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    CITY CLERK                                    All of the Mayors pictures in hallway
    2007 Accomplishments                          were cleaned and re-arranged.

    General Contractors (161) registered          A scattering garden brochure was
    with the City are listed on the City’s        printed.
                                                  Deputy Clerk became Registered
    State of Illinois Records Retention           Municipal Clerk through Municipal
    representative was invited to review          Clerks of Illinois (3 year program).
    records in City Clerk’s office and set
    up a disposal list. Last review of            City Clerk inducted as an Athenian
    records was completed 15 years ago.           Leadership      Society    Fellow,     a
                                                  partnership with the University of
    The office updated and printed new            Illinois and the International Institute
    city maps.                                    of Municipal Clerks.        It is an
                                                  educational society whose purpose is
    Council Handbook for newly elected            to provide Municipal Clerks with
    was put together in Clerk’s office.           access to professional development
                                                  programs with a primary emphasis
    Laserfiche – the office has copied            on leadership. Sixteen members out
    records from 1987 to present. Each            of over 10,000 participated in the
    year the City Clerk’s office will go          inaugural ceremony of becoming a
    back and pick up some of the older            Fellow.
    records along with keeping current
    records on Laserfiche.                        A meeting was planned to discuss
                                                  IMRF      benefits      an    IMRF
    The office received approval by               representative for employees.
    Council to increase fees for animals,
    rentals, taxicab drivers and taxicabs.        The office helped in the hiring
                                                  process for the new City Manager.
    The office worked with the Police
    Department and Mayor to combat                State of Illinois Pension Division
    liquor sales to minors.                       Reports were sent for Fire and Police
                                                  Pension Funds and accepted by the
    Updated forms for website. (rental,           State of Illinois.
    liquor, special event liquor, boards
    and commissions, rental housing,

City of Galesburg, Illinois                  49                                   2008 Budget
    CITY TREASURER                               site.     Once the City owns the
    2007 Accomplishments                         property, staff will pursue a
                                                 forgivable loan to assist in funding
    As there is little which can be              the needed environmental cleanup of
    initiated by the Treasurer’s office,         the site.
    one accomplishment was that the
    Treasurer’s office and Finance               Staff also worked through various
    Department     implemented     some          issues associated with the O.T.
    changes which will satisfy any               Johnson     fire    site.    Detailed
    concerns of the auditors. There is           specifications were developed in
    now a definite segregation of duties,        cooperation      with     a structural
    which was a recommendation of the            engineer and an asbestos consultant
    auditors.                                    for the removal of the debris that is
                                                 located on the site. The property
    The Treasurer’s office continued to          was bid out and a contract awarded
    work with the Finance Department to          to the successful bidder.
    insure that procedures are adequate
    and documented. One example is               The Department coordinated the
    the ability to review work done by           efforts to request the State
    the Finance Department as a type of          legislature and Governor’s Office to
    verification.                                extend the lives of TIF I and TIF II
                                                 for an additional 12 years each. The
    The Treasurer and Finance Director           Governor signed these extensions
    began to meet to address any                 into law in August 2007.
    concerns and to determine if there
    are more adequate ways to perform            Staff   began    coordinating  the
    tasks which will enable both                 preparation of the proposed TIF IV
    departments to accomplish tasks at           and TIF V plans.
    the minimum of cost to the City.
                                                 The rezoning request and subdivision
                                                 plat review were processed for the
                                                 Midwest Bank project.
    2007 Accomplishments                         The review process for the Unified
                                                 Development     Ordinance     was
    The     Department    initiated  the         reinitiated.
    implementation of the Brownfields
    grant for the Paintcraft site. The           Staff prepared and processed the
    buildings were demolished and the            application to expand the Enterprise
    site cleared.     This allowed the           Zone boundaries to include BNSF
    consultant to perform an analysis of         property. This assisted the BNSF in
    the site. This analysis has been             the expansion of the diesel repair
    completed and the foreclosure                shop.
    process has been initiated on the

