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									Hannover · Germany    for Production Automation                 for Process Automation
11–15 April 2005      Leading Trade Fair                        Leading Trade Fair
                     Factory Automation                                 INTERKAMA+
                     One place to be.
                                                  Automation without limits.
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Innovative solutions for
process and production
The HANNOVER FAIR is the world’s central marketplace
for industrial automation. Now united under a single
umbrella, “INTERKAMA+” and “Factory Automation”
present an unrivalled line-up of advanced automation
solutions for all sectors of industry. So come to Hannover
and reap the benefits of this unique concentration
of state-of-the-art technology:
■   1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries will showcase
    all the latest components and systems for the
    optimization of production processes.
■   The side-by-side presence of INTERKAMA+ and
    Factory Automation Factory Automation reflects
    the growing convergence of process automation
    and production automation.
■   The HANNOVER FAIR focuses on ready-to-run
    applications geared to every link in the corporate
    value chain.

Topics and trends                                4 –9
Special displays, forums, presentations         10 – 15
Interdisciplinary highlights                    16 – 19
Schedule of events                              20 – 26
Theme Days and Industry Days                    27
Exhibitors                                      28 – 33
Internet and registration                       34 – 35
Services for visitors                           36 – 38
Map                                             39

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Topics and trends

The way ahead: net-
worked communication.
From innovative components to integrated solutions:
the HANNOVER FAIR will be a magnet for all those
who are interested in industrial automation and IT,
field devices, control systems, as well as engineering,
software and services.
The HANNOVER FAIR is the ideal place to tune into the
                                                            INTERKAMA+ at a glance:
latest trends. For example, visitors can see how Ethernet
technology is helping to revolutionize industrial com-      Automation and IT solutions:
munication. A further key trend is the remote monitor-      Automation solutions ■ Business management,
ing and maintenance of plant and machinery. WLAN,           ERP, planning management, production planning
UMTS and Bluetooth have an enormous future poten-           and control ■ Logistics management, SCM / SCO ■
tial. Such wireless-based systems are the ideal solution    Safety and risk management ■ E-business ■
for retrofitting existing installations. In applications    Process optimization
such as explosion prevention they pave the way to
significant cost savings.                                   Control systems:
INTERKAMA deals with all the key issues and is a            Human machine interfaces ■ Industrial com-
unique source of information about cross-industry and       puters ■ Process control systems, open-loop
vertical-market solutions – from stand-alone devices        and closed-loop control systems ■ Information
to fully integrated automation systems.                     management ■ Controls and stand-alone control-
                                                            lers ■ Communication, monitoring, security and
                                                            analyzer systems ■ Drive systems

                                                            Field devices and components:
                                                            Sensors and measuring devices ■ Weighing
                                                            devices ■ Analyzers ■ Positioners ■ Quality
                                                            assurance ■ Switchgear ■ Communication devices
                                                            and components

                                                            Engineering, maintenance, services:
                                                            Integrated systems planning ■ Engineering and
                                                            integration ■ Management services ■ Implemen-
                                                            tation services

                                                                                                              4 5
Topics and trends

Optimum flexibility:
innovative automation
End-to-end automation is a decisive competitive factor
in all sectors of industry. After all, intelligently designed
manufacturing processes are a prerequisite for sustained
long-term growth.
Likewise there is a growing demand for sophisticated
analysis and diagnosis systems for monitoring perfor-
                                                                Factory Automation at a glance
mance and productivity.
                                                                Electrical engineering: Control technology ■
Particular interest is focused on integrated systems
                                                                Measuring technology ■ Regulator technology ■
that continuously gather and process electrical and
                                                                Industrial PCs ■ Networks / Industrial communica-
mechanical data and hence allow companies to exploit
                                                                tion ■ Wireless automation ■ Embedded systems ■
new opportunities for rationalization.
                                                                Sensor systems ■ Actuator systems ■ Testing equip-
Factory Automation is the no. 1 meeting place for               ment ■ Magnets ■ Electric power transmission

all industry professionals who are interested in flexible       Mechanical engineering: Assembly ■ Handling ■
manufacturing solutions. Come to Hannover and see               Robotics ■ Systems and components for auto-
ground-breaking developments that are just around               mated assembly and handling ■ Production equip-
the corner.                                                     ment ■ Industrial image processing

                                                                Special events relating to INTERKAMA+
                                                                and Factory Automation:
                                                                Automation live ■ Robotics Applications Center ■
                                                                Factory Automation Forum ■ INTERKAMA+
                                                                Forum ■ Wireless Automation ■ CoilTECH ■
                                                                AMA – Center for Sensor Technology, Measuring
                                                                and Testing Technology ■ Forum “The Future
                                                                of Automation”

                                                                                                                     6 7
Topics and trends

By visiting INTERKAMA+ and Factory Automation
you’ll not only gain a unique insight into the what’s
available on the world market – you’ll also benefit from
valuable synergy effects. The HANNOVER FAIR brings
together eleven leading trade shows under a single um-
brella. This is your chance to identify convincing solu-
tions geared to virtually every industrial application.
“Digital Factory” informs visitors about special soft-
ware and IT products designed to optimize production
“MDA – Motion, Drive & Automation” presents
modern power transmission and control systems that
have the potential to boost your corporate competi-

“MicroTechnology” gives you a detailed insight into
the world of microsystems and nanotechnology. The
spotlight will be on practical applications in the areas
of factory automation, communications, mobility,
energy and the life sciences.
“Energy” presents integrated solutions for trade,
industry and the public sector. The spectrum ranges
from energy and heat generation to innovative and
cost-effective contracting models.

                                                                                                 8 9
Special displays, forums, presentations

At a single venue: the
entire world of industrial
INTERKAMA+ and Factory Automation bring together
an unrivalled array of products, systems and services
for industrial applications. These exhibits are augmented
by a highly informative supporting program designed
to put your company on the fast track to success.
                                                            Factory Automation Forum
INTERKAMA+ Forum                                            The latest automation trends showcased live.
Centrally located in Hall 8, the INTERKAMA+ Forum           Organized in association with Vogel Industrie Medien,
will attract high-ranking speakers from all over the        this informative forum takes place right next to
globe. Simultaneous translation (German and English)        “Automation live”.
will be provided.

