Ryan Hatch

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					Ryan Hatch
903 S. Ashland Ave.                                                    Rian@Rianshima.com
Chicago, Illinois 60607                                                       561.317.5688

To work as an architectural 3d modeler and renderer in a fast paced company that creates
inspirational work.

Harrington College of Design
   - Classes being taken towards BFA degree for interior design
Palm Beach Community college 2004 - Present
   - Classes being taken towards AA degree
Dreyfoos School of the Arts 1999 - 2003
     Visual Art department
   - Graduated with class of 2003 with 3+ GPA.
   - Major in fine arts department minor in graphic design.
   - Various projects selected for display at visual art shows
   - Photography with dark room experience

    -   Ability to create three dimensional scenes from CAD drawings using 3D Studio Max
    -   Render scenes with Vray rendering program (preferred) or LightScape
    -   Creation of seamless texture for 3D models
    -   PowerPoint presentations for projects
    -   QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) or three dimensional spaces
    -   Animated walkthroughs of three dimensional spaces

Heitz-Parsons-Sadek, West Palm Beach, Florida 2005 - Present
    - Head of 3D modeling and rendering
Narcissist Clothing 2005, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2006
   - Custom T-shirt design for up and coming clothing company
Lee & Shahamad International Inc. West Palm Beach, Florida, 2005
    - Modeling and rendering of Parish hall to be built in West Palm Beach, Florida
    - Calvary Church rendering, Boynton Beach, Florida
No-Tec.com, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2005
    - Subcontracted work for No-Tec.com for creation of company logo – Integrated Cleaning
    Systems Inc.

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse – Beijing, China
   - Exterior renderings for proposed addition to existing building
   - Movie of the exterior views
Crown Plaza – Suzhou, China
   - Modeling and rendering of guestroom
Hyatt Regency – Suzhou, China
   - Modeling and rendering of guestroom
   - Specification sheets for furniture
Crown Plaza – United Arab Emirates, Dubai
    - Modeling and rendering of guestroom
    - QTVR of guestroom
    - Animated walkthrough of Guestroom and corridor
    - Specification sheets for furniture
Dubai Intercontinental - United Arab Emirates, Dubai
    - Modeling and rendering of guestroom
    - PowerPoint presentation of guestroom, hotel lobby, and office lobby
    - Specification sheets for furniture
Playa Del Paraiso – San Felipe, Mexico
    - Modeling and rendering of guestroom
    - QTVR of guestroom
St. Kilda Road – Melbourne, Australia
    - Modeling and rendering of Kitchen, bathroom and lift cab
Raptis Residence – Melbourne, Australia
    - Furniture package
    - Specification sheets for furniture
Heitz-Parsons-Sadek – West Palm Beach, Florida
    - Heitz-Parsons-Sadek company brochure
    - Heitz-Parsons-Sadek company PowerPoint presentation

Computer programs
3D Studio Max              Vray
LightScape                 AutoCAD 2005
Vegas Video                PowerPoint
Photoshop                  Illustrator

Hobbies and interests
Anime, music and cycling

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