by white panels and metal sheets.         Wolfgang Veit, Senior Project Manager of
                                                                                               as one of the most extraordinarily challenging
                                                                                               projects that Pico has undertaken to date.
                                                                                               With the exception of AV and sound, Pico
                                                                                               undertook the entire construction.

                                                                                               Other stands built by Pico included Mitsubishi,
                                                                                               Shanghai General Motor, Peugeot, Citroen,
                                                                                               Volvo, Renault trucks, Mobis, Kenwood and
                                                                                                                                   Shanghai, April
                                                                                                           Florence Tan, Isamu Takano, Richard Ng

4   ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005
Worldwide Events

                 The 26th Bangkok
          International Motor Show 2005
                                    1.7 Million people visit high-profile show over 10-day period

                                                                   while the back of the stand
                                                                   served as a bar lounge area for
                                                                   sales purposes. Creative
                                                                   lighting and environmental
                                                                   graphics imbued a 'natural'
                                                                   feel to the stand.

                                                                   Six classic cars from the
                                                                   Mercedes-Benz museum in
                                                                   Stuttgart helped celebrating
                                                                   100 years of Mercedes-Benz in
                                                                   Thailand on a stand designed
                                                                   and constructed by Pico.

                                                                                                     DaimlerChrysler (Thailand) Co Ltd has won

          ico was appointed official contractor of                                                   the "Best Presentation Award". In addition,
          the event for the seventh time, and                                                        under DaimlerChrysler umbrella, Mitsubishi
          constructed stunning booths for several                                                    Fuso has appointed Pico for the first time to
   famous car brands, including Mercedes-Benz,                                                       design and construct its booth for its truck
   for whom Pico had an opportunity to present                                                       series.
   the new CLS Class World Premier Right Hand
                                                                                                                                         Bangkok, April
   Drive four-door coupé and the new A-Class to
                                                                                                                                 Sirintip Chalongklang
   stunning effect. Wood, aluminum and silver
   projected a luxurious feel for the stand while
   advanced lighting and sound systems
   maximized visual and audio appeal.

   Pico was also appointed by an authorised
   dealer of DaimlerChrysler to design and
   construct their exhibition environment - a
   botanical 'pod' featuring earth tones stand
   was created to display a commercial vehicle

                                                     The revolutionary E-Class NGT & Jeep Sun
                                                     Diesel were prominently displayed on Daimler
                                                     Chrysler's blue corporate stand, which was
                                                     designed in Germany. Graphics came courtesy
                                                     of Singapore while the stand - which was
                                                     visited by Science and Technology Minister
                                                     Korn Tapparansri and his family - was
                                                     constructed in Thailand.

                                                                                                                ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005           5
                                                                                                                                    Worldwide Events

Abbott Japan's High
Performers Visit Oz
                  Meeting Planners pull out all the stops
                          for incentive winners

                                                         eeting Planners delivered a memorable
                                                         6-day luxury trip from the Gold Coast
                                                         to Port Douglas for some 44 high performers, spouses and senior executives of Abbott Japan.
                                              Highlights included an exciting awards presentation dinner and non-stop laughs at the farewell party.

                                              Zahir Lavji, President and Representative Director of Abbott Japan, said, "Once again my
                                              compliments to you and your team for making the incentive trip a fabulous and memorable one
                                              for everyone at Abbott. The special touches you put into place made it even more of a special
                                              experience for the awardees."
                                                                                                                                          Gold Coast, May
                                                                                                                                             Anita Cheng

Get a Glimpse of the Exciting
Hong Kong 2006                                                                                              Discover Hong Kong Year' in a visually
                                                                                                            dynamic manner.
                                                                                                                                         Hong Kong, May
      Discover Hong Kong Year                                                                                                                Teresa Chiu
          Campaign Launch

        lobal travel industry leaders spent three
        days experiencing the city's new tourist
        attractions as part of the Discover
Hong Kong Year campaign launch to enable
them to promote Hong Kong more creatively in
their home markets. Pico designed and                  featured a multimedia mechanical backdrop
fabricated venue decorations, which included           tailor-made for unveiling the new logo '2006
staging, signage, welcome-arch and
conference rooms across the territory.

