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									                             / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPON E N TS /

                                                       Bellcontour preparations are used as            the products’ high quality which the company

AFFINA. RU                                 S 24
                                                    introdermal injections for smoothing out
                                                    lines, scar treatment and facial zone non-
                                                    volume corrections.
                                                                                                       prides itself on.

                                                                                                       BONAMED                                   S 40
117218, Kedrov Str 14, Bldg 1, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 735-48-92/93, 719-08-29                                                                     Exclusive Russian distributor for
Fax: (495) 735-48-92/93                             ASTRAEA LTD.                             S 19      POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH (Germany)
E-mail: Affina.ru@mail.ru                                                                              Fadeeva str. 5, bldg1, Moscow, Russia
www.affina.ru                                       125171, Pyaty Voykovsky Proyezd 28, 6th Floor,     Tel: (495) 724-84-99
                                                    Moscow, Russia                                     E-mail: info@bonamed.ru
                                                    Tel.: (495) 105-5162.
Therapeutic cosmetology:                            Fax: (499) 150-5263
   Hyaluronic acid: biorevitalization and           E-mail: astraea1@mtu-net.ru; 1505263@mail.ru       Bonamed acts as the exclusive distributor
contouring treatments. Embryonic extracts.          www.astraea.ru                                     in Russia for POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics
(Germany)                                                                                              GmbH (Germany), a leading manufacturer of
   Oxyprolane: the latest formula promoting         MEDIDERMA / SESDERMA / SESVALIA /                  medical supplies, offering a comprehensive
the utilization of ‘old’ and production of ‘new’    DIETSES: surface and medium chemical               range of products for plastic and reconstructive
collagen. (France)                                  peels (36 types); chemical peel additives, pre-    surgery. POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH
   Affina-Lift: a lipolytic product for the face    and post-peel care products. New lines: Kavel      produces an extensive range of soft tissue
and neck. (France)                                  (anti-alopecia treatment), Atopises (anti-         implants for body correction and sculpturing
   Bio-Taches: treatment and prevention of          atopic dermatitis products); Resveraderm           treatment. Silicone gel filled implants prove to
pigmentation of any etiology.                       Antiox (a rejuvenation system).                    be the best soft tissue substitutes. Available
   Neo-Selen: formulated to fight stress              KEENWELL — professional face and                 is an assortment of silicone filled implants
conditions. (France)                                body care products (over 30 programmes             featuring a variety of smooth, texturized and
   Revitalizing Ozone: Omega 3–6 + Ozonides.        available).                                        micropolyurethane surfaces. All the products
   Luxury-New: Clytia chrono-cosmetics.               INSTITUTE       BCN     –     injection-free     are attested with the EU quality control mark.
(France)                                            mesotherapy (electroporation) equipment
                                                    and preparations
                                                      ALTAMARINE – algae and mud wraps

105064, Maly Demidovsky Lane 3, Room 31,
Moscow, Russia
                                           S 35
                                                      ZIMBERLAND – a professional hair care
                                                                                                       CLOVERMED                                 S 06
Tel.: (499) 263-1138. Fax: (499) 265-4179
E-mail: Aptos-pro@aptos.ru

Aptos stands for the most advanced facial
                                                    BIODERMA («ACENTUS») S 29
                                                                                                       121099, Novy Arbat Str.34, bldg.1, room 501,
                                                                                                       Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 787-1772. Fax: (495) 605-7665
                                                                                                       E-mail: info@clovermed.ru
and body rejuvenation techniques developed
by Russian plastic surgeons. For the last 9         111524, Elektrodnaya Str13, Moscow, Russia         Clovermed acts as an exclusive distributor for
years, the techniques have been used by             Tel.: (495) 644-4613. Fax: (495) 644-4617          the US Company Mentor, a recognized leader
leading specialists in 48 countries. The Aptos      E-mail: info@acentus.ru
                                                                                                       in the sphere of manufacturing products for
techniques provide instant scar-free results,                                                          aesthetic medicine. The company’s product
helping to keep the skin ageing process             The ACENTUS Ltd Company represents the
                                                    Bioderma Laboratory products in Russia.            range comprises mammary gland implants
under control and thus delaying the moment                                                             for plastic and reconstructive surgery,
when traditional plastic surgery will have to be    Currently the Bioderma Laboratory produces
                                                    dermatocosmetic preparations designed              compression underwear, Hyalite dermal filler
resorted to. They also provide a rejuvenation                                                          based on double cross-linked hyaluronic
opportunity for patients unable to undergo          for the prevention and treatment of various
                                                    skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis,        acid.
a larger-scale plastic or aesthetic surgery                                                               Clovermed exclusively represents on the
treatment due to certain reasons. The APTOS         acne, rosacea, seborrhea dermatitis, scalp
                                                    psoriasis, photodermatosis. Bioderma is one        Russian market:
techniques have proved effective in lifting                                                               - Marina Medical (USA) – modern high-
treatment conducted on both facial and body         of the leading laboratories engaged in medical
                                                    and biological research, as well as in studying    quality medical tools for plastic surgery, a wide
soft tissue, including also breast and buttock                                                         range of endoscopic surgery appliances;
areas. The recovery process is quick and            technologies aimed at the development and
                                                    manufacture of therapeutic cosmetological             - New Youth (USA) – a high concentration
easy, so that the patient can return to work                                                           70% glycolic peel (рH 0,6) with a patented
and his usual activity schedule within a few        preparations.
                                                       Nowadays the Bioderm brand ranges               inhibitor causing no irritation; preparations
days following the treatment. The method is                                                            for various techniques used in aesthetic
designed to cater for a variety of ages and         among the top ten on the French market of
                                                    dermatocosmetic products. It espouses an all-      medicine;
needs.                                                                                                    - JALUPRO (Italy) – a cutting-edge
                                                    embracing approach to studying dermatology
                                                    and biology, offering holistic solutions to skin   biorevitalization product featuring a
                                                    treatment based on the knowledge of its            combination of hyaluronic and amino acids;
ASSOCIATION                                         senses, which is reflected in the company’s           - SCI WEGHEN (Switzerland) – 5-10%
OF COSMETOLOGISTS                          S 05     motto ‘Les sens de la peau’ – ‘The skin            retinoic acid masks;
                                                    senses’. Bioderma develops and promotes               - Cosmedix(USA) – hi-tech techniques
Exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS      therapeutic cosmetic preparations based            from Hollywood; a new dimension in surface
Tel.: (495) 978-4981, (495) 508-2012, 8-901-                                                           and medium peels formulated with chirally
545-10-51                                           exclusively on dermatological experience.
www.bellcontour.com                                 Bioderma’s product range comprises 5 care          correct ingredients;
                                                    and treatment lines: Atoderm for dry and              - LENDAN (Spain) – a professional face
Bellcontour preparations are formulated as          atopic-like skin care, Hydrabio products for       and body care line;
sterile apirogenic, resilient-viscous, color free   dehydrated skin care, the Sebium range of             - NeoStrata (USA) – a new line of unique
and see-through isotonic gels.                      products for mixed and oily skin treatment,        skin care products developed on the basis
   Bellcontour preparations are formulated          the Sensibio line for sensitive skin care, also    of advanced technologies employing alpha
with the cross-linked natrium hyaluronate           available is the Naude line of hair and scalp      oxiacids (AOA) and poli oxiacids (POA) known
of biofermentative origin. The Bellcontour          care preparations, and the Photoderm line of       to increase treatment efficacy by eliminating
product range includes 6 preparations:              sunscreen products. Each product undergoes         visible age-related signs and photo ageing
Bellcontour 18, Bellcontour 24, Bellcontour         an ‘in vitro’ efficacy test, being also subject    symptoms. The preparations are formulated
30, Bellcontour 30ХР, Bellcontour Kiss,             to dermatological clinical tests supervised        to address various dermatological conditions,
Bellcontour GVISC .                                 by leading specialists. Bioderma realizes          including acne, pathological dryness,
   Bellcontour preparations are available in        its innovative approach through multiple           hyperkeratosis and hyper pigmentation
disposable 0,8 ml glass syringes, packed in         exclusive complexes and active components          lesions.
plastic bags.                                       protected by 81 patents, being a guarantee of

