Tips on preparing your grade books for sending to CIMS by theslasher


									                Tips on preparing your grade books for sending to CIMS

•   Be sure the GQ grading scale does not have an “A+, F- or PASS”. These are not valid
    grade symbols and they will not post to CIMS.
    Your school registrar has the list of valid grade symbols.

•   Comment code “O” for outstanding is often keyed as a zero. It’s a very subtle difference
    between the O and the 0 on the GQ spreadsheet and they’re close on the keyboard.
    Be sure to check your entry in the comment and citizenship code fields as unlike CIMS,
    GQ does not validate the codes.

    Grade book class information should not be changed. Be sure not to delete or rearrange
    any of the class information fields. If you need to add additional information please only
    add data fields to the class information at the bottom of the list. On the MAC, it
    automatically adds a new field at the bottom, on Windows be sure to check the “add new
    field at end” box.

•   Be sure you do a “SENDGrades to CIMS”, not an export. The “SEND” process has
    the correct data format for posting to CIMS, the export process does not.

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