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					Central Washington University
Visual Identity Program,
Graphic Standards and
Editorial Guidelines


This Graphic Standards Manual has been prepared to aid the CWU community in
building a consistent image that reflects the institution’s mission, message and identity.
Input from faculty members, staff, students, administrators, alumni and outside
consultants led us to conclude that CWU could benefit from a more clearly defined
visual identity. The goal was to create an attractive, flexible and effective visual identity
that could be used for all university publications including print, electronic, video and
other emerging forms.

To most effectively tell Central Washington University’s story to internal and external
audiences, it is important that official university publications have a common thread
and consistency and meet certain standards. The purpose of this manual is to provide
guidelines to ensure that CWU’s image is presented in a consistent manner and that
CWU is easily recognized as a forward-looking, quality academic university. Consistent
use of the official signature by all areas of the university will show a unity of purpose
among all university entities. A unified image and visual identity will help gain
recognition and recall of the university’s message and programs.

The following pages contain the standards, guidelines, tips and tools for use at Central
Washington University. The success of the effort will require the cooperation and
assistance of all units of the university.

Implementation of the Central Washington University visual identity program is the
responsibility of the vice president for university relations. Coordination and quality
oversight responsibility is assigned to the office of public relations and marketing. For
questions regarding the program and/or assistance in developing publications, contact
the office of public relations and marketing at 963-1493.
                                          THE BASICS

                                          The basic elements of Central Washington University’s Visual Identity
                                          Program include: a family of logos developed for specific applications,
                                          official university colors and recommended typefaces. Consistent
                                          application of these elements on all printed and electronic university
                                          publications is critical to a coherent presentation of the university’s
                                          image and overall message. All publications produced by the university
                                          need to correctly display the appropriate CWU logo. Do not display any
                                          other logo or symbol on the same page with an official CWU logo
                                          without consulting graphics productions (509-963-1605, Library 290).

                                          OFFICIAL CWU LOGOS

                                          The University Seal has limited application. Its use is reserved for the
                 WA S H
              AL        I
                        CENDO             office of the president and for formal documents such as diplomas and

                                          official certificates.


           18                   91        USE FOR:
                                          Legal documents


                                          Diplomas and official certificates


                  IV            T
                                          DO NOT USE FOR:
                                          Official or general university communication
                                          Promotional materials
                                          Electronic applications

                                          The Official Signature has been developed for use on university
CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY             publications where official name recognition is required.

                                          USE FOR:
                                          Official university stationery and communication
                                          Formal occasions and invitations
                                          General forms and fax cover sheets
                                          Promotional materials
                                          Official signage
                                          Folder cover

                                          DO NOT USE FOR:
                                          On-line applications or small print applications
                                          Informal or incidental usage
                                          Page headers or titles without consulting graphics productions
     CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                   The Signature Variation has been developed for use on print and
                                                     electronic university publications where the application of the official
                                                     signature would not be effective. Its typical use will be on promotional
                                                     or informal applications.

                                                     MAY BE USED FOR:
                                                     Electronic applications
                                                     Promotional materials

                                                     DO NOT USE FOR:
                                                     Official university stationery and communication
                                                     Formal occasions and invitations

                                                     The Medallion has been developed for semi-official applications. In
                      H     INGTON
                   AS                  U             certain applications, the medallion may replace the official signature.

        CENTR AL


                                                     MAY BE USED FOR:
                                                     Semi-official communication
                                                     Semi-official occasions



                   C                                 Invitations, cards and announcements
                       EN              IM
                            D O DISC
                                                     Development and fund-raising activities

                                                     DO NOT USE FOR:
                                                     Official university stationery and communication
                                                     Formal occasions and invitations

                                                     The Alumni and Athletic University Signatures have been
CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                        developed for the exclusive use of two campus units: alumni relations
                                                     office and athletic department. These signatures may be used in place
                                                     of the official university signature by these two units. No other units
                                                     are authorized to use these signatures.

                                                     REQUESTS FOR THE OFFICIAL SIGNATURES AND LOGOS
                                                     Contact graphics productions with questions and requests for camera-
                                                     ready art or digital files of the official CWU signatures and logos.

