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									    Programme IGC 2010

        6 International
        Geothermal Conference


1.000           May 19 - 20, 2010 Freiburg · Germany

                Congress, Short Course & Workshops
2.000               π   Investing in geothermal energy
                    π   Seismicity
                    π   Geothermal power plant engineering
                    π   Geothermal energy world wide
                    π   Deep geothermal energy for municipal power supply
3.000               π   Risk mitigation strategies
                    π   Geothermal power plant in service
                    π   Exploitation of geothermal reservoirs




        Patronage                           Organiser
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Both in Germany and other countries, the huge potential
of geothermal energy is still largely untapped. Technical chal-
lenges involved in the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs,
uncertainties concerning prospecting and the risk of seismic
events are some of the reasons why the development of geo-
thermal energy is less dynamic than expected.

The regulatory framework in Germany is, however, currently
very good: the Renewable Energy Act, the market incentive
programme and KfW credits for covering prospecting risks
enable the efficient implementation of geothermal projects.
But time is short - not only owing to the imminent expiry of
the Early Starter Bonus, due in 2015, but also because the
geothermal energy industry needs to demonstrate that it is able
to make a major contribution to covering energy demands. The
dynamic which results from this offers companies at home
and abroad numerous possibilities to become active along
the value-added chain.

The 6th International Geothermal Conference offers the perfect
setting for finding out more about the latest geothermal devel-
opments and for making valuable international business con-
tacts. Lots of scope for discussions, an inviting atmosphere
and plenty of time for personal meetings make the conference
an ideal networking event. Register for the IGC 2010 today –
we look forward to welcoming you!

Dr. Jochen Schneider         Marcus Brian
Enerchange                   Enerchange
 IGC 2010 | Short Course & Workshops

            Short Course (9.00 am - 1.00 pm)
 	 	 	      Principles	of	exploiting	geothermal	reservoirs

            Workshop I (2.30 pm - 6.00 pm)
 	 	 	      Geothermal	energy	worldwide	–	projects	and	potential	

            Workshop II (2.30 pm - 6.00 pm)
 	 	 	      Deep	geothermal	energy	for	municipal	power	supply		

            Workshop III (2.30 pm - 6.00 pm)
 	 	 	      Geothermal	power	plant	engineering

            Schlumberger-Workshop (2.30 pm - 6.00 pm)
 	 	 	      Optimised	reservoir	exploitation	with	Petrel	&	ECLIPSE	

 IGC 2010 | Congress
            Forum I	(11.15 am - 1.15 pm)	
 	 	 	      Forum	I:	Exploitation	of	geothermal	reservoirs		

 	 	 	      and	risk	mitigation
            Forum II	(11.15 am - 1.15 pm)

            Forum III	(2.30 pm - 4.30 pm)
 	 	 	      Why	is	geothermal	an	interesting	investment?

            Forum IV	(2.30 pm - 4.30 pm)
 	 	 	      Geothermal	power	plants	in	service

 Field trips
            FieId trip I (8.30 am - 3.30 pm)

 	 	 	      EGS	research	project	at	Soultz-sous-Forêts/	France	              	 	

            Exkursion II	(8.30 am - 3.30 pm)
 	 	 	      Geothermal	power	at	Landau/	federal	state	of	Pfalz

 Up-to-date programme information: www.geothermiekonferenz.de
 Alle events can be booked separately. Special price for complete booking.
Short Course

Principles of exploiting geothermal reservoirs

Chair: Dr. Jochen Schneider, Enerchange

In	collaboration	with	the	Drilling	School	Celle	
      State Certified Technical School, Germany

The	Short	Course	"Principles	of	exploiting	geothermal	reser-
voirs"	will	provide	an	in-depth	overview	of	the	most	important	
challenges	and	steps	related	to	geothermal	drilling.	Starting	
with	the	requirements	placed	on	drilling	sites,	drilling	equip-
ment	and	drilling	planning,	to	piping	and	aspects	of	cost	
optimisation,	this	event	provides	a	concise,	practical	introduc-
tion	to	drilling	technology	and	deep	drilling.

