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									The Parent Faculty Club meets the                                                                             Our Mission:
 2nd Tuesday and 2nd Wednesday                                                                       To enhance our children’s
       of every month                                                                                 educational experience

                                                  Hawkins Parent Faculty Club

 Lori Olson- President           Sherri Sarsfield – V.P.           Stephanie Revino– Treasurer               Michelle Cafferty- Secretary         

                                                             Meeting Minutes
                                                            September 9, 2008

         The meeting was called to order at 8:20 am. All attendees present said the pledge of allegiance along with the PA
         system. After a brief break for a fire drill, the meeting was underway.

         District Update: None this month.

         School Update: Principal Paula Finton gave the room an update on the proposed Hawkins track. The plans are
         being sent to the DSA – a state oversight agency that assesses safety issues in schools. While there doesn’t appear
         to be any real issues with the plans for the track, this does add more red tape and a possible delay of a couple of
         months to the project. The track will probably be 1/7 of a mile due to grading and cost issues. To make the track
         larger (1/4 of a mile was the preferred size by parent club members), would result in significant cost increases.

         President’s Report: President Lori Olson gave a quick review of the discussion at the evening general meeting on
         August 27th. (Note: There were only 2 attendees at this event. If we do not get 5 attendees at the October meeting,
         they will be discontinued.) There were two comments of interest from this evening gathering:

                 Back to School Pizza Night – Teacher (and parent) Fiona Bessette mentioned that many teachers found
                  back to school nights more disruptive when the parent club sells pizzas. They notice an increase in the
                  number of very young children in the classroom during the teacher presentations, and many had difficulties
                  with noise and crowding issues. Fiona (and Mrs. Finton) agreed to bring this up for discussion at the next
                  in-person staff meeting, as there seems to be a split opinion on whether back-to-school night should be
                  attended by both parents and students.

                  Furthermore, as the pizza night makes only a minimal amount of funds for the HPFC, several of today’s
                  attendees suggested that this should not be continued. A back-to-school ice cream or pizza night on a
                  different evening than the B-T-S event was one possibility. Others asked if childcare could be an option,
                  with the 8th graders or student leadership providing care in the multipurpose room. Paula said she’d be
                  willing to help out with something like this. After the teachers weigh in on their opinion, the current board
                  will come up with suggestions for next year’s board on this matter.

                 Upper Playground Equipment Purchase – This issue was discussed at the evening meeting. Leslie Swift
                  suggested “four-square” balls and play areas as an inexpensive possibility for the club to purchase.
                  Today’s attendees praised this idea.

         Lori Olson reported on her research regarding play equipment for middle school students in Jefferson and Fremont
         districts. She discovered that none of the other schools with kids this age had play equipment at all! In fact,
         Jefferson School removed their play structure several years ago. Most of the polled schools had some basketball
         hoops, but found that most of the kids wanted to hang out and chat with friends during break periods. Lori reported
         that some schools offered silly “spirit” games and competitions during recess times, supervised by a staff member.
         These could be tricycle races, bat races, etc. Lori also mentioned that, in her research into play structures for this
         yard, many are not rated for children over a certain age or weight, which could raise problematic safety issues.

         Paula and Nicole Riley said that this issue could be raised at the next school site council meeting, scheduled for
         tomorrow. Michelle Cafferty asked if a PE teacher could be represented at that meeting, as their opinion on space
         encroachment would be very valuable to the discussion and planning.
Paula will also be ordering one new tetherball pole in the meantime, and will see if space is available for more of the

Lori then gave a brief update on the club’s accounting issues. She has managed to track down Rebecca Fern, who is
the CPA who has been working on our paperwork, but had not been responsive to Lori’s calls and requests for status
reports over the summer. Rebecca states that she is 90% complete on our paperwork, and Lori will be faxing her a
power of attorney form today. Hopefully, we will have a positive report on progress and a response from the state –
at the October general meeting.

Lori also reminded everyone that we are short on volunteers for our carnival booths. If you have not volunteered for
a slot, please do so if you can…and encourage your fellow parents to do the same! Lori is investigating whether we
can use 8th graders in a pinch, but will have to clear this with the carnival board.

VP Update: Sherri Sarsfield asked for new suggestions for fundraisers, to liven up our “usual” programs. Mrs.
Finton suggested Me-n-Ed’s for a pizza night, others asked about McDonald’s and Kinders. Most attendees liked
the idea of the drive-through dinner option, such as the successful event from Texas Roadhouse last spring. The
Wednesday of Halloween week was suggested as a good possibility. Sherri will discuss suggestions with the board,
and will come back to the general meeting(s) with more concrete suggestions and dates to vote on.

Sherri also reported that the new SaveMart program is going well, and reminded everyone to submit their entire
receipt to the coordinator. Partial receipts do not receive credit from SaveMart. You may black out your personal
credit card information, if you wish.

Treasurer Report: No report today from Stephanie. Lori announced that we have received over $1000 in direct
donations to the HPFC. Thanks to all of our generous donors!

SCRIP Committee: Anne Kristensen mentioned that Mrs. deWood asked for copies of any educational SCRIP
flyers/handouts for the teachers. Many are unaware of this program, or are confused as to how it works.

Box Tops Committee: Kari Mellick had special forms from this program that will give double-credit for any box
tops from special Target products. She will be distributing these to the greater Hawkins population, as well.

Printer Cartridges: Margaret Rocha was not here, but Lori reported that she has already sent out three big boxes of
cartridges to the recyclers. Keep turning in your cartridges, everyone!

Campbell’s Soup Labels – Welcome to our new committee chairperson Anne Loder! Thank you for taking on this
volunteer position.

Spirit Wear: No report.

Holiday Bazaar: Theresa Peltz was unable to attend, but let Lori Olson know that she is tentatively planning to hold
this event on December 5th.

Holiday Gift Shop: Anjanette Tassano and Sandy Martin will preview items for the sale at the end of September.
They are tentatively planning on holding the sale the week of December 15 th, so as not to interfere with Holiday
Show class rehearsals. Anjanette mentioned that another company is soliciting our Holiday Gift Shop business, and
she and Sandy will consider them for the 2010 sale.

Website: Anne Wells was unable to attend, but Lori Olson mentioned that spirit wear order forms are now online.

Open Floor: Anne Kristensen’s husband is helping to open a free clinic in Tracy for the needy. Volunteers are
needed for this service. Contact Anna if you are interested.

Mrs. Finton and Nicole Riley pointed out two errors for correction on last month’s minutes (which will be corrected
in the archived minutes on the club website). Anne Kristensen moved to approve the amended minutes, and JaNell
Fort seconded. A vote was taken, and all were in favor of the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:19 am.

                  Tom Hawkins Elementary ~ Home of the Huskies

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