                                                            Automation live
                                                            New solutions for the automotive industry
                                                            Innovative automation solutions are an absolute must
                                                            in the automotive sector – and in industry as a whole.
                                                            Staged in cooperation with Volkswagen AG, the special
                                                            display “Automation live” presents the key planning
                                                            and production steps in car manufacturing. It goes
                                                            without saying that the robot applications on display
                                                            here are also directly relevant to other sectors of
                                                            industry. “Automation live” is your chance to get to
                                                            grips with the key issues in software, assembly,
                                                            handling, industrial robots and image processing.
                                                            Hall 17

                                                                                                               10 11 ■
Special displays, forums, presentations

Robotics Applications Center
New solutions for new sectors of industry
Industrial robots are entering more and more fields
of application – for example, the food industry, logistics,
the packaging industry, and the pharmaceutical and
chemical sectors.
Realized in association with Homann Feinkost GmbH
& Co. KG as well as leading robot manufacturers and
software companies, the “Robotics Applications Center”
will showcase the latest components and systems.
Take this opportunity to find out where the industrial
robot sector is headed.
Hall 17

Wireless Automation
The future of industrial communication
Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WLAN and
ZigBeeTM are rapidly becoming a credible additional
resource alongside industrial communications.
This group presentation (featuring big-name exhibitors
such as Siemens and Vodafone) will also include a
forum and a lounge area.
The spotlight will be on state-of-the-art wireless
solutions for remote control and monitoring – including
solutions based on mobile phone technology.
Hall 7

                                                                                      12 13
Special displays, forums, presentations
CoilTECH                                                  Forum “The Future of Automation”
Innovative components, production techniques and          Subtitled “Automation technology for today and
services are in high demand in the motor and trans-       tomorrow”, this forum (organized by PROFIBUS and
former manufacturing sectors.                             INTERBUS) will centre on Ethernet-based communi-
                                                          cations concepts.
CoilTECH – a new joint presentation at the HANNOVER
FAIR – will focus on the entire value chain.              Leading end users, manufacturers and mechanical /
                                                          plant engineering specialists will come together to
Hall 15
                                                          compare notes and swap information.
AMA – Center for Sensor Technology, Measuring             Hall 11, Stand C35
and Testing Systems
The spotlight here will be on new measuring and testing
solutions for wide-ranging applications – for example,
process and machine automation, the automotive and
medical sectors, energy generation and distribution,
building automation, and safety / security.
Hall 8, Stand F35                                           

                                                          Competence Center
                                                          Industrial building automation & clean production
                                                          Thanks to the presence of INTERKAMA+ and Factory
                                                          Automation under a single umbrella, the HANNOVER
                                                          FAIR ranks as the world’s leading showplace for
                                                          process and production automation.
                                                          This year we have taken the automation theme one
                                                          step further with the establishment of the presentation
                                                          “Industrial building automation & clean production”.
                                                          Production automation and industrial building automa-
                                                          tion are becoming ever more closely integrated. Now
                                                          that more and more production operations are depend-
                                                          ent on critical environmental parameters, there is a
                                                          growing need for systems designed to work together.
                                                          Hall 11

                                                                                                                14 15
Interdisciplinary highlights

                                                             Partner Country Russia
                                                             A growth region in focus
                                                             The Russian Federation will enrich this year’s
                                                             HANNOVER FAIR with an extensive economic, political
                                                             and cultural presentation.
                                                             The Russian economy is on track for increased growth
                                                             and prosperity. No other country in the world has such
                                                             extensive natural resources at its disposal.
                                                             The goal of the Russian presentation is to publicize the
                                                             country’s economic and technical strengths. HANNOVER
More than just a trade fair                                  FAIR 2005 provides the ideal platform for reaching an
                                                             international audience.
The HANNOVER FAIR boasts numerous special displays
that appeal to a broad audience from all sectors of          Hall 13
industry. These events offer visitors an unrivalled source
of business intelligence.

Job & Career Market
The future belongs to the next generation
The Job & Career Market is a key source of career
information for school leavers, new entrants to the
workplace and working professionals. Participating
firms, job centres, training organizations, temporary
work agencies and higher education establishments
provide essential information on:
■   Job offers            ■   Study projects
■   Direct career entry   ■   Dissertations                  GO FOR HIGH TECH – Careers in technology:
■   Work experience       ■   Casual work placements         living the dream
                                                             Germany’s biggest convention for school leavers
The Job & Career Market is accompanied by the
                                                             intent on a career in industry showcases a wealth of
Congress “Career meets Engineers”, where
                                                             training and study opportunities. Housed in a modern
experienced speakers will talk about the prospects
                                                             pavilion next to Hall 11, this exciting presentation
for career success.
                                                             gives young people a real sense of the variety and
Hall 2                                                       creative fulfilment that a career in industry offers.
                                                                                                                 16 17■
Interdisciplinary highlights

Global Business Forum
Meeting point for international contacts
The HANNOVER FAIR is the world market not only for
industrial automation, but also for invaluable business
contacts. The Global Business Forum provides practical
assistance in developing new international business
relationships.                                            Whether you’re an exhibitor or a fair-goer – our online
                                                          match-making facility puts you in touch with relevant
Presentations by service companies, trade associations,
                                                          companies and decision-makers ahead of the Fair.
national delegations, chambers of industry and commerce
                                                          Operated in association with b2fair and backed by
and government agencies are all designed to help you
                                                          the European Commission, this project identifies firms
foster new contacts in your target markets.
                                                          which are seeking business partners and gives you
At the lecture forum you’ll benefit from the know-how access to new market opportunities abroad. More
and practical knowledge of selected experts. They will    information at and
be describing their own experiences and offering tips for
setting up international joint ventures. Top of the list  Hall 6
are lucrative markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia and

Industrial Trends Forum                                    Take advantage of this event to talk to the people
Top gathering for decision-makers                          who know – and keep your company abreast of all
                                                           the latest developments.

                                                           Make sure of your place
                                                           Admission to the Industrial Trends Forum is free
                                                           of charge to all HANNOVER FAIR ticket-holders –
                                                           just leave your business card at the door. The full
                                                           lecture program will be available online from
                                                           mid-February at
                                                           We recommend that you register up to 6 weeks
The Industrial Trends Forum offers you a unique series     ahead of the Fair in order to avoid queues and
of practical contributions about the individual trade      delays on the day:
shows that make up the HANNOVER FAIR. Aimed                All lectures will be given between 10.00 a. m. and
at senior managers, project developers, departmental       5.00 p. m. each day, and will be simultaneously
managers and controllers, the Forum provides a             translated into German and English.
platform for experts from exhibiting firms to talk about
                                                           Convention Center, Ground Floor (CC, EG)
strategies, technological trends, new product develop-
ments and business investments.                           
                                                                                                                 18 19
Schedule of events

The world’s biggest forum for the future.
In a class of its own: with top international speakers from business, politics and science and an exclusive supporting program
consisting of special events, workshops, forums, congresses and presentations with approx. 1,000 talks and lectures, the
HANNOVER FAIR is once again the world’s biggest forum for industrial knowledge and business know-how. In other words,
it is “One place to be”.
Unless otherwise indicated, all events run for the full duration of the Fair.

INTERKAMA+ Forum                  The latest in global process automation:
                                  Top-flight international speakers will be giving talks on industrial communications, production excellence,
                                  field devices, components, engineering, maintenance and services.
Automation live                   Suppliers demonstrate integrated automation solutions: In association with Volkswagen AG
                                  three key phases in modern car production –“Body assembly”, “Automatic cockpit installation” and
                                  “Paintshop systems”– will be demonstrated live on recreated sections of the actual VW production line.
Factory Automation Forum          The latest technologies from industry and research, showcased live:
                                  Organized in association with Vogel Industrie Medien, this informative forum takes place right
                                  next to “Automation live”.
The Future of Automation          Comparing notes with leading end users, manufacturers and specialists in mechanical and plant
                                  engineering: Under the motto “Automation technology for today and tomorrow” exhibiting firms will be
                                  presenting Ethernet-based communications concepts.