The	short	course	therefore	not	only	provides	excellent	prepara-
tion	for	the	conference	the	following	day,	it	is	also	a	perfect	
complement	to	the	practice-related	workshops	on	the	afternoon	
of	19th	May	and	the	field	trips	on	21st	May.

Please notice: The official language is German

9.00 am Welcoming speech and introduction
        Dr. Jochen Schneider,	Enerchange
                  Drilling site and drilling requirements
                  Andreas Macek, GeoWell
	 	   	           Planning a drilling project – vertical or deviated?
                  Dr.– ing. Aeint Picksack,	Drilling School Celle
	 	   	           Realising a drilling project –
                  tools and measurement technique
                  Dr.–ing. Aeint Picksack,	Drilling School Celle

                  11.00 am Break
                                                   9.00 am – 1.00 pm


    11.15 am   Drilling fluids and solid control equipment
    	 	 	      Dr.– Ing. Martin Karad, MI Swaco
    	 	    	   Innovative cement solutions for geothermal wells
    	 	    	   Henning Blume, Schlumberger	

        		 	   Cost-effective drilling
               Thor Növig, Hekla Energy

               Security and environmental protection by
               reference to mining law
               Dr. Udo Grossmann, Drilling School Celle

    1.00 pm Luncheon (Novotel Hotel)

    All participants receive a substantial Short Course Volume with
    the contents summarised in extensive technical papers.

Workshop I
Geothermal energy worldwide
– projects and potential

Chair:	Prof. Ladislaus Rybach, IGA
Worldwide	there	are	a	large	number	of	geothermal	projects	
under	development	or	already	integrated	into	the	grid.	Within	
this	workshop,	a	selection	of	international	projects	at	different	
stages	of	development	will	be	presented,	as	will	the	geother-
mal	potential	of	various	countries	and	regions.	Participants	
will	thus	gain	a	concise	overview	of	the	current,	internationally	
significant	developments	in	deep	geothermal	energy.

Official language of workshop I is English

2.30 pm		 The break through in geothermal development in
          South America – can Chile make it?
          Dr. Michael Kraml, endura project
	   	      Deep Geothermal in Africa – projects and risk
           Dr-Ing. Horst Kreuter,	Geothermal Engineering
           Geothermal Power plants and new projects in
           Ladarello and Italy
           Roberto Parri,	Enel

4.00 pm Break

4.30 pm    The Penola Deep Sedimentary Aquifer project,
           South Australia
           Dr. Graeme Beardsmore, Hot Dry Rocks
           Co-author:	Bertus de Graaf,
           Panax Geothermal Limited
           Geothermal resources of Hungary and their
           Dr. György Pátzay, Hungarian Geothermal
           Association (HGA)
                                                 2.30 pm – 6.00 pm

    05/19/10                                                               -
                                              Special	prize	for	represen
                                              tatives	of	local 	authorities!
    Workshop II
    Deep geothermal energy as an integral component of
    municipal power supply

    Chair:	Anton Berger, Rödl & Partner /
           Marissa Walzer, endura kommunal
    Deep	geothermal	energy	provides	an	interesting	alternative	to	fossil	
    fuels,	especially	for	municipal	power	supply.	More	than	a	dozen	
    geothermal	power	plants	already	feed	into	district	heating	networks	
    in	Germany.

    This	workshop	will	deliver	an	insight	into	the	municipal	energy	
    strategy	for	geothermal	energy,	examining	topics	such	as	sensible	
    points	for	integrating	geothermal	power	into	the	energy	concept,	
    the	first	steps	necessary	and	the	financing	of	geothermal	power	
    plants.	Practical	experience	from	those	involved	in	the	planning	and	
    operation	of	power	plants	will	round-off	the	session.
    Please notice: The official language of workshop II is German

    2.30 pm		 	 eothermal energy for municipalities –
              fundamentals, frameworks and potentials
              Marissa Walzer, endura kommunal
              Financing of communal deep geothermal projects
              Tanja Mönkoff, Bayern LB
              Experiences with planning, realisation process and
              operation of geothermal district heating grids
              Dr.– Ing. Christian Pletl, Stadtwerke München

