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									                     Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish Council

                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
   held on Thursday 28 August at 8pm at the Parish Office, 3 Lower Lane, Chinley

Present:       Councillor P Ashenden, acting Chairman
               Councillors, N Bridge, R Hobson, P Manford, J Peet

Apologies:     Councillors Mrs C Eddie, Mrs S Holgate, Mrs J Lowe and Mrs C Rofer
               Councillor T Jones

There were no members of the public and 1 member of the press present at the start of the
meeting. Councillor Chris Pearson, High Peak Borough Councillor attended.

08/03/01     Apologies for absence:
             See above.
08/03/02     Minutes of the previous meeting:
             07/03/13 2 sentences removed as incorrect –
             ‘Councillors agreed Cllr Bridge should proceed with
             this item. Possible second Christmas tree for
             Buxworth discussed.’
             Resolved: that with the inclusion of the above
             amendment, the minutes of the meeting held on 24th
             July were approved for signature of the Chairman as
             a true and correct record.
08/03/03     Matters arising:
             There were no matters arising from previous minutes.
08/03/04     PC Simon Townsend
             PC Townsend sent his apologies. He passed on a
             message via the Clerk that he had chaired a
             Neighbourhood Watch group meeting (Belgrade
             Avenue) and had offered to put to the Parish Council
             a request for funding of 2 ‘Neighbourhood Watch
             Area’ signs at either end of the Avenue; total cost
             including planning permission £43.
             Cllr Bridge agreed to consider this request at the next
             Finance Committee meeting.
08/03/05     Open forum:
             Cllr Pearson, High Peak Borough Council,
             commented on the rejected funding bid from the
             Countryside Agency. This has resulted in the loss of
             the initial funding offer which was dependent upon
             winning this grant. Reasons given were ‘...project
             not located in an area of disadvantage’ and ‘..service
             not considered to be essential or is too near to another
             similar service.’ Sally Fuller, the main fundraiser
             and promoter of this initiative, has now withdrawn.

28th August 2003                                                                            23
08/03/05   Open Forum (continued)
cont       Cllr Manford proposed that drainage for the playing       September agenda item
           fields at Buxworth and Chinley be considered for
           Parish Council sponsorship in the event that the
           skatepark project was shelved. He pointed out that
           currently 54 local children play as football club
           members; but that the pitches were regularly
           unplayable due to flooding in winter.
           Cllr Bridge proposed that a smaller skatepark project     September agenda item
           be considered.
           Cllr Hobson made the observation that it may be
           more cost effective to sponsor a bus service to enable
           young people to use the Chapel en le Frith skatepark.
           Cllr Pearson pointed out that efforts must be made to
           provide facilities for young people; particularly with
           regard to road safety.
08/03/06   Correspondence:
           DALC new councillor/clerk training Sat 4th Oct,
           9.30am-4.30pm Hulland Ward Millennium Village
           Hall - £15 per delegate.
           DALC advice on suitable complaints procedure              Clerk to copy to all
           policy – needs to be adopted.                             Councillors – Sept
           DALC clerk’s AQA Certificate in Local Admin. £55          Finance/Gen Purposes
           registration + £130 for distance learning course.         Committee
           Essential if PC going to go for ‘Quality’ status.
           HBBC Marika Rajah has agreed to speak to
           Councillors at October meeting. (Voluntary Sector
           Co-ordinator).                                            October Agenda
           Dorma – further to complaints about smells
           emanating from the site, Works Eng. Mr Barry Cook
           will speak to Councillors at September meeting. He
           is keen to liaise with the PC and use the newsletter to   September Agenda
           improve communications with the community – a
           back-up to his current meetings. Problem with steam
           venting is being tackled; as is smell from over-acidic
           Mrs Hilda Horsfield pointed out non-removal of            Clerk awaits response to
           ragwort from roadside verges.                             e-mail (DCC) re policy.
                                                                     Cllr Pearson also looking
           DCC disabled parking bay to be made on Princes            into this issue.
           DRCC invite to AGM Thurs 18th Sept, Hatton
           Jubilee Hall, 4pm.
           Derbyshire Constabulary invite to Parish Councils
           Evening Thurs 25th Sept at 7pm Multi Purpose Hall