Wireless Automation               The future of industrial communication: The spotlight here will be on state-of-the-art wireless solutions
                                  for remote control and monitoring – including solutions based on mobile phone technology.
Robotics Applications             Systems houses and manufacturers demonstrate sophisticated automation solutions:
Center                            Special presentation organized in conjunction with Homann Feinkost, featuring trends and solutions
                                  for the food-processing industry, logistics, packaging, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
Joint presentation                See the latest developments in transformer and electric motor design:
CoilTECH                          This presentation offers low-cost turnkey packages for manufacturers of coil winding equipment and
                                  systems, electrical components or testing and measuring equipment.
AMA – Centre for Sensor           Solutions for monitoring, measuring and testing in process and machine automation, automotive
Technology, Measuring and         and medical equipment production, energy generation and distribution, building automation and
Testing Systems                   security technology.
Mobile Application Park           Advanced power transmission systems in action: In a series of live outdoor demonstrations visitors
                                  can watch agricultural and construction machinery and commercial vehicles being put through their paces,
                                  highlighting the latest trends in hydraulics, pneumatics and anti-friction bearings.
Water hydraulics                  The leading names in water hydraulics present their latest solutions and systems:
                                  Hygienic and very environment-friendly, water offers many advantages as a fuel, including high power
                                  density, low energy consumption and compact plant dimensions.
Condition Monitoring              Experts demonstrate new possibilities in maintenance and remote diagnostics:
Systems                           This presentation is all about the monitoring of systems and components, early fault detection and the
                                  limitation of any damage before it leads to costly production halts.

                                    Further information is available on the Internet at: /events
                                                                                                                                                20 21
Schedule of events

FORUM MicroTechnology                             Big things are happening in microtechnology: Presentation of products and trends in the high-tech
                                                  world of miniaturized engineering. The themes explored here include micro drive systems, microfluidics with
                                                  dosing technologies operating in the nanolitre range, micro-sensor systems and micro-production technologies.
LaserTechnology                                   State-of-the-art laser applications:
                                                  Suppliers of laser systems, photonics and optical technologies present the latest fruits of laser research.
                                                  The Technology and Subcontracting Forum provides a central communications platform. And the popular
                                                  Technical Breakfast will once again attract visiting professionals and journalists in large numbers.
Microproduction line                              Experts demonstrate new strategies for manufacturing and assembly:
                                                  The engineering federation VDMA presents a microproduction line featuring combinations of conventional
                                                  and miniaturized production techniques. Title: “Automation of a hard disk assembly”.
Special display                                   See them live – the latest innovations from microsystems technology:
“Ultra-precision                                  At this special display tooling and mould makers will be presenting practical examples to show
manufacturing”                                    how microproducts are manufactured using ultra-precision production methods.
SchauPlatz NANO                                   The central display platform for international nanotechnologies: Showcasing the latest
                                                  developments in miniaturized engineering, cutting-edge companies present their solutions, applications
                                                  and know-how in areas as diverse as the life sciences, industrial tooling and sensor systems, optics
                                                  and electronics, materials and surface finishes.
tech transfer –                                   The premier platform for worldwide technology transfer: Development engineers come here in
Gateway2Innovation                                search of commercial partners to help them turn their product ideas into reality. All the information
                                                  visitors and exhibitors need is here – from financing to patent broking.

Bionics – Nature’s own                            Discover the opportunities and potential of bionics:
engineering office                                Universities are leading the way in the study of biological mechanisms and their ecological and
                                                  economic advantages in industrial applications.
Human-machine                                     Selected exhibits document the work of industrial and academic research teams:
interaction                                       Featuring some of the latest applications from industry, this presentation examines the whole subject
                                                  of interaction and communication between man and machine.
Feature display                                   Key players demonstrate cutting-edge technologies:
SuperConductingCity                               This new feature display answers all the questions about supraconductors and cryogenics –
                                                  and gives a broad overview of their industry-wide potential, including many uses in energy
                                                  and communications technology.
Night of Innovations1)                            Business and science rub shoulders after hours: The exhibition hall housing Research & Technology
11. 4.                                            (Hall 2) will remain open after 6.00 p. m. as a marketplace for researchers and end users to get together
                                                  informally and talk about ideas and innovations. A special program of events has been devised
                                                  for their enjoyment.
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells                             The world’s biggest exhibition of hydrogen and fuel cell technology: 90 exhibitors from
                                                  16 countries will be presenting their technologies, products and services. A lively forum program staged
                                                  at the joint display offers an additional source of information for visitors to the show.
International Conference:                         International decision-makers and key personnel share their knowledge:
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells on their                    The Conference gives an overview of global activities under the heading “Hydrogen and fuel cells
way to commercialization1), 2)                    on their way to commercialization”.
12. 4.
                                                    Further information is available on the Internet at: /events
1)   Registration required, 2) Admission charge                                                                                                                 22 23
Schedule of events

ZVEI Contracting Forum                            Insiders offer branch-specific solutions for industry, commerce and local government:
                                                  The Contracting Forum presents the latest trends and developments in the energy industry – from
                                                  contracting and energy supply to planning and implementation.
SURFACE TECHNOLOGY plus Powder Coating Europe
Praxispark – Skills Centre                        Top visitor attraction for industry: Some 30 firms will be presenting innovations in coating,
for Surface Treatment                             process engineering and plant design. The focal point of the display is the automatic coating line,
Technology                                        which demonstrates various industrial painting techniques in action.
ICC International                                 European congress for professional paint users: Internationally renowned experts will speak on
Coaters’ Congress1), 2)                           current issues in surface finishing, pioneering application techniques and the opportunities that new
13. 4. /14. 4.                                    technologies bring. The high point of the Congress will be the presentation of the “Best Practice Awards”.
ICC International                                 Experts choose winners of “Best Practice Awards”: The winning solutions from the Coaters’ Congress
Coaters’ Showcase                                 will be on display in the form of painted or coated exhibits, which can be inspected at leisure in the area
                                                  known as the Coaters’ Showcase.
Automotive Materials                              Learning the lessons of lightweight construction in the automotive industry:
Forum                                             What’s what in industrial assembly cycles, product design and development,
                                                  recycling, quality assurance and materials processing facilities.
BME Buyers’ Forum                                 The information platform for purchasing and logistics: The BME Forum offers professionals
                                                  in purchasing and logistics the opportunity to find out about the latest trends, innovations and
                                                  process solutions throughout the supply chain.Supporting program – Special events

Supporting program – Special events
Global Business Forum                             The No.1 meeting place for international business contacts: The central focus of this event, orga-
and matchmaking platform                          nized by the European Commission, is the identification of companies interested in business cooperation.
                                                  Selected experts will be giving their tips for the successful development of international joint ventures.
Partner Country Russia                            The inside story on one of the world’s largest growth regions: As the official Partner Country
                                                  for HANNOVER FAIR 2005, the Russian Federation profiles its achievements in a series of economic,
                                                  political and cultural presentations.
German-Russian                                    Economic summit: Together with Federal Chancellor Schröder, Russia’s President Putin, accompanied by
Business Forum1), 2)                              a high-ranking delegation led by Klaus Mangold, Chairman of the East European Committee of German
11. 4.                                            Industry, will formally open the German-Russian Business Forum.
2 nd LOWER SAXONY FOREIGN                         Russia and its regions: Lower Saxony offers the Governors of selected Russian regions a platform
TRADE CONFERENCE 1)                               on which to profile themselves and the economic potential of their regions before an international visiting
12. 4.                                            public. There will also be a panel discussion with international participants, including Lower Saxony’s
                                                  Minister of Economic Affairs, Walter Hirche, on strategies for strengthening German-Russian relations.
International                                     12. 4. – Turkey: EU partner Turkey / Libya: Doing business with Libya / Serbia: Focus on business with Serbia /
Business Days1)                                   13. 4. – Iraq: Doing business with Iraq / Rumania: Rumania – a dependable partner for business
                                                  cooperation and investment / Tunisia: Doing business on familiar ground.
European Engineers´                               First innovations conference for engineers:
Forum1), 2)                                       Senior businessmen, scientists and politicians will debate “The future of Europe as an economic
11. 4.                                            powerhouse”. The conference features an extensive program of events and themed lectures.