                                                                        ОФИЦИАЛЬ НЫ Й КАТАЛОГ / 2009 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE                                119
                                  / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPO N E N TS /

      CORNEAL                                     S 17    Development                                         specialists engaged in the sphere of
                                                             The JALDES Laboratory (France) offers a          therapeutic and aesthetic medicine. The
      113035, Sadovnicheskaya Str 24, bldg.3,
      Moscow, Russia                                      line of highly effective natural dermatology        magazine is issued by the ‘Russian Doctor’
      Tel.: (495) 981-4485. Fax: (495) 661-7769           products for external use and dietary               Publishing House Ltd..
      E-mail: info@corneal.ru                             supplements; skin, hair and nail care
      www.corneal.ru                                      products.
      Brands        represented:       SKINPROjECT           The PRO-HEALTH Laboratory (France)
      NaNoPEEL,            RUGANTIL+COMB-HYAL
                                                          offers unique embryonic and phytoembryonic
                                                             The Phytofrance Laboratory (France):
                                                          aromatherapy, phytotherapy. BIO products,
                                                                                                              FAMILY HEALTH
         Эксклюзивный дистрибьютор в России
      и странах СНГ компаний SEVENTY BG                   fresh plant extracts, massage oils.                 COMPANY                                    S 30
      (Италия), GENETHIA (Switzerland-Italy),                                                                 115093, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Str 60,
      CAREGEN (S. Korea), CAC (Japan)                                                                         Moscow, Russia
         SKINPROjECT®NaNoPEEL – innovative                                                                    Tel.: (495)969-2500, 236-0228, 236-4596
      nanosome chemical peels and new
      generation comprehensive biorevitalization
                                                          ELOS CLUB                                   S 22
                                                                                                              Fax: (495)236-3256
                                                                                                              E-mail: market@botox.ru
                                                                                                              www. botox.ru

      hyaluronidase inhibitor and new PHORMAE                                                                 The Family Health Company, acting as an
      PLUS fillers featuring highly purified and          107078, Novaya Basmannaya Str 14, bldg 4,           exclusive distributor for the ALLERGAN Closed
      stabilized hyaluronic acid. The optimum             Moscow, Russia                                      Company (USA), presents on the Russian
      syringe volume is 1 ml. Prolonged action            Tel.: (495) 262-2925, 262-5343                      market professional preparations used in the
      durability. Correction of deep and surface lines,   Fax: (495) 262-3775                                 fields of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and
                                                          E-mail: world@syneron.ru ; syneron@mail.ru
      folds, facial outline sculpturing, lip contour      www.syneron.ru ; www.elosclub.ru                    plastic surgery.
      and volume modeling. The DERMAHEAL                                                                         ALLERGAN offers products meeting the
      line containing growth factors and peptides         Brands represented: Syneron                         stringiest safety requirements and satisfying
      provides new and more efficient possibilities          Allied possibilities create advantages!          the needs of the most demanding consumers.
      in fighting age-related skin changes.                  The revolutionary ELOSтм technology has          The company’s product range includes
                                                          opened new vistas in aesthetic cosmetology          ВОТОХ®, hyaluronic acid fillers Juvederm®
                                                          and plastic surgery. Having no counterparts,        and Surgiderm®, as well as unique anatomical
                                                          ELOSтм features a unique combination of             gel implants McGhan and CUI.
      COSMETICS & MEDICINE,                               photo and radio frequency energies, thus               The Family Health Company offers a number
      Publishing House    S 46                            ensuring maximum efficiency, safety and             of professional programmes developed
      Butlerova street 17b, office 312, 117342,           treatment comfort.                                  especially for qualified doctors, including
      Moscow, Russia                                         The ELOS systems emax , elaser , elight ,        master classes and individual trainings.
      Tel./fax: +7 (495) 777-5467                         estyle , Vela Smooth, Vela Shape are designed
      E-mail: info@cmjournal.ru                           to handle various skin conditions, as well
                                                          as to perform face and body rejuvenation
      Cosmetics & Medicine Publishing House,              and sculpturing procedures. In most cases           FIJIE                                      S 47
      found in 1997, publishes and distributes            treatment performed via these systems               119034, Ostozhenka 7, Moscow, Russia
      the specialized literature on cosmetics and         proves to be able to substitute aesthetic           Tel.: (495) 695-2534, 695-2532
      cosmetology in Russian.                             surgery. Moreover, the systems represent            Fax: (495)695 25 34
                                                                                                              E-mail: Institute_beauty@fijie.ru
         • Cosmetics & Medicine – scientific-             an ideal option for pre- and rehabilitation         www.fijie.ru
      practical journal focusing on cosmetic              treatment in plastic surgery.
      chemistry, skin biology and physiology                 The MIR Closed Company acts as an                The company acts as an exclusive distributor
      as well as applied cosmetology and                  exclusive distributor for SYNERON MEDICAL           of professional cosmetics featuring cutting-
      dermatocosmetology. This journal is about           LTD.                                                edge anti-age technologies, developed
      HOW cosmetic products ACT ON THE SKIN.                                                                  in the company’s in-house research and
      Circulation – 5000 copies, 6 issues per year.                                                           development laboratories. Glycolic peels
         • SOFW-journal (Russian version                                                                      Renophase® /France with phytoestrogens and
      since 2000) – is about How to Formulate             ESTEMED                                     S 25    DHEA vegetal precursors – 17 programmes,
      products. The leading international journal         125212, Makarov Str 8, Moscow, Russia               biopeels containing free glycolic acid,
      for applied science on cosmetics, personal          Tel.: (495) 514-6346, (495) 287-40-67/ 68           photosensible peels to be combined with
                                                          Tel./fax: (495) 974-8591                            laser radiation therapy. Anti-age and anti-
      care,detergent. Circulation-1000 copies, 6
      issues per year.                                    Professional and therapeutic cosmetics.             stress therapy ATACHE /Spain. Paramedical
                                                            The company acts as an official exclusive         aesthetics by MAURANE/ France, exclusive
                                                          representative and distributor for the US           massage techniques. Training.
                                                          professional cosmetics brand Mene & Moy