City of Galesburg, Illinois                 50                                 2008 Budget
    Staff     also     developed     the          tracking the number of same trips as
    redeveloper’s agreement for the               opposed to prescheduled trips in July
    Discovery Depot project in the TIF I          of 2006 by adding another data field
    district,   and     processed    the          into the request table in our access
    application for revolving loan funds          database. Therefore of 16,958 one
    for the MSI expansion project.                way trips provided from July 19th
                                                  2006 to Aug14th 2007, 720 trips or
    The City’s portion of the Foreign             4.3 % were same day service
    Trade Zone application to cover the           requests.
    logistics park was prepared by staff.
                                                  The goal for this year was to
    Assistance in the preparation of the          increase the number of different
    tripartite agreement for the logistics        persons riding, in other words the
    park property with Centrepoint and            number of persons who regularly
    Mercantile was provided by staff.             scheduled regular pickups (dialysis,
                                                  physical therapy etc.) was increasing
    Staff provided City coordination with         which negatively impacted on the
    the National Railroad Hall of Fame            number of persons who wished to
    project, including processing of a            rides on a less regular basis. To help
    subdivision plat for Kiwanis Park and         alleviate that situation we turned to
    appraisals for the Kiwanis Park and           same day scheduling to boost the
    land swap properties.                         number of persons using the
    The Community Center masonry                  Handivan for spontaneous trips. So
    restoration and chimney demolition            far this year to date we have
    and chimney reconstruction was                transported 972 persons compared
    successfully completed.                       to 892 for the same period in 2006.

    Two      outdoor   benches   were             The     annual   Human       Relations
    purchased for the outside of the              Commission award in recognition
    Community Center.       The senior            significant and positive contributions
    citizens who use the Center had               to further the cause of Human
    requested benches so that they                Relations and promoting racial and
    could wait outside during nice                ethnic     Harmony      within     our
    weather for their rides home from             community was given to Norm
    the meal site.                                Winick publisher or the independent
                                                  weekly newspaper the Zephyr.
    The       rental     income       for
    individuals/groups using the facility         The Galesburg Recreation Division
    for special events has increased this         has touched the majority of the
    year as compared to the same                  Galesburg       population         and
    period for 2006 by 6 %.                       surrounding communities through
                                                  family oriented leisure activities and
    To get a better picture of the service        facilities. During these years our
    delivery pattern, Handivan started            children have learned to swim,

City of Galesburg, Illinois                  51                                 2008 Budget
    participate in a sport, a preschool           Summer McDonalds Program have
    program, special event or the entire          become the responsibility of the
    family has been involved with our             Galesburg Recreation Division.
    leisure program and recreation
    facilities. The Galesburg Recreation          During the 2007 Fiscal Year the
    Division has maintained the “Quality          Galesburg Recreation Division will
    of Life” in Galesburg by promoting            complete the expenditures of the
    healthy lifestyles for people of all          Lake Storey Pavilion and Beach area
    ages, creating a strong, safe, family-        Bond Issue Monies. Through these
    friendly community and protecting             bond monies, the Recreation Division
    our environment.       The Galesburg          has utilized the monies for a fire
    Recreation Division truly believes            alarm system, television, projector
    that creating and supporting active           for computers, new table and chairs,
    lifestyles is an opportunity to               outdoor     benches       and     trash
    continue        building       quality        receptacles, and this fall, Rip Rap for
    environments where citizens of all            the cove area near the waterslide.
    ages can thrive and become
    physically and emotionally healthier.         This fall it is the hope that bids will
                                                  be released for the completion of
    In 2007 new Recreation Programs               roofs for four dugouts at Lake Storey
    were created for our youth and                Softball Complex for the scorekeeper
    adults to enjoy for future years. The         at Lake Storey Diamond #1. These
    new programs which were organized             monies are available through the
    are:                                          collection of players’ fees from adult
                                                  softball teams.       Through these
    “Club Health for Kids” – A fitness            players’ fees, capital improvements
    club designed with kids in mind. The          are designated to the Softball Fields
    only Youth Fitness Club in the                at Lake Storey and Kiwanis Park.
    Galesburg area. In cooperation with
    Azer Clinic, the fitness program is           FINANCE
    currently raising $15,000 to purchase         2007 Accomplishments
    youth fitness equipment through
    sponsorships and grants.                      The City’s efforts in financial
                                                  reporting was recognized with a
    Outdoor Nature Programs – Through             national award from the Government
    grants and participant fees, the              Finance Officers Association for the
    Recreation Division has been able to          fiscal year ending December 31,
    organize youth and family-oriented            2005      Comprehensive       Annual
    nature programs.                              Financial Report (CAFR). The City’s
                                                  financial report was evaluated by
    Tennis Programs – With the                    auditors and finance directors from
    Galesburg    Tennis     Management            other communities. This marks the
    Group no longer in existence, the In-         eleventh consecutive fiscal year that
    door Tennis Programs and the                  the City has received this honorable