                                                    Further information is available on the Internet at: /events
1)   Registration required, 2) Admission charge                                                                                                                 24 25
Schedule of events

Supporting program – Special events
VDMA / VDI-nachrichten                            Graduate engineers and curriculum reform: Too important to get it wrong!
panel discussion1)                                On the basis of a study that reviews the content of engineering courses from an industry perspective,
11. 4.                                            VDMA and VDI-nachrichten debate the future of engineering training with experts from industry,
                                                  government and higher education.
Career development and training
Future in Motion1)                                Opportunities for career entrants: Aimed primarily at students and junior engineers, this special presen-
                                                  tation offers personal career advice from professional consultants, business talks with members of staff
                                                  from leading companies, plus seminars on all aspects of career entry and the acquisition of “soft skills”.
Job & Career Market                               The career ladder for the job market: With facilities such as the Talent Lounge, personal consultations,
                                                  the Job Wall & Online Job Center and the Recruiting Center, the Job & Career Market offers school leavers,
                                                  career entrants and established professionals alike a unique and wide-ranging program of events on all
                                                  aspects of career development.
GO FOR HIGH TECH                                  Germany’s biggest initiative for school leavers: With the official support of the Federal Ministry
                                                  for Education and Research, GO FOR HIGH TECH shows what modern industry has to offer, with the
                                                  focus on apprenticeship opportunities, study courses, qualifications and “soft skills”.
WomenPower 2005 1), 2)                            The new future for career women: WomenPower addresses the key issues of equality of opportunity
15. 4.                                            for women, with a program of lecture presentations, panel discussions and round-table workshops
                                                  that offers fascinating insights into the opportunities, achievements, potential and networks for women
                                                  in business and science.
1)   Registration required, 2) Admission charge

Theme Days and Industry Days (selected examples)

Knowledge transfer and community building for your business
Special presentations, forums, conferences, exhibitor                                   ■   14. 4. Food and Semi-Luxury Goods
events: For the first time the HANNOVER FAIR is                                         ■   15. 4. Electrical Engineering / Electronics
featuring an extensive range of offerings in 2005 aimed                                 ■   15. 4. Career Development and Training
at specific target groups and industries.
These events are condensed into one or two days                                         A useful tip: As from the end of February the events
at most, leaving you more time at the show for all the                                  and highlights that interest you can be selected and
other things you want to see.                                                           managed by theme and/or industry sector by going to
                                                                               /search. You can also
The highlighted themes and industries are listed below,
                                                                                        find regular updates on any new additions to the
together with the relevant dates:
                                                                                        program for the Theme Days and Industry Days at
■    11. 4. Mechanical and Plant Engineering                                   / events
■    11. 4. European Engineers’ Forum
■    12. 4. Automotive and Component Supply Industry
■    13. 4. Chemical Industry                                                            Further information is available on the Internet at :
■    13. 4. Buyers’ Day                                                                 /events
                                                                                                                                                           26 27
Exhibitors at INTERKAMA+ and Factory Automation

  A AAEON Technology (TW) • AAT ASTON (DE) • ABB (DE) • ABB Automation Products (DE) • Accuracy Instruments (TW) • ACD Systemtechnik
(DE) • ACE Stoßdämpfer (DE) • ACME PORTABLE (TW) • ACTEMIUM (Starren) (NL) • Adda (TW) • ADG Automatisierung (DE) • ADLINK Technology
(TW) • ADZ Nagano (DE) • Afriso-Euro-Index (DE) • AHLBORN Mess- und Regelungstec (DE) • AKTIV SENSOR (DE) • Aktiv-Kabel (DE) • Alcatel SEL
Components Divisio (DE) • ALPHA (DE) • ALSTOM (DE) • ALTENBRAND Datentechnik (DE) • Altera (DE) • Altmann (DE) • Altratec Montagesysteme
(DE) • ALTUS (BR) • ALWAYSE Engineering (GB) • AMA Fachverband für Sensorik (DE) • AMA Sensorik Zentrum (DE) • AMETEK Techn. & Ind.
Products (US) • AMISaC (FR) • AMK Arnold Müller (DE) • Amprobe Europe (DE) • Andron (DE) • Animatics (US) • ANLY Electronics (TW) •
Anwenderzentrum Robotik (DE) • Apex Precision Technology (TW) • Aplisens (PL) • AS-International (DE) • ASM Automation Sensorik (DE) • ASO
(DE) • ASTECH angew. Sensortechnik (DE) • Astro-Med (DE) • ATAS elektromotory Nachod (CZ) • ATIO SYSTEM (TW) • ATLANTA Antriebssysteme
(DE) • ATM (HK) • ATOP Technologies (TW) • ATR Industrie-Elektronik (DE) • Atron (KR) • AUCOTEAM (DE) • Auer, J. (AT) • AUTEAM Industrie-
Elektronik (DE) • AUTEC (IT) • AUTEC Sondermaschinenbau (DE) • Automata (DE) • Automation live (DE) • automation Uhr (DE) •
Automationssysteme Leske (DE) • Autonics (KR) • Autorotor (IT) • Axiomtek Deutschland (DE) B B & R Industrie-Elektronik (DE) • B.A. Metals
(KR) • Badger Meter Europa (DE) • BAHR Lineartechnik (DE) • BAHR Modultechnik (DE) • Bakker Magnetics (NL) • BALDOR ASR (DE) • Balluff (DE)
• BANDO CRANES (KR) • Banner (BE) • Bansbach easylift (DE) • Barco Control Rooms (DE) • BARTEC (DE) • BARTEC BENKE (DE) • BA-Tech (DE) •
Baumer Electric (DE) • Baumer Ident (DE) • Baumer Optronic (DE) • Baumüller Nürnberg (DE) • Baumüller Nürnberg (DE) • BAUSER Zähl- und
Steuertechnik (DE) • Bayer Technology Services (DE) • BCT Steuerungs- und (DE) • BD SENSORS (DE) • BEAMEX (FI) • Beamex (DE) • BECK IPC
(DE) • BECKHOFF Industrie Elektronik (DE) • Beijing Huakong Technology (CN) • BEKA Associates (GB) • Benxi Yuntong Precision (CN) • BERGHOF
Automationstechnik (DE) • BERNT Messtechnik (DE) • Beuth Verlag (DE) • BEZET-WERK (DE) • Bihl + Wiedemann (DE) • BINDER BAUELEMENTE
(DE) • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (GB) • BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann (DE) • Bluhm Systeme (DE) • BMb-Maschinen (DE) • bogengang
(DE) • BOMATEC (CH) • Bondhus Corporation (US) • Bopla Gehäusesysteme (DE) • Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik (DE) • Bosch Rexroth (DE) • Bott,
Wilhelm (DE) • b-Quadrat Verlag (DE) • Brainchild Electronic (TW) • Brandmaier Mesen, Steuern, Sof (DE) • Bronkhorst High-Tech (NL) • Brüel &
Kjaer Vibro (DE) • Brunthaler Industrielle, Dr. (DE) • Bühler Motor (DE) • Bulgarisches Wirtschaftsblatt (BG) • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems (DE) •
Busser Technologie (DE) C cab-Produkttechnik (DE) • CAMSCO ELECTRIC (TW) • carat robotic innovation (DE) • Carl Sigerist (CH) • Carl Walter
Schraubwerkzeug (DE) • cbb software (DE) • CDC Pneumatics (KR) • CEAG Apparatebau Hundsbach (DE) • Ceres Vision (DE) • Chambrelan (FR) •
CHANG SHUAN ELECTRONICS (TW) • China National Machinery & (CN) • CIM-Team (DE) • Citect (NL) • Cleode (FR) • Code Wrights (DE) • Coester
Automaco (BR) • Comeco (BG) • COMMEX (IT) • ConCab Kabel (DE) • Connect Tech (CA) • Connectblue (SE) • CONTA-CLIP (DE) • CONTACT (DE)
• CONTACT-Auszeichnungssysteme (DE) • Contemporary Controls, D (DE) • Contemporary Controls, GB (GB) • CONTRINEX (CH) • CONVEX (KR) •
COPA-DATA (DE) • COPALP (FR) • Coronis Systems (FR) • Cosys Barcode Vertrieb (DE) • COT Computer OEM Trading (DE) • CP System (KR) •

