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					                                     LOCK & CHAIN

                         Application for Membership 2009-2010

Dear Lock & Chain Applicant,

Thank you for showing interest in Lock & Chain, the oldest honorary at Washington University.
Lock & Chain was established in 1904 and consists of fifteen carefully chosen sophomores.

While it is a great honor to be chosen as a member of Lock & Chain, it is also a large commitment.
Please see the attached list of activities that consist of typical Lock & Chain functions. Current
members are also responsible for choosing their successors at the end of their sophomore year.

We are looking for responsible freshmen who demonstrate academic superiority, show initiative,
have diverse interests, and will uphold the Lock & Chain tradition of excellence. All applicants are
required to complete the attached application, including the essays, and submit one letter of
recommendation. Professors, advisors, RAs, employers, or anyone else who can attest to your
personal character can complete the recommendation. However, we ask that you exclude family
members and current members of Lock & Chain from this list. After a preliminary blind screening of
the applications, selected applicants will be asked to continue on to the interviewing process.

Please email applications to with your name in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Carter (, Monis Khan
( or any other current member of Lock & Chain.

Thank You and Good Luck,
Lock & Chain 105

Tyler Bertroche                       Adeoye Johnson                 Marty Nachman
Kathryn Brown                         Monis Khan                     Maggie Parker
Jordan Carter                         Nate Maslak                    Aaron Samuels
Kate Gaertner                         Laura McGinnis                 Shira Solomon
Nil Gural                             Roger Murayi
                                 LOCK & CHAIN
                      Application for Membership 2009-2010
                               Due Monday, March 2, 2009

                      DO NOT put your name on subsequent pages.


Student ID Number:

Permanent Address:

Permanent Phone Number:

Campus Box Number:

Dorm & Room Number:

Campus Phone Number:

Preferred Email Address:

Cumulative GPA (3.0+ recommended):

Academic Area of Interest:

Are you a morning person or a night person?
             _____ Morning
             _____ Night
             _____ No preference

Name of Reference:

Campus and Community Activities and Leadership Positions Held
Please answer BOTH of the following short answer questions, keeping each response to a
HALF page or less (double spaced):

      1) What does the term “honorary” mean to you?
      2) What makes you unique to the Washington University community and how do
         you feel that quality could benefit Lock & Chain?

Choose ONE of the following essays and answer the question in no more than ONE double-
spaced page:

      1) Explain your leadership style, including both a positive and negative aspect.
      2) What is the most important lesson you have learned since arriving at Washington
      3) Pick a favorite quote and explain its meaning to you.
      4) Attach an image that best describes you. Then, in the essay, explain why this
         image is a representation of who you are.
                                   LOCK & CHAIN
                               Letter of Recommendation

                                     Please email to:

        Please email the recommendation with the student’s name in the subject line
                            By 5:00 PM, Monday, March 2, 2009

The following section is to be completed by the applicant:

Name of applicant:

Name of reference:

I hereby waive the right to see this recommendation after it has been completed:

Signature: _______________________________________________________________

The following section is to be completed by the person writing the letter of

Relationship to the applicant, including how long you have known them:

Lock & Chain organizes campus-wide events as well as philanthropic events in the
community. Please indicate why this applicant would be an asset to Lock & Chain, the oldest
honorary at Washington University. How would you describe the applicant’s exhibition of
leadership, scholarship, and honor? If possible, please cite specifics. (Recommendation
should be written below and/or attached as a separate document.)

                                LOCK & CHAIN

USED BOOKS SALE: Each semester, this fundraiser offers students a more lucrative
alternative to selling their books back to the campus bookstore and allows them to
acquire their new course books at cheaper prices.

SOPHOMORE SIZZLE: This back-to-school social is a great occasion to catch up
with sophomore friends and enjoy some free entertainment and refreshments.

MAJOR/MINOR FAIR: Lock & Chain organizes and manages a fair where
interested students can talk with professors and pick up literature and information
concerning possible majors and minors. The opportunity to declare a major on the
spot is another major feature of this event.

GEORGE WASHINGTON WEEK: During this week, Lock & Chain helps
Washington University’s students remember the man after whom the university was
named. We dedicate an entire week to celebrating Washington’s birthday and
discussing his legacy, hosting special activities each day. We have an awareness
campaign highlighting a social justice issue to encourage the student body to become
more involved on and off campus.
PHILANTHROPY: Lock & Chain exhibits its leadership both on- and off- campus.
Past philanthropic support includes: Mentor St. Louis, Trick-or-Treating with
Bosnian refugees, providing holiday gifts for underprivileged families through Give
Thanks, Give Back, hosting Food for Fall, a fundraising event for Jireh’s, serving
Thanksgiving dinner with Jireh’s, and participating in all-campus philanthropy events
such as Relay for Life and Dance Marathon.

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