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          We Got                                                                          Aero 2007
                                  Frequencies to          Distributors
          the Power               be Turned Off           for Trans-Cal
                                                                                ‘plane speaking people.

 ATP is not only the single-source              • EASA Acceptable Means of                 complete Airworthiness Directives
 solution to provide both FAA and EASA            Compliance & Guidance Material           search tool available on the market and
 Airworthiness Directives (ADs) in the          • EASA Certification Specifications        can access and search one compliance
 same viewer, but ATP is the ONLY            and is updated bi-weekly. It also             record that combines both EASA and
 single source solution to provide both.     includes JARs Section 1, which is             FAA ADs.
                                             updated quarterly, priced at $475 this
 The FUW EASA Regulatory Library is                                                        “... save you hours of research time.”
                                             product could save you hours of
 available now and includes;
                                             research time and help with compliance
   • EASA ADs (both light and heavy)                                                       The EASA regulatory library includes
                                             to “Part M”.
   • EASA TCs                                                                              automatic online revisions and can be
   • EASA Regulations                        Subscribers to ATP FAA regulatory             configured to a network or stand-alone
   • EASA Implementing Rules                 libraries can now have the most               solution.

 MODE S CLARIFICATION                                                                          CORROSION
 The most common avionics questions
 we are currently asked are about Mode
                                             The UK CAA have allowed a four-year
                                             transition period for aircraft already
 S transponders. They tend to include        fitted with Mode A/C transponders. All        Adams Aviation are now the Importers
 “Do I really need a mode S                  new UK SSR equipment installations or         and Distributors for ACF-50 and
 transponder?”, “Do I need an                new aircraft being brought into service       Corrosion Block.
 elementary or enhanced model?” and “I       with an SSR transponder already
 know I’m going to have to have a mode       installed must be Mode S (Elementary)         Most aircraft will suffer corrosion
 S, but when?”. This hugely complex          compliant by March 31st 2008.                 problems at some time - the application
 subject on which lots of people have                                                      of ACF-50 every 12 months or so will
 different interpretations is complicated    “ ... We can supply both elementary           minimise the possibility.
 by different countries enforcing                   and enhanced units ... ”
                                                                                           ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula carries
 different rules at different times (so
                                             Whatever your needs, we have at least         MIL-C 81309E Type II & III and is a
 much for a single market!).
                                             one solution, often more, and often at a      state-of-the-art “thin-film technology”
 To try and explain all of the intricacies   lower cost than you might expect. We          product specifically designed for the
 would take much more space than we          can supply both elementary and                Aerospace industry. It is approved for
 have available, so here are some            enhanced units from manufacturers             use in structural areas i.e.; wing
 highlighted points for the UK market:       such as Garmin, Filser and Garrecht.          sections, fuselage, stabilisers etc. as
                                             Some are even “plug-and-play”                 well as on avionics and in connectors.
 Starting from 31st March 2008, UK
                                             replacements for existing Mode C
 aircraft already required to carry a                                                           “ ... thin-film technology ... ”
 transponder will be required to become
 Mode S compliant (subject to a                                                            ACF-50 is an “added-value” item that
 transition period).                                                                       can be offered to owners/operators at
                                                                                           scheduled maintenance times or as a
 Starting from 31st March 2008, Flights                                                    stand alone service.
                                               Just two of the Mode S options available.
 in the UK at and above FL100 and IFR
 flights in controlled airspace below        If you would like further information         ACF-50 is available in various small
 FL100      will  require   Mode     S       call us and speak to Robin Walsh, or          package types for direct application or
 transponders.                               you can check the current CAA                 in larger containers for use with the
                                             requirements at          Aviation Application Spray Kit - we are
 From 31st March 2008, Mode S
                                                                                           looking for more strategically placed
 transponders will be required for public
                                                                                           application centres.
 transport category flights.
                                                                                           For further details or technical
                                                                                           information, please contact Dave
                                             Our Aim:- To be the Preferred Supplier of Gene
                                             WE GOT THE POWER
Ask for Barry                                JTM have appointed Adams Aviation            for field operations       or   carry-on
We are now an official Barry Mounts          as exclusive European aviation               applications.
distributor and have a wide range of part    distributors for their Aero Start range of
                                             jumpstarters and power supplies. With          “...... you’ll be surprised how low
numbers in stock and ready for
                                             models outputting 12V, 12 & 24V and                         the price is.”
immediate shipments.