                                                     Graphics Productions
                                                     400 East 8th Avenue
                                                     Ellensburg WA 98926-7550

                                                     Office: Library 290
                                                     Phone: 509-963-1605 • Fax: 509-963-2424
                                                     E-mail: • Web site:
                                      TYPEFACES AND COLORS

                                      RECOMMENDED TYPEFACES
                                      The HTF Hoefler Text and Frutiger families of type fonts are
                                      recommended for use in most Central Washington University print and
                                      electronic publications. These families of type have been chosen for
                                      their unique characteristics and ability to visually represent the image of
                                      the university. Consistent use of type fonts by the campus community
                                      will help create a strong visual identity.

HTF Hoefler Text Regular and Italic

Frutiger Roman


                                      OBTAINING THE RECOMMENDED TYPEFACES
                                      Due to the nature of font licensing and its expense, the university
                                      cannot make the recommended fonts available to the campus without
                                      cost. Campus users who want to employ the recommended fonts on
                                      their computers must purchase the fonts. This also applies to
                                      commercial printers and other independent vendors who may need the
                                      fonts for their computers to produce university-related materials.

                                      Campus users can order the fonts directly from The Hoefler Type
                                      Foundry ( for the HTF Hoefler Text family, and
                                      from Adobe ( for the Frutiger family. Note: graphics
                                      productions is currently investigating site licensing options and other cost and
                                      usage issues related to the recommended typefaces. Once a final decision has been
                                      reached, further information on ordering and cost will be forwarded to the
                                      campus .

                                      If a user cannot obtain the recommended fonts, acceptable substitutions
                                      are: Times New Roman for HTF Hoefler text; and Arial for Frutiger.

                                      OFFICIAL COLORS
                                      The university’s colors (Black and CWU Wild Crimson) are one of
                                      its most obvious visual identifiers. The official CWU Wild Crimson
                Black                 specifications are:
                                      • Pantone 7427
                                      • CMYK: Four-color process formula. . . . . . . . . 0/100/65/30
          CWU Wild Crimson            • Web or other screen media: Hexadecimal. . . . .B40020
                                                                   RGB. . . . . . . . . . .180/0/32
                                                                                                     SIGNATURE USAGE GUIDELINES

                                                                                                     The official signature represents all departments and offices. The
                                                                                                     names of individual units should be presented typographically to avoid
                                                                                                     competing logos. Use the signature as it is, in its entirety. Do not
                                                                                                     corrupt the signature by combining it with other artwork or scanning,
                                                                                                     modifying, stretching, resetting or repositioning elements. Allow
                                                                                                     generous space around the signature. Do not enclose the signature in a
                                                                                                     color, shape or rule which could be interpreted as part of the signature.

                                                                                                     Campus units should always reproduce the signature and other
                                                                                                     university logos from authorized digital files or camera-ready art.
                                                                                                     Digital files and camera-ready art are available from graphics
                                                                                                     productions (509-963-1605, Library 290).

                                                                                                     CLEAR SPACE
                                                                                                     Allow for sufficient clear space (white space or no-print area) around
                                                                                                     the signature or other official university logos to separate them from any
                                  Your future is Central.
                                                                                                     other graphic elements, type or the edge of the paper. This clear space
                                                                                                     will provide graphic impact and preserve the integrity of the logo.
       Clear space around the signature =
       the height of the building element.
                WA S H                                                  HIN
                                                                              GTON                   The following minimum sizing guidelines have been determined for the
       AL        CENDO
                         I                                         AS                  U
                                                                                                     university’s family of logos.



                                                        CENTR AL


                                                                                                             Seal: 1” horizontally

    18                   91
                                                                                                             Official Signature: 2” horizontally





                                                                                                             Signature Variation: 2” horizontally



           IV         T                                                EN              IM
                 ERSI                                                       D O DISC

                                                                                                             Medallion: 1” horizontally
                1”                                                           1”
                                                                                                             Alumni and Athletic Signatures: 2” horizontally

                                                                                                     COLOR OPTIONS
                                                                                                     The university’s official colors are: Black and CWU Wild Crimson
                                                                                                     (Pantone 7427). These colors represent the university and should be
                                                                                                     used when reproducing the official signature and logos. This color
                                                                                                     combination is used in the university’s family of logos with the
                                                                                                     exception of the seal. When CWU Wild Crimson and Black are
                                                                                                     not used, the logos can be in a single color, preferably black.