    4.00 pm Break

    4.30 pm   Geothermal projects in the Upper Rhine Graben –
              planning, challenges and prospects
    	 	       Peter Majer, Badenova (inquired)
              Intercommunal geothermal project Aschheim/
              Feldkirchen/ Kirchheim: from the idea to the
              successfull realisation
              Thomas Fröhlich, AFK-Geothermie
              Realisation of the communal geothermal project for
              combined heat and power generation in Unterhaching
              Anton Berger, Rödl & Partner
Workshop III
Geothermal power plant engineering

Chair:		 r. Hartwig Schröder, enpros consulting
       Kathrin Rohloff, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Both	in	hydro-geothermal	applications	and	in	HFR	systems	
for	the	use	of	low-enthalpy	geothermal	resources,	ORC	and	
Kalina	are	to	date	the	only	technologies	available	for	electricity	
generation	in	Germany.	Both	technologies	are	based	upon	the	
use	of	cyclic	processes,	the	further	optimisation	of	which	could	
increase	the	efficiency	of	geothermal	power	plants.

In	the	geothermal	power	plant	engineering	workshop,	inter-
national	speakers	will	give	lectures	with	a	practical	orientation	
on	designing	low-enthalpy	geothermal	power	plants	and	the	
opportunities	to	optimise	power	plant	processes.

Official languages of workshop III are English/ German

2.30 pm		 Design of low-enthalpy geothermal power plants
          Kathrin Rohloff, TU Hamburg-Harburg
           Heat exchanger in geothermal power plants:
           Challenges and prospects
           Dr. Claes Stenhede, Alfa Laval
           The use of shell and tube heat exchanger at the
           geothermal power plant in Landau
           Christian Scholz,	IGA-TEC

4.00 pm Break

4.30 pm    Supercritical ORC for geothermal power plant;
           A strong improvement of the financial perspectives
           Damien Thiolet, Cryostar SAS
           Diverse experience in low-enthalpy geothermal
           power plants
           Carlo Minini,	Turboden
                                                  2.30 pm – 6.00 pm

    Workflow with Petrel and ECLIPSE for an optimised
    reservoir exploitation and geothermal risk mitigation

    This	workshop	provides	an	intro-	
    duction	to	software-supported		              Special	workshop	with	
    geothermal	reservoir	characterisa-	          reduced	participation	fee
    tion.	Using	a	geothermal	reservoir	
    model	as	a	basis,	participants	will	understand	the	benefits		
    of	using	Petrel	modeling	and	ECLIPSE	simulator	software		
    (to	accurately	&	efficiently	char	 cterise	their	reservoir)	for	
    miti	 ating	drilling	and	project	risks.	

    Through	an	interactive	dialogue	with	Schlumberger	experts,	
    an	end-to-end	geothermal	workflow	will	be	defined,	starting	
    with	3D-seismic	data	interpretation,	to	geological	and	struc-
    tural	modeling	to	reservoir	simulation.	The	participants	will	
    gain	a	good	understanding	of	how	such	a	workflow	and	the	
    results	generated	therein	can	support	a	more	robust	decision	
    making.	This	is	especially	important,	when	it	comes	to	target	
    definition,	drilling	path	and	well	placement,	the	most	cost-
    intensive	and	risky	phases	of	every	deep-geothermal	project.

    Official language of the Schlumberger-workshop is English

    2.30 pm    Schlumberger Exploration Services for geothermal
               Introduction to the different technologies and the
               benefit of integration
               Jean-Philippe Gibaud
    3.15 pm    Building a 3D geothermal reservoir model in Petrel
    	 	        Petrel	workflows	and	examples
               Maarten Wachter

    4.30 pm Break

    5.00 pm    Simulating the geothermal reservoir using a
               coupled Petrel and Eclipse Simulator approach –	
    	 	        Petrel and ECLIPSE workflows and examples
               Nela Dobrodolac
                                          7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Opening 	Lounge

Opening Lounge

                    You	are	invited	to	join	the	Opening	
                    Lounge,	on	the	eve	of	the	Congress	to	
                    meet	fellow	delegates	and	speakers.	
                    Come	and	enjoy	a	pleasant	atmosphere,	
                    delicious	tapas,	beer	and	fine	wine	while	
                    making	international	business	contacts	
                    and	exchanging	information.	Participants	
                    have	free	entrance.	

