NX CAE Seminar 2008

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					          Siemens PLM Software

                      NX CAE Seminar 2008
                                          2nd to 5th December, 2008

In Association with                                                                  Sponsored by

                                                             Is preparing data for analysis a slow and tedious process?
                      The Epicenter                          NX software users benefit from tight integration with design and
2nd December
                      Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon      advanced geometry preparation tools to deliver results faster.
                      The Chancery Pavilion
3rd December                                                 Are stand-alone specialist CAE tools limiting your ability to
                      Residency Road, Bangalore
                                                             get the job done? With NX, users work with an interface that is
                      Taj Banjara                            customized to their unique role. Managers report accelerated ROI
4th December                                                 with 50 percent faster training and 20 percent productivity in-
                      Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
                      O Hotel
5th December
                      Koregaon Park, Pune                    Do different groups waste time building models with different
                                                             tools? NX delivers integrated multi-physics solutions, including
                          Agenda                             NX Advanced FEM, NX Nastran, NX Thermal and NX Flow, that
                                                             can halve your model creation and solution time. Products are
                                                             better designed with less testing and fewer manufacturing
Time             Schedule
09:00 am         Registrations
                                                             Is CAE a separate process that is not integrated with the en-
09:30 am         Welcome and Corporate Overview
                                                             gineering workflow? NX offers a managed infrastructure with a
09:45 am         NX Advanced FEM and NX Nastran              single source of data and increased visibility of simulation results
                                                             for greater program control.
10:45 am         Product Introduction: Lenovo ThinkStation
11:00 am         Tea Break                                   In a new seminar from Siemens PLM Software you will learn
                                                             about how analysis can benefit your design processes and how
11:30 am         NX Thermal and NX Flow                      NX CAE can be used to virtually prove your design before going
12:00 noon       Femap 10                                    into production or manufacturing prototypes. Join this seminar to
                                                             discuss how the use of NX CAE can improve your designs and
12:30 pm         CAE Data Management                         help speed time-to-market.
1:00 pm          Lunch

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