City of Galesburg, Illinois                  52                                  2008 Budget
    award.     The hard work and
    dedication   of    the     Finance             A       paperless     process      was
    department, with the assistance                implemented at the Customer service
    from the other departments, makes              counter      and    the    subsequent
    this a true team effort and                    utilization of the Laser Fiche system
    accomplishment.                                in the integration of other processes
                                                   in Finance.      MIS Division installed
    The     Finance     department     was         the scanners and Laser Fiche’ client
    successful in converting, training and         and Finance management did the
    implementing various modules in the            rest which includes the research on
    new government software package.               some specialized equipment.
    In 2007, such modules as the
    general ledger, purchasing, payroll,           Finance successfully sent out vendor
    accounts payable, cash register                payment through direct credit of the
    system and utility billing were                vendor’s bank account through the
    implemented.          MIS    Division’s        use of the City’s new financial
    responsibilities   in   this    project        software. With this process the
    included       the     setup       and         vendor receives the payment along
    implementation of the server and               with an e-mail notification. With the
    installation of user clients and               use of this technology, the City will
    networking to the Public Safety                decrease the cost of processing
    building.                                      accounts payable, the vendor will
                                                   receive payment in a timely manner
    Hosted two site tours and visits from          and the City will reduce the
    three of the Quad Cities finance               possibility of loss checks.
    departments of the Galesburg
    finance department.       The visits           Finance modified the annual budget
    allowed the Galesburg Finance                  process by creating a paperless
    department to share knowledge and              budget system which was sent out to
    information    with     the     other          Department Heads.         Management
    departments    on    the    use     of         Information Systems (MIS) setup
    technology within the department to            and installed a couple of mapped
    allow for a more efficient work                drives and user groups on the
    environment.                                   network.      With these drives, a
                                                   completely paperless process was
    Continued to create a paperless work           achieved to get input from the
    system      on     the    filing     of        organization to complete the process
    daily/biweekly/monthly and annual              budget for the city. The paperless
    reports such as check registers,               system was easier and saved time
    monthly reconciliations and required           and money for the City. The process
    annual reporting documentation.                also allowed Department Heads to
    The paperless system allows the                specify which staff members were
    staff to spend less time on filing plus        able to input into the files. After the
    frees up space in the department.              collection of data was completed, the

