THE GIVING BASKET

                                   I.        Project Description

        Established in 1995, the Giving Basket program is an annual community service project
of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section (“CBA-YLS”) and the Cincinnati
Bar Foundation (“CBF”), providing holiday gifts to over four hundred disadvantaged children
and several families in the Greater Cincinnati area. All Cincinnati Bar Association members are
encouraged to pick a tag with a child’s name and wish list from the Giving Basket at the
Cincinnati Bar Association (“CBA”) office and return a wrapped present to the CBA by the mid-
December deadline. Gifts are then distributed by members of the CBA-YLS Community Service
Committee to representatives of the agencies that submitted the children’s names.

                             II.        Project Planning Development

A. Identification of Need

     In 1995, the Executive Director of the Cincinnati Bar Association identified a need to assist
less fortunate children in the Cincinnati community. The program was implemented as a joint
effort between the CBA’s Communications Department and the CBF. Seventy-nine children
were recipients of presents in its first year.

    In 1996, the program was transferred to the YLS Community Service Committee, which
continues the project in conjunction with the CBF. The Giving Basket has established
relationships with several agencies that participate in the program each year. Committee
members are encouraged to propose additional agencies for possible participation in the program.

    In 1999, the Giving Basket was expanded to include several needy families from a local
elementary school where the Bar Association’s Mentoring and Tutoring program is highly active.
Needy families, identified by school counselors, submit wish lists for items such as winter
clothing and small household items. These families are generally adopted by a law firm or
department as a whole.

B. Determination of Project Goals and Design

    1. Decisions to be made

        a. Options – Project Goals

        The goal of the Giving Basket program is to provide holiday gifts to as many needy
children as the Bar Association membership can support. For many of these children, the Giving
Basket program provides the only present they will receive during the holiday season.

        Affiliates interested in implementing a Giving Basket program in their community can
design their program narrowly or broadly to benefit other groups in the community that have a
demonstrated need, such as senior citizens, the disabled, youth sports or a community center. The
number of gifts solicited and collected, as well as the limitation on gift value, can be adjusted to
fit the needs of an affiliate’s membership.

        b. Options – Project Design

         The Community Service Committee, made up of approximately 10-15 volunteers, meets
in late summer to review and select agencies for the Giving Basket program. This allows selected
agencies time to consult with the children that they serve and time to submit their gift lists to the
Committee by mid-October. Each child selects three to four items for their gift tag. Committee
members then meet over lunch to transfer the wish lists to decorative gift tags, which are color-
coded by agency to facilitate gift sorting.

         Gift tags are available to all Bar Association members at the CBA offices starting
November 1. There is a large display of gifts with a gift box that holds the tags. Members who
take the color coded tags from the Giving Basket sign the matching color coded log so that tags
can be tracked and, if needed, a reminder call can be made if the gifts are not returned by the due
date. Cash donations are also accepted through the CBF for charitable donation tax benefits.

     On the gift due date, Community Service Committee members meet at the CBA offices to
sort and distribute gifts to representatives of the participating agencies. The agencies are
responsible for picking up their gifts either in the late afternoon of the deadline date of the
following Monday.

    2. Decision making process

    Planning for the Giving Basket begins in September of each year with the identification of
agencies for potential inclusion in the program. New agencies are contacted for information on
their programs and are then assessed for mutual interest and compatibility with the Giving Basket
program. The Community Service Committee evaluates the proposed agencies and selects
program participants based upon agency need, established relationships and the number of
children the Bar Association’s membership is able to support. Some agencies are not
compatible with the Giving Basket program for reasons such as the transient nature of the
population they serve. Other agencies that have similar programs are a good source of additional
names if the Bar Association’s membership exhausts the initial supply of gift tags.

    3. Considerations in project planning

        a. Community Resources

        The Community Service Committee implements the Giving Basket. The Committee does
not partner with any community or outside agencies to administer the program. The following
community organizations have been supported by the Giving Basket in recent years:

        ProKids advocates in Hamilton County Juvenile Court for abused and neglected children

        Boys Hope/Girls Hope provides value-centered, family-like homes and quality
        education through college to at-risk, academically capable children

        Hearne House Inc. is a residential treatment facility for abused, neglected and
        abandoned children and adolescents who are wards of the state of Ohio.

        Beech Acres is a child-focused family services agency in Greater Cincinnati dedicated to
        providing effective programs which preserve and strengthen families, enabling children
        to live more productive lives

        Community Sports Organization of the Boys & Girls Club organizes sports and
        activities for the children in the community

        Washington Park Demonstration School offers quality education to children, 90% of
        whom live at or below the poverty line

        The United Way and other community based organizations are a good source to assist
with identifying agencies that could be served by this program.

        b. Personnel

         The Giving Basket program can be implemented with a small staff of volunteers. A
volunteer is needed to contact and follow-up with the agencies and members regarding lists and
gift drop-off/ pick-up. Community Service Committee members meet over lunch to transfer the
wish lists to decorative gift tags. Ten committee members were able to complete nearly 400 gift
tags in less than thirty minutes. One or two volunteers are needed to place reminder calls if gifts
are not returned by the due date. On the due date, several volunteers are needed to meet to sort
and distribute gifts to representatives of the participating agencies.

        c. Revenue availability/Fund raising

        The resources necessary to implement the Giving Basket program are minimal in
comparison to the positive impact in the community. Financial resources of approximately $1,000
covers the cost of printing gift tags and publicity. However, affiliates starting the program may
wish to reserve resources to purchase gifts in case there are gift tags not taken by members.