Crack-IT (DE) • CRCI Nord Pas de Calais (FR) • CS Logistix (DE) • Czaki Thermo-Product (PL) D D.G. Controls (GB) • D.K.C. (KR) • Dae Yeong
Metal (KR) • Daeshin (KR) • Daeyang Rollent (KR) • Damalini (SE) • Danaher Motion (DE) • Dandong Top Electronics (CN) • Danfoss (DE) •
Danfoss Industrieautomatik (DE) • DATALOGIC (DE) • DATASENSOR (IT) • Datoyo Machinery Manufacture (CN) • Delphin Technology (DE) • Delta
Electronics (TW) • DELTA OHM (IT) • Delu Luftkissen (DE) • Deutschmann Automation (DE) • DIAS Infrared (DE) • Digi International (DE) • Digitec
Engineering (DE) • DIGITRONIC Automationsanalagen (DE) • DIN Dt. Institut für Normung (DE) • DISIBEINT ELECTRONIC (ES) • DK OTOMASYON
(TR) • DKE Deutsche Kommission (DE) • DLR Institut für Robotik (DE) • DMT Druckmesstechnik (DE) • DOMEL Elektromotorji (SI) • DONG BO
CHAIN IND. (KR) • Dostmann Electronic (DE) • dpm Identsysteme (DE) • Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik (DE) • Dr. Erich TRETTER (DE) • Dr.-Ing. Paul
CHRISTIANI (DE) • 3S-Smart Software Solutions (DE) • Dräger Safety (DE) • Dreckshage, A. (DE) • dresden elektronik (DE) • Dresser Europe (DE) •
ds automation (DE) • DS Keyboard Technic (DE) • DSM Messtechnik (DE) • DUALIS IT Solution (DE) • DUON SYSTEM (KR) • DUX-Schaltgeräte (DE)
• DVT (US) E EAAT (DE) • EBERT Kettenspanntechnik (DE) • ebm-papst Landshut (DE) • ebm-papst Mulfingen (DE) • ebm-papst St. Georgen
(DE) • ECKELMANN (DE) • ecom instruments (DE) • ecom WEBfactory (DE) • Economic Development Board (US) • EDAG (DE) • E-Drive System
(CN) • EES-Elektra-Elektronik (DE) • EGE – Elektronik (DE) • Eilersen Electric (DK) • Eisenmann (DE) • EKD GELENKROHR (DE) • ELABO (DE) • Elan
Schaltelemente (DE) • ELDAT (DE) • ELDIN (RU) • Electroprecizia (RO) • Elektro Beckhoff (DE) • ELESA (IT) • ELHIM ISKRA (BG) • ELPRO TECHNO-
LOGIES (AU) • Elprom Harmanli (BG) • ELTRA (IT) • Emerson (DE) • EMKO ELEKTRONIK (TR) • e-motion (DE) • Empire Level (US) • encoway (DE) •
Endress + Hauser (CH) • Endress + Hauser (DE) • Endress + Hauser Infoserve (DE) • Enfield Technologies (US) • Engberts & Schäfer (DE) • ENGEL
Elektroantriebe (DE) • Engelhardt, Dipl.-Ing. (DE) • Enidine (DE) • EnOcean (DE) • Envidatec (DE) • EPHY-MESS (DE) • EPIS Microcomputer (DE) •
erfi Ernst Fischer (DE) • ERHARDT + LEIMER (DE) • Ernst Berger & Söhne (DE) • ERSA (DE) • esd electronic system design (DE) • ESIT Electronic
(TR) • E-T-A (DE) • EtherCat Technology Group (DE) • ETHERNET Powerlink (CH) • ETISYS Etikettierlösungen (DE) • EUCHNER (DE) • Eurocircuits
(BE) • europascal (DE) • European Medical Devices (US) • European Safety System (GB) • EVEREST VIT (DE) • Extec (DE) • eyevis (DE) F Fafnir
(DE) • Farger & Joosten Maschinenbau (DE) • FARO Europe (DE) • Fatek (TW) • Faulhaber, Dr. Fritz (DE) • FDT Joint Interest Group (CH) • FEAS
(DE) • FELO-Werkzeugfabrik (DE) • FERCHAU Engineering (DE) • Fernsteuergeräte Oelsch (DE) • Festo (DE) • Festo Didactic (DE) • FHF Funke
+ Huster Fernsig (DE) • FIAMA (IT) • Fiessler Elektronik (DE) • Fine Automation (TW) • Finetek (TW) • Finze & Wagner (DE) • FIPA (DE) •
Firmenkurzname (Land) • Flintec (DE) • FLIR Systems (DE) • Fluid Metering (US) • FM Approvals (US) • FMN communications (DE) • FOBA (DE) •