                                                                                                     The family of logos can be reversed out of another background color,
                                                                                                     such as black. See the examples for the appropriate method.

                                                                                                     The family of logos can also be printed over another color if that color
                                                                                                     is light enough to provide sufficient contrast and does not detract from
                                                                                                     the logo. The logos should not be printed over heavily patterned
                                           2”                                                        backgrounds.
REVERSING THE                                               DO NOT ALTER THE OFFICIAL SIGNATURE OR
OFFICIAL SIGNATURE OR                                       FAMILY OF LOGOS.
ACCEPTABLE                                                  Do not combine the official signature or logos with other
                                                            artwork. Do not scan, modify, stretch, reset or reposition
                                                            elements. Do not enclose the official signature or logos in
See the examples below.
                                                            a color, shape or rules. The following examples are NOT

                               WA S H
                         AL        CENDO



                 18                        91




                         IV                T



                     AS                    U

          CENTR AL

                                               S•  ERSITY



                         EN                IM
                              D O DISC



                                                            CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

Letterheads, envelopes and business cards are often the first, if not
the only, printed materials received as an introduction to Central
Washington University. Stationery is more widely distributed than any
other university publication. Consequently, it is critical that it be of the
highest quality, and consistent in use in order to reinforce Central’s
image and reputation as a quality academic university.

The stationery package has been designed for use by all CWU units.
By using the signature with the standardized format, every college,
department, office, or individual can effectively show their affiliation
to CWU.

All correspondence should be written on official stationery. Other logos
or marks should not be substituted for the official signature. Care
should be taken to insure that the stationery quality meets university

A complete personalized stationery package can be prepared for you by
contacting graphics productions (509-963-1605, Library 290). This
option is highly recommended when large quantities of stationery or the
highest quality is desired.

        The basic university stationery package may include:
        letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

        The expanded university stationery package may include:
        letterhead, envelopes, business cards, fax cover sheets, notepads,
        contact cards, folder, note cards and other envelope sizes and


              O≈ce of the President
  400 East 8th Avenue . Ellensburg WA 98926-7501
           address service requested

                                                                                              CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

                                                                                              Jerilyn S. McIntyre, Ph.D.
                                                                                              President and Professor of Communication

                                                                                              Office of the President
                                                                                              400 East 8th Avenue • Ellensburg WA 98926-7501
                                                                                              Phone: 509.963.2111 • Fax: 509.963.3206

   O≈ce of the President . 400 East 8th Avenue . Ellensburg WA 98926-7501 . Phone: 509-963-2111 . Fax: 509-963-3206

Graphic guidelines for the university Web site are currently under
development as a separate document. Questions regarding the graphic
guidelines can be directed to the office of public relations and marketing
(509-963-1493) or graphics productions (509-963-1605).


Other university marks, logos, etc. have been used to convey school
spirit. They should never be used as a substitute for the official Central
Washington University signature or compete graphically with it.

Note: The university currently has a significant number of marks that fall into
this category, or at least outside of the proposed official family of logos. Some have
gone through a previous approval process; others have been adopted by units
without formal approval. Over the next several months, the office of public
relations and marketing will gather these marks together for review and
recommendation of future status. To aid the university in its efforts to enhance
CWU’s image, please submit marks your unit has been using to public relations
and marketing (509-963-1493, Barge 402, Mail Stop 7505) for review.


Under development

Note: Central Washington University applies the Associated Press style in its
publications. The following guidelines are based on the AP style. This does not
apply, however, to academic publications nor departmental correspondence.

With the exception of a few widely recognized acronyms such as CIA,
FBI, use the full name on first reference. If an acronym is used in first
reference to avoid a cumbersome lead (CHCI), use the full name on
second reference (Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute).