                                                          System (Yellow Peel), the SKIN RENU line, as
                                                          well as for the Italian brand Officina Pelle, and
                                                          a new US trade mark Mesodermal offering
                                                          mesotherapy products of a broad action
                                                                                                              FILORGA                                    S 07
                                                                                                              107031, Petrovsky Lane 5, bldg 5-6, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                              Tel./fax: (495) 502-92-85
      LABORATOIRE                                 S 39    spectrum.                                           E-mail: info@filorga.ru
      Bolshoy Tolmachovsky Lane 5, room 1108,
      Moscow, Russia
      Tel.: (495)980-8307, (499) 788-9165,                                                                    The Filorga Ru Closed Company acts as the
      (499) 788-9988                                      EXPERIMENTAL                                        exclusive distributor for Laboratoires Filorga
      Fax: (499) 788-97-20                                AND CLINICAL                                        (France) in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics.
      E-mail: mesodeval@mail.ru
      www.mesodeval.ru                                    DERMATOCOSMETOLOGY S 45                             This unique research laboratory develops
                                                                                                              preparations and technologies for specialists
                                                          magazine by the ‘Russian Doctor’
      The companacts as the official Russian              Publishing House Ltd.                               engaged in the field of aesthetic medicine:
      representative of the French laboratories           119992, Trubetskaya Str 8, bldg.1, Moscow, Russia      Mesotherapy and contouring preparations
      ABR Development, JALDES, PRO-HEALTH,                Tel.: (495)-622-9636. Fax: (499) 248-5126              Glycolic and phenol peels
                                                          E-mail: pr.rusvrach@gmail.com                          Professional anti-age therapy treatments
      and PHYTOFRANCE:                                    http://rusvrach.ru
        Medical aesthetics. Contouring plastics.                                                              formulated on the basis of biological
      Dermatology.                                        Experimental        and       Clinical              concentrates and cellular extracts
        A new filler based on calcium phosphate           Dermatocosmetology is a research                       Cryotherapy based on the Cryolift
      microparticles and hyaluronic acid.                 and practice magazine addressed to                  technique
        The Atlean TCP preparation by ABR                 dermatologists, beauticians and other                  ‘Nutra Sante’ – a Scientific Nutrition

120                      О ФИ ЦИ А ЛЬНЫЙ К АТА ЛО Г / 2 00 9 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE
                           / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPON E N TS /

concept                                            preparation has acquired broad recognition          115230, Varshavskoye Shosse 46, room 612,
                                                   with the Russian consumer, having earned            Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 967-7871, 8-925-542-1844,
                                                   among both specialists and their patients           8-910-406-8708
                                                   a reputation of a highly efficient and safe         Fax: (495) 967-78-71

                                                   medication for the treatment of local muscular
                                                                                                       E-mail: Marketing.lasers.medica@gmail.com,
                                                                                                       Helen1309@gmail.com, daler7@gmail.com

                                                                                                       Brands represented: MeDioStar Effect,
                                                                                                       Dermablate Effect,