                                                       Arabian Travel
                                                       Market 2005
                                                               Major brands rely on Pico
                                                              expertise for regional clout

                                                              he Arabian Travel Market Exhibition is
                                                              the region's largest and most
                                                              comprehensive exhibition for the
                                                       tourism industry. This year, the prestigious
                                                       event was held in the Dubai World Trade
                                                       Centre on a scale rivaling that of last year. Pico
                                                       fabricated 15 stands for this show and received
                                                       overwhelming praise from clients in recognition
                                                       of the company's commitment to excellence.

                                                                                                            Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Morocco
                                                                                                            Tourism, Kuwait Tourism, Accor Hotels,
                                                                                                            Hertz Rent-a-Car, Hyatt Hotels, Oberoi
                                                                                                            Hotels, Sharaf Travel numbered amongst
At Lamma Island's welcome dinner, yachts and                                                                Pico's satisfied clients.
restaurants were dressed in colourful banners
& backdrops while the opening ceremony in                                                                                                      Dubai, May
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre                                                                                                  Toleen Badawi

6   ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005
Worldwide Events

           Integrated Systems China 2005
                                                         Showcases Exhibits in Shanghai

       S China 2005 - incorporating InfoComm            (ICIA/InfoComm) and the National Systems                plus of exhibition space by domestic and
       China - concluded its exciting second            Contractors Association (NSCA).                         international exhibitors. Some 11 stands -
       presentation in April. The major 3-day                                                                   including Schot, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and
   event featured 126 exhibiting companies              The latest projection technology, display               Vtron - were designed and built by Pico.
   from Asia, America and Europe and attracted          devices, audio technology, projection screens,
                                                        monitors, control systems, interfacing                                                    Shanghai, April
   more than 9,000 trade visitors.
                                                        equipment and home theatre and residential                                          Jane Loh, Carol Chen
   IS China is organised by InfoCommAsia Pte            technology were showcased in 10,000sqm-
   Ltd, an affiliate company of Meeting
   Planners International Pte Ltd, in
   partnership with CEDIA, ICIA/InfoComm
   and NSCA. Deputy Director of the
   Standing Committee of Shanghai
   Municipal People's Congress Wang Pei
   Sheng officiated at the Opening Ceremony
   with VIPs from local associations as well as
   the three sponsoring associations - Custom
   Electronics Design and Installation
   Association (CEDIA) Inc., the International
   Communications Industries Association,

                 Pico Maintains Long-Term Links
                                with IMDEX ASIA
         or the fifth year in a row, Pico was
         appointed official contractor for the                                                International Maritime Defence Exhibition &
         biggest IMDEX Asia event to date.                                                           Conference bigger and better
   The 5th IMDEX has again attracted
   new exhibitors from the international
                                                                                           booths were
                                                                                           by Holland
                                and buyers from
                                                                                    Pavilion, BAE
                                India, Korea, Dubai,
                                                        Systems, Amaris, EDO Corporation, Raytheon,
                                Russia, UK, Italy
                                                        Sikorsky, Thales, Rafael, Germanos, GEM
                                and the United
                                                        Elettronica, Qinetiq and Germanisher Lloyd.
                                States well
                                represented.                                                  Singapore, May
                                                                                              Malina A. Tjhin

                        Global Security Asia 2005
                                             Homeland Security Exhibition & Conference a first

            he organizers of the IMDEX
            Asia Series recently launched
            Global Security Asia 2005 -
   the first combined Conference and
   Exhibition to focus exclusively on
   this new and fast expanding area of
   Home Front Security and
   Asymmetric Defence.