Academic degrees
Lowercase when generic and spelled out: baccalaureate degree,
bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree, doctorate. For plural
form: bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctoral degrees. Capitalize
when specific for Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of
Philosophy. Academic degrees are abbreviated with periods: B.A., B.S.,
M.A., M.S., Ph.D.

Academic departments
Use lower case - history department, department of music; but
uppercase proper names such as English major.

Academic titles
Capitalize and spell out formal titles before a name: President Jerilyn S.
McIntyre. Use lowercase letters after a name: David L. Soltz,
provost/senior vice president for academic affairs. Also, the president,
the dean, the professor.

Academic units
Capitalize College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, College
of Education and Professional Studies, College of the Sciences, Douglas
Honors Colleges.

Academic year
Lowercase fall quarter, winter quarter, spring quarter, summer session.

Alumnus, alumni, alumna, alumnae: alumnus is one man, alumni is a
plural for graduates, alumna is one woman graduate and alumnae is
plural for women graduates. Alumni is the most common plural because
it includes men and women. The Alumni Association; the office of
alumni affairs.

Capitalize the proper names of buildings: Barge Hall, Language and
Literature building, the Library, McConnell Auditorium. Also, capitalize
center, field, pavilion, theatre and others when integral parts of proper
names, lowercase in other uses. For example: Nicholson Pavilion, Tower
Theatre, the theatre.
BUILDINGS                                                Centuries
Aquatics Facility
Barge Hall                                               Lowercase and spell out numbers less than 10: the first century, the 20th
Black Hall
Bouillon Hall
                                                         century. Hyphenate when used as a modifier: 18th-century America.
Central Services Building
Cesar Chavez Theatre (in the Samuelson Union Building)   Directions and regions
Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (CHCI)
Dean Hall                                                Lowercase north, south, east and west when they indicate directions:
Depot Deli                                               Go south for three miles, then turn east. Capitalize when they indicate
Facilities Management Warehouse
Farrell Hall                                             regions: She lived in the South for three years before she moved to the
Flight Technology Center
Grounds Warehouse
                                                         Midwest. Also farther is physical distance; further means more time or
Grupe Conference Center                                  degree: He will walk farther to get home; she will study the matter
Hertz Hall                                               further.
Hogue Hall
Holmes Dining Hall                                       Electronic mail
International Center
Jongeward Plant Services                                 Lowercase e-mail.
Language and Literature Building, L&L
Lind Hall                                                Emeritus
McConnell Auditorium
Michaelsen Hall                                          The designation indicates that the retiree holds an honorary title
Mitchell Hall
Naneum Modular
                                                         corresponding to that held last during active service. The designation
Nicholson Pavilion                                       follows the title.
Peterson Hall
Physical Education Building
President's Residence & Reception Center                 Professor Emeritus Bob Smith; Bob Smith, professor emeritus; Sally
Psychology Building                                      Smith, professor emerita; Professor Emeriti Bob Smith and Sally Smith.
Randall Hall
Science Building
Shaw-Smyser Hall                                         Internet
Student Health & Counseling Center                       Capitalize Internet, the Net, World Wide Web and Web.
Surplus Property Warehouse
Tomlinson Field
Tower Theatre                                            Money and cents
Tunstall Dining Hall
University Store
                                                         Use figures and $ sign: $8; $2.10; $150; $2,000; $1 million; 4 cents.
Wahle Apartments
Anderson Apartments
                                                         Capitalize the names of months. When they are used with a specific
Alford Montgomery Hall                                   date, abbreviate only Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
Barto Hall
Beck Hall                                                Examples: Jan. 12; Jan. 12, 2002; January 2002; the month of January.
Brooklane Village
Button Hall                                              Music
Campus Courts Apartments
Carmody-Munro Hall                                       Capitalize compositions identified by musical form; do not use
Courson Conference Center
Davies Hall
                                                         quotation marks or italics: Symphony in B Major, Fantasy in C Minor.
Getz-Short Apartments                                    If the key is modified by the term sharp, flat or natural, the modifying
Green Hall
Hitchcock Hall                                           term is lowercased and the key phrase is hyphenated: Sonata in E-flat,
Kamola Hall                                              B-flat Nocturne. In subsequent references, lowercase symphony,
Kennedy Hall
Meisner Hall                                             concerto.
Moore Hall
Munson Retreat Center                                    Numbers
Muzzall Hall
North Hall                                               Spell out numbers that start a sentence: Twenty-four students attended
Quigley Hall
Sparks Hall
                                                         the conference. Spell out the numbers one through nine; use figures for
Stephens-Whitney Hall                                    10 and above. Some exceptions are: percentages, 5 percent; grade point
Student Village Apartments
Sue Lombard Hall                                         averages, 3.8; ages, 5-year-old girl; time, 2 p.m.
Wilson Hall
                                                         State Names
CWU-Lynnwood Center                                      Spell out state names when they stand alone, the state of Washington;
CWU-Moses Lake Center
CWU-SeaTac Center
                                                         abbreviate when they are used in conjunction with the name of a city,
CWU-Steilacoom Center                                    town or village, Ellensburg, Wash.; Do not abbreviate the following state
CWU-Wenatchee Center
CWU-Yakima Center                                        names: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. The
abbreviations for the other states are as follows (they differ from ZIP
code abbreviations): Ala., Ariz., Ark., Calif., Colo., Conn., Del., Fla., Ga.,
Ill., Ind., Kan., Ky., La., Md., Mass., Mich., Minn., Miss., Mo., Mont.,
Neb., Nev., N.H., N.J., N.M., N.Y., N.C., N.D., Okla., Ore., Pa., R.I.,
S.C., S.D., Tenn., Vt., Va., Wash., W.Va., Wis., Wyo.

