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					November 6, 2007

                             REQUEST FOR BIDS

     Seven Hills Park Sidewalk and Shelter House Installation
                       City of Hays Project

The City of Hays, Kansas is requesting bids for the installation of approximately
10,000 square feet of sidewalks and for the installation of a shelter house
approximately 40 feet in diameter.

This project is part of the City of Hays Park Master Plan for Seven Hills Park.

The area of work is Seven Hills Park, 33rd and Hillcrest, Hays, KS 67601.

The Scope of Services is detailed in Exhibit I.

The contractor selected will be notified in writing by the City of its acceptance of
bid, upon which the parties will be considered to have entered into a contract
including all specifications in the Request for Bids and response there to. That
will then constitute the contract.

The following is a timetable for the selection.

       DATE                               ACTIVITY
       Nov.14 & Nov. 18, 2007      Advertise Request for Bids
       November 28, 2007           Bids due to the City
       Dec. 6 & Dec.13, 2007       Recommendations to City Commission
       December 14, 2007           Notice to Proceed
       May 15, 2008                Work Completion Date

The selection process will be based on the bid that provides the most benefit to
the City of Hays at large. City Staff will make recommendation to the City
Manager as to the bid which best meets the needs of the City of Hays.
A notice will be published in the Hays Daily News and on the City of Hays
Website In addition, this RFB will also be mailed to
individuals who have made themselves known to City Staff to be interested in
submitting a bid and have specifically requested this information.

All submissions must be made on the bid sheet in Exhibit 2. Failure to complete
and return a signed bid sheet will cause the bid to be rejected.

The bids must be submitted on the attached sheet to arrive no later than 3:00
p.m., on Wednesday, November 28, 2007. At said time and place, and promptly
thereafter, all bids that have been duly received will be publicly opened. Any bid
received after this time will be returned to the sender unopened. Please mail
copies to the following address using the attached green label:

                           City Clerk
                           1507 Main Street
                           PO Box 490
                           Hays, KS 67601

Faxed bids will not be accepted. Written questions concerning this project
should be addressed to Jeff Boyle, Director of Parks, P.O. Box 490, Hays, KS
67601 or e-mail A copy of all inquiries along with the
City’s written response will be copied to all in possession of this RFB.

All persons awarded and/or entering into contracts with the City of Hays shall be
subject to and required to comply with all applicable City, State, and Federal
provisions pertaining to non-discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, and
Affirmative Action.

Sales tax exempted.

Once the city has accepted the bid, the vendor will be awarded the contract.
Once the work has begun, the vendor will stay on the job until the project has
been completed.

The City of Hays reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bid/proposals,
to waive any irregularities in such bid/proposals, and to accept such
bid/proposals that are the most responsive and best suits the City of Hays.

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The successful Contractor shall maintain the following insurance requirements
during the time of performance of these services and contract period. An
insurance certificate must be on file with the City Clerk’s office prior to the
accomplishment of any work by the contractor.
   a. General Liability Insurance, with a combined single limit of
      $100,000 for each occurrence and $200,000 in the aggregate
   b. Automobile Liability Insurance, with a combined single limit of
      $100,000 for each person and $300,000 for each accident
   c. Worker's Compensation insurance in accordance with statutory
      requirements and Employer’s Liability Insurance, with a limit of
      $500,000 for each occurrence

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                                     Exhibit 1

                                 Scope of Work

 I.        PROJECT
           The project includes the installation of approximately 2000 linear feet
           of sidewalk. The sidewalk shall be five (5) feet wide in all areas except
           along 33rd street where it shall be six (6) feet wide. The attached map
           highlights the locations of these sidewalks. The project also includes
           the installation of a shelter house in an area where an old tornado slide
           was previously located therefore a fairly thick layer of sand exists. The
           shelter house shall be a forty (40) foot hexagon shelter constructed of
           wood with a green metal ribbed roof. Included in this packet are
           specifications for an RCP Shelters, Inc. LW-HEX40-06 shelter house.
           A similar but smaller model of this shelter house was previously
           installed at Massey and Sunrise Park in Hays, Kansas. It should be
           noted that the shelter house at Massey Park was an RCP Shelters,
           Inc. “kit” shelter while the Sunrise Park shelter was built by a local
           contractor to replicate the specified shelter house. Either will be
           acceptable but if the latter route is chosen, special care should be
           taken to replicate the desired shelter to exact specifications. The
           specifications and drawings are being included to show the desired
           type of shelter house and are not intended to be exclusive of other