                                             28.5 Volts and cranking amps from
                                                                                          Available with either NATO 3-Pin
Barry have FAA-PMA’d products for all        680 to 2530, JTM units cover just
popular light aircraft models and we are                                                  connector or heavy duty clamps to suit
                                             about every requirement of General
normally able to cross refer directly from                                                most aircraft, this system will appeal to
                                             Aviation piston aircraft and helicopters
a Lord part number, thereby saving                                                        even the most cost-conscious owner.
                                             up to turbo props and turbine
you money as they tend to be very            helicopters. The units are high quality,     Features include:
competitively priced.                        but you’ll be surprised how low the          • Non-spillable aerospace battery
                                             price are.                                     technology
Turbine Oil                                                                               • Super-tough powder-coated steel
                                                                                            casing and protected front panel
As part of our continuing programme to                                                    • Lightweight and compact form factor
increase the range of lubricants and                                                        - ideal for air transport
chemicals that we can offer, we now hold                                                  • Internal surge and spike suppression
BP2380 Turbine Oil in stock.                                                                to protect delicate avionics systems
                                                                                          • Visible polarity indicators to help
Superior Warranty                                         The Aero Start 1                  guard against incorrect connection to
                                                                                            aircraft systems.
Superior Air Parts now offer a three-year    The Aero Start 1 is the most compact
                                                                                          • Microprocessor-controlled multistage
or 500 hours “Money Back” guarantee          and lightweight 12 Volt engine starter
                                                                                            charger for fast, accurate charging.
on their Millennium cylinders.               suitable for starting your light fixed
                                             wing or helicopter aircraft. This is a       For further information on the JTM
Today there are over 100,000 Millennium      feature-packed system that is ideal          range, please contact Robin Walsh.
cylinders meeting, and often exceeding,
the demands of discerning pilots, engine
shops, operators and flying schools the
world over.
                                             EMERGENCY FREQUENCIES TO
Millennium cylinders resist cracking, run    BE TURNED OFF
cooler, last longer and generally out
perform the cylinders available from         The International Cospas-Sarsat              Kannad and Artex. These can be fixed,
Lycoming, Continental or any other           Programme - a programme that uses a          portable or survival configurations.
aftermarket supplier.                        satellite constellation to relay distress
                                             alerts to search and rescue
                                             authorities - announced that it plans to
Green G.A.                                   terminate satellite processing of
Aviation has been in the news quite a lot    distress signals from 121.5/243 MHz
recently with regard to the environmental    emergency beacons on Feb. 1, 2009.              406 Beacons from Artex and Kannad
impact of flying. Whilst few people would    Aviators, using emergency beacons
claim that aviation doesn’t have any         will need to switch to those operating       We also offer 406 MHz personal
effect on the environment, GA shouldn’t      at 406 MHz if they want to be detected       locator  beacons   (PLBs)  from
be tarred with the same brush as the         in an emergency.                             McMurdo, GME, Kannad and ACR.
international airlines. Here are some                                                     Uniquely, Adams Aviation are approved
                                             A major factor in the decision to stop
interesting comments made by member                                                       to programme Artex, Kannad,
of parliament Lembit Opik at a recent
                                             satellite processing of 121.5/243 MHz
                                             signals is problems in this frequency        McMurdo and ACR ELTs, enabling us
BBGA meeting.
                                             band which inundate search and               to normally ship pre-programmed from
“The entire British General Aviation         rescue authorities with false alerts,        stock.
Industry uses less fuel every day, than      adversely impacting the effectiveness        PLBs came a step closer to becoming
one jumbo jet on a single transatlantic      of lifesaving services. Although the         standard safety issue recently when
crossing.” “British General Aviation’s       406 MHz beacons cost slightly more,          the UK CAA announced an important
annual fuel consumption is exceeded          they provide search and rescue               U-turn on permitting only “approved”
every three hours on Britain’s roads.”       agencies with more reliable and              safety equipment to be used for
                                             complete information to do their job         general aviation. The CAA intends to
“Unlike the commercial jets, Britain’s GA
                                             more efficiently and effectively.            issue a general exemption from the Air
community pay more per litre for their
fuel than car drivers, because they pay           “Uniquely Adams Aviation are
                                                                                          Navigation Order (ANO) for light
the full tax.”                                      approved to programme.”               aircraft engaged in non-public
                                                                                          transport flights, stating that PLB
So perhaps those of us in General            Adams have a range of 406 MHz ELTs           equipment may be carried and need
Aviation aren’t such bad guys after all!!    available from stock manufactured by         not be aviation approved.
eral and Business Aviation Parts & Accessories
                                                                                             NEWS IN BRIEF
                                                                                             Free Can Opener
    Whelen have introduced Model 71055             shown conservative lab-life results
    Series LED Anti-Collision Lights to its        greater than 20,000 hours.                Opening oil and hydraulic fluid cans with
    family of aviation safety lighting           • Reduced Power Consumption - more          a screw driver is a sacking offense
    products.                                      efficient than alternative light          within one of the world’s largest
                                                   sources.                                  helicopter operators because of their
                                                 • No External Power Supply                  concerns about swarf.