City of Galesburg, Illinois                   53                                  2008 Budget
    information was easily attained and            the current replacement programs.
    used by Finance to create the actual           The information obtained regarding
    budget document submitted to                   capital items in these meetings has
    Council.                                       been used to further refine the
                                                   replacement programs. The further
                                                   enhancement of the replacement
    The purchasing area of the
                                                   programs aid in determining if
    department continues to monitor
                                                   change is needed in the program
    that proper purchasing policies are
                                                   and that the proper amount of
    adhered to for prompt and
                                                   money is contributed by each
    professional      procurement     of
                                                   division for any future capital
    equipment, materials, supplies, and
                                                   purchase. In addition, the meeting
    services.    Purchasing policies and
                                                   notes have been saved electronically
    procedures are continually reviewed
                                                   to provide both historical data and
    to ensure that the City is receiving
                                                   aid in future decision making.
    the best value for its dollar in the
    most cost effective manner.
                                                   The major focus of 2007 for
                                                   Management Information Systems
    In order to provide a more effective
                                                   was the upgrade and reconfiguration
    bidding forum, Purchasing has
                                                   of the network in City Hall, and the
    created and continues to update a
                                                   switchover to a new Internet service
    database of vendors. This database
                                                   provider.      The reasons for these
    contains all applicable information
                                                   changes were to provide more
    regarding the vendor including:
                                                   security,     faster  speeds,    more
    contact information, e-mail address,
                                                   reliability, and better connection to
    and a category listing of the types of
                                                   the Knox County governmental unit,
    commodities, or services the vendor
                                                   and an attempt to better position the
    provides. This listing has been used
                                                   City to be able to take advantage of
    in conjunction with the City e-mail
                                                   new technologies.
    system to send out bid files to
    vendors in .PDF format.           The
                                                   The network upgrades covered three
    benefits of sending out these
                                                   major areas consisting of (1) the
    packets in .PDF format include:
                                                   upgrade of the Core network (2)
    decreased postage fees, vendors
                                                   installation of a new firewall and (3)
    receiving bid information in a timely
                                                   switch over from Gallatin River to
    manner, and confirmation of receipt
                                                   Insight Communications for Internet
    of bid files via e-mail.
    Purchasing has also taken a
                                                   The network switching upgrade
    proactive approach with capital
                                                   added considerable intelligence to
    projects scheduled in the vehicle
                                                   the network. It increased the speed
    replacement program and building
                                                   of many users to gigabit speeds and
    replacement      program.           The
                                                   gave the City greater internal
    Purchasing Agent met with the
    various divisions of the City to review

City of Galesburg, Illinois                   54                                 2008 Budget
    security and visible access into               PSB, and the Township building.
    internal network traffic patterns.             This connection maintains external
                                                   access to our websites including
    A wireless hotspot was created that            web-streamed       content,     GIS
    covers all of City Hall. This service          applications, VPN connections, and
    gives external public Internet to the          E-mail access. With this change, we
    community in a secured separated               have seen higher speeds, better
    manner from the City network, while            reliability, and a lower cost for
    still allowing internal users robust           service.
    access to City Hall network services.
                                                   The various projects were initiated in
    The upgraded firewall solution also            response to the ongoing enhanced
    greatly enhanced security from                 needs of City personnel and
    external and internal attack and               preparation      for     technological
    allowed the City to better secure and          opportunities to come in the next
    monitor the network perimeter. This            couple of years. The network had
    new solution also gives the City the           been showing signs of fatigue and
    ability to load balance multiple               our Internet access was increasingly
    Internet connections.            Other         proving to be somewhat slow and
    benefits provided by this technology           unreliable for the continued needs of
    are the upgrade of VPN and extranet            the City. After the completion of
    access to the network, and web-                some of the above projects, the
    content filtering of all users Internet        equipment required for the network
    access.                                        was reduced from 8 individual
                                                   devices down to 4 simplifying the
    Over the past year MIS has begun               configuration of the core network.
    migrating away from DSL technology             This upgrade is the initial roadmap
    to Cable Internet access. All remote           to the continued enhancement of the
    sites that had previously used DSL             City’s overall network security
    for VPN access to City Hall were               capabilities.
    switched to cable to take advantage
    of the higher speeds and better                The City maintains its own E-mail
    reliability. Some remote sites such            system which was being deluged
    as the Pavilion and Golf Shack were            with an avalanche of junk mail. At
    not switched due to the inability of           one point SPAM accounted for more
    getting a cable line to them. The              than 90% of the total E-mail that
    majority of the Council members                was received by the City. A SPAM
    now have cable internet access.                solution was found that moved the
                                                   E-mail filtering out to a service
    In 2007, the City Hall T1, our main            provided on the Internet and also
    access to the Internet, was replaced           provides another level of antivirus
    with two Insightbb Cable boxes. The            protection. This greatly reduces the
    City Hall internet connection is used          E-mail    traffic  and     bandwidth
    not only by City Hall, but also by the         resources that were being taken up