Use figures for times except for noon and midnight: Use lowercase
letters with periods: 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. midnight.

Use full name on first reference: Central Washington University;
“CWU” or “the university” acceptable on following references. With
university names that require a location, use a hyphen rather than a
comma or at: CWU-Lynnwood.
Annual: An event cannot be described as annual until it has been held
in at least two successive years. Do not use the term first annual.

Biannual biennial: Biannual means twice a year and is a synonym for
the word semiannual. Biennial mean every two years.

Complement, compliment: Complement means “to complete,”.
Compliment means to flatter or praise.

Entitled/titled: Use entitled to mean a right to do or have something.
Do not use it to mean titled. She was entitled to the promotion. The
book was titled “Gone With the Wind.”

Full time, part time: When used as an adjective, hyphenate: She is a
full-time employee. When used as an adverb, do not hyphenate: He
works part time.

Fund raising, fund-raising, fund-raiser. Examples: Fund raising is
planned. They planned a fund-raising campaign. A fund-raiser was hired.
The organization is planning a fund-raiser.

It's, its: It's is a contraction for it is; its is a possessive word meaning
belonging to it. It's going to cost more to attend college next year,
because the university raised its tuition.

Percent: One word. It takes a singular verb when standing alone or
when a singular noun follows an of construction: The teacher said 80
percent was a good score. He said 50 percent of the membership was
there. It takes a plural verb when a plural noun follows an of
construction: She said 50 percent of the members were there.

Under way: Two words, used adverbially: The project is under way.

-Wide: No hyphen: campuswide, universitywide, citywide, nationwide.

Unique: Unique means “one of a kind, incomparable.” If it is
unique, it is beyond comparison or qualification. Avoid using it.
A number of tools, materials and training presentations are under
development to assist the campus in implementing Central Washington
University’s Visual Identity Program, Graphic Standards and Editorial
Guidelines. For assistance with this new set of standards, contact the
office of public relations and marketing (509-963-1493, Barge 402,
Mail Stop 7505).

The university’s branding platform consists of two primary graphic
identities: the Official Identity and the Promotional Identity.

The Official Identity, with the signature, was designed to present a
prestigious and strong academic image of the university. This identity is
intended to be used on all official communication materials.

The Promotional Identity is informal in nature and designed to
present the larger university message, which focuses on Central’s
branding statement and attributes. This is the area where the
university’s theme and tagline are incorporated into the image and
message. The promotional identity may be modified and changed as
university needs and priorities change.

