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campground-site-rental-agreement pdf

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									                                                                         SHORT-TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT
                                                                         P.O. Box 247
                                                                         EMPIRE LODGE HOMEOWNER'S ASSOCIATION, INC.

                                                                         Leadville, Colorado 80461
                                                                                                          BLE RENT 8/12/08

1 ) R E N T E R I N F O R M AT I O N                                     5 ) R E S E RVAT I O N R U L E S
                                                                         Reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis only. Please
u I am a Member              u I am a Guest*                             respect your fellow property owners and their guests and limit your
Name                                                                     reservation request to a maximum of 14 days. Additional days may be
                                                                         requested and added at the time of occupancy on a space-available
                                                                         basis only; no advance additional-day reservations will be accepted.
City                                                                     Please be prepared to pay for additional days at the time the request
                                                                         for extension is made. Check or Money Order only, please. No refunds
State                                                 Zip
                                                                         will be given on extended stays for any reason.
Phone      (                  )                                          PAYMENT
E-mail                                                                   Full payment is due upon making the reservation. Please return your
                                                                         payment and paperwork promptly to secure your reservation.
Vehicle License #                                     State              Reservations are valid only upon receipt of full payment for the rental.
Member Name*                                                             CANCELLATION POLICY
                                                                         Cancellations received more than thirty days (30) prior to the sched-
*Guests must identify the Member associated with your stay.              uled arrival date will be eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations within
Members securing rentals for non-relatives must be at BLE accompa-       thirty days will not be eligible for a refund.
nying their guests during the guests stay.
                                                                         BEDDING / CLEANING
                                                                         Tenants must bring their own bedding, pillows, etc., and are expected to
                                                                         clean the unit prior to departure. (cleaning supplies supplied by ELHA,
2 ) P RO P E RT Y
Please call for availability before mailing this form.
u Cabin #1                        (Unavailable: manager’s residence)     Inc.) Failure to clean the unit will result in an additional charge of $35.
u Cabin #2                                           $30.00 per night
u Cabin #3                                           $30.00 per night
                                                                         6 ) AG R E E M E N T
                                                                         I, the undersigned, have read and fully accept the above terms of pay-
u Cabin #4                                           $30.00 per night
                                                                         ment. I also acknowledge that I have read and understand the Rules
u RV/Trailer site                                    free
                                                                         and Regulations (see page 2 of this document) that apply to my
u Campsite                                           free
                                                                         Short-Term Rental from Empire Lodge Homeowners’ Association. By
u Any electric plug-in                                 $3.00 per night
                                                                         signing below, I acknowledge that this is a financially binding agreement
                                                                         between myself and ELHA, Inc., as well as that I will abide by the
                                                                         attached terms, rules, and regulations, or I will lose current/future privi-
3 ) DAT E S
                                                                         lege to use the facilities at Beaver Lakes Estates.
Maximum stay is 14 days

Arrival date (after 12 pm)
Departure date (before 12 pm)
                                                                         Print name here
Length of stay (nights)
4 ) PAY M E N T                                                          Check #
Check, or Money Order only, please. Cash will not be accepted.

Check #                                   Money Order #                  Please mail the registration form, along with your deposit, to ELHA, Inc.

Night Rate                                $                              Enclose your payment in your return mailing.
Total Charges                             $

Make checks out to: "Empire Lodge Homeowners Association" and
                                                                         7) INQUIRIES
include the Cabin # and dates of stay on the checks memo line.

Fill in and retain this portion for your records                         in
Name                      Dates of Stay                                  Check#

Cabin #                   RV/Trailer hookup                              Money Order

Campsite                  Campsite with electricity
                                        CABIN, CAMPSITE, RV/TRAILER RENTAL POLICY 2008-2009
                                                                       EMPIRE LODGE HOMEOWNER'S ASSOCIATION, INC.
                                                                       P.O. Box 247, Leadville, Colorado 80461
                                                                       719-486-0978           BLE RENT 8/12/08