City of Galesburg, Illinois                   55                                 2008 Budget
    by mail traffic. Another advantage              MIS is responsible for ongoing
    to this system is that it gives                 regularly scheduled replacement of
    individual users access to manage               equipment as per the Computer
    their own SPAM whereas before                   Replacement Program.
    someone in MIS needed to be
    contacted to white list or black list E-        MIS invested, purchased, integrated
    mail.                                           and trained staff on Blackberry
                                                    equipment     and  communications
    MIS provided services and training              capabilities.
    for 12 new users.
                                                    MIS provides support of the phone
    MIS supported the Mayor and City                system, including troubleshooting
    Councils    laptops      and the                and replacing phones, phone lines
    replacement of printers.                        and updating the Galesburg phone
    MIS added the Police Department to
    the City’s website.                             MIS is responsible for ongoing
                                                    administration of the Audio Visual
    MIS provided day to day support of              room including plans for future
    100+ network users including 20+                upgrades, pre-council preparation,
    external or mobile users.                       and the re-broadcasting of Council
    MIS maintained, supported and
    administered       50+    network               MIS assisted in the replacement of
    applications and systems.                       the GIS server and the purchase of a
                                                    new server for the Springbrook
    MIS provided ongoing day to day                 Financial system installation.
    maintenance and updates to the City
    website including responses and                 MIS provided training on network
    routing of all communications via the           services including the MXLogic SPAM
    website.                                        solution     and     new    wireless
                                                    networking capabilities.
    MIS is responsible for setup and
    tear-down of multimedia equipment               MIS provides regular yearly support
    in the Conference rooms for training            to other agencies such as the
    and presentation purposes.                      Galesburg Township, Knox County,
                                                    Elections, VNA and Galesburg Teen
    MIS integrated a networked color                Court. As an extended part of the
    copier in Community Development –               City network, the township was also
    replacing    6    other pieces of               included in the network upgrade
    equipment, enhancing capabilities               project. This added to better overall
    and freeing up some much needed                 network speeds, installation of a
    space in inspections.                           wireless access point as an extension
                                                    of the City Hall wireless network, and

City of Galesburg, Illinois                    56                                 2008 Budget
    better data connection to the Knox            building fire in 2006. Truck was
    County network for Devnet and GIS             purchased with insurance proceeds
    data access.    In an attempt to              and grant funds.
    enhance data communication with
    Knox County, MIS has worked with              Technical Rescue Team members
    the County’s networking consultant            completed 392 hours of training for
    and PSB IT to help streamline and             certification   and      successfully
    make more reliable communications             validated team skills at an exercise
    between the City, the Township, the           at the University of Illinois. This
    PSB, the Knox County Courthouse,              regional team has 13 GFD members
    and the County Annex building.                and      17   members    from    fire
                                                  departments in Monmouth, Canton
    MIS     division  has     also   been         and Macomb.
    instrumental in the support of the
    Election offices various Elections            Initiated the Mutual Aid Box Alarm
    software and hardware capabilities.           System (MABAS) dispatch process
    Some of the projects completed in             with box alarm cards with all mutual
    Elections in 2007 are the installation        aid partners. System includes pre-
    of a new color laser printer and the          assigned apparatus requests for
    stand alone Unity system.        Also,        specific incidents.
    ongoing upgrades have been done
    on their Mega Profile system.                 Initiated on board laptop computers
                                                  in apparatus with pre-incident data
    User support has spent considerable           loaded and expanded for emergency
    time at the VNA office attempting to          response. Installed wireless access
    enhance poor wireless support,                point in the fire stations to update
    setup and install new computers,              and download data to the laptops.
    and move and re-setup equipment
    after internal remodeling was                 Received and distributed carbon
    completed in the office.                      monoxide detectors to low income
                                                  residents with a grant from First
    FIRE                                          Alert and the Office of the State Fire
    2007 Accomplishments                          Marshal.

    Assistance to Firefighters Act Grant          Updated and revised all department
    completed with the purchase of 40             rules and regulations including
    full sets of firefighter turnout gear.        general orders and suggested
    Total grant value was $78,000.                emergency operation guidelines.

    Received and put into service a new           Emergency response times averaged
    104 foot aerial ladder truck with a           3 minutes and 19 seconds to all
    1,500 gallon per minute pump. This            calls. The department responded to
    apparatus replaces the ladder truck           60% of all calls in less than 4
    damaged in the O.T. Johnson                   minutes.