In addition to the two primary identities, there may be a need for an
individual identity related to a specific event or campaign. These
situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and evaluated on how
they fit into the overall identity and branding programs of the university.
These requests will be for one-time or short-term events or campaigns
with fixed starting and ending dates.

Central Washington University is a leading educational institution
dedicated to academic excellence, a focus on students, and preparation
of graduates for success.
• Academic excellence
• A focus on students
• Preparing students for success
• Outstanding residential campus and lifestyle
• Access and convenience
What’s Central to You?
Your future is Central.

                                   The university’s theme is “What’s Central to You?” While this statement
                                   does not need to be used as a headline on all university publications, the
                                   essence of the theme should be incorporated in your materials.


                                   The university’s tagline is “Your future is Central.” The complete tagline
CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY      includes this statement, as well as the official signature.
         Your future is Central.

                                   High-quality digital or traditional photography is critical to the success
                                   of the university’s branding image. All areas of the university are
                                   encouraged to carefully evaluate the images being used in their
                                   publications (print and electronic) to ensure that they meet university
                                   standards and present a professional image of the university to external

                                   Primary photographs, (used for covers, color ads, etc.), should always
                                   be full production shots with the appropriate lighting necessary to
                                   communicate the message. The target audience’s demographics must
                                   also be considered in these images and will dictate much of the
                                   photographic style used.

                                   Graphics productions can assist you with photographic needs or
                                   questions (509-963-1605, Library 290). A library of general university
                                   images covering a variety of subjects is being developed and will soon
                                   be available to campus units for use in developing their publications.

                                   PROMOTIONAL COLOR PALETTE
                                   The promotional color palette consists of the official Black and CWU
                                   Wild Crimson, which will remain constant, and an expanded color
                                   palette. The expanded color palette includes a selection of colors that
                                   reflect current color trends and our surrounding area. It provides a set of
                                   colors that can be used to accent and enhance the university’s message.
                                   This palette will change as color trends change.
                                 PHOTOGRAPHY EXAMPLES

Examples of a Primary Images

Examples of a Secondary Images
                              CWU COLOR PALETTE

    30%           100%             CMYK           30%         WARM GRAY 7

PANTONE 130    PANTONE 130     PANTONE 157    PANTONE 157     WARM GRAY 7
   30%            CMYK            CMYK           30%             30%

PANTONE 536    PANTONE 536     PANTONE 5275   PANTONE 5275
   30%            CMYK            CMYK            30%


                                                             WILD CRIMSON
PANTONE 5473   PANTONE 5473    PANTONE 585    PANTONE 585
    30%           CMYK            CMYK           30%             original
                                                              pantone cmyk
                                                               0 100 65 30

                                                             PANTONE 7427

PANTONE 5773   PANTONE 5773    PANTONE 365    PANTONE 365
    30%           CMYK            CMYK           30%


                           The same families of fonts are used with the promotional identity: HTF
                           Hoefler Text and Frutiger. These families of type have been chosen for
                           their unique characteristics and ability to visually represent the image of
                           the university. Consistent use of type fonts by the campus community in
                           its promotional materials will help to create the strong visual identity.

HTF Hoefler Text Regular

HTF Hoefler Text Italic

HTF Hoefler Text Bold

HTF Hoefler Text Black


Frutiger Light

Frutiger Roman

Frutiger Ultra Black


                         The general template format for Central’s promotional materials is
                         illustrated below and in the following samples. For assistance in
                         using the templates, questions or training, please contact graphics
                         productions (509-963-1605, Library 290).

                                                           White Space
         Headline Location

Main Photo Area

                             Body Copy

                                                           Background Color

                             Contact Info

  Color Bar(s)                                             Additional Photos
                                                           Main Photo Caption

                                                           Signature Location
                                                           and White Space


                         Samples of how the various branding elements can be combined to
                         present the image of Central Washington University can be viewed
                         on the Web at For
                         professional assistance in developing your marketing and promotional
                         publications, contact the office of public relations and marketing at

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