N I G H T LY R AT E S                                                  7. Payment terms: Full payment is due upon making the reser-
                                                                       vation. All payments must be made by check or Money Order
                                                                       payable to ELHA, Inc. Cash will not be accepted. (Note:
                                                                       Returned check charge: $25.00) Reservations will be valid only

Cabin #1                     Unavailable (Caretaker’s residence)
                                                                       upon receipt of payment in full for the rental. Reservation will
Cabin #2                                        $30.00 per night       not be final until payment is received.
Cabin #3                                        $30.00 per night       8. Cancellations received more than thirty days (30) prior to
Cabin #4                                        $30.00 per night       the scheduled arrival date will be eligible for a 50% refund.
                                                                       Cancellations within thirty days will not be eligible for a refund.
                                                                       9. All renters are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the cabin

ANY ELECTRIC PLUG-IN                              $3.00 per night      prior to check out. This policy will be strictly enforced. A fee of
                                                                       $35 will be charged to clean the cabin if it is not left in clean
GENERAL POLICIES                                                       condition, as determined by the sole discretion of the Resident
1. Reservations for cabins and trailer spaces shall be made on         Caretaker.
a first come, first served basis by contacting the Resident            10. All campground tenants are required to maintain the area
Caretaker by phone at 719-486-0978 or email                            surrounding their trailers in a neat and clean condition at all Please fill out/return the required         times. No trash service is provided. Please plan accordingly.
paperwork and full-payment promptly to secure/insure your
reservation as requested.                                              11.While BLE members may allow family and guests to rent the
                                                                       cabins, trailer, and campground facilities, members must remem-
2. Members must accompany or be on the premises with their             ber that they will be held responsible for any damage or mis-
non-related guests at all times. No rentals shall be offered to        conduct on the part of their guests. Recurring problems with
non-relatives or friends if the member is not physically at BLE        guests or family of a member may cause such member's cabin
during the term of the rental.                                         and trailer privileges to be forfeited for a period of time, upon a
3. All renters must check in with the Resident Caretaker upon          vote of the Board of Directors. Non-relative guests must be
arrival/prior to occupancy.                                            accompanied at all times.
4. Check out is at 12:00 noon.                                         12. Please remember that it is the responsibility of members and
5. Check-in is at 12:00 noon, or as soon as the room may be            their guests to keep the Lodge and shower facilities clean.
cleaned by the Resident Caretaker if the preceding tenants failed to   Please see the Resident Caretaker to request the use of the
clean the cabin (for which they will be charged re rule #9 below).     Lodge. Quiet time is 10pm. Please respect the rights of others
                                                                       at all times when using ELHA facilities.
6. Cabin reservations will not be accepted for periods longer
than fourteen (14) days.The same rules shall apply with respect
to reservations for the electric hook-up slots and camping
                                                                       S T O R AG E
                                                                       Long-term storage of vehicles/trailers is prohibited at all times.
spaces in the campground. However, on a space available basis
                                                                       However, short term temporary dead storage for members dur-
only, the length of stay rules may be waived in the event that a
                                                                       ing the summer is available at the north end of the campground
member or their guest requests to extend their existing rental
                                                                       at the owner's risk/with prior permission. Please note that trail-
occupancy, as long as the total length of the stay does not
                                                                       ers in temporary storage must be moved into an available hook-
exceed twenty-one (21) days. However, in these instances, it
                                                                       up prior to occupation.
should be noted that payment in full must be rendered at the
time the extension is requested and no advance reservations            Note:Winter storage is prohibited at all times. All vehicles must
will be taken for this additional request of stay. Please note that    be removed from the campground prior to Nov. 1st. Any vehicle
no refunds will be offered should the duration of stay be short-       remaining in the campground after Nov. 1 will be assessed a
ened for any reason, and that extended stay requests of this           charge of $300.00 per month, in accordance with the estab-
nature will be accepted and evaluated on an individual/as needed       lished Rules and Regulations of the Empire Lodge Homeowner's
basis only. Note: Members must accompany their guests or be            Association.
on BLE premises at all times.                                          Note: ELHA will not plow snow to assist in the removal of vehi-
                                                                       cles left in the campground after Nov. 1.

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