MS. K’S “KOZY KORNER”
                                 October 22, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences                    full color products, offers something for
Thank you to our parents/guardians who        everyone, and these items make great
attended    our   fall   Parent/Teacher       holiday gifts for family members and
Conferences and to our staff for sharing      friends.
the progress of our children with family
members. We appreciate and value the          Your child is creating their own artwork in
partnership created between home and          school. Their artwork and an order form
school.                                       will be sent home on Friday, October 23,
                                              giving families the opportunity to order
Third Grade Mini-Muster Art Award             your child’s artwork featured on each and
As part of our annual Mini-Muster             every product. All orders are due by
activity, our third graders submit artwork    Friday, October 30, to guarantee a
depicting an image of the event that was      December delivery.
personally most important, or an activity
that they most enjoyed. Student artwork       We are excited to participate in this
is judged on artistic effort and accuracy     unique and innovative program displaying
in depicting an event. Congratulations to     the artistic expression of our children.
Danielle Hjerpe, in Mrs. Karen Elam’s         All funds generated by our participation
class, for being selected to represent        in the Original Works art program will be
Gerald Ford Elementary School at the          used to maintain our exceptional music
City Council meeting in Palm Desert,          and art programs for the 2010-2011
Thursday      afternoon,    October    22.    school year.     Additional product and
Danielle’s framed artwork will be placed in   program information may be found at
Fire Station #55 throughout the school Thank you!!
year. Congratulations Danielle!!
                                              School Site Council Officers/Members
Original Works Art Fundraiser                 The newly elected School Site Council
Ford School has teamed up with Original       officers for the 2009-2010 school year
Works, the number one art based               are Mr. Pat Albert, Chairperson, Mrs.
program in the country, to offer a very       Laurie Pike, Vice-Chairperson, and Mrs.
special program to our families. This         Jody Phillips, Secretary.      Additional
program provides the opportunity for          members of our School Site Council are
your child’s artwork to be reproduced         Mrs. Yvonne Bluto, Mr. John Condon, Mrs.
onto a selection of over 20 quality           Karen Elam, Mrs. Jessica Harris, Ms.
products. These products range from           Theresa Kachiroubas, Mrs. Julia Mook,
magnets, mugs, note cards, and mouse          and Mrs. Cheryl Powers. Thank you!!
pads, to t-shirts, tote bags and tiles. The
wide selection of professionally produced,
Kindergarten Garage Sale                      choices and the importance of always
On    Saturday,    October       24,   our    displaying “responsible” behavior.
kindergarten staff will host a garage sale,
beginning at 7:00 a.m., until noon, in the    Halloween Activities
MPR. Contributions for the garage sale        On Friday, October 30, the children at
may be dropped off at the kindergarten        Gerald Ford School will celebrate
yard. Proceeds from the garage sale will      Halloween by participating in a costume
support special kindergarten events           parade and in classroom parties. The
throughout the year.                          children may wear their Halloween
                                              costumes to school, or bring their
Red Ribbon Week                               costumes in a brown bag to change before
We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week,       the parade. In order to maintain an
Monday, October 26, through Thursday,         uninterrupted morning of academic focus,
October 29.     Although our drug free        our school-wide Halloween parade will
message is supported throughout the           take place on the grassy field following
school year, Red Ribbon Week brings a         lunch, beginning at 1:50 p.m., and
special emphasis to this important            concluding at approximately 2:10 p.m.
message.                                      Classroom activities will occur following
                                              the parade. Please be reminded that the
On Monday, October 26, the children will      costumes worn should be appropriate for
receive a Count On Me To Be Drug Free         school, for example, happy, funny,
bookmark, focusing on 10 reasons why it is    storybook characters, or inventive, and
important to be drug free.             On     not, scary, bloody or depicting violence.
Wednesday, October 28, the children are       Make-up and masks should not be worn.
asked to please wear red to express their     All costume “weapon” accessories should
support of a healthy life style.      On      be kept at home, so that a safe and
Thursday, October 29, the children will       orderly atmosphere is maintained at
be provided with a Drug Free America          school. We appreciate your support and
sticker to wear throughout the day to         cooperation in helping to make the
display their commitment to remain drug       celebration of Halloween at Gerald Ford
free.                                         School a safe and enjoyable experience.
                                              There will be alternative activities
Throughout the week, following our flag       provided for students, who for religious,
salute, the members of our Student            and/or other reasons, do not celebrate or
Council Executive Board will make daily       recognize Halloween.      Please let your
announcements       focusing    on    the     child’s teacher know if alternative
significance and importance of Red Ribbon     activities are requested.
                                              All kindergarteners, both morning and
Please have conversations with your child     afternoon attendees, will participate in a
during Red Ribbon Week, highlighting and      separate Halloween Carnival beginning at
reinforcing the importance of remaining       8:35 a.m., and concluding at noon.
drug free and saying “no” to any
involvement in activities that may be
harmful. Please reinforce healthy life
Ford School Haunted House Fundraiser          winner of a fun pizza party. Additionally,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wallace, a family at       the class with the most box tops turned in
Gerald Ford School, are the owners of         from each grade level will earn a delicious
Parkwil Manor Haunted House in Rancho         ice cream party. Cut and collect Box Tops
Mirage, located at 72769 Dinah Shore          on brands such as Pillsbury®, Betty
Drive. This is a wonderful opportunity for    Crocker®, Avery®, Cascadian Farms®,
family fun and to support our school. The     Huggies® to help earn funds for our
funds generated will be used to support       school. Our official start date will be
our instructional programs and materials.     October 1. Box Tops sent to classrooms
Additional information may be accessed        already are welcome as they will help us
by either calling (760) 574-9127, or online   to reach our school goals. Parents and
at Thank you!!          guardians please check the web site
                                              www.boxtops4education      for    coupons,
PTO Ford Days/Nights Out                      bonus box tops and more information.
Throughout the year our PTO hosts Ford        Thank you for your support!
Days/Nights Out to facilitate fun, family
centered activities. The proceeds earned      Super You Store Donations
during these evenings help to support         We encourage our students to earn Super
many of the wonderful programs and            You recognitions for good citizenship and
events that occur at Ford School. Please      outstanding behavior.      New and fun
mark your calendars for some of our           donations are requested to provide a
upcoming Ford Nights Out throughout the       larger selection of redeemable items.
remainder of the school year.                 Please send all donated items to the
                                              office for our Super You Store. Our first
Friday, November 20 - Red Robin               monthly Super You Store for the school
                                              year is scheduled for Friday, October 23.
Friday, December 11 - It's A Grind            Thank you for your support and
(throughout the day and early evening)        contributions!!