                                                 • Reducing Operating Costs                  If you’d like to avoid metal shards in your
                                                 • Shock and Vibration Resistant - no        engine oil before you’ve started, just ask
                                                   fragile filament                          for a completely free opener with your
                                                 • Utilises State-of-the-Art Surface         next consignment of Jet II, Jet 254 or
                                                   Mount Technology                          Aero HF.
    The 71055 Series LED beacon is               • No EMI or RFI Interference
    designed as a high-quality long-lasting      • FAA TSO-C96a Class III Approved
                                                                                             The Universal Ignition Harness
    replacement to existing quartz halogen       • Hard Coated Clear Polycarbonate
    flashers and remote strobe lights              Lens                                      If we do not have your required
    currently mounted on single engine           • Unit       Complies  with     Colour      harness, you may want to consider a
    Cessnas 1967 and later, & Aero                 Requirements per FAR Parts                universal harness from stock. We have
    Commanders. Its compact size (2.6”             23,25,27 and 29 for Aviation Red          options for RHM spark plugs (3/4-20)
    dia. x 3” high) also permits replacing       • Reduced Weight (0.55 lbs.)                and for REM spark plugs (5/8-24) 4 or 6
    remote mounted strobe lights and             • 3 Year Warranty.                          cylinder.
    power supplies on many other different
                                                     “ Reducing Operating Costs”
    fixed wing platforms. Utilising LED                                                      Sky-Tec OEM Fit on Robbos
    (Light Emitting Diode) technology,           Models Available:-
    Whelen is able to provide the following      LED Beacon 14V- P/N 01-0771055-00           The Sky-Tec starter is now original fit on
    advantages compared to existing light        LED Beacon 28V- P/N 01-0771055-01           Robinson helicopters. There are two
    assemblies.                                                                              types, 14912HT/H + 24HTH, 12V and
                                                 For further information, please contact     24Volt respectively. We can supply the
    Features:                                    Peter Witherick.                            required   link    free-of-charge       for
    • Lamp Life - the LED light source has                                                   customers replacing a B and C starter.

    ADAMS APPOINTED TRANS-CAL                                                                FBO Directories
                                                                                             We now stock the ACUKWIK FBO
    DISTRIBUTOR                                                                              Directory, International and Worldwide
                                                                                             editions. These directories provide
    We are delighted to announce that we         and              multiple         RS232     information on airports, FBO, ground
    have been appointed a distributor for        serial data ports. With a MTBF of 9.7       transportation, charter, caterer, fuel
    Trans-Cal Industries, manufacturers of       years, Trans-Cal now offer the longest      suppliers, handlers and maintenance
    the ubiquitous D120 and SSD120               warranty in the market of 42 months         organisations. The worldwide edition
    altitude digitiser/encoders.                 for all of its solid state encoders.        also features hotels, customs info. and a
                                                         “... the longest warranty
                                                              in the market ....”            Exxon Mobil
                                                 Transcal also manufacture encoder           Adams Aviation are the UK’s leading
                                                 test sets, including the new EET200.        distributors for Exxon Mobil Aviation
                                                 This very cost-effective hand held          products - available from stock.
                                                 device has a built-in vacuum system
     The incredibly small and lightweight Nano
                                                 and allows testing of the encoder,          Exxon Elite is the class leading
    Whilst    Trans-Cal     have    been         harness and power supply in a few           semi-synthetic 20W-50 multigrade piston
    manufacturing encoders and digitisers        minutes by providing a known good           oil. With proven superior corrosion
    for 34 years they continue to develop        altitude code source to aide in isolating   protection, Exxon Elite continues to out
    new and revolutionary products, the                                                      perform the opposition - always available
                                                 each data bit D2 through C4.
    latest of which is the SSD120 Nano                                                       from stock in quart bottles - 55 usg
    range of encoders which are the                                                          drums available within 5 working days.