119180 Chetvyorty Golutvinsky Lane1/8, bldg.1-2,
Moscow, Russia                                                                                            MeDioStar XT, MCL30 Dermablate,
Tel.: (495) 258-3191                                                                                   QuadroStar+, MultiPulse
Fax: (495) 259-3182                                                                                       The Lasers Medica Company, acting as
www.inneov.com                                                                                         an official distributor for Asclepion Laser
                                                   KOSMOTEROS, Research
Inneov Laboratories represent a joint              and Production Group S12                            Technologies GmbH (Germany), offers
enterprise founded by the companies                                                                    supreme quality multipurpose laser systems
                                                   125124, Raskova Str 24, bldg 4, Moscow, Russia      for aesthetic medicine.
Nestle and L’Oreal for the purpose of              Tel: (495)225-26-10
developing nutricosmetic products, such            E-mail: prof@kosmoteros.ru                             Complimentary modules:
as bioactive food additives aimed to               www.kosmoteros.ru                                      - fractional Photothermolisis (FF)
improve your skin, hair and nail condition.                                                               - radio frequency therapy (RF)
                                                   The Research and Production Group                      - phototherapy (APL),
Registered on the Russian market are the           Kosmoteros rates number one among Russian
following 3 products. Inneov Suppleness                                                                   - shock-wave therapy (AW)
                                                   manufacturers of injection preparations and            Two-year warranty. Made in Germany.
and Shine smoothes out lines and enhances          professional cosmetic products.
facial and body skin elasticity. Inneov Thick                                                             Surface and deep laser polishing.
                                                      The company has developed and obtained              Laser rejuvenation treatment via fractional
Hair prevents hair loss and adds volume.           the pharmacy quality natrium hyaluronate,
Inneov Cellustretch smoothes out cellulite                                                             photothermolisis.
                                                   the only available in Russia, as well as               Removal of epidermal and dermal
signs and improves the skin structure from         developed and implemented technologies of
inside.                                                                                                pigmentation lesions.
                                                   deriving many mucopolysacarides and protein            Laser depilation treatment, performed also
   CAC – cosmeceuticals for premium class          compounds such as collagen, fibrogene,
salons. The supreme level of personal                                                                  on darker skin types.
                                                   chondroitinsulphate, placenta, lactoserum              Treatment of red and blue vessel defects.
aesthetics.                                        coenzyme and others.                                   Correction of hypertrophic, atrophic and
                                                      While creating new cosmetic preparations         post-acne scar conditions.
                                                   the company pursues the key principles                 Elimination of benign skin formations.
IPSEN OPERATIONS                                   as follows: innovation, safety, efficiency,            Photo depilation treatment.
                                                   naturalness.                                           Photo rejuvenation.
RUSSIA                                   S 21         The professional line ‘KOSMOTEROS                   Anti-acne therapy.
109147, Taganskaya Str 19, Business Centre         professional’ offers programmes for aesthetic
Mosenka Park Towers, Moscow, Russia                                                                       Removal of tattoos of any complexity and
                                                   medicine and classical cosmetology                  color.
Tel.: (495) 258-5400
Fax: (495) 258-5401                                formulated on the basis of hyaluronic acid.            Permanent makeup correction and
E-mail: Disport.moscow@ipsen.com                   Enjoying well deserved popularity are chemical      elimination.
www.ipsen.com                                      peel preparations, apparative cosmetology              High frequency radiowave face and body
                                                   products, mesotherapy and biorevitalization         sculpturing treatment.
The Ipsen Company today is a public (IPO
                                                   treatments.                                            Anti-cellulite treatment and body correction
at EuroNext in 2005) European company
represented in more than 100 countries                                                                 by means of the shockwave therapy.
worldwide with a portfolio comprising over 20
    Ipsen’s fundamental principle is clearly
reflected in the company’s motto that runs as
follows ‘Innovations for health’s sake’, which
                                                   LANIX                                     S 42      M
is realized through the implementation into
medicine of innovations aimed to enhance           125438, Likhoborskaya Emb.18, bldg.1,               MARTIN’EX                                 S 38
the efficacy of the treatment and the patient’s    Moscow, Russia
                                                   Tel.: (495)788-15-92/788-15-93                      Krasnoproletarskaya Str 16, bldg.11, Moscow,
life quality level.                                                                                    Russia
                                                   Fax: (495)153-76-41/154-23-21
    The defining element of the company’s          E-mail: cosmetic@lanix.ru                           Tel: (495) 660-34 00, 796-8204
development strategy is the promotion              www.atopalm-mle.ru/ www.lanix.ru                    Е-mail: alo@martinex.ru
of state-of-the-art preparations for the                                                               www.martinex.ru
company’s key medicine domains, such as            Therapeutic cosmetics from South Korea:
                                                                                                       The MARTIN’EX Beauty Business Laboratory
oncology, endocrinology, and neuromuscular            Atopalm – a line of multilayer emulsion
                                                                                                       stands for:
disorders. General therapeutic medications,        products for dry and sensitive skin care;
                                                                                                         A generator of new ideas in the sphere of
representing a bulky part in the company’s         proves efficient in treating dermatitis, allergy,
                                                                                                       aesthetic medicine
portfolio, make up a considerable contribution     as well as psoriasis conditions.
                                                                                                         An exclusive supplier of the best aesthetic
to the financing of the company’s research            MLE Gowoonsesang – a new dimension
                                                                                                       medicine preparations and equipment
projects.                                          of anti-age products for sensitive skin care
                                                                                                         A high quality servicing
    The four scientific and research centres       featuring a biological method of fighting skin
                                                                                                         A Training and Methodology Centre for
situated in Paris, Boston, Barcelona and           ageing through activating protective barrier
                                                                                                       beauty business personnel
London provide Ipsen with an undeniable            skin functions.
                                                                                                         A branched distributor network throughout
advantage of being able to cooperate with             Osec Hwangto (translated from Korean
                                                                                                       Russia, covering also the CIS and the near
highly experienced researcher teams of the         as ‘Korean pentacolor’) – a therapeutic
                                                                                                       abroad countries
world’s largest universities.                      line of products formulated on the basis of
                                                                                                         The MARTIN’EX Beauty Business
    Currently the company’s portfolio in Russia    medicinal clays of five colors. Osec Hwangto
                                                                                                       Laboratory offers a wide range of products
includes both preparations employed in             features a holistic skin care approach,
                                                                                                       required for a successful performance of your
general therapeutic practice and innovative        including cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing
                                                                                                       Beauty Centre:
medications.                                       and treatment.
    One of the company’s best developments            Medikare – textile tissue masks of various
– the Dysport preparation – has been since         action for every-day use.
1999 registered on the RF pharmaceutical                                                                 Contour plastics
market as a neurological medication; and                                                                 Apparative cosmetology
since 2004 has been endorsed as one for            LASERS MEDICA                             S 41        Plastic surgery
the treatment of hyperkinetic lines. The

                                                                       ОФИЦИАЛЬ НЫ Й КАТАЛОГ / 2009 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE                               121
                                 / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPO N E N TS /