                                                                                     For the updated list of exhibitors go to:
                                                                                                                                                28 29  ■
Exhibitors at INTERKAMA+ and Factory Automation
Fobeal Alu-Schild (DE) • Fondation Fieldbus (DE) • Forum Factory Automation (DE) • Fourier Systems (IL) • FRABA POSITAL (DE) • Fuchs Pack (DE)
• Full Gauge Eletro Controles (BR) • Fulling & Ceiec (CN) G G. Bachmann Electronic (AT) • Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik (DE) • Gärtner
systemtechnik (DE) • Gatek Gesellschaft für Automat (DE) • GeCma Components (DE) • Gefeg-Neckar Antriebssysteme (DE) • GEMAC Gesell-
schaft für Mikro- (DE) • GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau (DE) • Georg Schlegel (DE) • Geovap (CZ) • GEPPERT-BAND (DE) • GETT Geräte-
technik (DE) • GIMATIC (IT) • Gleichrichterwerk Großräschen (DE) • Global C (DE) • GLT Gesellschaft für Löttech. (DE) • GNDC (TW) • Görlich
Meß- und Regeltechnik (DE) • Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies (NL) • GRAF-SYTECO (DE) • Grießbach, Richard (DE) • Güdel (CH) • Güdel (DE)
  H halstrup-walcher (DE) • Hänel (DE) • Hannover Fairs China (CN) • HANNOVER FAIRS DO BRASIL (BR) • Hannover Fairs USA (US) •
Hannover Pacific Corporation (TW) • hannoverimpuls (DE) • Hart Communication Foundation (US) • HARTING Deutschland (DE) • Haupt (DE) •
HBC-radiomatic (DE) • HE Hybrid-Electronic (DE) • HEIDENHAIN, Dr. Johannes (DE) • Heinrich Kipp Werk (DE) • HEINZ MESSWIDERST. (DE) • Heinz
Nixdorf Institute (DE) • Heinz Soyer (DE) • HEITRONICS Infrarot Messtechni (DE) • Helmke Orbis (DE) • Helmke, J. (DE) • Hengdian Group Linix
Motor (CN) • Henjes Metall- und Anlagenbau (DE) • HENKEL + ROTH (DE) • Henrich Publikationen (DE) • Hermann Zander (DE) • HETRONIC
Steuersysteme (DE) • HFC Human-Factors-Consult (DE) • Hilscher (DE) • HIMA Paul Hildebrandt (DE) • HIQUEL (AT) • Hirschmann Electronics (DE)
• Hitech (TW) • HIWIN (DE) • Hiwin Technologies (TW) • HMS Industrial Networks (DE) • HMS INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS (SE) • Hohner
Elektrotechnik (DE) • Honeywell (DE) • Honsberg (DE) • Hoppenstedt Bonnier (DE) • Hoppenstedt Bonnier Zeitschrift (DE) • HÖRTIG rohrpost (DE)
• Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (DE) • Huba Control (DE) • HÜBNER ELEKTROMASCHINEN (DE) • HUMMEL Elektrotechnik (DE) • Hüthig (DE) •
Hwang Hae Electric (KR) • HWK Hannover Projekt- u. Servi (DE) • HYTORC-S (DE) I I.S.G.E.V (IT) • IAONA (DE) • IBH softec (DE) • IEP
Ingenieurbüro für Echtzeitprogrammierung (DE) • ies Industrie-Elektronik Schmi (DE) • IFAK Institut für Automation (DE) • ifm electronic (DE) •
IGA Ingenieurgesellschaft für (DE) • IGUS (DE) • IHK Erfurt (DE) • IMET (IT) • IMOS Gubela (DE) • Impac Infrared (DE) • IMS Intelligent Motion
Sytems (DE) • INCOMS TOKOIZPRAVITELI (BG) • indEAS Eingabe- und Antriebs. (DE) • Indukey Keyboard Production (DE) • Indunorm
Bewegungstechnik (DE) • Indu-Sol (DE) • Industrie- Partner (DE) • Industrie- und Handelskammer Cottbus (DE) • Industrie- und Handelskammer
Dresden (DE) • Industrie- und Handelskammer Erfurt (DE) • INELTA Sensorsysteme (DE) • INFRA (IT) • InfraServ Knapsack (DE) • InfraTec (DE) •
Ingenieurbetrieb Kunze (DE) • INOR TRANSMITTER (DE) • INOSOFT (DE) • INSYS MICROELECTRONICS (DE) • INTERBUS Club Deutschland (DE) •
Interessengemeinschaft SERCOS (DE) • INTERGRAPH (DEUTSCHLAND) (DE) • Interin (DE) • INTERKING Enterprise (TW) • Intertec-Hess (DE) •
Invensys (DE) • IPC2U (DE) • ipf electronic (DE) • ipg (CH) • IRISYS (GB) • isel automation (DE) • ISS Industrie-Service Sondersh (DE) • item
Industrietechnik (DE) • ITH (DE) • IVO (DE) J J & D Jiuh Dong (TW) • J. Walter (DE) • JAY ELECTRONIQUE (FR) • Jeil MTech (KR) • Jetter (DE) •
Jiangsu Weiteli Motor Making (CN) • Jiangxi Grand Tech Motor (CN) • Jisan Airtech (KR) • Joachim Uhing (DE) • JOKARI-Krampe (DE) • JS
Automation (TW) • JUMO (DE) • Jürgen Dittrich Elektronic (DE) K K. A. Schmersal (DE) • Kabelschlepp (DE) • KAG Kählig Antriebstechnik (DE)

• Kalinsky Sensor Elektronik (DE) • Kardex Organisationssysteme (DE) • Karl Storz (DE) • Kawasaki Robotics (DE) • KEBA (AT) • Keller druckmes-
stechnik (DE) • KELLER HCW (DE) • KEM Küppers Elektromechanik (DE) • KERN Technik (DE) • KFG Level (CH) • KHS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
(DE) • Kipp & Zonen (NL) • Kistler Instrumente (DE) • KKK (IT) • KLASING KABEL (DE) • KOBOLD Messring (DE) • Komax (DE) • KoMoCon (KR) •
Konradin Verlag (DE) • Konstrukta – Industry (SK) • Kontron (DE) • Korea Association of Machinery (KR) • Korea Pneumatic System (KR) • Körner-
Electronic (DE) • Krohne Messtechnik (DE) • KSR-KUEBLER Niveau-Messtechnik (DE) • Kübler, Fritz (DE) • Kuhnke (DE) • Kuhse, Alfred (DE) •
KWANG SHIN AIRR TECH (KR) • KW-Software (DE) L Lachmann & Rink (DE) • LANCOM Systems (DE) • LAND Instruments (DE) • Lang und
Peitler Automation (DE) • LAPP KABEL U.I. LAPP (DE) • Lapp Muller (FR) • LAPP SYSTEMS (DE) • LARM (CZ) • Lase (DE) • Leitenberger (DE) •
Lenze (DE) • LEONI Special Cables (DE) • lesswire (DE) • Leuze electronic (DE) • Leuze elesta (CH) • Leuze lumiflex (DE) • LIKA electronic (IT) •
Limatherm (PL) • Lin Tec Center (DE) • Lineartechnik Korb (DE) • LinTech (DE) • LITHUANIAN CONFEDERATION (LT) • Lithuanian Innovation Centre
(LT) • Lithuanian Investment Agency (LT) • LNME (CN) • LON Nutzer Organisation (DE) • Louis Wachenhausen (DE) • LS Luftkissen Systeme (DE) •
LTW TECHNOLOGY (TW) • Lumberg Automation Components (DE) • Lust Antriebstechnik (DE) • Lütze, Friedrich (DE) M M + W Instruments (DE)
• M&M Software (DE) • M.C.C. (FR) • M.E.S.S. Meccanica Elettro (IT) • M2I Corporation (KR) • Maccon (DE) • MAGNETIC (IT) • MAGNET-
SCHULTZ (DE) • MAIER, ANDREAS (DE) • Manufacturers Agents National (US) • Mattke (DE) • Maurer Magnetic (CH) • MAX (DE) • Mayser (DE) •
MayTec (DE) • mbu Maschinenbau Ummern (DE) • MDSI (DE) • MegAsic Silicon (DE) • MEGATRON Elektronik (DE) • Meister Strömungstechnik
(DE) • Mela Sensortechnik (DE) • ME-Meßsysteme (DE) • Mensch & Technik (DE) • Meriam (US) • Mesco Engineering (DE) • Metronex
Deutschland (DE) • Mewes & Partner (DE) • Meyer-Industrie-Electronic (DE) • MICHELL INSTRUMENTS (DE) • MICRO-EPSILON MESSTECHNIK (DE)
• Micromod Automation (US) • Micro-NX (KR) • microsonic Gesellschaft für (DE) • MiniTec (DE) • Mitex Handels- und Prod. (DE) • Mitsubishi
Electric Europe (DE) • MMT (FR) • Modbus – IDA (US) • Moeller (DE) • MONETTE Kabel- u. Elektrowerk (DE) • MONTECH (CH) • Morko (KR) •
MOTORSAN Elektrik (TR) • Moxa Technologies (TW) • mPm (IT) • ms Neumann Elektronik (DE) • MSC TUTTLINGEN (DE) • MSC Vertriebs GmbH
(DE) • mtl (DE) • MTS Sensor Technologie (DE) • Müller Industrie-Elektronik (DE) • Multi-Contact Deutschland (DE) • Multiprocessor Systems (BG)
• Murrelektronik (DE) • MVTec Software (DE) • mytron Bio- und Solartechnik (DE) N Nass Magnet (DE) • Nathe + Reusche (DE) • NATIONAL
INSTRUMENTS (DE) • NCTEngineering (DE) • Netzwerk „Intralogistik“ (DE) • Neugart (DE) • Neuhaus, Dr. Telekommunikation (DE) • NIPPON
THOMPSON EUROPE (DE) • noax Technologies (DE) • Nordrhein-Westfalen Ministeriu (DE) • NORTHROP GRUMMAN (DE) • NOVACOM (FR) •