The	Opening	Lounge	will	take	place	on	May	19,	7	-	10	pm.	
Further	information	will	be	sent	with	your	participant		
                                                    7.00 am – 6.00 pm

    Congress Day

    International congress

    All lectures and discussions will be translated simultaneously into
    English and German


    9.00 am		 Welcome address
              Dr. Jochen Scheider, Enerchange
               Key Note I
               Geothermal	development	and	perspectives:		
               worldwide	and	in	the	USA
    	 	        Michael Liebreich,	Bloomberg New Energy Finance
               Key Note II
    	 	        Geothermal	Energy	in	Australia:	legislation,	activity		
    	 	        and	financing
               Dr. Graeme Beardsmore,	Hot Dry Rocks
               Key Note III
    	 	        What	about	“The	Future	of	Geothermal	Energy”		
    	 	        in	Central	Europe?
               Ralph Weidler,	Geothermeon

    10.45 am Break
 Congress Day
 Forum I: Exploitation of geothermal reservoirs and
 risk mitigation
 Chair:	Dr. Ernst Huenges, German Research Centre of
 Geosciences Potsdam
 11.15 am π	Topics
          	 Ω 	 omparison	of	the	costs	with	diverted	and		
              vertical	drilling
          	 Ω 	 he	ideal	drilling	path	–	diverted	or	vertical?
          	 Ω 	 orehole	stability	and	the	mechanics	of	drillings
          	 Ω 	 hallenges	with	diverted	drilling
Forum I

            π	Panel discussion
              Dr. Thomas Reif,	Gaßner, Groth, Siederer & Coll.
            	 Axel Sperber,	IDEAS
              Dr. Tobias Backers,	GeoFrames
              Thomas Hettkamp,	Bestec

  1.15 pm Lunch

 Forum III: Why is geothermal an interesting
 Chair:	Sigrid Gand, Sterr-Kölln & Partner	
 2.30 pm    π	Topics
              Ω Investor	demands	on	geothermal	projects	and	
              Ω Geothermal	energy	as	investment	from	a		
                financial	analyst's	point	of	view
              Ω Governmental	financial	instruments	for		
                geothermal	energy:	Impact	and	perspectives
Forum III

 	          π	Panel discussion
              Bernhard Gubo, GEOenergie Bayern
              Dr. Helge Petersen, GeoEnergy
              Mark Taylor, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
              Cornelia Viertl, Federal Environment Ministry

                Please	notice:	
                Forum	III	and	IV	exist	in	parallel!
                                              9.00 am – 6.00 pm

 Forum II: Seismicity
 Chair:	Dr. Rüdiger Schulz, LIAG Hannover
 11.15 am	 π	 Topics
              Ω Seismicity	in	geothermal	systems	–	energy	
                research	for	risk	assessment
 	 	 	     	 Ω Induced	seismicity	in	geothermal	reservoirs:	
                Models,	monotoring	and	risk	mitigation
 	 	 	     	 Ω The	German	Mining	Law	and	microseismic	events:	
                Requirements	for	project	developers	and	operators
 	 	 	     	 Ω Insurance	solutions	for	subsidence	damages
Forum II

 	 	 	     	 Ω Triggered	seismic	events	worldwide	and	the	
                presen	 ation	in	public
 	         π	Panel discussion
             Ullrich Bruchmann, Federal Environment Ministry
             Dr. Stefan Baisch, Q-con
             Andreas Tschauder, LGB Rheinland-Pfalz
             Matthias Kliesch, Marsh
             Dr. Christian Bönnemann, Federal Institute for
             Geosciences and Natural Resources

 1.15 pm Lunch

 Forum IV: Geothermal power plants in service
 Chair:	Dr. Jochen Schneider, Enerchange
 2.30 pm   π	Topics
             Ω	Hot	aquifers	usable	for	geothermal	in	Germany,	
               policies	for	steady	operation	of	thermal	power	
             Ω	Mutual	interaction	of	operating	geothermal	power	
               plants:	interference,	preservation	of	evidence	–	
               pool	contracting	or	quotation	for	water?
             Ω	Start	of	operation	of	geothermal	power	plant	
Forum IV