      MARTINES IMAGE                          S 16     www.metagenics.ru                                   the development of medications used
                                                                                                           in neurology and psychiatry, e.g. for the
      115093, Lyusinovskaya Str 53, Moscow, Russia     The Medexfol Lab Company presents on the
      Tel.: (495) 223-5515 (multiline)                                                                     treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
                                                       Russian marke t premium quality products
      Fax: (495) 237-6317                                                                                  diseases, as well as for the treatment of
      E-mail: info@martines.ru                         from the worldwide renowned manufacturer
                                                                                                           neuromuscular disorders, such as distonia.
      www. martines.ru                                 of nutrients Metagenics Inc.
                                                                                                           Aesthetic dermatology is another important
                                                          Vitamin-mineral complexes, Omega-3 fat
      The Martines Image Company engages                                                                   field of the company’s business activity. Merz
                                                       acids, ANTI-AGE preparations, a wide range of
      in promoting the best international                                                                  Pharma engages also in the beauty care
                                                       products for the woman’s health, preparations
      achievements in the field of cosmetology and                                                         domain, creating preparations for wrinkle
                                                       aimed to regulate alimentary canal functions,
      aesthetic medicine onto the Russian market.                                                          correction and other beauty products.
                                                       to normalize the blood glucose level and many
      Ericson Laboratoire (France), Amenity (Japan),   other high efficiency preparations formulated
      La Mente (Japan), Esthetic Skin Care ES 301      to preserve your health, youth and beauty.
      (Japan), Beauty Image (Spain), O.T.I. (Spain),
      Lucia Rapetti (France), Methode Brigitte
      Kettner (Germany), Bio Seasons (Germany),
      YOU Nails (Switzerland), Framesi (Italy).        MEDISCULPT                                 S 51
                                                                                                           NEW LINE
                                                       109240, Kotelnicheskaya Emb.1/15, bldg. В,
                                                       Moscow, Russia                                      COSMETOLOGY                               S 08
                                                       Tel.: (495) 915-3966, 410-4540
      MARUGA COSMETICS                        S 33     Fax: (495) 915-2594                                 125040, Skakovaya Str 9, room 404, 405,
                                                                                                           Moscow, Russia
                                                       E-mail: info@elita-center.ru
      117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62/1, bldg 7,    www.elita-center.ru                                 Tel./fax: (495) 945-34-10
      Moscow, Russia                                                                                       E-mail: newlinecentr@mail.ru, nlccentr@nlccosm.ru
      Tel./fax: (495) 933-4170                         Cutting-edge technologies from Europe –             www.nlccosm.ru
      Fax: (495- 933 41 70
      E-mail: maruga@inbox.ru                          Imperium Platinum and Medisculpt!                   Brands represented:        Filler Radiesse™
      www.maruga.ru                                       Imperium Platinum – radioisotope                 (USA), mesotherapy products – VIT:JAL
                                                       treatment techniques!                               Revitalizing Mix, Revital Tonic, Revital
      The Maruga Cosmetics Company acts as                The multipurpose system yields better
      an official partner of MMerz Pharma in                                                               Celluform, IDEBae, NUCLEONIX DNA (Italy),
                                                       efficiency through the combination of its           mammary gland implants SEBBIN (France).
      marketing the BELOTERO® preparation in           numerous possibilities:
      Russia. BELOTERO: a new-generation filler                                                               The international company NEW LINE
                                                          EPIDERMABRASIA and SONOPHORESIS                  COSMETOLOGY was founded for the purpose
      based on stabilized hyaluronic acid obtained        BIOSTIMULATION          and      DERMAL
      through the cohesive polycondensed matrix                                                            of selection and promotion of cutting-edge
                                                       RESTRUCTURIZATION                                   beauty care and aesthetic medicine products
      technology. MERZ FARMA, Germany                     RADIOISOTOPE MESOTHERAPY
         Maruga Cosmetics exclusively represents                                                           and technologies onto the Russian and
                                                          RADIOISOTOPE THERMAGE                            Ukrainean markets.
      on the Russian market:                              M disculpt – breaks up fat and
         СCRM®Technology – last generation                                                                    The company holds exclusive rights for the
                                                       simultaneously destroys fat deposits.               distribution of the products presented in its
      combined fillers C СRM Dex, CRM Dur, CRM            More efficacy is achieved via combining
      Gel, CRM DX and the CRM Soft biorevitalization                                                       catalogue.
                                                       M disculpt, which breaks up and removes fat,           Radiesse™ (USA) – an injectional implant
      preparation. BioPolymer, Germany                 hypo-osmolar solution injections aimed to
         V VISCODERM – the first product for                                                               for soft tissue augmentation based on calcium
                                                       weaken and destroy fat cells, plus the impact       hydroxilapathit: safe and long-lasting – up to
      multi-stage adaptive skin biorevitalization      of the yellow rays and microcurrents.
      treatment.       Based    on     non-modified                                                        15-20 months, biocompatible, requires no
      hyaluronic acid, the product comes in three                                                          allergy test.
      concentrations — 8 mg/ml, 16 mg/ml, and                                                                 Italy-made mesoproducts – VIT:JAL
      20 mg/ml. IBSA, Italy                            MELIS                                      S 26     Revitalizing Mix, Revital Tonic, Revital
         FI FILLAST – a new patented non-invasive                                                          Celluform, IDEBae and NUCLEONIX DNA.
                                                       191002, Dostoevsky Str. 9, St. Petersburg, Russia      Juvederm – an injectional filler based on
      revitalization technique: the technology is      Tel.: (812) 713-2214
      developed to control depolymerization of         Fax: (812) 572-7468                                 hyaluronic acid.
      hyaluronic acid through fermentation and         E-mail: medmelis@yandex.ru                             Surgiderm – an injectional filler based on
                                                       www. medmelis.ru                                    hyaluronic acid.
      oxidation. General Topics, Italy
         IN INNO -TDS® – a new line of mesotherapy                                                            The company holds exclusive rights for
                                                       The Melis Ltd Company presents:
      products presented as cocktails and mono                                                             the distribution of the two products on the
                                                          NEW!!! New injection preparations
      preparations.                                                                                        territory of the Ukraine.
                                                       for biorevitalization SKIN B and SKIN R
         INNO-TDS formulations feature maximally       formulated with hyaluronic and amino acids
      affordable ingredient concentrations,            for face and body lifting treatment.
      demonstrate high efficiency yielding visible        NEW!!! NARL 517 system featuring a               NIKE-MED, The Clinik
      results, confirmed by proprietary scientific     revolutionary technique of safe slimming.           of Aestetic Medicine                      S 05
      and clinical research. Innosearch, Spain            TRAINEES are WELCOME.
         ENERPEEL® – a new standard of chemical                                                            119261, Panfyorov Str 11, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                           Tel.: (499) 783-5582, (499) 132-5581, (499) 783-
      peels. An innovative physical-chemical system                                                        5583, (499) 132-4351, (499) 132-8733,
      allowing to perform efficient exfoliation                                                            Tel./fax: (499) 132-8730,8-499132-87-32
      treatment with minimum side effects              MERZ                                                E-mail: info@nike-med.ru
      achieved through a fast, even and controlled     PHARMACEUTICALS                            S 32
      acid absorption. General Topics, Italy.                                                              The Nike-Med Aesthetic Medicine Clinic,
                                                       125040 Yamskoye Pole Str. 9/13, bldg. 26, room      enjoying more than a decade long experience
            NIMUE – a new generation of                203, Moscow, Russia
      dermatocosmetology         preparations     of   Tel.: (495) 660-7695                                on the Russian beauty market, acts as an
      therapeutic-preventive action, providing an      Fax: (499) 257 02 34                                exclusive distributor for the international
                                                       E-mail: inessa.saakyan@merz.ru                      companies MESOESTETIC, LORCAМARIN,
      intensive care and gradual skin regeneration     www.merz.ru
      via unique innovative homecare products and                                                          HUMAN MED, EUROSILICONE, ARC LAZER,
      original professional treatments. Nimue Skin     Merz Pharma is a leading international              AURIGA, ADODERM.
      (Pty) Ltd., SAR.                                 company operating in the healthcare sphere             Lanzou Institute of Biological Products
                                                       and producing a wide range of related goods:        presents the LANTOX preparation, a botulinum
                                                       medicinal preparations (including both over-        toxin type A.
                                                       the-counter medicines and those available              BELLCONTOUR-(monophase hyaluronic
      MEDEXFOL LAB.                           S 10     exclusively with a valid prescription), supplies    acid) volume and contour sculpturing
                                                       for dentists and dental technicians, face           treatment of facial, lip and other soft
      123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse 32а, entrance 2,
      room 416, Moscow, Russia                         and body care products, hygiene products.           tissue zones, correction of skin lesions and
      Tel.: (495) 646-3158, 509-4032                   The Merz Pharmaceuticals Research and               wrinkles.
      Fax: (495) 646-3159                                                                                     ADODERM – the VARIODERM preparation
      E-mail: info@metagenics.ru                       Development department deals also with
                                                                                                           (100% hyaluronic acid of a prolonged action);

122                     О ФИ ЦИ А ЛЬНЫЙ К АТА ЛО Г / 2 00 9 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE
                           / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPON E N TS /