   Pico has been assigned as official contractor, and special design booths contracted
   to Pico included Singapore Technology Electronics/Engineering, Singapore Ministry
   of Home Affairs, Cisco, Motorola, Thales and BAE Systems.
                                                                         Singapore, March
                                                                            Malina A. Tjhin

                                                                                                                           ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005          7
                                                                                                                                  Worldwide Events

VISA Presents Itself at MEOS 2005
2005 Smart Card Show                                                                                           Pico's Creativity Flows

                                                                                                                   EOS 2005 attracted some record
                       World leader appoints Pico to fabricate                                                     total of 6,075 trade visitors and
                         cutting-edge technology booth                                                             conference delegates from around
                                                                                                       the world. The high level technical conference
                                                                                                       ran parallel to the exhibition of products and

        he 3rd Smart Card Show was recently
                                                                                                       services, this year under the theme Meeting
        held at the Taipei International
                                                                                                       the Global Demand Challenge.
        Convention Centre to an enthusiastic
reception by the trade, financial institutions
and the public alike. The smart card technology
on display by world credit card leaders Visa was
one of the major draws of the show, and Pico
                              was briefed in

                                                    detail by the company to conceptualize,
                                                    design and build a booth which would reflect
                                                    their dominant stature in the industry and
                                                    their pioneering their positioning as 21st
                                                    Century leaders in the use of secure,
                                                    convenience-driven technology.
                                                                                         Taipei, May
                                                                                        Celine Cheng

    Telecom Arabia 2005
                   Pico delivers the right connection for Batelco

         he International Telecommunications
                                                                                                       Pico was commissioned to design and
         Exhibition and Conference, Telecom
                                                                                                       fabricate the pavilion for the main sponsor,
         Arabia, acts as a platform for
                                                                                                       the Ministry of Oil comprising of the Bahrain
international telecommunications
                                                                                                       Petroleum Company, Bahrain National Gas
professionals to showcase their products and
                                                                                                       and Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.
services to the Middle Eastern region. The
main sponsor for this first time ever event was                                                        Pico also designed and constructed the
Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications                                                                    exhibition stand for one of the world's largest
Company) - Bahrain's leading full-service telco.                                                       energy corporations, Chevron Texaco. Both
                                                                                                       clients had requested for a reusable, modular
Pico was privileged to have been selected to
                                                                                                       exhibition stand with a modern look and a
conceptualize and design the exhibition stand       This island stand had three distinct areas, one
                                                                                                       bold statement enhancing their presence at
for Batelco. The 400 sqm, two storey                representing a home environment, the other
                                                                                                       the exhibition.
                                                                 an office and a presentation area.
                                                                                                                                        Bahrain, March
                                                                 The mezzanine floor served as a
                                                                                                                                      Yasmin E. Hussain
                                                                 hospitality and meeting area for
                                                                 VIPs and other guests. The main
                                                                 colors used for this contemporary
                                                                 stand were white and red which
                                                                 are the corporate colors of the
                                                                 telecommunications company.

                                                               Mr Ian Dench, General
                                                               Manager, Sales & Marketing at
                                                               Batelco said, "The exhibition
                                                               was designed and built in a
exhibition stand stood out prominently from         relatively short space of time and we
the rest. During the exhibition Batelco             enforced some tight constraints on
showcased their range of products and               budgets. I am delighted to say that Pico
services including cost effective virtual private   was up to the task and delivered a superb
networks for customers, private corporate           stand in a short space of time and within
networks, Internet Protocol telephony,              budget".
customer Contact Centre services, Data
                                                                                     Bahrain, March
Centre services, the payment
                                                                                   Yasmin E. Hussain
gateway and a wide range of collaboration
and website content management tools.

