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									NEEM Opposes Connecticut Gov Rell's Plan to
Raid Electric Efficiency and Renewable Programs
May 01, 2010 01:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

DANBURY, Conn.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--New England Energy Management, Inc (NEEM)
announced today it is against a proposed raid by Gov Rell that will sweep 50% of the Connecticut Clean Energy
Fund and 50% of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Funds in an attempt to help balance the budget deficit.

The CCEF and CEEF come from the ratepayers not the taxpayers and should be used for energy efficiency and
peak demand reduction projects…not for general budget purposes.

This latest proposal is one of many variations of the Governor's proposals to take ratepayer monies intended to
promote energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the state of Connecticut.

While proposing this raid Gov Rell has also been quoted as wanting to promote Green Collar jobs and energy

The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund provide for over 10,800 direct
jobs and thousands more indirect.

    l   With CEEF Funding being cut by 50% many of the CEEF Programs will be reduced if not eliminated. This
        will decimate the energy efficiency and clean energy industry in Connecticut.
    l   By taking 50% of these funds it will result in the eliminating of over 5,000 GREEN Collar jobs at a time when
        the unemployment rate is at its highest.
    l   The fund saves $4 for every $1 invested – the Connecticut Ratepayers will loose $160 million in savings each
    l   A report verified by Yale graduate students states that by taking $55 Million out of the funds there will be a
        tax base erosion of $27.5 Million - $6.5 million the first year and $1.5 million for the next 14 years. Who
        would make an investment of $55 million knowing that in 14 years it would be worth $27.5 million.
    l   There are six cities that do not pay into the fund that will be benefiting from it. Ratepayers of the
        CEMAC/Municipal electric firms will not be sharing the tax burden so it is not an equal tax.
    l   By taking 50% of both the CCEF and CEEF Funds, this is equal to adding 87,271 tons of carbon dioxide,
        363 tons of sulfur dioxide and 112 tons of nitrogen oxides into our atmosphere each year.

About NEEM: Headquartered in Danbury, CT, NEEM was founded in 1988 -- the company provides "turn-key"
energy efficiency solutions nationwide. NEEM specializes in improving the energy efficiency within Commercial,
Industrial and Municipal facilities. NEEM focuses on optimizing Lighting, HVAC & Refrigeration efficiency.

NEEM is a qualified contractor through Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P), United Illuminating (UI) & Western
Mass Electric (WMECO) Small Business Energy Advantage Programs. NEEM is also a certified Electric Efficiency
Partner in the State of Connecticut’s DPUC Electric Efficiency Partner Program.

New England Energy Management, Inc
Scott Hinson, 203-792-1900


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