                                                                                   For the updated list of exhibitors go to:
                                                                                                                                              30 31 ■
Exhibitors at INTERKAMA+ and Factory Automation

NOVUS Produtos Eletronicos (BR) • NSI (BE) • NUOVA FIMA (IT) • NXN Technology (TW) O OCS Overhead Conveyor Systems (SE) • Oechsler
(DE) • OGP Messtechnik (DE) • Ohio, State of (US) • OKO-tech (DE) • Oldenbourg Verlag (DE) • OMRON ELECTRONICS (DE) • on/off engineering
(DE) • OPC Foundation (DE) • Open DeviceNet Vendor (US) • Opkon Optik Elektronik (TR) • Optris (DE) • OSI Software (DE) • Östling
Markiersysteme (DE) • OTC Daihen (DE) • Otto Ganter (DE) • OWL Maschinenbau (DE) P Paletti Profilsysteme (DE) • Pantron Instruments (DE)
• PATLITE (JP) • PEC Products (BE) • PELI PRODUCTS (ES) • PennEngineering Motion Techno. (GB) • Penny + Giles (DE) • Pepperl + Fuchs (DE) •
Pericom (DE) • Perle Systems (DE) • PHILMEN INTERFIT (KR) • Phoenix Contact (DE) • Physikalisch-Techn.Bundesanst. (DE) • Phytron-Elektronik
(DE) • PiL Sensoren (DE) • Pilz GmbH & Co. KG (DE) • PIXSYS (IT) • PLCopen (NL) • PLEVA (DE) • PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen- (DE) • Pohl (DE) •
PR electronics (DK) • Precision (HU) • Precision Motion Industries (TW) • PREFAG Carl Rivoir (DE) • Probis (DE) • Proconect (FR) • Pro-face
Deutschland (DE) • PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation (DE) • profichip (DE) • Profilscope Schienen und Profi (DE) • Profimatics (DE) • ProMinent
Dosiertechnik (DE) • ProSoft Technology (FR) • Proxitron (DE) • publish-industry Verlag (DE) • Pulsar Process Measurement (GB) • Pulsotronic (DE)
  R R & S Machinery Equipment (HK) • R. STAHL HMI Systems (DE) • R. STAHL Schaltgeräte (DE) • Rabe Lasertechnik (DE) • Rafi (DE) • Rapid
Torc (BE) • Raytek (DE) • REER (IT) • REO ELEKTRONIK (DE) • RHYMEBUS (TW) • riese electronic (DE) • Rittal (DE) • RM Michaelides Software (DE)
• Robert Bosch (DE) • Robot-tec (DE) • Rockwell Automation (DE) • Rockwell Automation, B (BE) • Rockwell Automation, USA (US) • ROLLON
Lineartechnik (DE) • Römheld (DE) • Rössel-Messtechnik (DE) • roTeg (DE) • RÜEGER (CH) • RWR (DE) S S & H (IT) • S & J (TW) • SAC (DE) •
SafetyBUS p Club International (DE) • SAKAE Tsushin Kogyo (JP) • Sakai International Business (JP) • Samick Precision Ind. (KR) • SANGEL
Systemtechnik (DE) • SANKYO Oilless Industry (DE) • Sanyo Denki Europe (FR) • Sartorius (DE) • Satel (FI) • SATEL Deutschland (DE) • Scaglia
Indeva (DE) • SCAIME (FR) • Schäfer (DE) • Schäfer Werkzeug (DE) • Schauf, Dieter (DE) • Schindler Handhabetechnik (DE) • SCHLEICHER
Electronic (DE) • SCHLEIFRING und APPARATEBAU (DE) • Schmalz, J. (DE) • Schneider Electric (DE) • Schneider Electric (FR) • Schniewindt (DE) •
Schoop (DE) • SEF Roboter (DE) • SELECTRON PROCESS CONTROLS (IN) • Sensitron (IT) • SENSOPART Industriesensorik (DE) • SENSOR Report
(CH) • Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (DE) • Servo Dynamics (US) • SETech (KR) • SEW-EURODRIVE (DE) • Shanghai Moons'Electric (CN) • Shanghai
Top Motor (CN) • Shanxi Mingyang (CN) • Shanxi Taihua Industry & Trade (CN) • ShenZhen POWTRAN TECHNOLOGY (CN) • Shenzhen Sensor
Electronic (CN) • SICC (DE) • SICK (DE) • SICK Maihak (DE) • Siebert Industrieelektronik (DE) • Siemens A&D (DE) • Siemens A&D AS SM MP3
(DE) • Siemens A&D PT34S AS (DE) • Siemens Automation and Drives (DE) • SIEMENS I&S IA OLM LC ITM (DE) • Siemens Industrial Solution (DE) •
Siemens Logistics and Assembly (DE) • SIGMATEK (AT) • SIKA – Dr. Siebert & Kühn (DE) • Simo Imort & Export (CN) • SIRENA (IT) • SISEL
MüHENDISLIK ELEKTRONIK (TR) • SKF Linearsysteme (DE) • SKS – Kontakttechnik (DE) • SMI Südthüringer Multimedia (DE) • SMT (DE) • SOFRA-
SER (FR) • Softflow (DE) • Softing (DE) • Solidor Heuer (DE) • Sommer-Automatic (DE) • Sonceboz (CH) • Sphinx Computer (DE) • SSV Software
Systems (DE) • St. Petersburg Electro-Technic (RU) • Status Pro (DE) • STEINHAUER ELEKTROMASCHINEN (DE) • STEM (IT) • Stemmer Imaging