8   ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005
Worldwide Events

                                                                       HOFEX 2005
                                                Highly competitive industry inspires greater creativity on ground floor

                                                     OFEX - the biennial event
                                                     for the food & beverage
                                                     and hospitality industry -
                                            was successfully held in Hong Kong
                                            and once again appointed Pico as
                                            the official contractor of the show.
                                            Pico created 30 special design
                                            booths and 3 national pavilions for
                                            China Light & Power, Friesland
                                            Foods, Frette Pacific and Kolb.

                                                                                                          "We have been able to achieve our marketing
                                                                                                          goals in attracting large numbers of potential
                                                                                                          buyers to our booth,"said Mr Michael Nip,
                                                                                                          Marketing Manager of Friesland Foods Hong
                                                                                                          Kong. "Our brands and our products have
                                                                                                          been showcased in a top-notch, eye-catching
                                                                                                          booth. We are very satisfied with the quality
                                                                                                          of Pico's production and its attentive service."
                                                                                                                                           Hong Kong, May
                                                                                                                                              Fanny Wong

                        Kohler's Art & Innovation
                                                    China Building & Construction Trade Fair

            worldwide leader in plumbing                theme for 2005 is "Art and Innovation and
            products, Kohler, appointed Pico to         Life". The very effective layout incorporated
            design and build its stand to display       separate showrooms and yet generated a
   the Kohler family of businesses which extends        feeling of spaciousness and classic elegance in
   far beyond kitchens and bathware. Kohler’s           the 500 sqm stand in keeping with Kohler's

           Records Tumble at
              HKICC 2005
                Hard work all round pays off in record attendance

           he 420 entries to this year's
           Hong Kong International
           Culinary Classic has surpassed
   attendance records set in previous
   years with some 47% coming from
   overseas and 53% from local groups
   - a more than two-fold increase over
   last year. As a result of strong co-
   operation between the Organizing
   Committee and Hong Kong                                                                                    philosophy.
   Exhibition Services, the event                                                                             Mr Warren Lin, Senior Promotion Manager
   organizer, this year's HKICC received                                                                      of Kohler said, "Pico is able to demonstrate
                                                        a lot of positive comments from local and             their thorough understanding of Kohler’s
                                                        international participants, making the hard           brand and product concept. What is more,
                                                        work of                                               Pico team demonstrate their devoted
                                                        Meeting                                               attitude and are hardworking to deliver
                                                        Planners and                                          our desired results. We have been working
                                                        Pico even more                                        with Pico for many times and have
                                                        rewarding.                                            confidence to have Pico transforming our
                                                                                                              concept into reality."
                                                         Hong Kong, May
                                                                                                                                               Shanghai, May
                                                            Anita Cheng
                                                                                                                                         Shirley Li & Andy Liu

                                                                                                                        ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005         9
                                                                                                                        Worldwide Events

                 Toshiba at NAB                                                              China Int'l
                  in Las Vegas                                                               Aquatic
                       Major Japanese brand returns in style
                                                                                             Sports &
          fter a 3-year absence, Toshiba
          returned to NAB in Las Vegas with a
          sharp looking, custom booth
constructed by the collaborative efforts of
                                                                                             Boat Show
Pico offices on a turn-key basis. The 30x40                                                      French companies shine at
ft. exhibit attracted visitors to Toshiba's
product atop custom display counters. A
                                                                                                  big maritime sales event
simple colour scheme helped projecting a

professional environment in which industry                                                          rittany in western France was the VIP
professionals could learn about new                                                                 partner of the China International
products and build and network extensively.                                                         Aquatic Sports & Boat show hosted this
                                                                                             year by Qingdao. Some 70 French officials
                                  Las Vegas, April
                                                                                             from the representative office in the northern
                   Courtney Silbiger, Koji Taguchi
                                                                                             Chinese city visited the province of Shandong
                                                                                             during the show in order to establish closer
                                                                                             relationships on boating activities between
                                                                                             the two maritime provinces.