      1)   Bidder shall provide all necessary labor and materials to install shelter
           house and sidewalks.
      2)   Bidder will be responsible for notifying utility locator service for area
           where project is located prior to starting construction.
      3)   Bidder will be responsible for final grade preparations around the
           shelter house and sidewalks. Please Note: City Staff will seed all
           disturbed areas around the shelter house and sidewalk in the
           spring/summer of 2008.
      4)   Bidder will be responsible for securing the construction area by use of
           barricades, fencing, tape or any other means as necessary.
      5)   Bidder will use topsoil obtained at the site for final grade preparation.
           Any soil remaining shall be placed in piles and City Staff will remove
           and relocate the dirt after all of the work has been completed.
      6)   “As-builts” will be required for this project. Bidder will not receive final
           payment until the “as-builts” for the project have been received and
           approved by the Planning Inspection and Enforcement Division. “As-

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      builts” must show actual installation if different than that shown on the
      original plans.
  7) References for at least two other completed projects, similar in nature,
      should accompany bid proposals.
  8) Electrical service is available for construction related activities at the
      restroom location and may be used but shall remain in the City’s name.
  9) Product substitutions must be approved by the City of Hays prior to
      submitting bid proposals.
  10) Bidder will be responsible for delivery, storage and handling of all
      products. Bidder shall provide means and methods for preventing
      damage, deterioration and loss, including theft, of products.
  11) Bidder will be required to provide a one-year warranty on all items
      relating to workmanship and materials. A one-percent retainage will be
      held until successful completion of the one-year warranty.
  12) Concrete: Sidewalks shall be a minimum of (4) four inches thick and
      (5) five feet or (6) six feet in width, depending upon location. Sidewalks
      along 33rd Street shall be (6) six feet wide, all other sidewalks shall be
      (5) five feet wide. Control joints shall be cut every 5 feet. Contractors
      shall compact underlying soil and fill sand prior to pouring concrete.
      Backfill around sidewalks shall be graded to within (1) one inch of
      sidewalk surface. Concrete surfaces shall be “broomed” to create a
      non-slip surface. Concrete under shelter house shall extend three (3)
      feet beyond the shelters overall outside dimension and shall slope
      away from the columns for proper drainage. All concrete construction
      shall meet the requirement of “City of Hays Standard Details and
      Specifications for Public Works Construction Projects” Section 02755 –
      Concrete, and Section 02758 – Sidewalk.

  13)   Bids shall include excavation, embankment, compaction and surface
        preparation of areas to be graded according to the requirements
        detailed in “City of Hays Standard Details and Specifications for Public
        Works Construction Projects” Section 02300, Earthwork.

        The contractor must provide a break down on the bid price to
        complete the project. If this is not included with the bid, the city
        will not consider partial payment requests during the
        construction process.

        Contractor/vendor should report to the Director of Parks or in his
        absence the Park Supervisor if the following should happen:

           •   Change of work schedule.
           •   Disruption to any activities.
           •   Damage to any city property or materials.
           •   Any activities that might put city employees in danger.

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         •   The use or need of any city equipment, ladders, electric hoist,

      A signed copy of the bid proposal shall be submitted in the bid

      The owner retains the right to issue Addenda for items not covered in
      the original Request for Bids. If issued, the owner will attempt to notify
      all known prospective bidders. However, it shall be the responsibility of
      each contractor to ensure that their bid proposal is inclusive of all
      Addenda. Failure to acknowledge all Addenda may result in the
      rejection of your bid proposal as non-responsive.

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                                   Exhibit 2

                       Bid Sheet
                      City of Hays
Seven Hills Park Sidewalk and Shelter House Installation




Telephone                                             Date

1. The undersigned declares he has read the Request for Bid and all Exhibits,
   has examined the site of the Work, has determined for himself the conditions
   affecting the Work; and he proposes and agrees to provide at his own
   expense all labor, superintendence, machinery, plant, equipment, tools,
   apparatus, appliances, and means of construction, and all materials and
   supplies, and to complete ready for its intended purpose the entire work and
   all parts thereof described as included under the Request For Bid; herein,
   including all work incidental thereto, and such instructions the Owner may

2. Should the Contractor choose to offer an Alternate Bid, it should be clearly
   titled, “ALTERNATE”. Detail description for alternate services will be reviewed
   in the best interest of the Owner, however, may be deemed non-responsive if
   the services described do not comply with Exhibit #1-Scope of Services.
   Should the Contractor choose to submit a No-Bid Response, please forward
   your response on company letterhead. Choosing not to respond may be
   cause for removal from the bidder’s list and consideration on future

3. The Undersigned Bidder, in compliance with your Request for Bid (RFB),
   dated November 6, 2007, hereby proposes to do the Work called for in said
   RFB at the following rates and prices:

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     Shelter House Bid $____________________________________________

     Total Sidewalk Bid $__________________ @ $______per square foot

     *Provide detailed breakdown on additional sheets.