        The budget for the 2000 CBA-YLS Giving Basket project listed below is:

        1. Mailing service (mailed to 4,500 members)               250.00
        2. Copying postcard                                        225.00
        3. Postage                                                 375.00
        4. Miscellaneous                                           150.00
        Total:                                                     $1,000.00

        d. Other

         A central location is needed for the distribution of gift tags and the return of presents.
Your local bar association may be an ideal location. A secure location is needed to store the gifts
until they are distributed to the agency. Vehicles may be needed to transport gifts if an agency is
not able to pick the gifts up at the designated location. Additionally, affiliates may decide to host
a party to distribute the gifts. Costs for the party should be built into the budget.

           III.    Implementation…How to replicate your project

A. Timetable


1       Committee meets and takes suggestions for agencies to include in the program
14      Contact agencies that participated in prior years

       1. Confirm participation this year and estimate number of children
       2. Contact proposed new agencies to assess interest in and compatibility with
          the program
       3. Ask agencies to submits children’s’ wish lists in alphabetical order including
          name, gender, age and four items by October 13

2       Submit publicity to Cincinnati Bar Association Report

13      Deadline to receive wish lists from agencies
        Submit postcard publicity and tag information to copy center
        Contact agencies if lists haven’t been received
        Request Bar Association member mailing list for labels

17      Check with agencies regarding division of responsibility for receiving gifts
        Talk to publicity representative
        Committee meeting to transfer lists to tags

24      Type children’s’ names onto their agencies gift tag “log” sheet

25      Copy sign-up sheets ( one for each agency with name and age of child in
        matching color to the tags) Double check that signs match tag colors

28      Send postcard to copy center for copying


1       Set out display, basket or box with tags and sign-up sheets
        Submit publicity
        Distribute flyers at Bar Association committee meetings and seminars

26      Check basket for number of tags remaining
        If a large number of tags remain, send law firm marketing managers Giving
        Basket information. If tags are running low, contact reserve agencies for
        additional names


8       Deadline for members to drop off gifts and for agencies to pick-up gifts

11-15 Agency pick-up


        1       Submit summary article and “thank you” to the CBA Report

        B. Recruitment and Training of Volunteers/Personnel

            The CBA-YLS Community Service Committee members are responsible for
        planning and implementing the Giving Basket program. Volunteers handle the following
        aspects of the program:

        •   Propose and select agencies to be included
        •   Contact agencies to get wish lists and schedule December gift pick-up
        •   Design and submit publicity
        •   Fill out decorative gift tags
        •   Arrange for central pick-up and drop off space and a secure storage location for gifts
        •   Set up Giving Basket display
        •   Monitor gift tags. Arrange for more publicity or more tags, as needed
        •   Make reminder calls for presents not returned by due date
        •   Sort presents and ensure that agencies pick up the gifts

        C. Publicity

                Publicity is key to the Giving Basket program. Check with your bar
        and local papers for deadlines. The following is a summary of the publicity schedule:

            1. Direct to members

                a. Postcard mailing to membership to pick up gift tags
                b. Flyers posted at the Bar Association
                c. Flyers included in Bar Association committee mailings
                d. Announcements at committee meetings and Continuing Legal Education
                e. Letter to law firm marketing managers (if needed)

                2. Media

                     a. Press releases
                     b. Notice in Cincinnati Bar Association Report by October 1
                     c. Summary article and “thank you” to Bar Association community for
                        February Cincinnati Bar Association Report

        D. Day-to-day operations

            Because the Giving Basket is a seasonal project, there are no day-to-day operations.

                                     IV.      Evaluation and Impact

        The predetermined goal of the Giving Basket program is to provide holiday gifts to as
many disadvantaged children as the Bar Association membership can support. The Giving
Basket gift tag supply is monitored on a daily basis. Since the inception of the program,

participation has steadily increased. 79 children were recipients of holiday gifts in the program’s
first year. In 2000, over 400 children received gifts.

                             V.      Bibliography/Other Resources

Affiliate Contact:       Melanie B. Walls
                         c/o Cincinnati Bar Association
                         Young Lawyers Section
                         35 East Seventh Street
                         Eighth Floor
                         Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
                         (513) 381-8213

                         Alison Bazeley
                         c/o Cincinnati Bar Association
                         Young Lawyers Section
                         35 East Seventh Street
                         Eighth Floor
                         Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
                         (513) 381-8213



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