AURIGA innovative nanotechnological
preparations, used for the treatment of
cicatrices, haematomas, pigmentation
defects, vascular lesions; also available is
                                                   PHITOGEN                                   S 14
                                                                                                       ROFIL MEDICAL
a vitamin C serum, as well as anti-aging
creams, revitalization preparations, as well       115054, Dubininskaya Str 35, Moscow, Russia         NEDERLAND B.V.                            S 05
as moisturizing, nutrition, lifting and daily      Tel.: (495) 237-7012, 235-3066, 235-7398            Tel.: (495) 978-49-81, 8-901-517-49-81, 8-901-
care products.                                     Fax: (495) 237 70 12                                545-10-51
   For surgeons the company offers the BODY-       E-mail: phitogen@bk.ru                              E-mail: rofilru@yandex.ru
                                                   www.phitogen.ru www.ial-system.ru                   www.rofilrus.ru
JET liposuction system (operations under           www.copper-peptide.ru
local anesthesia, mammal gland implants,                                                               The company’s activity domain:
compression underwear, soluble and non-            The Phitogen Company presents supplies for
                                                                                                           The Rofil Medical Nederland B.V. company
dissolvable threads Magik Lift (a non-invasion     aesthetic medicine and cosmetology:
                                                                                                       is a leading European manufacturer of
face-lift treatment), Spenco silicone pads for       Ial-System and Ial-System ACP® – injection
                                                   preparations for biorevitalization treatment        products for aesthetic medicine. The
post-burn and keloid scar treatment.                                                                   company, established in October, 1997, and
                                                   based on hyaluronic acid.
                                                                                                       present on the cosmetology market since
                                                     Sweet Skin System – chemical peels based
                                                                                                       January, 1998, engages in the manufacture
                                                   on glycolic acid and chitosan.
NOVONEXUS                                S 37                                                          of anti-age and skin rejuvenation products.
                                                     Proantox® – ТСА medium gel peel.
                                                     Sculptura® – two-phase chemical peels                 Rofil Medical Russia acts as an official
125190, Leningradsky Ave 80, bldg 17, room 11,                                                         distributor for Rofil Medical Nederland B.V. on
Moscow, Russia                                     based on the hydroacid complex.
Tel./fax: (495) 787-3250                                                                               the Russian market.
                                                     Neova ®Therapy       –    a    therapeutic
E-mail: office@novo-nexus.ru                                                                               BeautyGel,BeautySphere – preparations
www.novo-nexus.ru                                  cosmeceutical line formulated with copper
                                                   peptides.                                           for injection contour plastics, biodegradable
                                                                                                       fillers of a prolonged action. New possibilities
The NovoNexus Company, present on the                Complex Cu3® – intensive wound repair
                                                                                                       in wrinkle correction.
aesthetic medicine market since 2004,              enhanced with copper peptides.
                                                                                                           Zetavisc L – effective biorevitalization
engages mainly in the development and
                                                                                                       preparation features a new generation of non-
manufacture of innovative beauty and health
                                                                                                       stabilized hyaluronic acid of a non-animal
care products.
   Contouring plastics – Repleri fillers (5        PROFUS                                     S 23     origin. It offers a safe, non-aggressive and
                                                                                                       natural skin rejuvenation and revitalization
types) based on stabilized hyaluronic acid of      129090, Shepkin Str 25/20, Moscow, Russia
                                                   Tel.: +7 (926) 847-3664                             technique.
non-animal origin, features maximum safety,
                                                   Fax: (495) 650-0887                                     Zeraderm, Zeraderm Ultra – preparations
high efficiency (lasting up to 1,5 year effect),
                                                   E-mail: m.kirova@gmail.com                          for the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic
as well as availability for both the doctor and    www.profus.ru                                       scars.
the patient.
                                                   The Profus Company is the exclusive                     Presented to your attention is the
   Epidermal Growth Factor – the GeneTime
                                                   distributor of supplies for contour plastics,       mesoinjector, together with a line of
spray, formulated to boost up healing of skin
                                                   plastic surgery and anti-aging preparations.        mesotherapy preparations formulated to
and mucous membrane damages, used for
                                                      TEOSYAL (Switzerland) – a full line              address various dermatological conditions,
burn and trophic ulcer treatment, as well as
                                                   of wrinkle-filling preparations based on            as well as hair and facial skin defects.
rehabilitation after beauty care treatments,
plastic surgery, etc. prevents scar formation.     hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
   Professional cosmetics formulated with             PERTHESE (France) – mammal gland
Human-Like Collagen. An exclusive high             implants with cohesive silicone filler, available
efficiency line developed in Switzerland.
   Use what really works!
                                                   with a smooth and structured surface.
                                                      Mesoestetic (Spain) – plain/univalent
                                                   preparations, used both separately as
                                                                                                       SOLING                                    S 31
                                                   monotherapy products and in cocktail
                                                   combinations. The preparations are                  109044, Vorontsovsky Lane 2, room 207,

OSEM (Association
                                                   formulated to target both major pathogenesis
                                                   aspects of a certain disease as well as the
                                                   symptoms of the given skin condition.
                                                                                                       Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 925 33 13
                                                                                                       Fax: (495) 911 39 83
                                                                                                       E-mail: soling@solingcompany.ru
of Specialists                                                                                         The Soling Company acts as an exclusive
in Aesthetic Medicine)
1st Volokolamsky st., build 10/1,
Moscow, 123060, Russia
Tel./fax: (495) 981-9494; 981-9491; 981-9490
                                                   Q                                                   Russian representative of contour plastics
                                                                                                       preparations by Amalian (Sweden), chemical
                                                                                                       peels Euromi (Belgium), the IPL Ellipse system
                                                                                                       and the 2009 novelty Nd: YAG Laser (Ellipse
E-mail: info@russiansam.ru
www.russiansam.ru                                  QUALITY LIFE                                        AS, Denmark), vibroliposuction system
                                                   GENERAL, INC. (QLG)                        S 13     VibroLipo (Euromi, Belgium), high frequency
OSEM (Association of Specialists in Aesthetic                                                          coagulator MN 63-B, radiowave lift systems
Medicine) is a non-commercial partnership          115088, Novoostapovskaya Str 5, bldg. 1,
                                                   Moscow, Russia                                      Therma-Skin and Therma-Shape (Maya
organized to popularize aesthetic medicine,        Tel.: (495) 675-9107                                Beauty Engineering, Italy).
to raise standard of professional education, to    Fax: (495) 675-97-49
exchange achievements, developments and            E-mail: promo2@ru21.ru
new technologies, to satisfy legislative and
regulatory needs of the professional activity.     The Dermatological Laboratory QLG engages           SPORTMEDIMPORT                            S 01
Either natural or legal person could become        in the creation of therapeutic cosmetic             119517, Nezhinskaya Str 8, bldg. 1,
a member of OSEM, all the members have             preparations in collaboration with the world’s      Moscow, Russia
special discounts for all events held by or with                                                       Tel: (495) 734-99-77
                                                   leading laboratories of France, Switzerland,        Fax: (499) 726-0525
assistance of OSEM. For further information,       Iceland and Russia; develops unique                 E-mail: smimos@smimos.ru
please visit OSEM official Internet site: www.     programmes of intensive, corrective and             199053, Chetvyortaya Liniya 13,
russiansam.ru                                      professional salon maintenance treatment, as        Vasilyevsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia
                                                                                                       Tel.: (812) 320-9909
                                                   well as a line of homecare cosmetics. All QLG       Fax: (812) 320-9908
                                                   cosmetic products are manufactured from             E-mail: smi@mail.wplus.net
                                                   natural-based ingredients, thus providing a         04114, Avtozavodskaya Str. 76А, Kiev, the Ukraine
                                                   naturally gentle and non-aggressive impact          Tel/fax: (044) 428 22 45
                                                                                                       E-mail: kiev@sportmedimport.net
                                                   on the skin.                                        www.sportmedimport.com