               Venke Property
                 Exciting new concept draws on old traditions

          enke - one of the leading property
          development companies in China -
          recently assigned Pico to design and
build its newly created courtyard concept                                                    The Brittany booth was divided into two
road show in Guangzhou. The management                                                       sections, with a welcome desk and VIP room,
of Venke group congratulated Pico's design                                                   and facilitated exhibition space for 8 different
                                                                                             companies displaying products and services.
                                                                                             Pico's design created a boating ambience by
                                                                                             employing wood, chrome, stainless steel and
                                                                                             flags on masts. On the floor area, multi-hued
                                                                                             blue carpeting struck the right visual chord.
                                                                                             The booth was generally acknowledged to be
                                                                                             the most impressive of the exhibition.
                                                                                                                                Qingdao, May
                                                                                                                                Marc Tronson

                                                     team on the creative work
                                                     produced, which led to wide media
                                                     exposure for the show and an
                                                     enthusiastic response by home
                                                     buyers for its new courtyard
                                                                        Guangzhou, April
                                                                     Henry Lee, Chris Zhao

10 ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005
Worldwide Events

   Chongqing Real Estate Fair 2005
                              Hot real estate market drives record numbers to big property event

        n a city where property continues to sky-       "Pico has provided a professional
        rocket, the Chongqing Real Estate Fair          service to the exhibition industry in
        this year attracted over 230 exhibitors,        Chongqing and has done an excellent
   more than 120,000 visitors, and was                  job for us," said Hu Yang, Marketing
   reputedly the biggest & most successful in the       Manager of Chongqing Longhu Real
   history of the fair.                                 Estate Development Inc. "In this fair,
                                                        our stand clearly delivered our
   Pico was appointed to design and construct           corporate image as a leading real
   four special stands, all of which were               estate company with 10 years' history
   delivered with respect to special consideration      in China."
   of our clients' brand positioning and unique
   attributes.                                                                     Chongqing, May
                                                                                 Paul Wan, Lily You

              Spring Trade Fair/Canton Fair
                                                     Pico Designed & Built Impressive Stands

          ico was once again given the
          opportunity to demonstrate the
          company's strength in design and
   construction by producing five impressive
   state-of-the-art double-decker exhibition
   stands for Fuzhou Eastern Garden House,

                                                        Lucky Collection Household Necessities,       design and build their stand.
                                                        Minhou Minxing Weaving, Bright Sun
                                                                                                                                      Guangzhou, April
                                                        (Quanzhou) Light Industry and Xiamen Star
                                                                                                                                            Henry Lee
                                                        Arts & Crafts in the Spring Canton Fair.
                                                        Spring House also commissioned Pico to

   Pico's Quality Service                                                                             Pico
   Commitment                                                                                         Recognizes
       Pico Satisfaction Survey Provides Feedback Channel for Clients
   S                                                                                                  Performers
          ince early 2005, Pico's Corporate             draws were held in April and in June. Mr
          Customer Service Centre has launched          Danny Lee of XGI Taiwan is the lucky winner
          a on-line satisfaction survey to measure      of a special Pico gift from the April draw,
   clients' opinion on service standards, quality       and Mr Liu Weijiang of China Natural
   of design, production and all aspects of             Petroleum Corporation was successful in               Promotions in 2005
   project delivery. Thanks to the support by           June.
   our clients, we have received valuable
   feedback.                                            The Corporate Customer Service Centre is      Sarah Pang is promoted to General
                                                        open at all times, and your comments on       Manager
   While it is our primary objective to improve         Pico are welcome. All comments, complaints    Pico Taiwan
   our service, we would also like to take the          and suggestions will be directed to senior
   opportunity to express our sincere gratitude         management for immediate attention. Please    Terry Dao is promoted to General
   to all clients who have taken the time to            feel free to write to                         Manager, Corporate Events & Exhibitions
   respond. As a token of appreciation, lucky                  Division
                                                                                                      Pico Hong Kong