               Bruchsal:	focus	hydraulic	system	and	chemistry
             Ω	Framework	conditions	of	the	German	Mining	Law

           π	 Diskussion mit Expertenpanel
              Dr. Hartwig Schröder,	enpros consulting
              Reiner Brumme,	lawyer’s office Brumme
              Thomas Kölbel,	EnBW
 	 	   	   	 Rainer Zimmer,	Bavarian State Ministry of
              Economic Affairs Infrastructure, Transport and
              Technology (inquired)
                                            9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Congress Day                              05/20/10

4.30 pm Break


5.00 pm   Roundup and summary of the panel discussions

          Ω Perspective	on	geothermal	energy	in	Europe		
	 	       	 Ruggero Bertani,	Enel Green Power (inquired)

	 	       Ω The	significance	of	geothermal	in	the	context	
            of	renewable	energy	supply
	 	       	 N. N.		

approx. 6.00 pm Closing Cocktail N
                                               8.30 am – 3.30 pm

Field Trips                                  05/21/10

Geothermal energy in practice

First-hand	experiences	are	particularly	valuable.	Therefore,	as		
an	extension	of	the	IGC	2010	events,	we	are	organising	two		
field	trips	which	will	offer	attendees	and	interested	parties	the		
chance	to	meet	with	geothermal	project	developers,	to	
exchange	experiences	and	to	gain	knowledge	of	geothermal	
engineering	in	practice.

Field trip I: EGS research project at Soultz-sous-Forêts, France

                       The	destination	of	this	field	trip	is	the	
                       European	EGS	research	project	at	Soultz-
                       sous-Forêts.	This	geothermal	power	plant	
                       uses	as	a	reservoir	a	stimulated	fracture	
                       system	approx.	5,000	meters	under-
                       ground	between	three	wells	in	the	crystal-
                       line	rock	of	the	Upper	Rhine	rift.	Water	is	
                       pumped	down	the	injection	borehole	and	
here	is	heated	up	to	approx.	200	°C,	then	pumped	back	to	sur-
face	through	two	production	wells.	Following	a	successful	circu-
lation	test	in	2005,	the	construction	of	a	pilot	power	plant	was	
pushed	forward.	During	the	first	phase,	two	different	pumps	
were	installed	and	a	1.5	MW	ORC	power	plant	was	constructed	
which	has	been	connected	to	the	grid	since	2008.

Departure: by	bus	in	front	of	the	Freiburg	Concert	Hall		
	 	 	      			at	8.30	am
Arrival: at	the	Freiburg	Concert	Hall	approx.	3.30	pm
                                              9.30 am – 15.30 pm

Field Trip                                     05/21/10
Field trip II: Geothermal power plant at Landau

                       The	second	field	trip	in	connection	with	
                       IGC	2010	will	take	participants	to	the	geo-
                       thermal	power	plant	located	just	to	the	
                       south	of	the	town	of	Landau	in	the	federal	
                       state	of	Rhineland-Palatinate.	The	system	
                       uses	two	wells	which	run	to	a	depth	of	
                       3,000	metres	(3,300	drilling	metres).	Hot	
                       water	at	a	temperature	of	almost	160°C	is	
pumped	up	the	production	well	and	first	used	to	generate	elec-
tricity.	The	remaining	heat,	with	a	temperature	of	70	°C	to	80	°C,	
is	then	fed	into	a	district	heating	network.	By	a	second	well	the	
chilled	thermal	water	is	re-injected	in	the	reservoir.	The	first	
preparations	for	the	project	began	in	mid	2003,	and	commissio-
ning	of	the	plant	followed	in	2007.

Permission	for	continuous	operation	has	been	delayed	following	
two	seismic	events	close-by	in	August	and	September	2009.

Departure:	by	bus	in	front	of	the	Freiburg	Concert	Hall	at	8.30	am	
Arrival:	at	the	Freiburg	Concert	Hall	approx.	3.30	pm
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trends	and	information,	organise	industry	events,	and	support	
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