                                                                       ОФИЦИАЛЬ НЫ Й КАТАЛОГ / 2009 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE                                 123
                                / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPO N E N TS /

      Turnkey fitting out services for aesthetic       dermacosmetologists. The articles published         agency – 35870, in the united “Pressa
      medicine centres and beauty salons. The          in the magazine deal with the latest scientific     Rossii”catalogue – 14741.
      company is an exclusive supplier of the          achievements and practical developments in
      LPG Systems (France), Natura Bisse luxury        the field of aesthetic medicine. The articles         Exhibitions and professional educational
      professional cosmetics (Spain), and the          authors are leading Russian and foreign             events:
      FitWell-ProteiFine polyfunctional nutrition      experts. The “Consilium” section provides
      system (France). We also act as an official      plastic surgeons and dermacosmetologists              International Symposium on Aesthetic
      distributor for the Radiancy Company (Israel).   with an opportunity to openly speak their           Medicine and Specialized Exhibition
      Available is the most comprehensive selection    mind on a specific clinical task. Published           Organizer – academic and research
      of professional cosmetics, beauty care           on the pages of the magazine is the “Bulletin       magazine Aesthetic Medicine
      equipment, expendables and furniture from        of the Association of aesthetic medicine              Traditional work-platform for discussions
      27 of the world’s leading manufacturers.         specialists” containing express information         of the actual problems faced by aesthetic
                                                       concerning forthcoming professional events          medicine community.
                                                       held both in Russia and abroad, training              Participants of the symposium do not only
                                                       programs and other current news. Periodicity        gain knowledge and information lectured by
      ExpoMediaGroup                                   – 4 issues per year with a through page             the famous practicing specialists from all
      «STARAYA KREPOST»                                numbering, with a total page number from            over the world, witness the performances and
                                                       100 up to 120 type pages. The magazine is           master classes by the leading equipment and
                   10, build. 1, 1st Volokolamsky      available through subscription, as well as          chemicals manufacturers, but also dispute
                   street, Moscow 123060, Russia       via regional representatives and distributors.      with the experts and dwell on actual problems
                   Tel./fax: (495) 981-9494;           Subscription number in the “Newspapers              during the panel discussions and round table
                   981-9491; 981-9490                  and Magazines” catalogue of the Rospechat           meetings.
                   E-mail: info@cosmopress.ru,
                   pr@intercharm.ru                    agency – 81171, in the united “Pressa
                   Http: www.intercharm.net,           Rossii” catalogue – 14740.                             International Conference Medicine of
                   www.cosmopress.ru                                                                       Longevity and Life Quality and Specialized
                                                          Nogtevoy Service (Nail Service) – is a           Exhibition
         Publishing:                                   manual magazine for manicure and pedicure              Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles
         Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (The Russian        technicians, nail extension and sculpture           Esthetiques (The Russian edition)
      edition) – a leading international magazine      technicians, as well as for beauty salon and           This event allows estimating familiar
      addressed to the specialists engaged in the      nail studio top managing personnel.                 problems from a new point of view, to widen
      fields of cosmetology and applied medicine          The magazine’s main concept is a continuous      knowledge horizons, to take advantage of
         Les Nouvelles Esthetiques aims at             perfection of technicians’ professional skills.     the different medicine disciplines integration.
      promoting theoretic knowledge and practical      «Nogtevoy Service» deals with miscellaneous         Critical reviews and discussions, reports of
      experience among cosmetologists and              nail-related medical problems and means of          fundamental sciences representatives and
      aestheticians, acquainting specialists with      their treating, presents various nail sculpture     practicing specialists, exchange of opinions
      new technologies, preparations, techniques,      techniques, hand and finger decoration              between colleagues and scientists, search
      offering     recommendations       on    the     solutions, manicure and pedicure methods,           for answers to the eternal questions –
      organization and business running issues,        as well as provides recommendations on              the program is always of a geat interest
      promotion of goods and services, providing       business management issues, tells about             to aesthetists and various medicine
      an extensive coverage of professional            the latest launches in the nail services            specialists – anesthetists, gynecologists,
      events. Every issue contains the “Dossier        sphere. Every issue contains color inlets           endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists,
      on the Topic” section devoted to the urgent      with designer collections from the industry’s       family doctors, geneticists, biologists and for
      problems of modern cosmetology. Les              leading specialists. The magazine is issued         all others who are interested in the problems
      Nouvelles Esthetiques is issued 6 times per      6 times per year with a total page number           of aging, preventive strategy and restorative
      year with a total page number ranging from       of 132–166 type pages. The subscription             medicine, analytical data concerning means
      248 up to 380 type pages. The magazine           index in the “Newspapers and Magazines”             and methods of hero-protection etc.
      is available through subscription, as well       catalogue of the Rospechat agency – 80505,
      as regional representatives and distributors.    in the united “Pressa Rossii”catalogue –               International Congress on Aesthetic
      Subscription index in the “Newspapers and        38013.                                              Applied in Russia
      Magazines” catalogue of the Rospechat                                                                   Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles
      agency – 29907, in the Russian Press                Cosmetic Market Today – a magazine               Esthetiques (The Russian edition)
      catalogue “Pressa Rossii” – 99020, in the        dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics                   An authorative professional event for the
      “Pressa Rossii” catalogue – 47560.               production                                          specialists on aesthetic applied providing
                                                          This professional issue presents news            cosmetologists, trichologists, dermatologists,
         LNE plus – an educational project launched    and analytical reviews of the market                nail specialists and aesthetic surgeons with
      by the editorial board of the Les Nouvelles      trends, forecasts and expert estimations            opportunity to meet and dialogue, to get
      Esthetiques magazine for cosmetologists          from the industry’s leading specialists,            to know the latest achievements in this
      and aesthetic medicine specialists               business solutions, marketing strategies,           segment of beauty and learn new methods
         The magazine is prepared in close             communications and many other things. Our           in cosmetology and dermatology. The first
      collaboration with university departments,       periodical is a worthy partner of manufacturers     International congress on aesthetics was held
      training centers, public organizations and       of finished products, packaging and raw             in Moscow in 1996, and since that time every
      companies having proven unquestionable           materials, distributors, exporters and              year considerable number of professionals
      leaders in the field of cosmetology and          importers, as well as contract manufacturers        flocked into to listen to the speakers from
      aesthetic medicine. Every issue is devoted       and marketers. From 2007 «Cosmetic Market           France, Italy, Korea, Russia, Spain, and other
      to a particular cosmetic problem and             Today» has launched a series of topical             countries. The event is organized in the frame
      ways of solving it, containing information       seminars, particular attention being drawn          of INTERCHARM professional exhibition
      on new concepts and the latest aesthetic         to the urgent problems and prospects of the         concurrent program.
      technologies. «LNE Plus» provides a multi        world’s perfumery and cosmetics market, as             International Meeting of Spa-specialists
      angular vision of a problem. The «LNE Plus»      well as forthcoming changes in the industry.        SPA-INSTITUTE
      project is intended for aesthetic medicine          Creativeness, development of new                    Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles
      specialists and cosmetologists. The              products, innovations, branding, consumer           Esthetiques (The Russian edition)
      information provided in the publication can      preferences, emerging markets, trends,                 Specialized event for cosmetologists,
      be used as educational material at training      unorthodox marketing solutions, packaging –         spa-specialists, executives and managers
      courses. «LNE Plus» is distributed in a set      here is a list of major topics staying within the   of beauty salons, massagers, chiropractors,
      with the Russian edition of the Les Nouvelles    focus of modern specialists in this industry        and for all the people willing to enter this
      Esthetiques magazine (The Russian edition).      worldwide. The magazine is issued 24 times          perspective and dynamic market segment is
                                                       a year and distributed by subscription.             geared to cover problems of spa-business,
        Aesthetic Medicine – academic and              Subscription index in the “Newspapers and           technologies, wellness and spa-tourism
      research magazine for plastic surgeons and       Magazines” catalogue of the Rospechat               and to demonstrate national traditions of

