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					Health Sector Program Kenya

Health Care Financing

An Overview

• All Kenyan,
irrespective of age, sex, tribe or
  financial status,
          have access to
essential health services of good

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• Support Government and other
  Stakeholders in the health
     to develop and implement a
sustainable, inclusive and equitable
Health Financing Strategy / Policy
 for Kenya

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               Issues in HCF
1. How can poor people access health services?

2. Which services are essential?
3. How much would this services cost?

4. How should contributions for the financing of the
     sector be collected?

5. How are Providers paid for services?

6. Inclusion of all service providers into the national
      planning and financing process

7. Inclusion of Global Fund support into National
      Financing Strategy

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      Current work in HCF
1. Support to NHIF to improve efficiency and
2. Comprehensive assessment and mapping of all Faith
    Based Health Services (Hospitals, Health Centers,
3. Capacity building in the Planning and Health
    Economics Department of the MoH
4. Support to the Kenyan Network of Community Based
    Health Insurance Schemes
5. Support to ICC HIV and CCM for efficient use of Global
    Fund grants

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