These GREEN TIPS help the environment and save you money by wooha


									                These GREEN TIPS help the environment
                        (and save you money).
                         Add some green to your life!

BYOB.                                             Make that a cold one.
          Bring Your Own Bag (when you                          Use cold water for washing
          shop). Sturdy, reusable bags are                      clothes whenever possible.
          available at grocery stores for                       About 90% of the energy a
          about $1. Keep bags in your back                      washing machine uses is for
          seat so you won’t forget them.                        heating the water.

Cover your back side.                             Idling is getting you nowhere.
          Cut waste 50% by using both                           Save gas and reduce emissions
          sides of the paper. Set your print-                   by turning off your engine
          er default to duplex (two-sided)                      when you are parked or stopped
          printing. Make double-sided                           (except in traffic) for more than
          copies whenever possible.                             a minute. Avoid drive-thrus.

Give trash a new life.                            Shower yourself with savings.
          Select an item you currently                          K
                                                                Keep your showers to five
          throw away (such as newspapers                        m
                                                                minutes or less (really!).
          or cans), and start recycling it.                     S
                                                                Short showers and low-flow
          Find out how by visiting:                             s
                                                                showerheads save water
                                                                and money.

Wash your car, not the driveway.                  Borrow before you buy.
          Save water by going to a car wash                     Y
                                                                You can borrow more than
          that recycles its water. If you                       b
                                                                books for free from your
          wash your own car—park it on the                      lo
                                                                local library. Videos, DVDs,
          grass, use a bucket of soapy water,                   C
                                                                CDs, magazines, and audio
          and a hose with a shutoff nozzle.                     b
                                                                books are also available.

                      Every Friday, check the Pinellas County Utilities site for a
                      new Green Tip at:

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