                                                                                                      Pauline Tan is promoted to Senior
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                                                                                                                 ImageMaker MAY / JUNE 2005 11
Worldwide Events

                                       Industry Update:
                           Hi-tech developments to drive profits - and competition - to higher levels

          he invention of the transistor some 60     effective solutions to stay alive in the
          years ago has forever changed the          increasingly competitive global
          way we work, play and communicate.         chip manufacturing
  Today, billions of transistors have successively   industry. Providers of
  been packed into thin silicon chips, which,        these advanced
  with shrinking size and cost, has spurred the      manufacturing
  development of the personal computer and a         technologies,
  plethora of high-                                  materials and
  tech products.                                     solutions use
  President of SEMI                                  SEMICON
  Southeast Asia                                     expositions to
  George Lin(GL)                                     showcase new
  talks to Sarah Pang                                products and services, and
  (SP), General                                      provide an excellent venue to
  Manager of Pico                                    network with industry peers and gain
  Taiwan about the                                   access to critical information.
  prospects of the
  semiconductor                                      SP: Please define SEMI' s roles.                                  Hauman @ Semicon Taiwan 2004
  industry in an ever-                               GL: SEMICON expositions are one of the
                            President of SEMI
  competitive                                        many valuable offerings from SEMI, the                 results for both visitors and exhibitors.
                            Southeast Asia
                            George Lin
  environment                                                                                               SP: Can you comment on Pico ' s role in
                                                                                                            SEMI CON expositions?
  SP: What are the recent de velopments in
  the semiconductor industr y?                                                                              GL: Successfully hosting such a large
                                                                                                            collection of companies and their high-tech
  GL: Semiconductor revenues, recovering
                                                                                                            customers requires skillful arrangement of on-
  from the tech-bubble correction, grew by 18                                                               site facilities. Additionally, the exhibit hall
  percent in 2003 and about 28 percent in                                                                   must be brought to life with exciting displays,
  2004, fueled by commercial and consumer                                                                   clear signage and compelling design. For
  spending on electronics - particularly for                                                                many years, SEMI has relied on PICO to
  entertainment, communications, wireless                                                                   provide exposition design and contracting
  devices, home networks and consumer                                                                       services for two important industry events in
  electronics                                        Praxair @ Semicon West 2004
                                                                                                            the region - SEMICON Taiwan and SEMICON
                                                                                global industry
                                                                                association serving         We're now several decades into the silicon
                                                                                companies that              revolution. It has driven the information age
                                                                                provide technology          and continues to be promoted by the efficient
                                                                                to semiconductor,           communication and display of new
                                                                                flat panel and              technology. This happens at SEMICON
                                                                                related industries.         expositions thanks to quality services provided
                                                                                SEMI maintains              by exposition contractors like Pico.
                                                                                offices and
                                                                                                                                                 Taiwan, June
                                                                                                                                                   Sarah Pang
                                                                                expositions and
                                                                                other activities in
                                                                                every major
  Accretech @ Semicon Japan 2003                                                and display
  Worldwide IC companies will likely remain          region around the world. Given that
  somewhat cautious in 2005 although global          most new investment is occurring in Asia,
  suppliers are expecting chip revenues to grow      the region is well positioned to showcase
  6.3 percent in 2005 to US$226.5 billion.           advanced technology, products and
  Suppliers are more optimistic about the next       services.
  several years after seeing stronger-than-
  expected chip sales in the first quarter of this   SEMI members sold a combined total of
  year.                                              $63 billion-worth of equipment and
                                                     materials to the global semiconductor
  SP: What mar keting strate gies w ill be           industry last year, with US$75 billion
  favoured?                                          anticipated in 2007. So, there is plenty
                                                     of opportunity for companies at the
  GL: It's clear that manufacturers will depend      forefront of innovation, and efficient
  on advanced technology and ever-more cost                                                           GE @ Semicon China 2005
                                                     exposure to SEMICON expositions means

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