    smallest lightest and lowest power                                                       Other Exxon Mobil piston oils - including
    consumption TSO units on the market.                                                     the new 20W50 break-in grade are held
    Measuring less than 2.5 by 3.5 by 1.5                                                    here at Biggin Hill. Mobil Jet II and Mobil
    inches.                                                                                  Jet 254 along with Hydraulic Oils,
    There are many variations available                                                      Mobilgrease 28 (tins & cartridges) and
                                                          The new EET200 test set            SHC 100 are also stocked.
    with models covering 30,000 to
    100,000ft, various resolutions down to       For further information, please contact     For further information or tech sheets
    1ft, extended operating temperatures         Steve Langston.                             etc, please contact Dave Heppell.
AERO 2007 - AN INTERNATIONAL                                                                              MEET THE
SUCCESS                                                                                                 ADAMS FAMILY
Once again we participated at the Aero      supported by many European and                             Lyn Gibbs is a member of our front-line
exhibition in Friedrichshafen, only this    American manufacturers. Rapco, JTM,                        sales team and is likely to be one of
time we had our largest stand ever.         Exxon, Sky-Tec, Edel, Trans-Cal,                           the first people you talk to when
Some people mistakenly consider this        David Clark, Kannad, Lear Chemical,                        phoning Adams.
to be a German show only but in fact it     Kelly Manufacturing (R.C. Allen),
attracts visitors and exhibitors from all   McMurdo, Telex and Mid-Continent
over the world.                             Instruments were all part of the Adams
                                            “pavilion”. This gave visitors to our
                                            stand an unprecedented opportunity to
                                            meet with lots of manufacturers and
                                            learn about what’s new.
                                                    “... our largest stand ever.”                      Lyn joined Adams in 1993 and moved
                                                                                                       into sales 10 years ago.
                                            If you want to see what you
                                            missed,         then take a look at                        Besides helping customers with their
                                            w w w. a e r o - f r i e d r i c h s h a f e n . c o m .   general parts requirements, Lyn
                                            Adams will be participating at Aero                        specialises in pilots’ equipment.
            Our Stand at Aero
                                            2009. If you want to keep up to date                       You may be surprised to learn that one
As well as Adams people from our UK,        with what’s happening in G.A. perhaps                      of her hobbies is driving a power boat
German, French, Italian and Polish          you should visit, we’re sure you’ll find it                towing water-skiers.
sales teams, we were delighted to be        very rewarding.

DIGITAL TENSION METERS                                                                                    PA28 LOVERS
Following in the footsteps of the           these stored readings. Accuracy is +/-
popular ACM200 mechanical tension           2% full scale and the units come with a                    Do you own, sell or operate PA-28s?
meter, Tensitron have launched a            carry case, calibration certificate and a
range of digital tension meters.            cable diameter gauge.                                      Wings in Focus have produced a 55
                                                                                                       minute DVD for connoisseurs of this
Weighing in at just 1 1/2Lb (depending                                                                 aircraft. The DVD tells the story of this
on model) these gauges have a                                                                          remarkable aircraft and some of the
rechargeable NIMH battery giving                                                                       people who fly them.
around 6 hours of use, but have an                                                                     Starting from the PA28-150 and coming
automatic shut-off after ten minutes of                                                                up-to-date with current model Archers,
non-use to conserve the battery.                                                                       Warriors and Arrows with Avidyne glass
    “... display up to five separate                            The ACX250                             cockpit avionics.
          tension readings ...”             Choose from the ACX250 which has a                         Also on the DVD is a buyers’ guide, PA28
                                            range of 20-250Lb and covers 1/16,                         timeline showing its development over
The large graphic display has                                                                          the years and the different models/
adjustable back lighting and contrast       3/32,1/8 and 5/32 cables, or the
                                            ACX500 which has a range of                                configurations, a look at the glass
and shows tension, battery charge                                                                      cockpit and at New Piper’s facilities.
level and cable size selected. Tension      40-500lb and covers 3/32, 1/8 and
values can be displayed in Lbs, Kgs or      5/32 cables. There are even options                              “...DVD for connoisseurs...”
Newtons and you can push a button to        that allow you to interface the testers
activate the memory function to store       with a windows PC.                                         The DVD is available from Adams to the
and display up to five separate tension                                                                trade at £17.00 + VAT. Retail price is
                                            Contact Richard Turner for further
readings plus the average value of                                                                     £24.99 including VAT.

                   AS 9120

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