4.    The Undersigned further agrees that if awarded the Contract, he will
      commence work upon receipt of Notice to Proceed and that he will complete
      the work by May 16, 2008.

      The Contractor further agrees that work will commence on or about,
      ______________________________, 200___.


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Laminated Wood Beam Hexagon Gazebo
Technical Specifications                                                                                        SHELTERS.COM

   I.   Design Criteria: Structure shall be designed to be free standing, open air pavilion in conformance with all
        applicable building code. Manufactured by RCP Shelters: PO Box 25, Stuart, FL 34995, Ph: 800-525-0207, fax:
        772-288-0207, web:, e-mail:

  II.   Scope: Hexagonal glued laminated picnic pavilion over a 4" minimum thickness reinforced concrete slab.
        Shelter shall have a clear space, without a center column or open knee bracing. The owner or contractor shall
        be responsible for unloading, temporary storage, soil testing (if necessary), site preparation, concrete slab, &
        erection of structures. Structures shall be designed by professional engineers. When storing, the owner is
        responsible for protection of materials after arrival. Block members well off the ground and separate with wood
        strips to allow circulation. Cover top and bottom with moisture resistant paper.

 III.   Columns: Columns to be glued laminated southern pine, APA / EWS certified, members, pressure treated 0.6
        pcf, sized to meet loading requirements. Column to be min. 12’ in length, 8’ above & 4’ below finished grade.
               • (Optional) Columns to be structural tube steel sized to meet loading conditions. Columns to be 8’.
                   Columns to be factory prime painted with a rust inhibitive modified alkyd primer according to Steel
                   Structures Painting Council (SSPC-SP2) as outlined in AISC 6.5. The columns shall be finished
                   painted with two coats weather resistant enamel paint, supplied and applied by the owner or GC.
                   Column anchor bolts to be furnished by GC or owner as required by foundation design.

 IV.    Beams: Beams will be glued laminated southern pine, APA/EWS certified, members factory sealed and
        individually wrapped for protection in transit. Unloading Note: Use non-marring slings, block materials off

  V.    Eave & Pitch: Eave heighst shall be mimimum 7’-6”. Roof pitch shall be 4:12 or 6:12.

 VI.    Roof Deck: Shall be nominal 2” x 8” #1 grade, T&G, SYP, edge veed one side, kiln dried, and furnished in
        specified lengths so that all joints occur over a laminated beam support.

VII.    Roofing: (Optional)
             A. Shall be 30-year warranty, class “A” fire rated, fiberglass shingles over 15# felt underlayment.
                 Roofing nails to be galvanized, 1¼”galvanized and supplied by the manufacturer. Drip edge applied
                 continuously along perimeter.
             B. Shall be galvanized metal, “R” panels with ¾” high ribs, 9” on center. Ribs shall run with the roof
                 pitch for proper drainage. Matching roof trim & fasteners shall be supplied. All roofing and trim
                 finish painted using the “Kynar 500” paint system. Color to be chosen by owner from standard color

VIII.   Fascia: Shall be #1 grade, nominal 2” x 6” SYP, CCA pressure treated 0.4 pcf per AWPA standards.

 IX.    Hardware: All hardware connections to be ASTM A-36 steel, prime painted after fabrication and included with
        all required nails and fasteners.

  X.    Ornamentation & Railing: (Optional) Overhead ornamentation is picket style on all six sides. Picket style
        railings on up to five sides. Railings to be #1 grade SYP, 0.6 CCA treated. All material furnished in industry
        standard lengths, field cut & assembled by others.

 XI.    Benches: (Optional) Shelter to include up to five stand alone benches.             Benches to have galvanized steel
        pedastals, glued laminated treated wood seats (without backs).

XII.    Cupola: (Optional) Redwood louvered cupola to have a copper or aluminum cap. Cupola to be factory built
        and assembled.

                           RCP Shelters, Inc. ♦ PO Box 25 ♦ Stuart, FL 34995 ♦
                                 Phone 800-525-0207 ♦ Fax 772-288-0207 ♦
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