28th August 2003                                                                            24
08/03/06   Chinley Parent & Toddler Group – agreement and
cont       cheque received for event held on 7th August.
           DCC – further to site meeting, request to move bus       Councillors oppose bus
           stops from Station Road to opposite Post Office and      stop at Petit Monde.
           Squirrel Green. Also to move bus shelter to wide         Clerk to advise DCC.
           pavement area at Petit Monde.
           HPBC response to dog fouling complaints, Stubbins
           Lane ‘will be actioned and policed’.
           Splashgroup UK Ltd – email forwarded by Cllr             Cllr Peet advised target
           Eddie – trigger level for broadband down from 400 to     now met.
           150 – 6 to go as at 25th July.
           DCC roadside road safety poster campaign to
           coincide with DoT speed reduction campaign in Sept.
           A624 into Chinley from Chapel; B6062 into Chinley
           from Buxworth requested sites.
           Network Rail matter of footbridge has been
           forwarded to structures engineer.
           Trees – reported to contractor – restricted by
           Environment Protection Act & Town and Country
           Planning Act re tree pruning/vegetation clearance.
           DCC response to complaints re oversize vehicles
           attempting to use B6062 – under investigation.
           Cllr Chris Pearson would like to book parish office      20th agreed – 10am –
           for a surgery in September – 6th, 13th or 20th           midday.
           (Saturday mornings) earliest date.
           Zoë Garlick aged 12 – wrote enquiring about              Clerk responded &
           allotments project.                                      forwarded to CAA.
           HPBC members’ allowances regulations – enable
           parish councils to pay members a ‘parish basic
           allowance’ – payable to chair only, or all members.
           A meeting of Independent Allowances Panel will
           make recommendations. Any particular local scheme
           for consideration to be advised to Rosemary Stafford.
           Ringmaster email: burglary from shed at Forge
           Terrace, Chinley of power tools & bike.
           J Gaskell caller at office – complaint re water          Clerk awaits response
           flowing down Dolly Lane from hillside above.             from DCC.
           Mrs Linda Page on behalf of the mobile library           Cllr Hobson agreed; Cllr
           service, requested permission to use the parish office   Manford lodged key.
           Mr Stephen Carter requested list of b&b                  Cllr Bridge
           accommodation offered in the parish. Discussed           Cllr Hobson advised that
           possibility of newsletter appeal to start up register.   HPBC keeps such a

28th August 2003                                                                           25
08/03/06   Invoice not on agenda Cllr Mrs S Holgate –
cont       photographs for parish record - taken during seat
           inspection/risk assessment (£24.96).
           East Midland Development Agency’s AGM 1st
           Oct – invite.
           Peak District NPA Parish Councils’ Day invite
           Saturday 18th October.
           Peak District NPA National Park Local Plan.               Lodged at Parish office.
08/03/07   Insurance Issues
           Increased cost to Parish of replacing the picnic bench
           at Stubbins Rec (excess has been increased to £150
           from £75 advised on Schedule).
           Cllr Hobson proposed that the bench be replaced and       Clerk to organise
           this was agreed.                                          purchase/installation.
           Policy of insuring lower value items in light of excess
           – to be discussed at next Finance Committee meeting.      Finance Committee
08/03/08   Registration of Parish Land
           Cost of £30 each for formal registration with HM          Clerk to complete
           Land Registry: Stubbins Rec; Squirrel Green;              registration forms.
           Chinley Playing Fields.
           Resolved: expenditure agreed.
08/03/09   Risk Assessment
           Format of report to be revised.                           General Purposes
           How risk is managed and content of first reports –        Committee
           deferred to General Purposes Committee.
08/03/10   Planning Applications
           NPHPK0703090 Hull End Farm, Chinley                       No objection
08/03/11   Accounts for Payment/Receipts:
           SO Jackson Carpets Ltd                                       £230.00
           SO Npower                                                      £5.00
           001175 Buxworth Primary School                               £150.00 Clerk to
           001176 Chapel Mobile Physiotherapy                           £125.00 settle
           001177 Mr T Jones                                            £150.00 accounts.
           001178 Jill Sinclair                                         £395.01
           001179 Post Office Ltd                                        £81.84
           001180 Derbyshire County Council                              £82.04
           001181 HPBC                                                  £123.00
           001182 HM Land Registry                                       £90.00
           001183 Viking Direct                                          £89.96
           001184 Mrs S G Holgate                                        £24.96
           Resolved Councillors agreed above accounts for