Monday, January 11 – Sunday, January 17       Telephone     Book    and   Plastic  Bag
– Ruby’s                                      Recycling Programs
                                              New telephone books are now arriving so
Tuesday, February 9 – Panda Express           please save your old phone books for our
                                              recycling program. In addition, please
Thursday March 18 - Chuck E Cheese            continue to collect plastic shopping and
                                              grocery bags. The proceeds earned will
Box Tops for Education                        help to support instructional materials
Parents, guardians and children…Gerald        and programs at Ford School. Recycling
Ford Elementary needs everyone’s help to      containers for both telephone books and
acquire new library books and new             plastic bags are located outside the main
Accelerated Reader materials for all          office.
classrooms. How can you help? Turn in
your collected box tops to your teacher       Used Ink Cartridges
on Thursday mornings throughout the           Please save all used printer cartridges.
school year. The class turning in the most    Ford School receives a rebate for
box tops throughout the school will be the
returned cartridges. Cartridge bags are          completed. If you would like to donate
available in the office.                         uniform clothing there is a box available
                                                 in the front office. Thank you.
Lunch Menus and Payment Options
In an effort to conserve on resources, our       Gerald Ford School Library
monthly menu may be accessed online at           Do you enjoy reading to young children?              Be a Ford School library volunteer.
                                                 Assistance is also needed to repair books,
Lunch payments may be made online by             reattach labels, tape torn pages, and
using four easy steps.                           shelve books. Please contact Ms. Vivian
   1.   Go to and           Gutierrez for more information.
        click on “Enroll Now”.
   2.   Create an account for yourself and
        your children (you will need to enter    Requesting Donated Books for Our
        your child’s school, grade, birth date   Library and Classrooms
        and student ID number.                   If you have new and/or used books at
   3.   Provide    credit    or  debit    card   home that are in good condition, please
        information.                             consider donating these books to either
   4.   Select the automatic pre-payment         our school library or your child’s
        option if desired ($1.95 transaction     classroom.    Thank you to the many
                                                 families that have donated books to Ford
                                                 School. Your contributions are greatly
The online payment option provides many
new features.
   1.   Expired credit card notification.
   2.   Student sales history report.            PTO Ice Cream Sales
   3.   Ability to set spending limits.          Just a reminder!! Every Friday following
   4.   Meal control settings                    lunch our PTO will sell ice cream for $.75.
   5.   Low balance notification                 The children may only purchase a limit of
                                                 two treats. If a parent/guardian wishes
Morning Breakfast                                to purchase treats for the entire class,
Breakfast is served at Ford School daily         please submit the money in an envelope to
from 8:15 a.m., until 8:45 a.m., giving the      your child’s teacher. Thank you to Mrs.
children time to eat and be on time for          Karen Tuck for coordinating our ice cream
our morning flag salute. In order to             sales. Please support our PTO activities!!
accommodate our bus riders, should the
bus arrive late, the schedule will be
adjusted. Thank you!!

Recycled Uniforms
Gerald Ford has a “Recycled Uniform”
program to assist families who may need
support in providing uniforms for their
children during the school year. If you
would like to request uniform clothing,
please pick up a flyer in the front office
and return the paperwork to your child’s
teacher so that requests may be

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