City of Galesburg, Illinois                  57                                 2008 Budget
    A table top exercise was completed              department changed its web site so
    meeting       the       accreditation           that it is now part of and accessed
    requirements of Illinois Emergency              through the City site. The site was
    Management Agency. This exercise                updated and will continue to be
    included participation by local                 enhanced to make the information
    response personnel.                             on the site relevant, current and
                                                    useful; especially for groups such as
    Drills were completed with BNSF and             Neighborhood Watch.
    Knox County Health Department to
    test local response plans. These                Organizational structure changes
    plans     included      chemical   spill        were implemented to dedicate
    procedures         and       medication         resources to Neighborhood Watch,
    distribution to first responders.               Crime Stoppers and CERT to
                                                    enhance the relationship between
    Local Emergency Response plans                  the community and the police
    were updated with Tier II reporting.            department.
    This information was provided in
    electronic form for use by GFD’s                Remodeled and renovated the
    hazardous material response team.               Special Operations Division to create
                                                    effective office/work space.       The
    The Use of 2% Foreign Fire Board                remodeling project included new
    Funds were approved to purchase                 office space for the executive
    ventilation and forcible entry saws;            secretary and the Illinois State Police
    all weather uniform coats for each              Crime Scene Investigator.
    department      member;    classroom
    tables for the training site and                Awareness of the police department
    remodeling costs for the kitchen at             activities  and     programs   were
    Central Fire Station.                           enhanced public through public-
                                                    speaking, newspapers articles and
    POLICE                                          radio interviews.      Public safety
    2007 Accomplishments                            employees were on the Terry
                                                    Cavanaugh Show (WGIL) to talk
    Police continued to develop the                 about the work of the 911 Center,
    Canine Program and implemented an               the work of our communicators,
    agreement with handlers for canine              along with an appearance to speak
    handler    compensation.       The              about Neighborhood Watch and
    department also completed the                   National Night Out.
    lengthy process to receive training
    aids from DEA.                                  Management/executive training was
                                                    provided for command officers,
    An updated paperless entry level                specifically two lieutenants to the
    application process was incorporated            Executive Management Program, to
    in the web site that is easily                  further prepare and enhance their
    accessible for applicants.       The

City of Galesburg, Illinois                    58                                  2008 Budget
    abilities  as             law   enforcement        encourages the concept of “customer
    administrators.                                    service” and always keep in mind
                                                       that it is the citizens of Galesburg
    The department continues to provide                that we serve.
    command expertise through the
    Illinois   Management         Assistance           In 2007 four new police officers were
    Team by assigning a command                        hired and trained. The department
    officer to be a member of the IMAT                 continues to actively process entry
    team. This assistance has included                 level candidates from the eligibility
    state-wide training and participation              list to fill the vacancies of the
    in disaster assistance, specifically at            Department. At the end of 2007, the
    the wild land fires in California.                 department conducted a bi-annual
                                                       entry level testing and scheduled
    Nine staff promotions occurred in                  that testing to allow for active
    2007. With the promotions position                 recruiting   at   Western      Illinois
    level training was provided as those               University.
    command         officers   assimilate
    themselves into their new roles as                 PUBLIC WORKS
    supervisors.                                       2007 Accomplishments
    Council approved the creation and                  The Public Works Department with
    implementation of the Vehicle                      the Street, Park and Forestry
    Impoundment       Ordinance   which                Divisions took the lead and
    serves as a deterrent and generated                completed the debris clean up from
    revenue for the City.                              two major storms. A February ice
                                                       storm required three weeks of
    The Administrative Ticket process                  dedicated effort to complete picking
    was expanded to include various                    up material. A more severe August
    offenses and increased fine amounts.               wind storm prompted a disaster
                                                       declaration by the City, County and
    Modification of the evidence handling              State. Assistance was provided by
    processes and enhanced security                    the     State   and    other    local
    measures were changed to ensure                    communities to help during eight
    the credibility of the department’s                weeks of pick up. Tree trimming
    evidence handling and storage.                     and removal of damage caused by
                                                       the storms of 2007 will continue into
    The Police Department, from the                    2008.
    Chief’s Office and throughout the
    Department, continues to assimilate                The Department continued to make
    and encourage the full participation               many improvements to the City’s
    of all command officers in the work                infrastructure in 2007, through the
    of     providing     effective  law                use of Motor Fuel Tax (MFT), City
    enforcement      services.      The                Gas     Tax    Funds   (Gas    Tax),
    department      demonstrates    and