28th August 2003                                                                              26
08/03/12   Reports from Council Representatives
           Allotments Association update – copies provided
           for all councillors detailing funding applications and
           proposed future strategies.                              Sept agenda item.
           Likely future scenarios were discussed - given the
           problems of obtaining the final £8,500 funding
           required. Cllr Bridge expressed his opinion that
           unless this project got underway in time for users to
           move onto their allotments next spring, enthusiasm
           and support would dissipate.
           Annual Seat Inspection Cllr Holgate, Mrs Hilda           Clerk to monitor
           Horsfield and Clerk completed inspection/risk            repairs/maintenance.
           assessment on 10th August. Report forwarded to
           DCC, maintenance contractors for parish seating.
08/03/13   Reports from Committees- no committee reports.
08/03/14   Christmas
           Cllrs Bridge and Hobson liaising on new lights for       Cllrs Bridge & Hobson
           Chinley tree.
           Clerk to book Whaley Bridge band; order trees; etc,      Clerk
           same days/times as last year, but one week earlier.
08/03/15   Parish Office
           Cllr Hobson had met with Access Buxton
           representatives. They will have a cabinet put into the
           office for their equipment.
           Cllr Manford advised that drop-in sessions had been
           cancelled for last 2 weeks; to recommence w/c 8th
           September. It is to be made clear that it is a session
           open to all ages, not just the elderly.
           Cllr Pearson, HPBC, to use the office for his surgery
           on the morning of Saturday 20th September (see
           correspondence). A-frame ‘sandwich’ board
           proposed for pavement advertising.
           Finance committee to discuss cost of lettering for       Finance Committee
           front of office.
08/03/16   Stubbins Lane (dog fouling)
           Covered in correspondence.
08/03/17   Dorma
           Barry Cook, Works Engineer to speak to the Parish        Clerk to advise Mr Cook
           Council and public at 7.30pm September meeting           of time. Include before
           (25th Sept).                                             Sept agenda.
08/03/18   HPBC Garages, Chinley
           Sites have now been cleared of litter and strimmed.
           Sue Barrow has requested worst garage be removed –
           or HPBC will do so. She has also requested that
           others be repaired. Cllr Bridge agreed to include her    Clerk/Cllr Bridge
           details of available plots/terms in next newsletter.
           She advised ‘no resources’ for funding for lighting.

28th August 2003                                                                           27
08/03/19   Toilet Building, Chinley
           No response received to request that building be
           preserved leaving future options open.
           Cllr Pearson, HPBC, advised that he was referring
           this matter to the Regeneration Committee.
08/03/20   Dog waste bin at toilet block needs lid replacing.
           Newsletter copy by 12th September to Cllr Bridge.
           Finance meeting – next Wednesday 3rd September,
           Parish Office 8pm.
           Clerk to cost wheelie bin provision/servicing for
           parish office.

           There being no further business, the meeting was
           concluded at 9.35pm

           Signed as a true and correct record of the meeting.



28th August 2003                                                 28

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