124                    О ФИ ЦИ А ЛЬНЫЙ К АТА ЛО Г / 2 00 9 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE
                           / I NFOR MAT IO N ABOUT E XPON E N TS /

health improvement, latest achievements           representative of Espansione Group and                    The SmartLipo laser fat destructor
of beauty industry and a great experience         Eufoton (Italy), offering photo systems;                  The SmartXide Dot fractional laser
of restorative medicine in common spa-            Zohonice Science & Technology (China),                    The MiniSilk FT multipurpose photo
conception. The event is organized in the         offering IPL systems; Sharp&Botanica                   system
frame of INTERCHARM professional exhibition       RF-lifting equipment, cavitation ultrasound               The Synchro and Synchro HP multifunctional
concurrent program.                               systems etc.; Byonik and Polylaser (Germany)           laser unit.
                                                  offering biorevitalization systems; EunSung
   International Championship on Spa-             (Korea) offering the O2JetClear and OctoLine
massage                                           pressurized gas and liquid skin treatment
   Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles             systems.
Esthetiques (The Russian edition)
   Parade of original massage techniques
practiced in spa, professional competition of
masters on spa-massage from all over the
world combined with bright fascinating show
on various methods of massage techniques
by professionals of massage and other health
                                                  VALLEX M                                    S 20
industry fields – fitness, yoga, music therapy,
Chi Kung, Wu Shu etc.                             117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, Moscow,
   The event is organized in the frame of         Tel.: (495) 784-71-21
InterCHARM and INTERCHARM professional            Fax: (495) 784-71-20
exhibition concurrent program.                    E-mail: vallexm@vallexm.ru
  Conference           “Beauty       Salon        The Vallex M Company acts as an exclusive
Management”                                       distributor of professional cosmetic and
  Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles              perfumery products, as well as apparative
Esthetiques (The Russian edition)                 cosmetology equipment and         aesthetic
  Special program for managers, owners            medicine preparations from the world
and administrators of beauty salons,              renowned brands: RESTYLANE (Sweden),
hairdressing & nail studios, health centers       MEDICALIA (USA), SKIN TECH (Spain),
and cosmetological establishments. The            AESTHETIC DERMAL (Spain ), THERMAGE
conference program includes lectures and          (USA), FIBROPEN (Italy), SELLAS (Korea),
seminars dedicated to the problems of the         CELLCOSMET&CELLMEN           (Switzerland),
beauty salon management & marketing               PEVONIA (USA), DANIELE DE WINTER
& marketing and eternal questions of              (Monaco), J.F.LAZARTIGUE (France), being
profitability. The conference is organized        also a representative of the Disport brand
in the frame of INTERCHARM professional           (France).
exhibition concurrent program.

   All Russian Convention of Beauty Salons
   Organizer – magazine Les Nouvelles             VELORD                                      S 09
Esthetiques (The Russian edition)                 109428, Ryazansky Ave 30/15, Moscow, Russia
   The event for managers, owners and             Tel. (495) 728-4188. Fax: (495) 371-0362
administrators of beauty salons and institutes    E-mail: velord@velord.ru
get together from all over Russia to discuss      www.velord.ru
actual problems of the professional beauty        VELORD LLC is an official representative of
business in 4 theametic sections – plenum,        the FIAB Company (Italy) — a manufacturer
client, personal, spa. Today it serves as         of expendables for physiotherapy and
real business guide on the salon services         apparative cosmetology. The product range
market. The event is organized in the frame of    includes: disposable and reusable electrodes
InterCHARM exhibition concurrent program.         for myostimulation treatment, lymphatic
                                                  drainage, physiotherapy, and massage;
   Nail Service Studio                            reusable and disposable coagulators; gloves
   Organizer – magazine Nail Service              and probes for microcurrent therapy; fixing
   Educational event for nail industry            and conductive straps; iontophoresis masks;
specialists. The event focuses on all the         electroconductive gel; connector cables;
aspects of nail industry – from nail modeling     disposable garment articles, and much
and design to problems in management and          more.
administration of the nail studios. Confirming
its necessity and importance the event is
held twice a year – in spring in the frame of
INTERCHARM professional and in autumn at          VITRUM MEDIKA                               S 11
InterCHARM.                                       129085, Mira Ave 105, 3d floor, room 4-1,
                                                  Moscow, Russia
                                                  Tel.: (495) 687-08-81, 502-65-31, 502-65-86
                                                  Fax: (495) 687-08-81

                                                  E-mail: virtuma@mail.ru, vitrummedike@mail.ru
                                                  www.dekalaser.ru, www.vitrummedika.ru

                                                  The Vitrum Medica Company acts as an
TEREZA AESTHETIC                          S 50    exclusive distributor for DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l.-
                                                  a European leader in the development and
109341, Lyublinskaya Str 151, room 408,           manufacture of medical laser systems for
Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (495)661-0188                               cosmetology, dermatology, surgery, and
Fax: (499)722-1350                                dentistry.
E-mail: info@tereza-aesthetic.ru                     DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l. stands for high reliability,
www.tereza-aesthetic.ru                           efficiency, original technical solutions, and
The Tereza Aesthetic Company is engaged           safety for both the patient and the medical
in supplying cosmetology and aesthetic            personnel.
medicine equipment. We are an exclusive              The 2008 novelties:

                                                                       ОФИЦИАЛЬ НЫ Й КАТАЛОГ / 2009 / OF F ICIAL CATALOGUE                               125

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