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									How Electronic Research is
Changing the Way We Think

        Presented By
  Eva Au, Managing Director
   LexisNexis Asia Pacific
      October 4th, 2001

3.2 billion searchable documents • 32 million images/ attachments
        108,333 searchable documents added per hour
 11,800 databases • over 30,000 sources • 28 years in business
                                       Your Knowledge Partner

   Has content that is more current because it is updated
    on a continuous basis
   Allows you to search multiple publications of legal
    content simultaneously
   Allows you to access Journals, Bulletins, Law Reports,
    research publications, forms and precedents, state and
    federal works all from one source of information
   Provides links between publications so if you are
    researching a legal topic in one publication, you can
    simply click on a link to see an alternative viewpoint on
    the same topic from a different publication
   Allows you to spend less time searching for information
    and more time interpreting your search results
   Allows you to download full text of interest into a Word
    document so the text doesn’t have to be re-typed from a
    print copy
   Provide continuous customer service support for users
    to call when they are having problems with a search
         Impact of I.T.
Rapidly evolving technologies are
dramatically changing the way we
collect, manipulate and transmit data
 Hardware
 Software
 Internet
 Bandwidth
“If you are not wired,
you are not admired”
           Driving Factors
   Data Gathering
       Virtual libraries give greater access to
        original learning material
       Multimedia; Interactive
   Data Analysis
       Efficiencies in Number Crunching,
       More time for analysis
   Free from the constraints of space and
    A Society of Learning
 Learner Centered/Self Directed
 Affordable
 Lifelong Learning
 Interactive and Collaborative
 Diverse/Non Linear
 Intelligent and Adaptive
              Word of Caution

 “… It's more important to figure out
  what information can do rather than
 having the best technology to do it ...”
Yogesh Malhotra, Brint Institute,

       The Human Factor

   Social Interactions
   Counseling
   Tutorials
   Hands on Mentoring

“ ... the demand is not now - and it never was - for
unlimited, uncontrolled access to every byte of
information known to mankind, but rather to
selective assimilation of information ...”
                       David Kaser,Executive Director, NFAIS

                          BOTTOM LINE
                       MORE IS NOT THE ANSWER
                      UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES
                         QUANTITY VS. QUALITY


 Internet fuels huge growth of
  information available
 Information overload leads to
  confusion, lack of focus
    60% of Internet users are
       “very” or “extremely”
       satisfied with the Internet
    Over 80% of the respondents
       can’t easily find information
       on the Internet
 Human capacity for attention
  remains constant
 Currency paid on the WWW is time,
  and time is money!

“By implementing a Knowledge Management System,
  you’re making it easier for staff to find information.
   But you’ve also created a large community within
     your organization, and this community has a
             knowledge-sharing culture.”

                        Ash Sooknanan, Knowledge Manager
       Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB)

Building on Knowledge
                           Core Competencies
      IT skills/literacy
    Oral/written skills
Credibility w/ Sr. Mgt.

          Team Player

   Interpersonal skills

         Self initiative

  Industry experience

                       -   5      10      15       20       25      30       35    40
                           Skills for Knowledge Management, TFPL, September 1999
  The Art of Progress is to
Preserve Order amid Change
           and to
Preserve Change amid Order

 A.N. Whitehead, American Philosopher
     For Further Information

Please Contact:

Eva Au
+ (65) 434 3489

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