City of Galesburg, Illinois                       59                                  2008 Budget
    replacement funds, water funds and                was started. Engineering began on
    Federal and State contributions.                  the plans to repair the South
                                                      Henderson St. bridge and the
    The brick paving project on Broad St.             Farnham St. bridge and the
    from Losey St. to Fremont St. was                 replacement of the Soangetaha Road
    completed using 80% grant funding                 bridge.
    for this historically significant project.
    The harvesting of bricks and                      The Street Division, Traffic Section
    resurfacing of Second Street from                 completed        upgrading       the
    Seminary to Pearl St. was completed.              underground wiring for lighting on
    The resurfacing of South Henderson                South     Seminary    Street   from
    St. from just south of Main St. to                Simmons to Tompkins as part of the
    Monmouth            Boulevard         was         resurfacing project.
    completed.        The new Logistics
    Parkway and Route 150 intersection                The Street Division, Maintenance
    was also completed in 2007.                       Section enhanced the appearance of
    Seminary Street from Tompkins to                  the square by installing exposed
    Simmons was resurfaced as was                     aggregate concrete surface on the
    Highland Ave. from Main St. to North              islands.
    St. and West Street from Fair Acres
    Dr. north to the dead end.                        The Street and Park Divisions
                                                      worked together to install a new
    The Seminary Square Development                   parking lots at H.T. Custer Park and
    at Carl Sandburg Drive and North                  Optimist Park.
    Seminary Street, including pavement
    widening, storm sewers, water mains               The Forestry Division completed the
    and new traffic signals was                       installation of a new tree nursery
    completed       with     construction             which will provide tree planting stock
    inspection of public improvements by              for future street and park tree
    the Engineering staff. Midwest Bank               plantings.
    Subdivision was also completed with
    the public improvements reviewed                  A new office and maintenance
    and inspected by staff.                           building was completed at East
                                                      Linwood Cemetery in order to better
    The context sensitive solution, public            serve our clients.
    input process, was completed
    allowing the preliminary engineering              A major airport lighting project was
    to proceed for two railroad grade                 completed with all new runway and
    separation    structures     in   the             taxiway lighting, which was funded
    downtown area on West Main St.                    with only 2.5% local funds.
    and North Seminary St.                            Resurfacing of runway 10-28 was
                                                      completed; this $360,000 project
    The process of conducting a Quiet                 was also funded with only 2.5% local
    Zone Study for a train whistle ban                funds.

City of Galesburg, Illinois                      60                                 2008 Budget
                                                    The process of securing funding for
    The Park Division took over mowing              several major water capital projects
    services previously contracted and              was started and underway to provide
    the department began providing                  for the more than $20 million in
    more services required by recent                funds needed over the next two
    Seminary Square and Midwest Bank                years. Water rate restructuring to
    Subdivisions.                                   flatten the tiered declining block rate
                                                    schedule continued in 2007.
    Cart path resurfacing was begun at
    Bunker Links Golf Course using
    general funds received from the
    storage of private golf carts. Two
    new tee boxes were opened for play;
    extending the length of the course.

    New digital color aerial photography
    was secured and integrated into the
    Geographic    Information     System

    A work order management system
    was implemented for use by the
    various Public Works areas, including
    for use with the tall grass and weed
    mowing work allowing tracking and
    billing for these services.

    Water       Division   major     capital
    improvements for 2007 included:
    Continued steps toward increased
    efficiency by the replacement of
    older water meters and installing
    remote radio reading meters. The
    rehabilitation of the Ranney Collector
    Well was completed. New water
    mains were completed at the
    Seminary Square Development. New
    air relief valves were installed on the
    transmission pipeline. The design of
    the new production facilities at the
    Oquawka well site began and the
    design of a section of the
    transmission pipeline was completed.

City of Galesburg, Illinois                    61                                  2008 Budget
                              This page intentionally left blank.

City of Galesburg, Illinois                    62                   2008 Budget