(DE) • steute Schaltgeräte (DE) • STMicroelectronics (DE) • STÖBER Antriebstechnik (DE) • Stollmann (DE) • SÜDMO (DE) • Sunlike Display Tech
(TW) • Super Tool (JP) • SUSPA (DE) • Sütron Electronic (DE) • Swan Analytische Instrumente (CH) • Synotech (DE) • SYS Design (DE) • SystemBase
(KR) • Systeme Helmholz (DE) T T & D Corporation (JP) • Taller (DE) • TAMAGAWA SEIKI (JP) • TCG Norte (DE) • TDE MACNO (IT) • tec5 (DE) •
Technische Antriebselemente (DE) • TECHNO AOYAMA (JP) • TechnologieZentrum Dortmund (DE) • TECMES (IT) • teco (CZ) • TECO Electric &
Machinery (TW) • Tecorp Electronics (TW) • tecsis (DE) • TeDo-Verlag (DE) • TELE RADIO (SE) • Telephone and Telegraph Techni (BG) • TELETEC
(DE) • TEMA Technologie Marketing (DE) • TES VSETIN (CZ) • Testo (DE) • Testo Industrial (DE) • TetraTec Instruments (DE) • Teubner Industrie-
Elektronik (DE) • TEX COMPUTER (IT) • Thai Kakuta (TH) • Thalheim-Tachometerbau (DE) • Thermico (DE) • THK (DE) • Thomas Industrial Media
(BE) • ThyssenKrupp Drauz (DE) • Tianli Electrical Machinery (N (CN) • Timken Deutschland (DE) • Tixi.Com (DE) • TLG IMMOBILIEN (DE) • TOP
TEAM TECHNOLOGY (TW) • Tops CCC Products (TW) • TOSHIBA (JP) • TOX Pressotechnik (DE) • TQ-Components (DE) • TR Electronic (DE) • TR
Systemtechnik (DE) • Transition Networks (US) • Trumpf Laser (DE) • TSK Takeuchi Precision Works (JP) • Turck, Hans (DE) • TWK-Elektronik (DE)
  U UL International Germany (DE) • Ulmer (DE) • Unidor Industrieelektronik (DE) • US Filter – a Siemens (US) • UST Umweltsensortechnik
(DE) • UWT (DE) V Valeo (DE) • Vanderlande Industries (DE) • VDE (DE) • VDE-Prüfinstitut (DE) • VDE Global Services (DE) • VDE VERLAG (DE) •
VDMA (DE) • VDMA Industrial Communication (DE) • VEGA Grieshaber (DE) • VELOMAT Messelektronik (DE) • VEMAS (DE) • Verband der
Elektrotechnik (BG) • VERTEX TECHNOLOGY (TW) • VESSEL (JP) • vhf camfacture (DE) • VIPA (DE) • Virginia Economic Development (US) • Vision
Engineering (DE) • VMT Vision Machine Technic (DE) • VNU BPI (IT) • Vodafone (DE) • Vogel Industrie Medien (DE) • Volkswagen () • Vollack (DE) •
VOLT ELEKTRIK (TR) • Vorpe (CH) • Vulkan-Verlag (DE) W W Strothmann (DE) • Wachendorff Prozesstechnik (DE) • WAGO Kontakttechnik (DE) •
WAROM EXPLOSIONPROOF (CN) • WE.TEC Anzeigentechnik (DE) • Weatherford (BR) • weber Sensors (DE) • Weg Industria (BR) • Weidmüller
Interface (DE) • WEISS Sondermaschinentechnik (DE) • WEKA Fachzeitschriften (DE) • WEKA MEDIA (DE) • Wendeng Allwin Motors (CN) • wenglor
sensoric (DE) • WERMA Signaltechnik (DE) • Weschenfelder (DE) • Wieland Electric (DE) • WIKA Alexander Wiegand (DE) • Williams USA (US) •
Wingtop Electronics (DE) • Wirtschaftsförderung Berlin (DE) • Wirtschaftsförderung Mönchengladbach (DE) • Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen (DE) •
Wittenbauer (DE) • Wolf, Richard (DE) • Woodhead Connectivity (GB) • Woodhead, D (DE) • Woodhead, F (FR) • Wooshin Industrial (KR) • Wörner
(DE) • WOSTOR (DE) X Xavo (DE) • X-Visual Technologies (DE) Y Yokogawa (NL) Z Zaklady Automatyki „Polna“ (PL) • Zasche ergo (DE) •
ZBV-AUTOMATION Berse + Elsas (DE) • ZEITLAUF (DE) • ZGPU (BG) • Zhejiang Dasu Electric Machine (CN) • ZIEHL industrie-elektronik (DE) •
Zimmer Technische Werkstätten (DE) • Zirox Sensoren & Elektronik (DE) • ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik (DE)

                                                                                   For the updated list of exhibitors go to:
                                                                                                                                             32 33
Internet and registration

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                                                     attractions in and around Hannover. The ideal way to
                                                     prepare your visit to the Fair.

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Airport         ➞ Hannover Messe / Laatzen station:              One-day ticket (advance sales):                     € 19.00
                   S-Bahn service 6: 25 –30 minutes              One-day ticket (at the ticket office):              € 24.00
Airport         ➞ Central Station:                               Five-day ticket (advance sales):                    € 44.00
                   S-Bahn service 5: 16 minutes                  Five-day ticket (at the ticket office):             € 53.00
                                                                 School pupils (at least 15 years old) / students / persons
Central Station ➞ Messe Nord:
                                                                 doing military service or compulsory community service:
                   Tram services 8 / 18 / E: 18 minutes
                                                                 One-day ticket                                      € 10.50
City            ➞ Messe Ost:
                                                                 Special ticket for GO FOR HIGH TECH
                   Tram services 6 / 16: 23 minutes              on 15 April 2005                                    € 2.00
                                                                 • Five-day tickets: not available
                                                                 • Advance ticket sales: available for groups only
                                                                   (no reductions)
                                                                 • Proof of status must be provided

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Services for visitors

Combined travel and admission tickets                             Advance sales of one-day and five-day tickets:
Admission tickets will entitle you to free travel (second class   ■ Internet service “fast & easy”

only) in the greater Hannover region (“GHV”) on the day             ( / tickets)
of your visit. For further information go to           ■ Hotline +49 -180 / 5 00 06 89 (12 ct / min.)

                                                                  ■ Fax     +49 -221/ 9 59 40 68
Advance catalogue sales
Price: € 25 (excl. postage & packaging)                           Tickets are also available at the travel centres
                                                                  of Deutsche Bahn AG, at the ÜSTRA ticket offices,
■   Catalogues are available one week prior to
                                                                  as well as from the foreign representatives of
    HANNOVER FAIR 2005 from:
                                                                  Deutsche Messe AG.
    Lettershop Brendler GmbH, Magdeburger Str. 6,
    30880 Laatzen /Germany, Fax +49-51 02 / 93 59-40,             All prices include VAT.
    E-Mail:                         (If VAT rate changes, prices will be adjusted accordingly.)
■   Online catalogue orders:

Duration / opening hours
Monday, 11 April to Friday, 15 April, 2005
Monday to Friday, 9.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m.


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